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Posted on May 13, 2008. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

TypeRacer has been fortunate in attracting lots of attention in the past weeks. We wanted to take a few minutes to supplement the links on our first post with the latest articles from the blogosphere.

But first, a quick update. Many of you have noticed a few cheaters in the game. Why anyone would want to cheat at typing is beyond me, but I’m happy to announce that we have a solution on the way really soon – will post more on this when it comes out.

Have you tried the private racetracks on TypeRacer yet? A few of you have posted your racetrack URLs on blogs and forums, which is awesome! However, these URLs currently expire 30 minutes after the last person leaves the racetrack. This is clearly a problem – we’re working out a way to make these URLs permanent.

Okay, back to what’s been said about TypeRacer in the past week! (The links take you to the full stories)

I know a few of you are already addicted to TypeRacer… The cool thing about the site is that its typing tests incorporate passages from cool movies, songs and books, like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Clockwork Orange and Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!).” – USA Today PopCandy

I’m not the only one who has compared the insanely addictive “TypeRacer” to educational typing tool Mavis Beacon.” – Interview with MTV Multiplayer

If you’re like me and love typing speed tests, I suggest checking out Typeracer, a fun game that lets you compete with other typing hotshots — forewarning, it’s truly addictive!” – Geeksugar

Website attracted one-quarter of a million visitors in a single week… What’s next for TypeRacer?” – Interview with GameCyte

I’m a sucker for typing games of any sort. If you make it online and competitive, then I’m going to be hooked.” – TIGSource

We have covered several online typing games before but this one is one of a kind.” – MakeUseOf

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17 Responses to “More Publicity for TypeRacer”

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Can anyone explain how this works. For example, do you have to go back and correct errors, or can you just keep going? And how can I get the clock to stop when I am done typing? Thanks!

you can’t go on until your error is fixed, so when the box you’re typing in turns red, you are not racing… the clock will stop when you have CORRECTLY typed the passage

How do you get a code

Congrats on the publicity! You totally deserve it!

This game is freaking awesome!! Too bad I’m a brazilian guy and it’s kinda hard to type quotes in english(57avr.speed).I guess it’s better of this way, ’cause the quotes are from films mostly and they are originally mostly in english.. but it would be nice in the future have some kinda option to quotes in other languages.


I’m truly addicting to this game. Being so used to AOL, It’s nice to have good practice with full punctuation and everything


Am I the only one who thinks these impromptu typing tests are BS? Every now and then, I hit a hot streak – a combination of a good passage that is written similarly to my own writing style and just plain being in-the-zone – and score better than I usually do (say, ~120wpm). Then, you challenge me to type a passage made of complete nonsense at 108wpm, and threaten to disqualify the score if my mind can’t make sense out of gibberish about the Pakleds making Picard confuse the Sheliak. Give me a damn break and find a real way to combat cheaters; not this crap.

Unfortunately the typing test is the only reasonable way to prevent cheating. If you have any other ideas that might work, by all means, let us know. We didn’t forsee the test will be a problem since it asks you to type 20 wpm slower than your result and errors don’t count. So we figured it would not be too hard to pass. Let’s see if people can get used to these. Of course we’ll also be working on ways to make this typing test easier.

That’s awesome, Alex. Great to hear you’re doing so well!

You’re also seeping into Aust, hope you go further!

I agree on the different language suggestion. Same for me, I type really quickly in French, but in English, I am much slower (65 avg). It would be great to have an option to choose the languages of the quotes… Thanks for the game, in the meanwhile ! 🙂

It very amusing. Only one suggestion, please add other languages 😉

A game you can justify spending time on because it improves you typing skills 🙂

hey you guys were in maximum pc magazine as one of the top 12 best free web games. thats how i found u! this game is great.!

Hey everyone I found out about this on the local new station in Philadelphia. Way to get out there and cool game. I’m totally addicted and I can’t believe it’s 2am and I want to keep racing

Wait is type racer free to make an account?

Wud like to give a suggestion 🙂 … Y don’t u give updates wen a players use the application, for eg. post his/her statistics…dat wud draw much more players to the game 🙂

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