New Speedometer and Improved Cheat Protection

Posted on May 19, 2008. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

To be more consistent across different texts, TypeRacer is changing the way it measures WPM today.  Instead of counting the actual number of words typed, we are now counting the total number of characters in the texts, using the convention of 5 characters per word, as defined on Wikipedia.  This means that your WPM will likely improve for some of the harder texts – those containing lots of big words.

We are also changing the way the typing test works.  (In case you missed our last post, we started asking everyone with a score of over 100 wpm to pass an “un-cheatable” typing test.) This only affects our fastest typists, but if you’re in this category, please continue reading.

The first anti-cheat typing test we deployed two days ago turned out to be too hard.  Some users pointed out that they could get a really high WPM on a race with an easy text and then not be able to pass the typing test because it contained a much harder and unfamiliar text.  The change to the WPM calculation should fix this discrepancy.

We also made quite a few changes to the typing test itself.  It now only kicks in at 110 wpm (previously 100), and is much more lenient – it asks you to type within 25% of the wpm you got in the race (previously, this was +/- 20wpm fixed).   For example, if I you get 145 wpm in a race, the typing tests now asks you to type only 108 wpm, whereas before, it asked for 125.  Furthermore, it now saves the greater of your test score and your race score.  So if you passed the test in this example with, say, 109 wpm, you will actually be certified for 145 wpm since that was your original race score.  Similarly, if you passed this test with 150 wpm, you’d be certified for 150 wpm, since it’s greater than your race result.  Being certified to type at X wpm means that you won’t be asked to take the typing test unless your score exceeds X+25%.  So if you’re certified at 150 wpm, for example, you are clear to type up to 187 without having to take the test again.

You may have noticed that some people were still able to cheat on the old typing test.  That’s because it was too easy to use OCR on the text images.  This made it necessary to start giving the test as a CAPTCHA.  We understand that it makes it harder to read, but keep in mind that you do not have to get every word right.  If you skip a few words or a few letters in some of the words you can still pass the test.  Also, the text in the image should now be much easier to understand than the Star Trek text we used before. 

Finally, you now have the ability to retry the test several times!  With all these changes, we don’t anticipate any trouble for legitimately fast typists to pass the test.  We hope that taking this test proves to be worth it for our fastest typists in order to prevent cheaters and have accurate high scores.  Let us know what you think!


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137 Responses to “New Speedometer and Improved Cheat Protection”

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Good! I like the new challenge :). Thanks for working so hard to stop cheating.

Thank you so much! Although I usually hit around 100- falling under the new ceiling- I’ve ran into the new test a few times, and it’s much easier. I often score better on the test than the actual race, too! It’s not that much harder to comprehend; no harder than the random Star Trek babble.

The changes are much appreciated! No problems so far.

Dont worry it will be cracked soon….

I will be cracked soon

I wonder why you deleted the comment which was at spot 4 above.

Utkarsh – the comment you’re referring to is now restored, since you objected to its removal 🙂

Thought about deleting it because it carried no meaningful information, equivalent to saying “the world will end” without any explanation supporting this claim.

In the spirit of keeping the discussion meaningful here, let me ask the original poster, “Anonymous”, why he thinks “it will be cracked soon”?

The lameness of going to the trouble to do OCR to cheat on a typing game is mind-boggling.

Hopefully, when there are accounts, obvious cheaters will be permanently banned. Say, allow one account per email address or orkut/facebook/etc user, and permaban anything associated with those credentials.

Congrats. I can no longer cheat, (at least until I come up with a way to circumnavigate your CAPTCHA scheme).

Good luck, Cheater 🙂 Keep in mind, this is just a starter CAPTCHA – there’s no limit to how hard it can be made, in theory. Your time might be better spent simply learning how to type faster.

I think we all owe cheaters (like myself) a big thanks. Thanks to their work at exploiting the system, typeracer has now a really good protection mechanism. Nobody needs to wonder anymore whether the score was obtained fair and square, or if cheating was involved. You’re welcome. 🙂

Much much better! It’s sad that people feel the need to cheat on this. It’s not like the high scores are permanent – I don’t get it. Great game though, keep up the updates!

Cheater: you make it sound like you hacked the NSA or something.

Congrats on cheating at a typing game. I haven’t done that since I was 13.

Geez. I can’t believe how heartless some people are, to cheat on Mavis Beacon. Poor woman.

This is challenging, especially going
up against people when you are tired
and your hands ache. I condsider my-
self a pretty slow typer. I am in my
Computer Applications class. On this
game in a good day I type about 20-47
wpm, depends on what I have to type
and how I feel (like if I’m tired,
which I am right now).

I dont know about the new changes, but when I use the race against others option, although I overtake my previous WMP limit MANY TIMES, there is no change shown in the profile page of my application or in the Friends Standings section. Neither does the No. of Races get updated!! It is only shown above the race WHILE I am taking the test, and after that I exit the race, it is NOT updated anywhere else! Please fix this immediately!

Thanks for the improvements!

Does anyone else think, though, that the “randomness” of the quotes chosen needs to be improved? I feel like I’m constantly getting the same quotes over and over…

Thank you, I love this game… I absolutely cannot stop clicking the race again link! =P

The ‘Contribute a Quote’ works great, I was amazed to enter something there and see it show up a couple days later in a race!

Please, before making new challenges, make it international. It’s harder to have a real score that represents our speed with typing foreign words that looks unusually for us.

I’m french, and i do 63wpm in english. I’m sure to do about 100 in french. Sad to see i can’t beat my score.

Thank you for reading me.

Any chance to be developed a Orkut users ranking? On the main ranking we have just Guest users… T_T



The “help” boxes don’t help at all, they just mess up the natural flow of typing. They appear over the text you need to type, so when you make a mistake you have to stop, and close the box with the mouse so you can read the text and start typing again. Talk about irritating. Ditch those!

Cheaters, why don’t you spend your time doing typing practice rather than cheating?

I have a question that is a little unrelated…I visit the site a lot…but for some reason after about 100 races or so it deletes my user name that I have stored on the site. Then I come back and have lost all my progress! Is there some setting I need to change on my computer to fix this?


It seems the cheaters are plaguing the scoreboard again. 😦 In particular, “hiren amin” is an admitted cheater and pops in from time to time to dominate the scoreboard.

Very nice, mate!

Guess who this is 😛

Nice idea, but make sure there are lots of quotes for the anti-cheat mechanism, as people can cheat it just as easily.

Cheerio from Aus,

Guess Who


You see, we WOULDN’T need these protection mechanisms if there weren’t people like you.


well before i said i wont be cheating again, but than the new cheating test just tempted me to do it.

well anyhow unless they bring new cheating test i am bored.

Well apparently typeracer’s lamest user is cheating again. Time for a ban feature ….

And I thought hiren amin’s scores were legitimate. As a 140 wpm (700 cpm) average typist, I was wondering how hiren amin averaged in the 850s when the whole record is avg 750 over 50 minutes.

Err… sorry, world record, not whole record

One thing I’ve suggested to the developer is to allow only a single instance of a name on the scoreboard at a time. At least you only have to see Cheater Cheater Cheater Cheater just once.

I’m all for the continued efforts to stamp out cheating – keep up the good work! I like the idea of just one slot per person on the high score table too.

What’s the status on the Facebook App? I’ve been waiting for weeks to challenge all my friends. At least when I start over, I can ditch my low scoring tests and bring my avg up faster.
And just a note about the cheaters. Most of them don’t do it because they need to see their name on the leaderboard, they do it for the challenge of cracking a system. Keep improving the code and keep the cheaters challenged too.

PapaSean, we’re working on the Facebook application right now, as a matter of fact! Permanent accounts for the main site, too, which would save your typing history, provide more stats, etc. So lots of exciting updates on the way! That’s why the blog has been quiet lately 🙂


I ❤ you as well. Great site

– 85wpm – 115 wmp typist.

The cheating test is good too, not hard at all for legitimate typers.

Please make it possible to reset ones’ score on the typeracer. That is people should be able to start afresh at 0 races, disregarding all the previous races upto the point. It will help people have improved scores as they keep improving, and their speed shall not be put down by theor past performances, while they were learning typing !

When a TypeRacer in French ?

i wan’t to be member here!how i shall do?


I liked the new typing test (I’m now certified for 112!).

There needs to be a one high-score per player rule though. All of the scores right now are by the same person!


Hope you see this comment. It was great seeing you yesterday. I’m going to try out the site. Congrats! Gerald

Would you be able to add your own paragraphs to the site, so that there’s many different ones to type?


kevin Race me

who ever wants to race the best and chat JOIN!

Hm. Not so much with the working. The current (as of a minute ago) record holder is apparently so good, he completed multiple tests at the same time!

Hi!, this page is very good, although I know English I would prefer that you also put some texts in Spanish, because there is a difference between those who have English as native language and those who don’t.

i want this type racer on my personal computer what should be done to do the same.

you lost

Excuse me, can you pleaseeee make it possible to reset typing score in orkut? I used to type at 60WPM once. Now I type 80WPM. That’s unfair, isn’t it?


The above two links tell you about way in which you can cheat typeracer. Now thats’ quite unfair for legitimate megaracers. I wish that typeracer does something about this. A simple and quick way to put an end to this problem is to display text in a format which cannot be copy-pasted. But even that can be OCR copied.

A really addictive game! However, I feel one more option should be added. As such, I love racing people who’s avg wpm is greater than 90… I’ve been having close encounters with such people, but the thing is, people with an avg wpm>90 are damn hard to find… they pop up once in about 10 races.
It would be nice if you could introduce 3 separate rooms, apart from the general room, for beginners (say <50wpm), quick typists (85)… something like that… since there is no pming facility … or any provision which enables us to challenge non orkut/hifi/myspace users, it’s sorta boring

Otherwise, awesome going so far!


Very addictive game (: but for some reason my average speed is frozen at 104 wpm and has been for very long even though I have raced three times today, scoring 108 wpm, 119 and 127 wpm respectively. I think this should pull up my average score, and this isn’t even including the many races I have run before today in which I have scored anywhere from 89 to 127 wpm but which have failed to persuade my average to budge. Is there some mathematics that I’m missing, or is this a bug? Thanks!

Oops, the comment above belongs to me.

And I second Trail Of Mist above – my most recent race was with people who scored 62 wpm, 64 wpm and 62 wpm respectively, while I hit a personal record of 127 wpm. At what speed is one considered a Megaracer? Is it 50 wpm? Is 50 wpm really that fast?

pls make it possible to reset once scores…. actually initially few of my classmates played through my account… and now i have a real bad wpm.. pls make it so that one can reset the scores…. plzzzzzzz… make that one can start from the scratch… many of my frens are not playin it coz u cant reset the scores in this…

I like typeracer! 🙂

It’s getting worse – I just got paired with three Average-level people in a race in which I typed 113 wpm. They typed 45, 42, 32 and 41 wpm respectively.

everybodylies – we will soon be adding a new skill level – Centurion – for those who type 100+ wpm. Megaracer starts at 55 wpm, which turned out to be too easy for many typists like yourself.

There should be another level for people who type above 80 wpm… getting an average of 80 wpm is not a joke either.

this is AWESOME!

Message to Typeracer, Totally addicted at the moment and looking forward to the Facebook application.
I think the only thing this game needs is more quotes, how many you say? As many as humanly possible. Variety= fun.
I know you guys are probably busy with lots of applications but im just letting you know of other areas that could be improved and this is one.

Cancel that.
I read your “goal” to add 20 quotes every month. I like.

that was a good story thanks

can i come to type

Really good. Helped me increase my scores. This new feature is definitely appreciated by me.

Also it’d be nice if you could set a new standard for the mega-racer. Currently my score’s at 92. What score do I need to ascend to the next rank? And what’s this rank? After mega racer?

Since the test can be taken several times. It is easier to cheat. Just slowly type it down to a file and do the same thing as before.

I did a race and scores 145 WMP. The challenge required me to get a 108 to pass. I took the challenge and got 108 WMP and 93% accuracy. The test said I failed because I didnt meet the requirement of 108 WMP. Why is this?

[…] taken measures in the past that make it harder to cheat, but if you saw the top 20 (Fastest Typists) last month, you know […]

i have no clue what that means

I would love to see a special site for kids where there is age appropriate content (i.e. I work at a Public School in Orange County and this would be a great tool for them if they could be assured to bad content (and probably easier content)… Thanks love the service.

i think is a good way for kids to learn how to type fast its very fun also.

its very cool.

From which book or movies are these paragraphs of typing challenge taken?

Hey..but what if sum1 gets 99 by cheating??The typing challenge is for 100 and above…however I have passed the challenge many times….My best is 113…And ya TYPERACER ROCKS!!!!!!!

In typing challenge can you put that after we finish the Submit is pressed automatically…?? Sometimes while pressing submit the time is wasted and I fail in challenge just for the speed of 1 wpm…pls help…:(

Wow, finally there is going to be more of a challenge for those of us who just win all of the time. This will definetly make this website better!

I think this is great. Too bad nerds such as Jordan and Phillies will still rule the leader-boards because they had nothing better to do than sit behind the computer all day.

I am not happy with this cheat protection because, whenever I’m reaching near to my best score it is again asking me to take the retest but as per the rules i should not be be asked again till i have improved my speed by 25 percent.

Typing Challenge
Congrats, you just typed 141 wpm! We have to ask you to take the typing test again, since your last score on this test was only 111 wpm. This is done to discourage cheaters. Why?
If you pass this test, you will not be asked to take it again until your speed improves by another 25%.
Press “Begin Test” when you are ready to start. You will need to type at least 105 wpm to pass. Don’t worry about accuracy – some mistakes are allowed.
Begin Test

Yes, even i am gettin the same kind of crap everytime!!!!!

after clearing the anti cheat protection ur displaying my best race in the latest score… but it’s not getting updated in my scoreboard…

Could you explain what you mean by this: “after clearing the anti cheat protection ur displaying my best race in the latest score… but it’s not getting updated in my scoreboard…”? Can you send a screenshot, maybe?

I don’t have the screen shot but y’day this thing happened with me twice both the times after clearing the anticheat my best race was counted as well as it got updated to my scoreboard … but after some time my best score was there in the latest high score but it was not there in my scoreboard..
Even I don’t know how this thing happened. I got very disappointed by this and i have decided that i’ll never play typer again. because what the use of playing my best score in not getting updated…. And many guys are raising finger on me saying that you are cheating….

What happen typeracer why r u so afraid to answer the above question???

Why do you keep make concessions with this Anonymous? You can eliminate him anytime. :))

Why do you keep make concessions with this Anonymous? You can eliminate him anytime. :))

I think it’s a great idea, but unfortunately I hardly pass them or get anywhere near the WPM score I had for me to get the cheat test in the first place.

Some of the quotes that I type really fast on are the ones that I have seen fairly often and get used to the flow.

I think that if you can use the same quotes for the cheat test, it would make things much easier, but I don’t know if that would make sense because a cheater would already know what to type.

What a finicky issue.

It’s still possible to cheat. I personally find the 25% allowed way too much and the 92% accuracy required on cheat test way too low. From my experience as a cheater I can say that I my regular speed is 90-100 wpm with top speed in 115-125 wpm area. Yet with a small in-house cheat script written in autohotkey I can type up 180 wpm. I only have to type ~140 wpm with ~92% accuracy on cheat test which is doable for me – an average 90-100 wpm typist. What I’m saying is that because of the low accuracy required on the cheat test my speed on the cheat test is with ~30-40% higher than normally and with the added 25% I get to reach speeds of up to 55-65% higher than I could possibly reach which is absurd. You should take this in consideration and lower the allowed cheat interval to 10-15% require an accuracy of about 95-97% area on cheat tests.

Oh, and here’s the cheat script for reference purposes (compile with autohotkey):

;when pressing alt+ctrl+5 start auto-typing
;take the text to auto-type from clipboard
text := clipboard
i := 0
oldrand := 0
Loop, parse, text
;this presses a key at a time
Send, %A_LoopField%
;this puts a little randomness wait between the pressings so arrythmia doesn’t drop near to 0 values and the speed isn’t too high like 400 wpm
Random, rand, 1, 100
if (mod(i,5) = 0)
temp := (oldrand + 25)
rand = mod(temp, 25)
i := i + 1
sleeptime := rand+19
Sleep, sleeptime

NO! I do not like this. I have gotten over 100 wpm a few times, but I can never get past the typing challenge. It’s still too hard, and I never cheat. I don’t even care about the cheaters. I just want to improve my typing speed. It’s gone up from 40 to 80ish wpm from this game.

Thanks, but I ‘m 102 today, but typing this CAPTCHA at 50 wpm for me is still hard 😦

Yeah, and I agree with Trail of Miss that it’s great if we divide levels competition into groups like beginner(<40), immediate(40<x<50), pro(50<x<60), TypeMaster(60<x 100 )

So funny, while I was reading this page( by clicking “Why” in anti-cheat dialog ), and then press button “Begin Test” , it’s expired lol . I don’t know when I would 102 wpm again, it’s so hard for me 😦

this is good……. very good.

so you cant cheat and i believe 100 wpm can be obtained maybe even 150 wpm but that jelani girl thats average of 200 wpm is kinda strange i mean thats about textin 3 long confusing words in 1 second which im not sure how could be possible.

я вот что скажу: спасибо..

ok i did some searching and found out the world record for typing is 200 somethin but how can jalani type that fast anyways i mean 205 wpm thats only like 10-25 wpm below the world record

When I raced the Tranditional Chinese’ Typing Test, I couldn’t accept this test after I finished typing. I don’t know why ,but I didn’t cheat… Could you solve this bug? Thanks.

Oh! Sorry, I forgot to say that “the test” I meant in the message I leave is the test which we type in over 100 wpm, we have to accept this test, or the record we make would be deleted.

For traditional chinese, the test does not work at all. All we can see are unrecognizable boxes.

I was typed in Traditional Chinese and the test was a lot of ‘squares’, not Chinese.

oh no!
my ave. is 79wpm
i sometimes do 90+
recently i did get 105 but then it wasn’t saved. ’cause i didn’t pass the test
oh nooooooooooo!!!!i’m not a cheater,why do they do this to me.., waaahhhh
it’s a bit disappointing

I too failed the typing test twice – it seems very flawed. Once I’ve finished typing, I then need to search for the submit button. It doesn’t correct any mistakes. Please, make the cheating test exactly like your normal test, but with an added security CAPTCHA layer on top. If needed, you could render it easily in flash or with some more difficulty in canvas.

Typeracer is great!
I have improved a lot so far.

Okay I just got 103 wpm, it’s the first time I’ve ever typed over that speed, and I know it’ll be a long time before I do it again, I just kept retrying the same text that was very short. And now I can’t pass the test… THANKS TYPERACER. Now what about the people actually weren’t cheating!

I always played the retest, because this is what I see every time. The picture is never complete, and I can’t get enough accuracy. I hope this glitch gets improved. And it’s not because of my computer or the internet. I tried switching computers, I tried changing the internet connection, I tried everything. I’m very disappointed because I can never pass that test, not because I was cheating, but because of a gltch.

[…] Congrats, you just typed 515 cpm! We have to ask everyone who gets over 500 cpm in a race to take a short typing test. This is done to discourage cheaters. Why? […]

I got 100 wpm, but my average is 78, I only got to a 100 because I knew the phrase…

Because I suffered, I think we need some sort of intelligence over here. My history is:

I went to a race, there were only two lines, and got 109 wpm with 98.5% accuracy. This was the first time I crossed 100 wpm.
Later I was asked to cross 97wpm, with few mistakes allowed, in capcha typing.
Tried my best, but got speed such as :
96 wpm with 92% accuracy – “failed the typing test”
99 wpm with 82% accuracy – “accuracy was too low”
93 wpm with 85% accuracy – “accuracy was too low”

And I was denied my historic 109 wpm. ……


Stopping cheaters is an ongoing effort. The existing anti-cheating system works 99% of the time, but you are right: sometimes it can cause problems for legitimate users. We are always working to improve these systems, and apologize for the inconvenience.

One reason you might be failing the test is because it’s slightly different from normal Typeracer races (since you don’t need 100% accuracy). Before the next time you take the test, you could practice for a few minutes, typing quickly, but allowing a few mistakes.

Good luck!
David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Moderator

I managed to trick your system in to thinking I could do 170 wpm with a combination of very simple javascript for the first part (can do way more than 170) and voice recognition software for the second part (this is where the limit came from)

Your “improved” cheat protection just screwed me out of the best race I’ve ever had. I missed verifying my score by like two letters on two of my attempts. Because I couldn’t decipher your scrambled garbage text with lines criss-crossing through it, it’s like I never reached the 102 wpm milestone. That’s a slap in the face. I just canceled my recurring payment.

Lol I type at about 125 words per minute

hi lol

Doesn’t work, 0/10

Crappy site, image doesn’t even load…

This has been fixed, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

I don’t ever see the text. Just an icon of a broken image or something. It keeps telling me I’m failing but there’s no way to see the text..

Pretty useless.

Thanks for reporting it – this has been fixed!

Lol dude the verification text is too easy for now as the OCR technique has progressed thanks to machine learning.

Hey who do you think you are implementing an unjust system such as this. I worked hard for my legitimate score of 432 WPM and now your new system calls it fake. I’ll show fake after I develop my all new genetic algorithm deep learning AI to bypass your awful cheat detection system and then I’ll bring down your entire company. expect to be contacted by my lawyers any day now I am very disappointed with this new system and I expect reimbursement and full coverage of all legal fees, UNLESS you reinstate my score of 590 WPM and tack on an extra 20 for my trouble. How that sound?


St®v® Type®ace®

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