TypeRacer Accounts Coming Soon

Posted on June 26, 2008. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

After you’ve been using TypeRacer for a while, you start to feel like you’re getting better at typing.   Wouldn’t it be great to see exactly how much you’ve improved?  This is just one of the things you’ll be able to do when you sign up for an account on TypeRacer!

The new “My Scores” section will let you see and graph the results of all the races you’ve ever done!

We hope to have permanent accounts ready by the end of the month.

In other news:

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest circulation newspaper, recently published an article on the benefits of online recreation for office workers, with a large portion of this article dedicated to TypeRacer!  Unfortunately the article isn’t available online without a subscription, but you can check out this excellent post in their blog, titled “A game for the fastest hands in the office.”

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36 Responses to “TypeRacer Accounts Coming Soon”

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OMG I had never heard of this today. I’m totally addicted, to the point that I cursed my nails. Out loud.

I like this. It is beneficial to all ages. I am glad my sister sent it to me. Thanks sis.

I just can’t wait to get a TypeRacer account!

Holy man. This is one stressful game. I found myself screwing up the more the pressure went on. I would screw up which would amp up my stress level. I need to learn to deal with stress better. Time to quit the caffiene.

What a great TypeRacer Account! If only the game is not additive enough….

Loving this game! You could take this so much further. Please explore the possibilities to make this game as interactive as possible (highest scores, progress, various degress of typing tests, (maybe one that lets you make mistakes and calculates “points” based on error vs speed)


So addicted to TypeRacer.

Although, today I noticed my rank tick over from “Pro” to “Megaracer”, and suddenly am against 70wpm+ typists (my av is low 60’s). OMG, so hard. I don’t think I’m going to win many races for a while…

In future versions (after we have accounts), I expect it would be extremely helpful if TypeRacer would log every mistake we make, so that we can see what we need to improve.

this is great! but what would be even better would being able to select what language (and level: elementary/intermediate/advanced) one wanted to practice typing in.


this is great!

what would be even better … being able to select a practice language (and level)…


If you could eliminate a lot of the socialist propaganda from the selection of things to type, it would be greatly appreciated. I find myself getting pissed off at what I’m reading and unable to type efficiently.

hi !
Nice game ! I have just a idea to improve it : Is it possible to give some text in the corresponding language of players ?
It can be very difficult compared to a french laguage for exemple (I am french) to be as quick as I could.

ths !

Is there not a facebook app?

I’ve gone from 93 to 105-110+ while typing every text regardless of how awkward it is. My new MacBook’s keyboard is super fast. I am pretty sure 120 is within reach, just need to get a little smoother.

You guys should make it that a person will only show ones on the top list and not several times. Only his highest score should appear.

You should add in OpenID support

There is no way a person can type 150 wpm. How in the heck are you doing this?

150+ wpm is achievable with many years of practice.

Language Selection would be nice, so i can race against native writers. It’s harder for foreign writers to competite against native english speaker/writer 🙂

Letter patterns, tracking

Yes, it will be great to see the graph of improvement.

I’d like to gather data so that I can improve my typing. And, perhaps Typeracer can track things other than my improved speed.

Can you set it up to track common mistakes I make? For instance, I regularly leave an e off the end of a word following the letter p, for example.

I have problems with the e-o combination (for instance in people) and what else I don’t know.

It would be really interesting to track things like the two letter combination I have the most errors on, or the words I have the most errors on, or the three-letter combination. Lots of potential tracking objects that I could use to figure out how I type, why I make certain mistakes, etc.

Tad (Robert)

Another idea for tracking – I wonder if you can do this..

Response to May’s post:

Typing 150 wpm is certainly possible. Not only have I done it, but quite a few people I’ve seen on typeracer have done it, and I’m convinced that most of them are not cheating. (It’s usually easy to tell who the cheaters are.)

I would say that it would be very difficult to achieve an AVERAGE of much more than 150wpm, though. But I suppose anything is possible.

text in portuguese plz!

Really a great idea. Its a thrill racing on a keyboark. Thanks

Gr8888… idea. Its really thill racing on a keyboard. Totally addictive.

C’est pour quand on va pouvoir un vrai acompte?

Tahnks for posting

StumbleUpon introduced to this game just tonight, it is awesome and I can’t wait to have an account to permanently track my scores. Great job to the designers/developers, keep up the great work!


Showing ‘Top Speed’ of all races, will give more bragging rights to the users. 🙂

cool stuff.

Typerace is a great place. I’m sure I’ll get to improve my type, maybe I’ll get to meet friends too

I think that a nice game would be to play women against men

good luck

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 3115ssgfhphzye and 3022Cool!

blog.typeracer.com, how do you do it?

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