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Get Your High Score

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Spaces are filling up fast!  TypeRacer now only shows one entry per player on the list of 20 Latest High Scores (each player’s entry is his or her best score within the past hour).  This means there’s now room for more people in the top 20!

Many of you have asked for this change, because you didn’t want to see the scoreboard totally dominated by one or two of the best typists.  I was looking forward to this as well, but alas, my high score of 81 wpm was still knocked off the list in just a few minutes.  Hope you type faster than I do!

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TypeRacer Accounts Are Here

Posted on August 8, 2008. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

The wait is over – you may now create an account on TypeRacer and have all your racing results recorded, sorted, and graphed!

Typeracer Screenshot - Saved Scores

Screenshot - Saved Scores

There is also a new section called Fastest Typists.  Unlike Recent High Scores, which only last for an hour, “Fastest Typists” is a permanent tribute to the best players.  Sign up for an account to get your spot on the list!

Typeracer Screenshot - Fastest Typists List

Screenshot - Fastest Typists List

You will also notice that TypeRacer is now keeping track of two additional statistics – your best race ever and the number of races you have won.

One significant change is that your overall score is now your average WPM for just the last 10 races.  This is the number you see in the upper-right corner of the screen, and it’s used to rank players on the various scoreboards like Fastest Typists.

If you are using TypeRacer from a social network like MySpace or Orkut, your historical scores (the My Scores section) will become available some time in the future.  For now, the main thing that has changed is that you will be ranked among your friends using your average for the last 10 racers only (instead of the all-time average that was used previously).   We introduced this change to make it easier for you to improve your standing.

Accounts on TypeRacer will allow lots more exciting capabilities in the near future.  Subscribe to this blog for upcoming anncouncements!

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