Score histories for all quotes now available

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We’re really keeping the momentum going this week – lots more quotes are available starting today as well as a “Scores for this quote” section at the end of each race!

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the top players fare on a particularly hard quote, now you can find the answer in the Top 10.

Ever get the feeling of déjà vu when you start typing some quote?  I certainly do! Now you can see exactly how many times you’ve actually typed that quote in the past (and hopefully how your speed on this quote has improved)!

The screenshot below shows the improvement of a real TypeRacer user!


Now you might be wondering what are the chances of seeing the same quote again, since they are chosen at random for each race.  We did a Monte Carlo simulation to answer this question.  Turns out that with the current number of available quotes, you are likely to see one repeated quote after about 19 races and 10 repeated quotes after about 75 races.  

The shaded area in the graph below represents the quotes that have been added this week.

Chances of Quotes Repeating

Chances of Quotes Repeating



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396 Responses to “Score histories for all quotes now available”

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Can you make a new “top 20 list” with people who have the most races completed? I think a lot of people would like that =)

Any way you could possibly provide ‘blocked’ lists? You know, so we can avoid seeing Dragon and other users who sit still for 10 seconds before mysteriously jumping all the way to the end?

I like the quote addition – thanks!

I’m not sure for a Dragon, is he a cheater or
he isn’t…. If he is a cheater, he would be
on the list for Fastests Typist because he
must pass the test for that speeds…I don’t

He wouldn’t be…* I’ve made a mistake…

The new features look good.

As for Dragon it’s strange game after game of almost exactly the same speed. /rolls eyes

Dragon, I’m sorry but it looks like the other people here are right in suspecting you of using some kind of tool to cheat the system. This is not fair to other players. Your account will be deleted within days. If you’d like to appeal this decision please email support AT

I’m sure you have the ability to compete on a fair level since you were able to pass the anti-cheat test at 150 wpm. I hope you will consider using that ability in the future.

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out. Please feel free to report other accounts you suspect of cheating to support AT

I don’t know how could he cheat for sentences
with 15 words… No time for cheating…
Is there any possibility to cheat??? How?

Please, like you don’t know.


I don’t know… Only thing I know on computer
is typing. 🙂 check this

I will take a anti-cheat test for 180+ wpm.. don’t ban me I love this site!

Dragon has disputed the accusations of cheating and will be given an opportunity to prove his ability.

Yes It great idea , I was thinking about that some day before that I see the comment. It will be really cool if we have a Top 20 list with the people who have the most races completed. scuse me for me english i’m not very good

A Top list who have the most races completed. It a great idea but I prefer a TOP 50 or 100 to encourage more people 😉 exemple me. ah ha ha 🙂
Thank you Typeracer for the best typing website on the internet.

Hello everyone!

I will send you all my idea to improve the website.

first of all it would be cool if it would have

-A Top list experience
– Top list with more people on exemple Top 50 or 100 or every one that participate 😀
– Add a image (avatar) more easy to see every picture of the other racers 😉
– See every top list of every text
– Add texte in frensh to have more Frensh people on the site 😀
– Add a forum and a “Bavardage” for every one

thank you

How will Dragon be able to prove he isn’t a cheater?

Sorry but if half the typers are almost finished with a quote and he comes from being last to first in a split second then he IS a cheater.

It my idea for improve Typeracer website 😉
may be you will love that and it will be
available on the web site if Typeracer is agree.

Thank you

I type at best 70 wpm and normally 55-60 wpm.

I’m sick of racing again people who are getting above 100 wpm. Why don’t they have their own category?

Look I realize I’m slow comparatively and the big boys would probably say just take your loss and quit whining, but in plain words it ain’t fair or fun.

You need to put anyone over 100 wpm in their own category. I’m sure it would be more fun for them too…

That is a good idea Green.

I agree with Greenoak. For example I type over
100 wpm, and when I enjoy the game and see
that the others opponent have about 70, 80 wpm
I live race. But sometimes, we have to
challange them, ’cause there is no better
typists around… Sorry guys!

The user PuRe cHi (pure_chi) just got 204 wpm. Not saying they are cheats but come on…


204??!? WOW that’s scary, I feel for you 😉

There will always be a cheater in any game and they should be skinned to death

i second the chatroom idea.

btw, congratulations to arab texan for giving me my first loss, it was a close race, 122 wpm v. 121 wpm 🙂

-undefeated (no longer undefeated)

When I make a mistake and backspace to delete it, the text box is still shaded in red/pink. So I keep thinking that I still have a mistake further back but this is not the case. It does not turn back to the normal colour (correct to mistakes) until I type again.

Can you please make it that as soon I have backspaced the typing error it goes back to the normal colour striaght away.


Kerrie has a good point. I’ve screwed up races because I thought I was still correcting an error when in fact I had corrected it. Then I wasted time **making** further errors trying to “correct” what I thought were, well, further errors.

hey guys this site is very good I got it this site .. wander full experience . good…
thanks ..…
from ,,,,
hemant sirohi

Depending on the word, I find it’s often faster to use ctrl-a/backspace to erase everything and retype the entire word, than to delete individual letters and try to type half a word.

This site is awsome. The private races have way to many letters and numbers in them if they where shorter it wouldn’t take so long to et in a private race when you are in a time limit at school with you typeing calss. But other then that i can’t wait to get the web site when I get home.

I have one suggestion to give. I think that
all the scores from the List with the fastest
typists should be reseted!If you see, all
guys from the list have less than 100 races.
That means that they’ve been racing only in
the races where they could achieve hi-speeds!
There are some way (I don’t know how) to cheat
the system, and that’s for sure… Do something
to block that players for not doing this.

I dont give a crap about this all i know is i suckie at typing!!!!!! someone rite a commit to me! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dragon Cheated?!?!? how did he? i am new to this

hey all go to my race track. ill give you the code

Pleaseeeee stop this cheaters…..275 wpm???
TypeRacer, where’re you????

okdoky the code is and you haffta follow it JUST LIKE THIS: dHI6dHN1YmfzYWFuaw11a210dHk*


Can I make a suggestion, don’t even show the scores over 250 wpm on the list. This might offend a certain percentage of users but I can’t imagine it’s very many.

If the results big speed hurts most of the world why we would not race Ranking completed its encourage the world to play big and forget be a little bit more performance and more fun and my excuse 🙂 English is not very well because I use Google to translate that because I spoke French thank you for your understanding.

Oh! Dragon what a Speed!
How will you increase your speed by practice or by CHEATING

Does anyone else have the following problem typing song lyrics: the song starts going through your head, preventing you from concentrating on the typing, causing you to make lots of mistakes? I just tried typing the lyrics to “One Tree Hill” by U2 and had to give up.

To everyone who is annoyed by occasional cheating, rest assured, accounts suspected of cheating are being suspended.

mashny – this video won’t help you concentrate, but it’s worth the sacrifice 😉




Thanks for that. It won’t do much for my typing speed, but it’s one of my favorite songs, so it was a pleasure watching and listening to it. Actually, there are no bad songs on that album — one of the greatest albums of all time.

Thanks again.

I am typer of Japan.
After it knows here, it enjoys it.

160WPM is a top class here.

Whats I wanting learn most

Who is fastest typer?

It is good when it knows and teach, please.

Quvota, bokki, and akiume in Japan.
1000cpm is exceeded respectively.

Just a thought for Typeracer (or whoever else owns this site):

When it comes time to add new quotes to, it might be fun to let some of the regular typists on this site/blog list one or two favorite books, authors, songs, or musical artists to use as sources for the quotes. I don’t know if copyright issues enter into the choices, but it would let the regulars feel that much more involved in this site.

Just an idea…

I wonder if you intend to make a classification of races completed

I wish you could select the person’s name, and see the progress graph for that user.
That would be awesome!

I don’t give two sh**s if Dragon & most of the other cheaters on this site use a speech-to-text program, i.e (Dragon naturally speaking etc.). I’m just here to practice & improve. ;P

As well as a section for centurians there should be one for cheaters too!!!(so as to learn from the masters..ho-ho-ho)

The improvments you make are so much cool 😀

But there’s something I miss, a way to contact other players ! if you can’t afford somekind of lounge chat on the main page or private messages, at least please let us show our emails adress 😀

There’s some guy who ranked 30 mins ago 1st place that I really want to talk to lol ^-^

(If by any chance -> :^P)

As already suggested, it would be nice to have the ability to chat with other racers. As for listing racers’ email addresses, this would be a violation of privacy, and not a good idea.

On another note, we really need more levels. It is unfair that Megaracer is 55+ wpm. There are a lot of people on this site who type much faster than that, and it is unfair to expect a 55wpm typist to compete with a 70 or 90 or 110+ wpm typist. Perhaps a level from 55 to 80, then 80 to 120 (or something along those lines).

Regarding my previous comment, of course if individual site members *wanted* to share their email addresses, that’s a different issue.

Hello I think it would be great if our average life we would see three digits after the decimal point example: Avg. speed (All time): 73.437WPM


So is it reasonable to expect a post-race chat room any time soon? Or before the new year? As good as it is to show class after winning.

I wanna talk trash. =]

KyleVA – yes we’d like to have post-race chat on TypeRacer before the end of the year!


I’m pissed now though. I messed up my average today. -_-

Definitely there’s a BUG with the accuracy!!!
I did NOT have to backspace a single character, yet still I’m not getting my 100% 😦
help PLEASE typeracer!

Kyleva, we need to race sometime 🙂

right now i’m 60/60 with an overall avg of 149 wpm..i think it would be a good race 🙂

Kyleva vs. Usain Bolt
The ultimate match.

Dear Typeracer, I know you have like 1000’s of ideas coming in every day but its only because we wanna make this site as good as it can be, so thanks for checkin out our ideas.

And.. I’ve got another.. What would be great is a designated search for people to check their online status so you can challenge them to a match.
-As well as easier codes for private matches.
-Ive just got so many ideas… Tournaments: 20 typers go in, one walks out the victor. So when you lose you watch people duel it out until there is two left… that would b solid.
Relay matches: where you set up a team with other dudes to type a massive quote, each person types a bit. and you go against other teams. Nice

Pre-race chat that you are working on sounds sweeeet as well.

Ever wonder what 140+ wpm actually looks like?? I know there are some fast typers out there on this site, but there are still people who think everyone who is above 100+ wpm or so is cheating, so i decided to take a quick video of a random one of my races 🙂 this is 144 wpm

Oh my god I love this game im like so addicted it’s so fun and i love seeing those tiny cars like move across the screen

oh my gosh becky! this game is so totally like amazing! i loVE it!

this game is so cute i love it i love it i love it i love it i showed it too my boyfriend and now he is addicted

OMG!! this is like the best game ever!!!!
i could play it over and over and over again until my fingers jam up 🙂 peace out

i love this so much my teacher is hooked now i showed and he is like doing it on his lunch break and he cant get enough

Oh my GOd this is my second day on this site and i still cant get enough off it i love the cars but honestly i think there should be more choices for cars i think that as you increase your speed you should get money so that you can get bettet cars

TypeRacer, how is it possible, that Marcelo
with the top-speed of 143 maintain 148, but
when I put the arrow on his name, his
top-speed is steel 143 wpm? Any explanation.
I think that he’s cheating, ’cause he’s
mysteriously jumping all the way to the end…
and before that he’s standing on the start…

It would be nice to have 10/15/20 minutes tests. It doesn’t have to be races. Maybe you can add an option to test yourself with long passages for 10 or maybe 30 minutes.


The racer PuRe cHi (pure_chi)is on the board with 200 wpm. Cheater or just great typist? Things that make you go..hmmmm.

there are so many ideas that have been suggested that i would like to see planted into the game. several of them are: a chat in the game, options to choose different cars (perhaps the more races you win, the more selections of cars to select?), top 20-50 lists, a forum, a tournament, and a tournament/relay. something that i didn’t see mentioned is a team relay. this could encourage team-play as well as creation of teams, which would make the forum (should it be created) a place to recruit. i also like the idea of class separation based on their avg wpm. i just registered about 20 minutes ago and i must say that this is a great game. hope to see some of these ideas implemented sometime in the near future. 😉

Hi here’s a feedback. After we have typed in the quote, you can display BOTH the quote and the source of the quote. Cos sometimes I typed something I really liked and would like to have a look at it again.

TypeRacer is great!

post race chat.. I meant post race chat

omg monte carlo method lol u r clever. neway, thanks for responding to my email so fast looking forward to the fb version! 🙂

I agree with rowe33 completely!! There are some idiotic people on here whom I hope every time I don’t have to race anymore…for some reason I keep running into these same people and I don’t appreciate it.

Also, I think that you should somehow be able to choose a quote you’ve already used when challenging friends. That would be pretty great.

Can’t they write paragraphs that use proper English? I get thrown because they are gramatically so bad!

How to beat the system (TypeRacer)?!
I found it but you need to have a software.

Check both of this, and you’ll know how…
This is for cheaters, not for the other ones.

I add some links to explain how it’s possible
to beat the “TypeRacer” system, and how
“Dragon” did that….and you didn’t added…
Why didn’t you?

This game is so cool. It teaches people ways to type and practice. There are so many games out there that are not fun, but this is cool! Play everyday for practice! Practice makes perfect!

Sup, how do I link my account to my MySpace? And how am I able to change my name from David Kyle Stearns to just Kyle Stearns? :\

If you could attach my MySpace to my account that’d rock.

Please bump “abandoned races” up on the list of priorities. I’m tired of beating these so called typeracer stars only to have them leave and not have their game counted. I mean you ZORAN.

Henry, I type on your language. If you’d typed
on my, you couldn’t achieve more than 200
cpm per minute. I have right to do that.
On my language I type about 150 wpm. This is
not my language, it’s yours :))) I don’t
know to express myself on english very well
but you know what I man. But, I never cheat!
I only quit games when I don’t maintain the
speed I would like to have….that’s the true

I completely agree with this “ducking out of races” thing, although I’m guilty of it myself.

It’s hard to have the self control to stay in a race when you’re typing 40% lower than your average. Implementing this feature would leave me no way out.

There is a BUG here. When I use Opera browser any shift-key stroke mistakenly counts as a typo and accuracy showed is lower than it is. When I use IE it’s all right but I hate IE for it looks like shit.

Zoran quits whenever I beat him, THAT’S the truth.



I’m having the same problem tonight with a guy named Kevin (acct ‘guestpoo’) who beat me like 4 times but then left all the races when he was losing, 75% of the way through.

At first he was so afraid of me that he’d leave whenever I’d join the race, but whenever he got to a text he’d like, he’d race me and finish it if he was winning.

And a guest user Actuairhead, who is literally willing to leave 3/4 of his races to avoid getting beaten by me! He beat me like 5 times but left over 15 times when I beat him!

If I hadn’t been drinking tonight I bet he would have beaten me fewer times. haha.

Guys, that’s good for you. You’re the best 🙂
Just try to type on my language and you’ll see
your scores. I type on your language. I must
repeat myself. Gunner, I don’t quit because
you’re in the game, I quit even when I beat
the other opponent and my score is not
impressive. Reply me if you see this.
I think I type faster than you, but on my
own language. I can maintain 150-155 wpm in
Serbian (that’s my language).


I am Chinese and English is not my first language either…don’t make excuses. It doesn’t matter if you can type faster in Serbian than me, because we are competing in ENGLISH.

Also, I just beat you twice and you left both times, but I am used to it now.


Gunner, you have a problem. You don’t listen
to me. My aim isn’t to have more victories!
I’m want to beat myself, not you, or anyone
else. You’re better than I’m. Happy now?

Look, a subject change.

I think that “games won” should be replaced by “percent of games won”. That’s all that really matters to me, and you would still be able to see how many races were completed.


If your aim is to “beat yourself” you should either punch yourself in the head, or practice alone. The whole point of racing other people is to compete against them.


Gunner, you’re not interesting anymore….
Type and live me alone, please….

Zoran, you were never interesting.

Here is another typical race that just happened 5 minutes ago:

Notice how I stayed in the race even though there was a high risk of losing, and I won only by 2 WPM. On the other hand, Zoran left at the first sign that he was not doing well.


When I grow up I want to be like you, Gunner!
:))) You have 45 races complete, and you’re
talking to me something. What’s your problem??

Well aren’t we all smiles today. Did anyone read my suggestion?

nickthebic, yes I’ve read that. It’s a good
idea, but that depends on “Typeracer”, like
everything else 🙂

Zoran, I’ve completed 45 races and you’ve completed 3700, yet I still beat you every time we meet. I think that is more embarassing for you than for me 🙂

And I like your suggestion, nickthebic 🙂

If you see the list for top 20 playes, you’ll
see that they have only 50-100 racers. Why
do you think that is so??? ‘Cause they choose
what races are they typing!!! And you although
come here, just when you are fresh for typing
and I type all the time…and ’cause of that
I have to quit some races…

Zoran, if we ever meet, I will buy you a drink 🙂 You deserve it, with all those hours you have spent sitting in front of your computer. I am just being friendly 🙂


Gunner “my friend” I became your obsession!:)
That’s good for you. You have a nice idol.
If you watch tennis I look like Novak
Djokovic. Be like me when you grow up. 🙂
I like vine (white). 🙂 See you…

Gosh, isn’t the chat room going to be fun! (/sarcasm)

hi yall what are u talking about

go to my place heres the code: dHI6dHN1YmfzYWFuaw11a210dHK*

hi everybody I’m make with my friend : a classification of Race completed TOP 100
clic on the link : 🙂
sorry for my english i’m talking french…

i gave the code. ill be in there if im not wait.

🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

Super ton site fasterpro et moi aussi je suis francais mais ca me dérange pas de taper des textes en anglais 🙂


That’s pretty cool. How did you do that? I noticed it’s a little bit out of date already 😉

Congrats to ning, DUFOUR, and Bob.


You have to thank DUFOUR, It is idea, and it DUFOUR that note all resultat 🙂 congratulation to you DUFOUR 🙂 He write after each race the best player with the highest race completed 🙂 Thank….

I think that this game is like SUPER FUN!!

We have some new “Dragons” now… 223 wpm….
How easy is now to type over 200 wpm….
Practice makes typing perfect :))) TypeRacer
where are you????

Yeah, too fast, at the moment 205 average speed for (pyotr) too strong !!

lol, “bob dole”‘s account name itself is “botter”…i think that’s a hint he’s cheating 🙂 can u plz get rid of them?

yea get rid of him he is cheating. and plz go to the blog i made the code is on the commets i made a long time ago plz go i beg of u and french boyz rock!

223.6 wpm average?!? Yeah, for sure. We’re all
stupid, and we believe in all we see.
TypeRacer has forgotten us…. Where is he?

I agree that these users should simply be deleted. No reason why someone with 10 races should be #1 . If they actually did type that fast, it would mean that they have actually only typeraced for 4-5 minutes.

Obviously they use a bot.

Valikor, they cheaters!!! They didn’t type
anything… They’ve just watched :))))
No TypeRacer, no justice!

they are * my mistake :))) I would like to
type as a bot :))) But, that’s not my way
to win…

I find it a pity that a guy so therefore it because five minutes is on the site is the first in a ranking and me who has more than 12,000 races that I in any classification is then terminated when a race completed.

Scuse my english i speak french.

You guys are just jealous because you can’t type at 220 WPM.

Anonymous, what are you talking about???
You have no idea, of course… The World
Record in typing for 1 minute is 216 wpm.
All of these guys are cheaters (bots), or
whatever. DUFOUR greetings 🙂

Stop being jealous.

These people are obviously cheating, and botting to get to the #1 spot to advertise their websites. Zoran leaves games when he’s losing, but at least he is not a cheater 🙂


Gunner, try to type on
I have my position there. Try to beat me.
Have a nice day. 🙂

Gunner, don’t be confused there, ’cause
1 wpm there is 6 characters, not 5 like
everywhere else. That means, when you type
100 wpm you have 600 cpm, not 500…

Here’s an idea: Maybe, depending on how high the number of races you completed were, your car would be different. For example, if you completed 100 races, you would drive a Porsche, if you completed 500 races, you would drive a Ferrari, and etc.

Sorry if this has been posted before.

Just curious, what kind of keyboards do you guys have?

Yeah, they seem to be cheating.

And they all ‘sprouted’ up at the same time. They’re just trying to advertise.

I want a Ferarri.

100 races = Porsche
500 races = Ferrari
12000 races = ??????


Hi everybody,
For curious person, I made a classement of race completed ( TOP 100) on a Excel File. It more easy to change the statistic of the racers..
you can download the file here
If you like it. We will update it every day or every week 🙂 What do you think about that…thank. 🙂

nickthebic,qwerty standard keyboard… Not
Dvorak, not laptop….Logitech
Fastermart, good job. 🙂

DUFOUR — I think the highest classification should be 10,000+ races.

Few people will ever get there. 🙂

Maybe 50 races, 100 races, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000.

50 Can be a Mustang, 100 a Corvette, 500 a Porsch, 1,000 a Ferarri, 5,000 a Lambhorgini, and 10,000 you get whatever you want 😛

On a different note, I think it would be good if the current top-6 in the High Scores be deleted. 🙂

Looks like a few cheaters have been causing trouble around here again 🙂 We just deleted the top 3 cheater accounts (they were all operated by the same guy). I’ll write some AI to detect these guys better in future. In the meantime, look for a new blog post describing some exciting updates later this week.

Hi every one. Still new on my website that you can see, will may be interest you, with full statistics about typeracer that is not post on the typeracer website. You just have to download the small Excel file. Enjoy. Thank
What do you think about that ? 🙂 so..Thank

Zoran, I am #20 on typingzone as Walter Dix. I have already beat you there too 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂


wtf?!? i dunno wat u talking about

Gunner, you live in U.S.A., and you told me
that you’re not from U.S.A!!! O.K.:) Try to
type anything else except English text. Try
French and Pi to 200 digits….

I am not from USA. I just picked random country for typingzone account. You want me to make a new Chinese account? I will still beat you 🙂


Zoran, I have an idea for you. You can create a Serbian typeracer website. Then you can will all the time and be happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You do not seem like happy person 😦


I meant “so you can win all the time” 🙂

I have a good Serbian friend, his name is Nikola Dragovic 🙂


Oh and I picked America as typing zone country because of Walter Dix 🙂 I type as fast as he can run 🙂



I have started a Facebook group for fans of TypeRacer…

search under “Addicted to TypeRacer”

come and join!
what a cool game 🙂

Ok, Gunner, My mistake then. I don’t know
the guy named Nikola Dragovic… You now have
another Serbian friend (-_-) Anyway, good job
Gunner, 120 wpm (720 cpm there) is impressive.
What’re you, my Sigmund Froude?! :)))

It might be good to require a certain number of races to be in the high scores. This would not only be pro-community, but anti-cheating, since a person cannot make a new account and be in the top-10 within like 5 minutes while using a keyboard macro.

8/20 have under 50 races, and 11/20 have under 100. Trust me, for people who “on average” type between 147-200 wpm, doing 50 or 100 races doesn’t take too long!

Good idea. Or, at the very least, averages for the top 20 could be compiled using the previous 50 scores as opposed to 10.

Also, does anyone else find the word “qwerty” terribly difficult to type in quotes which contain it?

“Qwerty” isn’t such a difficult word to type on a Dvorak keyboard ^^

But I bet “pyfgcr” is.

haha yeah I guess that would be annoying.

But, if you’re ready for these words, it isn’t too bad to just slide one finger across all the keys. I bet worse words could be found :).

thanks zoran, you are a good typer too :)) we can be friendly competitors :))


Peace! Peace at last.

nickthebic 🙂 Gunner, did you try to type
pi 200 to digits. I’m 9th there…soon I’ll be
4th 🙂 I didn’t type on typeracer for a few
days… 🙂 greetings for all typers here

Bonjour pensez-vous faire un classement des joueurs pour leur course complété merci d’avance.

Bonjour pensez vous faire un classement de course complété dans un futur rapprocher.

so, is ther The Princess Bride quotes at all? because, i know all quotes to both the movie and book 😛

there is 1 quote from the Princess Bride… I think it’s from the beginning of the movie where the grandfather says “When I was your age, television was called books. And this is a special book. . . ”



I don’t understand your calculations.

“Method to calculating your values of your NICK : RACES + WINS X BEST RACES X AVG ALL TIME.”

Example: 2473 + (2342 * 128 * 174) = 52.163.497

I don’t know where 107,239,680 came from.

I also don’t understand the purpose of this formula. Wouldn’t it make more sense for VALUE=RACES*AVERAGE ?


I suppose there is no right answer, and this is all just for fun, but your formula makes no sense to me ^^

Oops. I now see that the calculation is (A+B)*C*D

I still question the purpose of that particular calculation.

I find Mariana and lvlheart r good racers ^^ they were like an equal to me 😀

dHI6eGVsbzIw online or not online i can’t tell..but i kinda come here often..pls race with Cola(xelo20) in a private race 😀 😀

I think my formula represented a player is its strength and its presence on the game is to take the 4 categories of statistics and make a good and thought to number of race added to the number of times its victory average speed and his best scoring a life like that the 2 kind of person who plays big and heavy person who performs well represented.

Hi every one. Still new on my website that you can see, will may be interest you, with full statistics about typeracer that is not post on the typeracer website. You just have to download the small Excel file. Enjoy. Thank
What do you think about that ? so..Thank


Although I still think that your formula is somewhat arbitrary, I do like the concept of some “overall” rating system, just for fun (even if it is subjective).

But, it would probably be better if it was not only “Top 10”. I think at least top 20 is necessary, if not top 50.

Also, it wasn’t until 1 mintue after I posted that when I realized that you have multiple sheets in that file. I was wondering why you stopped showing the “Top 100 Races Completed”

Guess you didn’t… which is good 🙂

So many cheaters again…. LOL Armenia’s best
was 214 wpm…for sure… 🙂

there is soo many cheaters i cant count them all like dragon. XD I LOVE THAT FACE AND KANICHIWA SIWO HIENDWO SAWIRO?

We have a solution in mind that will take care of cheaters for good. Just need a little more time to implement it.

I find it amusing that there are people that are typing 130+ wpm. It can’t be possible. It’s a complete joke in my opinion.

130 WPM is actually pretty easy for quite a few people, like Valikor, for instance. But 200+ is less likely.

what about introducing a new field in the personal data: dvorak or qwerty. So we will do statistic what keyboard is really faster.

It’s such a shame ’cause this place became the
place for cheaters. Typeracer lots of people
will hate and avoid this place if you don’t
do something with that… Thank you…

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They have the similar interests with you and make an excellent work. Please, help them. It will take just 1 minute for you.

To the guy who said 130+ is obviously cheating:

I made a video a while ago of my making 144 wpm on typeracer.



Oh, and here is the link to the video again:

Cool site, although the “skill level” categories top out at “Megaracer” too quickly. Maybe add more categories to make OK typers want to improve?


nice racing you today, you were definitely the better typer tonight 🙂

Anytime 🙂

Ok. It’s good that you all are putting new quotes on here. But, make them like Twilight quotes or good quotes. I LOVE U2! This website though is saying that it is okay to become a couch potato or one that just stays in their house all day. GET ACTIVE PEOPLE !!!

BTW all you people argueing on here over “typing” are just stupid. There is more to life than typing. Just calm down. Seriously, think about what you guys are argueing about… FREAKIN TYPING.

ZORAN: You don’t even know this Gunner guy. So chill. Go get a girlfriend.

I’m done. Bye 😀

NICOLI, here is the place where we talk about
typing….and some other places are for some
other topics 🙂 We just talk about typing…
nothing more…. Chill out 🙂

I like the new quotes!

I think this website is really cool! I just joined today. How long have you guys been a member?

Well golly, Nicoli. Thank you for being the hero. First you come and call people stupid, then you suggest that Zoran “go get a girlfriend.” Way to tackle an issue, buddy.

I must agree with the second anonymous poster above me (who I for some reason assume is Zoran) in that this is indeed a typing website, and we come to this particular comment listing specifically to talk about typing.

nickthebic, yeah that was me…but I didn’t
enter my name (I’ve forgotten)… And I must
find the girl :))))) But when I find the girl
I’ll stop typing… Let’s talk about girls here
then….stop talking about typing 🙂


How are you?? Haven’t seen you lately 🙂 I haven’t been racing much myself lately due to being busy with exams in university :)) I must say I have missed seeing your name in the top lists :))


I was on typingzone….check this if you want
I have some good position there….Not the
best, but that was French 🙂 All the best…

Hey I just find out about Type racer and I didn’t know that there was a game like this b4! So I was so happy tat I find out about it. And I know tat I sound stupid right now but….ummm…IDK. ♥ ya laterz!

DanielTian… I admire the attempt, but I beat you 6 times in a row and you left every time. And nobody is going to believe that you win 99.1% of your races when your average is only 108 wpm 🙂

Good races though


I think the definition of “[having] no life” is when a person leaves races s/he is losing, in order to–through their record–appear better to random people on the internet!

Just because I wasted 5-10 minutes of my life showing a cheater how pathetic cheating is doesn’t make me as pathetic as a person who would cheat on a typing game!


I want to have been 100% victory I should have been left over 9000 races hahahahaha.

TypeRacer said for Valikor that he is a good
typist, and now Valikor shares the justice
here. LOL 🙂 Valikor, you’re one of the best
here with no doubt, but there are many
better typist than you. Alsl 108 wpm is pretty
fast typing….not as good as 130, but it’s
good… Cheating is when you use some program
and type > 200 wpm, like Dragon did…and some
others typists.
Quitting games is my invent :))) Why do I do
that? ‘Cause I type over 120 wpm, and then I
make mistake on words like “rassoodocks” or
words who has double letters, and that doesn’t
exists in my language… You should try to type
on French for example….and see how hard is
when you type unknown words…

I’m not sure if rassoodock is a word in English either 🙂

And I know, Zoran, I am not the best. Players like Noah and Fish (though they usually are not online) can beat me the majority of the time. When this happens, I accept the loss. I have even lost races to people with an average of 80wpm, if I have a bad race and they have a very good one.

And I don’t think it’s bad to leave races sometimes. It’s only bad when people ALWAYS leave races that they lose. This was what DanielTian and Kate were doing.

also I didn’t say 108 wasn’t good, I just said it wasn’t good enough to win 99% of races. . .

I don’t agree with you. 108 wpm is enough to
win 99%. Dependes with whom do you compete.
Although, even when I’m losing and my wpm is
good I don’t quit game, and although when I’m
winning the competition and my wpm is bad I’m
quitting. There is one guy here, I can’t
remember his name, but he has average of 130
but he plays alone, and he has 500 races, and
just 1 victory. 🙂 Greetings Valikor…

Dethklok is the name of the guy who has 410 races
and only 1 win… His average is 129 wpm…
Valikor, what is your opinion for XiP, he has
average of all time 109, and average of last ten
races 169? I think that that’s impossible…

I never said it’s “impossible”. My exact words were that “nobody is going to believe that you win 99.1% of your races when your average is only 108 wpm” I think this is true. Given the competition on typeracer, achieving this is very, very unlikely.

Plus, I don’t see what you’re even getting at here. I watched him leave every race he lost–I wasn’t guessing.

On your question, I agree that it’s basically impossible to achieve a 10-race average of 169 with an all-time average of 109. If it were up to me, users like that would be removed 🙂

Hi every one. Still new on my website that you can see, will may be interest you, with full statistics about typeracer that is not post on the typeracer website. You just have to download the small Excel file. Enjoy. Thank
What do you think about that ? so..Thank

valikor…you seem like a very smart guy and a great typer. where are you from? what do you do for a living? are you in school? and can i have your autograph? =P

valikor fan:
I don’t think being a good typist requires intelligence, but thank you anyways. I’m a college student in Cleveland. I currently make my living as a supervisor at a painting company. 😉

Cool! Do you go to case western?

have you gotten any girls by virtue of your typing speed? I imagine there are some lines you could use in a bar…”wanna come home with me and see what i can do with my fingers?” etc. just a thought…

Yes, I actually get lots of girls this way. Dexterity-activities are my specialty. For example, typing, rubik’s cube speedsolving, piano playing, pen-spinning, etc. Many girls are desperate to see all of the things I can do with my fingers.

Valikor’s girlfriend here: he’s not that cool 🙂

Today, my scores were over 130 wpm, and there
was some “bug” here, and my wpm gone down to
under 100 wpm… So bad…no more playing for

i really like this 🙂

i like this too wierdo. FRENCH GUYS ROCKalso england boys and american boys but still….

also i like chinise and jappanise boys

tsubasaanimekitty how old are you and what country are you from?

I second this inquiry.

Also, Japanese.

Thanks for creating this sight! This is awesome! I love improving my typing speed. Although I hate it that everybody looks at me like I’m a freak when my fingers are blurring across the keyboard. Anyway thank you so much hope you have new features soon.

im 13 and i live in the united states. But i lovve jappanise, french, and american/england boys. there HHOTTT!!!

um hello, um i thought of somthing funny. im laughing on my dark imbismol insides. ha haha. if they bottled that kind of hilarity i would buy it.

very good

How on earth do you get at least 100 WPM

hi yal
i am new

Restrain your urge to exercise linguistic pedantry, Nick.

Control yourself.

dont talk crap about nicoli, she has a disease.
like seriously, would you make fun of someone with a disease?
yeah thats what I thought.
so STFu you loserrrsss!

grow a life and stop playing on this stupid website meant to tourture little kids who have to do this for computer class!


Ok, well you people sicken me. I’m sorry I want someone to get a girlfriend. I’m sorry for wishing happiness upon people. Typeracer is a brain wishing device where you people have unfortunately become victims. And dude, Zoolander is an awesome movie :].
Well if you are done destroying the happiness of the blog, maybe you people should climb a tree. I love trees 🙂
I HATE YOU ALL !!! Oh, and btw it’s called freedom of speech.
Get lives people. Oh and what exactly are you guys accomplishing on this website? Get a job, Study, or something that will actually have value on your lifes.
God, and I did not call anyone stupid. I said your agreements are stupid.


THis is Nicoli’s sister speaking. You make me sick. Nicoli can’t help it, the disease eats away at her brain. You idiots made me cry, she already feels alone in this world. You guys just made it worse.

Hey all ! I discover this site today, it is a great game, I love it. 😉

Valikor, I think that ounow have an opponent…
Malian Setin…. He’s as good as you, even more
better… Practice man, practice… 🙂

* that you now have *

It’s difficult for me (I am pretty fast typer, I think) to reach 170 wpm in easy texts, so, how some people can reach more than 200 wpm average speed ?!
Explain me please, I’d like to understand 😉

It’s easy to maintain 200 wpm :))) They are cheaters
mostly… 🙂 They use some program, and just
copy/past…..and they’re in the top20….

Zoran: I saw this Malian Setin person, but s/he had stopped racing by the time I went to hunt him down 😉

Admittedly, I am a bit afraid 🙂

I’ll keep practicing. I hope to meet him/her in the future.

Huhh okay, but, if you know they’re cheaters, why they’re still in the top 20 ?
These users must be deleted, or something like that, no ? …

Huh, why? Ask “Typeracer”, he ownes this site….
He isn’t so often here…. He should do something
about that question…. 170 wpm is impressive wpm…
You’ll probably improve your score more this days…

yea 170 is an impressive speed and i feel so soorrryyy for that nicoli person so tell that boy to get a life because that is just stupid teasing her. i mean god.
anywasa i was watting people to go to the blog thingee migegee thing i own here is the code: dHI6dHn1YmfzYWFuaw11a210dHK* and for all the crappy people out there you write this down, then you click on JOIN A PRIVITE RACE. get it idiots?

OMFG THERE WAS A GUY WHO STARTED AT 298 MILES PR HOURS HELP ME TYPERACER I NEEEEEEDDDDD YOU and sombody BETTER go to my privite race the code is in the blog above me.

hi im kagome, and im tsubasaanimekitty’s sis. plz talk to me.

I feel like I get a little bit dumber every time I read one of tsubaanimekitty’s posts.

Erin(aznr): It was fun racing you tonight. I think it was good practice for both of us 🙂

Malian Setin: you take the #1 slot and then vanish 1 minute before I sign on? I will hopefully race you someday. (Though maybe that will be a bad day for me… 🙂

When will this blog be updated? I tire of reading the well-written comments on this post.

Intelligent life forms!

I thought we’d never get any more this far away from civilization.

It would be nice if you can also give some pointers on how you can type fast. And then we can proceed to practice and later on speeds up our wpm. Thanks!! 🙂

Hey nickthebic, I reckon we’re the most well-educated chaps on this board. We should start a Typeracer underground intellectual society. What say you?

Oh, hush.

Your satire has made its point. I am humbled.

TypeRacer, without some rules here, this place
isn’t interesting anymore. First at all, if someone
wants to be in the top20 list (S)HE must play at least
500 races, not 10, not 20, not 100… 500!!!
I would reset the top20 list, ’cause there are much better
players here, like David Valikor who has about 2000
and more races, and this guys from the top20 have
about 50…. That’s not fair to the other players…
I know that some guys don’t have much time to play here
but also I know that someone who types 150 wpm
in ONLY 5 minutes can type about 15 races….monthly
that’s 450 races…. Anyone agree with me???

play at least 500 races to be in the top 20 ? muhahaha, I am don’t agree at all, and why not 2000, 3000 or 4000 races ?? 50 races is reasonable I think…

Ok, then just one game… One game is enough to be
the best. What other to say??? Anyone else….?

Well, first of all Zoran, I do not have around 2,000 races. I have almost 4,000 🙂

Though I know you have even more.

Anyways, I agree that it would be better to require more races to be in the top-20. Currently, 15 out of the top-20 have under 100 races. I think this is bad for a few reasons

1) It makes it too easy to cheat; #1, #2, #3, and #4 all have about 20 races. For such “fast” typists, this would translate into 10 minutes of racing, or a similar amount of cheating (using a program). If I wanted to, I could create an account right now and get it into the top 10 within a few minutes by using a bot. Since I can type 150 legitimately (even higher on anti-cheat test, since it doesn’t require accuracy), I would have no problem passing the anti-cheat test if I cheated to get around 200wpm. I apologize if I’m wrong, but this is what I think players like XiP have done to get in the top-20. They are good typists, but used their skill to beat the anti-cheat test.

2) The people in the top-20 are barely a part of the typeracer community. I play typeracer almost everyday, and I have only seen one of the top-20 in the past few weeks (Malian Setin). In fact, for most of the top-20, I have NEVER seen them on the high scores (meaning they almost never log on). This means that the people in the top-20 don’t care much about the Typeracer community, and the typeracer community probably doesn’t care much about them.

3) It discourages the efforts of others. I think Zoran and I can speak to this. We enjoy typeracing, and are among the fastest typists here, but we could never get on the top-20 unless we cheat. In actuality, we might be among the “best 20 typists here”, whatever that means.

If the minimum number of races for the top-20 was raised, it would improve the community while making it much, much more difficult to cheat (which I think is the most important issue)

Plus, people who have done a lot of races are less likely to cheat anyways because they have dedicated more time to the game, and wouldn’t want to risk cheating. I, for example, would be afraid to cheat on my current account because I wouldn’t want Typeracer to delete my 4,000 races if I was caught!

Sorry, that was a bit rambling, but I did want to respond to Zoran’s question. Perhaps I’ll write something more coherent later 🙂


Well, first of all Zoran, I do not have around 2,000 races. I have almost 4,000 🙂

Though I know you have even more.

Anyways, I agree that it would be better to require more races to be in the top-20. Currently, 15 out of the top-20 have under 100 races. I think this is bad for a few reasons

1) It makes it too easy to cheat; #1, #2, #3, and #4 all have about 20 races. For such “fast” typists, this would translate into 10 minutes of racing, or a similar amount of cheating (using a program). If I wanted to, I could create an account right now and get it into the top 10 within a few minutes by using a bot. Since I can type 150 legitimately (even higher on anti-cheat test, since it doesn’t require accuracy), I would have no problem passing the anti-cheat test if I cheated to get around 200wpm. I apologize if I’m wrong, but this is what I think players like XiP have done to get in the top-20. They are good typists, but used their skill to beat the anti-cheat test.

2) The people in the top-20 are barely a part of the typeracer community. I play typeracer almost everyday, and I have only seen one of the top-20 in the past few weeks (Malian Setin). In fact, for most of the top-20, I have NEVER seen them on the high scores (meaning they almost never log on). This means that the people in the top-20 don’t care much about the Typeracer community, and the typeracer community probably doesn’t care much about them.

3) It discourages the efforts of others. I think Zoran and I can speak to this. We enjoy typeracing, and are among the fastest typists here, but we could never get on the top-20 unless we cheat. In actuality, we might be among the “best 20 typists here”, whatever that means.

If the minimum number of races for the top-20 was raised, it would improve the community while making it much, much more difficult to cheat (which I think is the most important issue)

Plus, people who have done a lot of races are less likely to cheat anyways because they have dedicated more time to the game, and wouldn’t want to risk cheating. I, for example, would be afraid to cheat on my current account because I wouldn’t want Typeracer to delete my 4,000 races if I was caught!

Sorry, that was a bit rambling, but I did want to respond to Zoran’s question. Perhaps I’ll write something more coherent later 🙂



You seem like a cool guy. You have an AIM screenname? Let’s talk.


Valikor makes some good points. I second all of them. Like him, I also believe I’m one of the faster typers here, as everytime I race I usually can make it at or near the top of the “current” top list and I currently average above 130 wpm. However, I don’t think I’ll ever make it onto the “all time” top list for the reasons Valikor stated above. I have about ~800 races spread across 5 different accounts which I won’t name here, and I’ve raced on and off for the past few months, so I consider myself part of the typeracer community. Thus, it is disheartening to see some guy make an account and bot their way to the top 5 in about 5 minutes. The anti-cheat system is flawed, clearly; it protects against cheating by the average typer, but the irony is that skilled typers (who the system seeks to verify) are the ones who can easily cheat past the test. That being said, I’m cautiously optimistic that typeracer will come up with some good changes soon. They’ve come this far, after all.


Also, an additional thought. A quick fix for the anti-cheat system while something better is devised would be simply to make the test much less lenient. I have experimented with it several times by making new accounts, and it is absolutely stunning how many mistakes you can get away with and still pass the test. I can EASILY be scored at 160-170 on it; you can disregard punctuation, capitalization, even spelling for most words. I basically had to type something illegible in order to fail the test. IN ADDITION, you won’t be tested again until you score like 1/4 above your (already inflated) test score.

Thus, even an average-fast typer (say around 110 average) can download a bot and pass the test scored at 160 or so, and because a test at 160 will allow you to type up to 200 wpm without being challenged…well you get my point.


It should also encourage those big plays then when a Top20 ranking or more for courses completed

First two places are: peach and grape. LOL :))))
It’s so obvious that this is the same person, and
it’s even more obvious that he cheated…
Valikor and Gunner – good ideas. Thanks for answering…
Gunner, one question for you, have you ever used
my name for typing??? (Honestly) ’cause someone
plays sometimes with my name (without my second name)

Hey, sorry Zoran, I don’t know who that is who is using your name. It is not me.


Just a quick note to tell you that this morning I tied for the third time my life a record 101wpm but I would have liked to 102 wpm haha. I love typeracer 🙂

Gunner’s comment about the anti-cheat test being too lenient got me thinking about a couple of things just now.

First, the obvious argument IN FAVOR of a lenient test is that we don’t want legitimate typists to lose their best scores. But, in my experience this is unlikely, because good typing for me occurs in bursts. That is, I have “good days” and “bad days”, and the difference is significant. (Some days I can barely make 120, while other days it seems easy to make 140).

Presumably most of my exceptionally good scores will occur on “good days”, and during these times, I would naturally do better on the anti-cheat test anyways.

Plus, keep in mind that having an anti-cheat test makes it inevitable that occasionally legitimate scores will be excluded. It’s a price most people would be willing to pay, I’d think, in order to have a legitimate system. It won’t hurt anyone’s averages, won’t cause people to lose more races–won’t really do much of anything except maybe lower someone’s “Best Race” statistic, which most people don’t care much about anyways.

(Also, the negative consequences will only affect a very small percentage of people. The anti-cheat test could also be raised from 110 to 120, which might also be an improvement)

Just some thoughts..


PS–Gunner, I’m interested to hear what exactly you think the “ideal” anti-cheat test would be. I agree with you in preferring a more strict one, but am curious about the details.

I performed your experiment, Gunner, and on my third try I got 154wpm on the anti-cheat test (though I felt a big sluggish, I expect I could achieve 160+ like you did), meaning that I am now certified (on my guest account, at least ;)) to type 192 wpm. That’s about 20wpm higher than the best score I’ve ever achieved in almost 4,000 races 🙂

Statistic Typeracer


Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)–5746
Nozden (nozden)——————5281
DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)———-5239
Zoran Markovic (summer)———-3737
David Pritts (valikor)———–3485
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)—-3365
ning r—————————2816
Debbie (iceprincess)————-2573
Di (kali_08)———————2509
Mario Lago (mrlago)————–2282


ning r—————————15465
DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)———-14800
Kim (kymdawn)———————7414
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—7118
Nozden (nozden)——————-6902
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)—–6455
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————5463
Sir Ezekiel (sirezekiel)———-5392
Ajay V Raj————————5231
Debbie (iceprincess)————–4657

I’m enjoying watching the race between NING/DUFOUR and BOB/KIM. Will DUFOUR catch up to NING, and will KIM catch up to BOB?

They are so close, but NING/BOB are not slowing down! Perhaps the top-4 “races completed” will never change.

err–Kim is actually ahead of Bob, but you get my point.

Good job folks.

Thx tons for the top 10 list it was a LOAD of info. am i being too straight foward for u?

ps im from japan not american my father is teaching me better english

ok i dont care now. i am feed up because NOBODY goes to my privite room. let me repet it again. you write or copy THIS code: dHI6dHN1YmFzYWFuaW1la2l0dHk* and them you fucken go to the main menu, and click on exept a friends invatation! sheesh! i only have intill 5:00. now i want to have a long, strong talk with anonymous. U FUCKEN SPELLED MY NAME WRONG! ITS SPELLED: T-S-U-B-A-S-A-A-N-I-M-E-K-I-T-T-Y! TSUBASAANIMEKITTY! GOT IT DORK?

ok never mind. see you tommorrow. i will be there. when i type a quote, you better zoom your ass over there

hey tsubaanimekitty, i’m pretty sure people don’t check this page every 5 minutes to see when you post a link to your private room. sorry. why don’t you just race in the public races? the private rooms are for when you want to race friends.

DUFOUR : I am very impressed, you people who have more than 10000 races have to spend a lot of time on this game !
PS : I beat my record few times ago, 172 instead of 171 😀

Thanks for you comments 🙂

I have no choice if I want to join speed I should spend much time here following my progress since I played.

1 to 10,000 races = 74.071 wpm
10,001 a 15,000 races = 81,178 wpm

I won more than 7 wpm it encourages me to continue and continue to play 🙂

My best score 101 wpm (4x) lol

I want to say that today in one of my races I had
160 wpm, but this wasn’t my speed, and I didn’t want
to finish that game. :))))
I think that I had started 5 seconds before the others
and because of that my wpm was so high…

Many players today beat their own record…I see
that now…. That should be deleted. Only my friend
DUFOUR didn’t beat his own record :(((
DUFOUR, just keep going. 🙂

Zoran just beat me 110 to 110 :))

Gunner, relax….that didn’t make my day…
That’s just your bad day, nothing else…
All the best…

Wow…that was a really big mistake reading all of the comments for this post. I was hoping for some really nifty ideas and comments, but I was very, very wrong.

To all of the people who think fast typers are fake – my highest is 137 now, but thats only when I’m “in the zone” lol. Most of the time I’m around 100, and sometimes I type at 80 or even lower. I really depends on my mood, I suppose. There is also someone I know who types in the 150+ range and she is definitely not a cheater.

Also, to people who do not like people who leave races halfway if they are doing poorly – sometimes they aren’t leaving the race for that reason. Having the ‘leave race’ option there is really important because I obsessively race at work and sometimes have to leave races because of customers on the phone. So there are reasons for people to leave races whether they are doing awesomely or poorly.

Oh, also, I completely forgot one of the main reasons I was commenting in the first place – I had a suggestion.

I think it would be nice if we could see our accuracy charted out like our speeds. Sometimes I mess everything up and have terrible accuracy, and I know I’ve never completed a race without messing up, so it’d be nice to see that displayed.

I agree that charting accuracy would be a cool feature for future versions.

Also, it’s true that the “Leave race” option has legitimate benefits. I have my computer set up so that I can input Chinese, and sometimes it switches over randomly and starts messing up my typing 🙂

At the same time, I don’t agree that leaving races should avoid penalty. In most competitive online games, leaving means you lose. Perhaps this is slightly different since the individual games are so short. As Shae said, people play at work etc. I, personally, play typeracer during classes, and leaving is a nice option.

But, something needs to be done to prevent users from abusing this. As mentioned by many people before, recording “Races Abandoned” would be one way to discourage this… and I wouldn’t be entirely against preventing people from leaving, either. Though if this were done, I think it would also be necessary to prevent people from selectively racing (ie, avoiding difficult texts).

Perhaps it could be the case that only people who leave a small percentage of races be permitted in the High Scores. This would discourage the most obnoxious cheating, in my opinion.

Or, people with a high “abandoned races” percentage could get a scarlet letter next to their name 😉

hello how

hi dude and what do you want? im sry about getting on your butt in that second to last comment. wow i didnt curse in all of this. wow. 🙂


Will this page ever be reseted? Deleted?
Something??? 270 comments… Too much…

I have nothing to add.


You have not updated your spreadsheet since 23-Nov-08. I’m curious to see a new one.

Also, I just re-read nicthebic’s comment about replacing “games won” with a percentage. That might be a good idea… or just adding a new statistic? Of course these are easily calculated, but it would still be interesting I think, since I don’t think most people sit on typeracer with their calculator.


Hi valikor and everyone 😛
It very hard to write always everyone in the classement.
DUFOUR make a new classement
so you can download the excel file here
update ” december 7 ”
TOP 10 of wins races and race completed
and a TOP 5 of the MVP…
and you can enter your statistic to see where you are.


to see the update go to the last post of fastermart

I did see that.

But, this is not as much info as you previously offered. For example: You gave the top-100 in “Races Completed”, but this time you gave only top-10 in “races completed”

Are you no longer compiling top-100 races completed?

thanks 🙂

Yes only top10 races completed and top10 win and top5 Salary because top100 is big job.


Nozden (nozden)——————5871
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded—5865
DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)———-5778
Zoran Markovic (summer)———-3895
David Pritts (valikor)———–3883
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)—-3520
ning r—————————2818
Debbie (iceprincess)————-2643
Di (kali_08)———————2544
Mario Lago (mrlago)————–2306


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)———-16000
ning r—————————15478
Nozden (nozden)——————-7703
Kim (kymdawn)———————7602
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—7264
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)—–6761
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————5513
Sir Ezekiel (sirezekiel)———-5392
Danique Tienstra (dutchgirll)—–5309
Ajay V Raj————————5231


Nozden beats Bob Bongloaded, and DUFOUR beats ning? DUFOUR must have done lots of typeracer recently to beat ning 🙂

Also–Valikor is about to beat Zoran 🙂


Nozden beats Bob Bongloaded, and DUFOUR beats ning? DUFOUR must have done lots of typeracer recently to beat ning 🙂

Also–Valikor is about to beat Zoran 🙂

Valikor, good job… 149 wpm :))) I’m not first anymore.
Grrrr…. Last day, I tried to type with no leaving the
races, and after 50 races my average was 109 wpm…
Something like that… I’m better than a few months ago..

I’ve wrote this…. Yeah, you beat me. 🙂 But, one day,
ONE DAY, I’m going to beat you, Valikor! Remember that. LOL
🙂 see you on the race…

i just wanted to say that i will post the top ten crap later. but by the way i just wanna say i am soo sorry about affending and making other people mad with my comments. TOTAL BREAKDOWN!!!!! cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry sob cry….. IM SOOOORRRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!

“Now you can see exactly how many times you’ve actually typed that quote in the past (and hopefully how your speed on this quote has improved)!”

Just for future consideration… the current feature does not actually allow you to see exactly how many times you have typed a quote (unless that number is less than 10).

There are a lot of players who have done enough races now that the “last 10 races” feature will only display a small percentage of their actual history for that quote.

good point valikor, but that affects like 5 people.

I’d actually guess that it affects hundreds of people. And that number increases daily.

Last time I checked, there were 30 people with more races than me. There are probably fewer now, but the point remains that there are a lot of people with many, many races.

i’m not saying there aren’t hundreds of people who it could potentially affect. i’m saying there are probably 5 people out of those hundreds that care enough that they want to see their full history for a quote.

The way the original post was written suggests that Typeracer’s intention was to allow people to see ALL their scores on each quote. This is not currently possible.

I didn’t say I was upset about it. I expect I look at my past scores less than most people do (almost never). But it’s still a good feature to have. . .

Yes good idea Valikor

everyone join my private race french boys rock japanise boys rock blah blah blah waaaah waaah


Please. Don’t.

oh that little copier is soooo dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i am like that but i gotta say.. fu.


I just saw your last post. I look forward to that day. There have been many close races between us 🙂

Good luck

Yeah, but you’re for sure better typist than I am.
But, never mind, I’ll beat you soon 🙂 I hate this texts.
David, what do you think about “new circle”…
When I finish my 5000th race, I’ll make new account
and then I’m going to type from the beginning.
:))) I know that you don’t leave your games, I do.
And in the “Next circle” I’m going to try not leave
the games. 🙂

300 comments NOW. :)))) I have nothing to say,
but I’ve wanted to leave 300th comment…. Greetings
for all typists here…

I was reading the comments here, and rather than a chat before or after the races, what about a standard forum? That would give people a chance to socialize with fellow typeracer addicts when they aren’t racing.

Just a thought.

Where is Kyle Stearns now, where is UsainBolt now???
He proved to us that he is able to type 144 wpm,
though his average of all time is 149 wpm…
He is maybe to busy to come??? Or what???
David, what is your opinion about this??? Are they
good typists who cheated or what???

Shae: I agree that a forum would be a good idea 🙂

Zoran: I can’t pass judgment for sure. But, Kyle Stearns having a past10 average of 180.6 would be (proportionally) equivalent to me having a past10 average of 155.1. I have never gotten anywhere close to that–my best average-10 in all 4500 races was somewhere in the low 140’s.

It’s possible that he’s simply less consistent than I am, and stopped racing after 10 particularly good races.

What I’ve tried to say here is that UsainBolt average
of all time is 156 wpm, and on his video he had
“only” 144 wpm… My average is 112 wpm, but I could
make a video with 125 wpm always…not to talk about
100 wpm. UsainBolt 156 wpm/144 wpm video, me 112 wpm/on video. That’s the point… Average of 180 wpm,
I don’t believe in this….
I could type 125 wpm for sure…

Gunner, his name is not “RodBlagovich”, his name
is Milorad “Rod Blagojević”. Why do you change
your “nick” all the time???
David, finally my victory 🙂

good few races valikor 🙂

that was me on rodblagovich, i made a new nick to race you cuz you raced me on a new nick once too 🙂

Congratulations Zoran–good races 🙂

After my comment about how it is difficult to get 10 races in a row at 155, I got consecutive 151, 170, 151 without leaving any races. Maybe it’s a sign 🙂

Rod Blagovinch–good races. But good luck beating 170 😉

I agree with the forum idea wholeheartedly.

On another note, I’ve been considering converting to the Dvorak keyboard layout. Does anybody here use it? If so, how was the transition?

nickthebic, since you type pretty fast, you’ll not
improve your typing skill much…. You should be
doing on Dvorak for 3 years to type near as fast as now.
And that’s not so easy… Don’t do that, if you
asking me.

how do you guys type 100+ wpm??? ive used computers for 10 years and i cannot type over 60 wpm…i smell something fishy :\

Zoran, do you really think it would take 3 years just to get back to my original typing speed?

Ecobottle, what can be said? I took a typing class in 6th grade, which brought me up to about 45 wpm, and I gained the rest in the next four years just by using the computer. For the record, I do not follow “touch typing” guidelines exactly, as I was not properly taught back when I first learned to type. My fingers are all over the place, probably the cause of my horrible accuracy. 😛

It would not take you 3 years.

It would take probably 3-6 weeks until you can type at an acceptable pace (60wpm).

But, it will take months before you regain your entire speed–at least.

If your primary concern is improving your typing speed for typeracer, it might not be worth it. The real advantage to Dvorak is that it’s supposed to be better for your wrists/fingers, and that it’s supposedly easier to learn *for people who do not yet know how to type*. I have heard that fast Qwerty typists find it *more* difficult to switch to Dvorak.

One more thing–what I meant to say is that since you are already such a fast typist, it will be very difficult for you to improve your speeds. I would guess that after a year of Dvorak, you shouldn’t expect to improve more than 10-15 wpm. You risk getting slower. It’s also possible that you will be unable to maintain your ability to type Qwerty.

Some people are able to maintain both and switch instantly (I can do this, but others have been unable to)… but I try to avoid typing Qwerty because I think it’s better to stay with one layout (for speed).

I look forward to the forum so that we can discuss these issues in greater detail 🙂


ps–Zoran, good job; Nice races :). Rod Blagovich is a good typist too.

Hey guys, I don’t really come on here anymore so I’m just going to come clean: I did use a bot on my account. I don’t know why I did it, I don’t really have a good explanation. It just felt fun beating people and “typing” so much faster than them. Now that I’ve been away for a while I realize how stupid it was. Anyway, not a big deal, but sorry to those good honest typists who I beat. Typeracer–feel free to delete my account. (not that it matters–it seems there are a whole bunch of new cheaters who have overtaken me since I last played -_-)

Bye, and good luck all.

Well that’s a bit of a let-down, KyleVA. I nearly don’t want to believe it to be true, primarily because you commented with a different email address than before (evidenced, and stop me if I’m wrong, by the differently colored icon by your post).

Anyway, thank you Valikor for the information with regards to switching keyboard layouts. I was mostly just looking for another challenge, and a challenge it most certainly seems to be. I’ll give it some thought.

Would be nice to be able to have different kinds of races such as full 60 second races and races where if you miss a word you can still continue. You have a lot of area’s to improve on. You can also have an area especially designed for posting new idea’s and if you ever implement them letting the individual who gave you the idea would be great (if you don’t already). There is much more to be said, however very little time.

nickthebic and Valikor….if he is able to type 60 wpm
within a 6-7 weeks, and his improvement is going
to be about 10-15 wpm…for how long will he be able
to type 130 wpm, and he can type that fast now???
130 wpm – 60 wpm = 70 wpm : 15 wpm = 4.6.
Valikor, you type on Dvorak keyboard???
Yesterday was our day, that’s for sure…but 170 wpm
woooow…..What text did you type for your 174 wpm??
Do you remember?

Oh yeah, David, one guy wants to speak with you.
He is the best frech typist. He types here.
Everyone who wants to speak online about typing,
and who knows, maybe about some other things my msn
is Welcome! :)))

I recorder myself typing on typeracer, and the
link is
Don’t write bad comments :))))

Nicthebick is a good typist, so he will be fast on any keyboard. This is why I think he would easily obtain 60wpm, within 3-6 weeks.

But, I think getting to 120 would take longer–not just another 3-6 weeks.

I could be wrong.

I can type on both Qwerty and Dvorak, and I do not remember which texts I got 174 on. I did 174wpm twice. It might have been “We all know people who are very bright, but who do not always shine when it comes to being logical. . . ”

I’ll check on that.

Dvorak keyboard is usefull only for an english language.
For other language is not good. If nickthebic is
from U.S.A. he should maybe try to type on Dvorak
keyboard. And I’ll try to invent keyboard for my
language. 🙂

Regarding switching keyboard layouts:

Colemak is an alternative to Dvorak, which should be easier to switch to for a qwerty user.


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)————17000
ning r—————————–15489
Nozden (nozden)———————8344
Kim (kymdawn)———————–7602
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—–7500
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)——-6931
Danique Tienstra (dutchgirll)——-5737
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————–5559
Sir Ezekiel (sirezekiel)————5392
Ajay V Raj————————–5231


Nozden (nozden)———————–6345
DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)—————6191
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)——-6049
David Pritts (valikor)—————-4380
Zoran Markovic (summer)—————4288
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)———3605
ning r——————————–2821
Debbie (iceprincess)——————2698
Di (kali_08)————————–2637
rapid (rapid)————————-2391

I will do The next classement when I will have 18000 races

One of my 174wpm scores was on the following quote:

“Remember that humor is written backwards. That means you first find the cliche you want to work on, then build a story around it.”

A nice and easy quote 🙂

If you want me talk about typeracer my address MSN is

WHY IS EVERYONE GIVING OUT THERE EMAIL ADRESSES??? oh well i am just going to give out mine because that is what i do and i would feel lonley if i didnt. it is:

i want to change my skill level to beginner level

then lower your average

XiP, I hope that when “TypeRacer” comes back all the
cheater including you will be deleted and that you will
never come back here. Top20 list will be deleted
as soon as possible – hope so…

Great Site! Wondering if there is anything in place to ensure that on average players are not racing out of their league. My Avg speed is 59wpm and 95% of the time, I am racing players with 80-100+ wpm! Racing folks MUCH faster 50% of the time instead of 95% of the time would make playing the game more enjoyable.

I think that is a common concern. I think the skill brackets could be broken up a little better:

Beginner: 0-30 (currently 0-24)
Intermediate: 31-40 (currently 25-30)
Average: 41-55 (currently 31-41)
Pro 55-70 (currently 42-54)
Megaracer: 71+ (currently 55+)

There’s nothing scientific about that, but I do think that the current distribution is a bit top-heavy. Whenever I log on as a guest account, I get placed (for the first race) in the “Average” bracket, and I generally find that very few people are there! Too many megaracers in my opinion..


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)————18000
ning r—————————–15491
Nozden (nozden)———————8344
Kim (kymdawn)———————–7602
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—–7544
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)——-7345
Danique Tienstra (dutchgirll)——-5737
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————–5634
Sir Ezekiel (sirezekiel)————5392
Moobin (moobin)————————–5369


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)—————6562
Nozden (nozden)———————–6345
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)——-6086
David Pritts (valikor)—————-4639
Zoran Markovic (summer)—————4315
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)———3827
ning r——————————–2822
Debbie (iceprincess)——————2721
rapid (rapid)————————-2705
Di (kali_08)————————–2699

I will do The next classement when I will have 19000 races

Please add layout information (QWERTY, Dvorak, etc.)

On high scores list, it says the number of minutes which have gone by since the person’s best race. . .

It might be nice to see the minutes since their LAST race; that way we can see who is still racing, etc.

XiP, poor boy. Do something more usefull instead
of cheating here. It’s not ineteresting… Lots of
luck in the rest of your cheating.

lol Zoran is famous

I agree with Valikor’s most recent suggestion. Possibly even a simple “friends list” which would display the time since any one of the users on this list was last active.

Also, who/what is this XiP we’re referring to?

Hello my name is Borat

Hello everybody !
Typeracer is really a very good site ! I’m happy to see that I’m not alone to be French on this site !
There is really a lot of pretty typers here congratulations !!

Mahuat, you are french???? Ok, that is totally awesome since I am from Japan. I LOVE FRENCH GUYS. X3 oh well this site rocks alot. And my email is on the last commet I posted. By the way, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3 XD

I think it will be better to show an “error rate” instead of the Accuracy %. The accuracy number is very difficult to remember. When I look at it after a text I think I had made a lot of errors on I can’t figure out if this is really true. On this note it might be good to also save the average error rate, this way you could also see how you are doing in this respect compared to other users.

I think it would be good to delete everyone in the top-20. AT MOST–1 or 2 of them are legit typists. For example, I know that Noah and Fish are very good typists. But, I also know that they aren’t THAT good (example: Noah can’t actually average 160; that’s blatant race selection, leaving many more races than he finished).

It might be unfair to 1-2 typists at most, but these players don’t even play. Their 10 races completed translates into roughly 5 minutes of racing! I’d say the current situation is more unfair to many truly legit players like myself, Gunner, Zoran, Allison (to name a few off the top of my head who might ACTUALLY belong in the top-20).

The current top-20 botters are also polluting the high scores for individual races.

my 2 cents 🙂

Ok, that commet I did NOT understand. Oh well I guess I am just an idiot. Yep, an idiot. Anyway HOW DO PEOPLEZ GET ALL THIS INFO?????? XD . Dang I wish at least one person would talk to me. Im sooooooo lonley.
Merry Christmas,

Hear, hear, Valikor.

I wish whoever runs this site would just sell it or give it away to someone who would actually make these changes. The lack of updates is killing us!

Allison :))))))) as soon as possible TypeRacer will come.
In about two years 🙂


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)————19000
ning r—————————–15505
Nozden (nozden)———————9152
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)——-7695
Kim (kymdawn)———————–7602
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—–7550
Danique Tienstra (dutchgirll)——-6104
Moobin (moobin)————————–5645
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————–5634
Sir Ezekiel (sirezekiel)————5392


Nozden (nozden)———————–7024
DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)—————6957
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)——-6092
David Pritts (valikor)—————-4887
Zoran Markovic (summer)—————4315
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)———4001
ning r——————————–2824
rapid (rapid)————————-2811
Debbie (iceprincess)——————2764
Di (kali_08)————————–2764

I will do The next classement when I will have 20000 races

Heh, I happened to stop by just when my name was mentioned… 🙂

After Allison’s comment I decided to have a look at the code behind all this. I happen to be a web developer myself (and an organist, which gave me much pre-training for TypeRacer 🙂 and thought I might be able to help out Mr. TypeRacer himself, who hasn’t posted any new updates for nearly three months.

The code uses Google Web Toolkit and uses GWT’s clever code obfuscation option, such that no one but the author knows how everything actually works. The database is completely hidden below the surface (judging from its speed/cron’d update times, I’m guessing it relies in part on text files).

So, if you are interested, Sir TypeRacer, there may be some people here (including myself) who could assist you with the Java coding required for many of these suggestions. Perhaps you prefer to undertake everything yourself, but it sounds like the clamor is growing.

To address Valikor’s most recent point… I agree. Most of the “Top 20” scores are flat-out fictitious. It was immediately apparent to me that KyleVA and others were using some type of tool that defeated the purpose of the activity; I do not believe anyone can average 180 wpm on a set of 10 random texts.

Should selectivity be allowed? For a Top 20 score listing, it’s pretty unfair. Other sites require the same text for everyone to be included on such a list, and also have better anti-cheat mechanisms. Valikor is correct in a general sense: I would not average 160 wpm given a set of 1000 varying texts, and very few humans would (though I welcome everyone trying to do so!). I didn’t select texts per se, but I did choose to stop racing after I had achieved an excellent ten races. The structure of the current Top 20 is currently set up to encourage actions like mine and discourage those who race every day, since they will fall off the list if they have the good fortune to make it on.

Selectivity and cheating… these have always been two pressing problems for TypeRacer as long as there have been Top Speed lists, and they continue to be.. hopefully we’ll see further improvement soon!

(Sorry for being long-winded!)

“I didn’t select texts per se, but I did choose to stop racing after I had achieved an excellent ten races. ”

But Noah, you only have 11 races. It barely seems like you stopped racing after an exceptionally good spread… If you had a few hundred, that might make sense.

Personally, I have legitimately achieved averages (of 10) which are 15wpm above my overall average. But, this is very rare–maybe once or twice out of each THOUSAND races.

On the other hand, if I wanted to, in a few hours, I could probably achieve 10 scores of around 160. I would simply leave most races, except when I do very, very well on very easy texts.

Just curious..

Noah, just like KyleVa, UsainBolt and some other typists
you’re also a cheater in my opinion. If you aren’t
a cheater please make a video and post it on youtube
and leave a link here for us to see that. You have
only 11 races and you can type 11 races in 5 minutes.
UsainBolt is fast typist, but he has average of 156 wpm
and his video shows to us that he is able to type
144 wpm on a text which he has typed for 12 seconds…
That’s not a proof to me.. I have average of 112 wpm
of all times, and I’ve made a video of me typing,
and on that video I type 134 wpm…. That’s a
proof… UsainBolt should type 160-170 wpm to
make me belive that he is not a cheater.
I’m sorry really, but this place became THE PERFECT
place for CHEATERS… It’s an embarassment for typeracer
’cause he allows this…


If I have more time I will see if I can post a 170+ for you.

Valikor: Perhaps this will ease your mind. I did receive a bonus of the 213 score from some type of JavaScript bug, which explains the extra-high average. I normally average 145-150. You might say that the 213 glitch was gained unfairly, but you can’t remove your own scores.. At any rate, I have effectively removed myself from the Top 20 for now due to my having resumed racing – now trying to get back up there!

11 152 wpm 4 months ago
10 155 wpm 4 months ago
9 166 wpm 4 months ago
8 148 wpm 4 months ago
7 139 wpm 4 months ago
6 149 wpm 4 months ago
5 213 wpm 4 months ago
4 149 wpm 4 months ago
3 159 wpm 4 months ago
2 155 wpm 4 months ago
1 171 wpm 4 months ago

Okay, grumpsters 🙂


Good to see you race again. I don’t think I’ve seen you since before Typeracer had accounts.

Tonight was not a good night for me, and I expect that on a better night, I might be able to type fast enough as to avoid getting the shit kicked out of me–at least not every time 🙂

Come back soon.

Valikor, here’s my first 11 races – you will see that the 213 is really what did the trick, although it was a bit unfair since the computer had some kind of glitch that let me score high on that race.

11 152 wpm 4 months ago
10 155 wpm 4 months ago
9 166 wpm 4 months ago
8 148 wpm 4 months ago
7 139 wpm 4 months ago
6 149 wpm 4 months ago
5 213 wpm 4 months ago
4 149 wpm 4 months ago
3 159 wpm 4 months ago
2 155 wpm 4 months ago
1 171 wpm 4 months ago

However, I just got a new personal record 🙂 – on a rather easy text, of course.

187 wpm –

Good to see you too! and I spotted Dufour, who seems to be making a run at some kind of TypeRacer participation world record… 😀

My goal is to have 20,000 races completed before the end of the year and I will do my race 20,001 in the year 2009 haha.

Folks, a new release is coming very soon. Been working on it for the past three months. Just because I’m not posting on the blog doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention. 🙂 Allison, Noah, Zoran, I hear you.

Noah, feel free to email me if you want to talk about the programming: alex AT GWT’s code output is optimized for size, primarily to make the site load faster.

Noah, impressive! Why don’t you participate in typingzone(dot)com’s Master tournament which started last sunday and will end next sunday? You download the very small program, load up the Master’s text, then you can practice as much as you want and send your best score before the end of the Master. Valikor and Zoran are also participating… You’d have a shot at finishing in third place if you decided to take part in the contest :p

Oh and by the way Dufour, you keep saying “classement,” but that’s a French word… Try “ranking” next time 😀

Hi all. I’m from Viet Nam.

I really dont know how these guys got to over 200 words pm. Are these guys from earth? Geez.. awesome speed.. I donno when I will reach that level.. Somehow, I get a feel that these guys are using some tools that automatically detect and type in the text… I dont even know if it is possible… but 200 wpm is like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!!!!

Becuase they’re cheating and TypeRacer doesn’t do
anything about that, and they will keep cheating
untill someone stops them. They use some “tools”
of course. Dragon program and some other.

It is probably possible to type over 200 wpm. I have legitimately typed 174wpm two times, and there are typists faster than me. A very, very fast typist, on a very, very easy text might *occasionally* be able to type 200wpm.

However–most of these people are cheating. (Most of the top-20, for example.)

Perhaps if somehow (and I understand how this may interfere with the interface) all quotes were presented in picture form it would prevent people from using, let’s say, the simpler cheating techniques.

From the looks of it, though, Mr. Typeracer (may we call you Alex?) has thought of something fool-proof this time.

Nick: I don’t think it would be worth it. Consider 2 factors

1) If there are still a finite number of texts, a cheater could easily store the texts in a textfile and grab them when they come up.

2) Plus, even with randomly generated texts (which would suck anyways), a cheater could still use a keyboard macro to get a 10-15 second head start on everyone else in the race (start entering the race-text into a program while the countdown is going, and players are joining).

But, as you said, it would still make it harder.

(Maybe I shouldn’t post these things.. I’m giving people ideas!)

I agree that not all cases of race abandonment are due to a desire for more victories. I have the same problem as Valikor, in that I can type both English and Chinese on my computer, and sometimes when I shut down the computer in Chinese mode Chinese becomes the default, which I don’t realise until after I’ve typed a few letters and seen Chinese words mysteriously appear in the text box. Also, my keyboard lags horribly sometimes, and my pointer tends to jump out of the text box at times.

I agree that it is difficult to stay in a race when one is performing very badly. I type about 110 to 120 wpm, and anything below 100 is usually bad enough for me to make me consider leaving. My two-digit scores can usually be attributed to mitigating circumstances such as keyboard lag, epileptic pointers/cursors and/or a particularly bad typo on a difficult word such as “rassoodocks”. Many of my abandoned races were abandoned because of computer malfunctions such as keyboard lag and sudden Chinese input, so it wouldn’t be very fair to penalise me for that. But I do agree that there has to be a way to take users who leave races at will to task.

Ok alot of people are making LONG comments. Now i am so sick of this because my sister, Kagome65is not on and that I have to speak this damn language. does anyone no what the frase Itooshi Hito No tame Ni means? It is Chinese. THAT IS BECAUSE I AM JAPPANISE OK BITCHES??? now i am going to post somthing….
Latest High Scores My Scores Fastest Typists

name speed time
1 PIMP (average) 139 wpm 46 minutes ago
2 Chinny (chinny) 130 wpm 2 minutes ago
3 Chris (kizzx2) 129 wpm 17 minutes ago
4 Fletcher (fletcher85) 121 wpm 15 minutes ago
5 Guest 120 wpm 56 minutes ago
6 Luigi Mataratzis 120 wpm 52 minutes ago
7 Guest 112 wpm 9 minutes ago
8 jbb 108 wpm 41 minutes ago
9 Kylie Eyre (kylie85) 107 wpm 46 minutes ago
10 Laurentius Lattanzi (lattanzi) 107 wpm 45 minutes ago
11 keri with one r 106 wpm 5 minutes ago
12 Mike (mikedrawback) 106 wpm 10 minutes ago
13 CongChinh (rox_vn) 106 wpm 54 minutes ago
14 cyndi susan (ut_79_girl) 102 wpm 3 minutes ago
15 syen syen (syen81) 102 wpm 41 minutes ago
16 Zero (0gundam) 102 wpm 53 minutes ago
17 Alex White (bajizus) 100 wpm 57 minutes ago
18 Master VN (mastervn) 100 wpm 10 minutes ago
19 Uku . 99 wpm 20 minutes ago
20 Ganesh in a solitary mode of Life. 97 wpm 50 minutes ago
NOW AM I GOOD???????

Updating in 43 seconds

T/pp ltppp/ / /

wtf dude, do you no what Itooshi Hito No Tame Ni? EARTH TO YOU!!!!!!!!! i need a friend………. XD

aoxiang and others:

I also have the problem where my cursor jumps out of the textbox at times, screwing up my race. Sometimes I’m able to click back in, but other times I leave. Does anyone know how to fix this?

My only guess was that it is a result of accidentally rubbing my hand against the touch-pad while racing. . . but I’m not sure.

i don’t know. i’d like to help though. Maybe Typeracer knows, wherever he is. Sorry for your dilema.

Hi all.
Cheaters and cheaters again… more and more, more than the first time I come here, the owner of this site don’t try to stop them ?
Good luck…

My goal here is not to type 200 wpm but my little to improve my 78 wpm then as far as I have fun on this site and I’m not at all cheaters and hoping that one day, we will use those rankings for us participating wholesale and not for those who are less than 100 race just to see their name engraved on a rankings then I hope very much that in 2009 typeracer will ranking for races completed on this thank you in advance and Happy New Year to all fun and us on this wonderful site which is typeracer. Excuse my English I speak French and I use a translator google

Valikor: Switching to a plain-coloured mouse pad or a sheet of blank paper appeared to stop my cursor from jumping around. 🙂

but I don’t have a mouse.. I use a laptop, with a touchpad.

anyone else have this problem?

Valikor, you probably have ghosts in your house…
You should call the ghostbusters :))))
Malian Setin make one video for us go see you typing
but with the sound, please. Thank you… Valikor
you should make a video too.

Valikor: That’s strange. I tried unplugging my mouse before when I wasn’t sure of the cause of the problem and my cursor continued to jump around nonetheless, although less. Maybe your idea that your hands were accidentally brushing the touchpad was correct.

Valikor, you’re probably right in that assumption. I had the same problem a while back, but opted to get rid of the tap-to-click feature–I didn’t use it much anyway.

I find myself itching to know what genius solution is in the making for this cheating issue.


I called the ghostbusters but they said all the ghosts have already left my house.. apparently they all went over to Yali Sela’s house to help him type 238wpm.

Nick–thank you, I hadn’t thought of that. I kept thinking I would have to disable my touchpad entirely. I don’t use touch-to-click much, either. (And I certainly don’t *need* it) Also, I agree about the anti-cheating. I’m sure all the cheaters get deleted soon and we can see at least half-legitimate players in the top-20 🙂

By the way, does anyone else find it funny that there is a text from 1995 which explains the difference between a computer and a typewriter? (“On a typewriter, your writing appears directly on paper…”). Haha. Love it.

Another reason I sometimes leave races is that no text loads. Does anybody else have this problem?

Oh, and I did think it was funny to have texts about typewriters and computers on TypeRacer. 🙂

We have one cheater more. It’s “140wpm”. I’m sure
that he is a cheater 100%!!! I’m in the middle of my
race and then he starts to “type” and he has over 140 wpm.
Delete him also….

How to play Type Racer?

Uhhh ? All I know is that i like to type 🙂
– kissh.

But Zoran, just because he doesn’t start to type until half way through doesn’t make him a cheater! A few times I’ve made a guest account and joined the races of the “Average” bracket..

I let them think they’re going to win (either by not starting, or by following them slowly), but then in the last 10 seconds or so I type 135wpm and beat them

It’s pretty fun actually 😛

Anyways, you’re probably right though… if he types 140wpm in half the time (that means he’s typing ~280wpm for half of the race, which is not possible)

I do that too valikor..we’re such dicks 😛

Haha. Yes we are; I’m glad I’m not the only one.

In that case, I’m going to go do that right now. I’m not in the mood for real typing at the moment 🙂

Valikor types really fast

ok i have two words to say to you xip………….
NO DUH!!!!!!!!!
it is totally avious that Valikor is FAST. i envie him. and soo sorry my spelling is incorrect. i just dont care. anyway there is somebody who keeps emailing me from this site with really dirty emails. i want people to email me, but NOT IN THAT WAY!!!! ok now i am going to post my email:
Email me! 😉

ok i am sorry about that, I didnt relise that my sisters account is on there so i acidentally wrote a comment IN HER NAME!!! sorry sis, so that comment from Kagome65, is accually from me, tsubasaanimekitty,

you two are funny haha

Bob Bongloaded:

I haven’t seen you on in a while. You been racing less recently? (Of course, you are racing right now)

Ah, it’s nice to see that the new version of Typeracer has been released.

>> Ah, it’s nice to see that the new version of Typeracer has been released.

Almost! It was out being tested briefly today but had to go back to the old version for the time being, to take care of some minor bugs with the new release.

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With best wishes ;), Doreen.

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