Happy Holidays from TypeRacer

Posted on December 29, 2008. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

TypeRacer Winter LogoHope you’re well-rested and ready for the new year!  We certainly are – the long awaited new release of TypeRacer is up, ready to kick off 2009!  

More details to follow, but for now, let’s just say that the best news is for our Facebook users – TypeRacer is finally available as a Facebook application.  You can link your typeracer.com account with your Facebook account by clicking on My Account inside the app (top right corner, just under your name), to get a head start on your friends.   All of your scores will carry over. Enjoy!

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185 Responses to “Happy Holidays from TypeRacer”

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I have hoped new texts.
I hope that new texts will soon come, and especially that the cheaters will be eradicated, it is rather annoying to see always the same guys in the top20, especially when everybody knows that they are cheaters.
But great work anyway, this site is very very good 😀

Hi Nozden – there are actually 20 new texts with this release (you may not notice right away since there are so many older texts). The new texts include quotes from Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Cliff, New Order, and a book about how to write songs. Don’t worry, we’ll be adding lots more very soon!

P.S. The cheaters will most certainly be dealt with. We’re just working out a way to prove who is cheating so that we don’t remove any legit users.

Ooh, just linked my facebook to my typeracer account. That was easy and spiffy! 😀

I just tried to link it to my facebook account but of course they all have different email addresses. Is there anyway to force these to sync up? I may never type 114 wpm again.

Duh, ignore my last comment, you just have to sign in after you install it.

140wpm CHEATER. I must say that again 🙂 All th ebest
for all typers in New 2009. Year… Best wishes.
And higher wpm for all 😛

Thank you for adding three digits after the decimal point for the average life and I hate to see the new version and also that I would go a rankings for completed races thank you in advance and Happy New Year to all.

Thank you for adding three digits after the decimal point for the average life and I would like to see the new version and I would like to make a classification for the races completed, thank you in advance and Happy New Year to all.

Scuse my english

Happy New Year everybody!

XiP, best wishes to you too, and I wish you to be
more smarter in 2009. Year and to find a new way to
cheat, because TypeRacer has some new anti-cheating
ideas. All the best fu*k the rest 🙂

There is a problem with the application – it does not register double letters, does not allow use of a backspace key for correction and holds things up till I can work around these glitches

Its a nice game, but it won’t register a double letter until I press it about 8 times, so what’s the point?

Other typists don’t have that problem. I don’t know
what is going on, really. Try to open typeracer
from some other browser, not this one you’re using.
Have no idea what’s happening.

>>”P.S. The cheaters will most certainly be dealt with. We’re just working out a way to prove who is cheating so that we don’t remove any legit users.”

This is certainly an important part of dealing with the cheaters, but at least with the current state of cheating, I don’t think it should be the greatest concern. If, for example, “Anony Typer” is actually a legit typist, but he gets deleted, what is really lost?

He never comes on Typeracer anyways, and his 14 races could be re-done in about 7 minutes if he can ACTUALLY type 183wpm on average.

I guess it comes down to whether being in the top-20 is a “right” for the individuals, or whether we should err on the side of caution. I agree with the second case, and I think that the community (not individual typists) have a greater right–the right to a truly legit “High Scores” list.

Plus, I could be wrong, but I expect that it’s never possible to TRULY know if someone is cheating. This being said, it’s pretty obvious that just about everyone in the top-20 is cheating. So why not delete them, since that’s what seemingly everyone would prefer? Any legit victims can quickly come back, since they have like 10 races.

That’s my opinion 🙂

TypeRacerS, what is your opinion, is a cheater person
who leaves its races???
I think that it’s ok to leave every 10th race, but
not more than that… I made a new account, and
I don’t leave races anymore.

Plz don’t lie Zoran, I was in a few races with you earlier today and you left all of them…

XiP, you have no right to talk about anything here.
You’re the cheater No.1! And you know that, and
we all know that also… You should try to learn
how to type. I left races because I don’t want to
lose from you and your 250 wpm races.

I don’t think leaving races is cheating; anybody can do it, and it’s not breaking any rules.

But, I do think leaving races is unfair–especially for the “High Scores”. So, something should probably change.

I agree with Valikor.

Leaving races should still be an option, but those who do so should not be eligible for the high scores list. That’s the ideal compromise.

That sounds about right… perhaps there could be a certain percentage of abandoned races which are acceptable, though. Maybe 5% ?

For example, 5 minutes ago I left a race against Allison… not because I was going to lose (though I was), but because I made like 4 errors in the first 4 seconds, and I got pissed off 🙂

Also–I noticed today that myself, Stephen Chen, Dave Palmer, Justin Spahr-Summers, Philip Morrison, and Undefeated (and probably others!) all have their fastest race on the same text!

From comedy writing secrets: “Remember that humor is written backwards; you first find the cliche that you want to work on, then build a story around it.”

Damn that one is easy..

Yup, that quote has been good to me (I am actually “undefeated,” it was one of my earlier nicks, which I made before I realized that you could leave races and thus being undefeated was meaningless :)) I think two of my highest ever scores are both from that quote, 161 and 159.

However I must note that I’ve also done really poorly on that quote since it’s so short…if you make a mistake there is no time to recover, probably lose like 20 wpm gone for 1 mistake. It’s pretty much all or nothing 😛

Yeah for real. Like 30 minutes ago that happened to me (made 1 mistake and ruined an awesome run).

Anyone experience a glitch where the reported accuracy is inaccurate? I did a race tonight with no errors, and it said I only had 99.7% accuracy or something like that. (I think)

Also–what is the most races people have done in 1 day?

DUFOUR?? Can anyone beat 219 ?


Several times, I have done 250 races in one day (during my holidays ^^) one hour I race, and the next hour I don’t race, and that all day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but now, I have not the time to do that…

I agree with the 5% rule overall. That said, I strongly believe that if the “average of the past 10 races” is going to be the metric for the high scores list, typists should not be allowed to select those races. That is inherently unfair. A skipped race should be averaged in as a 0 for the high score calculation. It might as well be ignored for overall averages, etc.

And to answer your question, I’m pretty sure I did 300+ races my first day! Probably averaging 200ish now that I’ve got time to kill on winter break…

My records are 328 races in 24 hours 619 races in 48 hours 812 races in 72 hours and 1029 races in 96 hours. I think it concerns the world what kind of classification there might be a ranking of those who made the most of the race during the day and also for the total completed a course of life must be kind ca 10 times I ask just be that one day my wish will be realized until I continue to love this game a long life and this site excuse my English j’ulise google translator because I do not speak English.

Damn.. I’m probably going to achieve 300 races in 24 hours, since I started racing very late in the day yesterday. I’m on break too 🙂

I agree with Allison on that.. though I think that average of 10 is probably a bad measure for high scores. Maybe average of 50?

I agree that it should not be average of all time. For example, my average of all time is 129, but for the past 1000 races I’ve averaged 133 or so.

DUFOUR–I’m sure that some day, there will be a ranking (classement) for Races Completed.

I’m going to chime in again and say that I don’t think that people should be punished for leaving races (although Zoran, I was in a race with you on Friday and you left it right before it ended). Since I mainly go on typeracer at work I always have to give up a race to answer the phone.

Often I will try and finish out the race, but most of the time I can’t. Sometimes it sucks because I’ll be doing really well (in the 120wpm range) and the phone will ring and I have to leave the race. I don’t think people’s averages should suffer because they aren’t able to complete a race.

I don’t think I agree that any abandoned race should = 0wpm.

But, despite the fact that races can certainly be left legitimately, think leaving lots of races simply cannot be allowed for the sake of fairness.

Keep in mind that in most online multiplayer games, you cannot leave without penalizing your record. (Or at least in the ones I’ve played..)

On the other hand, I understand what you mean, Shae. I play typeracer in class, and frequently need to leave races for any number of reasons. But, I’m willing to sacrifice that ability if it means we can have a fair High Scores list.

I still think that identifying a certain percentage of acceptable abandoned races would be a good compromise. Maybe even as high as 10% ? Anyone could then leave races when something interferes, or the internet connection disconnects, etc, but this would not skew the High Scores.

Do you ever plan to release versions for other languages than english? It’s easier to type in your own native language I think so I hope I’d get better scores there… 🙂

Anyone else having problems with the graphs? My graphs (eg, past 10 on a race) are not displaying at all..

Typeracer is so addicted !

For those who leave races, I have an other idea. You can just add a line in the player’s profil “races abandoned” which indicate the number of races that the player had left. Then, you can compare the number of races completed and abandoned and if the number of races abandoned is to high you can conclude that the value of the player’s average is lower.

This has been suggested before; it is a good idea. But more is needed. The current High Scores show that people don’t mind being obvious with their cheating.


I finally made a video of typing. This is from 15 minutes ago, as of posting time.

David, next time turn-on the light, please. :)))
And, another thing, you should type 3 random races
in a row, not to choose the text :))) But, anyway, I know
that you’re, let me say, good typist, though you’re
one of the 10 best here. Good job 😉

Nice video David !

I agree with you that those who left too many races can’t figure in the High Scores. Plus, Typeracer, you can unless delete the top ten without any hesitation because these scores are just impossible even with leaving races !

hello people! its soo awesome that bob marley texts are now available 😀 lol. you guys should have enter shikari lyrics on here. because then i would really enjoy doing this is in computer class (if at all possible). so yeahh. PEACE

awesome, bob riley??? double awesome. um will anyone want to email me at FruitsBasket4ever88@yahoo.com ok? plz no inapropet text except for flurty comments to ME.

“Plz don’t lie Zoran, I was in a few races with you earlier today and you left all of them…”

somebody is posting in my name? hahaha

I love the new texts! It’s so much fun! I just started typing without looking at my fingers at the beginning of August, but after the end of October, I could do it! I fell in love with typing (I know; sounds corny) but i really love it. Thats why I love this website! So I can practice typing against others. Thanks for the awesomely fun website!

dizz fing iiz mad as !!!!!

keep up da gud work !

Milos Ivanovic (xcoder) if you see this leave your comment.
I see that you’re from Serbia (I’m too). I left a comment
here, but probably it is deleted by TypeRacer ’cause
he didn’t understand Serbian language. See you in the
race. 🙂

In case anyone was wondering, disabling the “click to touch” feature on my laptop did fix the problem with my cursor occasionally leaving the input box. (Thanks Gunner).

I know some other people said they experienced this problem. Since I changed it (a few weeks ago), it has not recurred.

wow. this is what i am forced to do in computer class.

This is fun, cept i’m on a bad laptop so it doesn’t work very good to type fast.

Marko, hi. We must talk here in English. Just leave
your comment…anything.

yes. just a wishlist for typeracer.
* make the ‘show only one line of text’ as the only option available. That way most cheaters will be flummoxed, people can sacrifice a bit of speed that they’d get if they knew the whole text, but, hey, it’d still be fair!
* keep a count of abandoned races.

I guess you could also make it a rule not to show guest users in the top 20, which sounds really stupid anyways. And that’d make it tougher for the pervs to post ridiculous names in the top 20.

I have a suggestion:
Please make the chart to remember all the prevous history
And not only the last 50.
and it would be a great feature for me, if
my typeracer account could be linked to orkut account.

DUFOUR, are you slowing down? Only 800 races or so in 2009!

You should post a new set of statistics -_-

So I have come kind of bored with typing lately, and inspired by Valikor, i have begun trying to learn DVORAK 🙂 So i have just a few questions for you valikor…

1. how long after learning qwerty did you learn dovrak (assuming one was after the other?) how was the transition?

2. can you type equal speeds with dvorak and qwerty or is one faster than the other? if one is faster, do you think it is because of the layout itself or because you are better with it?

3. can you switch between the two instantly and maintain similar speeds?

4. do you make less mistakes with one versus the other? i heard somewhere that dvorak typists make less mistakes, which i am interested in. I have typed qwerty for many years but I am still very mistake-prone when I go above 130 wpm or so, which hurts me at the end of races when I am losing and need to suddenly speed up in order to win..

maybe i will have some more questions later, but thanks 🙂


krisis – I like the idea of only showing registered users in “Recent high scores”! You’re right that it’s an easy way to filter out some of the obscene names.

I started typing QWERTY when I first began using a PC–probably at about age 8 (almost 13 years ago). I typed QWERTY for 10 years, and after 6 years or so (by high school), I could easily over 100wpm.

When I was 18 I could type maybe 125 wpm on Qwerty, but figured I could type faster if I learned Dvorak. So, I did that. Within a couple months I could type about 80wpm, I think, but still maintained my ability to type Qwerty and could switch instantly (though probably not quite as well)

After typing Dvorak for 2 years (only using Qwerty when I type on other computers, etc), I started doing typeracer. At first, I made lots of errors. I quickly realized (to my surprise) that if I typed on Qwerty, my Typeracer speeds were actually FASTER! This was quite bizarre, of course, since I’d been typing Dvorak for 2 years.

But, I eventually decided (after a few weeks) that it would be more wise in the long-run to invest time in practicing Dvorak, so I stopped using Qwerty and practiced Typeracing in Dvorak–which I’ve been doing ever since.

I’m not sure how fast I can type in Qwerty right now. I would guess 110wpm, if I practiced for about 10 minutes. Maybe if I practiced for an hour, I could type 120wpm (another guess).

This is substantially slower; the average of my past 1,000 races is about 133wpm.

I’m not going to test these guesses because I don’t want to infect my hands with Qwerty muscle-memory 🙂

Overall I would guess that Dvorak is faster, but I’m biased. At the same time, for Typeracer (that is, very short quotes), I don’t think the difference is huge. My understanding is that Dvorak is much better for extended periods of typing, because your fingers don’t have to move as much, so endurance is better. But on short quotes, I think that people who type fast will be able to type fast on either keyboard.

I, too, would be very interested in some more comprehensive research on the subject. If you read articles about it, you’ll find people going both ways. Check out the Yahoo! group “altkeyboards”

Hope this helps

Hey valikor,

Thanks for the response–i have a similar qwerty experience. I started typing typing when I was maybe 9 or 10, by 12 I could type around 100 wpm, by early in high school I could type 120 or so. I don’t think I have improved much since then…I am a bit older than you are now(i just turned 22) but I have been hovering around an 125-130 wpm average for five or six years, so I want to try to break that plateau (i think eliminating mistakes/greater endurance would be my most important goals)

anyway, i will let you know how it goes 🙂 maybe i will be typeracing some on dvorak once i get a bit more comfortable with it…

If you plateaued, I think it’s excellent that you’re trying to switch to Dvorak. If you could type 120 wpm at age 12, you must be a quick learner.

I’ve always thought it would be hard to determine which keyboard is better. After all (for example), there’s no way to know how fast I would be right now if I’d been practicing Qwerty rather than Dvorak. But, since you have been constant for 5-6 years on Qwerty, you will be a good experiment for the rest of us 🙂

Keep us posted.


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)————20800
ning r—————————–15557
Nozden (nozden)———————10575
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)——-9067
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—–8022
Kim (kymdawn)———————–7602
Moobin (moobin)————————–7087
David Pritts (valikor)——6859
Danique Tienstra (dutchgirll)——-6682
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————–6203


Nozden (nozden)———————–8142
DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)—————7814
David Pritts (valikor)—————-6480
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)——-6434
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)———4763
Zoran Markovic (summer)—————4316
rapid (rapid)————————-3812
Debbie (iceprincess)——————2933
Di (kali_08)————————–2929
ning r——————————–2829

Keep racing Moobin–I’m going to catch up soon:)

You too, Dufour 🙂

XiP (cheats), please stop doing that!!! People
hate you because of your typing over 200 wpm….
If you don’t have idea how to do that, some people
here have good ideas….

Dear “Pritts likes turtles”

Good racing you today–you are a fast typist. (Unless you are a cheater)

But, have fun trying to beat 169 🙂

Seriously, Typeracer, what is the logic behind not clearing the top scores list right now?

I’ve noticed that whatever mechanism you’ve put in place has been effective in stopping at least some of the cheaters. It doesn’t need to be foolproof to start over, because there’s really no one on that list to offend. They don’t play any more!

I’m sure I speak for DUFOUR, Zoran, Valikor, and all the other Megaracer-plus typists when I say BRING IT. Let’s find out who’s the best once and for all 🙂

Allison, that’s easy question. I’m the best one!!!
(-_-) TypeRacer doesn’t care about the cheaters.
Maybe he doesn’t read this at all….

So, after 2 days of learning DVORAK, my thoughts:

1. I am of course still very slow, but I have memorized most of the keys. I would say I am around 10-15 wpm right now, so I will still hold off on typeracing for a little while 🙂

2. Already I can see that there is more logic to the key structure, and that my fingers have to move a much shorter distance to type, which I guess is the point 🙂

3. The most frustrating aspect, so far, is that there are some keys that are the same position as they are in QWERTY (A, for example) and some keys that are very close in that they use the same hand/finger as the QWERTY position (E, H). Whenever I type one of these letters, my brain reverts into “QWERTY mode” and I type the next letter incorrectly 😦 I am trying to get rid of this though, but it is still a bit frustrating.


Gunner, I too was in the same position as you when I started learning Dvorak. But after a few days, I gave up b/c I figured since most places use qwerty, I wouldn’t want to not be able to type with qwerty 🙂 Keep it up though!

Whoever is impersonating me, I LOL-ed when I saw it… I definitely didn’t get 149 WPM 15 minutes ago, considering I wasn’t even online then!

At least you’re a good typist 🙂

261 wpm….and why not 300 ??!!! pfff

Charlotte, he is just warming up. :)))))
Next time 300 wpm, don’t worry… It needs some
practice… 🙂

Suggest to establish a higher grade for
someone who’s avg. speed are 60,70,80 or above

It can separate the level to whose ability.
When I race with a 120 wpm rival, I felt stunned,
why I need to race with someone who double-ability than me?

DVORAK, end of day 4:

I’ve finally memorized the entire keyboard. I promptly made a new typeracer account, since I figure typeracing is probably the fastest way to learn from now on.

Average after 10 races: 24
High: 31
Low: 20

It will get better 🙂

XiP (cheats) is not me by the way..

Yes, I am XiP (cheats).

After my first day of DVORAK typeracing, I am averaging a bit over 30 wpm, with a high of 39 🙂

Gunner, what a speed… (-_-) 39 wpm….but, that’s
impossible, are you an alien? 🙂
XiP (cheats), and all other cheaters, you just continue
to cheat. That’s ashame for TypeRacer, not for me
and other typists…too bad…this site is good.

Instead of blaming the cheaters, blame TypeRacer, which has done a real lousy job of preventing the cheating from taking place.

I have a few anti-cheating ideas. As I understand it, the bots work by the user telling it the text to type. Presumably, this happens by copy/pasting the text to the bot, and then the bot spitting that text back out into the typeracer window.

1. You could make all the current passages into images, so they would not be copy/pasteable. This would essentially make the entire typeracing experience like what is now the “anti-cheat test.” Of course, the issue is that there are benefits to having the text as text, namely it highlights what word you are on, can turn red when you make a mistake, etc, which would be harder to do with an image. Of course, a really dedicated cheater can still compile all the texts and manually type them and save them to files to enter into their bots, but this seems like more trouble than most people are willing to go through.

2. Bots work continuously. They type one long string of characters at once, which is why cheaters can achieve such high speeds. However, one way to throw them off: you could pop out a box that says “stop” at a random point in the race. This would happen to both racers at the same time, and would last for the same duration for each racer. After this period, say a few seconds, the box disappears and the race resumes. A real user of course would stop when this happens, and then simply resume typing. However, this popup will throw off the bot because it will be trying to type the text into a different window, so to speak. Then, when the race resumes, the bot will be unsynchronized with the text. The time of appearance of the popup will be randomly determined each race so that users cannot program their bots around it. The disadvantage of course is that it interrupts the flow of the race and will slightly alter people’s wpm averages, but I think it may be a sacrifice that some are willing to make in order to ensure a cheat-free environment.

Just throwing some ideas out there…

I’m sorry to say that it is impossible to stop people who want to cheat at this game without changing the game significantly and ruining it for everyone. Any system you can think of can be beaten with enough effort. The only thing that will work is having every race look like a typing test (http://blog.typeracer.com/2008/05/19/new-speedometer-and-improved-cheat-protection/). However, the difference between TypeRacer and every typing game that came before is that you type real texts instead of gibberish, so it actually forces you to work on real-life typing skills. It’s not something I want to change.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t think that cheating is enough of a problem to make these kinds of changes. We will, however, start deleting accounts of the people who are cheating, as soon as I finish developing an automated system for that. I’d rather not spend hours every day doing this by hand. I feel that this time can be better spent developing new features, like the (very time-consuming) Facebook integration that was just completed, which I know many of you have enjoyed 🙂


I don’t think putting all race texts as an image would be the best idea. Not only are there a finite number of texts, but it would still be pretty easy to cheat the system since the cheater could simply *type* the race text into a keyboard macro, utilizing the 10+ second waiting period before the race starts. It might stop some cheating, but probably not enough.

However, I do like the gist of your second idea. While I’m not sure I agree on the specifics, I think that you’re on to something. That is, it’s true that some added little tricks would be able to assure race integrity without adding much inconvenience to the typist. The key is deciding what exactly the little trick would be. It should be something easy to implement, easy for a legit typist to deal with, and extremely difficult for a cheater to accommodate. Let’s take some time to collect ideas.

Also keep in mind that such measures would only be necessary for a small percentage of users–people with very high averages.

Or, maybe the “automated system” Typeracer mentioned will be effective enough that nobody will care about cheaters anymore! That is, if they are quickly deleted, nobody will care that they cheated 🙂

By the way, one thing that always annoys me is that the ALT image text that pops up when your cursor is over a person’s name goes OVER the person’s picture (if they have one)

That is, the “view facebook profile” message appears right over a person’s Facebook picture, which defeats the point 😉

I have a new keyboard and it’s so hard for me to type on it…. I will need some time to get used on it. I must leave some races…. Sorry to all typists…

zoran–you better apologize in advance. If you leave any races against me, I will be very angry.

Especially if you leave as many races as Warming_Up/xpanda did last night -_-


After two days of DVORAK typeracing, I am now averaging in the low-mid 40’s, with a high of 49. I am satisfied with my progress. In less than a week I have gone from not knowing DVORAK to over 40 WPM, and I am improving at about 5-10 WPM per day.

And I typeraced once in QWERTY today to make sure that I could still remember how to do it. No problem there– 140 🙂

BTW, typeracer, I get what you are saying. To be clear though, I don’t think anybody expects to have a perfect foolproof anti-cheat system. That’s not the point. Just because an anti-theft system cannot make a car completely secure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to have an anti-theft system. The point is to make it harder than it otherwise would be. I think there are certainly ways to make that happen without compromising the nature of typeracer, and I think collectively we can come up with some good ideas if you would be open to it. Given that it seems like you are the only person working on this site though, it may indeed be more work than you want to take on.

Hello sir Typeracer here is my solution to eliminate the cheats despite this last does not bother me much. My solution would be to eliminate the classification Fastest Typists and replaced by 2 other classifications that encourage those involved in large site and that no matter your talent everyone could be part of it would be 2 rankings TOP20 RACES COMPLETED AND TOP20 WINS.

Here is my solution to deter cheaters cheat because it’s the world that enjoys the trouble and have no patience to make full race to be part of this new classification and 2 are showing they are escape the sites automatically.

Day 4 of DVORAK typeracing, Day 8 overall learning DVORAK:

Averaging low 50’s, with a high of 65.

Well, it doesn’t really surprise me that a talented typist like you can reach 50wpm avg within 4 days… the interesting part will occur in a couple of weeks, when we see if you can regain your old speed, or if you start to top-out at a slower speed 🙂

Keep us posted

you are a good type writer but even though i could have beaten you but i’m sleepy and tired and my hands hurt 4 typing all day. so bye.

Hey valikor, thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely try hard to get back to my qwerty speed, but I think it is going to take a while because so much of my speed is from years of muscle memory. With Dvorak, every time I see a new word, I still have to spell it out in my head while I type it, because there are so many words that I have never typed before with it. With qwerty, I have typed almost every word probably thousands and thousands of times. It will take a long time before I am that familiar with dvorak.

After 5 days of dvorak typeracing:

average: high 50s, low 60s
high: 73, with multiple scores in the 70s


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)————22000
ning r—————————–15570
Nozden (nozden)———————10620
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)——-10036
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)—–8336
Moobin (moobin)————————–8036
Kim (kymdawn)———————–7602
David Pritts (valikor)——7268
Danique Tienstra (dutchgirll)——-6682
Mario Lago (mrlago)—————–6363


DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour)—————8414
Nozden (nozden)———————–8180
David Pritts (valikor)—————-6855
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)——-6681
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)———5305
Zoran Markovic (summer)—————4316
rapid (rapid)————————-4167
Arab Texan (arabtexan)——-3253
LLW (llw1)—————3212
Debbie (iceprincess)——————3195

Linda, how are you? (-_-)

>>>I will definitely try hard to get back to my qwerty speed, but I think it is going to take a while because so much of my speed is from years of muscle memory.<<<

Yes. This is precisely why it will be interesting to see how your continue to improve 🙂 It would be good if more people would switch, and a more rigorous "study" could be conducted.

DUFOUR–Someday I will beat you/Nozden for sure, and have #1 "WINS" 🙂


I think on a better night, I can beat you 33% of the time 😉

Allison–I really enjoyed some of those blood-bath races.

Hopefully we will have more of those in the future. We should coordinate a time to get fast typists online 🙂

Hard night for me… the level was really high! See this race for example:

Allison – 147 wpm
Valikor – 140 wpm
Guest (PRITTS HAS RETURNED) – 139 wpm
Steve – 110 wpm
Damz (me) – 103 wpm

Okay this wasn’t a very good race for me, but still, finishing 5th and last with over 100 wpm kinda hurts… 😉

I am back my friends (yes, you’re all my friends here, good and less good typers) ! I saw some new good typers , it’s very good for the challenge.
Good luck all and have fun.

You too, David!

Better keep practicing though… 🙂

One of my biggest problems has been that I “read” as I type, so when I hit a period/comma, I STOP TYPING. But no more! My inner monologue is being slowly transformed into a robot voice.


P.S. I often race between 10:30 – 11:30 PM EST

How do I change my name to say something else?

If you’re logged in as a Guest account, you just click “Sign in” and then indicate a new Guest nickname.

100th comment is mine, just mine….
So, people how are you? (^_^)
How much did you improve your typnig thanks to typeracer??? Sorry again for leaving my races, but I’m on my new keyboard…

I haven’t been practicing as much lately, but I have made some progress nonetheless. After about a little over a week of dvorak typeracing, i have gone from 20 wpm to:

average: high 60’s
high: 84

Come on Zoran, what is so bad about losing? Almost every time we’ve raced you’ve left the race when you realized you weren’t going to win or you left the race before it even had a chance to start.

The only race you’ve stuck with is the one you won (136 to my 104) but every other one you’ve disappeared from. Sure, I appreciate a win every now and then, but I know my typing speed goes up if I have a good competitor. 😦

pic of most recently left race

Here are some suggestions for typeracer:

-a way to chat with your competitors after a race

-A friends list

-A real forum…so we can discuss there rather than comments on the blog.

i am tired of the same texts coming up, need new ones!!!

Shae, read the comment I post a few days ago…
Sorry…I have a new keyboard and I just can’t
type on it…

How about some more languages? spanish, french?¿

I am now averaging low 70’s in DVORAK. I took a screenshot of one of my recent races as an example of my progress over the last week and a half or so:

When I’m not lazy, I will also try to graph my complete typeracing history with dvorak.

So I just logged onto a guest account and broke my record–and now it won’t be saved 😦

Nice Site and very useful for me.. thanks typeracers..

Hi TypeRacer folks,
I’d definitely like to have a chat feature that can be used during or after races (as with private rooms). For the past month or so, I’ve been chatting by logging in as a guest and constantly changing my username – it’s pretty fun, really! Some names I’ve used off the top of my head: “i like turtles”, “____ likes turtles”, “PRITTS ____”, “ZoRAN is the MAN”, “all hail ____”, “suck it trebek”, “o hai thar”, “i deed it”, “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!”, “____ = quitter” (hey, a little trash-talk is okay, right? :D)

So yes – if you see someone logged in with a funny/strange/trash-talking username, it might very well be me. Just felt like confessing. It’s 4 in the morning, and I really should get some sleep. Later!

– Alan

Ah! I’ve always wondered who the culprit was. These strange users always make formidable opponents 😉

I occasionally indulge myself as well, like when somebody is quitting every race, or just if I don’t feel like racing on my account. I was the one who changed my name to impersonate Allison last week. 😉

Bob Holness/(matewins) just typed 315wpm, which I believe is the highest score ever achieved on Typeracer.

Even for a cheater that’s a pretty damn impressive score, since it means he somehow squeaked out 236wpm (or more) on the anti-cheat test.

Mako, it seems that you aren’t the only one to do it ! :p

haha, you’re right about that! I’m having a “battle of usernames” with someone as I type. 😀

btw, Charlotte, nice job with the 151 wpm! I think I’m done typeracing for the morning.

Seriously Mako, bears are going down tonight 🙂

you got an AIM username or something? we should race more often.

If good people are racing, I want to get in on this. 🙂

My AIM is valikor.

Thx but just after I did a pathetic 103 wpm against you !! Nice job too, you are a pretty good typer !
In any case, the races that we made together were very exciting ! It was too funny to play against you two with your usernames, in every race I wondered what they are now going to bring out me ! 😀

A good typist* sorry. English isn’t my mother tongue 🙂

Hey Charlotte are you French by any chance? The fact that English is not your mother tongue makes your scores even more impressive!

Charlotte, I love u!
Lol, joke…
I like race with you 🙂
When I race with great typists (like you, for example), I want enormously talk with them… but Typeracer doesn’t enable it still :/
Have you MSN ? or Skype, or… ?
Add me, please: motsak@msn.com.
With Damz, we’ll talk with you (if you want, of course) 🙂
I’m French, you are French too, perhaps?

( My English is badder than yours :p )

Damz is my friend, he is Canadian (québécois, you know… tabernak).
I know Valikor too, Zoran too.
They are all pretty CRAZY guys !

If you are French, I oblige you add me to talk to each other !!
Rarely I talk to amazing french typists as you are 🙂 (if you aren’t, dommage…)

Eh merde, j’suis sûr j’vais lui faire peur :/ avec mon message un poil trop long.

Biz! Kiss 😡
Take care (Valikor learnt me this expression 🙂 TAKE CARE, haha)

Ok, sorry…
Damz told me that I’ll probably make you be afraid of me ?
I don’t want :/ Just talk 🙂
Pretty good typist. (You take it dans le sens qui te plaît !)

Oh and… Valikor = David Pritts (an amazing philosopher :))

Karen, I agree with Damz: if she is a French women, you are going to scare her away!

Just stick with me Karen, and I will *learn* you some more English 😉

But, I am barely a philosopher; I am an aspiring (confused) student of Philosophy, that’s all :/

Charlotte, I hope you will contact Karen so that we can expand the community of fast typists who we can talk with 🙂

Comment va la vie à Levallois-Perret ?
Un p’tit bonjour du Sud-Ouest !
J’espère au plus vite que nous entrerons en contact 🙂 Je suis un jeune homme de 19 ans, un frappeur à 5/6 doigts. Et vous ? Ah lala, nous avons tell’ment de choses à se dire ! En plus de ça, vous avez l’air incroyablement compétente (et cyber-sympathique). Etes-vous au courant qu’il existe des compétitions INTERNATIONALES de dactylographie ? Mais je ne souhaite pas vous envahir avec ces choses-là ! Du moins, pas encore… Quel âge avez-vous ? Dommage que le site ne soit pas davantage développé… Vous imaginez ? Si le créateur mettait à disposition des candidats un t’Chat interactif, il nous serait permis, à TOUS, de discuter, autant que nous raçons ! oups, que nous coursons.

Biz 🙂 A bientôt, je l’espère.
( Je me demande vraiment quel âge vous avez. Si vous êtes une dame, une dactylographe expérimentée… ou bien si vous êtes une ‘tite jeunot de 25 ans qui a une capacité folle ?! )

Hé mais sérieux… Que tous les Français (ou francophones) fassent un signe ! C’est amusant de courser, mais c’est d’autant plus agréable de pouvoir échanger des propos, discuter de nos races ? ou même de nos vies (et autre !), non ? Damz insiste que je sois incité à vous inviter à nous contacter, ou bien à ce que l’on entre en contact.
( Ok ok, j’fais genre j’parle compliqué pour que les Amerlock n’parviennent pas à nous décoder ! L’autre Pritts, là, il sait tout sur nous :/ Pire que le FBI ;x C’est les States ça… Toujours près des citoyens, très près… MAIS MOI, ILS NE M’AURONT PAS ;x )

Ok, j’me la ferme.
Mais… Faites signe de vie.
Ou ? Signez un fait de vie. (Non, c’est pas Français.)

Karen, stop spamming the blog… and speak English already, before Typeracer bans you 😛

Ok, sorry.

Ta pas a etre désolé de parler francais Karen moi si je veux comprendre le blog je vais sur un traducteur pour comprendre et la plupart du temps si je veux me faire comprendre j’écris en anglais avec l’aide d’un traduteur mais je me dis que on devrais aussi avoir le droit de parler en francais apres tout on est dans un monde libre.

Charlotte se fera une joie de parler en Français 🙂
Hein, chérie ?

JOKE, take care. Teacher Pritts.

Erf, peut-être que Charlotte est une dame de over 35 ans ? Si c’est le cas, j’lui demande pardon. J’ai pas à parler comme ça ! — Even if that was a joke…

Faut dire que… Elle m’a souvent achevé pendant les races, je veux connaître le secret de sa réussite.
Tape-t-elle à neuf (ou dix) doigts ?
Que prend-elle au petit déjeûner ?
Depuis combien de temps s’amuse-t-elle à tapoter ?
Joue-t-elle du piano ?
Chante-t-elle ?
Fume-t-elle ?

( Ok, on peut s’passer de certaines réponses ! )

Elle va dire “Karen is intempestive, like popups”.

UCLA, Cal is takin you DOWN! wuahaha.

My AIM is Mako640. (big surprise, right?)

Thanks to all you strong typists, I’m addicted to this game. I may have no choice but to ditch all other career options and play Typeracer for a living. Anyone down for making a pro typing league?

Day 15 of learning DVORAK:

Average of last 10 races: 78
High: 91

Shae M, 1. race 130:109, 2. race 117:96
Is this enough proof that I’m better?! 21 wpm
is huge difference…it isn’t 2 wpm….
Like, I already told you, I can’t type on my
new keyboard, and I must type on it sometime…
And don’t judge me next time.

Wow…I didn’t think that I had so many fans on this site ! 😀 And I didn’t imagine either that there were so many French-speaking typists here, besides good typists. Karen, I don’t know how you made to know that I was French I admit you that I am as well surprised as intrigued. You seem a little pretty crazy too but nevertheless very nice. 🙂 I would send you an e-mail this weekend, promised.

Et pour faire plaisir et rassurer Karen quelques mots de français pour lui dire que je n’ai pas mal pris ses propos et qu’ils m’ont même au contraire beaucoup amusés ! 🙂

Good races all.

Shae M, 1. race 130:109, 2. race 117:96
Is this enough proof that I’m better?!

lol, I know for a fact that you are better. I’m not saying that I’m better at all. Your average is MUCH higher than mine. I only average 105 while you average 130+. What I am saying is that every time you almost lose to me you leave the race.

I’m just saying that I do better when I’m against someone faster than me.


I added your screenname on AIM but you never seem to be on, even when you were typing last night, or today. Like yours, mine is the same as my typeracer account.


Hiiiihi 🙂
Autant pour moi !
As for me ! (?)

Ok, à bientôt dans les races !
( Je ne sais toujours pas ton âge :/ votre âge ;x )

Quel honneur ce serait pour moi de correspondre avec vous, instantanément !

Hey, Mako ? Go on MSN ! I haven’t AOL :/ (or AIM)

If u have time, let’s try typingzone(dot)com. It’s a funny typing site 🙂
I’m sure u’ll love it !

Shae my average is 117 wpm….not 130….
I’m going to be able to type average of 130 wpm
in maybe one year… I hope so…

Malian Setin? Hi, guy!
Can we talk together?
Have u MSN? Download it. Pritts wants speak with u, too. We all want speak with you, you are our star.

It will do the guy who wants talk with all the people.
Ça fait super laid, traduit comme ça ! En Français, ça donnerait : “Ça va faire le mec qui veut parler à tout le monde.

See you soon, kindly please welcome in my chatbox.
(J’parie que ma dernière phrase ne veut rien dire.)

And damn all who say/find (ok, sorry for my verbal language a little angry, sorry, sorry) that English must be compulsory spoken here. I know that there are some (and maybe a lot of) frenchies, or french-spoken people? So it must be pleasant for them to read some french sentences? 🙂
You don’t find I’m improving my English?

I’ve read your last posts (not all, but a lot of them), I think it would be interesting to see a legit high-scores ranking? if all cheaters were deleted. Maybe I have my place on this ranking? But :/ I don’t think so. I’m not as crazy as Pritts. He’s the best Typeracer typist in the world. I love him. I’m fan.

Keep in touch, guys 🙂
(How can I say if I want say the last thing to girls? because “guys” is typically for boys, isn’t it? Teacher Pritts? Teacher Damz?)

Typeracer, it’s no possible anymore, I and all legit typers wants to ban cheaters like Bob Holness, and others dirty pigs.

We don’t need proof to see that these users cheats, it’s obvious **** !!! 200 wpm average speed ? WTF, you think it’s possible ? even with 3 hands it’s impossible, now Typeracer DO SOMETHING, and all legit typers will be grateful.

Karen, “guys” is used to refer to a group, no matter the sex of the people in it. But if you wanted a purely feminin version of “guys” you could always use “gals”.

Karen, don’t flatter me; you type basically as fast as I do now, and it is not even your first language. And I am certainly not the fastest Typeracer.

Keep in touch, guys 🙂
(How can I say if I want say the last thing to girls? because “guys” is typically for boys, isn’t it? Teacher Pritts? Teacher Damz?)

I have that problem too sometimes. You cay say “gals” to mean girls, but I think most girls do not get offended if you say “guys”.


I think if I had 3 hands, I would be able to average 200 wpm (If I practiced a lot!) But, the cheaters will be deleted soon enough. Clearly it is not true that anyone can type 300wpm or even average 200wpm.

My suggestion is that the latest high scores is upgraded to 50 or possibly 100 people. So more people can get on the score board and see how they compare… as well as to give us 60 wpm guys something to cheer about.

As well as this the Fastest typists list should just be taken off the site. It is no longer relevant as people can just make a new account and get on their in 10 races. Then they just rinse and repeat.

Cheers, madchopper.

Top50 or Top100 fastest typists or Top50 and
Top100 “best cheaters”…. Typeracer first must
do something with “THE cheaters” and then to
upgrade this Top20 list to Top50 or Top100 list..

Well at least if it’s latest high scores the cheater’s scores will be wiped after each hour, if I was a cheater I would soon get bored of doing it every hour.

I think the skill level should be adjusted. For instance, Megaracers should be the ones who type ~100 wpm or faster. I believe the adjustment will make the game fairer to slow typists, and more fun to fast typists.

I don’t think there would be enough players throughout the day if the classes were too small, for example a class for players over 100 wpm. I do agree that the minimum speed of a megaracer should be increased though, because right now a guy typing 55 wpm on average can face people who are more than twice his speed, which obviously isn’t fair. Changing the 55+ wpm requirement to something like 80+ could do it, if there are enough racers of that speed throughout the day. But 100+, I highly doubt it would work, at least not unless/until the site becomes more popular.

Sometimes it’s nice to race against 55wpm players. Low stress for me 🙂

Anyways, I personally do not care what boundaries the “skill-levels” have, but I think some modifications would be very appreciated by many people. The current boundaries don’t make a lot of sense to me (too many megaracers, and totally unfair for people who type 55-65wpm)

Well i just found this game, and i must say, it’s pretty fun.

It helps me improve my typing speed, as well as provides a competitive environment.

Right now I’m at 85 WPM. In the races, some people completely demolish me, some come close, and some are wayyy behind. Every race is different, and every race is fun.

Kudos to the creator(s).


Average last 10 races: 83
High: 99

After 18 days in DVORAK…

I finally hit 100 wpm!!! 😀 now I am fast enough to beat Zoran with me using DVORAK and him in QWERTY, with his slow keyboard :))
average last ten races: 86

I am really confused.

Does anyone know why someone would want to pretend to be me?

Shae, when you win 1:0, when you win again
2:0….etc.. Understand?!


Welcome back to the triple-digits! I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing a lot better than I was when I first learned Dvorak. Granted, I never raced anyone, and that probably helps. But, as I said before, 18 days to average 85 wpm is nice… but the real question is where you’ll be a month or two down the road 🙂

how way u suposed to cheat in da first place??????????????????

My and DUFOUR start a Tournament
some challenge.
We start at the same time and we try to did the most race the fast as possible
so now I have this record

I did 100 races
in 1hours in 31minutes
can you beat it?

I can.

Hello everyone.
Recently I can’t access TypeRacer.com using my Apple Safari and Google Chrome.
Instead,this appeared:

It appears that TypeRacer is taking too long to load on your computer. Internet Explorer 6 users sometimes encounter this problem.

If refreshing the page doesn’t help, we recommend trying one of these browsers instead:

Google Chrome (best)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
Apple Safari
Mozilla Firefox

Does anyone knows what’s going on?Is something wrong with my web browser’s settings?Please help!

I love TypeRacer!!! It is great for practicing my skills and keeping my fingers warmed up.

Me and Fastermart start a Tournament
some challenge.
We start at the same time and we try to did the most race the fast as possible
so now I have this record

I did 100 races
in 1hours in 31minutes by Fastermart

I did 200 races
in 3hours in 31 minutes by DUFOUR

can you beat it?

Milos? Milos Cernilovsky, one of the best typists in the world.
I hope you will read this BLOG…
Milos, I want get in touch with you. Have you a MSN address? or other program which would enable us to talk?!
I’m glad to see you among us 🙂

Please, let’s talk.
Install MSN.

If you knew… I have so much things to tell you.

Hey, typeracers friends! What is your ICQ number? 🙂
Let’s talk together.

Nice! Top 20 all-time much more accurate now! Thank you!

I’d bump off Kyle Stearns (admitted to fixing scores on this blog) for sure, and maybe Usain Bolt and Michael Baker (implausible top races) – but that’s open to question, although Bolt has yet to prove a super-fast race yet by video. And sometimes glitches can happen, as I know quite well.

Jelani is the current champion! Congrats. I think he has used race-selection though (*waits for Valikor’s unhappy response*), which anyone else will probably have to do as well if they want to challenge him.

Yes, great job resetting most if not all of the cheaters on the list. Valikor, you finally have your rightful place in the top scores list, congrats, you deserve it 🙂

I think that there should be more people allowed to race at a time. There also should be a ton more texts;I keep seeing the same old thing and I have raced about 450 times.

To clarify: it looks like the minimum # of races required (for placement in the top-20) is now 100, and this is improving the high scores list.

I do agree that Kyle Stearns should be deleted now. Congrats to Jelani who claims that he did not choose texts or leave any races to get his current average 🙂

But, even if he had, I’m not sure what my unhappy response (as per Noah) is supposed to be. I don’t think there’s anything especially wrong with leaving races–since anyone can do it and there’s no rule against it. Though obviously for the sake of creating a high scores list that is truly useful, I would prefer if people were unable to skew their numbers.

Gunner-thank you. The next time I race, though, I’m likely to fall out. I can’t average 145+ every day :/

Also, Gunner states that “most if not all of the cheaters” are now gone. I’d like to say that we have very good reasons to suspect Kyle, Milad, Peter Gu, Michael Baker, and Poly of cheating. But, that’s my personal take on it, and they are welcome to defend themselves if they want.

I’m sure the cheaters will get deleted soon enough 🙂

Maybe you can make some texts from songs like Beatles songs or some others. That would be so awesome.

3, 4, 6, 10, 15, 18 = THE CHEATERS
1, 9, 12, 17 – cheaters also, and some are
race-slection players…

why am I not on the Latest high score board? I’ve typed 85,87 and 92wpm, and 20th place is 80wpm & 14th place is 90wpm! 😦

Well Done Strivers!
1. Refresh your page! 2. Wait for 60 seconds

@ Zoran : You don’t need to refresh the page. The high score will just update each minute automatically 😉

Nick Yeow, sometimes you must do that to
see the scores… Ask others! 🙂

I think Guest accounts are no longer allowed in the high scores (of the past hour). So if you were using a guest account, maybe that’s why you weren’t showing up…

Can anyone help and let me know that how to increase
typing speed? (i.e more than 120WPM).

Damn.. no more talking smack via guest usernames!

Valikor: I was just recalling past blog comments where you were unhappy with people leaving races; from a purist point of view, it’s not fair to others. I hadn’t been doing it since you commented about it, although I’m very tempted to try it now 😀

PS: Likewise, Dufour’s new “fastest to 100 completed races” competition could gain from using text-selection on practice mode.

Of course I want that to be changed, but I don’t blame people for doing what they have to within an imperfect system. If you want to try and get a 170 wpm avg by only completing fast races, I support you 🙂 . I still think it’s an achievement, since achieving any scores above 170 is impressive in my book. I’ve only been able to do it a few times ever.

I look forward to an even more legit high scores section in the future -_-

Yes Valikor I was using a guest account, now I understand 🙂

TypeRacer how come low megas (average 55-56wpm)consistently typing over 55wpm are hogging the Pro section just because they’ve typed 1000’s of races? Not fun 😦

Will somebody help me to type fast. Is there a pattern or a secret way to be able to type faster? Please let me know. I badly need help. Thanks.

Sooooooooo ready for the new year thing and i just want you to know that this site is the coolest computer “game” that has ever been invented!

true, but it can get boring, like if you have to do this for homework everyday, including on weekands

Itwas very good that you acctually did it becauseits hard

Type racer teaches alot of people how to type. Like Type racer taught me how 2 type<3!!!!!!!!!!

TypeRacer is a awesome game for typing.

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