Encouraging honest competition

Posted on February 7, 2009. Filed under: TypeRacer News |


A walking race (Helsinki, Finland)

We’ve taken measures in the past that make it harder to cheat, but if you saw the top 20 (Fastest Typists) last month, you know that quite a few individuals are still very much determined.

Starting this week, you will need a (non-guest) account to get onto the Latest High Scores, and at least 100 races to get into the Fastest Typists leaderboard.  The first restriction is actually intended more to discourage spam rather than cheating, but the second was introduced specifically to give us enough time to review all contestants and delete those accounts suspected of cheating.  That’s right – from now on, all accounts suspected of cheating will be promptly deleted, as stated in our Terms of Service.

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397 Responses to “Encouraging honest competition”

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Are there still any cheater in the new Fastest Typists list? or maybe, we are all legit? 🙂
Pritts said that cheaters are still there.
Why not take like evaluation mesure (for this list) our average all-time? which is more representative that what we can do, isn’t it?

I don’t exactly like the idea of using “all-time average” as a measure for the “Fastest Typist” list. I had to do over 1,000 races to raise my WPM by 1.000 wpm, since I have 8,000 races 🙂 Plus, my “all-time average” misrepresents my speed, because I’ve improved over time.

Granted, the average of the past-10 is maybe not the best indicator, but something like that seems reasonable to me.

But, it’s good to know that cheaters will be deleted soon 🙂

Goodbye Kyle 😉

Using the average of all time is problematic because of the point mentioned by Valikor, but using the 10 last races encourages race selection and luck. Eventually there has to be something done regarding the leaving of races, but in the meantime taking into account the past 100 races would already be a very good improvement. That way it would be much harder to get lucky and it would be more representative of one’s progress over time.

Another thing, only having access to a top 20 out of the thousands of people that play here is just ridiculous. The latest high scores should be enhanced to a top 100, and the fastest typists’ top 20 should be AT LEAST a top 100, if not a top 500 or 1000 with multiple pages. These changes should be pretty easy to make…

Anyway, these are my suggestions for today. Typeracer, keep up the good work! This site is awesome but there’s still much to be done to bring it to the next level!

I think that I have the best solution for
cheaters for now.
First at all, if someone wants to get in
top20 list (of all times) he should have at least 250 races or even more. What happens next?! If he doesn’t play for 60 days and don’t have at least 100 races in 60 days he should be deleted because that means that he isn’t the member of “TypeRacer Community”. Question is what to choose: 1. 10 last races, 2. Average of all times or something else (last 100 races, last 250 races)…

Hi friends, you should think about produce the TypeRace in other languages. I’m sure that it suppose to be a huge sucess in Portuguese here in Brazil. Regards.

About skipping races, I think a player should get a score of 0wpm for any race skipped. This would completely eliminate the problem. If this is unacceptable for some reason, e.g. you want to accommodate people who really do have to leave the game suddenly when real-world things come up, another suggestion is to have it so that someone can only skip 1 out of every n races (say n = 10? 20? I don’t know what’s best.).

I type at 70 wpm and I often have to compete against people who type 100 wpm or more.

There should be more divisions. I want to win!

Excellent steps, Thanks. Is leaving a race cheating though? It never occurred to me that leaving a race would be beneficial. I always completed races. Well, until a couple of days ago, when I thought I wanted a 100wpm banner on facebook. Now I’m tempted to leave every time I flub a few keystrokes. 😦 I would really like either a # of races abandoned statistic.

And: For you super racers. How do I break this barrier? I’m really stuck at about 85-95. I have the occasional race over 100, but I can’t find any drills or techniques or anything on how to really scream with typing speeds. What are some of your secrets?


As I write this, Noah (licahfox) has the top “recent score” at 181. He also has an average of the last ten races of 156, which places him 5th on the all-time list. This is very impressive. However, what is not impressive is that Noah keeps leaving races when he does not score above a certain threshold. I have several screenshots of Noah repeatedly leaving races just now when he is typing in the 120’s. I agree with Jelani that something *has* to be done about people who behave like this, because right now, there is not much people can do to differentiate Jelani from Noah. Of course, there is actually a world of difference if Jelani achieved his average while typing every race, and Noah just leaves the races in which he is not typing well.

I even made a new account to draw this post to his attention. Of course, he leaves again. This screenshot about says it all:

Note that I have many more screenshots of Noah leaving races, and in most of them he does not type anywhere near 142.

Of course leaving races can boost a person’s score. But, this is a completely allowable method within the current system. Calculating averages based on the past-10 races allows people to do the same thing without leaving races, if they simply STOP racing as soon as they get an exceptionally good streak.

Personally, if I got 10 easy texts in a row, I would be capable of averaging almost 150. I’ve done it before, without leaving races. That is a misrepresentation of my speed, though, because 150 is actually a very good score for me (not an average one).

Also consider the fact that when everyone is allowed to leave races, people who might not WANT to do so aren’t left with much of a choice, if they want to compete.

My solution (similar to Jelani’s): record all races where a user leaves during the countdown (text selection) AND leaves during the actual race (race selection). Users with too many abandoned races cannot be in the top-20.

Typeracer–is this something feasible to implement in the near future? How difficult would it be to “unqualify” someone from appearing in the top-20, without deleting their account or anything like that?

Hehe no! Not at all!I know I didn’t initially say why I wtenad to learn the new keyboard layout so I appreciate your prodding me to open up. (I just wasn’t prepared to share today you took me by surprise, but thank you as always for your honesty and directness.)I know I don’t tend to want to share my personal concerns with others and look to approach people and situations with kindness and optimism, which is why I deliberately avoided the why behind my question up there to see if others have switched keyboard layouts. This post is a pre-probing exploration to see if it’s worth my time and energy to switch out. Doesn’t seem like any people have so far!I do like challenges and have switched between mac and pc and back again and also recently (within the past 4-5 years) started driving standard rather than automatic transmission cars, so I kind of saw it as another mental challenge that may incidentally lead to less typing pain.Alternatively to switching my keyboard layout, more exercise is definitely a great recommendation! When I’m in the zone, I do forget to get up and be sure to be active, so another recommendation would be I set a clock for 1 hour and stretch/exercise

I realize that it’s completely allowable to leave races. Noah is breaking no rules, at least not yet. But that won’t stop me from criticizing Noah for doing it, and it won’t stop me from pointing out the flaws in a system in which Noah and Jelani are ranked nearly equally, even though Jelani deserves much more respect than Noah.

One more note. Noah posted this as a comment in the last blog entry:

“Valikor: I was just recalling past blog comments where you were unhappy with people leaving races; from a purist point of view, it’s not fair to others. I hadn’t been doing it since you commented about it, although I’m very tempted to try it now”

Yea, I’ll bet you were tempted. What happened to being fair to others, Noah? Anyway, he has just overtaken Jelani on the all-time high scores list. Congratulations Noah, whatever that’s worth.

Dear whoever-you-are,

It seems you are after an “objective” ranking of top typers. I don’t think TypeRacer is the best place for this, and in any case the amount of random chance that goes into the “Fastest Typists” listing here renders it not so useful. If you insist that every person do every race to have a valid list, the top people – like Andrei (kakarotto) – will disappear off it at times when they have “bad” races. Jelani would not stay at the top; he averages 148, which means that he’s just as likely to be listed at 133 as 163. To achieve the most valid list of Fastest Typists, I would actually suggest that everyone select races until they are satisfied with their last 10 and then stop using their accounts. Clearly this isn’t really beneficial to keeping racers active, so we should look into the alternatives suggested above by other comments.

As for who is “objectively” faster.. Jelani holds records on most typing sites, so yes, he would be the best around here (although I’d like to see him go up against Andrei, best of 5). I do average about 140-145wpm though when I complete all races, as I used to before today’s update removed the cheaters, and I’m willing to take on whoever you are. To use a real typing speed example, I achieved 10th place in one day on the permanent English text on typingzone.com before my account was removed due to not submitting my last name. As for the 120s scores, I don’t really see the need to defend myself (everyone has below-average races) but I’ll note there’s always a decrease in speed when you move your mouse to click “leave race”…

Who cares, everybody achieves gold in something unique, like me.
Because of this site I have increased my average typing speed by +15 and i’m a man in a 3rd year class full of girls!
who’s the quickest typer in the class now??? it’s actually a nice girl called faye, but i’m the second quickest now!!! get me! 🙂 thanks speed racer!!!

Noah, I realize that you’re just doing what many other people are doing. I realize that this site’s rankings are far from objective. I don’t fault you for that. If anything, I’m disappointed. I thought you, of all people, who talked about being fair to others, who posted your videos on youtube to prove you weren’t a cheat, who has the talent to be one of the better typists on this site, would be above leaving the majority of your races just to move yourself up on the high-scores list. That’s all.

By the way, am I the only one who finds the photograph posted above to be hilarious?

I think that the top20 list should be deleted for ALL TIMES… That’s the only solution. :))) We should make 3 lists: 1. last hour, 2. last 7 days, 3. last month…
Something has to be done with leaving races. For now, no one breaks the rules because he/she is leaving the races (including me :)), but 1 in 10 races should be allowed to be left…

Noah, will we be seeing you on typingzone.com for this month’ master which starts next sunday? Andrei, Jelani, Karen and Valikor compete over there, and if we could have you, Allison and Charlotte too it would be awesome! 🙂

Oh, Zoran competes there too, sorry for forgetting about you Mr. Z!

First, I don’t see leaving races as inherently unfair. This option is readily available to all and until the format of the high-scores list is changed, and the TypeRacer community and owner agrees that leaving races is generally not allowed, people of all kinds will leave races for their own various reasons.

Second, I see this approach as the best way to utilize the current high-scores list. And who’s to say anyone on the current list didn’t leave at least one or two races that might have jeopardized their placement?

Third, for me this is mostly a proof-of-concept experiment. That 163.5 is not high enough to stand up to someone really determined, and I also want to keep racing on that account in regular races. It’s a good challenge to try to achieve #1, but eventually I’ll be off to do some regular racing again and it’ll be gone.

I suppose this whole thing bothers you mostly because it isn’t “fair”. You’re even trying to throw my words back in my face to demonstrate my supposed unfairness and hypocrisy. Well, I think the determination of Fastest Typists is unfair unless it can be standardized (here, by race selection); it’d be like giving out different SATs to everyone, some with far harder tests than others, and expecting to grade them all with the same scoring system – and all test-takers must fill out the tests as fast as possible, and will be deducted points when they need to go back and fix their answer circles.

I still agree with you all that race selection is annoying, and that an ideal TypeRacer system would make it unnecessary (and perhaps penalized). Until fundamental changes in the system occur, however, I still see race selection as the fairest determination of “Fastest Typists”.

Valikor: I know! I wikipedia’d racewalking, and discovered the following items:

“The man on the far right has illegally lost contact with the ground.” (referencing the above picture – poor guy! he was doing so well)

People can “walk” a mile in under seven minutes….!!

Funny, because I also wikipedia’d it. I never realized it was a real sport!

And since we’re on the topic, I have a confession to make: my average usually isn’t 155 🙂

Noah – you’re a cheater, plain and simple. Spirit of the rules, and such.

Damz – no typingzone for me, thank you. My score didn’t register in the last competition even though I updated often and submitted it correctly. My laptop has software problems and it’s not worth my time to fix. But I look forward to seeing the results!

Allison, I think I recall Noah telling me you and him both had your accounts removed a few months ago. The only reason why this could have happened is if you didn’t enter a complete name. You don’t have to enter your real last name if you don’t want to, but it has to look credible. For example you could put Allison Stokke or something. Also, when you send a score you recieve a message that either says that your score was correctly sent or that it wasn’t. If it says it was correctly sent, then it means typingzone has recieved your score without a doubt, and it will appear on the scoreboard unless it’s removed for the reason I mentioned before.

I hope to see you there! 🙂

Interesting discussion here about leaving races. Great topic for the next full blog post!

Damz, it’s good to have you on TypeRacer, but let’s leave discussion about other sites out of this blog. It’s off-topic.

Let’s be honest–most of us have left bad races before, even if it’s not something we do regularly.

This is something that will be improved in the future. In the meantime, it’s good that the REAL cheaters (ie, those who use programs to type for them) are being dealt with.

I still think we should organize a time for lots of FAST typists to come race together 🙂 This week, maybe?

typeracer, you are right… though if we had access to a forum I could discuss these matters through private messages :p

“Let’s be honest–most of us have left bad races before”

I haven’t…not because I have any moral issues with it, but just because I thought doing so would count as 0wpm. :p

I like the idea of having more divisions. For many people on this board, 55+ wpm is quite slow. I usually type between 90-105 wpm depending on the selected text, and win some and lose some (which is fine with me), but my wife types just between 50 and 60 wpm. As soon as her average score gets high enough to put her into the Megaracer category, she gets slaughtered and demoralized, and intentionally slows down her typing so that she is back in the Pro range.

Though I’ve been guilty of dropping out of races because I’m screwing up, I think it is a good idea to somehow penalize–or at least have a statistic documenting–races dropped.

Haik (haik), is first again with 245.7 wpm. I think he should be deleted for ever this time… TypeRacer, please dedicate 7 days for TypeRacer and solve the biggest problems here, and after that step by step we’re going to solve smaller problems…

Thanks, Zoran. Haik is history.

Noah and Allison, add me:
387872761 (ICQ)

Let’s talk.

Hey, Typeracer, how fast do you type? It’s bien beau to communicate with you via this blog but we don’t know you. Have you a name? a typing speed? Hihi 🙂

Zoran sent me one week ago a youtube video on what I saw Typeracer which was passed on TV!! Haha 🙂 Congrats.
You did good job! Don’t baisse your arms.

But… who are you? On s’le demande.

It’s bien beau to communicate with you…
= It’s one thing to communicate with you…

Don’t baisse your arms.
= Don’t give up.

On s’le demande.
= We are wondering.

TypeRacer, this can’t be an e-mail address
It’s probably contact@typeracer.com
I would like to deal with cheaters and to delete them :))) What a nice job… Dream-job

TypeRacer do me (us) a favour and delete the next typists: 4. Milad Daniari, 5. Peter Gu, 7. Michael Baker, 13. Poly, 15. 140 wpm and 19 James Zhu. It will take a few minutes to do that and after that many would be thankfull. In my name and in the name of all other typists thank you.

I leave races sometimes, but only when my keyboard lags, my browser hangs, I start a few seconds later than everybody else because I didn’t realise that I had to start or real-world things requiring my attention pop up. I don’t think race-leaving should be equivalent to a 0 wpm score, because sometimes it is unavoidable. The problem here is that we have to strike a balance between eliminating dishonest race-leaving and allowing genuinely necessary race-leaving. Unfortunately, I don’t know how we can achieve this. I do recognise the need to stop cheating race-leavers, though. And I second asdfjkl;’s suggestion to have more divisions. 55+ wpm is a huge range.

There should be a list of all the player’s in typeracer, so everybody can see what rank they are in from the entire amount of racers.

Oh! Oops. There also should be a rule that you cannot leave a race so the cheaters cannot leave the race.

When we talk about leaving races, that is going to be a big problem in my opinion. It’s hard to say why someone left race. Maybe there was a problem with “bug”, maybe telephone…there could be a 1000 reasons. But, we should stop cheating (using programs) and delete some typists from the top20 list. That’s for sure… in last 30 days, I have a lot of problems with typeracer. I can’t enter the site, I don’t see text when I enter the race, I type text but I don’t know what’s my speed etc…

One more idea: when someone uses “guest account” he doesn’t need to pass the anti-cheating test. What’s purpose??? He can’be be in the top20 list, anyway. In 2, 3 months this site can become the perfect.

Zoran said:
“When we talk about leaving races, that is going to be a big problem in my opinion. It’s hard to say why someone left race. ”

Well, I just watched you bail on 4 races our of 7 or 8 we were in together. I’m pretty sure the reason you left was because your typing speed was down.

I don’t think it’s cheating, but I think everyone should know who is selecting races and selecting finishes.

Also, it’s disappointing to know you’re in a race with fast typists, but to look up and see that you got first place with 101 wpm and 2 other racers bailed with 110+. Kinda takes the fun out of the race.
Just my .02c

It takes the fun out of the race? Personally, if someone who is beating me ever LEAVES the race, I’m quite grateful! -_-

And it isn’t my intention to add an unnecessary degree of complexity to the issue, but there are times when I feel it’s legitimate to leave even at the end of a race. For example, sometimes I might try to race early in the morning.. but, after 2-3 races, I’ll see that I’m unable to type anywhere close to my average speed (since I just woke up!), and will decide to stop racing. Since those speeds are obviously not representative at all, I don’t feel bad about it.

On the other hand, I still agree that it should be penalized. In many online games, you have to suck it up. If you’re having a bad day, or the phone rings, or your computer freezes, you lose! Not really a new concept in online games…

Also, I think once a month or something, the entire community should be able to vote for their LEAST FAVORITE texts, and have them removed 🙂

Of course, more texts would need to be added, too.

is there any way to pick what you type?

Wow great idea Valikor, we should have a say in which texts we type! The community should be able to suggest texts and to elect a few of them each month (or 1 per week), all the while voting for the ones they want out. I’m convinced some of the current texts are hated by over 80% of the people… We want democracy!

In last 30 days, or even more I have a lot of problems with Typeracer. It bugs all the time… I finished my race today with 120 wpm, and then he showed to me that I finished it with 59 wpm 😐 Guys, girls, do you have the same problems like I have?

A couple weeks ago I typed 130wpm or so and it froze at the end and gave me 42wpm.

But, that’s rare 🙂 Usually I don’t have any problems.

NeedForSpeed, as soon as possible I hope that
your account is going to be DELETED! I hate when
someone is using program to type… Grrr!!!

wow that is crazy no i have never had that problem maby cause ii have 320 words per min

that’s lame, ehh.

When might a chatroom happen? =]


I just realized that one important (I think) point has not yet been made about leaving races.

Currently, the lack of a chatroom necessitates that people have the ability to leave a race (at least before it’s started). Otherwise there’s no way to race against a particular person. For example, right now I see that Gunner is on and my best chance for racing against him is to keep joining and leaving races until I track him down -_-

I don’t mind doing it, but it’s still the case that this is important for faster users who want to race against other faster users.

Valikor, you took the word from my mouth.
I wanted to say that. Sometimes I keep leaving and entering the race just because I want to race some particular person… It’s not interesting when your opponent has 80 wpm and you have 100+. That’s a huge difference. Something should be done on that area.

Well, I don’t think “something can be done” to make more fast typists, unfortunately.

i’m slow now, i haven’t played in forever. ^_^;;

PIMP–thank you for racing. I was averaging 125 just now, and could barely break 130. But when you logged on I got motivation to destroy you in the race, and got 169 immediately. But, you shouldn’t leave the race just because you lose 😉

This one time a few weeks ago, I noticed that Valikor was racing. I made a guest account, and deliberately typed a few races in the 70’s and 80’s. Then, I entered and left a few races until I found Valikor. I had nothing to lose, since it was a guest account, and nobody else in the race had a high average so Valikor was probably expecting an easy race. I won 150 to 127 🙂

But congrats to you, 169 is impressive. I’m glad I provide you motivation, that means I’m good 🙂

And I like how kyleva comes back from not racing for a couple months, and makes a new account after having his old account deleted for cheating, and suddenly his average has dropped from 180 to 110. How shocking! Yes buddy, I’m sure you lose 70 wpm only cuz you “haven’t played in forever” and not cuz you were a cheater 🙂

Well PIMP, I’ve lost hundreds of races. I’m glad you contributed to that 🙂

And regarding Kyle–I got a good chuckle out of that one too. At least he’s playing properly now!

A few ideas I felt like throwing out:
– TypeRacer tournaments, where the TR folks (or the users) can decide on a typing tournament, where users can sign up to play in a best-of-n-races type of thing.
– User profiles, where users can put up pictures and descriptions of themselves… after racing so many of you, I’ve wondered what a lot of you guys look like. As for myself, I’m pretty damn sexy… you will not be disappointed. (kidding)
– A chat room feature! People have mentioned this already.
– A wall of shame, where we list known cheaters. That way, everyone will know of their dishonesty, and we can hunt them down, and TAR THEM AND FEATHER THEM! Not really serious with this one. 😀

Oh, I promise I’ll go on AIM next time I race! I should use AIM more… I haven’t used it in at least a month.

Tomorrow (Sunday Feb. 15) at 3pm (EST–New York Time), Karen and I will be racing in the following room: http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=trvalikor

Come and join us!! We hope to see as many fast typists as possible.

Yeah, come numerous!
3 pm is equivalent to 9 pm in France

So you guys won’t be typing the Master? 😛

Lol :p We’ll be doing les deux en même temps.
COME ON, 3 pm!!!

If we put a minimum of 200 races to be in the fastest typists. We will erase 50% of the name that are here now . We will force those who are between 100 and 199 races to play because I think that they love have break when their name is in the ranking.

Or I have another Idea, you can put a minimum of ” Last 100 races ” in the fastest typist , the score will be more lower.

last 10 is not enough

It looks like in our little typeracer meeting today was successful, and the pressure brought out the best in some of us; we had 3 users break 160wpm (more than once!), and an additional user break 150wpm.

Thanks to Karen, Mako, apm740, Cyrille, Martin, Damien, Zoran, DUFOUR, and PIMP (and anyone else I forgot?) for a some fun races, and for such a high level of competition 🙂

I suggest the same time next week; 3pm EST, next Sunday.


Haha, I just googled “apm70 deadman” and it appears he is some sort of Russian professional gamer and a member of the “Russian national team” for warcraft 3.


Probably contributes to his fast typing speed, though I don’t think he won many races against you guys today 🙂

Well, considering the rules are what they are, I’ve decided to join in on the rule exploitation and leave races when I’m doing poorly. Let’s see what happens!

Haha, nice job Jelani! I doubt anyone will be able to top a 180 avg on 10 races, considering most of the people in the top 20 have their best race slower than that…
By the way, are you typing on your new keyboard?

Heh, very nice, congrats! I see you couldn’t resist trying to get back first place ;). Though it would seem you’ve just opened yourself to accusations of “cheating” and so forth… regardless, my hat is off to you, 195wpm is the fastest known regular TypeRacer race!

Yeah, the typing “party” today was pretty fun. Valikor was BEASTING a lot of those passages, haha. I’ve never seen that many >100wpm scores in one race before. Jelani, you should join in next time, so you can embarrass us. You seem to be in a league above all of us…

btw, did anyone else notice the tiny tiny smiley face at the upper left corner of this page? At first I thought it was a speck of dust on my screen.

Don’t flatter me too much, Mako. Yes, I had a streak of super-fast races in the first 10-15 minutes, but then calmed down a bit 😉 I recall you killing everyone in quite a few races, too.

Hopefully next time we can race with both Jelani and Noah. Noah told me that 3pm Sundays never works for him, but that 2pm would work (EST). That works for me, so let’s plan on doing that next week (unless Jelani wants to join, and can’t do 2pm)

And yes Mako, I noticed that a long time ago. I can hardly believe you missed it until now. -_-

So: 2/22/09, 2:00PM (EST).

I also noticed that little smiley face long time ago. What does it indicate anyway?

I don’t think leaving races should be disallowed. I started learning to touch type 2 months ago and have barely reached 70-80 now (I used to type 40wpm with hunt and peck). But I still can’t type numbers without looking at the keyboard, so I leave races that have a lot of numbers. Of course I plan to learn to type numbers as well.

btw, why do you consider people who type above 200 as cheaters? i mean is it so impossible? (i don’t know yet because i’m just learning an am at 70 atm)

and can somebody advise me which layout to use? I’m using qwerty right now, but i feel around 60% of typing has to be done by my left hand, which tires it since i’m right-handed. i read about the advantages of dvorak on wikipedia and i think it sounds good. but will i remember qwerty once i start using dvorak? is anyone here who has switched? how much speed increase can i expect?

gogeta, I don’t have a problem with someone leaving a race before it starts. I think what most of us are complaining about is people who start typing and quit when they see they’re not doing as well as they’d like. I admit, I’m not very good at typing numbers either. 😀

As for the whole cheating thing, I think that the chance of someone legitimately averaging over 200 wpm is very, very slim, which is why we assume that such players are cheaters. I googled “fastest typist”, and it came up with a woman whose top speed was 212 wpm. (There’s probably a faster typist out there, but still…)

I’ve never used a Dvorak keyboard, although I’d like to learn it sometime soon. I doubt that learning Dvorak would make you forget qwerty, though – it’s probably like knowing two different languages.

My guess:

Dvorak is probably better if you’re going to do a lot of typing. If you’re more of an average user, it probably doesn’t make a whole lot of difference (because you can type “pretty fast” and “pretty comfortably” with either one)

You might be able to get higher scores with dvorak, but that’s not certain. If you do, they will not be drastically higher.

Whether you can be fluent at two keyboard layouts is a difficult question with no easy answer. It’s possible, and if you put enough effort, you can do it. But, for some people, it is very hard to use two keyboard layouts. Other people can switch instantaneously without trouble.

That’s my opinion, and while it is somewhat informed, take it with a grain of salt!


Gogeta, the fastest typists in the world use qwerty. The fastest typist on typeracer – which happens to be the fastest English typist as far as anyone knows – uses qwerty too (Jelani Nelson aka minilek). Would they be a bit faster if they used Dvorak? Maybe so, but I doubt it. The important point here is that at 70 wpm you’re not limited by your keyboard layout and still have a lot of room for improvements. David Pritts himself, the fastest dvorak typist on typeracer as far as I know and the biggest advocate of this layout, wasn’t much slower when he used to type on qwerty. Who’s to say that he wouldn’t be faster than he currently is if he had never stopped using qwerty?

As for typing over 200 wpm, it is possible, though I believe it has yet to be done legitimately on a single text here, let alone averaging it over 10 texts. I know a few typists who can type over 200 wpm on a short text (100-250 characters) which they have typed repeatedly. Among them is Karen who has done it on several occasions in French, and as recently as yesterday. Jelani can do it too, and came very close to achieve it on typeracer with 195 wpm, despite it being much harder to practice a specific text as there’s only 1 chance out of ~280 of seeing a text in particular.

Damien: thank you for your very comprehensive post. I agree that 200wpm is possible (though admittedly unlikely).

It’s really unsatisfying for me to know that adequate research has not really been done regarding Qwerty vs. Dvorak (or others)! Though I am reminded of the typeracer quote which cites “recent ergonomic studies” which found “little to no advantage for the Dvorak keyboard”. I should look into that..

But, a couple years ago I followed some Yahoo! groups dedicated to alternative keyboard layouts, and many of the people there do typing as a part of their jobs (ie, many hours a day) and said that they would never go back to Qwerty because Dvorak is so much more comfortable.

I look at the issue from the perspective of someone who enjoys competitive typing. I want to know which keyboard offers the highest possible max speed! I think that *most* of the credit goes to talent; I typed super-fast on Qwerty, but also on Dvorak. Likewise, Gunner typed super-fast on Qwerty and within 2-3 weeks, his average is higher than many people who have typed Qwerty for years!

But, I expect that the keyboard has to play at least some role.. Recall that Barbara Blackburn (the last typist to be recorded in the Guiness Book, before the category was removed) would type strictly Dvorak. (And she typed super fast.. 150 wpm/750cpm for 50 minutes, which is probably faster than any of the legit users on typeracer, Jelani included.

Perhaps the typeracer community could try to research this issue, somewhere down the road…

I say here! There are the breathless concerns expressed in blog comments, and then there is concerns of typical user! – which could very well be different – let’s not lose site of this!

Cheating is really totally a non-issue for typical user! Typical user don’t give diddly about top 20 fastest typists. Maybe 2 or 3 that can be on that list, came blog-commenting about how they weren’t on list cause of cheaters, I say to them YOU LACK DISCIPLINE, stop whinning!

To site developer, I say, let’s not forget to Remember typical user, just want to have more varied quotes and stuff!


That’s a legitimate point. However, let’s put things into perspective. We don’t know what exactly Typeracer’s got up his sleeve, but the last time the cheating problem was focused on was 9 months ago.

I know what else I forgot to say. I would love it also to have “most accurate” typists. Actually, I’d just like to be able to track my accuracy. I think that would probably help me get my speeds up. What do people think? I’m still trying to get some tips on how to get over the 100wpm barrier. What are the drills, or skills that you practiced? It can’t be just years typing.

I agree that something could be done to utilize the “accuracy” measurement in the future.

Personally I never had to do a lot of drills/practice to type over 100 wpm. I think it helps if you played the piano and talked on AIM a lot as a kid 🙂

One thing I’m working on is to try to type as fast as my fingers will go on easy sections of text, but then preparing myself for difficult sections of text, slowing my speed slightly (on difficult sections/words) such that accuracy is improved. Ultimately, this creates better speed anyways, since making mistakes slows you down.

No more 200 wpm + typists… Boring :)))
What are we going to do now?! What is our next step? We are going to wait for “Typeracer” to finish his promissed job and then no more cheaters here, I hope so…

okay i didn’t even read that but okay!!! elohel hit me up on myspace da names Becca Williams and my username is Becca

this race is pretty cool

why is it a walking race and is it in england go steve!!!!! ps england is so last year

I have an idea which may help solve your cheaters problem. Perhaps if the score is significant, the user could be presented with a three or four word captcha. If the user completes the captcha accurately and with a speed resembling the speed at which s/he completed the typing race, the score may be added to the leader board. Otherwise, its validity may be questioned.

Let me know how your luck goes.

Hello. My idea is to create a Top-20 ranking for the total number of races completed. This could also be applied to individual texts; the top-10 users with the most races on a given text. I think this would motivate people to play legitimately and for fun, not just to falsely boost their averages.

I really hope you can add this feature to encourage more participation, and more legitimate participation.

Except that typeracer is about typing fast, not typing a lot… sorry Dufour 😉

tompccs: that feature already exists, for above 100 wpm 🙂

Damz, stop being rude!!! Naughty Damz!
Dufour, it is a great idea. 😉

lol, what is up with the ShaeIsSlow person? You really registered to the site just to tell me I’m slow? *eyeroll*

just some friendly trash talk to try to throw you off your game 😉 I thought you liked competition, hmm?

apparently it worked since our first race together you typed 40 wpm and then left in the middle…after you criticized Zoran for leaving races.

just some friendly trash talk to try to throw you off your game 😉 I thought you liked competition, hmm?

apparently it worked since our first race together you typed 40 wpm and then left in the middle…after you criticized Zoran for leaving races.

It totally did throw me off my game, lol. I was so absolutely confused. And I’m guessing you are Zoran because who else would be so butthurt about that kind of thing?

But really, friendly trash talk doesn’t include creating a new account. That’s just strange…

No, Shae, that wasn’t me… Sorry!

Sorry Zoran, my bad for assuming things.

And I was on a fast streak just a minute ago until the ShaeIsSlow person came along. After that I was wrecked and had to stop typing. Oh well, I might as well get some work done while I’m in the office. 😛

Shae, because guest names don’t show up on the high score list anymore, creating a new account is the only effective way of trash talking for now. I think there should be a new “trash talking” feature that allows a user to send a private trash-talk message to another user.

…and no, I’m not ShaeIsSlow, although making a new account for the sole purpose of trash talking is something I wouldn’t mind doing. 😀

this is a very cool place and all but words are a litle off

Vlado, I hope that you’re going to read this
message. If you’re here, leave a comment please,
and then we can talk on msn. Srbija 🙂

Cao Zoki, sad procitah tek komentar.
Pozdrav iz Beograda.

Moj MSN> je:
vlada79 [at) hotpop {dot] com

How can you race againsy friends during a private chat?

Angelica, when you enter “Race your friends”, you’ll see something like this
“http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=trnewslowkeyboard”, and then just do copy/paste to your friend and then you can race your friends. But you can’t invite someone from the race, ’cause typeracer still doesn’t have that option.

Haven’t posted in a while, but after a little more than a month of learning dvorak, my numbers are this:

Average of last ten races: 101
High: 110

For a while (about two weeks) I hit a wall at the 85-90 range, which was frustrating. However, I have recently broken past that wall and now most of my scores are in the 95-100+ range.

I think my progress was slowed because I did not use dvorak full time, but rather continued to switch back and forth between qwerty and dvorak to make sure I did not forget qwerty. However, I think it was worth it overall, because I can still type fast with qwerty (130-140) pretty consistently and I can switch back and forth effortlessly (it just takes me a few seconds to adjust). Recently, I have been confident enough to use Dvorak for my online chatting, which I think helped me break past the 85-90 barrier.

I have noticed that some texts which are hard on Qwerty are easy on Dvorak, and vice versa. My eventual goal is to be able to use switch back and forth in typeracer, using Dvorak for the easy dvorak texts and qwerty for the easy qwerty texts, kind of like a switch hitter in baseball.


Your suggestion fascinates me; I never thought of that before. I always assumed that there had to be some texts which are easier on different keyboard layouts. For example, there are a few texts where I have 5-7 of the top-10 highest scores, but others where I can’t get even close to the top-10. I assume it’s because I use Dvorak primarily.

But, I never took the next step to actually consider using Qwerty on difficult Dvorak texts. My question, though, is how do I know which texts should use which keyboard? Is it just experience typing the texts repeatedly, or is there theoretically some way of quickly making an educated guess? Hopefully people can tell us which layouts they use (especially, it would be nice to find some other Dvorak typists) so that we have more data available. Also, it would be nice to get some more hard data (ie, how many texts differ substantially depending on keyboard layout, and how much is that difference?).

I might try to brush up on my Qwerty and join you in this endeavor. It can’t hurt to try, and will probably be fun to tinker with.

With the appropriate data, I suppose we could calculate which texts are faster for Dvorak/Qwerty.

This game rox my home

I think what you want to do is much harder than you think ! I doubt we could come up with a theoretical way of evaluating how difficult is a given text on a given keyboard layout. This could be done experimentally, but with close to 300 texts on typeracer it would take an army of typists from both camps to find out any relevant information.

For what it’s worth I use qwerty 😉


I don’t think so. In fact, I know so. I’ve already been able to calculate which texts are easy for me. For example:

“If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know. . .”
“For centuries, the battle of morality was fought between those. . . ”
“Even the best-designed chair won’t make up for bad posture. . . ”
“The Earth is a world, the world is a ball, a ball. . . ”
“Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. . .”

On these texts, I now achieve -on average- over 150wpm (the fastest texts on average, for me). With the appropriate methodology (ie, a program), thousands and thousands of races can be analyzed automatically, just as the information I posted above was generated automatically.

The next step is to broaden this profile to include multiple users, from both keyboard layouts. Then, texts can be compared directly. We would expect that some texts are simply easy no matter what. But, if we find (as Gunner and I have suggested) that some texts are only easy on one layout, then we’ve found our answer.


I think what you want to do is much harder than you think ! I doubt we could come up with a theoretical way of evaluating how difficult is a given text on a given keyboard layout. This could be done experimentally, but with close to 300 texts on typeracer it would take an army of typists from both camps to find out any relevant information.

Exactly–it would be done experimentally. It wouldn’t take too long if the appropriate methodology were used. It would take little or no effort for individual users.

Congratulations to MOOBIN for being the fifth person to achieve 10,000 races!

And congratulations to DUFOUR for being the first person to achieve 10,000 WINS!

These both happened within 3 minutes of each other, today 🙂

Oh, in that case it would be doable, but still with 280 texts it would take a while… With 1500 races there might still be a few texts I have yet to type a single time 😐

…why was my post deleted?

Mako640 – because it didn’t add anything to the conversation.

TypeRacer, what is going on with administrators??? You promissed somehing, if you remember good.

Zoran: I’m still working on it.

Hey guys, I think you should change the ranks. I mean, absolutely everyone that plays is getting 55+ WPM, so we’re all Megaracers, you should add a few more ranks, say 55-65, 66-76, 77-87, 98-108 or something like that.. But yeah, just a suggestion =)

Collin: The reason there aren’t more levels is that only like 5% of all visitors type faster than 70 wpm, so the original concern was that if you fall into this category, there wouldn’t be enough players on the site for you to have a human opponent at all times. Now that the number of visitors has grown, this might no longer be an issue. I will look into it.

Only 5% of users average over 70wpm? That’s surprising.

Any chance that more distribution data will be posted sometime? (If this data exists)

Valikor, here’s some older data, tabulated on June 27, 2008.

minWPM, Pct
0, 14.10%
27, 20.15%
33, 22.66%
41, 20.41%
51, 17.69%
70, 4.99%

How to interpret the above: “17.69% of visitors type between 51 and 70 wpm”

Will post new data when it becomes available.

That’s good data, but I’d note that faster users (70wpm+) are often the ones who race the most, so I hope you are taking into account number of races and not just number of visitors. Probably a lot of slower people try out one race and don’t stick around, whereas faster people can pour in thousands of races. According to this data 57% of all people type under 41 wpm (ouch), but are those people consistent racers here?

Noah, your observation is correct. This data does not necessarily reflect the percentage of people racing at any given time. Although back in June ’08 there were no permanent accounts except for Orkut (for whom English is not necessarily the primary typing language) and MySpace users, so someone without an account who visited the site often might have been counted as different people. I’ll post more recent data when I have it. Would also be interesting to see the breakdown per hour (or some other interval of time), not per user.

yeah I agree with Noah, the lowest i’ve seen in all of the races was 41 wpm, and i’m always seeing people get 70+ wpm. but what about the very very very few ppl that are getting 200+wpm? are they cheating or something…?

Collin, you’re matched against opponents in the same level as you (looks like it’s Megaracer), that’s why you’re not seeing those who type more slowly. But yes, I agree that there are probably enough people who type over 70+ wpm now, to justify having more skill levels.

If you type fast, it doesn’t take a long time to do a lot of races 🙂

Collin: I don’t think (almost) anyone currently here who has typed over 200wpm is legit. Exceptions: Noah says his 213wpm was a glitch, and Jelani got 195 (which is pretty damn close to 200.

Well, I’m no more first on “race won” because it was a long time that I don’t came here.

DUFOUR : race race and race again, if you want to keep your first place on “race won”, because I will play a lot here these next days, and I want to make up the delay which I have 😉

Typeracer : good features to ban some cheaters, the top 20 is now a little more “active” ! The feature to don’t accept any “guest users” in the latests high score is also very good 😉

Valikor : You won’t pass me on “race won” ? I believed to see that you have approached me in my absence! ^^ I haven’t said my last word ! 🙂

Nozden, we are now equal–

I have 8613 races.
You have 8613 wins. 🙂

And you won’t get a lot of wins if you keep racing against me and “mobious strip” -_-

Someday maybe I will have more wins than you.

Yeah I see that 😀

Oh my god, I can’t win with you ! and with mobious strip also, and other guests like Suzaku and Marissa, it’s hard for me, I have only 100 wpm of average, be cool please ! ^^

I see that it’s very very hard now to win a race xD, I think I’ll not past DUFOUR, it was just for give me a challenge, but it’s too big for me, I need to progress more than 20 wpm if I want win more races 😀 (not before 4-5 years I think…).

You can do it Nozden! You can beat 10,000 wins! 100pm is pretty good. But don’t race against these competitors!

You just need to race at a better time 🙂

The truth is–I was following you intentionally, since only you and DUFOUR have more wins than I -_-

Oh, I don’t race only for wins, this morning (for me, I’m in France) I race just for fun xD ! But it’s right I prefer be first to race won ^^

Yes, I see also you follow me, and I have the impression you are not alone to do that, but maybe I’m a bit paranoid 😀

Thank you, Mako640, david and Damz for your replies. I think I’ll stick to qwerty until I reach 100wpm or more. then i’ll consider whether i’m being bottlenecked by qwerty. I don’t get to practice much due to studies (i’m 18).

btw, I saw a qwerty and dvorak comparison for common English words:


It seems that with dvorak, fingers need to travel MUCH less than they do with qwerty.

I have found more and more craaazy people leaving races, and I’m getting pretty pissed.:-( Even my friend will leave. Yet, I think the reason racers do it is because they don’t start off well or they don’t like the quote. For all of the people who do that, STOP IT!

Tomorrow we will have another typeracer gathering. It’s late notice, so hopefully some people show up 🙂 All are welcome.

Anyone who is interested should come to the following room at 3:00PM (EST/New York) on 2/29/09:


I think this is 9pm Paris time.


CORRECTION: Thanks to Noah for pointing out to me that there is no 2/29 this year.

My above post should have said 3/1/09. That is, tomorrow, at 3pm EST.

I propose has to be that which will come to count that which will gain the most race between 15:00 and 16:00 then the goal will be to make as much as possible

The presence of cheaters will still abound and those who want to train and possibly enhance their typing skills are the cheater’s usual targets. Create new categories based on average WPMs where one qualifies and can race into. In this setup, all cheaters will be grouped together – like hell.

How fast does a person have to type to be a cheater?

Based on my objective analysis, I say anything faster than a 145.8 wpm average should be considered cheating.

Based on my objective analysis, I say anything faster than a 145.8 wpm average should be considered cheating.

If I may add further, the typeracer system group can tag which ones have a consistent and mile-long string of 100% accuracy on all races competed on, day in and day out. I don’t even know how one can type at least 85 wpm on the very first second of the race.

lol @ mako

Typing 85wpm in the first second of the race means merely typing between 7 and 8 characters within the first second, which is very easy to do for some typists.

On average now, users like mako and I will type around 11 characters within the first second. Whether it is the first second on the first 10 seconds doesn’t really make a difference. People don’t type more slowly at the beginning, I don’t think.

I really don’t think there can be a brink which classifies users as a cheater… unless it’s like 250wpm or something. Users like Bob Holeness (from recent weeks) would be the only ones who can be disqualified merely because of typing too fast.

On the other hand, I do agree that any user who ever achieves a score of 200wpm or so should be seriously reviewed for likely cheating.

I think more levels above the 70+ is an excellent idea (I’ve mentioned that before on this blog). The trick would be figuring out the cutoff between different levels. I agree that the faster typists are probably the ones who spend more time on the site.

Then again, there is the law of unintended consequences such that all sorts of issues would probably arise that might make people even more unhappy with any implemented changes than they are right now.

Top-25 for “Races Completed” (accurate at 3/4/09 at noon EST, with the exception of ning/ajay, whose numbers may be a few days outdated due to using orkut)

Ajay V Raj=5475

I’ll make my plea again–can I get the names of some Dvorak typists?

Typeracer : again a cheater, his name : Don Vu (donvu4u), ban him please 😉

Gunner, message me on valikor@AIM. I have some preliminary data about the benefits of switching keyboard layouts between Qwerty and Dvorak, depending on the text. So far, the data looks pretty good.

Together, I think we could successfully investigate this idea and judge whether or not it’s worth the effort.

It would be really great if you could release this game but in other languages, like Spanish, there’s a great amount of spanish speakers in facebook that would be really thankful.

you are awsome


You’ve shown us the wpm percentages for visitors to your site. Can you provide data showing the relationship between the speed of the site’s visitors and how many races they race? As Noah mentioned, it’s probably the faster visitors who spend the most time at your site.

Very interesting game. I have one complaint though. Sometimes I key in fast and finish the text, but the web page takes time to refresh and when it refreshes, it shows a very reduced WPM for me and I also lose my position in the race. It’d be nice if you can something about this.


Typeracer used to do that for me until I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox. I don’t believe Internet Explorer was the culprit; I think my Internet Explorer had too many add-ons and Firefox was a fresh install without any of the extra stuff. You also might want to update your Java.

Is the guy above me “Don Hu” THE CHEATER??? If that’s him, I don’t know what is he doing here. TYPERACER, what about the cheaters???

@ Don: Thanks for the suggestions. Updating Java didn’t solve the problem. Switching to Firefox seems to be working so far.

Dooesn’t Typeracer’s “Remember me on this computer” work? I have to key in my ID/password each time.

About people leaving races, if someone hasn’t already suggested this, how about showing it on the racer’s stats? For eg:

Races completed: 251
Races won: 150
Races quit: 50

A big number in the “Races quit” column would show to the world that the racer is cheating and this infamy would act as a deterrent.

@Prayatn – I’m lucky I’m not in that. I was just race selecting for speed and finally managed to get my 10 race average over 100wpm. Please put in races skipped and accuracy counters. I don’t have the discipline to keep typing when I flub, it’s too easy to leave the race.

(I am happy to say that I didn’t have to leave all that many races to get my average up.)

The date time range between 27001 and 28000 was Sun Mar 08 2009 09:22:46 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) to Wed Mar 11 2009 14:26:27 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time). That’s 1000 races in 3.2108956018531765 days, or 311.43958695600304 races per day.

It’s my record 🙂

Enjoy it very much.
Would like to see categories broken down as
to those who type l00+ and under separately.
Those of us who don’t type that fast would
like to see our names on the board as well!

Should show last 10 performances of

is there a way we can get in contact with other typeracers instead of via myspace or orkut or bebo , and such and such? how about just typerracer people. And perhaps create a chat thing just under the race with others, so thatyou can chat while racing OR chat to each other before racing, this should be put in the public ‘RACE WITH OTHERS’. I propound this idea because it would be nice to chat with the people who you’re racing against and find out how they type and how they improved their typing, etc. What do YOU think?

If a user loses a race to a person who proceeds to fail the anti-cheat test, that race should not count as a loss for the non-cheater.

For some reason some guy has been following me and beating me in races tonight, but fails the anti-cheat test every time 😛

It’s not a big issue, but if it’s easy to implement, it would discourage this kind of annoying behavior in the future.

Last 10 performances should be displayed on the particular ID of the racers.

@Prayatn, Don: I’m sure IE was the culprit. It’s soooo much slower than FF, or any other non-Trident-based browser for that matter. IE 8 isn’t much of an improvement either.

Uhh just a heads up, Samuel Campton is constantly getting 200+ wpm. Dunno if he’s cheating or not, and I’m not trying to bash him, but that’s just insane.

Yeah, Samuel seems to be having some fun at the moment… I say he’s cheating, but who knows.

I think one way to help with the cheating problem is to make the captcha rules a little stricter. If I’m not mistaken, you can exceed your captcha result by 25% without getting another captcha prompt. I don’t know if it’s just me, but my captcha results are always faster than my normal results, because I’m allowed to make mistakes with the captcha. Nowadays, I usually average about 140wpm in my races, but my captcha speed is usually ~170wpm. So even though I average about 140wpm, I can cheat with a speed of at least 210wpm and get away with it.

Presumably the reason that users are allowed to exceed their capcha results by 25% is to avoid deleting a user’s exceptionally high yet legit scores. For example, if I typed 190wpm (which I will some day, in the next several months), I would need to type 143wpm to certify this score. Since 143 is higher than my average, it might be difficult to do it, especially under pressure, on a randomly generated text which is obfuscated and intentionally difficult to read. If I failed it, I would be furious since I just typed the fastest race of my life, and it wouldn’t count!

But, you are also right that it can be really easy to type the capchas since accuracy is so lenient. For example, about 10 seconds ago I tested and achieved 186wpm on the Capcha test on my first try, which is 8wpm higher than the highest race I’ve achieved in the past 7 months. I could have gotten higher too, since I wasted a second or so trying to click the “submit” button. This certifies me to type 232 wpm, which is far faster than I will ever be capable of typing in my life 🙂

It’s an issue of balancing these two competing factors. I agree with Mako that the current system is not optimally balanced–25% is too much, or the accuracy requirement is too lax. Maybe both.

I think allowing more than 3 chances might be one good idea. Why not 6 chances? Lower the 25% margin to maybe a 15 or 17% margin, and give the user more chances. With the accuracy so lenient, this would be very reasonable in my experience.

Later down the road, maybe it would be possible to implement an appeals process, such that unapproved races could manually be approved later? This would remove any risks associated with the above changes.

I agree completely with valikor. Well, maybe not completely. I know I type much slower on captcha’s because they are so obfuscated and I’m completely trained to just back up and fix mistakes, if I screw something up in the captcha challenge, I’m not going to be making close to my best times.

I think multiple captchas would allow for the pressure to subside a bit and an manual review process would also be nice, but I’m guessing that’s going to be too much work for any set of administrators.

Typeracer is so cool! I spend some free time typing here, and my wpm has increased. I love this site!!

I have learned that the world’s fastest typist holds the record of clocking 212 wpm. At typeracer we see some who have clocked more than that. the one who is on the top of list of fastest typist has highest score of 241 wpm. Is is the miracle of cheating or we really have a new world record holder.

Well I am a new typist as my id suggests. when I started 3 months back, my highest hardly touched 60. today i am almost near 100 but unable to achieve that. I dont know how to type perfectly and my fingers keep on hitting wrong keys. It would be helpful for me if a tutor version is available here so that at least a new person like me should know which finger to use to hit which key… just wondering whether it would help…

Another problem I find is that when I practice, my practice race also counts towards my overall score. This means that it is not practice but it is racing alone.


The Guiness Book no longer keeps track of the record for “fastest typist”, so it’s really not possible to know what the real “record” is.

However, I think it’s pretty clear that samuelcampton and donvu4u are both cheaters.

Also– Roy (roi1) — have you gone insane recently? You are doing an incredible number of races very quickly, at a DUFOUR-like pace 🙂 Within a few days you will have more races than me, if you continue at this rate :/

This is a very very good type of encouragement to improve typing.

Typing, Fastest. Mrs. Barbara Blackburn of Salem, Oregon maintained a speed of 150 wpm for 50 min (37,500 key strokes) and attained a speed of 170 wpm using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) system. Her top speed was recorded at 212 wpm. Source: Norris McWhirter, ed. (1985), THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, 23rd US edition, New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

We dont need guinness now. Everything is there on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typewriter

1 hr 147 wpm Albert Tangora 1923 Underwood Standard
1 hr 149 wpm Margaret Hamma 1941 electric typewriter
1 min 216 wrds Stella Pajunas 1946 IBM machine
5 min 176 wpm Carole Bechen 1959 manual typewriter
3 min 158 wpm Gregory Arakelian 1991 personal computer

I dunno if someone has already suggested to show the full text to be typewritten only at the starting gun? There are typeracer cheat programs where you can simply copy-paste them and consistently rank in the top 10 when the race is over 24/7, by using only your forefinger…

Thank you typeracer for this initiative!

I am improving my typing skills very much and it’s fun all the way.

Maybe I’m just naive, but I don’t understand why people would cheat in Typeracer. The satisfaction comes from the race and, hopefully, the victory. If you win every time, what’s the point?

It’s like that Twilight Zone episode where the gangster dies and goes to a place where he wins every game, gets every girl, and just never loses. After becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of anticipation and excitement, he goes to the guy in charge and says something like, “I lead a lousy life: I killed people, slept with loose women, boozed it up, gambled… Shouldn’t I be in that *other* place?!” Upon hearing this, the guy in charge slyly asks him, “What makes you think you’re not in that other place?”

Hi all,

Just wanted to say hello, as I just found this game on FB about a half hour ago. Don’t know if this is the right place to put this little intro, so I apologize in advance if it is, but this was the only place I saw to write anything.

It’d be kind of cool if the game creators could implement some sort of chat feature after each round, just to say “gg” or something of that nature. I like the game, but it feels more solitary than multiplayer even though that’s what it technically is. I’ve only raced 15 times so far, but I’m sure there will be more to come, lol. The only other suggestion I would make to the creators is to maybe add an average accuracy % in the stats. I know it shows after each game what the accuracy was, but I don’t see it in my overall stats and I think that’d be a nice feature. Anyway, enough of my yapping…just wanted to say hello.

Take care,

Are you still in need of site admin’s to deter the low-life Hacker’s?.

Now that you resolved the problem of cheaters, what about a new project : a multilingual version of Typeracer ?

It’s a pity for non-english speakers (and non-qwerty-keyboards users) to race in such difficult conditions…

hey guys, do you remember AnimeKitty? If you do, that is me. I have changed my aditude, and way i speak after nearly being killed by this girl at my school who hated me soo much, she stabbed me with a knife. so, i welcome everyone back. hi guys! 🐱


I would guess that most of the cheaters do get bored of it pretty quickly. It’s probably just fun as a challenge, to beat the system. Plus, typeracer is a busy site, so even if there is only a miniscule percentage of cheaters, that still adds up!

I agree about keeping track of accuracy, and adding a chat. Adding the accuracy feature would be pretty easy I’d think. I know others have suggested a chat before. It already exists in private rooms, which is pretty cool.

ps — I just read your post, Anime Kitty. That’s a pretty funny story. I wonder why that would have happened 😉

guys, girls, check out this video… (-_-)
I hope that “typeracer” has seen this.

Thanks for the link. I haven’t seen that before. It’s cool that they did a race on TV!

This web-site really SUCKS sometimes! I finish race with 125 and then it shows that I have only 80… Grrrr….


Thanks for the YouTube link. Good advertisement for Typeracer, though a bit old (Oct 2008).

I searched for “Typeracer” on YouTube and there were quite a few videos, some of them showing the top Typeracers (including Usainbolt) typing.

UsainBolt isn’t so good in my opinion. He has just choosen easy text and typed 144 wpm… David Pritts is much better than him. UsainBolt is “legit cheater”…
Check out my video. I’m the only one who typed 3 random texts in a row.

I did something and some strange lines and objects appears in my video. 🙂

hey its time for all to start racing!!!! get in the game.

Hey guys! I’ve just uploaded a video of epic proportions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOAdubIfQdI

Sorry for the crappy quality and the ugly face at the end. hehe

I’m starting to hate this site….soooo many “bugs” lately…

Zoran told me he is sometimes experiencing issues where he types by the car moves much slower and he gets a lower wpm at the end as a result. Is anyone else having a similar problem? Zoran, there could be something about your location, connection, browser, or other settings. Have you tried using a different browser yet?

I will do that today or tomorrow and then I am going to tell you results. I know that Karen Koulakian also had problems with entering the site like I have sometimes.

Hmm I think occasionally the site will lag a little bit and give me a slower WPM than I deserve, but this is not common. One time I got 42wpm when I actually earned 130+, but that only happened 1 time in 9,000+ races 🙂

Ever since you addressed the lag problem many months ago, it’s been running smoothly for me

Also: congratulations to NOZDEN for completing 12345 races!!!

(it’s an accomplishment only 4 people have ever done ;))

yay! completed my first thousand races. 😀

to Zoran: you should try Google Chrome. Though less then IE, FF lags too. But Google Chrome doesn’t lag at all. 🙂


One suggestion for “typeracer”: When I am in practice mode and I click on “race again”, I want to continue in the practice mode, not race with others. Currently it starts a new multiplayer race.

I’m actually new here and I take the game it really fun i enjoy my self playing against other player and it also good for praticing you keypboarding…

ssj4Gogeta, I’m trying Mozzila right now, and I looks fine to me… We’ll see what is going to happen in near-future. 🙂 btw, thanks.

MoziLLa * mistake… 🙂

Bob Holness (matewins), I truly hope that your account is going to be deleted for all times!!! Once FOREVER! Looooser!

TypeRacer, I have been trying “Mozila Firefox” for last 2 days and I don’t have problems with typeracer like with IE… IE was the problem. Thanks for advice.

Thanks for letting us know, Zoran. Glad Firefox fixed the problem for you. In retrospect, I should have probably built the site using Flash, to avoid these browser issues.

Typeracer, I/we really hope from you to delete at least 10 accounts from top20 “Fastest Typists”. Do you have time for that? Just look their average speeds of all times and their average speeds in last 10…

Can we just make a filter, that if your average is over 200 wpm, you just get auto IP banned. No one types that fast, and it’s not just a hair-brained statement. The fastest typist typed a RECORD of 212wpm, with an average of 150wpm over 50 minutes. I don’t care if you’re on a capacitive keyboard while touching typing in dvorak.

I really like TypeRacer.com. It helps me practice typing.

I really have to agree with you on that one, yolol. NOONE types 212…..that’s just crazy.

I think TypeRacer is a great site. It’s really addicting. It’s even good! There’s no more youtube with me! I’m onto TypeRacer! I L O V E this site! I can type a lot better now! Well…. I gotta go win some more races!

Well, I know a handful of people who CAN type over 212 wpm on a very short quote, so let’s not give too much credit to this “world record”, but I agree that no one could average over 200 wpm on 10 races, let alone on all their races.

Look, if you type over 212 on a SHORT quote..no big deal. If your a fast typer, then well…okay.That’s possible. But look, a big quote….what the heck? I mean, I’m an okay typer…but… not 212 I mean… the gut who invented Dell probably can’t even do that. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my races. I’m an Average Racer. Soo ya. But still? I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get 212 in just 10 races.

TypeRacer, Is it possible to become friends with nicknames on TypeRacer?

Users with most “Races Completed”. These are accurate as of 3/28/09, around 6pmEST. Note: Orkut/MySpace users are marked with an asterisk (*), and these numbers may NOT be completely up-to-date.

1) dufour=30037
2) ning=15607*
3) jaunty_jalopy=13053
4) nozden=12686
5) moobin=10268
6) valikor=9746
7) bob_bongloaded=9620
8) roi1=9582
9) kymdawn=9367
10) chimchimchim=8215
11) rapid=7980
12) mrlago=7397
13) dutchgirll=7211
14) llw1=6682
15) iceprincess=6518
16) sirezekiel=6507
17) chuchoespanto=6153
18) eidolons=5817
19) azee=5750
20) bajizus=5654
21) Ajay V Raj=5615*
22) didilynn=5575
23) bloodymickey=5567
24) skates=5377
25) italus=5150
26) Sachin Jha(No Remorse)=5096*
27) summer=5021
28) pmgett=4906
29) fastermart=4901
30) chng nvr chngs=4809*
31) starking=4801
32) Mukaddes Gurel=4776*
33) kizzx2=4727
34) Muhhamad Farhan=4675*
35) cell=4650
36) Blac Raven=4644*
37) traceyk=4629
38) jwatkins=4576
39) jezebe11e=4431
40) steves=4162
41) bigtom=4150
42) pndrgon=4110
43) mavman20=4005
44) kali_08=4001
45) Bruce Fisher=3990*
46) celtendo=3937
47) ohangelene=3897
48) elevenquasar3=3760
49) arussell22=3750
50) Ronnie Aspback=3737*

Hey…what’s a cheater? I need to know so I can make sure I’m not one.

Wow, Bridgett, calm down! It’s just a harmless typing site.

Anyway, a cheater is someone who gets their computer to do all the typing for them. That means copying and pasting the text into some computer program and having the program type it out, usually at a very fast speed. So as long as you’re physically typing out the words as you see them, you’re not a cheater.

Thanks! Now I know I’m not one. But… do you know HOW people actually do that?

No Damz, you don’t. If your extent of fast typists come from Typeracer, then I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to believe. But “fast typists” aren’t mid 20 men and women with a background of social networking and data entry. Most world renowned typists have been doing it long before computers. Despite your handful of people that have convinced you they can type at blinding speeds, I’m afraid they’re pulling your leg.

yolol: …what? Damz knows many top typists from this and other sites. Some of them can type 212 on a short quote with some luck. Why is that so hard to believe? I don’t get what point you’re trying to make here.

Also, I don’t get what you mean by “world renowned typists.” As far as I know, there aren’t any. As valikor said, Guiness no longer keeps a record for fastest typer anymore. The record of 212 was from over 20 years ago. Sites like Typeracer are the only arena for typists to show their stuff against a wide range of people. If the top people on this site aren’t considered good typists, who are? Sure, there may be faster people out there, but that’s a moot point, because their hat’s not in the ring.

On another note, Dufour, I think you can slow down now, nobody is going to catch up to you on the most races completed list =P

yolol, a tour through typingzone.com Masters archives will refute your entire post. (keep in mind the 6/5 wpm conversion)

“But “fast typists” aren’t mid 20 men and women with a background of social networking” … these are precisely the fast typists to which Damz was referring.

There may well be faster typists in the world who have never been to a typing website, but as Guest noted, we never made any claims about them.

On another note: I’m really amused that “Why I let my kids scream – Rule #2” is a possibly related post..

Ways to amuse oneself with a guest account:

1) Find a racer who leaves races when he/she is behind or clearly not going to win. Follow this person: if they drop, follow them immediately to the next one. Talk smack about them with your username, as appropriate. Repeat until they stop leaving races or stop racing.

2) Leave your name as simply “Guest”. Carefully finish your first race in the very low end of Megaracer (55-65pm) – bonus points if you lose this race. Then crank it up and continuously beat everyone, especially those with 100+ wpm – and never take the cheat test (just click “next race”). Your stats aren’t recorded, but they receive a loss.

3) Carefully tail just behind the leader (of any level, though Megaracers are the most fun), and zoom past them when they are near the end. OR, as suggested before (works best with lower speed levels), wait at the starting line until the leader is halfway through, and then burst past them.

Ways to amuse oneself with a guest account:

1) Find a racer who leaves races when he/she is behind or clearly not going to win. Follow this person: if they drop, follow them immediately to the next one. Talk smack about them with your username, as appropriate. Repeat until they stop leaving races or stop racing.

2) Leave your name as simply “Guest”. Carefully finish your first race in the very low end of Megaracer (55-65pm) – bonus points if you lose this race. Then crank it up and continuously beat everyone, especially those with 100+ wpm – and never take the cheat test (just click “next race”). Your stats aren’t recorded, but they receive a loss.

3) Carefully tail just behind the leader (of any level, though Megaracers are the most fun), and zoom past them when they are near the end. OR, as suggested before (works best with lower speed levels), wait at the starting line until the leader is halfway through, and then burst past them.

Haha, that was really funny, Anonymous.

“No one types that fast”
You’ve got no logical reason to assume that. Maybe you can’t, but what makes you think others can’t either? You’re just saying “I can’t do X. It seems impossible to me. So, obviously, nobody can do X.”

Thanks for coming to my rescue Guest and Noah! 😉 By the way Guest, I’m really curious as to who you might be; initially I thought you were Valikor, but since you mentioned him in your post…??

yolol, I wasn’t talking about my buddies at the bar who were claiming over a couple of beers too many that they could type at 200 wpm and more but didn’t want to bother proving it. I was talking about people who have actually done so, and for some on more than one occasion.

@David: where do you get that list?

@DUFOUR: Just let me get over with my exam. I’ll beat you in that list. 😀

There are a few people who can type ~ 200 wpm in short paragarphs of course and when text is repeated. I can type 220 wpm + on short sentences. “Sentence” of 5 words for example, but I know that that’s nothing compare with 1 minute or 30 seconds typing test. When you type one same sentence 200 times you achieve your “brute speed” = potential speed. (-_-)

@Ssj4Gogeta: I wrote a script which compiles and updates the data; Dufour provided me with useful data which helped me to do so. Good luck beating Dufour. Someone needs to do it 😉

@Damz: Nope, that wasn’t me.

@yolol: I agree that people who ever achieve over 200wpm on Typeracer should be reviewed for likely cheating. But, there are some people on here who could do it, and banning the best users wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Some day, I hope to achieve 200wpm on Typeracer.

@Anonymous: lol.

It’s almost as if Bridgett is a satirical character..

I just raced someone called “Andrea” who has more than 9k races. But they appear to be a guest user somehow. What gives?

Look at the stats box. It says “typeracer.com guest user”. Weird.

That’s just regular “bot”. Don’t be scared. 🙂

bot? You mean it’s a script?

It’s TypeRacer’s “bot”. When there isn’t enough typists you race “bot”. “Marta” is also a “bot”.

That’s cool. I didn’t know we’ve bots in typeracer. btw, what decides the speed at which these bots race?

I’m being flagged more and more as a cheater, and it is pissing me off because all I’m really working towards is an average of above 80WPM. And I don’t cheat. I don’t even leave games that I’m doing badly in, even though it affects my average. How do I avoid the “You are cheater” message?

Riana, in 100% of ceases the cheaters are persons who use programs and don’t type, and their average speeds are 150 wpm, and sometimes over 200 wpm. Don’t bother yourself, you’re not the cheater. Just keep typing. 🙂

ss4gogeta: the bots pretty much type the same speed all the time. For example, “Andrea” has done 10,000 races, averaging 65wpm. Her highest score is just 72wpm.

There are other bots with different speeds… though I don’t think any of them average above 75wpm. (something like that)

For the past couple of days I’ve been trying to concentrate more on accuracy. I thought concentrating on accuracy will slow me down, but the reverse is happening – my speed is actually _increasing_, and my fingers tire less since I need fewer keystrokes to achieve the same speed. Previously I barely managed 95-96 accuracy, now it’s almost always above 98.

“…now it’s almost always above 98.”

as it should be 🙂

My left hand is paining please tell me what to do?

Use your right hand! 🙂

Cut-off you hand, and type only with your right. 😀

your *

I think people need to work realy hard. Even if they don’t want to

You may not want to work but I have 2 so u do 2………….

I also think my left hand has to do like 60% of typing. I think qwerty is to blame.

I did a bunch of races the other day myself, and my left hand was more tired than my right.

It’s probably because you’re right handed, so your left hand is a little bit weaker.


Our scores are now tied on the Fastest Typists–

You have 159.4709 wpm

I managed to get 159.4708 wpm

I’m kicking myself right now. It’s so ridiculous that it’s almost comical 🙂

Holy crap valikor, exactly 10000 races, and a 159.5 average at that! If I were in your position I’d probably quit using the username forever. haha

Thanks Mako. I am going to quit using it until the cheaters get banned (which hopefully won’t be more than a couple weeks)

In a few weeks I’ll finish up some school projects and have a TON of free time (at the moment I’m extremely busy, so it works well)

It would have been nice to beat Allison though.. gosh!

Im plank, nice 2 meetu

I’m plywood. Very nice to meet both of you.

Nice hobby to increase the speed. I was an addict of Chatting and now that stupid thing is replace by this competition. Thanks a lot. SS4Gogeta you are so cute. Racing with you is great. And you Heather, Rahul and all.

I must say I believe that Malian_Setin (m_setin) is a cheater. I would like him to proof that he isn’t a cheater. It’s not so hard to make a video and post it on youtube. Today, he has played 20 + race and all the time I was entering and leaving the race to find him, but I couldn’t do that. Maybe I’m wrong but he is a cheater in my opinion. His wpm in 20 minutes became much, much better than before.
David, what’s your opinion about this?

yay! for the first time my last ten races’ average crossed 80! I’m so glad I concentrated on accuracy. I can type so much faster now, with so much less effort. 🙂

jonah: thanks. 🙂

noah, mako: haha I’m cellulose 😀

Hi ma name iz christine.
im a student at middle school of poplarville.
and i wanted to say how fun this web site iz…
it givez me something to do and everything

hi ma name is bridget
im in grammer school
i luv the site 2!

yay! i got listed in the top twenty for the first time! just 92 wpm, but that’s my highest. i’m working hard on it. 🙂

Good job, you’re dangerously approaching the 100 wpm barrier!

I think the snowflake version of the Typeracer logo should be removed, since it’s officially Spring now.

But how about cheats below 90wpm, I’ve noticed guys who type with same consistency and speed for harder and easier passages.

Thank you Typeracer for deleting my account, it will be sure than I’m cheating, even obvious 😉 thanks again.

TypeRacer, FINALLY! Cheaters from the top20 list DELETED! Thanks God you did that! Now, I must start “cheating”, I mean leaving/entering the race and find 10 easy texts to enter the top20 list 🙂

@Aravind: A passage which is easy for you may be difficult for others. There are no set rules to determine if a passage is easier. Besides it also depends on the keyboard layout.

TOP 10 Course complétés et voici en quel année chacun d’eux auront un million de course complété.

1-dufour = 30678 = Année 2030
2-ning r = 15607 = Année 2050
3-jaunty_jalopy = 13152 = Année 2058
4-nozden = 12692 = Année 2060
5-moobin = 10268 = Année 2072
6-roi1 = 10211 = Année 2073
7-valikor = 10000 = Année 2074
8-bob_bongloaded = 9876 = Année 2075
9-kymdawn = 9367 = Année 2078
10-chimchimchim = 8730 = Année 2084

En gros c’est juste pour dire je devrais avoir 1 million de course 20 ans avant tout le monde LOL.

TOP 10 Course complétés et voici en quel année chacun d’eux auront un million de course complété.

1-dufour = 30678 = Année 2030
2-ning r = 15607 = Année 2050
3-jaunty_jalopy = 13152 = Année 2058
4-nozden = 12692 = Année 2060
5-moobin = 10268 = Année 2072
6-roi1 = 10211 = Année 2073
7-valikor = 10000 = Année 2074
8-bob_bongloaded = 9876 = Année 2075
9-kymdawn = 9367 = Année 2078
10-chimchimchim = 8730 = Année 2084

En gros c’est juste pour dire je devrais avoir 1 million de course 20 ans avant tout le monde LOL.

@ssj4Gogeta: yeah u r right , may be a passage difficult for me can be easy for others!! Do peole really use Dvorak keyboards ( i mean the ones above 100 wpm , i have never touched that mark 😦 , Trying hard – still my highest is 97)

Aravind, most people with > 100 wpm use Qwerty, but some of them use Dvorak. There is no big difference in speed between Dvorak and Qwerty layout.

thanks for so many good races jonah, it was really great racing with you. but I must give some rest to my fingers now. they’re aching like heck lol.

ssj4Gogeta I get tensed when racing with you. My left hand is yet to recover from terrible pain. Though I have good speed but no accuracy. You look so cute dear ummmmmmmmm

@typeracer: How about a feature which would let you click on a person’s name and then select “invite to private race”. The person being invited would then receive a (unobtrusive) message that they have been invited to a private race.


YES! That is a fantastic idea. If Typeracer eventually penalizes users for leaving races (which I think should be done–to prevent the current exaggeration of averages), it would be frustrating for users like me.

For example, today I was racing at the same time as Noah. I like racing against him because he’s super fast 🙂 But, this requires entering/leaving races, and waiting until we are in the same race before actually completing a race. (That is, I leave some races if he doesn’t join) It would be much better to be able to invite a user to join a private race.

(This isn’t the greatest example, because I happen to know his AIM screenname, but you guys get the point. Sometimes there’s a particular person you might want to race against.. Plus, there’s a chat feature in the private rooms)

valikor, I think penalizing for leaving a race will work. Many racers who race on this site are doing this from office during free time. Suppose you are on a race and a phone call comes, then what are you going to do. This site is doing things which can help all kinds of people and not only focussing on simply sitting ones.


I assume you meant to say “I *don’t* think penalizing. . .”

In some sense, I agree. That is, I don’t think that leaving a single race should have any consequences. I play Typeracer during class, and sometimes I have no choice but to quit a race. However, I do think people should be required to complete *most* of their races. I don’t see any reason why people should be unable to complete, say, fewer than 70% of their races.

If you are leaving more than 30% of your races, you’re probably just trying to cheat the system by avoiding hard texts, avoid losses when you are having a bad race, and manipulate your average.

Jonah: “You look so cute dear ”
where did you see me lol. sorry didn’t see your post before I posted my last one. I just hit submit and closed the browser.

David: I sometimes have to leave some races in the morning because I’m just too sleepy. Otherwise I try to complete all the races. Once while I was typing my little bro spilled something hot on my hand, but I didn’t leave the race. btw, how old are you and how long have you been touch typing? It seems it’ll take me years to achieve 150 wpm.

SS4Gogeta I was just guessing. I hope you are cute and I think are are a girl. Anyways Have a nice life.


I understand that. I too have raced in the morning, and been too tired, so I left a few races. This is why I think leaving some races should be allowed. But leaving a lot of races should not be allowed.

I have one suggestion for entering the top20 list. In order to qualify for the top-20 list of all times (“Fastest Typists”), a user’s average of the past-10 must not include ANY abandoned races. Most of typists in top20 list enter the list doing “entering/leaving” races to find the easiest texts… What do you guys/girls think about that?


I think that would be pretty good, too.

Warming Up (xpanda)is one of the ones who who leaves a very high percent of his races.
He is leaving/entering the race to find the easiest text and then type it. His wish to enter the top20 list is soooo BIG! Impresive! This is a little stupid, isn’t it???

Shotaro Makisumi:

I am very happy to see you on Typeracer. I am guessing that you are the same Shotaro Makisumi who is one of the best Rubik’s Cubists in the world. After all, both activities require very fast fingers–which you clearly have

In my short and unsuccessful cubing career, I have watched plenty of your videos. Welcome to typeracer, and good racing against you. I guess I finally found an event I can beat you at 🙂

If you are a different Shotaro Makisumi, disregard this message 😉

-David Pritts (valikor)

Hullo! Just discovered this site today.

I know that this post is irrelevant, but why not consider having some discussion forums? They should populate pretty fast, given typing speeds ;-).

zz. (zz__57)
198 wpm 54 minutes ago
zizizizzz (theziz_)
178 wpm 44 minutes ago
ziz78 (thezizman)
177 wpm 46 minutes ago
zz2 (zizz)
176 wpm 49 minutes ago
zulu (hate_me_noob_haha)
175 wpm 25 minutes ago
aziz_ziz (aziz_ziz)
175 wpm 41 minutes ago
knowman (hehehehee)
174 wpm 35 minutes ago
yeahmanziz (theziz_z)
173 wpm 43 minutes ago
Fear me (zilinen)
173 wpm 19 minutes ago
yeaaaah (hehe_fat)
172 wpm 27 minutes ago
accountnumber8 (heheiamveryfast)
171 wpm 31 minutes ago
BAH ZZ (username7878)
171 wpm 24 minutes ago
heheiamfast (iamfast8)
171 wpm 33 minutes ago
ziz_man_ziz (ziz_man_ziz)
170 wpm 39 minutes ago
azizziz (zoz78)
170 wpm 37 minutes ago
zz3 (theziz)
169 wpm 48 minutes ago
TOP20 IS CHEATED (top20ischeated)
168 wpm 17 minutes ago
typeracerlover (typeracer_lover)
167 wpm 29 minutes ago
lover_typeracer (lover_typeracer)
164 wpm 28 minutes ago

Someone had an extra time today… He is probably 12, 13 years old boy.

Right Now, My favourite racers are Lucas, Aditi & Bhushan.

I’d like to thank John Smith (master_pobble_wobble) and Noah (licahfox) for their excellent races today. It was fun.

It is also the first time I remember seeing three scores above 170 in an hour (not counting cheaters).

Competition always brings out the best… if I hadn’t made a typo, my 177wpm would have probably been 185 (the fastest race I’ve ever done!)

Hope to see you back John (looks like today is your first day?).. I’m sure I’ll see you again Noah -_-

Great site. Is it possible for registered users to go back and update their user details (e.g. email address or screen name? I couldn’t see how to do this

Thanks, Lyall. It isn’t yet possible to update your account details, but the plan is to make enable that in the very near future.

The version in Spanish does not exist because perhaps they are scared of we win to them hehe, in Spanish my WPM goes to 200wpm but in inglish just 75wpm (I traslate this text because I don’t know nothing about english) Scared or what??

How about a ban on this cheater:
PENlS (hard_stiffy) also, probably the same person, you could check IP’s to be sure: red_testes. Probably has other lame aliases dealing with male genatilia.

Typical zooming at 400 wpm until the last character, where he waits for the wpm to go down to something he can make the cheat test cut off.

Thanks, vet! I just deleted this account. If you see any others like this, please email me (support at typeracer.com) and I will delete them promptly.

i suggest all profiles with porn-related IDs should be banned! ho.. I’ve seen a lot!!!

Yes, creating offensive usernames is against our terms of service. Until we have a “flag this user” button, could you please report specific instance by email to “support AT typeracer.com”?

Got another idea for abandoning races. If you don’t want it to count against you, don’t let you join another race for X amount of time. 1 min, 5 min, 10 min? I’m sure there’s some amount of time that people would find annoying enough to not skip races. I also find that usually I’ll play for a while, and eventually I’ll give up when a particularly hard/long quote comes up and it gets me back to my work.

Suggestion:Would be great if we had overall or at least recent races accuracy on the profile stats…..

wtf, you cant even go on with a single mistyped.

Yeah, you have to get every word right, and it can be kind of annoying. But I think that’s a good thing.

First, it encourages (forces) accurate typing.

Second, suppose you were allowed to make mistakes. How would the races work, then? You could make a typo’d word not count; but if that were the case, then the person who finishes a race first is not necessarily the winner, because he could have gotten lots of words wrong. Because of that, the cars moving across the screen would be meaningless, since they wouldn’t show who’s winning.

How is it that I can reach the finish line first, be shown that I came in first place, then see another car finish with a faster WPM but without a finish position? i.e. I just had a 78WPM, another person finished with a 88 WPM, but I came in first. How is that?

How is it that I can reach the finish line first, be shown that I came in first place, then see another car finish with a faster WPM but without a finish position? i.e. I just had a 78WPM, another person finished with a 88 WPM, but I came in first. How is that?

Did it say “1st place” for you and “2nd place” for the other car, even though it’s WPM was higher? If not, it’s likely that that the other player didn’t finish the race (left one word before reaching the finish line). Sometimes the car positions aren’t accurate until the very end because of internet connection lag.

Typeracer, his car looked like it finished the race, but it didn’t give him a “2nd place”. Perhaps he did just stop before completing the text.

While I’m here, Typeracer, I want to say that I just found this site today. I enjoy it immensely, but had a couple of issues with it, so I read the past three-months’ worth of blogs. People continuously have asked about you finding a way to keep people from stopping races. In only the past 30 minutes of racing, I’ve personally witnessed one person in particular quit 5 different races. How hard could it possibly be for you to be able to add how many times a user had quit races to their profile?

In just the few hours I’ve been racing, the cheaters have really made me begin to lose interest.

Additionally, why have you not been able to implement more divisions? Getting stuck racing the +130 WPM people every race is very discouraging for the MegaRacers that are only at 75 WPM.


Lots of people leave the race at the very end. Yes, this is a problem.

Also, maybe some minor modifications can be made to the “divisions”, but if there was a division for 100+ users, there might only be a couple people online at a given time who average in that range… so it wouldn’t be fun for us. Plus, just like in any activity, there will always be people who are good enough to win most of the time. I’m sorry if you had to race against Noah and I a few minutes ago 😛



After having read the entire blog, and seeing your name throughout the thing, I was quite excited to see you and Noah in my race. Didn’t mean to seem like I was complaining about it; just was pointing out that it seems like some of the excellent suggestions made throughout the blog would be easy to implement. e.g the additional divisions and the annotating of the amount of times a user has quit races.


Oh, and also, what is this “captcha” that is mentioned throughout the blog? I can’t figure out what that is?

No offense taken 🙂

The captcha is a test that users are given if they type over 100wpm. It’s a blurry image of text (to avoid copy/paste), and the user must type the text as fast as possible, to prove that s/he was not cheating.

Have to get over 100 WPM to see the captcha, huh? Well, I guess I know why I didn’t know what it was, then.

Thanks, Valikor.

hey, I am a 60 wpm user from your site and would like to suggest a feature that just might do some good to your site, so…Here it is:
how about some timed games?

we just keep on typing for a given time (say 5 minutes…beginner…10 minute intermediate…and 15 minute advanced) that will be a cool competition, don’t you think? for eg: i might do 60 wpm for 2 minutes but after I type for 5 minutes, my speed decreases to 50 or even less (because I am not used to typing much) and this competition would, now, help increase the other typists’ stamina (something your site currently lacks)

p.s. if you think of considering this idea, GIVE ME THE CREDITS…
~lol~ just kidding…(god! I crack myself up sometimes!)

but, hey! you must agree, this is a pretty good suggestion *smugs*

I don’t think there is much to deal with stamina..Most people race continuously for 10-15 (and more) minutes….

@ Typeracer.. pls take care of typeracer app in Orkut.. they deleted it from the profile page( i am not able to boast about being no: 1 among my friends..) 😀

Derrick (Go_UK), captcha is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA
check out this page http://blog.typeracer.com/2008/05/19/new-speedometer-and-improved-cheat-protection/
I’m sure that after reading this links you’ll know what “captcha” is. 🙂

well then we just have to set higher standards….
those who type for 15 minutes straight (as I mentioned above) are experts….maybe intermediate…maybe even beginners…but stamina isn’t something you can ignore mister…and besides, I am just making a suggestion….
you can criticize it or appreciate it “after” it has been approved (not that I am trying to pick a fight with you…it’s just that it is pointless arguing about something we don’t know will happen or not)


Type Racer pls

After average speed of 55 wpm we get into next level called megaracer. Pls why don’t you catergorize typist in the range of say 35-50, 50-65, 65-80, 80-95 so on….. this would be more competitive.

@ Painそのキツネ子供は私を殺すでしょう!
right may be it will lead to a revolution…(like twenty20 in cricket)

what jonah said. Better still, you can do dynamic grouping. I mean why don’t you make your servers decide on the fly which people are to race against each other according to their last 10 races’ average and how many people are online. Like if there are 3 people online with average between 60-70 and 3 people between 100-120, then there should be 2 separate races for these people. On the other hand, if there are 3 people with averages 60-70 online and only one person with average 100 online, you have only one race. Can’t all this be decided in real time? Is it too tough to implement? I think the algorithm would be something like:

-break the averages into 50-70, 70-90, etc.

-determine how many people for each group are there

-If there are insufficient number people in a group, merge them into one of the adjacent groups depending on which has a lower number of people. If both of them are filled, check the next higher/lower groups.

-once there are sufficient number of people in each group, start the races.

looks simple to me. 🙂

I thought the code was already like that..(automatically groupin accordin to speeds)
Ya would be great if majority of the races are very tight

it would have been easier to spot the cheaters if we had detailed accuracy stats…

Aravind: I don’t think it’s like that. That’s why we’re having this problem. Currently the group size is too large (typing speed wise. that is, a person who can type only 55 wpm may have to race people who type above 150 wpm) and typeracer doesn’t want to reduce it because there may not be sufficient people in a group at a particular time. The solution is that reduce the group size but also enable merging of groups if there aren’t sufficient people.

@ ssj4Gogeta : but i believe megaracers are the most active that..nowadays there are sufficient people in most groups…
Ofcourse as u suggested earlier.., “If there are insufficient number people in a group, merge them into one of the adjacent groups depending on which has a lower number of people. If both of them are filled, check the next higher/lower groups.” is a great IDEA

I’m cheryl and i’m your daughter

I don’t know what I’d say to you after all of these years.Let’s talk about sausage.

Dear Typeracer

You must be the first person to be honest in the way of conducting competitions. Because of Megaracer kind of stuff. We are forced to be in pro win as much races we can. I am enjoying dominating all the pro ones. I always want to be in pro and never come in mega racer slot.

You know even my speed is increasing while competing the under dogs.

If you cannot change then we will change dear typeracer

Once you get away from that border line.. You’ll enjoy MEGARACING

Aravind better you don’t try to teach me.

Dear Typracer

I wish we could have separate high score standings for Pro and Megaracer. So that those who are slow typers would also be delighted to see their names on top 20.

I didn’t mean to teach u.. i just told wat i went through…

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m aRomantic Traveling Self-Knower

Aravind: jonah was already a megaracer. He slowed down to get into the pro group.

jonah: I think while you’re in the pro group you should work on your accuracy as much as you can. 🙂

Thanks ssj4Gogeta, If someone is tracking me then it is you. But the greatest secret I learnt by jumping into pro is that now I am feeling competitive.

Speed has increased from 65 to 74

Accuracy is almost 98% in every game.

Hope I will race ssj4Gogeta and win.

yeah… i understood… because i have did all these (deliberately slowin down to stay a pro).. but once i got away from that border line… it became fun..

yeah… i understood… because i have did all these (deliberately slowin down to stay a pro).. but once i got away from that border line… it became fun..

Aravind I will keep it simple.

I have two ids one in orkut that is jonahmano and the other is manu4someone

I stay pro in jonahmano so that I can play the boss and I don’t get bored up losing and get distracted.

And with manu4someone id I play the real me, I mean I try to increase the speed neverthless I win or lose.

My average speed for last ten races is 73


My average speed for all time is 62.5

This is me, If you can accept or not it is for you to decide.

I want the site owners to be honest when differentiating pro and mega racers.

Yeah i too support this idea.. but u’ve got wrong with wat i meant..
i was in this very same situation few months ago(EXACTLY – mega in orkut, pro in typeracer so that i can keep winning..:)and got slow and stuck when all went ahead of me(in the megaracing slot):( ) it became easier when i started touchin 80s frequently
Last 10: 80
all time: 63.54
I was so very frustrated then.. and still support the idea(as seen in my earlier posts)

jonah: “Hope I will race ssj4Gogeta and win.”

I don’t think so. 😛
My last ten races average is almost always above 80 now. I even completed 3 races in a row above 90. 😀

335 posts and still no features, Typeracer, do something.

Dethklok, try to type sometimes in the real race with other typists. It isn’t interesting for someone who is so fast to type in “Practice”!!!

Damn BSNL (my ISP). I must have finished the race at like 85 and the I got disconnected. When it connected back my score got listed as 61. X(

Do you use IE or Mozilla?

I use Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Thanks Zoran :), but I know it was my ISP because the connection light on my modem went off for a while.

it happened to many times… that i cannot even finish many races(lag.. stuck)
i use opera 🙂

kukkain (tsvuk) is a new cheater here. Unfortunatelly he has 2000 + races… Average is 115 wpm, best race 188 wpm.

Kukkain hasn’t seemed to cheat against me so far – not obviously, anyways – although he leaves most of his races 😦

188 is unreasonable for that average though – mine’s a little higher and I’ve never gotten quite that high on an individual race.

I really like Zoran’s idea of not allowing any abandoned races to factor into top-10 all-time. That seems one of 4 great ways to me to have an “accurate” top-10, the other 3 being:

2) Use top scores from best 10 texts by that user.

3) Use 10 specific texts, identical for all, as a “permanent” contest available at any time.

4) Current system of filtering/choosing your personal 10 texts by abandoning races, like Jelani and Allison and many others are exploiting.

Also, something no one has explicitly suggested to date: it would be nice to have a “last race” timestamp in the pop-up profiles; I often try to see if the recent top people are still racing, and also that’d be useful for the all-time scores, to confirm which people are simply sitting on their accomplishments.

Regarding cheaters:
The overall top-20 list seems much better now, but many cheaters’ accounts still exist and clog the top-10 lists for each text. I raced for a while tonight and noted those which I think should be deleted.

Obvious (best race > 200 wpm and other clues):
Michael Baker (nikon)
Armenia (armenia)
Bob Dole (botter)
Phil Williams (guruphilwill)
I type pretty fast. (gunba)
PuRe cHi (pure_chi)
Yali Sela (israel_ftw)
peach (peach_)
grape (grape)
Abe Wilson (luagod)

Red flag (had a way higher score on a race than any known legit racer did):
XiP (vegittotenks)
Anony typer (anonytyper)
JacobIsAFineTypist (jacobisafinetypist)
James Zhu (jameszhuzhu)
Siddharta Gautama (buddha)

Personally witnessed cheating (zooms to end with 300+ wpm, then waits for number to drop low enough to pass anti-cheat test):
Itchy_Nuts (red_testes)

Have my doubts about, but no crystal-clear evidence:
internetsoldier (internetsoldier)
Jane Willy (janewilly)

I would really appreciate it if these accounts would be cleared – it would make striving for text-top-10 much more fun!

I hope that someday soon text-top-10 features will be expanded – available any time, ability to see users’ ranks on any text, and more.

(correction) rather, all accounts cleared except the “doubtful” three, unless others have experienced problems with them as well.

Alex, have you seen the Typing Race application on Facebook? It seems like an obvious rip-off… though the “buy new cars” aspect is pretty cool.


While I do agree 100% with the list of “obvious” cheaters (my own analysis has reached the same conclusions), I would suggest that you be careful with your criteria. Identifying that some of these users have unreasonably high scores isn’t necessarily enough; after all, your highest score is largely unreasonable as well, so by that logic, you should be deleted as well 🙂 (You say, and I believe you, that it happened due to a bug/lag, but this could have happened to other users as well)

I also agree with you about Vegittotenks, Anonytyper, and Buddha (I’m not sure about JamesZhu and Jacob–I haven’t looked at these in a long time). XiP (vegittotenks) is particularly frustrating because he has so many cheated scores which clog up the high scores for individual texts.



Dear cute lady don’t be over righteous or excited. I did win few games on you earlier. And I can win more too. I bet.

I donno y these guys are not polite…

Haha, shh you guys. I won’t lie I wasn’t playing legit. But before my legit was ~135wpm.

Now 110wpm is killing me, probably worse now.. I haven’t played since I left my last comment.

what are cheaters? i need to know so i know that i am not one and i am being fair. i want to know from maybe a person that has expieriance with telling people….and can you please give me a full detaled story about maybe what happened or CAN happen near cheaters? also, WHO are cheaters???????? thanks!

hello everyone! lol

Terrible, awful, horrendous things happen near cheaters.

lol hello back

o hai bridgett.

Cheaters are evil, evil people, and they shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They must all go to typing prison, where they will do nothing but type all day (without the help of a computer program!).

ummmm ok!!!!! lol that still doesnt answer my question

im not very good at typing fast

yay! reached hundred wpm (just one race, not average). But I didn’t see the captcha?

How do you guys improve accuracy.. my speed has improved from 60s to 80s over the previous months .. BUT I’m STRUGGLING in terms of accuracy (around 92-96)
Pls help me..

@Nicky: I also had extremely poor accuracy. I concentrated on improving it. I thought improving it will slow me down, but it actually sped my typing up. Try it – type as slowly as required to get in 98-100% range. You might see that your typing speed is slowing down at first but after only a few races it’ll start increasing. Even if you move your fingers slower than you do, you’re doing more typing in less keystrokes. Your fingers won’t tire either. And after some time (3-4 days) when you start moving your fingers as fast as before, your typing speed will go up! Trust me, it works very well. I was able to increase my speed from 60’s to 80’s in a few days. Now I’m frequently able to touch 90’s and it’s still going up. You should be able to reach 100’s easily.

thnx.. I’m tryin your suggestion..looks to be a great idea..
And CONGRATS touching the 100 mark..(mine is 97 (highest))

Thanks Nicky.

@DUFOUR: I get so nervous when I race with any of the pros here, I start hitting all the wrong keys. My average dropped down while racing with you. lol

Users with Most Races Completed (courtesy of valikor/dufour), updated 4/29/09 1:45PM EST.

Users marked with * are Orkut/Myspace/Facebook users, and their actual numbers may be higher.

1) dufour=32872
2) ning=15616*
3) nozden=13730
4) jaunty_jalopy=13324
5) chimchimchim=10972
6) roi1=10767
7) moobin=10268
8) valikor=10122
9) bob_bongloaded=10062
10) kymdawn=9367
11) rapid=9149
12) chuchoespanto=7844
13) mrlago=7582
14) dutchgirll=7215
15) llw1=6682
16) azee=6663
17) iceprincess=6650
18) sirezekiel=6515
19) starking=6288
20) eidolons=6086
21) testyper=6020
22) bloodymickey=5996
23) jezebe11e=5920
24) didilynn=5837
25) bajizus=5654
26) Ajay V Raj=5615 *
27) pmgett=5420
28) Muhhamad Farhan=5392 *
29) skates=5377
30) arussell22=5267
31) fastermart=5180
32) Sachin Jha(No Remorse)=5175 *
33) cell=5162
34) italus=5150
35) kizzx2=5087
36) pndrgon=5063
37) summer=5042
38) Blac Raven=4995 *
39) Mukaddes Gurel=4838 *
40) chng nvr chngs=4809 *
41) traceyk=4629
42) jwatkins=4576
43) Kacper Pawlaczik=4521 *
44) celtendo=4273
45) manish_singh=4253
46) bigtom=4241
47) steves=4227
48) lebao=4193
49) jaxsta=4104
50) kali_08=4064
51) mavman20=4005
52) Bruce Fisher=3990 *
53) aravind_krd=3967
54) prevailer=3952
55) changoa=3913
56) ohangelene=3897
57) evndude=3809
58) ubergh=3807
59) ralitsa_sf=3803
60) llongamy=3775
61) elevenquasar3=3765
62) victrola=3756
63) Ronnie Aspback=3737 *
64) undead=3716
65) crak=3682
66) moeru=3612
67) tclancy=3550
68) Sunita Sanju=3487 *
69) greenriver=3454
70) loislane78=3382
71) mahesh9208=3375
72) enfuego=3365
73) Johnnny Boi.=3355 *
74) grrarg=3342
75) ANONYMOUS=3264 *

I see I still need to complete more than 1000 races to enter that list. I’m planning on doing around 200 races per day.

I think that – just a suggestion – you should make an iPhone application of this. It is great, but on the iPhone on Safari it is extremely slow. If you make an iPhone application, then this program will be catching onto people like wildfire! Just a suggestion. And if you every DO make the application…send me a free copy…=DDDD Thanks.

Hello everyone..
I’m aravind_krd(Name: Aravind)
country: India
last 10 avg – 70s-80s
races completed- 3967
highest 111wpm
Never knew that the typeracer blog was this active..
Sad to know that even after 363 suggestions.. no addition of features,:
I beleive this blog has the potential to be made into a community of typeracers.. with unique IDs and Names
Detailed accuracy stats
Instant chat (after completeing a race)
No: of 100% accurate races
No: of above 100wpm races
Division between consistent 100 racers and the 60s-80s mega racers (some hidden division at the least)
Some measures to solve this LAG issue(seems like its not a big issue.., but it reduces my speed by 3-5wpm on an average, I’m even forced to leave many races.. not able to finish them due to huge time lag- All this using 2mbps broadband) Does the lag have something to deal with my location or browser i use?
Penalty on average for consistently leaving races(though there will be an issue of people leaving the race for genuine reasons being mistook)
More details on typeracer profile(displya pic…)
Happy to see the top 50 experienced racers
Can we see the top 50 based on no: of races won?
@ ssj4Gogeta, I’m also havin great trouble with accuracy and trying ur suggestion, LOOKS TO BE A SUPER HIT out here
I thought I’m the only one to have my hand shivering while playing against people i know..(have the same prob. as ssj4Gogeta)
Hats off to all guys finding the cheaters. no: of cheaters have decreased considerably over the previous months.. that i manage to get into the recent high scores list..at times 🙂 .
Looking forward to replies.. will keep in touch.

Aravind je peux te dire que tu es environ 80e en victoire ceci est pas un classement exacte car je note manuellement tout le monde que je vois qui pourrait etre top100 win et races alors voila

@ DUFOUR Je m’attendais à ce que, juste demandé de curiosité, merci.


21)Bruce Fisher=3278
24)ning r=2835
27)Muhhamad Farhan=2576
38)Kacper Pawlaczik=2150
65)عمران ♂ ĨMяåη=1349
68)Blac Raven=1279
76)Mukaddes Gurel=1191
89)Sachin Jha (No Remorse)=1100

Voila cest a cela que ressemble le top100 win mais ceci est actualiser que quand je course contre les joeurs alors ca se peux que plusieurs personne de ce classement fais plusieurs jour qu’il ont pas été updater car je l’ai ai pas affronter dernierement en course.

sorry licafox = 1064 wins 😀

Typeracer, sometimes the text box doesn’t appear and I’m forced to leave that race. This doesn’t happen often, though.

Thanks Gogeta, I’m looking into this bug today.

check out this cool website if u like prizes and stuff FREE!

WTB number keypad typing!

This is fun but I can’t understand how anyone can cheat at this? I am so jealous of anyone that can type that fast. Good for them! I hope to reach 100 wpm. That would be awesome. Even 80 wpm would be awesome. Does everyone just sit and type all day?

Some people are just plain faster, just like some people are faster runners than others. everyone can practice and get better, but I think your ceiling is largely something you’re born with. some people can race for thousands of races or use a computer for years and years and never get above 100. some people use a computer for a couple years and can type 130+. there’s just some things that you can’t control.

no, With gud guidance, techinically perfect practiceing, anyone can touch 100wpm

I don’t think it’s true that anyone can type 100wpm with enough practice. Most young people nowadays use computers constantly, and have plenty of practice typing. But, the majority cannot type even close to 100wpm.

How does one cheat on something like this exactly? I can type upwards to 107; but than again I type CONSTANTLY on instant messengers and such.

So…i just lost to a guy that typed 237 wpm and his average is over 160wpm. That’s got to be cheating. Please check that out…its annoying!

Danny, next time you see something like that, could you write down that user’s username for me? I’ve developed some new admin tools recently that make it really easy for me to delete cheaters. It now takes me literally 2 seconds. So just send me the usernames and they will be gone! Please email support AT typeracer.com or post on this blog.

Danny, of course that 237 wpm is cheating…

I would love to play again, but for some reason I can’t log in. The login button is covered with an exclamation mark and some MSN buddy sign. 2 days ago I created my account, and I had the account on Remember me, so I was automatically logged in. Now I deleted my cookies so it was erased. Now I’m trying to log in again, but I am not able to.

My name is dev ined btw, forgot to put that in in last post.

SS4Gogeta……….Now tell me as you have underestimated me. Now my highest speed is 102. Beat me if you can darling.

This is the greatest way to learn how to type ever! This website is so popular that it’s,like, awesome to think about! Keep it up!

I’d performed 154 Words Per Minute through my Orkut Account by my name is not displayed anywhere, why ? I would like to know about it. Kindly let me know.


Dufour, “newslowkeyboard” 2893 wins!!! What about that? 🙂


I type on an average speed of 115-120 WPM and my best speed is 126 WPM. However, whenever I get above 120, I am asked ever time for a CAPTCHA race, sometimes I am able to qualify for it but due to lack of accuracy I can not do that.. Is there a way to get our of this?

Faster Indian, if your average speed is 115-120 wpm your maximum speed should be at least 150 wpm if not 160, 170 wpm. If your current average speed is 115-120 wpm and your maximum speed is 126 wpm that means you leave a lot of races.

Yeah Zoran,
You can check my stats now… My best speed is 133 WPM now.. I am working on my accuracy now..
And I have raced just for 60 times as of now..
once I’ll catch up with Typeracer.. I’ll be moving on along with the speed as well as accuracy..
Faster Indian!!

Guys I have a blog to discuss more on Honest Typing and cheating on typeracer.. Catch me at http://typeracerbyfasterindian.blogspot.com/2010/03/typeracer-honest-typing.html


Faster Indian!!

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