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TypeRacer – The 1st Anniversary Edition

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This spring marked one year since TypeRacer went live, and what a great year it has been – almost from day one, TypeRacer has been serving more than a million races every month!  It’s been so much fun building this first-of-its-kind online experience and talking to many of you about how to make it even better.
There have been lots of challenges as well: making the site work in all kinds of browsers, across social networks, overcoming database outages, dealing with cheaters, and many, many, more. This stuff took up so much time, that I’m actually surprised we were able to get anything else done at all. 😕 In spite of all that, the past 12 months saw the release of some major features like private racetracks, permanent accounts with race histories, and recently, the Facebook App.  There is so much more still to come, and today, we’re kicking off TypeRacer’s 2nd summer season with a brand new release!

New Features

summer_2009_skill_levelsImproved player matching: From now on players are matched up based on WPM proximity instead of skill level. This means that a 40-WPM Average player and a 42-WPM Pro can finally go up against each other in a public race. This change makes races so much more balanced and competitive, especially if you type in the 55-75 WPM range like I do and were constantly being smoked by 90-WPM people like I was!

More skill levels: The Megaracer skill level has been split into the 55-79 WPM Typemaster level and Megaracer for 80+ WPM.

Many of you, especially those who type very fast, have been asking for these two changes, and we’re happy to finally deliver on our promise!

You might be wondering why we picked 80 WPM as the cut-off for Megaracer?  That’s because it happens to be just above the top 10% line if we were to graph everyone’s scores.  So if you’re still a Megaracer — congratulations — you type faster than 90% of our community!  Which brings us to the next point:


Global ranking: So you didn’t make it to the top 20 but still want to know where you stand? Now you can, with the new percentile-based rank on your scorecard!  In this screenshot, for example, Alejandro types faster than 69.3% of the people.  (We also made it easier to see who’s a bot).

Support for New Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Safari 4 Beta

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • the race again link in single player game no longer takes you to a multiplayer game
  • summer_2009_comma_and_cursor

  • commas and semicolons are no longer underlined to differentiate them from periods and colons (see the screenshot)
  • scorecards no longer pop up when a car enters an idle mouse pointer, so you won’t have any undesired interruptions while typing (see the screenshot)
  • + many more bugs that you hopefully never noticed 🙂

Hope you enjoy these new changes! There’s more on the way!

P.S. We’re now on Twitter: follow @typeracer for news and my latest thoughts.

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