TypeRacer – The 1st Anniversary Edition

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This spring marked one year since TypeRacer went live, and what a great year it has been – almost from day one, TypeRacer has been serving more than a million races every month!  It’s been so much fun building this first-of-its-kind online experience and talking to many of you about how to make it even better.
There have been lots of challenges as well: making the site work in all kinds of browsers, across social networks, overcoming database outages, dealing with cheaters, and many, many, more. This stuff took up so much time, that I’m actually surprised we were able to get anything else done at all. 😕 In spite of all that, the past 12 months saw the release of some major features like private racetracks, permanent accounts with race histories, and recently, the Facebook App.  There is so much more still to come, and today, we’re kicking off TypeRacer’s 2nd summer season with a brand new release!

New Features

summer_2009_skill_levelsImproved player matching: From now on players are matched up based on WPM proximity instead of skill level. This means that a 40-WPM Average player and a 42-WPM Pro can finally go up against each other in a public race. This change makes races so much more balanced and competitive, especially if you type in the 55-75 WPM range like I do and were constantly being smoked by 90-WPM people like I was!

More skill levels: The Megaracer skill level has been split into the 55-79 WPM Typemaster level and Megaracer for 80+ WPM.

Many of you, especially those who type very fast, have been asking for these two changes, and we’re happy to finally deliver on our promise!

You might be wondering why we picked 80 WPM as the cut-off for Megaracer?  That’s because it happens to be just above the top 10% line if we were to graph everyone’s scores.  So if you’re still a Megaracer — congratulations — you type faster than 90% of our community!  Which brings us to the next point:


Global ranking: So you didn’t make it to the top 20 but still want to know where you stand? Now you can, with the new percentile-based rank on your scorecard!  In this screenshot, for example, Alejandro types faster than 69.3% of the people.  (We also made it easier to see who’s a bot).

Support for New Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Safari 4 Beta

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • the race again link in single player game no longer takes you to a multiplayer game
  • summer_2009_comma_and_cursor

  • commas and semicolons are no longer underlined to differentiate them from periods and colons (see the screenshot)
  • scorecards no longer pop up when a car enters an idle mouse pointer, so you won’t have any undesired interruptions while typing (see the screenshot)
  • + many more bugs that you hopefully never noticed 🙂

Hope you enjoy these new changes! There’s more on the way!

P.S. We’re now on Twitter: follow @typeracer for news and my latest thoughts.

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376 Responses to “TypeRacer – The 1st Anniversary Edition”

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congrats. great work

i have two question

1- is races in “practice option” calculated in your average speed?

2- do you plan to add more languages?

makkay – yes and yes! which language do you want to type in?

Sounds good. I haven’t noticed any bugs other than what you just posted were fixed, so that’s great.

Are you guys going to add more texts again? Seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any new ones.

I wonder sometimes if I’m typing faster just because the passages become repetitive or because I’m better. I’m sure it’s probably a combination of both, but still more varied text would be great.

Yes, definitely will be adding more texts soon. In the past, there have usually been several dozen new texts in each update, but this time I was too busy running simulations to make sure the new player matching algorithm works as well as possible.

> “I wonder sometimes if I’m typing faster just because the passages become repetitive or because I’m better”

I know, I keep wondering about that myself 🙂

i think races in “practice option” should not be calculated.

about additional languages, i hope you add every possible language. my native language is arabic so i hope it will be added soon :p

anyway thanks again for the koolest site in the net.

makkay – I’m also starting to think that “practice mode” races should not count. (Also should probably take out the countdown traffic light in practice mode, but I didn’t want to spend time on this because I’d prefer if people didn’t use the practice mode too much)

Ideally, I’d like to support all of these languages in the future:

Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

yups great work congrats 🙂

Waaw that’s it what I commented before worked at last. So atll the people are my favorites hereafter cheers!

hey thanks for making this races they are so cool racing with real people. And above that I am improving my typing weekly it’s really great I am loving it. Thank wish you will add some other enjoying things like boat racing, plain racing, bike racing or people racing, etc) you know what I mean. Thanks again….

TypeRacer, my average of all times is ~ 116 wpm, but I’m still “Typemaster”. I should be “Megaracer”, isn’t it? You’ve missed that detail probably.

“commas and semicolons are no longer underlined to differentiate them from periods and colons”

YES. Should have been that way from the start.

Bug report:
Browser: Google Chrome

Text to be transcribed sometimes does not show up. The race starts, but with no text participation is not possible.

“Yes, definitely will be adding more texts soon.”
YES again. Could always use more.

Are there enough racers to do a “no repeat” shuffle? Would be great to see all the texts without repeats.

Scuse my english

Typeracer beautiful book for this occasion I will pass my courses 35000
Today I currently 34,950 at the time I write and I find
damage that can no longer see the statistics of players who are on facebook
orkut etc because I have no applications to complete and I would like to know if one day we could see rankings top100 and top100 wins races I dream since 1
days or has an account registered on 8 August 2008.

TOP100 RACES and TOP100 WIN because me not view player on pro average and beginner level.

Zoran : race one time and see the result 😉

Your “Typing master” will change to “Megaracer”. 🙂

Typemaster* lol

the site doesn’t want to work for me today. the main page crashes firefox instantly. anyone else with this problem?

Marvin, which version of Firefox are you using and what operating system? I’ve loaded the site many times today in FF and didn’t have any issues.

I’m in favor of having several different browsers available so that when one browser starts acting strange you can always open the site in a different one.

This is probably good advice for any website, not just this one. I personally have at least 5 different browsers I use on my computer (sometimes all at once 🙂 )


my blog comments are frequently caught by the spam filter and then not released.. is that a hint? 😛

Great work! I love all these changes. I’ve just come back to typeracer after 3months, and I find it much more convenient.
However, I wonder if I can chat with ones I race with in the public race. Because I’d like to learn how they type so fast.
I also support the idea of adding more languages. Sometimes it’s hard for me to invite my friends to typeracer just because it’s in English. They want to type their native language, Vietnamese.

what’s a bot racer?

I like this game very much and is sadly to say that the recent update made it become so slowly at starting a race. Is it possible to correct this? Thanks, any way, for all fun I had till now.

lol there are bots that type 140 wpm now…they are getting serious

Hello, we have a new cheaters among us : kelstein iiiii (kelstein), applause him, he’s a cheater !!

Typeracer, please, ban him. 😉

Know wonder typeracer is so popular. Everyone in,like, the whole entire world loves the way you put learning how to type in a such a FUN way

kelstein iiii (kelstei), 96 wpm average of all times, 148 wpm average in last 10 races and 174 wpm the best score…
This account should be deleted…

Thanks for improvements unfortunately I can’t see them yet, app won’t load for me in firefox 3.0.10, qtweb, or k-meleon.
Basically times out / hangs as if the script is in a loop. I’ve tried clearing cache/cookies. Thanks.

Wow !!! I saw a bot with 158.8 wpm !!!

How can I beat THAT ? 😀

these new bots are like…terminator: rise of the machines

From what I see, this is going to make life a bit harder for the fastest users. I have to wait 10 seconds at the beginning of every race (because usually there are not fast enough human racers) and then I get paired against bots every time. It’s kind of lonely never seeing any other people.

Competition from a bot isn’t quite the same as racing against a super-fast typist 🙂

By the way, Zoran is right.

Hey guys, nice job with the updates, and with the site in general. I found this site about a month ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a lot of fun.

I just got a really weird glitch. I was typing along at a speed of around 110-120 WPM. When I got to the finish line, everything froze for about 10 seconds, and then all of a sudden, it was telling me that I had typed 210+ WPM. The score didn’t seem to register anywhere (which I’m happy about, since I don’t want credit for scores that I didn’t attain, obviously) but it was strange.

Philies_Magic, that’s called honesty! Well done!
Once, I started race with 200 wpm, and on the end of that race I had 180 wpm. Of course, I could finish that race and pass the anti-cheating test which is easy because accuracy isn’t important (93, 94% is enough to pass it), but I didn’t finish the race.
Also, typeracer told me once that since I’m from Europe my final score is less than my real score for about 3, 4 wpm because main server is in the U.S.A. So guys, if someone beat me with 121 to 120 that means I won! 🙂

The latest high scores list just shrunk to 10 users. I’m using firefox, and I checked it on chrome as well. Is this a bug?
If not and it’s a purposeful change, I find it to be a bad one, now I will have no hope of ever reaching that list.

It just went up to 11 users. It’s looking to me as though you have to get over 100wpm to get on the list. I don’t like this at all.

Whoah!!! and then I just got on the list, with a speed of 69 wpm… there is something going wrong for sure.

TYPERACER, will kelsteiniiii (kelstein) account be deleted or not?
I don’t wanna race against cheaters, espeically not him. Please, delete his account!!!

kelstein iiii (kelstein)*

What go on? After completing my races I continually get a message that ‘something unexpected has happened…refresh browser’ or ‘suspected of cheating’ What the …? I use opera with my own custom keyboard layout and Window$ xp. Come on Alex Sort it please!!!!!!!


Something unexpected just happened. You may need to Refresh the browser page if TypeRacer stops working.

OK, these bots are getting kind of ridiculous. I average around 127 wpm. I join a race. Nobody else joins after around 10 seconds or so, probably because of the new matching algorithm. Instead I get two bots: 141 wpm and 154 wpm. I lose, of course. 154 is higher than my best score on my account.

Just my opinion, but I don’t think there should be bots in the race that get higher scores than a user’s lifetime high. This just makes racing not fun: it’s no fun losing to a bot, but there’s no satisfaction from beating a bot either. It’s a lose-lose situation. If I wanted to race by myself, I would just do practice mode.

I appreciate that people who are a bit slower can now race against more evenly matched opponents, but the people on the higher end are suffering because most of the time we just get bots (especially when activity on the site is slower).

Is Erol Piruu a cheater? I think he is good typist, but a cheater… Pritts, your opinion?

io (queen_) the same person (Erol Piruu), of course, a cheater again….

15000 wins now after ten months 🙂

I just joined a race. My average is 128 wpm. I got matched with Erol, who as Zoran mentioned, is a cheater with 170+ wpm. There is a bot in the race with 184 WPM average.

Something is wrong here…

@Madchopper — I believe the reason the list occasionally shrinks is because a small number of users achieved a large number of high scores in a relatively short period of time. For example, if I do 195 races in 60 minutes (hypothetically), and all of those scores are in the top-200 scores of the hour, the list will only show 5 people. (Or fewer, if some of the other top scorers achieved multiple fast scores)

@Zoran, I don’t know yet. I haven’t seen this person.

@DUFOUR — congrats 😉

@ Anonymous – I know how you feel. I lost to a bot typing 188wpm, even though I had a really good race (160wpm). It does become like single player now, if there are not fast enough people logged on.

Speedy (speedster1) new cheater….
Since now, when I see a cheater I will report it EVERY TIME!

Can I ask what is your speed, TypeRacer?(just curious) 😀

Why do we delete “cheater” if they already passed the anticheat to save their score. And so they are not cheater, right?

guest, when you spend so much time typing like many of us here do you will know who is a cheater and who isn’t. NOONE can type 180 wpm in average!
There are a few ways how to cheat anti-cheating test…

Koren, where are you from? Serbia maybe???

Ohh! So can you tell me?:D

guest, first learn how to type fast (120 wpm + in average), and then I am going to tell you. 🙂

Near! I’m from Vietnam. Sorry if my grammar is bad :D. Also it’s 1:30 am here, i think i am addicted to this typeracer,too.

hahaha. you’re very funny!

guest, give yourself some name because some people maybe want to recognize your message when you write something. Do you have some name? Do people in Vietname have name? (-_-)

I’m think guest is somekind of name. Isn’t it? Anyway, we have a name.

More info on the bots: I just did 10 races, and raced against bots every time (no human opponents).

I averaged 148 wpm in those 10 races, but only won 1 race. I even lost a race at 173 wpm (I usually only get above 170 once every 500 races or so, and usually it’s fast enough to win the race 😉

(here’s what I tried to post a couple days ago)

Whoa! These super-fast bots are hilarious! The quickest ones take me down more often than not. Their race victory percentage seems kinda low for how fast most of them are. There are a whole lot of them, too: here are some I ran into, with their average WPMs:

178 Maria
177 Beth
169 Ned
168 Marie
168 Quentin
167 Hugo
166 Thomas
165 Hugo
163 Laura
162 AliG
162 Camille
160 Sarah
160 Thomas
158 Amanda
157 Lucia
157 Rachel
155 Quentin
154 Freddy
154 Nicolas
153 Amy
153 Lou
152 Stephanie
151 AliG
150 Andrea
149 Josh
149 Lisa
149 Melissa
149 Polina
149 Rachel
148 Elizabeth
148 Jennifer
148 Sasha
147 Daniel
146 Chris
146 Stephanie
145 Maria
143 Joe
143 Marta
142 Diane
142 Eve
142 Jessica
141 Adrian
141 Amanda
141 Erin
139 Olga
138 Mark
137 Natasha
136 David
135 Adrian
134 Paula
134 Sasha
132 Eve
132 Paula
130 Emma
129 Daniel
129 Izzy
128 Kevin
127 Marta
126 Alejandro
116 Lou

I could keep going – these are seemingly generated as needed, with repeats occuring only a few times. I suspect there are even faster bots generated if you were to have a theoretical 200 wpm on the last 10 races.

Positive: I like that every race is now a challenge. It makes me focus much more. I have to be on top of my game every single time, and managed to get first place on a text just now at least partly because of that. Also, little new things that are great: global ranking percentile, noting which racers are bots, practice “race again” stays in practice mode.

Otherwise: I really miss racing with actual people; they rarely appeared (I’d say about 8 races out of 50 had other people), frequently leaving me with two bots, one of which was usually faster than my “last 10 races” wpm and therefore a struggle on the harder texts; I ended up just leaving. I also can’t see anyone’s win-loss percentage staying much above 50% when seemingly half the bots are generated to be faster than one’s average. Overall, this update has mostly isolated me from other people and had me race against often near-impossible bots.

This update seems to represent a major paradigm shift away from global speed-racing to local speed-racing. Everyone is now competing on their own level and there is little direct contact with the fastest racers. I find this less appealing personally, but I don’t race here as much as I used to anyways (now working my way through urikor.net!).

Regardless: Alex, thanks for working on things, even if it isn’t tweaked quite right the first time.

PS, note to Dufour: hover over the car icon to see the stats of Facebook users. It’s true that hovering over the link no longer works.

Me 294 wins and 306 loses for 600 races on the new version with Bot Racer 🙂

What I want to know is why AliG gets a last initial but none of the other bots do. lol

Is anyone experiencing ridiculously high scores? Ever since this update came out, I’ve been typing faster than I ever have in 10,000 races. I’ve done 24 races over the past 2 days, and 14 of them were above 150, 8 above 160, and 2 above 170 (including 177, my second highest score ever).

I haven’t been racing on only the easiest texts, either. I’m wondering if something changed or if I am just on fire 😉

PS–Phillies_magic, good race. I actually recorded that race on video (me 177, you 140), which I’m really happy about since it was one of my fastest races ever. I’ll post it on youtube soon. Perhaps your competition kept me at the peak of my game? 😉

I think Typeracer is my favorite site to visit; definitely the most satisfying way to practice my keyboarding skills. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in!!

happy one year! I’ve joined typeracer few days ago. And I’ve just started to learn typing with ten fingers and without looking at the keyboard 2 months ago. typeracer is my favourite game currently 😀

How do some of the guys type at 130+ speeds.
Well, i’m 10 only a beginner…Managed only 37wpm…:(

Greeshma x

I agree with everything Noah (licahfox) said.
Although the update was a good effort to make things more evenly spread out for some of the slower racers, I really am not enjoying racing either (a) bots that are much faster than my all-time high or (b) just one other user who is either at about my typing speed or above. I ended up just going to practice mode most of the time, which I have never done before this update.

Hey valikor, google “Ali G” and you’ll see why he gets a last initial here. hehe

Oh, that makes sense 🙂

Thanks for everyone’s comments over the weekend! I don’t think we’ve ever had so much feedback on this blog. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to reply to each one individually since I was away for the weekend. I’ll just respond to some of the main themes I noticed:

1. Everyone who types 100+ WPM: Check out the thread I started on the new typeracer group:


I’m hoping to move all substantive discussion to this new Google Group because, well, it’s just so much better than the commenting feature on this blog 🙂

2. To everyone who is reporting cheaters: Thanks and please be patient. I’m working on it.

An excellent game, and still evolving! Thanks to the whole team. I realize that we triple-digit typists are a difficult lot to accomodate, but TypeRacer itself stands to produce even more of us 😀

Individual typing histories might not be public information, but how about a blog post speaking in aggregate numbers about people’s typing speed over time?

I just found this site and its awsome. I’m around 80-100 wpm but I have a question for the people that type 150 or so. Do you guys use QWERTY or Davork?

Greeshma, what technique do you use for typing? 2, 3 fingers or 9, 10 fingers technique? If you use 9 fingers, you’ll be able in 3-6 months with 1 hour of practicing per day to reach 70, 80 wpm, I’m sure about that! Just practice with good technique and soon you’ll be among us (fast guys) 😉

Please create a level just for the people who can type 100+ WPM. I average 85 WPM and it is frustrating when a bunch of 100+ people join a race. I rarely got a chance at winning.

> “Please create a level just for the people who can type 100+ WPM”

Your “level” no longer determines who you’re matched up against. It’s all about your WPM now. You get matched up with people within 25% of your WPM. So, in theory, you’re just as likely to get matched up with someone who types 65 WPM as 100 WPM.

But, as I’m sure many people here will tell you, the best way to win is to practice and get faster!

In response to “Do we use Qwerty or Dvorak?”:

I often break 150wpm and I use Qwerty. My Dvorak speed hit a plateau around 80, and is probably slower now that I haven’t practiced it in a while. One day I may try it again.

I am learning how to type without looking at the key board. So far I am doing pretty good. class has ten more minutes left, I cant wait!!!

I was wondering if typeracer added 2 kinds of scoreboards or something… I am right now typing on http://play.typeracer.com , and I am the highest scorer on the board. But when I log in from facebook, I see a totally different picture, with many more people racing.

oh, and btw, the bots are brilliant 🙂

Good observation, Gaurav! I just did another release (fixed a few minor bugs), so you were seeing both the new version and the old version for a brief period of time.

Fantastic improvements. I am very happy to see all these changes. Continue making such improvements and congrats for your success.

I have a question:
How do you split up the race WPM, I know what it is, but how does WPM work? I would like a FULL explanation please! Thanks!


One word is defined as 5 characters (including spaces, I think)

So, if I typed 250 characters in a minute, that’s 250/5 = 50 wpm.

Accuracy only effects wpm indirectly, since you are required to fix mistakes, and this takes more time.


Valikor, 1 wpm = 5 characters INCLUDING spaces.

Do any of you really high-end typists (130+ averages) take caffeine and/or other stimulants when typing?

Obviously typing is very dependent on mood, energy, etc. Sometimes I can type fast and sometimes I can’t. However, I find that if I take some caffeine, like a five-hour energy, it really helps me type faster and push me to the next level, e.g. going from 130 average to a 140+ average.

Too much caffeine and I get jittery and can’t harness the energy to type accurately, but just enough caffeine to the point where I am energetic but not jittery really helps.

I have had some very good streaks on Typeracer while on stimulants. I don’t usually take them, but would say that they probably help a little bit.


Just wondering, a small forum on typeracer would be cool… Atleast for the questions we noobs have 🙂 . I know I have plenty

This new version of Typeracer crashes every browser I have.

Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 3.5 beta 4
Google Chrome

IE gives an out of memory error when it crashes. How can I fix this?

Gaurav–There is a new discussion board.


Oh… thnx valikor

-daviD from “MySpace” is a new cheater…
http: //www(dot)myspace(dot)com/dlizarov

TypeRacer, dedicate your time and delete some of accounts I told you about. Io Kralj from top20 list for example…

I actually don’t drink caffeine more than once a month, or less, so I can’t specifically answer questions about that, but I’ve found that typing benefits directly from increased concentration, whether it be due to nerves, stimulants, more-than-sufficient sleep recently, or other things.

The downside might be that mistakes increase and emotions ride higher – agitation often accompanies concentration, for me. Lately I’ve tried to slow down the frenetic pace a bit and aim for no mistakes, which brings up overall averages but means the top scores are a bit lower.

Thanks for the (hidden) tip Noah… In the last few days, I’ve been frantically trying to beat my high score, making insane amounts of mistakes, and actually leading to a very low average (and a broken keyboard due to rage).

But now I’m just trying to avoid mistakes, I just broke my record…. twice (shame its on a guest account 😦 )

I did that once (broke my record on a guest account). It was infuriating.

Just keep going and you’ll break it again.

Two more related bot observations/suggestions (I know this has been nearly beaten to death, so apologies in advance)

1. Sometimes I’ll join a race, nobody will join for a while so a bot will show up, and then other people will join too in the final seconds. I think in those instances, the bot should kindly excuse him/her/itself from the race. I was just in a race with one bot and 3 other humans. This shouldn’t happen IMO – if it turns out there enough humans show up, the bot loses its purpose and should not race.

2. A related problem is that the bot will oftentimes be tied in difficulty to the fastest racer in the race. This makes sense in theory, but is unfairly penalizing the slower human members of the race. It’s ok for me to race against a faster human, because humans are fallible and can make mistakes. But bots don’t make mistakes, and the problem is compounded because bots are often set higher than the fastest player in the race, which means they can be WAY higher than some of the slower members of the race.

1. I just raced with a friend.
2. Completed race first
It showed that the race is complete… Waiting for friend to finish
3. Leave race (not racetrack)
4. Join race

I get the paragraph being displayed again…

Guarav – did both you AND your friend finish? If you finished first, and then left race + joined again when your friend is still typing, then there is no bug that you went back to that text. Private racetracks only display one text at a time. You and your friend have to have BOTH finished the text in order for a new one to be displayed. If your friend is still typing, then you will see the same text EVEN IF you hit “leave race” and then join again.

um… I realized that there is 1 text per race instance, but shouldn’t the input text box be disabled or something when I leave the race and go back again. Cause it wasn’t when I tried it (chrome btw). And when I tried typing text (just for the fun of it), it gave an error box.

Me and Dufour Did a record
We did 100 races the most fast as possible
Watch the time 🙂


100 races in
1 hours 21 minutes and 10 secondes


100 races in
1 hours 26 minutes and 40 secondes

Martin is Dufour’s son. 🙂

lol not really…

l think typeracer is a great typing tool, but lt needs more work, such as an appealing layout.

Marko Begic (markO), where are you from? What are you doing? Leave your msn account if you want to talk with me. Zoran Markovic
You can find me also on facebook if you have one.

“What are you doing?” Forget about this one. 🙂

Anyone live in or near the UK?

I am trying to request that the Guinness Book of World Records reinstate the “Fastest Typist” category. Part of the process requires that I send in a fax of a form. It’s about 8 pages long and I’m not sure how much the fax would cost me, so I’m hoping someone in the UK can work with me 🙂

Typeracer, can you please delete the user “nlggercawk”, i find it quite offensive, thanks. he’s on the top 20 right now and I’ve had to stare at his name for the past 10 minutes while racing. Not sure if you are using filters for username creation but I believe it is an L, not an I, in his username.



Hey Jamal, I just deleted this user. He was indeed using the letter L to avoid the profanity filter. Sorry about that. I’m hoping to give everyone the ability to “flag” entries like this (similar to flagging spam on craigslist), in the near future.

Question for all typeracer users:
What do you like about typeracer, and what you don’t like?

I like beating Serbian typists 😉

The average wpm between 37201 and 38200 (1000 races) is 85.96351937866201 wpm.

The fastest race between 37201 and 38200 (1000 races) was 110.959785461 wpm.
The slowest race between 37201 and 38200 (1000 races) was 56.9286384583 wpm

The date time range between 37201 and 38200 was Sun Jun 21 2009 04:39:15 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) to Mon Jun 22 2009 19:10:55 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time). That’s 1000 races in 1.6053180555530169 days, or 622.9295163913854 races per day.

It’s new record for me 🙂

1,000 races in less than 2 days??

Dufour–you are *insane*!


Every night at work I come to this great site
and practice. I can’t believe that I am in
the top 95% give or take but then theirs
a whole nother set of people that type around
120-150. I give you guys big credit. I wonder
what the difference feels like typeing 90
compared to 140 wpm. I do also think their
should be another level above megaracer for
the 100+ call it race king or something but
that would be a nice goal. What up Valikor you
look like you post a lot that’s cool.

Hello, I would like to know how many people are registered on this website and I think it would be neat if we could see this information on the home page, as well as how many people are online at any time and how many people have more than 1000 races, updated automatically.

Merci d’avance 🙂

Dufour, good idea.

Great game, I’m at number seven in the top twenty right now–good stuff.

Good Job Joshua 🙂

Joshua, you’re in the top20 by choosing texts, not because you are so fast. Most typists from the top20 list don’t play for months, and my personal opinion is that that list should be deleted. Jelani, Allison, Noah, Jordan, Mako, Kukkain don’t play anymore, for months, and some others are cheaters. What’s the purpose of top20 list? To be in it and not to play anymore…

Zoran, on the other hand, what’s to stop you from choosing texts too and being in the top 20 list yourself? Maybe it’s because you can’t do it…you are one of the most known race-selecters on this site…I have been in many races with you where you leave. Don’t be angry just because you can’t get on the list yourself…

WarmingUp, you’re the one who chose races… What stops me? That’s not your problem.

It’s simple if you do not race in the past 24 hours you are expelled from the Top20 as we could see a new name and as the person plays such Jelani it back in the Top20 do this if you want to see your Top20 name you should always make at least one race per day 🙂

Dufour, almost perfect idea, BUT, 24 hours is nothing, let it be 15 days and no typing on private race for example.

If you make it 15 days, Jordan, Kukkain, and I would all still be on there, as we’ve raced recently 😉 Not quite “months” ago.

There’s a lot of discussion on this on the google group – check it out and feel free to contribute there too.

Noah, I’m not sure about that, but, if you say so, let it be so.

Hmm well my current average is 150 and I just raced a dude who averaged around 95 I think… and his best race was 131.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I realize that such a race (even though theoretically matched to skill level) is entirely unfair, and he has about as much chance of winning as a person with a 55wpm average.

Just one concern I had ..

Also, all users above 80wpm who have not done a race since the last update are now listed as Typemasters as opposed to to Megaracers.

When some typist enter “Practice” and returns to the “main menu” and again enter “Practice” every time he’ll get THE DIFFERENT TEXT!
When some typist enter “Race your friends”, returns to the main menu and again enter “Race your friends” he’ll get THE SAME TEXT!
“Race your friends” and “Practice” should be the same in that way. If you leave text and come back again you SHOULD get the same text, and that’s one of the ways how people will not choose texts but type everything.

Kukkain (tsvuk), you should stop leaving 75% of races. Your current average is 143 and your best race of the day is 147.

If you actually completed your races, we could compete.

COIMBRA149 and ThanhIam, you also need to stop leaving so many races. You guys literally leave more than 90% of the races I’ve seen you in. I’ve been playing on and off for several hours and you guys are starting to drive me nuts after you leave the race and force me to leave too, in order to avoid a loss.

Coimbra–Nobody believes that you can average 130 if your best race EVER is 145. Thanh, same for you. Stop wasting your time and just play!!!!

Rough day valikor? =P

Excelente juego y muy productivo… me gustaría tener la posibilidad de contar con una versión en español… ya que en tipear en otro idioma no es un indicativo confiable de tu velocidad… entender hace más fácil y rápido escribir.

thanh Iam (itsreallythanh), thanks God I’m not a Typeracer for you. Typeracer should be forbidden site for you… You leave 99% of races.
David Pritts has made a mistake when he said 95%.

I actually said 90%, but you could be right Zoran. I’m not sure if I ever saw Thanh finish a race -_-

Obviously it’s been discussed before, but some modification to the current system might be nice in the future, making people finish more races.

Is there a time when FAST TYPISTS are able to log on and play some good races? I don’t want to race against bots or versus people who cannot beat me. Hopefully we can find a time once/twice a week when some fast typists can come play 🙂

Do I see you quitting some races, Zoran? 😀

Sometimes mako, like all of you guys. 🙂


Something unexpected just happened. You may need to Refresh the browser page if TypeRacer stops working.

This is getting annoying. Happens on Chrome, Firefox and IE. Cookies and temporary files cleared. Memory usage shoots up after the message and I can’t play at all.

Poor Kukain (tsvuk) is trying to enter the top20 list. His average at the moment is 145.xx and mako who is 20th has 145.9… I think he’ll make it and then we’ll never see him again on typeracer. 😦
mako, help him please. 🙂

Zoran, I am not in the top twenty because I am choosing texts. My other account, Jweb_Guru, is also in the top twenty and I don’t choose texts with that one. You have surely faced me enough times to know that I am fully capable of that.

Joshua sorry, bad interpretation.

Seems like after the update, TypeRacer slowed down to a point when I press “Race again”, nothing happened for almost 1 minute. I pressed it again. Then it took me to a race. Then I was kicked off that race to another race. What???

Is there any way to improve the speed of the site, ’cause I’ve fallen in love with TypeRacer since the first days 😀

Never had the problem that you’re talking about, LeSon

I love type racer

I found a bug… not sure if it’s been brought up. In a private room, if a user types a very long message with no spaces (like “askdfjalskdjflkasjdflkajsdflkajd…”), the chat box becomes as long as the message. If the message is too long, the browser window becomes so wide that I can’t see all of the text I’m supposed to type.

And congrats to Zoran on making the top 20 list!

Mako, thanks. 🙂 I gave (almost) my best. I did 163 wpm today which is of course my new record on typeracer. I will try to improve this score a little bit more.
“I want to say “thanks” to: my family, my friends, my hair-dresser and to all the people who believed in me, THANK YOU ALL” ^_^

Leaving races and selecting texts – Kukkain’s formula for success.

I think there should be a new statistic for each user – something like “% of races completed” would be nice.

I think most people agree about that.

Kukkain doesn’t like finishing races, it’s true 🙂

I really don’t understand how XiP (vegitotenks) is still not deleted. He’d admitted multiple times throughout these blog comments that he cheated/used to cheat. Furthermore, it is extremely obvious. He averages low 110’s except for a period of time where all his scores were in the 170s/180s, and then went back to low 110’s when he stopped cheating. Unfortunately, all his cheated scores are still clogging up the top 10 lists for many texts. Please do something about this.

Jordan, congrats on a new all-time record for highest WPM.. Jelani has been dethroned! Very impressive…

***BUG*** I’m experiencing considerable lag making it difficult to correct typos.(BTW.Rig is clean.) :[

I’m breaking that 100 mark but it’s hard to
keep going at 100 wpm sometimes. I’m thinking
of picking up a copy of MB but just racing
might do it. Yeah I see a lot of people
stopping or leveling that is pointless takes
the fun out of the game. Having fun will take
you to the top 20, might take longer though.

Victor, do you mean top 20 recent typists or top 20 fastest averages. it’s very easy to get on the top 20 recent typists if you’re having fun. however very few people can get on the all-time top 20 simply “having fun” unless they are extremely talented. it’s not really a matter of time or practice. you have to do some serious race selection if you want to get anywhere on that list.

for example even the best typists on this site (jordan, jelani) who are #1 and #2 on this site have overall averages of 149-150, which would place them much lower on the all-time list than they are, if they didn’t race select to get their obscenely high 10-race averages.

By the way I meant no disrespect to either Jelani or Jordan by my previous message. What they’ve accomplished is still incredible seeing as how I don’t think anyone else on this site can average 180 across 10 races even if they were to race select. Someone like valikor may have an outside shot but it’d take him a long time as I don’t think he breaks 180 that often. Same for Noah.

Agreed that XiP should be deleted (among others), and that some alternative ranking system would be preferable because of this problem.

Perhaps this week I will give the current system my best shot and see how high I can get. Jordan and Jelani both have got me–it would take me forever to get 180wpm. But, in a few hours of race selection, I might be able to get 175wpm average… this is around the top speed that I can make my fingers move under normal circumstances -_-

Congrats to Jordan though

Hey ChimChim Your Probably right about that.
I ment the top 20 of all time. Hopefully I
can get in the 140 wpm area in a year
without breaking a finger.

Typeracer is really a lot of fun. I love it and tell others about it all the time. Can someone tell me how to put a picture up. I tried add to profile and it just kept clocking?????

Janet – right now pictures are automatically inserted for people who are signed in from the Facebook app or the other social networks. However, very soon you’ll be able to upload a pic directly to your TypeRacer account. We almost have this piece ready to release. Stay tuned!

I’d actually like to choose the color of my Beetle. Probably sounds dumb. But it’d be a nice touch…

I don’t like Beatles. I want a different car -_-

I’m more of a McLaren F1 guy myself. 😀

Congratulations to Valikor for typing what I believe to be the fastest legitimate race ever recorded on Typeracer (199 wpm) as well as reaching the top spot on the Fastest Typists list!

haha thanks Damien.

Unfortunately due to some weird glitch, it’s not listing me as #1. If you put your cursor over my name, you’ll see my average is 184wpm. But, the High Scores list has me listed as 180.1 wpm (that was my average before my final race–it never updated).

That was like 40 minutes ago, and the “Fastest Typist” list usually updates within like 15 minutes.

Anyways I decided I had to take advantage of the current flawed system, since everyone else was. I was tired of having a bunch of half-cheaters above me -_- (though there are obviously some VERY fast typists in the Top-20 list) It wasn’t especially interesting or fun. I just left like 99% of my races until I got 10 super fast ones. Took like 2-3 hours.

You know you’ve got great competition when you’ve got a score of 170 WPM on the high scores list and someone’s beating you by 30 points. 🙂 What an incredible achievement, valikor… I could never imagine typing that fast.

I have a really weird observation. Last night I was extremely tired, but I decided to do some races before I went to bed. Given the fact that I was tired, I wasn’t expecting to perform well at all. Surprisingly, I found myself constantly hitting 150+ WPM, and even hit 180 WPM, which I’ve only done twice in 6,000 races. I’ve noticed this before, as illogical as it is: Somehow, when I have very little energy, or when I’m at the end of a long day, my focus and concentration actually go UP, not down. I have no idea why this is the case, but it’s something I’ve noticed.

haha, it’s a Valikor invasion! A couple observations:

– It looks like weed and alcohol have about the same negative effect on typing speed – Valikor Bongloaded and DrunkValikor both have an overall average speed of 108 wpm, compared to his normal average of 132 wpm.

– Surprisingly, dyslexia seems to have a positive effect on typing speed, as rokilav has an overall average speed of 137 wpm.

Whoa! 199? was that on the “bloke” text? Sit us down by the fire, Uncle Valikor, and tell us the story of your 183.0. Congrats!

@MAKO-Well, your methodology isn’t exactly scientific. There are a lot of contingencies here. Perhaps a more regulated study is in order. Volunteers? Contact me valikor@aim. (Nonetheless, interesting observations)

And I hope you liked the display. I wanted it to be a little dramatic 😛

@NOAH-Basically I decided that (as i said above) I would give it my BEST shot. Previously i’ve visited the high scores, but never tried to maximize my score to the limits of my potential. So, I just mastered the art of leaving lots of races, played on a handful of super-easy texts while I was really in the zone, and got some insane scores. Two of them were above 190 (192 and 199) and yes, they were both on the “I know a bloke” text, which I find ludicrously easy. The 199 was exhilarating -_- I didn’t expect to go much above 190 anytime soon.

There was a problem with the database not recording one of my scores properly (even now, my score history goes from race 10873 to 10875), and this did ultimately lower my score by like 1wpm. If i’d been more in the zone towards the end (or patient), 186wpm avg would have been easy. My last 2 scores of the 10 were relatively very slow.

Jordan has promised to defeat me sometime in the near future. I hope he gives it a week before he starts, but we’ll see 🙂

True, valikor, true. I figured a sample size of 1 wasn’t statistically sound. 😀

btw, congrats on the 183 average! I think I’ve only broken 180 once, and that was with a guest account… 😦

Until a few weeks ago, I’d only broken 180 once also! I don’t really know what happened.

The whole leaving races thing helped though, obviously. Within 1 day my high score went from 184wpm to 199wpm (being broken 3 times that day)

Ok I don’t mean to spam the comments, but Phillies_magic, Noah, Mako, Joshua, Jordan, and all fast typists–let’s arrange a time to race with some real competition!

I know we all hate racing against bots all the time, so let’s figure out a good time this week. We’ve done this a few times before and it was a lot of fun. The competition seemed to make everyone type even better.

I would like to second Mako and Valikor’s complaints about Kukkain. Normally I don’t really have a problem with people leaving races, but Kukkain is annoying (especially under this new system) because he’s often the only user in my range who is racing.

There is no way I can race without taking a loss, because 1) bots don’t show up b/cuz Kukkain starts the race, and 2) Kukkain 99.9% leaves before the end of the race, which causes me to take a loss when there are only 2 people in the race.

I’m pretty sure you only get a loss if he leaves before the race starts (ie, before the green light)

Congrat’s Valikor. I don’t know how you did it
but you did. I can’t wait till I’m up their
with you man.

You’re right Valikor; just tested it (against Kukkain, of course). Pretty sure this didn’t use to be the case, although I’m not sure.

I think it has always been the case 🙂

“I’m pretty sure you only get a loss if he leaves before the race starts (ie, before the green light)”

So you mean if you carry on with a race after all others have left, you receive a loss??? That doesn’t make any sense. That happens many times with me. Usually there’s only one other person in the race and he leaves 5/10 times. So should I leave the race too? Should I just keep clicking until I find someone who actually races? That will be really frustrating and wasting time. Even if there are like 3-4 other people, some times all of them leave. I seriously HATE it when that happens.

“I’m pretty sure you only get a loss if he leaves before the race starts (ie, before the green light)”

So you mean if you carry on with a race after all others have left, you receive a loss??? That doesn’t make any sense. That happens many times with me. Usually there’s only one other person in the race and he leaves 5/10 times. So should I leave the race too? Should I just keep clicking until I find someone who actually races? That will be really frustrating and wasting time. Even if there are like 3-4 other people, some times all of them leave. I seriously HATE it when that happens.

Here’s how the system works:

If you and at least one other racer are still in the race when the race starts, the person who wins will officially get a win – even if all other racers just sit at 0 the entire time. If you are the only racer present (all others are italicized and gone) when the timer hits :00, you will take a loss.

It’s worked this way as long as I can remember.

lol @Kukkain slowly working his way up to 180+. There’s an example of the system failing to deliver the top racers — he’s definitely left the vast majority of races against me, and others, due to impending losses from slower typing. Still, Kukkain, if you’re legit and working really hard to get those increases, congrats dude.

Noah and SS4Gogetta:

That’s incorrect. If all the other people in a race leave, you get a win.

As I said, the only time you do not get a win is if all other players leave during the countdown. I just tested this 1 minute ago. It has always been this way.

Anyways, Kukkain pulled off an impressive 197 on the “Bloke” text. I think it is his and my favorite text. He got 197 on it, and I got 199. Together, we have 8 of the top 10 scores (the others being Noah’s and Wynterlegacy)

But yes, he is extremely annoying. He’s taking “race selection” to a whole new level. I think most of us got our high averages in a few hours. He’s taking like a week. lol.

or two weeks

Oh god… if Kukkain gets the top spot in the all-time list, I think I’m gonna cry.

He will, within 48 hours I expect. Unless Jordan steps it up soon. I’m not going to do any more right now, and I think Jelani is dead.

Valikor: we are in agreement about race winning mechanics. By “timer” I meant the countdown-to-begin-racing timer.

Seems like a 200wpm race is imminent…

It’s not that you get a “loss,” per se, it’s just that you don’t get a “win.” At the moment, there is no true concept of a loss. We just have 1) number of wins and 2) total races. But that doesn’t mean that you lost “total” minus “wins” times. Those include all the single-player races you did as well. The current plan is to at some point stop having single-player (practice mode) races count at all, but that still doesn’t provide a good solution for the case when all players leave during countdown, since you can’t really count that as “win.” Maybe a distinct “losses” counter is needed, as well as a counter for the number of times you went “unopposed.”

By the way, check out what I’ve been working on this week:

OMG! 199???!!!
I can hardly reach 100. How long did it take you to get there valikor? That’s a huge achievement. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that.

It’s been almost 8 months since I began touch typing and I’m still at 80-90. Is that too low for 8 months of practice? I don’t practice regularly and didn’t practice for two months because of studies.

And thanks for clarifying that rule, Noah and David. 🙂

Noah: Ok big misunderstanding on my part, sorry. I thought you meant the timer for the race for some reason.

Yes, a 200wpm race is imminent because even if Kukkain can’t do it, he’ll probably end up beating Jordan and I, which will make us angry. I have no doubts in Jordan’s ability to type 200wpm, and it seems I can probably do it too.

SS4Gogetta, the 199wpm was a surprise to me as well. I broke my record three times within 1-2 days (raising from 184–>199). The trick is obviously to race only on the very easiest texts, whichever ones those might be for you. Do them repeatedly, and you’ll break your record too 😛 80-90wpm is still relatively good though. It took me longer than that to achieve that average.

Alex: looks good. Let’s get it functional 🙂

Let the WPM war begin: Kukkain just made it to the top with 184.9 avg. Whether he picked the easy texts or not, this is an awesome achievement.

As I can’t even dream of typing this fast (my top speed now is 112), all I can do is sit back and enjoy seeing all you speedsters fight for the top position. 🙂

Do you have any skill racing for 10 key pad

at this time—or would they come at a later


I was wondering if you will ever have

races for skill on the 10 key pad

hahaha… you gotta be kidding, kukkain. What a farce.

I’d join you all in this latest batch of high-wpm shenanigans, but joining and leaving hundreds of races is too tedious for me. I’d rather TypeRacer convert to something like an option suggested on the Google group: make the “all-time wpm” score be an average of the user’s top scores for each text. Or, be able to choose the text, so we could all race on “bloke” exclusively 😛

Here’s my suggestion: add a “% races completed” statistic for each user, where not completing a race means leaving either before or during the race. To qualify for the top list, a user needs to have completed at least n% of their races (85? 90?). That way, users can’t get away with aggressive race selection or quitting. Kukkain won’t make the top list, since he completes maybe 5% of his races at best.

Would that be too hard to implement?

Kukkain completes way less than 5% of his races…there are times where i see him in race after race for maybe half an hour or more and he doesn’t complete a single one of them.

I like that idea a lot, Mako. That sounds like it would solve the problem.

I too get many cheat tests!?

Typing Challenge Passed

Speed: 103 wpm
Accuracy: 94%

Congratulations! You are now certified as able to type 103 wpm!

I’ll check back occasionally to see if you’ve fixed the bug Alex. 🙂

I broke my highscore twice yesterday (without race selecting) – it was 102 previously, now it is 104. 😀 I know that’s laughable by the standards of you guys, but that’s pretty high for me considering I’m still at 80-90.

I checked that blog entry about the upcoming features. Pinning is really nice. We’ll be able to track cheaters that way if you also add a “races left” entry to the score cards.

I also think you should add more social features to the site, such as messages and race invitations. Those will be really nice. 🙂


I’ll give the bots a run for their money 😉

Typing Challenge Passed

Speed: 162 wpm
Accuracy: 94%

Congratulations! You are now certified as able to type 162


I don’t think a “races left” entry will track “cheaters” per se, because I don’t think anybody is claiming that race selecting = cheating. It’s completely within the rules of typeracer as they stand right now to select your races. It’s just annoying to other racers, and it skews the rankings in favor of those who race select the most.

To be clear, the ARE actual cheaters, but those are people who use programs to help them type the text. Kukkain is not one of them (as far as I know).

yipee I’ve smashed the 200wpm barrier!!!!!!! Down boy! I’m NOT a cheat just a selector 😉

Typing Challenge

Congrats, you just typed 204 wpm! We have to ask you to take the typing test again, since your last score on this test was only 161 wpm. This is done to discourage cheaters. Why?
If you pass this test, you will not be asked to take it again until your speed improves by another 25%.
Press “Begin Test” when you are ready to start. You will need to type at least 152 wpm to pass. Don’t worry about accuracy – some mistakes are allowed.

Sorry I forgot to mention the text –

You just typed a quote from the book:
Way of the Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman
Your speed: 202 wpm
Accuracy: 98.8%

Metallica Kukkain (tsvukk) as you keep leaving against me I’m aiming for your spot! (just some friendly competition banter ;))

I think that the new features are great! I on the “Pro” level and don’t like playing people who are 20WPM faster than me. I always lose. Yet, I like the percentile info. NICE JOB GUYS! 😉

jeeeeeezzz, Phillies_Magic..
nice typing

Barbara Blackburn died, now we have a “botmasher”. Personally, I think that you’re a cheater (not a selector), because typeracer gives us a lot of space for cheating. There are some other web typing sites and the possiblity for cheating is minimal.
Botmasher, if you are interested to try something else except typeracer and to prove us that you’re not a cheater write on mozaikaloni@gmail.com and I’ll tell you everything. Since then, in my eyes you’re a cheater! Sorry.

I would like to suggest something for the future releases: allow users to rate a text. This would help us identify the less loved texts and replace them (what’s the use of a text if no one likes it and ends up dropping from the race?).

Another cool feature would be to allow users to see their scores in each text through their account settings. This way, one could see his scores anytime, not only when he finishes a race. I would love this as I would be able to see the texts I have been performing badly, providing me an insight on where I can improve.

Just my $0.02


If I had to guess, I’d say your best texts are as follows (in this order)

1)”Combat for a naval aviator…”
2)”The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart…”
3)”The Orient was almost a European invention”
4)”I was hugely impressed. Kirk, I mean Shatner..”
5)”The unknown future rolls toward us…”

…in that order.

@Zoran–of course he’s a cheater. I hope he is deleted shortly.

@Valikor, Zoran:
How can you guys be so sure that he’s a cheater? I don’t know him, but his score is just a few wpm more than Valikor’s score. Without knowing anything more about him, I’d say there is only a 0.5 probability of him being a cheater.
I certainly don’t mean to say that Valikor’s 199wpm is an easy feat (I can’t type at half of that, even on the “bloke” text). All I’m saying is that we don’t know anything about him.


just curious as to how you got to that list – nice try but not really close. I suck at #1 and #3 and is hard for me to get over 90 WPM on the Kirk text, although I enjoy that one.

I think my best texts are:
– “When I was a child, televisions was called books”
– “Who has a safety deposit box full of money”
– “In the casino the cardinal rule is to keep them playing”
– “You have a way to keep me on your side.”
– “I hope that whoever you are, you escape this place.”

What are you guys best texts? The ones where you usually type at your best most of the time?

@ssj4Gogeta: Valikor and Zoran’s views of ‘botsmasher’ are probably correct – You are of course absolutely right that we should always ‘give benefit of the doubt’ first.

Solution to satisfy that cheating is cheating and not simply remove the Top20 of the fastest and replace it with a Top20 those who have the most complete course

i love how dufour has been lobbying for what seems like years for a ranking system that would place him at the top 🙂

@GOHRAN — is your typeracer account “gohran” ? If so, I stand by my list. You should double check your data. I guess you’ve only typed some of these quotes 1-2 times (typing a quote once and getting lucky can make it technically your best quote) Email me valikor @ gmail for more information.

And the reasons I know that EuWish(botsmasher) is a cheater are various.

Typing Challenge

Congrats, you just typed 125 wpm! We have to ask you to take the typing test again, since your last score on this test was only 96 wpm. This is done to discourage cheaters. Why?
If you pass this test, you will not be asked to take it again until your speed improves by another 25% as long as you remain logged in. Please create an account to make it permanent.
Press “Begin Test” when you are ready to start. You will need to type at least 93 wpm to pass. Don’t worry about accuracy – some mistakes are allowed.
Me too!

Hahaha DufourFan is right.

Sorry Dufour, but I don’t agree with your ranking system… And so do everybody else than you 😐

When will the site be fixed to work with Ff 3.5.1 on XP SP3? I keep getting “Something unexpected just happened.” But it doesn’t say what happened. Refresh as suggested doesn’t fix it.

Hello, do you give this game for Ukraine. Here is the new popularity of guarantee

I think people should be ranked by multiplying their average score (or average-10) by their number of races completed. This would be the most fair system. 🙂

Though based on DUFOUR’s system, here is the current top-20:

1) dufour=41897
2) ning*=15616
3) chimchimchim=15300
4) roi1=14961
5) jaunty_jalopy=14030
6) nozden=13800
7) nattukittu=12473
8) valikor=10875
9) rapid=10690
10) moobin=10270
11) chuchoespanto=10153
12) azee=10106
13) kllingtype=10069
14) bob_bongloaded=10062
15) kymdawn=9904
16) mrlago=9687
17) dutchgirll=8860
18) brandong=7864
19) testyper=7430
20) fightin_phils=6972

*=orkut user, actual number may be higher


geez, if you can access the site’s data then you probably know more about me than I do 🙂 I always had the impression that I performed really bad on 2 of the 5 texts you’ve mentioned – perhaps I’ve raced them only 1 or 2 times and I don’t even remember.

It’s funny how easy it is to have a wrong perception of things. I always thought I did a better job when racing the texts I like, but it may be the case that I just find the text good but can’t manage to type it properly. And the reverse is true too, sometimes I don’t race a text because I don’t like it and I don’t know if I would be able to be fast or not because I never give it a chance. This is good to know 🙂

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll drop you an e-mail later to gather more info. 😉

The list above is not an official typeracer list. It was compiled by dufour and I. But, it’s accurate.

Now my average speed alltime is 76 wpm.

Thank you Typeracer for this awesome site and it is been four months when I joined this competition on March 31st 2009 and my average alltime speed was just 55.

Lesson to my Booers!

Congratultations jonahmano! Patience always pays off in the end. 🙂

Congratulation jonahmano you are now 96th in win 🙂

DUFOUR please can you list the top 100. I would like to see where my favorite racers are.

All I remember is that DUFOUR is #1, I’m #5, and there are a lot of other people who play this game a bit too much 🙂

yay I just got beaten by a 200wpm bot… on a text where the highest score is in the 150s. This kind of thing makes a farce out of statistics and subsequently competition itself.. please fix..

I’d like to thank typeracer for this great website. This site was referred to me three months ago. I have been a laid-off carpenter/builder. I decided to switch careers to a job that requires a typing test of 30 wpm to qualify. I know most of you will probably laugh at that speed, and you could probably hit 30 wpm with one finger. But three months ago I was using two fingers and typing about 25 wpm. Now, three months later, I’m in the low 40’s with a couple times hitting 53, which I thought was impossible for me. Now my goal is to break 100 wpm. It may take me years, but I never realized so many people could type that fast, and I think it is great! I passed the test and applied for the job. I haven’t heard anything yet, but atleast this site made it possible for me to try.

As for the racers that have a problem with people leaving races before they start… I some times leave for a couple of reasons. Most of the time I’d rather race against real people instead of two bots. But more often it is because some times I enter a race late where the counter is at two seconds left. Or the counter is still counting down and the race starts, people are typing but I still have a countdown on the screen. Also, sometimes there is no countdown at all, the race just starts with no warning. I don’t think that I’m the only person that this happens to, but I don’t think that I saw anyone else post these problems. I don’t think it is a big deal, it’s just a little annoying, but those are reasons I may leave a race.

Thanks again for the site, and keep up the good work!

Wes aka slopoke

vandy (arriviste) is a cheater.

slopoke: I’ve gotten the “no countdown before race starts” thing plenty of times. i’ve typed enough races that i can sort of get a feel of how long there is until the race starts. i just keep my eye on where it will say “Go!” and start typing as soon as that happens.

If I don’t get a countdown then there isn’t a “Go !”. Just a blinking line for text. But you’re right, I have gotten better at anticipating it. I still enjoy myself.

can’t you just look at the input box? it says something like “type here”, but when the race starts, that text disappears.

also, i’ve never had this bug, but i’ve had a bug where the countdown box appears at the bottom of the window rather than where it’s supposed to. If you don’t scroll down, you would assume that there is no countdown box. Screenshot below

I never saw the count down at the bottom of the screen, but then I don’t think that I ever looked for it there. I’m usually concentrating on the start. My most annoying bug is when I get a count down that is still counting down with serveral seconds left, and the race has already started with several seconds already ticked away. It doesn’t happen everytime, probably 1 out of every 10-15 races.

slopoke: i’ve never had that bug, and i’ve typed thousands of races. what kind of internet connection do you have?

I have verizon fios and use windows xp and internet explorer ver. 8

When the countdown is at the bottom, you’d have to look for it. Otherwise you’d assume there was no countdown. It took me a while to figure this out. Maybe it’s what’s happening to you.

And I think I’ve had a bug like the one you’re describing, but only very, very rarely. Probably 1-3 times in 11,000 races. That’s bizarre that it would happen so much to you.

@valikor: just had the “no countdown” thing and looked at the bottom of the page. you’re right, it was there. bizarre bug though.

20 days passed since I entered the top20 list (“fastest typists”) and all I can say is that list SUCKS!!! Something should be changed definitelly. For example 100 last rases should be counted for entering the top20 list, not 10 as now. Noah also gave a good advice for % of finished races. Someone must have 70% + of finished races if he/she wants to enter that list…
TypeRacer, what do you think about that???

Good idea Zoran
Me my suggestion is:

1000 last races 🙂
90% races completed

and TOP100 WINS

Good Day

Scuse my english 😉

I just had my bug happen to me again. The first race of the day. The race was a two minute race to type Sweet Child O Mine. The countdown showed 4 seconds left when I came into the race agaist one opponent. When the race started, the race timer showed that 30 seconds had gone and my opponent was half way finished the race.

I think that my connection is okay and that the problem is my computer might have a tough time loading the screen. Like I said before, it doesn’t happen every race, but when it does, that that is a reason for me to leave a race early.

I would also like to point out that I like to stay in the race untill everyone is finished, unless they don’t race at all. I like to cheer them on, and I applaud their effort. Especially if they are typing at a new personal best for them. On the flip side I get people who are guests with no races completed, and blow my doors off at typemaster or mega racer speeds. They have left the race before I make it half way. Oh well.

@ slopoke:

I’ve raced on both IE and firefox, as well as windows XP and vista, and very slow computers (8+ year old computers) and very fast computers. I’ve still never had the problem that you’re talking about.

Random thought: what if kukkain really is a cheater, and simply joined/left all those races to deflect suspicion from himself?

I don’t think he is a cheater. It would be nice to delete him, of course, but probably it’s unjustified 🙂

His scores are truly incredible for a typist with just a 121wpm average. From my experience racing against him, he is not that fast. I think it is about accurate to say his real average is in the 120s (maybe a little higher than 121, but still).

I don’t know how a 120-130wpm typist can achieve a 185 average. My average now is around 140 and achieving 183 was ridiculous.

I think people who type too fast should not be forced to race against bots all the time. I just did like 15 races and saw 1 real person. Also with an average of 152 just now, I was placed against bots who typed 171 and 182wpm. I know these types of comments have already been voiced, but it was frustrating me just now -.-

PS @ Conspiracy_Theorist: Yes, I have wondered that before, though. It’s possible.

1730 (true hour)
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cheers and greetings to all of you!


(Todavía no soy un Megaracer pero eso me viene valiendo madres –lo más chingón del asunto es que la técnica se va mejorando con cada nueva carrerita.)

Support for New Browsers

* Internet Explorer 8
* Safari 4 Beta

When will Firefox 3.5.1 be supported???

I love this site! I agree with previous posters, other languages would be great! I’d be particularly interested in French. Also, I’d really appreciate more texts.

yeah that guy kukkain.. It’s impossible with average of 120 to reach ~190 .. that’s obvious

“Good games stay within, but at the outer edge, of the player’s regime of competence. That is, they feel doable but challenging. This makes them pleasantly frustrating – a flow state for human beings.”

These bots are way beyond the outer edge. 😀

“a flow state for HUMAN BEINGS”

they are not humans, so they don’t get pleasantly frustrated like we do 🙂

LOL Noah, yeah… I’d say 190 wpm is a bit outside of my regime of competence.

That’s because you suck Mako. Need more practice 😛

Racing was fun today. Thanks a lot, David and Noah!

Also, i don’t care how, something has to be done about Kukkain. I don’t think he beat me in a race even once the entire time we played, but he still had a 160+ wpm average on that account.

Yeah good races today. The level of competition was very high, once we had Joshua, Noah, myself, and I think Patrick something (also fast).

Kukkain was there too, but I think he lost every race to every single one of us 😛

I wish he would just race normally :-/

It is much more fun than racing against bots etc., so we need to arrange a few times a week for the fastest typists to play.

I know Mako/Alan said he was down for this, too. Anyone else?

Just got 198 wpm somehow on my Jweb_Guru, wasn’t even going for ridiculous scores! Second-highest score ever, woohoo!

Yes, congrats Joshua for achieving what seems to be the second fastest score ever recorded on Typeracer!

Now, I can’t wait for someone to break 200wpm.

I remember Clement Yang did 204 or 206 wpm something like that and it was legit, no ?

haha valikor 😀

And some bad news: Kukkain is back – this time under a new name, “Metallica Kukkain”. Why won’t he just go away?!

So I got sick of using my high-wpm account and racing bots over and over again, especially because my schedule usually means I can only play when there are few people online. Here’s how I’m dealing with the bot problem:

I’m artificially deflating my WPM average, so that I can be matched with a wider range of people. On races in which I’m matched with slower people, I will slow up at the end and finish at the last possible second before the next fastest racer finishes. On races with faster racers, I will type like I normally do. This results in a weird race history, such as the following:

Basically, my overall average is high enough to match me with the fast typists when they’re online, but low enough that I won’t be stuck racing impossible bots all day when the fast typists aren’t on.


I think I’ve found one of Kukkain’s favorite texts… it’s from Atlas Shrugged. Look at the top ten:

1 198 wpm
Blinktwice4y (blinktwice4y)
2 192 wpm
Jordan Woodroffe (incith)
3 189 wpm
Kukkain (tsvuk)
4 188 wpm
Kukkain (tsvuk)
5 186 wpm
Kukkain (tsvuk)
6 184 wpm
Kukkain (tsvuk)
7 183 wpm
Jordan Woodroffe (incith)
8 181 wpm
Kukkain (tsvuk)
9 180 wpm
Jordan Woodroffe (incith)
10 180 wpm
Eli Porter (i_deed_it)

Looks like someone else got 198, incidentally. Valikor, you may want to update your scripts.

New (Metallica) Kukkain is pretty funny too. It looks like he’s trying to create an account with only really fast races (~160wpm), probably so no one can point out that his all-time wpm is at odds with his last 10 races. I wonder how often he reads this.

Thanks Joshua & David, it’s indeed a pleasure to race with talented typists such as yourselves.

It’d be nice to get the “top” racers more involved. I’ve raced against Valikor and others on dozens of occasions, but never Jelani, and Jordan at most once or twice. Others like Kukkain and Gunner leave nearly every race we have. I know I go absent for periods of time every now and then, and am not the best example of this, but there’s a sort of…unwritten code of good sportsmanship here that people like Valikor, Phillies_Magic, and S S (chimchimchim) are great at exemplifying. They race very often, aren’t afraid to match up against those who might win, and generally help to anchor the community. Lots of others do too, of course, and I salute them too. Just wanted to say thanks to those who actually race. 🙂

No script here. But, if someone only typed 28 races, I don’t take that seriously. I don’t believe that there are any legit racers who type 28 races for 15 minutes and achieve 198wpm.

Thanks Noah.

Hi Noah,

I don’t race very often (in general) anymore so i’m sorry if you get the impression that i leave a lot of races against you. i certainly do not try to be like kukkain and i don’t spend a lot of time race selecting because i’d rather type and have fun. sometimes i just join a race and leave because i realize i don’t feel like racing. i do generally stay in races when i see valikor, zoran et al b/cuz i know them. hope you understand 🙂

a few more thoughts –

i’m sure you are a great guy Noah – i’m at a pretty busy period in my life right now so you must excuse me if i’m too tired to finish a race or i’m not as much as the part of the typeracer community as i’d like to be.

in my defense, i do finish the majority of my races (my dvorak accounts combine for 1000+ races and like 300 wins, so i can certainly take a loss :)). let’s talk on msn sometime and maybe we can set a time to race – i’m hamstarz [at] hotmail.com

so i don’t know if you motivated me noah or it was the bots, but i just got 168 (a lifetime high), then 165, then 163. it’s probably been 5 or 6 months since i even broke 160, so this is really extraordinary. unfortunately, i lost to a 180 wpm bot 🙂

Hey, on this Dracula quote it says Noah/licahfox got 213 wpm! Looks like we already have our > 200 wpm legit score!

I think that was a glitch (if I remember previous blog comments correctly).

I just went through 6 races with Metallica Kukkain. He won 1, and he left 5.

Clement Yang has 209 on “Remember that humor is…”, his highest score. My highest ever is actually 198 on that same text.. which I just got a minute ago. 😀 Anonymous is correct, the 213 was a glitch and I’ve asked for it to be removed several times to no avail.

Gunner, that’s great – hope to race you soon! Sorry for mischaracterizing you. Cheers.

My guess is that anyone who can type 209 wpm in just 40 races is either cheating somehow or experienced a glitch.

Unless he is the best typist in the world. I could be wrong, but I don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Note that typists like Noah and Jelani have the same average as him, and have done *many* more races, yet not come close to 209.

(Therefore, I maintain my belief that the fastest score achieved ever on the site was 199wpm, by myself 😛 But I expect this will be broken shortly by a known legit typist like Noah, Joshua, Jordan)

Sorry, this is off-topic, but I’m still curious: are there Dvorak typists on this site?

If so, who are you?

Great site. Just encountered it today. My average is only a mere 82 wpm. But then typing is something i approach casually having picked it up over the years…I’m curious to know about the kind of ppl in the top 20 of this site. Can I assume someone with a 150 wpm average is a professional typist or gifted, or well trained etc.?

How come Metallica_Kukkain is not seen in the top 20 list if he averages 155 WPM and has a valid registered account? Just curious about what is happening in this case.

Adam: In order to be in the top 20 list, a user needs to have completed at least 100 races. So Metallica Kukkain will (sadly) be on the list soon.

Hey guys, I’ve noticed a new problem: when I create a private room and click “join race”, I immediately get a red warning pop-up that says something went wrong. If I close it, it keeps coming up again. I’m wondering if any of you are having the same problem.

(FYI, I’m using Firefox 3.5.2. I don’t have the same problem with IE7)

I can only speak for a few of the people on the top twenty list, but I know that among them are included a professional organist, a programmer, and a few college students. Beyond that, I’d say it’s partly a matter of natural skill and partly a matter of practice–anyone who types quickly for many hours a day is probably capable of getting into the top twenty list with enough determination.

I type pretty fast–I played piano for years and spent way too much time on the computer for all my formative years 😛

They are all strictly professional typists in the top-20 😉

There’s more than one programmer in the top-20… depending on how you count a programmer.

But, at least a few serious ones

I’m pretty much the same as valikor – I played the piano for about 10 years, and I spent a LOT of my time on the computer.

Are bot racers cheaters who have yet to be removed? If not, what is their purpose?

It would be nice to be able to see the accuracy percentage for competitors after a race. Also an avr. accuracy statistic on users’ info would be nice.


thanks for the info. Considering the number of races he leaves, he may actually take quite some time reach 100 😛

I also played piano for about 8 years growing up. I first used a computer at age 12 and could type in the low 100s within a year or so. Other than regular computer usage, I haven’t had any sort of special training. I’m not a programmer or a professional typist.

Congratulations to Metallica Kukkain for making the top 20!! /sarcasm

seriously though, i’m almost inclined to think he IS a cheater now. how does someone who averages 121 over 4500 races suddenly type in the 150-180s?

I don’t really understand what he’s doing at all, but I don’t think he’s cheating. Of course it’s still possible, since I don’t see how a 120wpm typist can achieve 190+ even a single time (let alone several times)

Whenever I get a “very” high score (170-180 wpm), I get it on one of the short passages (2-3 lines long). I never get a score like that for the longer passages. Is this just a coincidence, or are the speed results less accurate for these very short passages? I’m a little doubtful about these shorter races because I notice that I start certain races with a “boost” – that is, when I start typing, it says my speed is something like 200 wpm, but slowly dies down afterward. For very short races, there’s less time for the speed to die down, and I get a very high score. It could be that I just type faster at the beginning of a race or have better focus when typing shorter passages, but I felt like throwing this out there.

I bring this up because one of you said that Kukkain has some very high scores on the “bloke” text, which is one of the very short passages. If these 2- or 3-liners were all removed, the results might better reflect his true typing speed.

You have to keep in mind the way WPM is calculated. For short texts the WPM scores is still totally accurate–there is no “boost” per se–it’s just that less time has passed and thus the result will be “rounded” to a certain extent. Also, most people do start out typing a little faster than they do later on, since they have already analyzed the text and (usually) have yet to make any mistakes.

An option for the graph to show all races (rather than just a selected range) would be nice!

If I were to use cheat software am I correct in thinking I would appear as a bot, rather than have my account deleted?

um, no, you would not appear as a bot, yes, you will have your account deleted.

lol @ conspiracy theorist’s post 😛

bot users are generated by typeracer if there is nobody close to your typing speed to match you against.

@ Joshua — good point. I never thought of that. At the very beginning of the race, the effects of rounding would have a large impact on the score displayed. (Though I know that Typeracer uses many decimal points when calculating the final score)

I do agree that–at least in my experience–I can type faster at the very beginning of the race.

@Mako — I think the “short text problem” would only be an issue if there was some sort of glitch which allowed someone to start before the others (and this happens, but very very rarely). I happen to also have a lot of very fast scores on the “Bloke” text 😉

I’d just like to point out that our friend Kukkain has made it to Typing Zone where he reached 5th place on the permanent english text (better than Noah and Valikor), so it seems like he can type after all!

When I said rounded” I was using sort of ambiguous language. It’s not the actual rounding, per se. Think about it this way: suppose you type twenty letters within the first second or so. Because you haven’t had a chance yet to slow down, and it has very little information to go on, TypeRacer will conclude that you are typing 4 words per second, or 240 words per minute. Now, obviously even the fastest typists can’t write twenty characters in a second (even the first second). However, the fastest of us, who can type close to 15 words per second (180) over relatively long passages on a good day, can occasionally type about 17 or 18 in the very first second (if we’re lucky), which averages out to 204 – 216 words per minute. Now, obviously we can’t maintain that sort of speed for more than a second or two, but it is more than enough to make it look like we’re going ridiculously fast at the beginning of a race, just because we happened to squeeze two or three more letters into the first second than we usually do. Incidentally, another aspect of this phenomenon (though it’s one that we tend to ignore because we’re not looking for it) is that it’s also easy to have an extremely low speed for the first few seconds, for similar reasons (you happen to type a few characters less in the first second or two than you normally do, and your speed goes down dramatically). I find that this happens as or more often as the ridiculous speeds, but it’s not as noteworthy so most people don’t remember these times.

All that said, however, the WPM calculation is still completely accurate–no glitching is involved.

@Joshua–glitching can certainly be involved. Ask Noah or Zoran (or myself actually). Plenty of us have experienced these glitches (like Noah’s 213wpm). Also, you said that you can type 15 words per second (you actually meant characters 😛 )

I see your point. If you type 17 characters in the first second, you’re well over 200wpm. On a large scale (even a couple sentences) this is extraordinarily hard to do.. MUCH harder than 14 or 15 characters per second. But, if it’s just for one second, 17 characters would be possible.

At the same time though, since we did not do the coding, we don’t actually know precisely how TR calculates the current and/or final WPM. It’s certainly possible that some rounding occurs (maybe during the actual race, if it made the calculations run faster), and that this could skew the results towards the very beginning. Don’t pretty much all calculations become more accurate when they include more data, as opposed to a snippit? (Though I have a feeling you’ll respond by saying that while these excessive speeds are not representative/useful, they are technically accurate for a short period of time, and you might be right)

@Damz–I shall beat that score now, as a matter of pride. And certainly Noah cares about it even less, otherwise his score would be much higher 🙂 From what I’ve seen on Typeracer though, he really is not that fast, even if he occasionally gets very fast races. If he finished more races, we’d be able to judge more accurately I guess.

It was interesting to play typeracer the other day. As a ~130-140wpm typer, I usually completely dominate the recent top 20. I was playing against generic names, “Eileen, Nick, Tom”, whom were only pushing 40wpm or so the first few races. After about 5 races, suddenly, they could type at 160wpm and I was losing! How is this possible – Is typeracer introducing fake “bots” to encourage competition?

1413 (true hour)
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank God I don’t have this speed sickness.

I really feel very fortunate not being engaged with this REVOLTING preoccupation with speed.

The “winner” of today is the LOSER of tomorrow.

Victories and defeats are NONSENSE from the military world.

Also I don’t have any objection to compete now and then against lovely roBOTS –most of my adorable teachers were bots with so cute female names like Heather, Emma, Amy, Rachel, Paula, Jessica and Jennifer.

Among other things I also like to play classical guitar and listening to things so diverse ranging from Abba to Black Metal.

Thank You Very Much.

jEsUs federIcO Alvarez rivera a.k.a. CHUCHoESPANTo+_+

I suppose my point is that typeracer is no longer fun. I’d really rather compete against /people/ (who may potentially be better than me – super easy!), not an artifically steroided bot!
Losing against all of the bots in a race is kind of a drag when you’re in the top percentile and really *never* lose.

1945 (true hour)
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obviously the most amazing thing about the Typeracer sport is that you are competing against people from all over the world –even the occasional appearance of roBOTS can’t spoil this technological Magic!

I have been suggesting the idea of our diverse national flags decorating each little car in accordance with the nationality of every competitor:

“There goes a Russian pilot; that’s an Indian typeracer and this is a British contender; your car has the U.S. flag and this one with the Mexican flag is mine”.

I also have suggested one little screen at the end of each typerace in which we can type instant remarks to the other contestants encouraging them with comments like:

“Never leave a typerace even when the other competitors have greater numbers”.

“It was an honor to race against you –what a pleasure!”

“Some months ago my best race was the same like yours –be constant, be enthusiastic, don’t be preoccupied with winning or losing, just compete and gradually you will becoming a better typeracer!”

Cheers and greetings to all of you from CHUCHoESPANTo+_+

(¿Hay más typeracers de México?, ¿Qué onda? –por supuesto que no debo ser el único ¿verdad?)

You’re very magnanimous JF. I think however, a chat facility after races would often be abused (accusations of cheating, insulting, swearing etc.). Thus a ‘report abuse’ function would also be required. This is sadly the reality of the internet.

1101 (true hour)
Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank You So Much Anonymous –if it is correct that JF stands for my initials.

It is absolutely certain the possibility of some typeracers utilizing this currently imaginary chat facility to offend and call names and insult others.

This situation would lead to something like an instant report abuse with an instant and scary penalization.

Maybe this is not a good idea because no one of us would like to be insulted with rude remarks –definitely this would break our mental harmony.

Anyway this nice Typeracer blog has a function very similar to a forum and this gives us the gift of communication beyond the typewriting races –something that cold roBOTS can’t perform.

In fact the entire Internet can’t talk –we humans are the VOICE of the Internet.

Thank You Very Much.


I know what you’re talking about. I don’t mind losing (or else I wouldn’t race as much as possible with typists like Jordan, Noah, Joshua, etc). But losing in a race full of bots is no fun. I’d rather be put against slower people and win. (Beating slow bots isn’t much fun either)

The best times on Typeracer are when I get to race against typists at a similar speed, and you probably agree. You can message me on AIM (valikor) if you ever want to race. I will probably be able to keep up and make it fun.

How do you type? Do you use both shift keys (I only use the right-hand side one)? What about ‘P’ and ‘Q’ (I use fourth fingers, although I’m sure fifth is convention)? It is hard to ‘unlearn’ bad habits…

1737 (true hour)
Saturday, August 8, 2009

It is EASY to unlearn and CHANGE bad habits and bad manners.

All is possible within and outside our minds.

We are not condemned to do stupid things forever.

When someone says something is “difficult” or “hard to do” there is precisely the limitation to be destroyed –we have to avoid limitating language inside our brains.

I know one day I will be able to do the 80+ WPM required to enter the Megaracers’ sacred shrine but I don’t dream to be the “number one” –I don’t torture my mind dreaming with the “Guinness book of world records”.

CHUCHoESPANTo+_+ from Mexico City.

it’s been a great experience for me to actually relieve some of my stress by playing this game. it not only relieves the stress but it’s actually more practical for me rather than other flash games on the internet. keep up the good work!

Bugs I have noticed
-People that lag out in the race that you invited will stay there.. 😦
there’s been at least 4 guests in my invite race page for quite some time now. 😮

Thanks To Lord Jesus my inspiration and typeracer site and fellow competitors

My average speed all time has jumped from 76 to 77 wpm in just 16 days.

Races completed : 2674

Races won : 1918

I really enjoy the site. Its good practice. I’d agree with everyone who’s asked for more variety in what we have to type. I know my score definitely improves when I have to type something I’ve typed 3 times already.

Are the all time lists for specific texts populated by people who practice them specifically; or is it more random? It seems pretty dull to skip text after text waiting for one specific one to appear. Or perhaps you might have a ‘set’ of favourites and forgo the others. What do we think people?

The only all-time lists for specific texts that I would say are really practiced intensively are the ones where the entire top ten is ridiculous (like the I know a bloke one). Most of the others are either people who got lucky or happen to be good texts for those people, though not infrequently the first-place position is occupied by a cheater (specific Io Kralij has a LOT of the number one slots on texts with 180+ scores where nobody else has reached 170). It is also true that some very fast typists skip the difficult texts more frequently than they do the not-so-difficult ones, and I admit that this is a habit I have been trying to break. In general, though, to make the top ten list of any text is a great accomplishment, no matter how much you have practiced it.

Oh, also (and I know this is somewhat unrelated), does anyone have any favorite finger-stretching exercise to maintain flexibility and finger speed after long typing sessions? I have begun to do a few of them (the usual hand-pulling-other-hand and wiggling all my fingers a few times) before each race and have found that it seems to help a little bit; am I alone in this?

I think on the “bloke” text, Kukkain and I have a combined 7 spots in the top-10. I know on my side, I didn’t practice it to do so. I just always had an easy time with that text, and I’ve done a lot of races. I’d guess it’s the same for most people, but who knows.

1227 (true hour)
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some months ago I found a lovely website called nimblefingers.com

They have some very interesting typing games –that is to say typing exercises– to improve finger dexterity.

Also they have a beautiful section dealing with limb and body stress reduction exercises.

Have fun.

(personally, I recommend some forearm massages consisting in rubbing each one of them with the other forearm –this can be done previously to a typeracer session or when one needs it.)


Just got 199 on the Bloke text. So close.

You’re an insane typist Joshua -_-

Hi! I would like to know if you are using the qwerty keyboard? I know there’s a lot of keyboard designs out there fitting their own ergonomics such as using dvorak keyboard)…

The ‘bloke’ text at last!! After 204 races (!), I finally encounter it. So this is the smoothest tarmac for speed typists I thought, as I readied myself to motor in the 130’s at least. No such luck though, as a pang of self-consciouness got me midway and I shuffled in below my average (95 wpm).

Cue the all time list and feelings of low self-worth. After the choking, something happened to me that never before has happend in my typing. I found myself being inspired….

1 199 wpm David Pritts (valikor)
2 199 wpm Joshua (jweb_guru)
3 197 wpm Kukkain (tsvuk)
4 195 wpm Kukkain (tsvuk)
5 193 wpm Kevin R (wynterlegacy)
6 192 wpm David Pritts (valikor)
7 192 wpm David Pritts (valikor)
8 191 wpm Kukkain (tsvuk)
9 184 wpm David Pritts (valikor)
10 181 wpm Kukkain (tsvuk)

Re: the bloke text, I actually don’t usually do exceptionally well on it–it’s far from the most comfortable text for me, and certainly not the one I would call “easiest.” That said, it is extremely short and repetitive, so if you happen to get a good run you can get some pretty insane speeds.

I love that text 🙂

Only problem is that if you make a single typo, your score is guaranteed to be lowered by 10% or so.

Yes I found it more awkward than I’d thought it’d be on my first run. Awesome job valikor, Joshua!

1 Zina . (zina) 213 wpm 1 minute ago
2 Brazil (zxzx) 157 wpm 56 minutes ago

Both these guys are cheaters. I’ve been on races with both of them and saw them getting insane speeds (220+ WPM). They stand still for like 10 seconds or so and then they go through the whole text in 2 seconds, getting speeds up to 290 WPM. We all know this is impossible to achieve.

Remove them pleaaaase!!

this is really good fun, just signed up and raced a few races.

wow! this is cool..it’s been almost an year since i 1st used this appl. on orkut (went on to become a registered member here)..and this is the first time i’m using this blog…it’s superb! [:D]
about changes..yeah..i noticed some of ’em..n really glad to knw abt ‘RANKING’..it’s motivating..

one suggestion..if racers r being matched based on their skill levels..wudn’t it be better if separate lists for latest high scores r shown acc. to skill levels? i understand that it wud make appl. heavier..however..i believe if it can be achieved, it’ll be a boost as more players will get satiated to see their names on the list..

personally speaking..i hav taken two snapshots when i was ranked among top 20[:)]..

nevertheless..a GREAT job..

1816 (true hour)
Saturday, August 15, 2009

Could it be possible an option to compete without the advertisements of books and things?

These advertisements when they are being generated close to the end of each typerace are robbing me of SO MUCH points.

I really feel and I really know my technique has been increasing so as to be obtaining better scores but THESE ADVERTISEMENTS are giving me this offensive trouble.

One solution would be to generate the advertisements just before the beginning of each typerace –PLEASE, would you take into account this comment?

Are there any other Typemasters around with this same problem?

Not all of the typeracers are using the same operating systems and browsers and Internet connections; at least, could you include a detailed information about minimum system requirements and the relation of different Internet speeds with typeracer scores?

(I mean the relation of different Internet connection speeds with the keyboard’s touch-typing response.

Obviously, we are using different keyboards.)


2255 (true hour)
Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are there any other Beginner, Intermediate, Average, Pro and Typemaster competitors dealing with this same problem?


reigning_king, the problem with the “different rankings for different score levels” thing is this: every score level except Megaracer has an upper boundary on wpm, Thus, the top 20 for Typemasters would just be all 79’s, for Pros all 60’s, etc.

not necessarily. the skill levels are based on averages, not single races. the high scores, then, would be (for example) the highest score achieved by anyone whose average was between 55-80wpm, and anyone in this range who had an exceptionally fast race would get in the high scores.

not sure how to handle this issue, really, but I don’t think it would work like Joshua described.

@Joshua and Valikor
glad to hear from u guys.. 🙂
to elaborate more on my point, i would like it to be like weight-lifting championships..lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight..of course there would be an upper-bound on all levels except that of megaracers’..and then, if someone will keep averaging more than his/her lifetime avg’s, the person’s gonna be put into next level..that is, he/she has raised his/her bar..

i agree with u..sometimes the advertisements take much time to load and it costs us in our wpm reduction..
having said that, i would like to see those ad’s because apart from being a movie-buff, i’m an occasional reader too.. 🙂

would like to know how all u guys type so fast??!! m really amazed….i’ve constantly been hitting 80s since past some time…but never been able to cross that precious 100wpm.. 😦
will appreciate any kind of help regarding this.. 🙂

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow! I’m not the only one who has detected this problem with the advertisements!

Thank you reigning_king.

Of course I’m not against the appearance of advertisements –they are very important to connect each typeracer competition text to its original source and they are essential to keep this beautiful website running.

Certainly I would like to collect all the movies, books and music albums –in fact I know most of the songs from which brief passages are taken as competition texts and I also love movies and books!

I think it would be better if the advertisement information appears before each typerace and continue embedded there until the end of the typerace.

Thank You Very Much.


I just touched 100 wpm… 🙂 🙂 🙂

but anti-cheating test wasn’t there..may i knw why? 😦
does it come if one CROSSES 100 wpm?

gud idea it is..
i believe it won’t do any harm at all.. 🙂

1127 ((ttrruuee hhoouurr))
Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey Typeracer,

How about a special section for ghost typeracers with competition “texts” taken from silent movies, unwritten books and instrumental music?


Congrats on what might be the fastest legitimate race ever recorded on typeracer, Kukkain!

this is a great blod =0

I believe Metallica Kukkain (tsvukk)IS Euwe Wish (botmasher).

Their/his? all time average speed ~156-157wpm, best speed (tsvukk)=205 (botmasher)=202, last 10 (tsvukk)=158 (botmasher)=191.6.

I won’t be surprised if Metallica Kukkain (tsvukk) achieves the top spot with last 10 average=~190

@Valikor, Zoran &co. Since you have made vociferous complaints that Euwe Wish(botmasher) is a cheat – probably correct – he’s been removed – then where are your calls to remove Metallica Kukkain (tsvukk) from the fastest typists board? I can’t understand your logic please come back…


avg. last10-109wpm, avg. all time-77.428, last race 130, best race 133.

This tw** comes suddenly out of nowhere, attacks from the rear and Get this… miraculously overtakes the rest of us to finish 1st!

Typeracer please obliterate his account.

another cheat to add to your list: Tom Searcost (lisztjr2) he seems to be using a program. massive speed upto 3/4 of race then he stops and waits for score to approach more respectable levels!!!

I too seen Marcelo. He cheater Last 10 is 126. Last race is 130. Best race is 139.

Whoever thought Kukkain would be the first to break the 200 wpm barrier please raise your hand.

*sits in silence*

1913 (true hour)
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Happiness and Congratulations Typeracer,

a few minutes ago I saw that your Website is no more in the beta stage.

But before that I also began to see the arrival of new competition text passages –until now, I have seen three of them:

The first by Ralph Waldo Emerson (We may climb …)

The second by Ashida Kim (The goal of the true seeker …)

The third by Harold J. Morowitz (The melted mozzarella layer, …)

By the way, I have the entire snapshots’ collection of the former typeracer competition text passages –they are almost three hundred!

Thank You Very Much from Mexico City.


2003 (true hour)
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Happiness and Congratulations Alex Epshteyn.

Thank You Very Much.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of course the brand-new Forum !!!!!

“We might begin by asking why the pregnant man image has been a source of continued fascination throughout the centuries . Mythology”
There is a mistake in this text. After the word CENTURIES there shouldn’t be a space, “.” comes just after that word… Correct that TypeRacer.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday late afternoon I also noted this little imperfection.

An interesting competition text passage taken from a book written by Sherry Marie Velasco.

Some of you remember the films “Enemy Mine” (1985) and “Junior” (1994).

By the way, the english word “brainchild” have always been one of my favorites –a precious compound word related to inventors and all kinds of creative people.

1551 (non-DST hour)

Right now, Mexico is in Daylight Saving Time but I’m not a follower of that thing.

Is this a severe felony?

My 209 score was legitimate, if not a fluke. It was an easy text that I did well on. I have a main account on Typeracer (ckjy00) which has about the same average speed over 300 races.

1606 (non-DST hour)
Friday, September 4, 2009

209 wpm translated into Spanish –my Mother Tongue– is equivalent to 1045 ppm.

ppm stands for “pulsaciones por minuto”.

1045 “percussions” in a minute!

((The computer keyboard as a non-sounding piano!))

By the way, ppm has its English equivalent in cpm = characters per minute; however ppm and cpm refer to two different concepts: the phrase “pulsaciones por minuto” refers to the number of key strokes performed in a minute, and “characters per minute” refers to the number of letters/numbers/symbols typewritten in that unit of time –as you can see, they almost mean the same thing.


If someone could achieve 240 wpm that would mean 1200 ppm = 20 key strokes per second.

That would be a Sacred Accomplishment!

(( How about Yngwie Malmsteen as a typist? ))

0941 (non-DST hour)
Sunday, September 6, 2009

[…] If someone could achieve 240 wpm that would mean 1200 ppm (or cpm) = 20 key strokes (or letters/numbers/symbols typewritten) per second. […]

The accidental scorecard popping up is still an issue. It’s happened to me a few times already in Safari 4.0. Halfway through a race, one of the other cars touches my mouse pointer and I can’t see what I’m typing anymore.

@smirking – I bet it happened because you accidentally touched the mouse when it was over a car. If you don’t move the mouse, the popup doesn’t appear.

Congrats – I really enjoy playing typeracer, you have done a great job with the implementation!

On the other hand, there is a tremendous opportunity for people with a different world view to create a similar game that has content that reflects traditional values and morals. I personally don’t like typing much of the content that is presented, and some of the ads like Evony are not appropriate for my children.

i like the game it is fun

i like this game

Congratulations Valikor! 204wpm superb!!!
I hope to break the 150wpm mark soon 😉

Hey people,
I just started typeracer and its pretty cool. Like all my friends are doing too!!! See you on the races!!!


type racer is kewleo sooo far. i have a lot of fun. but i dont see how people could type 153 words per minute!!! like come on! your making us look bad! and im a pretty fast typer.

hello is anyone there? I love to type it is my favorite hobby!!!!

I don’t get how people cheat?? Not that I want to or anything, just wondering. BTW, I suck.

Hello. I like type racer.

I love your website.

from sese19

hey whats up type racer fans

I really like this website. My friend went on it and had a nosebleed half way through. Well he liked it! Some people in my form have asked me but I wont go on this often it gets boring. You hsould chat to people on it and type and music!


Looks like this doesn’t checked real often anymore…and I ran across this blog REALLY randomly. Anyhow–@ “Big” Marv (post from August 17th, 2009): as flattered as I am that you think I’m using a program to cheat, I assure you I’m not. I do sometimes get a little tangled up at the ends of races, but for what my word is worth, there is no foul play. I’m a pianist…maybe that helps…:-)

woo hooo awsome game…… ayayayyayayayayayayyayayay…….. woo hoo!!!!!! :):)

hello good job whether you are the worst or best typer 🙂

how do you change your profile information?

can anyone answer me?why can’t i play in my native language?there are punctuations and diacritics and i can’t type.why don’t you make it without them?in any language as in english..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Just like you, I’m also a TypeRacer competitor.

You didn’t mention what’s your language.

In my case, if I were requesting a Spanish language version without its orthographic elements like “á”, “é”, “í”, “ó”, “ú”, “ña”, “ñe”, “ñi”, “ño”, “ñu”, “güe”, “güi”, “¡!”, “¿?”, then, as a result, I would be touch-typing a FALSE version of my language.

It’s just like those UGLY times when the letter ñ is replaced by the letter n in words like “muñeca” (muneca), “español” (espanol), “mañana” (manana) —I guess people committing that sacrilege ignore how to properly configure a computer keyboard.

What I hate MOST is when a Spanish language native speaker does the above-mentioned UGLY and IGNORANT thing because it is expected he/she has a Spanish language keyboard.

well federico,my language is romanian,when i try to type i can’t,cause i have to type with diacritics but even if i configure my keyboard i still cannot type like that…i just don’t know why adminst don’t modify this option so that we won’t have to type with diacritics and everybody will be happy,there are alot of people who don’t type in their language because of this limitation,anyway thanx for your answer and for the fact that you try to help me…oh,another thing..this guy trenton07 is a cheater..i think he really is..why isn’t he deleted or punished?hello,admins?:Danyway..happy new year to all of you,see ya

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I had no problem configuring my computer keyboard in Romanian layout.

As a result, the only thing I have to do is to change my keyboard into Romanian language in order to have these diacritics available:

ă Ă â Â î Î ş Ş ţ Ţ

(( One curious thing is the case of the letters y and z which are changed in their normal places. ))


This was my third Intermediate skill level typerace in Romanian:

Jocuri bune jucători oferă un set de probleme dificile şi apoi lăsaţi-le practică, aceste până când nu rutină maiestria lor.

*** ***

romesperi.blogspot.com has an important article regarding your language.


Greetings from Mexico City —the land of tasty buñuelos and a type of marbles called agüitas.

Long Live á Á é É í Í ó Ó ú Ú ü Ü ñ Ñ

how exactly did you changed your keyboard language settings?i didn’t managed..another question,when I want to see the best tyracers or latest scores i can’t see anybody, the list is empty,this is when i try to type in my language at the section for my language

Saturday, January 2, 2010


[…] how exactly did you changed your keyboard language settings?i didn’t managed..another question,when I want to see the best tyracers or latest scores i can’t see anybody, the list is empty,this is when i try to type in my language at the section for my language […]

I’m going to prepare a series of snapshots and later I will upload them in the TypeRacer Forum’s Files area.

(( When my mini-tutorial is ready I will include the links here in the TypeRacer webLog.

Tomorrow that information will be uploaded. ))


The reason you don’t see any fastest typeracers or latest scores when you touch-type in your language is because you are PRACTICALLY alone —the other competitors use to be roBOTS.

Maybe next year this thing will change as a result of MORE typeracers competing in every other national language available —me for example prefer the English version but I’m interested in other languages too.

*** ***

Time is the Enemy of good dreams and projects —days should last 72 hours: I would be able to happily sleep TWELVE hours, working TWENTY hours, and engage in my beloved Internet hobbies during the remaining FORTY hours!

It would be fine!

((( Every day should last SEVENTY-TWO hours! )))

Monday, January 4, 2010

Today at the afternoon —that’s for sure!

could you give me a link to it pls?:D

what is it with this guy trenton?1st place?he is not a cheater?

Friday, January 8, 2010


I’m sorry for my SIX DAYS delay.

This is the hyperlink:

It shows through images what I did in order to have the Romanian layout included in my keyboard.

If you have any doubts/questions feel free to post them.

Friday, January 8, 2010


It’s better to go to the TypeRacer Forum and then download the answerMepLease(visuaLTutoriaL).rar from the Files section.

thank you federico for you effort, i configured my keyboard my i think i’m missing something..it didn’t work..the onlt effect it had is that instead of z i got or something like that but i couldn’t type with diacritics,anyway thx..i think i’ll quit the idea of typing in that language area, i would type with boots only anyway…federico do you have an yahoo messenger id?or mail?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe you need to explore all your keyboard keys —different shortcut keys— in order to find the Romanian diacritics when you have this language layout selected.


You can see my email in the TypeRacer Forum’s Members’ section —entering as a registered user.

*** ***

There must be a solution.

i love being a member of typeracer!! it is an AMAZING site!! it is fun and educational at the same time! i love it.
your friend,
~Lizzie~ 🙂

Hey Typeracer, I have a suggestion, Instead of keeping the recent top speeds for an hour on the home-page, it’s better to keep the stats for 24-hours, so that one can see who came in and raced on the site and had the best speed throughout the 24 hours.
Once upon a time Sean Wrona was my competitor and I was just shocked to see him typing 196WPM in a complicated phrase..
This is to keep players race hard to be on the top 20 (or more) list for at least 24 hours..


Faster Indian!!

I think there should be a level for the “Triple Nine” 99.9% percentile users, just as kudos for being kickass typists.

Personally, I’m not there yet (currently at 99.3%), but, such a level would be a great incentive for people to _really_ get their typing into gear.

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