Pinning, dragging, flagging, laughing

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I’m happy to say we have just completed the second TypeRacer release of the summer!   The first thing you’ll notice is that scorecards can now be pinned and dragged around on the screen so you can compare people’s stats.  Just click (or right-click) on any username to bring up the options menu and select “Pin scorecard.”  Once pinned, you’ll be able to move this user’s scorecard around by dragging its upper left corner.   You can “un-pin” the scorecard by clicking on the pin or just closing it.  For now, the scorecard shows you the user’s stats and links to their Facebook or Myspace profiles (pinning will come in handy if you want to click on those links).  When we introduce extended user profiles and pictures, you’ll be able to see them here as well.

Pinning Scorecards

The most significant new feature, though, is the ability to report a user.  If you see someone with an offensive username or someone you suspect is cheating, please report them using the same menu (click on the username then select “Report user” next to the red flag).  Your participation in this will greatly speed up the process of removing Terms of Service violators from the site.


We’ve also added a lot of new texts to type and made a bunch of minor improvements to the site.  Many of the new text were submitted by you guys – thanks!   The others were contributed by our friends at (hope you can handle racing and laughing at the same time!)

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218 Responses to “Pinning, dragging, flagging, laughing”

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Hi typeracer it is currently impossible for me to know my record on each text because I do not type fast enough to be in the top10, and that each type I probably text more than 100 times and I can see that my last 10 course.

Ah, excellent. All great stuff. I wonder — how would you tell whether someone is cheating or simply good?

Jack Aviado,

Anyone that is above 110 WPM (I believe, maybe 100), will not be added to the top 20 list unless they complete the test that is given after the race, after you type 110+ WPM, and the test is that you have to type a randomized image, so it is literally impossible to copy and paste the text into a program that will type it for you.


Unfortunately to get on the top 20 highscores list, you will need to type above 90 (maybe 100 if lots of people decide to randomly pile up on the highscore list), you will have to type anything higher than the last score, to get on the top 10 for that quote that you’ve typed, you will need to type higher than the last person (#10 score).

Ethan, Dufour thought on something else, not about that what you were talking about.

Yea, I think Ethan misunderstood what Dufour was talking about. Also, while his response to Jack’s comment was correct in theory, the cheat-test is not foolproof. Usually only more advanced users (valikor, for example) can spot cheaters, since they have a better understanding of what happens and what’s “normal” behavior at a high WPM.

BTW, at least for the faster typers among us – e.g. 130+, we could be mistaken for cheaters by people who type more slowly and can’t imagine how someone could type that quickly. It would be good if there were a system whereby you could be notified when someone has “reported” you, so that you could have a chance to refute the classification.


Agreed – I’ll pull up 120-130 WPM races and I’m afraid I just may get flagged if I push off a ton of people from the top 20. That said, I haven’t played in a while because of the freaking bots =(

New quotes FTW! I’m still checking out the new features, they seem to work though. Might have to get that Bro-cabulary book.

Rank: 99.8% damn it feels good to be a gangster. I even won against some bots, I guess they were tuned down a bit.

U Suck

Maybe you guys misunderstood the “IF” in my comment.

@ Ethan: Dufour was just asking typeracer to expand his own individual score history so that he can see his top score for each text. He’s French, so I think some of what he said was probably lost in translation. Dufour has 40,000+ races under his belt, he knows how the ranking system itself works.

I liked it better before when you could click people’s profiles and you could tell who had a profile because their name was underlined. Now to view someone’s profile, I have to sticky their scorecard. And I also have to mouse over all the names to see who actually has a profile.

@Dolphin – the reason profile links and usernames were separated is because soon, everyone will be able to create a TypeRacer profile, with photo, etc., and the MySpace, Facebook, etc. profiles will become secondary. But I agree, it was better when you could tell who has which profile. So I think it might be nice to show a Facebook or Myspace icon next to someone’s username if they’re on that network.

@Noah,Dufour – I agree that more historical scores should be made available. I’ll try to make this happen for the next release.

I still believe you misunderstood my comment.

Ethan: Dufour was talking about his personal top-10 for a text, not the top-20 recent scores or top-10 all-time for a text. The “if” to which you refer isn’t applicable. Fedor understands you completely.

Alex: I agree with Dufour that more (ie all) personal history for a text should be available.

Damz: I still think that Clement Yang’s 209 wpm on some text (forget which) is probably the fastest legitimate one, unless he/she managed to exploit some kind of lag to get there. On which text did Kukkain get 205?

to the Kukkain-criticizer from the last thread: Euwe Wish was clearly a cheater; I raced against him multiple times. Kukkain is someone who is prone to flashes of brilliance, and carefully manages his image/profile to make it appear that all his races are brilliant, instead of the ~120?wpm average he’d otherwise have. But I’m confident he does type the letters himself.


Ethan: it’d be great if you could paraphrase in your own words what you think Dufour was saying, and then explain how your response pertained to what he said.

how do you cheat at this game

On behalf of I am very proud of our association with Typeracer. If any of you racers ever get tired of endlessly mashing your keyboards feel free to stop our site and read the latest review of Caffeine Killed My Family: Best Free Cure since Jesus Christ Himself

I welcome the new texts (keep up the good work!); however this text needs correcting, I don’t know the name of it sorry.

“I know that the idea of raising well-rounded, smarter kids can be daunting. And sadly, no easy formula exists. Kids are as comlex, varied, and exciting individuals as you are. The good news is that your child has a natural desire to do well. Your job as parent is to bring out this quality and cherish it until the day your kids leave home, and then some.”

@Anonymous – what’s the problem with the text you quoted?

Look at the third line, fourth word. Should be ‘complex’.

I’m currently in the 98th percentile which is all well and good. But I’d like to know how many players are ranked higher than me. Some data table would be nice in the future, much like the all-time list but with pages to scroll through to reach your own position.

For now, I’m content to know the total number of typists on the site and work it out myself. Hope you can help.

Welcome anyone to join me in private races 🙂

How is this possible?

Zina . (zina) registered user

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 219 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 208.31 WPM
Last race: 217 WPM
Best race: 229 WPM
Races completed: 83
Races won: 38
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 100%

The account “zina” was cheating and has been deleted. Thanks for letting us know.

I’m all for free speech but this sentiment is nonsense. Swearing is essential for effective communication? Who uses swearing in school??

“In the English language, swearing is essential to effective communication. Whether you want to succeed in business, school, or social circles, a strong command of vocabulary is absolutely necessary.”

“In the English language, swearing is essential to effective communication. Whether you want to succeed in business, school, or social circles, a strong command of vocabulary is absolutely necessary.”

This is supposed to be a joke 🙂 It’s from one of the humor books on

Message to ‘Never Quit’. Stop leaving race after race when you sense you are losing. A bad habit to begin with, but with your name…

Could ‘Never Quit’ stop leaving races please?

I’ve encountered an enormous problem. I prefer to see the full text before typing. I accidently clicked ‘show just one line of text’ before a race started. Only one other person joined the race. The lights were blocking the option to revert back to the full text. I had to leave the race.

Perhaps the lights should be draggable to avoid this kind of problem.

‘Raising Smart Kids for Dummies’
by Marlene Targ Brill

Ironically this text has a spelling mistake – the word ‘comlex’ instead of ‘complex’ appeared. I’m not a stickler for this kind of thing; but in the realm of speed typing where 10ths of seconds count, an incorrect spelling can cost you dearly.


WaldenMan – thanks for reporting the spelling mistake – it will be fixed.

I think you can revert back from “show just one line of text” at any time after the race has started.

Re: Leaving races when it gets bad —

I do this myself with minimal shame. You may need to understand something: I’m not here to win. I don’t know how many people are. All I know is that I’m here to better myself, not anyone else. I’m here to get the numbers up so I can feel like hot stuff. When I’m screwing up all over the place and I’m know I’m going to finish with a net speed below what is acceptable to me, I’ll bail right the heck out and move on. Sorry if you dislike it. It’s not spite or anything.

‘Course if this behaviour is o-fish-ully condemned I’ll stop.

1843 (true hour)
Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is a competition text which also contains a little imperfection:

(short version is OK)
The beginner writes just twenty pieces. The professional writes three times what’s needed, rewrites, discards, rewrites some more, then finally settles on the twenty which work best for that specific audience.

(longer version: a comma is missing between […] rewrites discards, […])
The beginner writes just twenty pieces. The professional writes three times what’s needed, as many as sixty different bits, keeps trying them out on small groups (but never your own family), rewrites discards, rewrites some more, then finally settles on the twenty which work best for that specific audience.

2317 (true hour)
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here in Mexico it is supposed or believed that when some demon or bad ghost is trying to scare you the right thing to do is to call names at that evil spirit or apparition in order to drive them away.

!Decirle de groserías al pinche fantasma o espanto!

Utter obscenities at the demon!

Utter obscenities at him or her!

[…] Let fury have the hour, anger can be power
D’you know that you can use it? […]
“Clampdown” –The Clash

Go berserk against the Devil!

Shout your violent battle cry against the Monarch of Hell!

Shout your violent battle cry against ignorance and fear!

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus Federico is an elaborate troll.


Please check this guy: marcelo (pache_boca). He used to type something around 75 WPM and then all of the sudden he wins all races and gets incredible results (last ten: 135WPM).

I don’t really think that someone who has been typing 70-80 WPM for 3000+ races has such a quick improvement to suddenly start typing almost twice as fast. Really blessed, don’t you think? 😉

By the way, the new texts are really cool! Keep up the great work.

ConspiracyTheorist – I second that!

Satan (satanist) is a cheater : 107 of global average and 151 on the last 10 races. Too big difference.

1618 (true hour)
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I happened to know two mind police officers –the second of them is an anonymous one.

1618 (true hour)
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today, I noticed that the date is already listed for blog comments, and that true hour isn’t an actual English phrase. FML

(Just a little joke :D)

1952 (true hour)
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Respectfully, I answer this to you Noah (licahfox):

This is the way I begin all that I write –always hour and date, the moment and day both present.

“True hour” is the spanish-english translation of “hora verdadera” and that’s my own way to refer to non-daylight saving time.

I even could write the hour followed by “(non-DST hour)”.

Thanks for the comment –the little joke.

Cheers and Greetings from Mexico City.

I’ve noticed that texts sourced from ‘The Thermodynamics of Pizza’ obtained low all time scores (130’s wpm) compared to most other texts. Maybe the word ‘Mozzarella’ is to blame. I am in touching distance of making the list here, unless the likes of Valikor decide to give this text a going over.

I’ve only been on TypeRacer for a couple of weeks and I find it very enjoyable. Whenever I finish a race and click the link to “Race Again” I return my hands to the home row, leaving the mouse pointer where it is. Well, the location of the link leaves my mouse pointer in a spot that seems to only cover commas or some punctuation mark on the text of the next race. Although I could make it a habit to move my mouse pointer after clicking that link, I would love it if that link were moved at least one space to the left (or right, just moved) so my mouse pointer at least covers a letter instead. I guess when such petty things are actually a concern, then something’s going right. Great job.

Suggestion for the “report a user” feature: When someone tries to report a user, a small text box should pop up before the submission asking them to give the justification for the report. Alternatively, there could be a multiple choice box that pops up, with options for offensive username, suspected cheating, etc.

This would 1) make the administrator’s job of investigating reports easier, and 2) discourage people from making frivolous or unwarranted reports.

marcelo is definitely a cheater. He stays at the beginning of the race until I am about to finish and then suddenly jumps ahead to finish by typing at ridiculous rates (193, 172). He wasn’t able to pass the test for 193, fortunately, but I suspect he will the 172–even if he can’t, he will just keep lowering the projected time until he gets to something he can pass the test for.

Oh, also, the reason the new texts’ all time top ten scores are relatively achievable is pretty simple: they’re new texts. The best players haven’t had a chance to have flukey high scores on them yet, nor have most players had the chance to work through difficult parts (e.g. “mozzarella”). There are a few texts in the new batch that I think will ultimately prove to be fairly low-scoring, but currently the sample size is too small for me to say anything for certain.

1750 (non-DST hour)
Friday, August 28, 2009

Please, I want to read comments by female typeracers from all ages and skill levels.

To find opinions written by girls and women is always refreshing.

This blog* has been crowded mainly by male competitors –me one of them.

*I’m referring to all the archives.

Eternal Happy Days to you from Mexico City.

2235 (non-DST hour)
Friday, August 28, 2009

Tons of interesting viewpoints about thousands of things written by you female typeracers from all over the world.

Not only in this blog –inside its several archives– but also in the Typeracer Forum.

I’m a competitor since January of this year and I have seen female typeracers from India, Africa, China, Japan, Brazil, The Netherlands –if it is correct that dutchgirll typeraces from there, the U.S.A. and so forth.

Thank You Very Much.

Thanks Joshua. I had thought the ‘Pizza’ texts were old. Anyway it’ll will be interesting to see how the records for it develop.

By the Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, my average speed has jumped from 77 to 78

Here are the statistics

No.of Races in achieving this goal : 848

Races won while achieving this goal : 395

Overall Average speed accelerated to achieve this goal : 81.15

Percentage of races won for the goal: 46%

Total No. of Races completed : 3522

Total No. of Races won altogether : 2313

Percentage of Races won altogether : 65%

Overall Rank percentile : 90.19%

Question for the top megaracers: Have you always averaged 130+ wpm or did you approach this speed gradually, and if so, after how many races?

(I’m essentially asking what would a line graph with all your results plotted look like?) Now that I mention it, I think an excellent feature would be an option to show all races in the ‘my scores’ graph rather than just a small range.


I have improved a lot since I first started. When I started I averaged in the low 120s, now I’m in the high 130s and maybe even low 140s.

This is partially due to knowing the texts (I think) but I also believe I’ve really gotten better.

I am also interested to see a graph of my progress, and will post it once I’ve generated it.

PS–It’s so good to re-visit this blog. I’m now residing in a country which blocks all blogs, so I haven’t been able to get on here until now 😛

To whomever is interested (such as Waldenman)

I finally went out and created a graph of my progress. I know a lot of people have been curious about this, and have asked in the past.

You can access the graph of my first 11,000 races here:

(NOTE: By the time Typeracer offered accounts which saved race histories, I already had a few thousand races under my belt, which are not included here. I was slower than 129 when I first started typeracing)

For additional info, including my fastest race in each cluster, races/day, and the dates ranges of the races, you can take a gander at the spreadsheet I used (at one point, I was *averaging* 117 races per day 🙂 )

A few observations:

1) I improved relatively slowly. If we assume 144 is now my average typing speed and 129 was my original typing speed, that means I improved 15 wpm in 11,000 races… or around 1.5wpm every 1,000 races. However, I assume that the faster a person types, the more practice they’ll need to improve even a little bit.

2) The graph seems to skyrocket at the end. This could be skewed, (for example) if I started leaving more races. This is probably partially true, but I actually did experience a rapid and very significant improvement in my typing speed. In thousands of races, I could never hit 180.. but then all of a sudden I started getting it multiple times per week… and eventually, I got multiple 190+ scores in a single day. This cannot be the result of simply leaving races, nor can it be the result of becoming familiar with the race texts. (Incidentally, I’ve heard world-class rubik’s cubists say the same thing–that you can practice and practice and practice with no improvement, but one day that improvement comes suddenly)

3) Typeracer can help improve your typing speed! I’d be interested to see how users progress at a slightly lower level (example.. someone who averages 80-90wpm–how have you progressed? probably a lot faster than I did)

Hopefully I will be able to start typeracing more soon. Lately I’ve only been doing a few races per week :-/


Pritts, one of the reasons why are you 15 wpm faster in average than before is that you type every text 50 times, second it’s because you don’t even have to look on the text, and of course 3th reason is that you became faster, but not as fast as the graphic says. TypeRacer site shows in some cases over potential speed, not the real speed.
I raced with typists who average 135 + and they can’t type so fast on new texts. That is one of the proves that all of us didn’t improve SO MUCH as graphes will show to us…

that you typed *

I think David has already ‘covered the bases’ for his improvement, and he is better placed to assess his record than you are :-). As for TypeRacer showing ‘potential speed’ and not ‘real speed’ I cannot agree. A simple calculation of (seconds taken / number of characters typed) * 60 (5 characters per word) occurs at the end of each race. If you mean many typists couldn’t sustain their 135+ wpm average over longer passages, of course not; but that is not relevant to TypeRacer. My average wpm on TypeRacer is only applicable to TypeRacer, given the factors noted above (short passages, familiarity etc.)

Thanks so much! It makes for fascinating reading :). I only have 500 races to draw on, but I notice some personal trends all the same. For the first hundred races I was in the low 80’s. Fast forward to now and the average for my last 10 races is 100 wpm. In fact your 190+ is perhaps my 110+, in that it eluded me for quite some time until eventually I was getting multiple 110+s a week (and a 131).

As a pianist I often experience similar ‘unconscious’ improvement. A certain passage may be very difficult; I’ll go away and come back to find I can play it.

Zoran, as my post suggested, “becoming familiar with the texts” can help improve your scores on Typeracer. Certainly I’m not denying that.

Though you’re one of the few people who has probably done more races than I have. Your first account had 5,000+ races, but you left the vast majority of races before completing them.

I’m sure both of us have improved, and also benefited from practicing the texts.

I can’t go on without pointing out the curious smiley face at the very top left corner of this page.

We might begin by asking why the pregnant man image has been a source of continued fascination throughout the centuries . Mythology, folklore, religion, literature, science, politics, philosophy, anthropology, and psychology as well as theater, film, television, visual culture, and cyberspace all have scores of images and tales attesting to its appeal.

Correction needed in this text. First ‘fullstop’ comes after a space, I don’t think it is supposed to be that way.

Zoran, your comments are well-intended but a little silly. While it is true that difficult bits like “mozzarella” are indeed more difficult the first time around, it is also true that (a) the web site you want us to all go to allows you to type the same text literally thousands of times in an attempt to get the best possible score on it, and (b) the fastest typists still consistently do significantly better on the newer texts than the slower ones. I certainly typed them at faster than 135 wpm the first time around in many cases, and I’m not the fastest typist on this site.

Waldenman: the smiley face has been pointed out before in previous comments. It’s also not specific to this blog, it’s a part of the software that’s being used. I’ve seen other blogs with the same smiley face in the same place.

1711 (non-DST hour)
Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey Alex Epshteyn,

I have several suggestions for the TypeRacer Forum:

Favorite movies?

What we read?

What we listen to?

Of course these three categories are related to the kind of sources from which the competition text passages are taken.

The idea is to limit these comments to a sample of ten items per category –ten movies, ten books and ten musicians/music groups/musical genres.

(Three aditional threads could be created:

TV series, magazines/comic books/favorite illustrators and our hobbies.)


I also want to propose another post or thread –this one composed of three questions:

What type of Internet connection we use?

What Internet browser we use? –of course mentioning the specific version.

What type of keyboard we use?

(These three questions can be abbreviated to: What type of Internet connection, Internet browser and keyboard we use?

The last part of the triple question means “qwerty or Dvorak?”/keyboard language and layout.

I don’t know if the diverse keyboards’ trademarks and models could also be mentioned.)

Thank You Very Much.

1911 (non-DST hour)
Sunday, August 30, 2009

I apologized for the typo:

[…] (Three additional threads could be created: […]


Thank You

1920 (non-DST hour)
Sunday, August 30, 2009

I APOLOGIZE for the “I apologized”.

Please accept my humble appy-polly-loggy.

“Raising Kids for Dummies” has a typo–‘complex’ is misspelled as ‘comlex’.

Need to get this thing cleared..
I was in a race..someone else joined it too before the stipulated time for bots to come only two of us were left..but the other person left it in a moment..and there was only me competing with no one..
Can there be a check on such races..i.e., if there is only one racer, the race stand as aborted?
I would like to lose races to others than win the ones like this..

Before any discussions begin on what I said in my prev post..let me make some modification in that..
What I mean to say here is that the check should be before the starting of any race, i.e., while the countdown is on.

Thierry Roland (thierry_rolland) registered user

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 184 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 184 WPM
Last race: 184 WPM
Best race: 184 WPM
Races completed: 1
Races won: 0
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 100%

2150 (non-DST hour)
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Under the headline “Wonderful Typing,” the New York Times reported on a typing demonstration given the previous day in Brooklyn by a Thomas Osborne of Rochester, New York. The Times reported that Mr. Osborne “holds the championship for fast typing, having accomplished 126 words a minute at Toronto August 13, 1888.”

((Something is missing between Toronto and August –at least a comma!))


This is not an error, but actually the grammatical style of journalism at the time. Even today the International Herald Tribune (which is the global edition of the NY Times) does not punctuate before the date at the end of a sentence.

You can also check the original article which is available online. Page 20, ‘The Fable of Keys’, Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 33, No. 1 [Liebowitz; Margolis].


1115 (non-DST hour)
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank You Very Much WaldenMan.

Greetings from Mexico City.

Hey ruben…

This person hasn’t won a single race. I find that hard to beleive. I’ve also seen other typists with many races without any wins.

Can somebody explain this (note I’m not suggesting foul play at all)?

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 112 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 112.442 WPM
Last race: 116 WPM
Best race: 142 WPM
Races completed: 1040
Races won: 0
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 99.5%

Walden: they’re racing on practice mode.

Typing Challenge Failed

Speed: 93 wpm
Accuracy: 93%

Sorry – you failed the typing test because you had to type at least 93 words per minute. Please try again – otherwise your score for the current race will not be saved. Remember, some mistakes are allowed, so don’t worry about fixing your typos.
Try again? Begin Re-test

please fix this typracer.

1350 (non-DST hour)
Friday, September 4, 2009

The triple repetition of the same comment above reminded me of:

[…] If you have not completed all the steps in the list above, please do not write me to say the program is not working. Instead:

1. Complete all the steps in the list above.
2. Complete all the steps in the list above.
3. Complete all the steps in the list above.

. One more thing. Did I remember to mention that you have to complete all the steps in the list above? […]

((This appears at the beginning of the installation notes of Arachnophilia –an Amazing and Excellent CareWare program created by Paul Lutus.))

Anonymous–don’t spam the blog. You appear to have failed the test because your accuracy was too low. (It requires 94% or something like that)

Also, anyone who is interested, please feel free to use a script that I wrote to analyze Typeracer data. Simply enter your username (twice, sorry) at

I haven’t done any work on it in a while, but if anyone wants to help me improve it (it’s all Javascript–pretty easy) that would be great. It would even be possible to have an automatic function to create a graph of a person’s entire race history, even thousands of races (currently it only graphs up to 1,000 races I think, possibly 2,000). It could obviously use a nice GUI too.



omg i was so tired tonight and i just cant do anything anymore and i just want to so baddly and i am waiting for my mom to come home from work so right now i am home with my dad and my brother and i am soooooo board

“We might begin by asking why the pregnant man image has been a source of continued fascination throughout the centuries . Mythology, folklore, religion, literature, science, politics, philosophy, anthropology, and psychology as well as theater, film, television, visual culture, and cyberspace all have scores of images and tales attesting to its appeal.” – mistake in this text.

to clarify Zoran’s post (since i didn’t realize it myself at first), there is a space after the word ‘centuries’ where there shouldn’t be.

Daniyal, that’s right. Thanks. 🙂

Wow rapid — I see today that you have 12,000+ races now. Congrats. You got me beat 🙂

like ohmigod. i suck at this racing stuff, yo.

I regret to inform you all that S (chimchimchim), once a beacon of fair play, has just left 3 consecutive races against me. What has the world come to when even Chimchimchim leaves races?

I don’t think leaving races counts as “unfair play”. I think it’s just annoying/semi-illegitimate if people do it a lot.

But you also don’t know why he left the races. Maybe he just woke up, did a few races, and then realized that he was too tired/etc to race, and didn’t want to finish these races (since they’re unrepresentative and annoying). I’ve done it.

Or maybe his computer was lagging and it was messing up the races.


After my comment, I raced him off and on for the next 30 minutes, and he only finished one in which he was losing. I guess I didn’t mean to imply that it was unfair play. Just saying, it’s chimchimchim man, i’ve always counted on him to finish every race, win or lose.

Another cheater: ‘Very Nice’.

I can’t find any info on this…. I’m a teacher. Is there a way that I can check my students’ stats, or would they just have to give me their login info?

Incidentally, I teach grades 7-12 and they ALL love TypeRacer! They can easily spend an entire class period with it and then moan when it’s time to log off. This is an excellent app!

Why is this person not on the ‘fastest typists’ list?

Kevin R (wynterlegacy) registered user

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 157 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 148.828 WPM
Last race: 156 WPM
Best race: 193 WPM
Races completed: 615
Races won: 513
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 100%

His latest score was on the latest high scores list…

@ the Anonymous above me:

He is on the fastest typists list. It refreshes less frequently than the recent typists list. People don’t show up instantly as soon as they qualify.

Speedracer is awsome! I challenge the braveest.

go to mansons race track

I can’t find any info on this…. I’m a teacher. Is there a way that I can check my students’ stats, or would they just have to give me their login info?

See (example: )

If you check the forum, there is a discussion of implementations of this API which you may find useful.

hey this site is awesome and cant wait to tell all my friends

I don’t know how this guy’s username has eluded the profanity filters, but I’ve reported him at least three times over the past few weeks and his account is still active. Copy and pasted straight from the recent high scores list:

Hard_Nigga (rough_life)

It’s not exactly profane…

Wahdd daa hell
ihss diss fnqyy comment
fnqq hahass . !

I think I’ve reported marcelo (pache_boca) 2 or 3 times already and he not only continues to cheat but also have made it into the top 20 list. I don’t think someone who has an all time average of 82 WPM can improve like that. As a matter of fact, I remember racing him before and he had a hard time reaching 90 WPM. How come he now averages 150 WPM? Please, ban this guy’s account.

marcelo (pache_boca) is cheating just now again…his car don’t move during 75% of the race…


I appreciate the comment. Maybe you don’t come from a segment of the population to which that word is profane and offensive. I do, as do many other people.

hey come to mansons race track comon

hey don’t ignore me+ cheating is not koooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XP

Jackie Wallace (smilingsoul) is a cheater… Average of 109 wpm, last 10 over 150 wpm…. He uses some program for cheating because he starts to “type” when we are all in the end of the race…

By the Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, my average speed has jumped from 78 to 79

Here are the statistics

No.of Races in achieving this goal : 625

Races won while achieving this goal : 295

Overall Average speed accelerated to achieve this goal : 84.63

Percentage of races won for the goal: 47.2

Total No. of Races completed : 4147

Total No. of Races won altogether : 2608

Percentage of Races won altogether : 62.8%

Yes, Jesus Christ has been a huge part of my typing ability. Praise God. Praise Allah, he probably has something to do with it too. I know my man Buddha is also up there watching over me, making sure my fingers move faster than the non-believers I race again. Of course when I go up against another Christian, it’s complicated. God has to make a decision on which racer to support. So I say a prayer before every race, just to make sure that God likes me a little more and gives me the extra push needed to win.

Believer, wanna race with me? I’m an atheistic person. If you beat me God exists, if not, God doesn’t exist. Wanna race? When? 😀

marcelo (pache_boca) is a cheater. He averages 83, and his score in last 10 races is 150 wpm… TypeRacer do something please…

0650 (GMT -6 hrs)
Sunday, September 27, 2009


When I read your comment it reminded me of two things:

1) Those Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes in which I oftenly saw some cartoon character alternately being whispered advice by a little angel on his right shoulder and a little devil on his left shoulder –that’s the way I remember those scenes.

2) Some peoples* on Earth consider the left hand as “dirty” or unholy.

*( Based on their diverse religious dogmas. )


In my opinion, to consider one part or parts of our bodies as dirty or unholy is a MEDIOCRE concept:

Are we totally dirty/unholy or are we totally clean/holy?

We are IMPERFECT and that’s for sure.

*** ***

At the moment you begin to operate a typewriter or a computer keyboard you cannot stop to ABSURDLY consider the left area letters/numbers/symbols as “sinful” and the right area ones as “divine.”


Thank God The TypeRacer is not an ECCLESIA.

+++ +++++

By the way and WITH ALL MY RESPECT, I don’t think that the existence/non-existence of God could be proved or defined by means of a particular computer sport.

Imagine tomorrow’s newspapers headlines talking about this Big Event:

“Unbeliever typist has DEMONSTRATED the non-existence of GOD as a result of his/her Victory against ‘Believer.’ “

I must report David Pritts for using his power without thinking. He banned me for ABSOLUTELY no reason (I must say he was drunk but that’s not an excuse). Now, I can’ type on this site.
TYPERACER (ALEX), think twice next time when you give this kind of power to someone.

Sorry about that, Zoran. You’ll be restored by the end of the day. David said he is sorry and that it was an accident.

No, it was NOT the accidence, but ok… Stupid joke in my opinion.

Zoran, I agree, but you have to admit, David does good work reporting real cheaters on this site. He has a talent for spotting them when he’s not drunk 🙂

There is people to ban Zoran but nobody to ban marcelo (pache_boca) and other cheaters well-known of this site.

Btw, it seems that report an user is useless….

David Pritts, I forgive you. Drunk Pritts isn’t the same as regular one. 🙂
Yeah, he is doing a good job.

airielle is the best so dont hate on her skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hi hataz

Adrien, good point. I’ve lost count of how many times me (and many others) have reported pache_boca and nothing happens.

i luv type racer………………..

Name and shame:

Abhishek !!! app user view profile

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 115 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 76.084 WPM
Last race: 131 WPM
Best race: 134 WPM
Races completed: 837
Races won: 286
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 99.6%

LOL I’ve heard some compelling evidence that the user Zoran Markovic (SUMMER/SRBIJA/NEWSLOWKEYBOARD) is using some sort of keyboard macro to cheat the site.

But luckily, after an extensive review of all relevant evidence, it turns out that he is not a cheater. Just some fast typist 🙂

In other news, it looks like Jelani has decided to take back the #1 slot from Kukkain.

Amer Mohammed

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 107 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 101.67 WPM
Last race: 101 WPM
Best race: 116 WPM
Races completed: 55
Races won: 33
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 99.1%

What’s the point when you leave LITERALLY every race you don’t win.

Well, if he’s lost 22 races out of 55, then he definitely hasn’t left LITERALLY every race he hasn’t won 🙂

I do agree that the system could be changed for the better on this issue

Every second day Kukkain has 200 wpm +, he will soon beat Jelani. Cheater or not, we don’t know but he has 2 races with 200 wpm in last 2, 3 days… 😐

In case anyone is interested, this hasn’t been announced in a long while. After seeing killingtype with 22,000 races today, I was shocked and realized that I have no idea who the big racers are nowadays. All of these scores are accurate as of today at 11:15PM Beijing time, except for Ning (I have no idea how many races she has).

It’s possible though not likely that this list is missing users.

Most races completed:

1) dufour=44270
2) killingtype=21920
3) nattukittu=19472
4) chimchimchim=17439
5) jaunty_jalopy=15672
6) ning*=15616
7) roi1=15525
8) chuchoespanto=14201
9) nozden=13990
10) rapid=13201
11) valikor=11688
12) mrlago=11485
13) brandong=10847
14) azee=10517
15) bob_bongloaded=10438
16) fightin_phils=10317
17) moobin=10270
18) kymdawn=10153
19) therealmcoy=10066
20) aram90=9776
21) dutchgirll=9470
22) grrarg=8377
23) testyper=8326
24) jezebe11e=8225
25) fastermart=6969
26) bigd4316=6929
27) iceprincess=6906
28) llw1=6826
29) koko72927=6701
30) starking=6673

Good work folks!


PS – Adam, Adrien, Zoran – pache_moca has been deleted!

Typeracer is in some kind of problem today. I almost finished race with 220 wpm but OF COURSE i didn’t want to finish that race. Later I’ve got 125 2 times but typeracer reported as 112 wpm… That sucks pretty much.

There have been a couple of brief server outages today. My apologies to everyone. Working hard to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

A couple weeks ago I showed my friend this program. When he entered a race (NOT TO CHEAT) he got 69 wpm. Since then I have been racing with people who are way beyond my skill. I have tried doing 10 races in order to get the speed down to my level (about 15 wpm). It has not worked so far. If this does not clear up then I may end up quitting the program. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT

jonoman – if I understand you correctly, you type about 15 wpm but the people you are racing against are going much faster? Are they real people or bots? (you can tell by pointing the mouse at their names). How fast are they going?

In reference to the comment above

This did not start today. It has been going on for a long time.


I will check soon wether they are bots or what. They are going about 89 wpm. Again I have tried to clear this up but I think I am going to need some help.


If you could please get in touch with me about what symbol to look for in order to find out who is who.

jonoman – could you email me at “support @ typeracer . com” Will be easier to discuss this by email and I don’t know your email address. Thanks.


I may not be able to get in touch with you soon.


I am logging out for tonight. I will get in touch with you asap.


Sure thing though you will have to wait a couple of days


I am sorry that I cannot e-mail you right now. I would be grateful if you would be able to talk about this situation n your blog page. I am also wondering if there is a typer by the name of “starman”. P;ease get in touch with me as soon as possible>


I am sorry about my spelling and punctuation. My pet is wanting me to play.


It has just come to my attention that some of your users may be using a computer program to win races but in order to avoid detection they intentionally lose some of their races. Please get in touch with me about my comment. Still waiting for help. Anyone who knows that there is a user by the name of “starman” please tell me ASAP. My nickname on this site is “jonoman”. Password not available. For your information my nickname is not the same on all sites.


I believe that “zoran” and a few others may be doing what I mentioned above.


Please get in touch with me on this today as I will not be able to get online until possibly next week.

All users of Typeracer

I have not been quitting races just because I do not want to lose. I quit because I click on the wrong spot.

don’t know about you, but I normal don’t click anywhere when typing

I finally typed over 200wpm!


(ps – Jonoman, don’t spam the blog. Also, Zoran doesn’t cheat)

i am new to this and i am not vey good at it yet lol =)


Spamming the blog site is not my intention. I have other reasons for writing so many “comments”. I will continue to look at zoran’s scorecard. You may think he is not a cheater. I on the other hand am 50-50 on whether or not he is “good”. ANYONE WHO KNOWS OF THE TYPER “starman” PLEASE TELL ME.


I will try to bring the box of stuff to the next meeting. See you there.

Congrats Jelani!

jonoman: we all know zoran from a long time ago, he is not a cheater 🙂

Thanks Raheema.

Oh yeah, most of you don’t know, but I DO USE program for typing. Why? Because it’s impossible to type over 600 characters per minute. How can anyone type 10 characters in second? That’s obviously a cheating. 🙂

0003 (GMT -6 hrs)
Sunday, October 18, 2009
previous test

0017 (GMT -6 hrs)
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alex Epshteyn:

Thank You Very Much because you don’t have deleted my TypeRacer account.

The last time I entered the TypeRacer was Tuesday, October 6

The reason: I’m changing from dial-up to ADSL connection –around next Monday or Tuesday I hope to be competing with my usual regularity.

(( Greetings from Mexico City to all competitors.

Cheers and lots of Fun. ))

Jelani, did you actively try to get 200.0 or did it happen by chance? Either way, really cool =)

I actively tried to get at least 200. I had no plan of hitting 200.0 exactly.

hey rebecca im here so i will be waiting just to let u know. i will keep cheecking it though =)

asdf, good races. 🙂
I hope we’ll meet again. I never had so close “enemy” in this game. 🙂


Because of the many complaints as to my comments, I will refrain from making any comments unless necessary.

N. (noiriuq) is the biggest race-leaver on the typeracer.

I’am a chinese student.My English is very poor.But I love typing very much.When I was typing,I was very enjoy it.

Trenton06 cheats. He sits at 0 for the majority of the time then zooms and finishes for 185+. I’ve seen him do this multiple times now, including going from 0 to 283wpm once but obviously he couldn’t get past the test for that speed. The anti-cheat test is perhaps too easy with the within 25% requirement; somehow he got certified for 192 because that’s listed as his best race.


how come i dont see your name on the latest high scores list?


how come i dont see you on the latest high scores list. scared of “jonoman”?


let me tell you a little secret about “jonoman”. try chatting with him on the typeracer blog site. you may be surprisedat he results.


You have until November 1, 2009, to get my account fixed. good luck. Remember, only until November 1.



PEOPLE, you should SEE THIS! Don’t miss it!!!


I’m fairly amazed at RambooUAE’s (Killingtype) dedication at the moment.

He’s busting out almost 200 races a day!

Maybe he’ll beat DUFOUR. Granted, DUFOUR has like 45,000 races and Killingtype has only 25,000, but if it continues at this pace, Killingtype will beat him in about 4 months. (DUFOUR is only doing 12 races a day currently… it’s been 85 days for his past 1,000 races!)

Noah (licahfox)
I am “surprised” at your comment. None of you probably realized that I was also making comments under the code name “anonymous”. Typeracer, I will extend the deadline to November 25. In this comment I will also say that my “helpers” and I have been making comments about you and your site. Unfortunately, we have not been recommending your site because of this “problem”. If this is resolved, we may begin to think otherwise.

Noah (licahfox)
Notice the LOWER CASE a, compared to the commenter “Anonymous”.

By the way, what’s happening with DUFOUR? Where is he? I haven’t seen him for a while…


DO YOU MISS HIM? No offense to DUFOUR.

I miss him.

I was hoping one day he’d reach 100,000 races 🙂

Jonoman stop spamming with comments nobody cares about or is interested in. You and your “helpers”; what are you – some kind of internet mafia?!

Jonoman, you are talking too much. I hope someone will delete your comments.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I don’t like censors.

I don’t like police-minded persons.

Well, today I just created an account in my Computer Applications class and I find it quite intimidating. I think that is because I dont really like to be timed on something I just started learning how to do properly.Oh well, I think I will just Try my best and I feel that that is the wisest thing to do.


I am “surprised” that you don’t think your posting style is “obvious”, since no one else uses the first “line” to address a specific “person”.

I wait with bated breath for November 25. What an excellent deadline you’ve picked out once again.

Anyone here on typeracer up for a race?

please typeracer stop the FLASHING animations. They’re doing my nut. 😦

does anyone know how to delete an account?

Jonoman – email support if you need your account deleted.

I found a new cheater (I’m pretty sure). I just raced 13 37 (johnpaul001), and he’s scored 180+ for the last 10 races or so. When he scored a 192, he didn’t pass the cheat test (the score wasn’t logged).

lollercopter, I was racing against 13 37 and I’m not quite sure that he is a cheater but what I saw is that he started with 120 wpm in average, and then his wpm gone to 135, then to 145, then to 160 etc… He raced over 100 times in 40 minutes.

i know how to delete an acuont

hey anybody want to try to beat a champ

nice try Anonymous, nice try.


Please give me the e-mail for typeracer support.


I also wish for you to delete all of my comments on this site.

that is so AWESOME for u guys!!!!!!!!!!

How do you report a typo? There is a quote from, I think, Raising your kid for dummies, where complex is spelled comlex.

this website is so much fun! i love it here. i think there should be more typing websites like this. i mean really this is so much better than typing test and power typing so thanks who ever made this website!

this website is awesome. i come here a lot. it’s so much fun.

SerbSerb (serbserb) write on or add me as a friend on msn.

hey people whats up guys

I like to see what other people’s statuses are. even though i am pretty slow and only a pro i like to compare

Hi,Friends there are less cheaters on the Latest High Scores you can get on to the Latest High Scores if you type 82wpm +

i can not wait 2 try the 2 type racer!! it will be even better than the first one!!! 🙂

what is type racer 2?

what is typeracer two and what are the benefits?

what is with this silance around here?

who is Glauco?I saw him and I saw that he reached even 130 or so..And he is only 15 Omg..if this is true that he has only 15 years old then..omg:D

Yes that is pretty impressive for a normal 15 year old but i bet i can type that fast by age 15 im 10 right now and i can type a 56 wpm average

annonomous what is typeracer 2

the sentence is very long if they where two lines it would be easyer and funner and faster to learn your keys

yeah,if you start typing from a young age you will be a better player,if you want to make a “career” as a typer you should start when you’re young..but i don’t understand what is with this “invasion” of young and talented brazilians..

why it is so silent here?:P

are you people sleeping?in the past it used to be a lot of fun and a lot of persons chating..

I haate the checking’s so unfair…today i scored 105 wpm…usually i don’t type that good so I couldn’t complete the cheating test of course…but my score was legitime and for real…fck it…it’s not fair..

hi there typerace, there is a problem with my password and username , I entered my username and the password , all of my races have been deleted + the username has been changed

This username appears :

none noneeee ( ramboouae)

Avg. speed ( last 10 races) : 0 WPM
Avg. speed ( all time ) : 0 WPM
last race : 0
and it the same for all other things

I also tried this one

((Forget your username or password?

Search by username or email address:

Verify your date of birth: )))

I can’t remember exactly what did I put for both of them

I’m sure I entered the information correctly,

what can I do to fix this problem ?

I’m looking for a reply ,,
best regards,,,

it’s ok now, I don’t know what was happening yesterday , anyway, let us crazily sink in typeracer

i have try to get a typeracer account but it won’t do it

i hate type racer i cant stand it.. my computer teacher makes us do it.. am in 8th i knoe how to type am not a rearted i mean like come on then like i hate it because i hate typeing i would like to txt butt bye

Andy are you someone fake??? I don’t trust you… you are a cheater… cheater never try to prove themself.. I will race with you in one day and I will see if you can win….. Andy I still believe you are from a bot community..

Goodday everyone! It’s my 2 months already since I’ve learned this website As a CSR, we are not just handling calls. We’re doing multiple tasks actually like routing, speaking and doing some documentations. AHT is part of our metrics. Before, I have a difficulty to maintain 470 Average Holding Time. I used to got 57o and above due to my documentation. I spend 10 mins in forty words. I am very thankful that our team leads introduced this website to practice our typing skills. Right now, I’ve got 40WPR or more than that! 🙂

Question! Question! Question to everyone… How to join in typeracer chat? pls help! Thanks. 🙂

how do you link your facebook account with your typeracer account?

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