Looking back on 2009, Kicking off 2010

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I TypeRacer T-shirt
Thanks for making 2009 another great year on TypeRacer!  Last year we launched some groundbreaking features such as typing in 50 other languages and many more great things are coming in 2010.

To kick off the new year, I’d like to first unveil the I TYPERACER T-shirt designed by Alex Foygel (you can see more of his designs on his blog). It’s available for purchase from the new TypeRacer T-shirt shopOrder yours today!

Now let’s take a look back at 2009.  Last year, you’ve helped us reach the milestone of 10 million races, hopefully improving your typing speed as a result!  We’ve carefully analyzed the data for 2009 and can help you predict how much you can expect to improve in 2010.  Here is a chart that plots the average change in typing speed of a user by number of races finished last year.*

The above chart plots just the averages, so your “mileage may vary,” but we can tell you that 1913 people increased their speed by more than 10 wpm after only 100 races.  There were also a few individuals who showed outstanding achievement, improving by more that 30 wpm throughout the year!   Let’s meet the top 10 most improved typists of the year:

Congratulations are in order to Luís for topping the list with a 50 wpm improvement!  (We’ll send him a free T-shirt).

Now we want to hear your thoughts.  What new features are you hoping to see on TypeRacer in the coming year?

* we measured “improvement” as the difference between the average of one’s races numbered 10 through 20 and their last 10 races.

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377 Responses to “Looking back on 2009, Kicking off 2010”

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Great stuff, awesome, thanks.

[also first lul]

Damn, I want to be on this list. haha. I’m pretty sure if I improved 50wpm, I would be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Wow. Awesome!

Valikor, if I improved 50 wpm, I might have a chance against you. You’re fast enough already 🙂

Actually, I think I improved at least 30 since I started working on typeracer, but that’s over 3 years.

Luís – are there any tips you can share about how to improve one’s typing speed?

typeracer, 60 minutes of typing every day. If you can deal with that you’ll be faster than David Pritts in 12 months. 🙂

Way too many races every day. 🙂 Also, I’m using a Kinesis Contoured keyboard which is perfect for touch-typing, it really forces you to use the same finger for each key.

Is this realistic?
Someone can create a count and play slow for a months and then let another guy with faster typing use it.

I would like to see for this year how many people are connected to typeracer site, so I can expect a lot of fun racing against human people or not.

Thanks in advance.

WOW that’s amazing. Way yo go Luis. You rock I wish I had improved that much.

Nice work everyone on the list ,,,,,,

great qoutations

great work>>>>>

and happy new year everyone…

Great job to everyone who improved their typing speed over the past year. Happy New Year to everyone!

great amazing great job Luis if i improve 50 wpm this year i will be at almost 100 wpm. Im only ten right now but im turning 11 in may i know that im younger than most people on typeracer but eh i think i can improve at least 15 wpm this year but im expecting at improvement of 30 wpm this year since i improved about 20 wpm in 150 races pretty good for a 10 year old boy eh anyways im hoping to achieve 75 wpm by the end of 2010.Thats gona be some fast typing for a 11 year old boy!

I don’t know about that, Zoran. I used to play Typeracer for 1 hour+ every day, and I never improved anywhere close to 50 wpm

(I definitely have improved though)

Zoran, I think you did almost that many races, but I don’t think you’re faster than me yet 🙂 Though I haven’t raced against you in a little while…

Andy, keep up the good work. Soon you’ll be faster than Jelani Nelson


hahaha i dont think thats possible valikor typiong 200 wpm is typing about 3 wps (words per second.i just made that up im not sure if wps is real or not.)

Hey guys. I’m a typeraceraholic too. Nice to meet you! 🙂 What do you do? What I mean is what your job is.

@Andy-I think a more useful measurement would be cps (characters per second).

@Phillies_Magic-what times do you usually race at? I don’t race much lately because I’m in China and the time difference causes me to usually never see any fast typists online. I have seen you on a few times..

(This goes for other fast typists too.. please contact me 🙂 )

Congrats Kukkain!! Superb stuff 215wmp!!! 2nd highest score I believe after the 220wpm quote.

ok then valikor,now are there any tips any of you can give me on typing(im using a qwerty keyboard or at least thats what i think its called im only 10)

ha valikor how many words per minute do you type im at 45 average.I was at 50 but i stoped typing for about 2 weeks.My record is a 58 wpm race and my fastest speed ive reached yet is about 80 wpm

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti People, I Love You.

I lament for your deceased relatives and friends.

I hope today the international rescue teams will be able to find MANY precious human lives trapped inside the concrete debris and rubble.

I also pray for your little pets.


¡Muchísima Buena Suerte para Los Topos de Tlatelolco!

Valikor, in my first 1000 races (not on this account) my average speed was 106 wpm (without leaving races). I believe that now I can go in average between 120-123 (depends on texts). I improved my typing for about 15 wpm. Is that not good?
Btw, you and me can’t improve for 30, 40 wpm since we are old typist. We didn’t learn to type on typeracer, we knew that already when we came here.
I believe I can beat you now in 20% of races… 🙂

het guys i am just sitting at home eating cookies and cream ice cream umm it is soo good!

sorry guys cowgirl8 nis what ilovechris said and yah it is good

Pietro Zanchi, facebook user is cheating. Account should be deleted. Please do so, Alex, David or whoever wants to do that.

can all of you who read this message tell me how old your are then tell me what your average typing speed is on typeracer ill tell you mine im 10 and my average is 55 words per minute

i mean 45 words per minute average

Andy, I’m 27, average 120-125 wpm.

Zoran-wow!thats impressive!do you know what valikor’s average is?

increased average-48 words per minute
goal-reaching 75 words per minute by age 12

Andy, Prits’s average is ~ 140 wpm I think. He is 21.

Awesome work Skillzilla!! 100wpm well done!

Great stuff Dilys 114wpm!! … soon you’ll surpass it. 🙂

zoran-wow!but do you know what valikor’s average is and how old is he if you know

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I’m sorry because I erroneously clicked the “Report user” functionality regarding a new female typeracer called Debbie Dodge —I apologize for my mistake.

andy, I already told you. He averages 140, he is 21 year old.

oh i thought you ment someone else when you said prit

Valikor is David Pritts. 😛

This is me right now, but I’m always sucking more or less, or improving, or changing somehow.

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 128 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 118.502 WPM

I’m 19.

Well done Jesús Federico Alvarez Rivera 88wpm!! Patience and accuracy are the key 🙂

I just wanted to also commend the designers behind this website. I teach Computer Applications and I have been encouraging my 9th grade students to use your website as a way to practice their keyboarding and a large number of them love it! Amazingly, I’ve even heard stories of them practicing outside of class. 🙂 The site has also allowed for me to continue to practice my keyboarding in a competitive session which is a lot of fun.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing y’all on the track. 🙂

maybe ill actually win a few more races in a few years being 10 years old and typing at speeds of 35 wpm to 59 wpm doesnt do much on a race there is always someone that types at the speeds of around 55 wpm and i just cant catch up

the faster i can type the better

kukain typed 215 wpm in a race i have a question do they actually grade you by exactly how many words you type a minute or what because if it does than kukain broke the world record of 212 wpm i looked it up and it seems that 212 is the world record if kukain typed exactly 215 words per minute than she broke the world record so im asking you are they actually grading your speed by exactly how many words you type in a minute estimate this is unbelievable kukain might’ve broken the world record!

typeracer PLEASE fix bug..
I was just warming up and scored 107wpm on my 11th race, I took the test and this is the output:

Typing Challenge Failed

Speed: 80 wpm
Accuracy: 96%

Sorry – you failed the typing test because you had to type at least 80 wpm. Please try again – otherwise your score for the current race will not be saved. Remember, some mistakes are allowed, so don’t worry about fixing your typos.
Try again?

My average is 68wpm, 10 races, 10 wins and last race 79wpm. Please fix this as I don’t want to be branded a cheat!

i think this game is awsome it said ass.

Monday, January 18, 2010

[…] Well done Jesús Federico Alvarez Rivera 88wpm!! Patience and accuracy are the key 🙂

Raheema (muslimhiphop_com) […]

Thank You Very Much Raheema.

We can say that the secret to climb a BIG MOUNTAIN is to be constant in your advance —your ascension— no matter if your speed doesn’t look as something athletic or professional.

(( Of course there are people who can climb BIG MOUNTAINS in no time. ))

In fact, I have been using different approaches or tactics:

1) For example, if you get nervous about the faster speed of the other competitors you can scroll down the page in order to only look at the competition text but trying to touch-type with concentration and something like a little bit of MADNESS and VIOLENCE: that thing called ADRENALINE.

One can use that method during some weeks or months but then you come back to the usual typeraces with all the competitors at sight —it is important to (indirectly) see those fast cars because the moment one of them overtakes your little car that’s the moment when your ADRENALINE wakes you up!

2) Another way to improve your typeracing technique is to listen to your favorite songs —experimenting with different volume levels because it’s a somewhat odd thing not to be able to hear your own keyboard keys.

(( As you can see, I’m referring to listen to your beloved music with your headphones on. ))

You also can playback some binaural beats or simply add sounds to your keyboard keys in order to have an experience similar to that of being maneuvering an arcade game.

3) One more recipe: If your keyboard keys become slippery to your fingers you can soak a clean napkin with alcohol and pass this napkin over your keys: As a result they become somewhat sticky —maybe “sticky” isn’t the right word; I guess FIRM or RELIABLE are better words to describe the experience.

(( Be careful if your computer keyboard doesn’t resist a slight presence of any liquid. ))


Since January 11 I have been reading the comments by a typeracer kid called Andy; one interesting and important trait of him is to ask questions; Andy must not despair because of his current speed —he’s a kid. Andy is destined to be a Great Megaracer.

((( It would be even better if he can become the first Ultraracer on Earth.

Of course touch-typing is one ingredient but a human being wants to be skilled at several things —to be skilled at MANY things. )))

*** ***

Thank You.

Federico-Thank you for your tips,i bet it’ll help me increase my speed more quickly and yes im just a kid and i want to be the world’s best typist ever!I love to see people who can type at speeds of 175 wpm and up the way they move their fingers at incredible speeds is amazing and i hope that one day i can type as fast as them but right now im just starting out slow or slow for most of you but if i cant type at those speeds in my life then im hoping to reach typing at speeds of at least 100 wpm which alot racers on this site call “easy” thank you for your tips and support.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You Very Much Andy.

Next month I’m going to share with you a special edition of touch-typing exercises designed by myself.

These exercises are prepared to help you regarding the improvement of accuracy and speed.

These typing drills are in my mind since around one or two months ago —they can help TypeRacer competitors from all skill levels but specially slow ones like me: I’m a SLOW Typemaster.

Today I will begin to structure those exercises.


Greetings from Mexico City.

thanks alot man i owe you one and by the way having my favorite song and not hearing the sounds of the typing when i start helps me type a little better but still got a long way to go

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

By the way, I must make clear that 88 WPM is my best race up to now.

The above-mentioned WPM has nothing to do with my “Average speed (all time)” which continues very low.

(( Luego por eso se hacen los chismes. ))

ok not even close to my best which is 59 wpm and my average is 48 which i expect is lower than you average am i correct

man i keep making errors when i type in comments instead of you average i ment your average

you know im looking for someone to help me to type better you know like give me tips and lessons and stuff like that its harder online but i think you would be a good “trainer” for me my cousin used to be my cousin 25 wpm average when i was just starting off to learn how to touch type then i started to beat her alot so she is not my trainer anymore and then after that it was my dad 38 wpm average but then i started to beat him and now im on my own so im hoping to find a new “trainer” this sounds wierd to have a “trainer” for touch typing but it really helped

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I will prepare the typing drills the sooner I can.

For me, it will be an HONOR to be of some help in the development of your touch-typing technique.

This is a great website, and I’m glad that it’s so fun and school-approved!

ok thanks this is something thats been in my mind you said your a slow typemaster so whats your average 55-58 or something by the way i managed to pump my average up to 51 wpm but its probably not gonna last long though

wooooo!!!Im a typemaster average speed of 55 wpm but im strugling to keep the title its very hard for me to stay at 55 wpm

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You are improving your speed Andy!

yeah slightly i guess and i broke my typing record yesterday too i got 61 wpm yesterday

i may be new, but i look forward to racing all of you!!!

hey im new and i just wanted to say hi

Court that was weiord!!!!Lol!!!!!

federico and everyone else who cares-average is 54. top five best races 1.64wpm 2.63wpm 3.60wpm 4.60wpm 5.59wpm

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congratulations Andy!

(( You can be sure I’m working in the preparation of the typing exercises that I talked you about in my preceding posts. ))

great and thanks federico your the best!

Great progress, Andy. I’m interested to see how a typist will improve who begins early in life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

By the way, I have confirmed that when one wins a typerace against one or several roBOTS that win is added to your “Races won” —I reached the finish line before two “astroboys” called Daniel and Erin.

(( Maybe “Erin” is an astrogirl —a unisex name, an epicene one, you know. ))

Just before the typerace began I looked at my “Races won” and they were 7127 and then they became 7128 victories so far.


Greetings from the former Tenochtitlan —the BIG artificial island constructed by the Aztecs!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

[…] By the way, I have confirmed that when one wins a typerace against one or several roBOTS[,] that win is added to your “Races won” […]

Jack Aviado-I bet im gonna improve alot in a few months i improved from 25 wpm average to 55 wpm average that brings me from begginer to typemaster in just 350 races pretty big improvement right?

who in the world would believe a guest that can type at that speed is cheating when you cheat on typeracer your speed should be about 250 wpm or more

1852 hrs
Monday, January 25, 2010

How about a cheater “touch-typing” at 500 wpm?

A cheater could do that kind of typerace because he/she is NEVER seriously competing.

Cheaters are like wannabe “magicians” of the worst kind.

On the other hand, we REAL typeracers of all skill levels are WORKERS or maybe it’s more appropriate to say SPORTSMEN and SPORTSWOMEN.

(( There’s no problem, girls and ladies, I also can write it like SPORTSWOMEN and SPORTSMEN. ))


Greetings to all of YOU

(( Typing SportsPersons —maybe a little bit Nerd but never mind.

I don’t have any thing against Nerds —maybe I’m one of them; at least one half of my mind, or something like a 25% of it. ))

well i never heard of a case where you cheat and you get 500 wpm but ive seen 400 before but why the heck would you hack it i mean if you cant type 90 wpm average then why bother because after you cheat at speeds higher than 100 wpm you have to take a test which if you can’t do the test then why bother but some people like to hack around 60-90 wpm with a system especially made to use on typeracer i know where you can download it but i dont think anyone here would like to hack typeracer right? If you do then think to yourself whats the fun of hacking all the time on typeracer it doesnt get fun rather boring like federico said real typers at all levels work to get better and gain there skills i wouldnt count hacking a typing site a useful or appropriate skill.

I’ve been a typemaster for three days and i intend to keep it there im at 57 wpm average and i just broke my top five best races again today- 5.60 4.61 3.61 2.62 1.64
Im hoping to get 70 wpm on a race soon and eventally 75 in a few weeks maybe 80 in a few months or so and possibly 90 once by the end of this year if Federico’s secret to typing helps me alot
For people who dont know me and is new to typeracer or something like that im only 10

i looked over my races and found out i actually never got 63 wpm yet…

1659 hrs
Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Much before the end of this brand-new year you’re going to see a CLEAR advancement of your touch-typing technique.


Please, never try to become a teenager or an adult before time: ENJOY your childhood, your dreams and your fantasy.

*** ***

[…] real typers at all levels work to get better and gain there skills i wouldnt count hacking a typing site a useful or appropriate skill. […]

Wicked people develop WICKED skills:

Those who love crime become killers —first in their “minds” and then in reality.

First in their “imagination” and then in the outside world.

The Internet is the BIGGEST BOOK of GOOD and EVIL ever created.

Gradually, the Internet becomes BETTER and WORSE —the two things at the same time.

Every one decides what side of the Yin Yang is right and which is wrong for him or her.

Hey cheaters, you are invited to become TRUE touch-typists.

I’ll enjoy to childhood while it lasts
Guess what there’s a typing record at the middle school i will be going to and its 91 wpm that was done 4 or 5 years ago so im going to try and break it next year when im in middle school. Im going to take keyboarding and technology(its in one class the keyboarding and tecdhnology) to help improve my typing slightly and then ill attempt to break the middle school record of 91 wpm after that. Just need to improve around 35 wpm in a year and a half and ill break the middle school record(Hungary Creek Middle School for those who are curious to which middle school i will be attending). My best friend Brandon thinks i might be able to break it but ima need alot of practice everyday.

Ha small typing world federico you and i were racing each other with some others at the moment i saw you were racing i was gonna go as fast as i can to try and beat you but i guess i wasnt fast enough

Dang that’s twice i raced federico and i lost again, man your too good for me

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!74 wpm!!!Woah!!!!!!

1628 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You will break that record.


In the TypeRacer Forum, please locate my email within the Members section; I’m going to begin sending you one typing drill every day.

They will be a series of preliminar and very useful exercises while I complete the Special Edition which is an ampler project; when in reference to that compilation I said […] Next month I’m going to share with you a special edition of touch-typing exercises designed by myself. […] it was a reasonable calculation based on the scope of time it requires to be ready.

However, it was yesterday when I have this realization to stop delaying your training and begin to send you other good touch-typing drills —before the Special Compilation.


It is sure that tomorrow morning you’ll receive the first typing drill —one touch-typing exercise every day.

1716 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Once you have my email address, please drop me a line in order to know where to send the typing drills.

Where is the member’s section in the forums?

1816 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First, you enter the Typeracer Forum http://groups.google.com/group/typeracer

Second, you “Sign in” with your email (( I think it must be a Google account; if you don’t have one you can get help from your parents. ))

Third, now you can see this:


Fourth, click on “Members” and sort the list by “join date” —I’m number fourteen.

Fifth, click on my name and then please follow the steps to unlock my email address.

1842 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a Google account = a Gmail account.

i dont see members and ive made an account and loged in already but i see group info at thebottom of the screen but thats it

i can see everything from home to files but i cant see members

i signed in but still cant see members

Oh those are my messages federico

1929 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It seems like if you click on “More group info >>” —without Signing in— you also can be able to unlock my email address.

all right

1937 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybe you didn’t see “Members” because to be considered a Forum member at least you post one comment there but as I mentioned the solution is to click on “More group info >>” —nearly at the right bottom side of the Forum homepage.

Good luck!

where are the steps to unlock your email address

1945 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let’s see:

First, “More group info >>”

Second, click on “Jesús Federico”

Third, click on the blue area of my almost complete email address

Fourth, typewrite the strange looking word

Fifth, click OK

Sixth, There’s the complete mystery solved!

2010 hrs
Wednesday, January 2010

The “blue area” looks like this … but the three dots or periods are underlined also in blue color.

2022 hrs
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[…] are ALSO underlined in blue color. […]

i like this im whoopin butts

1053 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

I will be back online at 3:00 p.m.

well im home from school ill just wait for your arrival. I got your email now um what do i do with it i never used email before

current average-54 pro top 5 best races- 1-74wpm 2-65 wpm 3-64wpm 4-62wpm 5-62wpm current goal-to beat the highscore at Hungary Creek Middle School 91 wpm next year

1522 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010


If you already have my email address, simply send a message to it, when I received your email message I will know where to send you the typing exercises.

1526 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

I RECEIVE your email message I will know where to send you the typing exercises.

1530 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Errors + errors +errors + erros + errors


when I receive your email message I will know where to send you the typing exercises.

ok i did it so im ready for mytrainingsessions

Im gona share these typing excersizes to my 8 year old cousin(13wpm average on typeracer) and my 9 year old cousin(33wpm average on typeracer) and my dad if he’s interested(35wpm average but doesnt have an account, he plays as a guest occasionally) if thats ok with you federico

1644 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

[…] Im gona share these typing excersizes to my 8 year old cousin(13wpm average on typeracer) and my 9 year old cousin(33wpm average on typeracer) and my dad if he’s interested(35wpm average but doesnt have an account, he plays as a guest occasionally) if thats ok with you federico […]

OF COURSE that’s OK with me.

ok then thanks, I think my 9 year old cousin is gonna like it 🙂

1809 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010


A couple of minutes ago I sent a .rar file to your email address.

(( Maybe it will be necessary to make some adjustments in the exercises but the important thing is that the action has begun!

One exercise a day designed to fortify the touch-typing technique. ))

yes! ok im gona start now

wait i need to pay for it?

Can’t you just give me the activation code?

1849 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

The program is free software Andy —don’t worry!

(( Absolute freeware.

The exercises are designed by me and OF COURSE they are FREE.

All the typing drills that I will send you every day are no part of the computer program but it is absolutely legal to use them as “external” files. ))

1900 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

The program doesn’t need an activation code.

Please, put the folder directly in C: and tell me if it functions.

but when i downloaded the software it said i had to buy it and its not free

1911 hrs
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its website says […] if you find it useful then any donations are welcome. […]

what do i press Rarlab Winrar,winace,winzip,or bitzipper

Hey guys (andy and Jesús): would you mind having specific conversations using personal email? We want to keep this area available for general comments. Thanks.

ok sorry

Excellent work Dilys 114wpm!! You’ve equaled your best, come on girl I’m confident you have a 128wpm+ up your sleeve very soon 🙂
BTW what were those texts?

Hi there Raheema – thanks for your comments of encouragement. I’m glad you’re optimistic, because I think it’ll be some time before I reach 128wpm. I feel super glued to 114wpm – it seems like its 50 years ago when I reached 114wpm! I don’t remember the actual text but it would have been one of the easier 4/5 line texts, as I am hopeless at the anything that requires a sprint speed. I am a bit of a “plod” typist really and do better on the longer texts.

I think its time for typeracer to add some new ranks many people are typing around 90-135 wpm so i think this site could use 1 or 2 more ranks plus this site could work with a chat box or whatever you want to call it for players to relax after a bunch of races each day and just text with eachother. I also think they should make a latest high scores for each rank for instance im typemaster so they should make a latest high scores for the typemasters and all the other ranks because if they do have this im sure i’d be in it when i typed that 74wpm race. These are all the things that i hope will be added this year.

Yeah, where’s the chatbox? I don’t know what the owner of this site is doing… maybe he’s gotten lazy 😉

(just kidding 🙂 )

Thanks to Phillies_Magic for some good races. Thanks to you, my 12,000th race was a memorable one… luckily you didn’t beat me in that one 😉

If Alex wants to include a chat box, I recommend putting it through IRC — this way you can include any of various web clients, as well as allow users to chat using their preferred programs. Freenode perhaps.

TypeRacer, one question for you. My friend Slobodan practiced for a couple of days a text “I know a bloke…” and he did here 140 wpm. Of course, since he is an average typist (70-75 wpm) he couldn’t pass the test. He didn’t cheat here, but he DID GET 140 wpm. What should he do?
Of course, I don’t need to say that he is veeeery, veeery disappointed about the site now. :-\

Forget it about my last comment… Bad interpretation. Sorry…

I knew people would like the idea of having a chatbox, the more the merrier, plus if many people like the idea typeracer will probably put one on typeracer.com
Im also looking forward for that centuarian rank or whatever its called for 100wpm and up, more ranks more challenges for a young typist

Dilys 116wpm!! Go girl! You’re getting there, now concentrate on accuracy and rhythm. Thanks for your reply. 🙂

I think they should make it with chat like on the personal racetracks that would be awesome!!

Thats four people that want a chat box!

Anukool Deval How did you type 507wpm for half the race and then leave? Are you a cheat?
Typeracer I have screen captured him/her, if you’re interested please explain how to send.

There’re some cheaters!,
For example:
S S (chimchimchim)
Oli (reozeo)
COIMBRA149 (coimbra)

Some persons have much races completed and they’re in the page now. Do something!.

yeah, i think that a chat box would awsome! and also i need some freinds.

well, min pro, welcome

;;; Typeracer I have screen captured him/her, if you’re interested please explain how to send.

FYI, it’s possible that there was a glitch of some sort. This happens sometimes, and people usually quit when they notice it because they don’t want the erroneous score recorded, from what I’ve heard. If it’s a new user it could go either way; in any case, click the user and use the Report feature and one of the admins will get it taken care of. 😉

;;; There’re some cheaters!,
;;; For example:
;;; S S (chimchimchim)


;;; COIMBRA149 (coimbra)


I think someone is sore.

5 people that want a chat box!

well, andy, i’m glad you’re keeping up with the people who want a chat box!!!

well, andy i am glad you know how many people want a chat box, make it 6.

Gentlemen, we have a new Typing God. That’s Sean Wrona! 203.7 wpm in last 10 races, 213 wpm max.typing speed. Impressive, isn’t it?!
Whoever thinks that he can beat his score, I would like see him/her to try it. My opinion is that his score is going to last for years.

who is the 6th morgalili? And if kukain starts racing again i think she has what it takes to pass jalani nelson too but i dont think she has what it takes to pass sean wrona yet. Jalani Nelson hasnt raced on here for ages and i dont think she is gona be able to be in the top 3 for much longer i here theres a new racer in town and his average is around the 195s but he hasnt got to 100 races yet so he is not in the top 20 for fastest typists

232wpm!! Amazing Jelani, what text? was it legit? 😉

Are u joking? 232?

You’re right, Valikor; we’ve definitely had some good races.

Jelani, it’s mindboggling to see that score on the high scores list. I’m actually almost speechless. Incredible.

I don’t remember the text exactly, but “routinize” and “mastery” were two of the words in it. Or maybe it was “routinized”?

Mentioned in another thread, but not sure if you would read it, so i’m posting it here again.

For Traditional Chinese, one cannot do the verification test coz captcha doesnt work on traditional chinese characters. So all we can see are a bunch of meaningless boxes.

“My opinion is that his score is going to last for years.” — Zoran

Sorry Zoran …just hours.


The obvious solution is to use simplified characters. While you’re at it, you can start speaking 普通话 instead 😉 (joking)

I’m actually going to Hong Kong in 1 week, maybe I’ll see you there!

sweet 2 competitors battling it out for the chance to become number 1! Sean Wrona managed to get to 203.7 average and passes Jalani Nelson for first place. That wasnt going to stop Jalani though she was determined to get her rightful place of number 1 and managed to get a mindboggling 232wpm race! I may be mistaken but i think thats a typeracer record! Jalani Nelson got just enough to pass Sean Wrona by 0.1 wpm for Jalani’s average and is now back with her number 1 position. Can Sean Wrona fight back? We shall find out soon. And what has happened with Kukain? Will she come back to typeracer and attempt to pass both of them? Its a mystery that everyone is waiting to find out!

Actually they’ve both already become #1.

Is something wrong with the site in U.S.A.? Some kind of bug? It’s impossible that 2 typists in the same day get such an awesome score. I think, actually I’m quite sure that it’s a bug… Sorry, Jelani, but I simply can’t believe that both of you did such scores.

Jelani 232 wpm, Sean 222…
Insane guys, congrats to you!
You’re probably the two fastest guys in the world (?).

By the way, thanks you typeracer for the translation in other language. Nice stuff … but (yes there is always a but!) the translation is pretty bad. Moreover in French you can’t type some caracters (or you have to use special ones). If you could do something about it would be great!


Jelani, Sean Wrona, sorry guys but I’m 1000000% sure that your scores are overloaded. I did 183 wpm now with 1 mistake, and my best ever in 10.000 races is 166 wpm!!! Your scores should be deleted. I will not type the anti-cheating test because I don’t want to have score that is unreal for me!!!
Alex, do something please!!!

well these scores still arnt impossible to achieve. Its 4 characters counts as 1 word not your actuall words per minute so the scores are still possible. Now for another short article.
Oh Sean Wrona you are unbelievable! A new record 222wpm nicely played! Wooo these competitors are unbelievable Sean Wrona has overun Jalani Nelson once again and is now number 1 with an amazing average of 205.1,OUTSTANDING! Jalani Nelson doesnt have much hope left. Will she rise up and unleash her inner typing beast?! we shall see soon. Go Jalani Nelson and Sean Wrona!!!

this is the truth Andy!!! My best ever in 10.000 races (I have 2 accounts) is 166 wpm, and in only 2 tries I did 183 wpm with 1 or 2 mistakes (I can’t remember) but who understand that termin “accuracy” can count how many mistakes did I make. I will not type the anticheating test. No way!

Typeracer, PLEASE delete my 183 wpm typing. I even didn’t type the anti-cheating test. It’s accepted by site, don’t know why. My best is 166 wpm. That score should stay.

the same morgalilli that has been here, and yes, i will!!!!ha/ha

Zoran probably does have a point. I believe Jelani’s best was 205 and my best was 206 before yesterday, and that is a statistically unlikely improvement. I got a 210 and 211 yesterday to set the then-record of 203.5, then Jelani broke it thanks to the 232, then I broke it back thanks to the 222. I have some doubts myself. Jelani could have improved a ton, and probably has since he hadn’t played here in months. I have a 10 wpm higher average than him on my arenasnow (race-selecting) account, and a 5 wpm higher average on arenasnow2 (the account I finish every race on), and I do think he is faster. I do have a faster keyboard than I did when I was starting, but the discrepancy probably is not that much. I can’t really tell by the feel whether there was a glitch or not. The game didn’t freeze or anything, and I’m not sure I can feel the difference between 200 and 220. I can feel the difference between 160 and 180, though, which may indicate that speed was only actually around 200 rather than 220. Eh, I don’t know.

Correction: BUT I do think Jelani is faster, even though I have higher overall averages here. The reason being that he probably had his account several years ago, when he was probably typing more slowly than he does now, lowering his overall average.

By the way, Andy, Jelani and Kukkain are both male…

Prior to today my fastest score was 205, then this morning, in the span of about an hour, I got 232 and 209. It’s possible I hit a glitch, but I’m not sure. A glitch I’ve noticed (even in the distance past, not just today) is that if you get off to a very fast start, your wpm counter at first says something ridiculously high (like, over 300wpm), and takes a second or two to drift downward. I also did heavy race selection this morning though. In the very beginning, when I started TypeRacer, I finished every race. Then, before today, I entered every race but only finished the good ones. This morning, I didn’t even bother starting on a text if it looked hard.

thanks like the other perso said!!!! loololololol 🙂

ok Sean ill remember that from now on. On to another short article
There you have it people. Sean Wrona and Jalani Nelson gave their side of the story. They both think that there might have been a glitch in the races they both made today. Many of our fans think it was a glitch. How well we resolve this? Well how bout asking them to do 10 more fresh races for both of them. What do you say Sean and Jalani 10 more races istn so bad is it? If they do do it we will see who is number 1 Sean Wrona or Jalani Nelson. 2 competitors and only room for one champ. Who will it be? Please place your votes in as soon as you can to who will be number 1 if both of them say yes to the 10 races.
—————————————— ok im not an article writer anymore. So Sean and Jalani will you do the ten races? Im dying to know who is the best. Can both of you do it please.

hey its……………………??? thanks for making ’09 o fantastic year!!!! well, hope they make a 4 type racer!!! 🙂

Lawl, Andy should be a sports reporter.

But is there an inaccuracy in his article? 😮

Did he say there are four characters per word when it’s really five? 😮

Is Typeracer using four instead of five? :O

Find out next time Alex logs in! 😀

@ Valikor:

I am not sure of this (since I type incredibly slowly for simplified Chinese), but I suspect that captcha won’t work on any foreign characters. I see that some japanese typists already filed this problem back in December, but seems like nobody does anything so far..

You’re right Jack. It’s five.


Yes, last time I checked the capcha did not work on foreign characters. It’s been a while though, so I can’t say for sure.

Unfortunately I have no solution to offer you. My previous comment was just a joke, in light of the ongoing debate between simplified vs. traditional characters… I’m on the side of simplified, but I can appreciate traditional characters (my favorite one is 噩, as in 噩夢). I think it captures the concept much more effectively than the somewhat boring simplified character :-/ They are beautiful!

Anyways, this is going off-topic now…

yeah its 5 i mustve made a mistake when i did my report i dont proof read it so.

@ Valikor

AFAIK, the original Chinese characters are traditional ones, so it’s natural that they capture the original meaning of the words/characters more precisely. Simplified Chinese characters are pretty awkward in some sense, at least to me, haha.

yeah!! i am loving type racer beter and better everyday!! 🙂

a short article

Jalani Nelson made it past Sean Wrona and was number one once again with an average of 205.3 but that wasnt going to stop Sean Wrona. She went full speed and got an amazing 213wpm today! Which brung her back to number 1 by 0.1 wpm again! How do these great typists do it? Will they push each other more and more until they are both at least at 220wpm average? Or is that there full potential. Can Jalani Nelson get back? So many questions and not enough answers. Who is the true typeracer champion? We are all hoping that these questions will be answered…soon…

Does anyone know, is there a possibility that text “bugs”? I’m asking this because I did my record (new one with a bug – 183 wpm) on “Remember that humor is written…”, and 2 minutes ago I typed that text again with 3, 4 mistakes and I did 151 wpm (which is impossible for me to do it with so many mistakes).
Jelani, Sean, what texts did you type for your 200 wpm + scores?

Zoran im sure that there are tons of texts they’ve done overr 200 wpm(by tons i mean at least 10 percent of there races).

@andy, you have no idea what are you talking about!!!


I am also curious about the fast texts, so I looked them up. Next time, don’t be lazy when you want information. You always do this to me. 🙂 Here they are.

Sean Wrona:
212wpm – The problem is, Willie, is that…
206 – One essential rule: make sure…
202 – The example of painting can teach us…
222 – Rhymes trap you into saying things…
210 – Let’s sort the buyers from the spiers..
210 – Let’s face it: there are tons of things…


215 wpm- [Some new text]
208 – [Some other new text]
210 – I know a bloke who knows a bloke…
209 – All time is all time. It does not…
232 – Good games offer players a set of…
202 – [Some other new text]
202 – The alternative to binge travel entails…

These are from the past 10 races. I think there are others. I don’t have the text IDs for some of the newer texts so I wasn’t able to figure out which texts they were.

At least one thing is no surprise: the “I know a bloke” text was in there 🙂 That one will always have a special place in my heart.

I forgot to put my name on that post…

on to another article
Ohhhh!!!!!looks like Jalani Nelson’s been training. What else explains all of her amazing races in the past few days! Jalani Nelson has overcome Sean Wrona again and again and again and again. Jalani is back on number 1 by making an amazing 215wpm race! Jalani’s average is now 207.2wpm which is 1.8wpm mroe than Sean Wrona’s average! These typing legends shall not stand being number 2! Can Sean Wrona get back? Personally i think both of these typing legends are running out of their typing nitros and arent going to be able to do much more of these outstanding races. But that’s just one person’s opinion. I bet at least 25% of their fans think that they have what it takes to do much more than just 207wpm. I think its a good time to start voting who will come out to the top. Ok people if your reading this message please vote for who YOU think will come out number 1 at the end I’ll be voting too.

Ok that previous sentence was the end of my report so i guess ill just vote now. andy569’s vote-Jalani Nelson

I think that Jalani Nelson will be the one that wins the title of number 1. Thats because he becomes active on typeracer again after Sean Wrona got the rank of number 1 and i think she has what it takes to get his rightful place back. That was a tough pick though. I think Sean Wrona can maintain to continue his 215wpm races but i also think that if Jalani Nelson tried as hard as he could its possible she can get some more 220+wpm races out of him

I give up I think. I always thought Jelani was faster. I just replaced a 196 with a 196, and I should have waited before accepting that. Since I have a 190 and 193 in there too, I’d probably need 10 more 200+ races and not get impatient and accept a 190-200 race in order to beat what I have now, especially since I don’t see myself duplicating a 222 again.

I didn’t run into the bloke quote the past few days at all, actually. I don’t like that as much as everyone else seems to as I mistype the word bloke a lot for some reason. I think it may be that I type l’s wrong. I don’t know.

I think I tend to do best on the four-line ones, because I’m allowed to make an error and recover. The six-line ones I end up making too many errors on, while I usually can’t keep myself making an error on a two-line passage like the bloke quote…and if you make an error on a two-line passage it’s really hard to beat 150 or something.

I’ll still probably practice on my arenasnow2 account, for which I do not use race selection.

Did Jordan use race selection to get fourth place? I’m thinking so, because I am faster than him. So at least I can be first among the non-race selection accounts…

I’m now more or less convinced there is some glitch. The speeds here are much faster than on other sites in general. And there were times I started out in the first split second over 1000 or once even 10000, which is absolutely ridiculous. It did seem to be only some passages rather than all of them as Zoran guessed. The first one that came to mind that is indeed the passage I got 222 on about the rhymes of fire, but there were others. As long as the glitch occurs for everyone on those passages, though, I don’t really see what the problem is, as everybody could take advantage of those particular passages when they come up. I don’t see such a glitch being limited to the US only, either especially since it seems to be run through an applet…

@andy, do you have some problem maybe?
I don’t know what are you trying to do by posting 20 comments per day.
@Sean Wrona, Jordan did choose the texts too, everyone did that in the top20 list.
I hope that the rules are going to be changed. I think there should be a place on typeracer especially made for those who want to be in some kind of list and there all of us who want that would typed 10 different texts IN A ROW (no choosing the texts as we do it now when we want to enter that list). That would be the most honest way, all other is a sh*t!

@David Pritts, will you please delete my 183 wpm score or not? Like I told 10 times in last 2 days it’s UNREAL. All scores done by me, Sean Wrona and Jelani Nelson are unreal. How come that in 24 hours all of us did such an awesome scores?! It’s not a coincidence.

Good work Sean and Jelani 🙂

The possibility of a “glitch” is fairly straightforward. From my experience, it has nothing to do with the particular text you’re typing (How could it?)I also don’t know if it’s correct to call it a glitch.. it’s just the nature of the internet, as the communication between players’ computers and the server is not instantenous.

Typeracer simply takes the number of characters in a text, and divides by the time that it took you to finish the race… if your connection is going slow on a particular day, and it takes the data longer to reach the server, then you get a slightly slower score because the server thinks it took you longer. On the other hand, if somehow your app gets ahead of the server by a split second (maybe the server lags for a moment? I have no idea) then your speed can become faster.

When typing fast, a tiny amount of time can make a big difference. My best race ever was 204wpm. The text was 180 characters long, so I typed it in 10.588 seconds. In this case, 0.5 seconds would make the difference between 195wpm and 204wpm. So, if I got a 0.5 second head start because the server lagged or something like that, then my actual score was only 195. Imagine the advantage that a 1-second head-start would provide! 99.99% of the time, this is fairly inconsequential… but if a person is typing between ridiculously fast, a lot happens, even in a split second 🙂

So, I do think that occasionally, for whatever reason, Typeracer makes a user start typing either too early or too late, causing the phenomena Sean described (starting a race at 10,000wpm, etc.)

Anyone have an alternative explanation? I hope someone with more computer knowledge would chime in. I wonder if there’s anything that can be done to “fix” this…

I will suggest that an alternative ranking system (hopefully a more robust one) might make this inconsequential.

I’ve just made 169 wpm, of course it’s not the real score. Real one was ~ 145 BUT who cares. I will soon pass 250 wpm barrier.

Well, fixing race selection is easy. Reset all players’ last 10 race averages to 0 and simply give each player a score of 0 if they leave a race. That would prevent race selection in the future. Since the maximum scores without race selection would probably be more in the 170-180 range, they would seem more attainable to more players and probably we’d get most of the top players typing more often than they had been in the previous months. That’s an easy fix and I wouldn’t mind it. I don’t know how popular it would be here though.

As for the glitch I suspect I know less about the inner workings of applets than most of the other Megaracers do, despite my relatively minor web design experience, so I’ll let Valikor deal with that one.

“Reset all players’ last 10 race averages to 0 and simply give each player a score of 0 if they leave a race.”

I fully support this.

Reseting all players’ last 10 race averages to 0 and simply give each player a score of 0 if they leave a race is a great idea but i suspect that many people wont like it too

Sean Wrona: don’t you have like a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or something like that? 😛

Come to think about it, both of you (ie you and Jelani) are computer geniuses.. I’m a lowly philosopher :-/

Whatever though. You guys don’t know anything about Truth 🙂

To steer back towards the topic, I would fully support a system other than the current one, in order to encourage community activity. There are lots of options. Many have been discussed before. I don’t know how much work would be required to overhaul the system and make it more flexible…

Zoran, stop cheating. 🙂 (joking)

I have no idea how feasible it is to “remove” a score. That would have to be a special request to Mr. Typeracer.

“Sean Wrona: don’t you have like a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or something like that? 😛

Come to think about it, both of you (ie you and Jelani) are computer geniuses.. I’m a lowly philosopher :-/”

No. My bachelor’s was in economics and my master’s was in statistics, the same as Dan Chen, actually. I’m nowhere near equivalent to Jelani on anything except typing. This reminds me of several of my high school classmates telling me I’d be Bill Gates just because I’m a bespectacled nerd who can type fast and had a bizarre cult following who liked asking me arithmetic problems in the hallways (and not even anything hard — usually just two by two multiplication problems, but I was faster than any of my classmates…)

Sure, compared to most normal people, I am a computer whiz, and I’ve improved a lot learning php/MySQL hardcore database stuff via my website, but waaay too much of what I’ve done there has been data entry (I’ve entered like 100,000 rows of data there in less than three years, and it’s not the only thing I do) but I only took three CS courses in high school and three in college, and compared to the other Megaracers here I’m freaking pedestrian. Jelani and Jack are obviously the most knowledgeable here, Jelani achieving the ultimate in getting a Ph.D. in CS at MIT, and Jack is too by pretty much learning everything on his own. But I would rate Noah higher as well: he may be a music major, but he seems to be pretty freaking hardcore offering to help with Google Web Toolkits, which I hadn’t even heard of until that post. David, you underestimate yourself, considering you seem to be heavily involved in coding the TypeRacer database, which is at least as significant as anything I’ve done, Jordan has to know more since he landed a job at IBM, and Dan is probably more knowledgeable since he found out all that stuff about Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator or whatever that’s called to win Intersteno.

I may be one of the fastest typists here, but among the super-elite here, I’m probably the least knowledgeable and it embarrasses me. As it is, I don’t have enough marketable skills to compensate for my social ineptitude (and there are almost no jobs in statistics if you don’t have a Ph.D.), and nobody takes my website seriously (it’s probably because my graphic ability is in the troglodyte realm, even though my programming ability is solid) thus rendering me more or less unemployable.

This concludes today’s entry in the Whiny Emo Blog sweepstakes.


That was among the longest, most off-topic rants I have read in a while! I liked it though 😉 Plus, I started it. I thought I recalled seeing on your facebook that you’d studied CS. Guess I was wrong.

I don’t do coding. When I was 12 I did web design, and since then I’ve tinkered in Javascript to create some scripts related to typeracer (I have not been involved in “coding the Typeracer database”… heavily or otherwise!), and done other misc. activities. I guess I’m better than average though.

I gave considerable thought to how I could steer this discussion in the direction of being on-topic, but to no avail. 🙂

PS – what’s 37 * 38 ? And how long did it take you to calculate? haha

1406, but it took me six or seven seconds (way too long) because I’ve lost my edge since in the real world, nobody cares.

what is the matter with the connection today,, the racer starts over one thousand words

good job rapid 152 words per minute,,, congratulations…

im ready for some new things for typeracer this year!

Thanks for that RambooUAE..
took me long enough 🙂

I havent forgotten! Who wants a chat box!!! We got a few so far!

An IRC channel would be cool too if anyone would participate. 😛

Typeracer please remove kumar(coomar) he is a cheat. Stabbing from behind! (comming from the start magically finishing without car progressing)

Raheema right after i read your congratulations to skillzilla i raced with hime. Strange thing right? Well anyways skillzilla is really good and is a good march for me. After about 3 races together i wasnt racing him anymore. Skillzilla is unpredictable. One race he could do 63wpm and the other 85wpm. Thats what i like about him you can never predict his speed.

Skillzilla you are an excellent competitor. Im not going easy next time im goin off with you!

Rapid, why did it take you so long to get 150?


it was pure luck.

Pure luck or a bug.

Well done Rapid for knocking that obvious cheat off his perch by a mile! 173wpm – fantastic. Was this “I know a bloke”?

Dilys, thx although i think its a bit outrageous.
The text was “A little boy went out to play.”

Typeracer there is a site problem today! I’m starting races at over 88,000wpm!!! (I’m fast but – not that fast!) and when I finish my scores are adjusted down by about 4-10wpm; also the cheat test is lagging – no text shows for ~ 5-6 secs whilst timer is still counting down! Please fix bug. Thanks.

Hi typeracer I just scored 172wpm on a text (my fastest so far), when I tried the anti-cheat test there was no text (blank for about 20 seconds) until counter reached 9 seconds. Is this normal or a bug??

well done rapid ,,,, a hero

well thanks 4 the great website! i love it, it iz very educational 2! this website iz under my favorites! i hope yall will continue to expand this marvoulous website. i wish i could come 2 this website everyday, but i try 2!! BUT HOMEWORK COME 1! lol. welll c ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :0 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :0 🙂 🙂 🙂 :O 🙂 🙂 🙂 :

6hank 4 the website.

well it iz another new month!!! HAPPY MARCH!!!!! lol. it iz getting closer and closer 2 PASS and …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. SSSSUUUUMMMMMMMMEEEERRRR!!!! THAT SPELLS SUMMER!!! I WILL BE SOOOOOOO GLAD BUT I WILL MISS ALLL OF MY FRIENDS 2. I HAVE HAD A GREAT FIRST MIDDLE SCHOOL YEAR. HOPE ALL U NEW MIDDLE SCHOOLERS HAVE 2!! C YA!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

hi what’s up???

Il se passe que ça me casse les couilles car typeracer lag beaucoup. Alors le webmaster va faire un petit effort et me réparer tout ça. 🙂

is 2day everyones best score day? when will bug be fixed?

Ah, et puis, si vous effacez mon message, prenez en compte ma considération (si vous savez lire le français ou si vous êtes assez intelligent pour prendre un traducteur assez fiable).

Et, tant qu’à faire, faut vraiment changer les guillemets pour les textes français. Vous savez, les guillemets comme ça : » ce serait bien de les changer en “, vous voyez ? Ce serait plus pratique pour taper les textes, vous me comprenez ? J’espère que oui.

Et puis, vous savez, je suis pas méchant, c’est juste que j’aimerai assez que ça bouge un peu. Vous penserez que j’ai raison, un jour ou l’autre.

this website sucks my dick

Typeracer: I have just done 128wpm and although I passed the cheaters test, I don’t believe its real. I think there is still something wrong with the system.

Site has problem. I average 65wpm best race 99wpm, today I scored 125wpm!!! What’s going on here?

Oh typeracer looks like you got some stuff to many bugs today and its a new month. What a shame. I dont know how all of this is happening to everyone and not me but i think typeracer should do something about this.

My idea of the chatbox for typeracer will not die!!!!!!!!Never!!!!!!!!!!(maybe but probably not)

thanks 4 the great comment!! our commpany tries our very best everyday 2 make this a magnificent website!! we are working out the planns to make a typeracer 4 and then a fith one!!! we are going to stop 4 a little while after we make the fith one for special reasons. we got an e-mail yesterday saying that it would be fine to go through with the 4 and 5 typeracer. so we will stop for about 7 months to a year. we will be thinking through that time about how many more typeracers we are gong to make and what we will put on them. we are very sorry so we are going to make the 4 and 5 the best typeracers ever!!! we will try to come on everyday to anwser all of your questions, but please keep coeing to type racer. ok, this is not really the typeracer endusty!!! this is a member just like you but you probly figured that out by now. well thanks for taking the time to read this really really really long comment. i have never typed something this long unless it was for school!!! i am loving this blog website more and more everyday. i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi am glad that the people who came up with this awesome website are gooing to make more and more of this website!!!!! well,,,, later!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

that was rude! hey!!!

this website dosen’t suck, it is awesome!!!

typeracer is awesome but we still need tons of improvement to make it the perfect website(ex:CHATBOX!,more ranks,etc)

well, if we get the improvements, it will be while worth the wait andy!

yes i know at least a few months(to a few years)(to a few decades before site is perfect XD)

it could be a year!

Lemar – The Way Love Goes


@Anyone who wishes to improve on this site I’ve compiled some of the most useful words to help increase your speed:
the to a of and I you that in it is was for they on are with like be The my or this me as not your can but one he from what all there had It – we will when have You just if no And more know time who were into do at so out don’t But life way up their has get world then his an which them only by been would think than never got some here because want see say first down day before He our other many make good going about So If through those people over him go every We That us most how In years things need man two now even come always There A these show her away thought thing much mind its being back any again When They where very said really little keyboard home am after Now.

now how many words is that? this website is awesome man!!!

what do you mean The Way Love Goes?

Dilys don’t worry about the 128wpm bug… you have a 138wpm in you, I promise 😉 Persevere girl, persevere!!


Always the optimist! I took on board what you said last time about accuracy and rhythm and it has helped, although I have a long way to go! What also helped were comments made by Noah (licafox), Jack Aviado and Valikor in the “Forum” on how to improve typing speed. Some of Noah’s suggestions were particularly useful.


they do it well! hey ya’ll

@TYPERACER, I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist) is a cheater. Delete his account.

It was my comment for the cheater I am so fast.

typeracer please delete ‘Faster Indian’ I just saw him beat a BOT which almost finished,(88wpm)- from the start line with 98wpm!

please Brandon give us a break, learn to type instead of using voice recognition software!

hey ya’ll, what’s up. we really really do need
a chat box because it can get pretty suspicious
on how people type so dang fast. i wonder why
andy hasn’t been on here? i am finally beggining
to get past 40 gwam. i mean i know that aint
a lot but it is good for me let me know who wants
a chat box. can i get a whoop! whoop!

hey ya’ll, what’s up. we really really do need
a chat box because it can get pretty suspicious
on how people type so dang fast. i wonder why
andy hasn’t been on here? i am finally beggining
to get past 40 gwam. i mean i know that aint
a lot but it is good for me let me know who wants
a chat box. can i get a whoop! whoop!

hi i’m new and i hope we can have a fun time racing each other!

Are you coming out to play today Rambo (killing type)?

Dilys (beeznees)
absolutely , I’m playing everyday, but nowadays, I have tough exams to focus on, my access to the site will be a bit lower than before

Make it 41 for the chatbox…!

I’m back sorry about the delay of my comments. Did anyone miss me? I see the idea of chatbox is spreading. We really do need a chatbox. If any of you missed me say hi.
GO CHATBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh an anonomous whoever you are go for it! Keep practicing and you’ll keep getting better and better. Take me for an example. I used to type 27wpm now I type 65wpm! I hope I can make it to 80wpm by the end of this year!

aw crap… anonymous was talking about his wpm eh?… lol! misread ‘beggining
to get past 40 gwam’ as BEGGING, thought he was begging to get more than 40 ppl who want a chatbox! lol.. anyway, how many ever petitioners are there, would really love a chatbox as well!! 🙂

Same here – my exams are in May. Does this mean you will go slow again and I will be able to give you a good thrashing (you know just as I usually do – ha ha!)?

Please delete the brazen BOTboy Pradip Rajput(rajput), his antics are ruining my child’s enjoyment!

Civilization IV
developed by Sid Meier

Scores for this quote: Your last 10 Top 10

1 152 wpm Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils)
2 145 wpm carlos rodriguez (yo_el10)
3 134 wpm Kevin N (blinky)
4 134 wpm carlos rodriguez (yo_el10)
5 133 wpm Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils)
6 133 wpm Andrew (alphaaj86)
7 132 wpm Robert Price (zapakh)
8 131 wpm RambooUAE (killingtype)
9 130 wpm Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils)
10 128 wpm Dennis L (skys)

You’ve improved unbelievably RambooUAE to be in sort of company!

Sp33d (sp33d) is a foolish BOTboy Please examine his stats and delete this offender typeracer.

RambooUAE r u an Indian?

Sanjay Singer r u p real? please check him he cheats.

@James Bawnd ;):
Nah, RambooUAE’s not Indian…! The last three letters of his nickname is where he’s from… the United Arab Emirates! 🙂
And congrats RambooUAE, for being in the top 10 of the Civilization IV quote, and for reaching 150wpm! 😉

Typeracer at about 9am (GMT) I noticed a very strong Lag on the site. My scores are about 20wpm lower and the typed text is appearing way after I’ve depressed the keys, it’s spoiling my rhythm.:( Please fix bug.

@David Joseph (davidj123256)- Maybe you are unaware that many of your compatriots live and work abroad. 😀

BTW Vet.= Veteran competitor 😉

@James Bawnd – Why did you ask?

@Incredulous Vet:
ah, makes sense… but, I checked his stats ‘n all the other day, and it said that he was from the United Arab Emirates…so! 🙂
But, who knows, I might be wrong… we’ll wait for him to reply..! And, Incredulous Vet., what’s your name in Typeracer?

hi guys,
I’m Emarati, that is, “United Arab Emirates” is my country

but I love going outside specially in US, Germany, Italy, france, Holland ,,, etc . I prefer typing in English in all meanings, since it is considered as the top language of the world and the most common language, I’m writing at about 50 words in my own language

I lived in the US when I was a child before moving on in the UAE, and I’m planning to visit the country next summer,,)

I’m on my final year in college, and hopefully, aiming success in my future endeavors,
22 years old

English is the third most popular language.

@Typeracer, where are you?
Will anyone delete I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)?????

Typeracer is hiding!!! 😛

Yeah.. always thought English was the most popular language… it’s after Mandarin and Spanish right?

You are partly correct. Mandarin is the most popular by far. 2x more than the second most popular language which is Hindi not Spanish. Close guess though. Spanish is the 4th most popular language in the world. But English and spanish is very close. About only 1 million more people in the whole world speak English more than Spanish.

My mistake I was wrong. You were right top language is Mandarin and second is Spanish. Right now Hindi is corrently the 5th most popular language. Huge drop.

Hello All!
This is I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist) here.
I was not aware of this website, since I had been a good typer in my company (as well as my entire group).
But if ya all support for deletion of my account, then I will surely support your decision. But remember, I will make a come back again.. You can contact me at fastestypist@gmail.com for any queries regarding my typing skills. If I were a cheater, I’d rather not had passed any anti-cheating (typing challenges) tests..

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

Hi all! I have recently received an exited comment from “Peeved Regular” and his/her comment was something like “Please delete the brazen BOTboy Pradip Rajput(rajput), his antics are ruining my child’s enjoyment!”…..Race with me in person and I’ll let you know who am I…If you have any comments please write to me at oooppsss_hi@yahoo.co.uk. I’ll reply you der…

Iamsofast does have a point. How could he be able to cheat on the anti-cheating test. Very few people on typeracer can do it now and I doubt he is one of them.

Andy Dude… Even u got a point in that.. But I do not have enough time to do races even and u suspect me to do cheating with “Typing Challenge?” This is something really wiered.

I am so fast 😀

Re: fastestypist, it did seem odd to me as I saw that you scored in the 110’s and 120’s, and then in the high 160s, so I submitted a report once. Of course it’s up to admin to determine whether anything funny is going on and not up to us to claim that you’re cheating and whine until you get banned.

By the way, I hear it’s trivial to “cheat” on the anti-cheating test by simply typing very fast with little regard for accuracy since it doesn’t demand very good accuracy. I haven’t seen it in a while though.

Well, if you haven’t cheated, then…
Congrats! 😉 cause you’re in the top 20 fastest typists!…

Thanks brother… I am soon planning to move above in the TOP 20 LIST..

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

I agree to your comment, since one can not go that high but u can drop down at 110’s~120’s when u get quotes like “Milt, with the excellent timing..” and one can move flashing fast when one gets the quotes like “I am learning about twenty new Italian..”..
Would you believe… Yesterday I saw Sean Wrona typing at 117 WPM and the very next race he finished up with 187 WPM. His peak for the day was quite impressive..

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

And by the way David.. My username which you typed (fastesttypist) is something like this —-> “fastestypist”

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

I didn’t really watch long enough to have a good idea of what was going on. Sorry. 😛
In any case there should be no problem if admin sees nothing on his end.

dear drexel and phillies_magic
This is my private race track :

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)


I’ve raced against you three times in the last two days, and each time I saw your car leap from the starting line to the finish line in less than a second. I find it hard to believe that I would see that happen three times if something weird wasn’t going on. I will also add that your car seems to be the only one doing that.

My desktop computer more or less died a day before I left for Austin, where I won the Ultimate Typing Championship this weekend. While in Austin, I used a laptop keyboard, and I used this same laptop keyboard when I got home because my desktop was not working. That is why I only got 117 wpm on one of the races the other day; on my desktop, I very, very rarely am that slow. I realized I could connect my desktop keyboard to my laptop today, and if I compete in TypeRacer races in the next few days, I should be faster as a result.

I respect you as a racer, and that comment was not to lead you towards any disappointment but just to mention that even fastest guys can drop when something goes wrong..
I hope I’m not bothering you with any of my comments..

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

Congratulations on winning Sean! Your opponent had no chance! People should lower the suspesion that i am so fast is a cheater

@I am so fast, your mother will die since you are laying ASSHOLE!!! I hate when people cheat on THE STUPID GAMES!!! Drop dead!

I wish to be in the top 20 one day…hopefully before age 21. Once again i am 10 and type 70wpm wooooo!!!!!!!!!


forget typeracer. He doesnt reply now and HE NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!

Chill Guys,
We are here to play and work on our own skills and not to abuse someone or to get jealous by seeing other doing better..
Let’s race..
Join my track at:
and race with me..

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

Now do you believe me Zoran, or you want one more chance to prove that I am a cheater…
Skill works… not the controversy..
Do you still think that I Am a cheater?

I am so fast 😀 (fastestypist)

Nooo, you’re not a cheater….HAHAAH….

Zoran is right! I raced him on his track and i saw the video. I am so fast is a cheater. Typeracer get workin and delete his account!!!!!!

Thanks, guys, I confirmed that fastestypist was cheating and the account has been deleted.

Hopefully through objective, server-side methods. 😛 In any case, it’s good we’re done with this.

Hello friends,
This is Eric here,
I type about 60~65 WPM, can anyone suggest me how do I improve my typing speed?
I have completed almost 2000+ races and still racing but could hardly reach top speed of 99 WPM. 😦 someone plz suggest me something…

Yay. Another cheater removed! ‘Cheaters never prosper’. haha… Thanks to the evidence given by Zoran, fastestypist has been ‘pwned’! lol

Hello! Zoran, how is your ballon business going???

Good going Guys! Cheater’s are being removed from the site…..however, who knows when they will strike back and how….Back to Business fellow’s…..Catch me if you can!

Hi Andy! Zoran! Join me on my track…http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=14lcic2mub2dn Maya!

Hello Guys..
Eric again..
Plz join I am so fast’s race track..
I am online there..
where are u Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??569

hi andy! hi everyone! yes, i know the idea for chat box is spreading it is wonderful!!!

but, i thought english was the first language? i mean in 7th grade you don’t learn that stuff, so i didn’t know!!!

There is no improvement in me for the last 4 month, any suggestion for me.

ha! anyone of my bros online now? If you are go to my track at http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=trandy569

Come on someone must be on. Anyone… where are you Eric??????!!!!!!!!

Ps. i am happy i am so fast has been delted

Hey Zoran,
Eric here..
Come on the private track dude… We’ve got so much to discuss about and congrats… I am so fast 😀 ‘s account has been deleted… Finally… 😛


historic, historic and incredible. I’ve already raced at 124 WPM. Obviously, it’s my best record. My older and best race was 113 WPM.
When the race finished, i can’t think it, but it’s true.

Here’s the evidence:

Andy, David, Zoran, Eric, Bharat, everybody…..just leave a race track to join when you all pple come…Maya!

Congratulations, Anonymous: That is a great accomplishment. Also, congratulations to Sean Wrona for winning the Ultimate Typing Championship. Very impressive.

Guys Eric here!
It’s 10.26 AM CST. I am online and anyone can join my race track at above mentioned link..
Andy, David, Zoran, Maya and Also Bharat!!

David Anna… You came and left… didn’t even wait to say “hi”… 😦

Hey eric come over here…this is jake…

my track…


Hey… uhm… sorry Eric… thought no one was there when I came…!

Hey, if any of you remembered i said to be on at 3:00pm(Virginia time) or 12:00 midnight(india time)

Andy…David…Zoran…every one join in Jake’s racetrack…..we are here! Maya..

Good one Sean Wrona… You typed with 193 WPM…
Keep this spirit up and tell me tricks to type faster…..


Lawl, wow, you guys know there’s a forum right?

Yes Jack…
Since the moment we know that there’s a blog, we have started using it properly and regularly…

Where are all the guys hiding?
Andy.. I am online now… and it’s 6.30 AM CST.. Get online bro.. join my track… see ya all there..

Eric Shah

Typeracer don’t you take reports of cheaters seriously? Again I bring to your attention the sick Pradip Rajput (rajput). If you can’t see that he is an unsophisticated cheater I can’t help.

Yes, BOTmen!!!! what do you need buddy! Why are
you so frustrated??? Is there something I can
help you with? Any type of typing coaching…)
feel free to meet me anytime,,no charge for
you men!

I’m on! If anyone else is on go to my track.

Hey Andy where are u child? Wanna race with you man.. come online… cheaters sux.. :-/

I believe i was asleep when you were on. It is onl 7:40 where i live. I just woke up.

You have been disqualified from the current race under suspicion of cheating.

We apologize if this happened by mistake. Don’t worry, this has no consequence whatsoever.

You can go ahead and join a new race.

Typeracer PLEASE fix your site I am sick of people thinking that I’m a cheat! I have a fast start but today there are some problems with the site. (site lag, joining races that have already started, passing through 2 races without selecting them, etc.)

Typeracer disqualifies only those who cheats… 😛
I have been never ever disqualified from any races till now…
What say Andy??

accused of cheating when you are probably not cheating. Well i dont believe any one is cheating until i see it.

Whats happen site?

Andy I believe you are a cheater too…. A cheater can only identify the cheater…I don’t believe you are a small boy,. Can’t believe with your speed…. you are too from a cheater group.

I am not a cheater! I’m not an adult. I’m a child. And my speed is only because of typeracer. When i first found typeracer i could barely touch type. I have a desire to type at amazing speeds when i grow up. I am not a cheater nad im not lieing about my age.

have some faith did you see him hit 200 words and more,
to say he is a cheater,

maybe he did some scandal in a race and you are totally affected!

good luck

@Any fast starter. Have you ever been disqualified for starting too fast? What sort of speeds have you got?
I’ve been disqualified 3 times so far, fastest start 88,000wpm. My car almost always starts before all others including bots or racers upto 170wpm that I’ve faced so far (I haven’t had the pleasure of facing the elite … yet :D) at ridiculous speeds 300wpm+, then reduces after a few seconds, to normal levels.
@Any detractor. Once you know what your talking about consult with me.

Guys that was a technical fault with the site which all of us are facing since last 2 days.
But I believe that it has been solved.
Race and have fun!!


Well, the highest speed that I’ve ever maintained for at least 2 seconds is 110wpm for 4 seconds but then i went to 90wpm then 80wpm then ended with 70 something wpm

Andy, if you are online then come to my track..
Time is 1.55 PM CST..

Eric when you entered i was on but you just left… 😦

Could you please explain to me why I am not credited with a race I have won where the other racer left before the start, leaving me to race on my own? This has happened to me several times this morning. The race is itself is added to my score of completed races, so I don’t understand why the win isn’t also added since I got 1st place!

if anyone is on go to my track at http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=trandy569

1033 Hrs;
Guys, I am online now, so who so ever sees this blog, catch me online at my private track..
Miss ya all Andy, David, Maya, Cayla, Zoran, Nozden…

I’m on if anyone else sees this go to my track!

Alfred Nonymous (d4m4s74)is a cheater so please delete his account Type racer.

Guys, if anyone of ya is online then catch me at my track..

Hey who is the other Andy? I know it couldn’t be someone using my account because there is a different color for the picture on the right side of the message then mine. Oh and I’m on like i always say go to my track!

Pradip Rajput (rajput) is a cheater. TYPERACER, check that out! Delete his account.

Yes, that’s correct.
Even the picture of Zoran is also like that (the other Andy).. might be he posted it or so..
And I am online now on your track.. check it out..

Hey Zoran,
come to my track if you are online..
We are all missing ya there..
see ya soon..

Specially for ZORAN….!
Get well soon……Mamu…
There are several other typist too zoran..I hope you would have understood it..ryt?


I’m online if you see this message go to my track i am looking forward to racing you guys.

Zoran come on be a man… are you not a cheater…. come on pradip might be a good typer. How can you blame him??? please don’t cry like a small child… you look so afraid if anyone try to improve or defect you… and do you know that Andy is too a cheater…. You too are bots… come on never blame for other. just race and go…

Guys, stop finghting here and if someone is online then come to my track, I wanna race…. 😛

Hello Friends.. If anyone is online then come to my track..


Guys….where is that balloon man….anyone has seen him please direct him to the track…Not seen him since a long long time…where are you balloon man?


I am not a cheater!!! Age and speed does not matter. You could’ve began typing at age 2 and be typing 150wpm by age 12! Speed and age does not matter. I am 10 and i do not cheat!!! Think what you think but i am not a cheater!!! Im online if anyone is on go to my track

Typeracer Please check + delete the BOTboy “:) Suresh Kumar” he is a silly Wannabe!

Typeracer I want an infinite amount of players allowed on private tracks. I enjoy racing with people on a private track and a bunch of my friends were on my track when i got home from school. There were so much freinds that my track was full. I want to join too! It’s my private track and i should be able to join whether its full or not!

Andy, try this link:
I am online there… 🙂

Dude where are you im at your track.

Typeracer what’s happened to the cheat test? I typed 120wpm and expected a test… all that happened was my browser was scrolling down with NO test! Please fix bug.

Hi Andy…
You are correct..you do not have to give answer to anyone whether regarding your speed ..you know you are ryt at your part and its over…let the other’s try to compare you …Ask then to join us in our race tracks and they will never ever dare to ask you again…


I am online so catch me at my track..

Hey I’m on go to eric’s track. It says my track is still full but i dont think it is. I think its a bug, error, or something like that. My track is not that popular!

Andy just click on my nick name or the previous one, I’ve already added link along with this scrap..

yo im on go to eric’s track and typeracer. I dont think my track has been full for 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been 24 hours and it should’ve cleared up by now!!!!!!!! I’ve checked it every time i come on typeracer and i come on typeracer alot!

Hey andy, there’s a bug that causes racetracks to be full by mistake. I’m working on a fix right now. Sorry about that.

Hey Andy! You there? Join in Eric’s track.

thank you. and im on go to eric’s track until mine is ready.

Guys, I am online so catch me at my track….. 🙂


im online peoples! go to eric’s track

Hey Sean,
If you are online then come to my track and let’s have a race 😛
I’m planning to beat you… LOL 😀


Hey all of you! I’ll be in my track at INSTANT DEATH MODE! at http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=trandy569&universe=accuracy I’d really like to test it out with some of my buddies here on typeracer!

which andy is which. i don’t think andy is cheating and i havn’t been paying attention. i have not been on in about a week but still. hey yall! i’ll be on tomorrow!

where are you from andy, you said it is only 7:40 where your from?

I’m from USA and i said it was 7:40 a very veyr long time ago

Typeracer I just typed 114wpm, in the test box there was NO TEXT yet timer was counting down. Another bug sorry.

Type racing is fun. I love it. thanks for it.

What happened mallika you are afraid??? Come on baby, you cannot win with me…. Come on Mallika race with me

Who is this Andy on typeracer?

hey guys wats up

wow guys i am at one of my friend house and her sister is being such a brat wow even my friend is and they are both bossy

Wow typeracer is amazing! I got 76 wpm average and 90 best wpm when I played this app. for 1st time. Is This good enough?

[…] earlier this year we published a graph of the average WPM improvement vs. number of races finished (link). Now you can see how your graph compares to those […]

Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed typeracer, although I’ve only done about 550 races over 3 years, It’s helped me improve from 18 wpm to 93.

In the last year I haven’t improved much, maybe gone from 78-93, but overall, a 75 WPM increase has been great.

TypeRacer rocks! Been playing always and my officemates can’t beat me … lol

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