Increase your typing speed while racing Sean Wrona

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New header with pace carLook closely at the new header on the site and you’ll see this little red car typing out the heading.1 It’s easy to miss it because that car is moving fast, but what if we told you that you can actually learn to type that fast yourself?  Believe it or not, the animation is calibrated to type exactly 165 WPM (825 CPM) — which is the actual average typing speed achieved by Sean Wrona!

If you haven’t seen Sean’s name yet, look him up on the new and improved Fastest Typists section.  Click on the avg. speed link at the top of the list to sort by all-time averages, which is the category totally dominated by Sean Wrona.  The runner-up is almost 15 WPM behind — that’s the equivalent of being able to type up an extra 2 full essays in one hour!

Fastest Typists sorted by all-time average speed

New paging controls for the Fastest Typists section

As you can see, the Fastest Typists section now shows 100 results, which you can page through using the links at the bottom.  And now you can also see the top people for 3 different categories: all-time speed, recent speed, and total number of races finished.

As usual, this release includes many other improvements, but the most requested new feature is probably the option to publish your typing speed on Facebook.

TypeRacer score on your Facebook wallWhen you go to the TypeRacer App on Facebook, scroll down and click  Publish your typing speed on your wall.  After you accept the prompt to allow TypeRacer to publish posts on your behalf, you will see a preview of your scorecard before it gets posted on your wall and news feed.  Or you can just keep racing until you achieve a new personal best, at which point the app will automatically prompt you to share that score.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to invite more friends to use the app (there is a link for that as well) — we appreciate it when you tell your friends about TypeRacer.  Consider it a way of thanking us for this free app!

Wishing you a great summer!  Keep typing and keep improving!

1 — the animation will only come up when you’re not logged in  (so it doesn’t annoy people who use the site a lot)

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250 Responses to “Increase your typing speed while racing Sean Wrona”

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He he! Looks like your the champ Sean! This new Application sure is good! Oh and first post wooo!

Awesome! I also love the new feature in Instant Death Mode that shows you the error.

First. :3

Ha, ha! Beat ya to the first Jack! You were a few seconds behind me haha!

Sean Wrona is like the Michael Jordan of typing; he’s just on a totally different level. An average speed of 165 WPM over 1,100+ races is just incredible.

Thanks, Typeracer: This was another great new release. The expanded statistics page is really cool. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Alex,
For improving Type Racer..
I believe this is almost the same what I imagined it to be and now It makes me race more….
Sean Wrona is legitimate… I dont think anyone would come upfront so far to beat him head to head… (._.)


Nice update! Facebook badges show strange statistics, though: The average displayed on my profile badge was not updated in at least a month. Can you fix this, please? 🙂

Mauricio, unfortunately Facebook is currently phasing out profile badges, and it won’t let applications update them at this point. So I’m sad to say this, but you can just remove this badge since Facebook decided to hold profiles in an iron fist.

And what about the orkut? I’m from Brazil and I can’t change to portuguese language in there. Is that an error or isn’t really possible? I can only change directly on typerace’s website?

Best Regards

There is something with my account, Alex. I can not log in with my leonleung96 account, it says”
Your login should not be completed at this time. Please contact for assistance.
Error essage:
“ The call failed on the server; see server log for details.”
Please fix it as soon as possible, thank you Alex!

Well at least he is the Micheal Jordan. Not the Tiger Woods. I could never type that fast. And I think that I type fast.

Thank you, my problem is solved.

Typeracer, since your last release I met so much bugs on the site.

That just sucks.

At the beginning of the race, I type the text but nothing happens. The programm doesn’t enter my words.

I wonder if I’m alone to have such troubles.

Thanks to fix it.

Alex E. how is it that I lose a race when no one has finished except me? (Their cars didn’t even finish! they didn’t get a placing!?)
[: Ani (you)
3rd Place.
75 wpm


82 wpm


62 wpm

OMG…….. Type racer is the bomb!!!! Espically for people who don’t have facebook and MSN and all that stuff…. It is one of my favorite sites!!!!! ❤ ilovechris

OMG…. like i don’t have facebook or MSN so it works out just right for me to have typeracer!!!! i just looooove typeracer cause like in school you can’t be on facebook or msn…. but u can be on typercer…. and plus the teachers think that u r typing but really you r but talking to friends

Wow… that isn’t typeracer it is the person who is runnung it… lol actually i believe you cause it happened to me and i was going against losers who suck at typing… but ohhh well!!!! stuff happens

im online go to my track at im ready to race!

Hi, is great.

Right now I compete in only those races that are less-than-or-equal-to four lines long and I skip the rest. This way I achieve faster speeds in lesser attempts and enter the list of top 10 fastest typists of the hour.

My question is are there any incentives for me if I compete in races that:
1. Are longer than four lines long?
2. Have more special characters than

If there are no incentives for the above, why would anyone want to compete in those races?


TheBaldRacer – what kind of incentives are you looking for with longer races? We’re open to suggestions.

And are there no penalties for those who drop out midway through a race when they realize:
1. They are not going to finish first?
2. Their current speed is not good enough for them to get them into the top list?
3. Their current speed would reduce their overall average speed?

No, no penalties at this time.

If you want to improve or want to check your speed then you can use this site.I found this site very useful

For checking typing speed or to improve tying speed this site is very useful

Today I just typed lots of races with you.
See, we are only 50 50.
I’m no quitting in the middle of the race this time.
And you can easily find that my problem is typing long essays.
However, let’s just try harder to get better results!

There’s been some great competition on the site today. At the time I’m writing this, the top 8 scores on the high scores list are all above 150 WPM. Nice work everyone.

If you want to beat me, wait till I’m on my laptop. I had a half-hour session against (mainly) Noah and Phillies just now and they beat me fairly regularly because I am about 30-40 wpm slower on my laptop than on a real keyboard. Much of it was no doubt due to the fact that I literally had my laptop sitting on my lap, and I was typing so intensely that the laptop was bouncing around a bit, causing me to make more typos…

It is probably also due to the fact that Noah is really fast 🙂

(Not that Phillies Magic isn’t… but I think Noah is a step above Phillies Magic, and myself.)

It was great to see a bunch of old timers on the site the other day… Phillies magic, Noah, Bob Bongloaded, Nozden, etc… probably others that I’m forgetting.

(It’s been unfortunate that I haven’t been able to race much lately… been a bit busy, and also the time difference in China means that usually nobody is on for me to race against. Plus I only have a Dell Mini 12 to type on which, well, is basically a netbook 🙂

I just wanted to point out that it seems that every day of every week/month/year that Typeracer has existed, people continue to bitch about how lots of people leave races. Wouldn’t this be a fairly simple problem to solve? Implement one of the many ideas which all would seem to do the trick… Or is there some advantage to the current system, meaning that it will be left as it is?

Agreed completely about Noah; he’s an amazing typist. Also, it says a lot about Sean that he was still incredibly difficult to beat even on a bouncing laptop keyboard.

Heh, we already knew Sean was good. I just think it would be slightly inaccurate to believe that Noah could only ever beat Sean if he was using a crappy keyboard, a bouncing keyboard, drunk, etc. Noah has been averaging around 150 these days (amazing), so I think if Sean’s average actually was 30-40 lower on a laptop (down from 165-170? is that right?), Noah wouldn’t have a very hard time 😉

Rumor has it Phillies_Magic is pretty good too -_-

I don’t have any contact info for you. If you don’t mind, enter a contact email on this blog (I can see it), or email alex and ask him to relay it to me.

Noah and Phillies both beat me yesterday on my regular keyboard; Phillies because I misread “… suicide” as “…suicide” and Noah because I didn’t have a traffic light at the start of my race and he got a two-second headstart. But yes, I surely expect to be beaten by Noah straight up on my regular keyboard at some point. I’ve been beaten by people like Robert Price, Jonathen, Jack, and Zoran, who aren’t as fast as Noah is.

Sean, Sean, yes I bet you, but that happened then and never again probably. Anyway, even the bests make a mistake sometimes. With my best day and with your worst day I can beat you. That’s the key of success!

Oh, thanks.. you all are too kind. I’m sure that, like Zoran, it will still take Sean at his worst and me at my best in order to pull off a victory. As for racing David and Phillies, I expect to lose often – there is really not much separating our speeds.

Agreed with David that it was really excellent to see the old-timers battle it out again. I think the inclusion of the new high scores lists will help a great deal to keep people around, as there’s now much more visible incentive to continue racing.
See you all around!

The best animated show is FAMILY GUY !!!I love it!!!!btw typeracer rocks too 😛


Yes, I beat you often, but you beat me much more often :-[
In the past 8 months I’ve only done a few hundred races, but I would like to stay in the top-20 for “Races Completed”, so I guess (as Noah says) I’ll have to race a bit more often -_-

Also it would be nice if I didn’t have to race against so many bots. (This is one argument I see *against* punishing people for leaving races… sometimes I leave races because I don’t find it’s uninteresting to race bots)


I don’t mind people selecting races, but quitting a race after starting it is not ethical.

I would suggest adding a statistic called “Races begun” to desist racers from quitting.

Not that I’m trying to defend it, but.. “not ethical”?

Come on.. 🙂

It would be nice if we could see on the homepage of the number of race TypeRacer Completed by the total of all the members of the game


Of course, it is not ethical.

When I do well, I want the whole world to know I did well. And when I do badly, I don’t want any trace of that statistic alongside my name. What kind of ethics is that?

And yes, the word ethics is appropriate here.


Do you include the quit races while calculating average speed?

I totally agree with DUFOUR on showing how
many races everyone of typeracer has completed.
That would be great. And no baldeagle it does
not include the average speed for quit races.


“And no baldeagle it does
not include the average speed for quit races.”

No wonder so many people quit races.

It would be nice if on each text there is a top10 of those who wrote the text more often 😉


It’s been a while since your added several languages, and I really enjoy typing in portuguese (of course, I’m from Brazil) and I would like to offer help for some texts that are really out of context and with words missplaced, for example: “ea” that would be like “andthe”; another disturbing mistake is the coma in some sentences, it’s “alone” like one , two; instead one, two.

Another question is about the app in orkut. There is no option for change the language in there, I don’t know why :(.

Best Regards,

Wow, I just came across this thread to find some of the *typeracing* world’s titans and to enjoy reading some of their comments. Any tips for the rest of us? Apart from regular practice with a conscious emphasis on learning to improve.

Personally, I started typing on my own without *any* training or explicit practice so after over six years of using computers on a regular (but ad-hoc basis) I was able to sustain around 60 WPM, during the last couple of years, though, the thought of doing it “right” with hard work and effort kept entering my mind. So, a couple of months ago, I decided to switch to a keyboard that forces me to touch type and I, after regular practice, have regained my past speeds with no need to glance at my keyboard but I seem to have hit a wall around 65 WPM. Once or twice, I have scored in the seventies but that’s about it.

Any suggestions? I think my accuracy when trying to type faster than I should is between 97 and 98 per cent, which is what I am focusing on further improving. I think about scores over 120WPM and think “Jeez, they type over two keystrokes a second” so I should be trying to get myself to type the next key while I am typing the current one. Odd thoughts like that to help me break my barrier…

I would also be interested to know what keyboard layouts the top typists here use? I am still with QWERTY because I have to program with multiple languages (I know Colemak is an option) and I didn’t want to change more than two variables while working 12 hours a day.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you for your time. If you offer any advice I would appreciate it very much.

Regards, argetek

I’m not “top” I think, but I use Programmer Dvorak. If you’re interested in Dvorak you may find it useful as a programmer. It has all the common syntax chars conveniently placed.

I may try Dvorak if that helps me to type faster!

I was visiting other languages and I could see that the top english typists totally rule some of them like spanish, italian, including mine, portuguese kukkain 875cpm and jcoimbra 866cpm. And Sean Wrona is not the first in any of them :O

So, Sean Wrona, try the portuguese language too, who knows if you can beat them two, kukkain and coimbra in there, because the closest typist of them is with 706cpm and doesn’t play anymore.
Just an invitation…


Hi! Congrats! your comment wa awsome!

Superb work Jack Aviado, 200wpm!! You’ve improved tremendously, keep at it 🙂

Recommendation for improvement to site:
1. put a thumbs up thumbs down next to quotes to specialize similar to how Pandora chooses songs that are customized to individual listeners.
2. allow selectivity on what types of quotes a person would like to do (i.e. books, movies, plays…)
3. improve quality and quantity of quotes

Aside, I love this program. I see it as a self-improvent tool with incredible potential. The quotations separate it from other typing programs and should be what is emphasized as opposed to competition in my opinion. The idea of combining learning a quote and typing improvement is ingenious. The revealing of the source after the race is over is also amazing.

typeracer is hard

Wel in my opnion typeracer is a very good game to incarese yur speling and gramar.

I agree Bobby Flay. Improvements to the quotation quality will help people improve not only spelling and grammar but also vocabulary.

Adding definitions of difficult words is a very interesting idea.

You type blazingly fast!
You can win me so easily-.-

The races were pretty close Leon… except if you leave the race, then I win easily 🙂

You’re racing from Hong Kong, right? I went there in February. Nice city..but too much shopping -_- Do you happen to also race in Traditional Chinese?

Yes, I raced in Traditional Chinese. But the Google translate is so weird……

Hello All,
I am online as of now, and racing after so many days of battling with work,
I am online so who ever sees this post, come to my track, also Ritesh, Mallika, Kousik, Ramboo UAE, Zoran, Chimchim, Phillies_Magic, all are invited to race.
my private link is :

Super Bug!
Even though I am the fastest traditional Chinese typer, how come I am still the second on the fastest typists?

Here is the score card.

Feng-Mao (ralf217)
Avg. speed (last 10 races):
121 WPM
Avg. speed (all time):
109.69 WPM
Last race:
121 WPM
Best race:
140 WPM
Races completed:
Races won:
Skill level:
Rank (CPM percentile):

7-fingers super typer (leonleung96)
Avg. speed (last 10 races):
129 WPM
Avg. speed (all time):
109.4 WPM
Last race:
138 WPM
Best race:
159 WPM
Races completed:
Races won:
Skill level:
Rank (CPM percentile):
Counting the average all-time speed?!?!

Sorry ALEX.
I can see my score now, it should be uploading problem-.-
Sorry for any inconvenience


What if I find a quote that I just typed interesting and want to re-read it?

I’m online and I’m ready to race! Anyone who sees this message go to

At this moment, Kukkain is typing 193 wpm again.
But I really wonder how you guys can type over 180wpm, because when i saw myself typing over 180wpm in the first few seconds, i will be making typo-s(maybe too nervous), but I really don’t know how.

For someone who typed over 180wpm, leave your advices here, Thanks!

For me, reaching over 180 WPM requires a lucky coincidence of reading ahead properly, relaxing while typing, and happening not to make any mechanical errors; e.g., simply putting the finger in the wrong place as opposed to misreading something. I get that same thing a lot: I start typing very fast, have trouble believing it, and make errors.

I don’t get 180 WPM too often, so others would probably be better qualified to answer this. But it’s a score I get occasionally, so I’ll offer some thoughts.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, the difference between 170 WPM and 180 WPM is mainly the thoughts that I think during the race. To type 180 WPM, I not only have to be fast and accurate; I also have to be completely focused on the text. If any other thoughts come into my mind during the race (like “wow this text is long,” “almost to the finish line,” “don’t make a typo,” etc., etc.) then I’ll end up with something lower than 180. I can be slightly less focused and get in the 170s, but not the 180s. Other people probably have different perspectives, but that’s my view on it.

Thank you to Phillies Magic + Anonymus!
Great advices!

Hahahahaha!!!!! A 10 year old like me can only dream of reaching 180wpm even for a few nano seconds XD!!!!!! I have reached 150 for a few seconds before but 180 no no no impossible for me right now! i mean 3 words per second! No way. Everytime i get above 100wpm for a while i always get excited, hopeful, worried, and all that stuff considering obtaining a speed of 100wpm+ even for a few seconds is not normal for me. One race i reached 150wpm i was really thinking i could make a raceabove 100wpm then i started droping to 125 then 110 then down to 100 back to 110 then at the end i got 86wpm. 😦 I’m a child and its harder for me to keep calm as it is to adults.

Internet Relay Channel (IRC) Channel for typeracer:

I am even worse than you, I tried getting over 200wpm in the first 1/4 and then drop back to 109wpm.

Don’t consider me as an adult. I’m only 13.

But @ Phillies Magic,
Your advice is really useful, now I am getting 160wpm occasionally.

Who’s Dalton Spear…?

Dalton Spear (daltonspear) registered user

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 106 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 72.197 WPM <—-
Last race: 101 WPM
Best race: 158 WPM
Races completed: 292
Races won: 136
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 99.1%

Country: United States

…. rather suspicious scores, don't you agree Typeracer community?

Think someone’s trying to set up S S (chimchimchim). Just raced against a new account: “S S (chimchimchim0)” that uses the most common cheating tactic, and only has 33 races. You’d really stoop that low, whoever you are, to try to get at S S?

oh my gosh i havent been on in ages. i am here now and am ready to type. i need it after spending a week in the hospital!

A Guest keeps on coming on it is a U.S.A Guest one of the speeds were 80 wpm so please stop him

Dalton is a cheater.
I had raced with him last night.
He suddenly jumped from 0wpm to 133wpm.
Please Please delete his account.
I am very sure he is cheating.

Whoah so THIS is the place that the cool hang out! Well I just wanted to public’ly admit that Noah licahfox posted something about me being “set up”. Yes someone is being a child about things. But I think I’m getting famous over it as my autograph-pen keeps needing replacement. And I must say, Noah spanked me in about 20 races in a row, but I did sneak in one beat-down as he took a nap and finished the quote while asleep, just 2WPM behind me. But generally, I thank all you insanely fast typers for making the rest of us want to get even faster. May your allergies give the rest of us a chance to beat you!! 🙂 .. ChimChim

I hear about this method from Michael Shestov, he created so you can type error-free. Does anyone try it yet? It really works? if so, I really need it! My personal record is 540cpm with 98% accuracy or more, but some times I miss so much that I baddly do more than 370. I think I leaned in some wrong way, that’s a lot o typo, some times 94%.

This guy is really fast, I saw him on youtube.


impressive Leon. Do you remember how fast you typed when you were my age or you didnt know how to touch type yet. Because i just learned how to touch type about 7-8 months ago starting at 30wpm. But look at me now nearly 80wpm average.

At your age……I was typing and I was around 60wpm because I had been studying piano when I was around 8 (staring).
I just learned touch typing, same as you, around 6months ago, and the speed bursted from about 70wpm to 120wpm, and now i am around 130wpm, even 140wpm when i am in good condition.
Practice makes perfect.

Wow. And i thought I improved fast. You improved the same length of speed as me except you did it quicker than me. I havn’t been practicing all that often now a days. First that 5th grader that could type 120wpm and now you. lol whats next haha. I’ll just need to practice more but at this rate i dont think i can improve any quicker XD I wonder what the typing world record is going to be in 20 years. Right now it is 212wpm.

Haha! I hope I can break the world record!

Wow thats cool !!!

Leon, that was my goal a while ago to break the world record. But I think my chances are getting slim lol! I still cant get a race of 100+wpm this month yet. I got 99wpm lol.

Alex E. I finished a race @73wpm (encountering site lag), my score was dropped down to 66wpm almost costing the race while SN (syden) speed remained @66wpm. Please don’t tell me about server delays etc., I’m reporting a bug which I have encountered before please don’t dismiss my report just look into it Thanks. Below is what appeared on my screen;

Race ended.

[: Ani (you)
1st Place!
66 wpm


0 wpm

2nd Place.
66 wpm


71 wpm

« main menu (leave race) Race Again »

You just typed a quote from the movie:
Pulp Fiction
directed by Quentin Tarantino

Your speed: 73 wpm *

Time: 0:40
Accuracy: 95.6%
* this score will not be saved since you
didn’t finish typing the text.

Scores for this quote: Your last 10 Top 10

1 84 wpm 14 days ago
2 88 wpm 16 days ago
3 87 wpm 18 days ago
4 83 wpm 18 days ago
5 92 wpm 19 days ago
6 84 wpm 19 days ago
7 90 wpm 24 days ago

@ Ani
I’ve met similar situations before.
I was almost getting my personal best!
I was in 187wpm, and it suddenly dropped 140wpm, I was so frustrated at that time!

What type of Keyboard does Sean Wrona use?
Not the layout, but the physical hardware.
The Kenesis Advantage Keyboard? The clickity clack kind? Microsoft Natural Ergonomic?
I would love to know, I would like to buy whatever it is myself.

Last I saw, he was listed on Urikor as using Das Keyboard, but I don’t know if that’s out of date.

I’m still using the Das Keyboard I won. I’ve been unemployed for several months and I can’t really afford something as frivolous as a new keyboard. It is somewhat faster than what I had before (a cheap keyboard from Staples), but I was still pretty much faster than anyone here even on a much weaker keyboard. You don’t gain that much speed. Maybe 5-10 wpm… I actually think I gained more from switching browsers from Firefox to Google Chrome…

1655 ( GMT -6 hrs ) Monday, May 31, 2010

Alex Epshteyn:

Maybe you don’t care if I am reporting a notorious typo in one of the newest competition texts but, what can I do? I must do it.

This is the above mentioned passage:

They knew THE were privileged to have these choices, but they also knew the stakes were high. These people were asking the big questions: How do I find meaning in my life? Should I have children? What is the most meaningful way to connect with other people? How should I balance my work life with my personal life (and is there a distinction anymore)?

(( From the book: “Urban Tribes: A Generation Redefines Friendship, Family, and Commitment” by Ethan Watters. ))


Please Alex, Can You Include The Three Excerpts I Sent You From The Book “The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You” by Elaine N. Aron?

((( This was Many Months Ago And NOTHING Happened. )))

*** ***

By the way, at 1627 hours I didn’t typerace against the only other competitor called Al Alkemist —from Greece— because my Mother called me to eat. I left that typerace in order to eat together with my Mother, my Father, and one of my sisters.(( This is an example of one of the RARE cases when I leave a typerace. ))

I like the sort by averages feature, except for those who select races (and it’s relatively easy to pick them out) it makes it extremely clear what the REAL ranking should be. And explains why I only beat Sean like twice… though I didn’t really need the list to know that he averaged 20+ wpm higher than I did, haha.

What ever comes first for better or worse ,,,,,, I’m not afraid,,,Eminem

Congratulations DUFOUR for hitting 50,000 races, amazing job)::

I was having exams, such an intensive exam, now it’s my vacation, probably I will not enter typeracer because I want to exploit my vacation and enjoy it

anyway, if I have time to enter typeracer, I will definitely enter the best typing game on the web!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy typing all!!!!

and have a nice day,

best regards


Thanks Ramboo 😉

cool i alredy new about it and have a great summer ke$hafan#765768913

If this was track I would beat all of you !! HA

Proof that miguelmiguel is a cheater. Proof that the system is never perfect.

I agree Zoran,
I guess, he’s a cheater…
Alex Bro, do something…

People have been asking me for months to upload videos of me typing on TypeRacer, so upon discovering the awesome freeware program CamStudio, which creates video screen captures, I finally decided to upload a video of one of my faster races here.

Sean Wrona – 212 wpm race on TypeRacer

Good One Sean,
Keep up the good work, I bet, if the screen capture was off, you would have closed the same quote around 220 WPM.


…it looks so simple, until you notice he’s cruising along at 213 wpm…

“considered” and “volunteer” both take a little bit of extra time, as they do in qwerty because of their positioning. You can tell it’s the real thing just by that.

Seriously, seriously impressive.

Interesting. I watched the video a few more times, and noticed two significant things at which I could improve:
1) Speeding through the end of a sentence into the next one.
2) Speeding through small, common words.

I tried doing those things just now, and was able to improve my average speed by quite a bit (about 10wpm faster than usual in this latest batch of races).

Thanks for posting the video Sean, it’s instructional as well as impressive!

I was typing a quote as a guest today and after a race a long message in blue background popped up. I noticed it but it was too late to stop my fingers from clicking on the “Race Again” button. I noticed it had the word “record.” Anyone have any idea what it could have been?

That was the message telling you to register an account if you want to record your scores.

Hello gang joins my group typeracer on facebook.!/group.php?gid=117293281645141

WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got a 100+ race! 107wpm to be exact! You can have a slightly better description at forums! I hope to do greater things in the future!

The other guy racing against Sean Wrona, That Nate guy, does he play on TyperRacer too? is he Jelani Nelson? Sorry, my english is poor on writening and listening as well.


P.S. I saw Joshua Web racing in portuguese these days and already improving after a few races, good job! I didn’t know that was the same guy from english top language.

My mistake, I forgot to say what I was talking about. I was talking about the video: Fastest Typist Ultimate championship 2010.

@ Phillies_Magic,
I had a few races with you, and I got this conclusion:
Whatever wpm I got, you are always ~20wpm faster than me-.-
You types soooooo fast…..


The only site I’ve seen Nate Bowen besides the UTC site itself is TyperA on Facebook, where he is 20th on English sentences (I am first). Nate and I were invited to dinner at the TGI Friday’s with the CEO of Das Keyboard at the Radisson where they had us staying in Austin. He told the CEO that he primarily only practiced on the UTC site as he felt using other sites might distract him. He was basically kissing up to Das Keyboard. I meanwhile more or less admitted I spent more time on TypeRacer than his site, although I definitely have a different opinion from Nate. I’m on virtually all the major sites, and I personally don’t see why any site wouldn’t help you on any other site, but whatever… I doubt he’s coming here.

I can tell you in the semifinals that he and the other three semifinalists were far behind Dan Chen, who was slightly behind me. Although I had predicted TypeRacer’s own Noah to finish third in the semifinalists, Nate upset him in a photo finish. Does that mean Nate is really faster than Noah? I don’t think so, because I think Noah would have done better than 79 wpm on the second test. Noah told me that he was doing the semifinals on some computer he was unfamiliar with, so he probably was slower than he would be naturally. I would guess Nate’s speed is somewhere on the order of Jack Aviado, Zoran, or maybe Robert Price… Second-tier megaracer in English.

If the other semi-finalists were much behind Dan Chen and slightly behind you, Sean, then i wouldve loved to see you and Dan Chen in the finals. That would be a nice show! Do you have any idea of why Dan Chen declined the finals?

Dan couldn’t get Monday off for the return flight.

Wait, there is/was a tournament going on here?
I haven’t visited typeracer much in the last year.

So, it looks like only a few ones from top ranking (in english) have been on this tournment.

I’d like to ask if the DAS keyboard is something new? I might be able to buy one, but only if there is for portuguese language, this “Ç” is essential, available on “Português – BR ABNT2”.

Aww, to bad.

Mallika Rajput G. – Why do you persist with your old delusion? You dishonor India and her peoples with your shameless exploits!

“Wait, there is/was a tournament going on here? I haven’t visited typeracer much in the last year.

So, it looks like only a few ones from top ranking (in english) have been on this tournment.”

Keyboard manufacturer Das Keyboard, which used to sponsor this site, made a very similar knockoff type-racing game called TyprX last year which they used to hold the Ultimate Typing Championship at the South by Southwest Interactive contest in Austin last March. Many people on TypeRacer chose to ignore the competition not wanting to support a derivative site. I held a different opinion, as I chose to be active on pretty much all the major typing sites that exist. A few other TypeRacer people participated in the contest. Jelani and I were trading the #1 ranking on TyprX back and forth, but he was not allowed to compete because he was born in the Virgin Islands and wasn’t a US resident. Two other primarily TypeRacer regulars were semifinalists, Noah (who was just barely upset by Nate) and Jack Aviado; Dan Chen also has an account here but wasn’t too active, the other two people were never here. A few other TypeRacer people signed up for the site but didn’t participate in the contest (Alan McCreary and Joshua Yanovski, for instance…)

So no, it wasn’t a TypeRacer-sponsored event, but there was some crossover between the members as many of the elite typists here also entered there.

Except typeracer and typrX, is there anymore online type-racing websites? If so, anyone give me some good advices?

Wow! So that means the TypeRacer was plagiarized, just like that? That’s a shame. If the contest was allied to TypeRacer it would be more competitive. All top typist certainly would be there :/

That’s an idea to TypeRacer owner! Why not? payback!

I saw the DAS Keyboard’s website and that keyboard is very “newest” so I don’t think they will build to other languages so soon. But $129,00? that hurts!

I remember that Jelani was eventually approved for the competition, but didn’t want to do it because of concerns about media like the YouTube videos of the actual competition. Shame, would have been a very interesting race with Sean.

Yeah it would. I wouldve liked to see Dan Chen and Sean Wrona in the finals as well.

Yes, Das Keyboard is rather expensive. If you visit you can find keyboards with the exact same Cherry Blue switches for much less.

Alex – this isn’t meant to be spam/advert. I’m not affiliated with

I’ve been on this site and the prices are the same or even more expensive, depend on model. Maybe some time in future.

a simple improvement is missing on top “your last 10”. Should have a “top personal speed for this quote” since we only have access to last 10 and the best race for that quote fades away.

Typeracer this guy/girl/thing shoots to the end ~275wpm then lets his/her/its score drop to 80-100wpm then finishes. Please check and delete. Thanks 🙂 (luunhatnam) registered user

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 110 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 77.43 WPM
Last race: 108 WPM
Best race: 114 WPM
Races completed: 104
Races won: 50
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 99.3%

Country: Viet Nam

there was a player Mako around here…is he bulgarian?

Congratulations Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils) for getting the best till now 197 WPM.

Yes congratulation Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils) , he is incredible typist , I think he can hit 200 words if he starts the sentences very quickly but anyway it’s always good to give us a chance to at least be in primacy until the mid-sentence,,,,then,everyone knows what is gonna happen haha

As I noticed, he has a good ending to the sentence, like jumping from 120 to 160 words per minute, and of course racing with him is enjoyable and it’s a key to improve our speed

typeracer is the best!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy typing all
have a nice day,,


Thanks Eric and Ramboo; I appreciate it. It’s been fun racing with you guys. This site has helped me a lot in improving my overall typing skills. I have a side job that involves typing, so I’m always looking for any sort of improvement. I’ve found that daily practice on this site has improved my speed in a very noticeable way. It’s been a really fun experience overall and I’ve enjoyed it.

im takin that guy down.

DUFOUR DOMINIC (dufour) (you)
83.564 wpm
90 wpm
51200 (+100)
RAMBOO.UAE (killingtype) Last race 31 May 2010
90.401 wpm
103 wpm
48999 (+0)
S S (chimchimchim) (+1 position)
114.734 wpm
120 wpm
34740 (+363)
vamsi (nattukittu) (-1 position)
61.824 wpm
75 wpm
34609 (+89)
Jesús Federico Alvarez Rivera (chucho…
57.407 wpm
61 wpm
28703 (+78)
bzn (beeznees)
89.726 wpm
93 wpm
25434 (+284)
Nozden (nozden)
105.176 wpm
105 wpm
20000 (+379)
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)
91.208 wpm
97 wpm
18650 (+102)
rapid (rapid)
103.861 wpm
98 wpm
18410 (+51)
Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils)
136.256 wpm
155 wpm
18252 (+208)
ryan (grrarg)
84.835 wpm
94 wpm
15950 (+0)
therealmcoy (therealmcoy)
84.427 wpm
89 wpm
15849 (+22)
roy (roi1) Last race 04 March 2010
112.541 wpm
125 wpm
15610 (+0)
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)
106.043 wpm
111 wpm
15494 (+210)
Aram Shatakhtsyan (aram90)
85.134 wpm
102 wpm
15035 (+36)
Mario Lago (mrlago)
84.481 wpm
92 wpm
12777 (+0)
Jezebelle deLucca (jezebe11e)
100.989 wpm
113 wpm
12735 (+0)
Zath (teacup)
79.427 wpm
82 wpm
12580 (New)
Rayndy Fish (rayndy1)
85.983 wpm
92 wpm
12524 (+153)
Darren (darren) (-2 position)
39.938 wpm
51 wpm
12473 (+73)

Winner: Nozden (nozden) with 379 Races and Congratulation for 20 000 Races Completed 😉

Zevus seems to be legitimate. Whenever I race him, that will be a hell of a battle. I found his(?) YouTube page at:

with a sample of him typing which seems legitimate…

So that means, there is another “Sean Wrona” who can compete our champ???
Good Job Sean and Zevus… 🙂
By the way, does anyone know where is he from?

83.575 wpm (+0.011)
88 wpm
51300 (+100)
RAMBOO.UAE (killingtype) Last race 31 May 2010
90.401 wpm (+0.000)
103 wpm
48999 (+0)
S S (chimchimchim)
114.734 wpm (+0.000)
120 wpm
34740 (+0)
vamsi (nattukittu)
61.835 wpm (+0.011)
67 wpm
34653 (+44)
Jesús Federico Alvarez Rivera (chucho…
57.419 wpm (+0.012)
65 wpm
28750 (+47)
bzn (beeznees)
89.739 wpm (+0.013)
95 wpm
25500 (+66)
Nozden (nozden)
105.276 wpm (+0.100)
108 wpm
20190 (+190)
Jaunty Jalopy (jaunty_jalopy)
91.215 wpm (+0.007)
97 wpm
18680 (+30)
rapid (rapid)
103.862 wpm (+0.001)
98 wpm
18477 (+67)
Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils)
136.267 wpm (+0.011)
149 wpm
18267 (+15)
ryan (grrarg)
84.835 wpm (+0.000)
94 wpm
15950 (+0)
therealmcoy (therealmcoy)
84.430 wpm (+0.003)
90 wpm
15861 (+12)
roy (roi1) Last race 04 March 2010
112.541 wpm (+0.000)
125 wpm
15610 (+0)
Bob Bongloaded (bob_bongloaded)
106.040 wpm (-0.003)
107 wpm
15547 (+53)
Aram Shatakhtsyan (aram90)
85.151 wpm (+0.017)
93 wpm
15067 (+32)
Mario Lago (mrlago)
84.481 wpm (+0.000)
92 wpm
12777 (+0)
Jezebelle deLucca (jezebe11e)
101.002 wpm (+0.013)
113 wpm
12750 (+15)
Zath (teacup)
79.436 wpm (+0.009)
79 wpm
12648 (+68)
Rayndy Fish (rayndy1)
85.983 wpm (+0.000)
92 wpm
12524 (+0)
Darren (darren)
39.937 wpm (+0.001)
39 wpm
12487 (+14)

Winner: Nozden (nozden) with 190 Races

TOP100 RACE COMPLETED = 1,060,661 Races

1942 ( GMT -6 hrs ) Saturday, June 19, 2010

[…] TOP100 RACE COMPLETED = 1,060,661 Races

I guess ALL Of Us Make a GIANT TypeRacer COMPETITOR!

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

We Work At An “Office” WITH THOUSANDS Of UNPAID Typists.

But We Have FUN.

does everybody know who is Mako and if he is bulgarian or not?do you know bulgarian players around here?

Could you please make starting a practice session faster? 10 seconds is about 9 seconds too much imo.

Especially due to my time zone, and relatively high speed, there are no humans in 75% of my races. 😦

Hope this can be addressed in a future release. Also, it gets boring losing to bots who type arbitrarily fast. No matter how fast I type, the bots match it automatically.

Uh oh this doesnt look good for Sean. Zevus matched Sean’s speed and it seems as if he is slightly faster than Sean as well. That be a great race to watch!

At this moment, I’d say Zevus is faster than I am. I seem to have lost whatever I had a few months ago. 11 sub-150 races in a 43-race session? Blech. Maybe it’s just that I entered a few thousand rows of data finishing up my archiving on my site before that for a few hours, wearing out my hands, but still…I am not what I was.

Okay, who logged in last night as seanismyhero? It made me laugh though…

Raced Sean here quite a few times tonight. I don’t have the exact stats, but I think he won around 60% or so.

I’m bothered a lot by those moving cars at the top of the screen. I think later on this morning (or tomorrow) I’ll just use camstudio and record 10-20 races in a row (no race selection at all).

I’ll upload it to my youtube channel (drallax) after I finish.

Oh, I think ‘seanismyhero’ beat us both once too.. so I’m sure there was some pressure on both sides… but… I’m not used to it =p

lol an account with username Seanismyhero. LOL!

Hiya Zevus and Sean….
I am quite familiar with Sean Wrona but the Name “Zevus” is so much new to me…
Zevus, can you introduce yourself or what’s your point of contact (ie. facebook, or twitter) so that I can approach ya..
I love all those who types fast… 🙂


typer groupies…lmao

anyone from north cedar on here


You are nothing now.

I can beat with feather like ease


lol, that was my friend racing for me. He averages like 60. Otherwise I don’t normally leave races.

@ ssj4gogeta

Anyways as we know each other that I was way behind you a year ago in all forms

I mean speed, average, no. of races, Highest score

but now I think you have no chance of coming near me with your current account name

Try if you can?

I just like the way I play now

Do anyone know how to improve the problem of type-os quickly, because now I always start wit 173-200wpm (I don’t know why) and sometimes land in maybe around 100-140wpm. So it’s just making other people feel that I am cheating, but I am not, I’m just continuously making type-os and that lower my speed. So anyone can just give me some advices, lot of thanks!

I doubt that anyone thinks you’re cheating because of that, Leon. I think that’s something we all experience occasionally. Personally, I’ve had many races where I started above 200 WPM for the first couple seconds, but it always goes down to a much lower score. It’s totally natural to start quickly and then slow down over time. This phenomenon can also occur because of connection issues, lag, etc.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that if I slow down a little bit to be more accurate, my speed will actually increase even though it feels like I’m typing slower. If I take a split-second to focus more on accuracy, I’ll end up with a higher score than if I just type as fast as I possibly can. This is something I’ve noticed a lot. It’s a little hard to explain but maybe that will help somewhat. Try focusing on accuracy a little more than you usually do, and see if you notice an improvement to your speed.

you should give an advantage of 1-2 sec at the start for people who are not from United States because at the end, people from United States are advantaged over others people because we have 1-2 sec of lag at the end : we wait 1-2 sec that our score enters on the site so we lose some wpm…

not a bi deal but still, i lost so many races because of that…

Like Phillies said, if you want to be consistent, try extra hard on accuracy. If, however, your primary goal is to set records, go for broke on accuracy and be a madman. I have my two accounts for different purposes. One is to set records basically and one is to be consistent. Be wary though if you’re trying to set your own personal record, you are going to have a lot of scores well below your average in doing so.

Forgive me for self-indulgence, but for I believe the first time, I have an entire top ten list for a quote all to myself… This is one of my favorite quotes to type, and I’d take it 100 times before the bloke quote, which I actually kind of hate… Death was not a permanent probability but an immediate reality or whatever…

Love In the Time of Cholera
by Gabriel García Márquez
(submitted by defused)
Your speed:
206 wpm

Scores for this quote:

Top 10

1 210 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow) (you)
2 206 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow) (you)
3 198 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
4 197 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
5 189 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
6 186 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
7 180 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
8 179 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
9 172 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
10 168 wpm
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)

I’m sure Zevus will get greater than 168 on this quote before long. It wouldn’t surprise me if Noah or Phillies did either.

I also REALLY like that new text about the wines and green food lately…

SeanWronaIsACheater LovestoHack (seanwronacheats)

So last week I get a fanboy imposter and this week I get a heckler from Thailand. I thought it was more or less funny both times…

Well, Sean, you type too fast new people on typeracer have the right to believe your cheating. But after a few weeks or so they will probably think otherwise. Or possibly let them watch the Ultimate Typing Championship Finals!

The Top lists are becoming less and less useful. Especially as an incentive to newer users.

For instance top 20 fastest typists – how many of those are distinct people? sean, micah, etc have multiple accounts there. In top 40 noah has like 3 different users. etc.

How about at least aging off some of these users that haven’t logged on in a year? Why preserve their scores if they don’t use the site? How about getting rid of the clutter so others have a chance of making the lists?

Same deal with fastest per quote – it should just show the fastest a user achieved. I mean good for sean, but who wants to see a list as he described above? *yawn*


Making it a year is good if you make it a month or 2 then that might be trouble because a few people go on vacation that long in the summer. And the fastest quote idea is good too.

Well anon, typeracer is already moving in the right direction. A year or so ago, the “Fastest Scores” of the past hour would show multiple scores from single people. (June 2008)


Occasionally one person would get all of them!

Your suggestions seem feasible, though I doubt there’s anything that can be done about people with multiple accounts.

And I hope he doesn’t object to me revealing his secret… but someone mentioned his multiple accounts. In fact, he has at least 5 accounts in the top 40. 🙂

So Noah is “Nick” then with two entries on the top 20 list? Based on average speeds, I can’t figure out who else he could be.

Hmmmm, the topic is quite interesting… 🙂
I apologize if I’m wrong with my search but I found results as follows:
Sean Wrona – arenasnow
Sean Wrona – arenasnow2
Kukkain – tsuvk
Metallica Kukkain – tsuvkk
Micah – micahh
Micah – micahcolemak
Noah – licahfox
Noah – likeafox
****And some more results (from all time average speed section of fastest typist section)
Noah Horn – noahbot
Joshua – jweb_guru
Joshua – jweb_guru_practice
David – rokilav
David – valikor


Eric.. 😀

Miracle! That must be miracle!
I won about 4-5 races with Phillies Magic although I lost about 20 (but at least I won) and amazingly I typed 172wpm today! Oh, I don’t know how to explain my feelings now…..

Yes, some of us used to create multiple accounts back when there was little reason to think it would affect the high scores list – when it was just the top 20 list of recent 10 races. Now it’s annoying as I don’t want to be clogging up the list, and would be fine with merging all of those scores into the “licahfox” account.

In the interest of full disclosure, since people were wondering, here are all of my accounts that appear on top lists:

* Noah (licahfox) – my main one and what I only race with since the top 100 lists came out
* Noah (likeafox) – created when the SuperBots were around, as I was annoyed about racking up losses to those bots on my main account (don’t mind losing fair and square to people, but to bots is frustrating)
* Noah Horn (noahbot) – created to let my other account sit near the top of the high scores list while I did normal racing. Generally equivalent to “arenasnow2”
* Johann Sebastian Bach (bach) – created for fun a while ago, before top 100 was introduced
* Stamford Hamden (stamford) – ditto
* Noah (noahdvorak) – my dvorak-only account

Except the dvorak account, these really can all be rolled into one, if Alex has that capability…

As for top 10 on a particular text, I do like having the option to see multiple scores by one person, to see how that person has done over time, and have something to shoot for, but it does also prevent people like me from making it onto those lists 🙂

Okay, so David meant that Noah had 5 spots on the top 40 average list, not the top 40 last 10 list. Had I known that, I surely would have figured out that Bach was Noah and I should have before (I have seen Bach before.) I’m kicking myself about that one. Although admittedly, Noah probably isn’t the only musically-motivated Megaracer.

But Stamford Hamden?! I don’t recall ever seeing that name until I actively looked for it now nor would I have ever guessed that that one would belong to Noah. Why did you pick such a ridiculously pretentious name as that, Noah? Were you satirizing preppies at Yale? And if so, Stamford Hamden IV would have been more appropriate than just plain Stamford Hamden.

Happy Independence day to you all!!!!

Yeah, what is with the name Stamford Hamden?

@Jonah Mano:
I joined college last year so haven’t had enough time for racing. Besides, I don’t leave races like you do. 😛

It was fun racing with you yesterday, Leon; I was really impressed by your results.

I remember having a couple races with “Stamford Hamden” back when I first came here and losing all of them. I had no idea it was Noah. That’s pretty neat.

Congratulations Sean for taking it over from Jelani! 207 WPM average?? That’s crazy!!

Yippppppiiiiiiieeeee Sean,
Congratulations for getting the All time as well as Last 10 Top Speed in the Entire Typeracer History!!! 🙂
You are truly Legitimate….!!
I guess Jelani Got it Hard this time..!!



Yes, Congratulations Sean Wrona. Finally taking Jelani’s rank of 1st place for last 10. Also congratulations for getting 2nd place back from Zevus on your Sean Wrona(arenasnow2) account.

gogeta where are you from and whats your age?what’s your last 10 average?i’m curious…

Heh, well, those are the names of two nearby towns, and together they make a rather striking name. Sean, if I ever use the account again, I shall certainly add “IV”.

Noah is launching a statistical archive for TypeRacer based on the TypeRacer database that’s worth nothing. I have contributed adding the vast majority of the players on the list, most of whom were those listed on Jaideep’s total races ranking on the TypeRacer forum, along with a handful of other names (namely those who uploaded YouTube videos of their races, which often helped me determine the race ids for each text). There’s some glitch where it won’t upload players who have had more than 1100 races, and I haven’t seen any kind of list for those who have fewer than 1000 races.

Back in February, it seemed like David had some listing of TypeRacer texts by text id, based on this thread:


I am also curious about the fast texts, so I looked them up. Next time, don’t be lazy when you want information. You always do this to me. Here they are.

Sean Wrona:
212wpm – The problem is, Willie, is that…
206 – One essential rule: make sure…
202 – The example of painting can teach us…
222 – Rhymes trap you into saying things…
210 – Let’s sort the buyers from the spiers..
210 – Let’s face it: there are tons of things…


215 wpm- [Some new text]
208 – [Some other new text]
210 – I know a bloke who knows a bloke…
209 – All time is all time. It does not…
232 – Good games offer players a set of…
202 – [Some other new text]
202 – The alternative to binge travel entails…

Do you still have any of this, David, because it could be very helpful…

Congratulations Sean !!!
I wonder if u’re gonna raced with ur arenasnow account again 🙂

Congratulations again Sean for getting your personal best of 216 WPM!
I was there in that race with you and by the time I started the race, you completed it.:)

I usually hate racing against bots, since I think it defeats one of the main purposes of Typeracer. But, it would be cool if bots automatically joined *if* human players dropped out during the countdown.

For example, everytime Charlie Nguyen leaves the race during the countdown, I also have to leave, since it’s not only boring to race alone, but these races also count as losses.


I do skip races because I play more than 200 races and skipping races is permitted in typeracer

Pls don’t give excuses, the truth is I have gone much far than you in all terms

You just agree with what I am saying

That’s all

If I frequently skip races then I wouldn’t have 10 thousand odd races from three different races

Take care


If any one wants to have marathon races…….I mean very big one and hard ones then come to play with me…..I am in my orkut account

1430 to 1500 Indian Standard Time

Blaming people like skipping races is like a thief calling another thief as a thief.

If you skip 1 race or 10 race surely you are skipping for some reason

I don’t think there is anyone here to judge me except Dufour who doesn’t skip races frequently


Take care Buddies

@Jonah Mano
No you haven’t. I still type faster than you do. And I don’t skip ANY race. I’m not free today as I’m setting up my (almost) new build – ATI 5770, CM 690 II advanced, dual 1920×1080 monitors. I’m sure we can sort it out some time.


Atleast you try to match my statistics in any form

I mean

No of races competed

No of races won

Highest speed

after all these then you come to me

Now you are just a kid

You just agree


What if I skip races

There is a provision to skip races

Let me tell you we started together and now you have become nowhere

That is the fact

You came and joined this game before me

But your commitment was just for a while

But what I sowed I reaped and everybody except you will agree with that

Have nice time

Sorry for hurts in advance

Shame on you to tell lies that you don’t skip any races

I can take a give you a snapshot of races you have skipped in future.

You guys need to stop arguing on here, or your posts will be deleted. Why don’t you host a private racetrack and see who is better?

Hey, what are both of your averages anyways

Can you please the results of Worldchampionship in keyboarding? There is necessary write 30 minutes, 1 error = 100 strokes. You can see this for example in
Best regards from Prague

I increased my typing speed via typeracer but I don’t know what has happened to me these days my typing speed is decreasing..

Accout :alister1986…

Such a pathetic person ..He abuses anyone who races with him ..especially if someone types faster than him …uses abuses comments with his ID itself ..which will be displayed on the latest top scores itself…like “Ritesh is a Coward ” ..”What too slow” …..This is worse than cheating or using bots. I hope the admin will take necessary action.

I want the typeracer to change the top 20 pattern.

I think average of last 10 races should be made to be displayed in top 20 list

So that all this kinda freaky things will stop and getting into top 20 will be a challenge.

And as far as the bugs are concerned – those with average of just 45 is able to type at speed of 90-95

How is it possible?

Here is the video of Zevus (Darkhosis) typing.

The language Vietnamese is so bad. Wrong grammar, wrong spell, and some words can’t type, not understand.
I suggest TypeRacer post the extract of Vietnamese author’s books. It’s better now.

I think most of those who are typing at 130+ speed are only competing in races that are three-or-less lines long.

I’ve seen my speed go up to 170 wpm when I am in the first or second line of a text. But when I reach the fourth line, I’m down to 120 or less.

So what is happening is, the more the text, the lesser the final speed.

Therefore, how about rewarding those who type more words per race?

Anyways, the latest top 20 pattern should be changed.

Dear Alex are you hearing?

Make it more competitive to get into top 20

Please, Please

I see people with 60 wpm all time average have made their lat 10 races average to 100 and they are skipping races after races just to keep their 100 wpm in last 10.

Please do something, there are lots of bugs

@ Alex

Can you see how ugly names are on top 20 latest scores

Any new-comer sees it, he/she will run away by seeing such an abusive words.

Do something so that top 20 list will be more graceful

>I think most of those who are typing at >130+ speed are only competing in races that >are three-or-less lines long.

@The Bald Racer

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you said you can type 120 wpm “legitimately” (without just typing short easy texts). Are you saying there is nobody faster than you, then? 🙂

Also, you mentioned a “bug”. Typing 170wpm on Typeracer means typing about 14 characters in 1 second. Typing 120 wpm means typing 10 characters a second. I assume that anyone capable of typing 120wpm is therefore also probably capable of typing 14 characters in one second… but they probably can’t do it for a long time. They can just do it sometimes, for a short period of time. On the other hand, sometimes at the beginning of the race, Typeracer displays a very slow speed. This would seem to cancel out what you said. Right?

Admittedly I do think there occasionally are bugs that cause one user to get a start a split second earlier than the other players. In most races this won’t matter very much, though it could mean a lot in a very short race, especially with fast typists. I don’t think this is very common, although it does happen sometimes.

I just looked at my last post and realized it wasn’t entirely clear. The point is just that over a very short period of time, very slow or fast speeds might arise–and they might be accurate. There’s no bug, and it’s not the case that people who type short texts will on average get higher speeds that people who don’t (unless of course they leave all their slow races, in which case anyone can get a higher average)

@Jonah Mano:
You can say whatever you want to. Once I start a race I don’t skip it unless there’s a reason to. Realizing half-way that if you complete this race your average is going to go down doesn’t count as a reason (apparently for you it does).

I just can’t seem to be able to do more than 40 races in one go. My accuracy goes way down after that. I need to take a 20 minute rest before resuming. How many consecutive races can you guys do? Dufour can probably do a thousand or so, but what about others?

Valikor I feel your pain re:racing against bots, when I reach your avg wpm I’ll let you know we can co-ordinate time 8 )

People are racing from all over the world, I wonder when on average there’s the most racers / least racers say based on GMT.

If I recall correctly, the highest number of users race around lunch time EST/New York time.

And on rainy days.

um, why does it say my comments are awaiting moderation? Perhaps they were too off-topic? If so, I apologize.

Just tried to play home with my cellphone GPRS connection at home and I did toch 92 wpm with ease

I think only cowards will complain about their connection speed for their poor performance

Get Going

Hi, Guys So nice to play with you all.

I just started yesterday and I won 52 out of 53 races.

Simple technique, just race long paras and you will be the only person left at the end and you win

This is my secret

Have fun

Connection speed only matters if you’re typing very fast. At 92wpm, you would certainly lose a few WPM on a slow connection. But not a lot.

Someone typing 50-60 wpm would lose almost nothing.

If someone is typing 150wpm (or 220wpm in the case of Sean Wrona), then 1 second of lag could make a 20wpm difference, maybe 40wpm? Who knows. Depends on the length of the quote.

Whoah wooooo!

It’s all about sitting and resting position.

As my chair at office having arms, my wrist couldn’t move freely and that’s why my speed is less

But when I played at home I could type with ease and I even reached 101 wpm on a mobile GPRS connection

So I am gonna replace my sitting position at my office.

Guys I am coming back with a very tough challenge!

The King Rules

yes just finished 100 races and won 95 out of them.

What a nice feeling

Just enjoyed

Wanna keep this record to maximum

1832 ( GMT -6 hrs ) Friday, July 16, 2010

No pues qué chido su Blog.

Cuántos aduladores y autoaduladores.

Cuántos vanidosos haciendo alardes —qué grupito tan molesto.

ball and chain
old mountains
last working men
all my happiness

door knobs
entries of paradise

paper and ink
antediluvian radiance
save our souls
of course
symbol of God

For the last 3 days every time I race there’s a 2-4 seconds(!) lag between when I finish and when my car reaches the end. My wpm keeps decreasing in that time. It used to work fine before that. It’s especially frustrating in short races where your wpm can decrease by a lot in 2-4 seconds.
“ping” returns an average of 380ms. Don’t know what it was 3 days ago.

It’s becoming so bad it’s not even funny any more. It’s downright frustrating to have to wait like 4-8(!!!) seconds for your car to finish after you’ve finished typing the quote. It must be my ISP.

I was just typing a quote when a dialog box suddenly appeared. I couldn’t read it properly (must have pressed spacebar) but I think it said something about cheating. I was NOT cheating. I haven’t cheated in any of my 3510 races since I joined typeracer in 2008.

Due to my connection problems, the position of my car seems to get updated in big “jerks” (I guess my computer can’t update the server frequently enough). Sometimes it won’t update for like 10 seconds and my car will jump a huge distance on the next update; I think that’s what’s making the system think I’m cheating.

I’m actually scared of racing now until my connection problems are solved because I’m afraid other users may flag me as a cheater and my account may get deleted.

It’s something in your own route to Typeracer as I have no such problem. Run `tracert` in Windows or `traceroute` in *nix/Mac OS and see which hops take too long. Then we can see what’s causing the trouble. Could be you, or anyone in between you and Typeracer.

The dialogue box must have been the cheating detector. The software seems to measure race progress by querying and updating the amount of text typed in intervals and determining the speed from that. If the software sees too many characters being sent with one update, it assumes you must have typed them far too quickly to be legitimate and warns you of cheating. The lag could cause this. There’s no need to worry about being reported because reports are investigated and validated before acted upon.

Oh yes! I’ve just typed 187 wpm! And that’s my new personal record!

@ Jack

It means that doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani is coming out.

I mean people can’t cheat type racer in anyways

Because there are few softwares which can store words in a function key

mmmmmmmmmmmmm……….going great ha

kudos to typeracer

Finished today with top speed of 103

Feeling like on nth cloud.

There is much to go

Lost 5 races with a mega racer in disguise coming as guest

But I did teach him a lesson by winning few of them

Now the score is 140 wins out of 150

I hope I will keep 95% winning record

Without skipping too many races like others always do

ps: @ jonah ………You are too selfish, please give some room to others

Competition with revenge is bad

Many are less capable than you, pls look at them also


@Jack: Thanks. It also seems now that my connection problems are gone. yay back to racing again. 🙂

OK, now it’s behaving really weird. Sometimes my wpm can reach 500+ during the race when I have the lagging problem. But by the time I reach the end, it evens out to 70-100 that I actually type. Am I skewing the results in some way? Although I don’t think it’s possible my computer can report that I’ve reached the end ahead of time. So far it’s always evened out to my normal speed by the time I reach the end.

Oh yes! I’ve just typed 187 wpm! And that’s my new personal record!
Please delete the duplicating meessage before, because I forgot to fill in my personal information = =

Good going, King Manu!

I have also been exposed to the trickery of the mega racer in disguise coming in as Guest. Well I say let this person have their cheap thrills, all the while I practice and get better!

Good luck to you King Manu!

124 wpm !!! – My second best 🙂
Feeling quite good considering this was achieved on a comparatively longer quote – “The place to improve the world…”

My current best is 125 wpm @ “One thing I’ve learned…”.

Guys I mostly type 100+ WPM and when I am given the page to type for confirmation then I can’t write that paragraph at 75WPM
Can anyone tell me what to do?

I have checked my browser there is no problem with it.
Actually when I type over 100WPM then the typeracer shows me another page like thing in which text is written and it say that
“From preventing the cheaters you have to write this paragraph at 75 WPM”
Here comes the problem that I try my level best even then I can’t write 75WPM there…
Hope you got me Jona Mano

@Shoaib Shahnawaz (blue_eyed_boy): either get some glasses or stop cheating. 😉 just kidding!!!
Simply type more slowly to pass it needs about 75wpm @ 93%+ accuracy. (not to much trouble for 100wpm+ Mega)

Ppl that win 95%+ of their races are just the ppl that quit all the races they aren’t doing well in. I’m not innocent of that either, but I finish probably 75% of the ones I start. What the site could really use would be a ‘races initiated’ stat. This includes if you enter a race and ‘reload’ before it starts. That would show the ppl that rely on passage selection to maintain high WPM.

As for myself, I’ve been largely absent from all these typing speed sites & probably will continue like that. The two weeks or so I spent a lot of time here and this other place (unikor?) totally destroyed my hands & it took a while to even recover from that. I’m 33 now and have some pretty significant hand pain/discomfort when I spend more than maybe 5-10m engaging in this speed typing stuff.. I’ve got a buddy that I’ve known since elementary school that has to use voice recognition software now since it causes him such problems to type… I’m not even approaching that level, but I’m sure doing stuff like this doesn’t help at all..

I’d guess that I typed the fastest when I was 13-21 or so. I regularly could clock over 200wpm in my 7th grade typing class… but I guess I’m not sure how accurate those were, since it was manually timed and also on an electric typewriter. I think the loss of speed was at least partially offset by higher accuracy at least in my 20’s, but don’t think so for last few years. 😛

I learned to type on an Atari 400, so I don’t use homerow & make less use of my pinky fingers than is “normal”. I dunno if anyone else has seen or used one of those Atari 400 keyboards, but they, well, looked like microwave touchpads… and you really had to jam the keys on it… made using pinky finger to hit stuff a bit impractical.. But I guess I did learn the keys for touch typing pretty fast since I had to stare at them for some bit as I used every last bit of my immense strength to depress them enough so they actually worked… wtf..

Oh well. Add a races initiated stat. =)

Im 10 or 11. IM pretty fast for my age.Im from USA. I dont use typing zone but i checked it out. We have alot in commmon 😀 anyone know his speed. Mine is 85wpm.

Last message was from me. Keep forgeting to put my username!

Alot of young fast typists out there. If andypandy is faster than me thats 2 at my age that are faster than me.


How about a spectator page where you get to see multiple races on the same page?

King Manu

It’s great to see your enthusiasm for the site, but you seem to do a lot of races, and I don’t think you need to post on this blog every time you complete 100 races.

Perhaps every 500 or every 1000 races would be more appropriate.

If you continue, I might have to race 100 times against you, and my goal will be to win 97 of them.



I’ve solved this particular impulse by spamming my own site every 100 races.

My $.02,

– Jack

Jack is a wise man.

Now, let’s move back to something more on topic, like continuing to complain about people leaving races and the need to add a “races initiated” stat.. or perhaps how nobody likes racing against bots (especially when half my losses come from them)… or Baldracer’s suggestion that there should be an observer mode(a suggestion which actually might have been original). I think this would be pretty cool, though probably only if it were easy to implement, and not detract a lot of time from other projects by the Typeracer team.

I’m curious if anyone likes having bots…? I’ve shamelessly complained about them several times on this blog and nobody has ever defended them. I still think that bots should only enter races if other players leave during the countdown (thus avoiding the player getting a loss for completing the race).

When are we getting that chatroom, by the way? And how about the ability to create a simple profile? 🙂

@King Mano
My dear friend I have seen you leaving races many times and TYPERACER is not about winning all the races it is rather the place to improve and please don’t keep on writing after completing 100 races.
Take some time make a record and then tell us about it.

This game is amazing! I’m addicted to it!
I used to look at my fingers while typing,
but not anymore! Those days are over.
This is a great way to improve your typing in
just a matter of days!

This website is great! I just have one
suggestion. Could you make the game fair by
when people race against each other,
I just don’t think it’s fair when a Beginner is
racing against a Megaracer. Could you make it
so that Beginners race Beginners, Intermediates
race Intermediates, Averages race Averages,
Pros race Pros, Typemasters race Typemasters,
and Megaracers race Megaracers. If you could
do that, I would really appreciate it!

Elizabeth – the site already works like that way. Beginners are never matched up with Megaracers. People are matched up with available opponents with the most similar typing speed.

@ Elizabeth

What typeracer says is always not true

You are right even mega racers are put up with average racers I have seen this many times

If there are no racers to compete then why don’t you put bots instead of mega racers

I mean if there are no enough competitiors in a paritcular level then bring out the bots

This would be helpful

Mr. Typeracer

Yay! Valikor is still on my chatroom plan! I gave up on that when it hadn’t happened in what a month, 2? Since we have IRC I dont think typeracer is going to create a chatbox Valikor. Oh, and Elizebeth I thought the same way when i first came to typeracer. I used to be 30wpm when i had to constantly look up at the screen then back down to the keyboard and now im 80wpm and i hardly ever have to look at the keyboard now. On to the main topic. Like Valikor and everyone else has been saying there should only be bots when an oppponent leaves to take his/her place. Almost everytime i race a bot it is always about 10wpm above me which makes it really dificult for me to beat. This is a problem that should be fixed typeracer.

I like when people leave at the very end of the race… especially when they wait a long time, hoping everyone will leave, so that nobody will see that they are quitting the race.

I always purposely stay in the race and watch as their WPM drops and drops because they aren’t typing, until they eventually realize that I’m not leaving until they leave.

And then they leave in shame!

Congratulations S S (chimchimchim) on reaching 30,000 wins. An amazing achievement.


@ Valikor

To really get rid of all these problems

I suggest few changes to Typeracer

1. Latest top 20 list should be dedicated to individual groups like Beginner, Intermediate, Mega Racer, etc.

And this grouping should be done according to their all-time averages and not last 10 average

if a person has an average score of 60 wpm so he is typermaster all these peoples pages must have top 20 list with all time averages say from 56-79

In this manner many people will come in top 20 and the competition will increase and so the skipping races and cheating will automatically be discouraged becoz most of them will be in top 20 in their respective groups

2. Cheating can be avoided by first warning and then directly blocking according to their ip adresses

3. Not more than 3 id for a user must be allowed

4. Dirty names should be first warned then banned

5. Speed bug must be corrected, it always happens in first two lines of the para and when a person has to type just two lines then a 40 wmpm person can also reach 100 with ease with this speed bug

6. Goodies should be given to people with most no. of races in a month or so

In this way typeracer can be sophisticaed

Ya I like this site very much. It increases my speed to more that 20% extent.
Best of the Best.

I have found another game TypeMaster3D:

thats awesome

Love all who join TR and race it out and most of all the creator of the website himself.

I really don’t know how to chat there though.

Long live TR. 🙂

Yay! Last Comment!

Hi everyone^^ email me if you want to race with me.. im not taht fast anyway.. but please race with me..…im 24 from philippines female^^

Why does the line you type on erase the word after you’ve typed it? That is so annoying.

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