Do you like typing?

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Then “Like” TypeRacer on Facebook and spread the word!  We’ve added a new “Like” button under the main menu. When you use it, your Facebook friends will get a news feed saying that you like and hopefully you will have more friends to race against as a result!

Facebook Like Button

In other news, we’ve added lots of new texts from songs, movies, and books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan and Urban Tribes: A Generation Redefines Friendship, Family, and Commitment by Ethan Watters.  The latter describes living in one of the most unique cities in the word.  Here’s a little excerpt:

“To drive out of the Central Valley of California on a hot day and into San Francisco is to feel like you’re landing on another planet. Over our two-hour drive, the temperature went from nearly a hundred to the middle sixties. The visual disparity was as dramatic. On one side of the bay was a day so bright you’d have to squint with the visor down and your sunglasses on. Halfway across the Bay Bridge the fog enveloped us, whipping in strands through the rusted girders. As we crossed into the fig, it didn’t seem possible that two such environments could exist side by side.”

Lastly, the Fastest Typists section now remembers each record-holder’s country of origin.  So if you’re fast (or persistent) enough to have your name up there, get your country’s flag displayed by doing another race. Let’s see which country is home to the fastest typists in the world!

Country flags in the Fastest Typists section

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112 Responses to “Do you like typing?”

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this games is enjoyable…
its make me …..heat and burn….like a motor racer…..

Yeah.. This game’s awesome…
For some reason, gets me all happy when I see a ‘1’ near ‘Blog’! 😛
Anyway… the new texts are cool… and thanks for displaying the country’s flag in the all time favorites!
But.. for some reason, keep wondering if all of ’em are genuine typers.. like Bhargav Patel, Mallika Rana, Pradip Rajupt n all… Not sure, maybe the are genuine typists, but just have a small feeling that they just might be cheating, like ‘fastestypist’…! And, if they are.. that makes it four from India on the first page (including Ritesh).

Ooo.. k.. just read my post.. and, realized I didn’t write it properly…!
Wanted to say that it was pretty cool that there are 4 awesome typists in the first page, from India.. if they’re all genuine! 😀

Another suggestion came into my mind

to avoid people skipping races

Block the person if he skips 5 races continuously for 10 minutes

This must be applied only typemaster and megaracer groups

Because they are the ones who skip most

It’s good to see the country’s flag in the Fastest Typists’ scorecard. It would be great if the feature is expanded to racetracks, i.e. the flag is displayed beside or on the racing car.

Alex, I’ll tell you what would be great for typeracer: To solve the “multiple accounts” problem so that NO ONE CAN CREATE NO MORE THAN 2 ACCOUNTS per user.We must find a solution for this because it’s not fair for others to have 4 accounts in the rankings and others to not have the chance to have their name on the best players list just because some fast typists have 4 accounts ! ! !~

Alex, I’ll tell you what would be great for typeracer: To solve the “multiple accounts” problem so that NO ONE CAN CREATE NO MORE THAN 2 ACCOUNTS per user.We must find a solution for this because it’s not fair for others to have 4 accounts in the rankings and others to not have the chance to have their name on the best players list just because some fast typists have 4 accounts ! ! !~

I can’t see the flag of each typist in the ranking. Is it because you can see it only if you logg in by facebook ?I can’t see their flag… 😦 Can anyone see it ?


The flags of users who have logged-in or raced after the new release only can be seen

>The flags of users who have logged-in or
>raced after the new release only can be seen

Oh, I guess it makes sense then that we can’t see the flags for even ONE person in the top 20.

I forgot. They never race 🙂

Hi Friends
Good to see the archive for the month of July…

@typeracer: Please make it necessary to enter the current password while changing the password. And also the ‘Remember me’ check box should be left unmarked as default.

Please age-off the data for people that haven’t raced in months! No need to keep their data as if the lists are a mausoleum or old hot dog at the bottom of a land fill!

Another question for you! How can typeracer autodetect the country of an user.Maybe I want to mention that I am from China, when in fact I am from Australia, let’s say. But I can’t do that cause typeracer autodetecs my country, and it sucks. 😛 How can typeracer do that ?

by tracking your ip address

@ Buddha

What you are trying to say may not happen in the near future.

I have good suggestions in lieu of what you said.

The latest top 20 scores should be given VIP factor

I mean those with 1000 or above races can stay for 1 hour and those with less than that can stay only for 10 minutes.

By this you can also satisfy the new-comers and also discourage multiple accounts.

I think you are satisfied with this.


I think one of the solutions is just to include more and more statistics. Typeracer has been doing this gradually over the past 2 years.

For example, I think the recent release that lists “all time avg”, “last 10 avg”, “races completed” from rank 1-100 is excellent. Next time, maybe it should be increased to 500 instead of 100. Also, some new stats could be added like number of wins, maybe percentage of wins (though we know what this encourages!), etc. Maybe a stat for “races per day” or something.

The more statistics we have, the more fun it is for everyone, and it allows people to set goals for themselves which will also allow them to be recognized, even if they aren’t in the top 0.1% of typists.

% of wins is useless unless it’s added in tandem w/ at the very least a # of races started stat (although it should be “initiated”, as in, the loading of an actual selection, not actually starting)..

For example, the ‘Bhargav Patel’ guy that has 112 wins out of 112 races is probably pretty crap since it just means that he quits out of a huge % of races.

I’ve seen the “Mallika Rana” guy probably 100 times and only one time did he finish a race.. (either cause he was losing, or his WPM was too slow, who knows)

Also, we can see our “last 10” races on a quote… but it would be nice if it showed your single best score. If you have a lot of races, it would be nice to be notified if you beat your record on a particular quote.

TOP10 races completed for each text 😉

Well, it’s a start.

I don’t think it would be fair for those who are not so good and with less races to stay only 10 minutes in “the last 20s” and the ones who are very good and have 1000 races to stay more then others, 1 hour or so…The solution would be to track one’s ip (like we do with country autodetect) so that no one can create more than 2 users… just like Buddha_beats_Jesus said……

@ fun

I have a very great idea to discorage multiple accounts

The latest top 20 should be tha average score of last 10 continuous races without skipping

by this people will not try to create multiple accounts

I like the idea about the “high scores” indicating the fastest last 10 races without skipping. (Maybe 5 would be enough?)

This should require that if you click the “Start a race link”, you then do start the race, and do finish the race.

Does anyone know if I can disable my Caps Lock key? I fairly regularly hit it accidently, since I type on a Netbook. It always messes up my races. :-/

Go to google search there you have registry entries to disable caps lock key

Yeah I guess that was stupid of me to not google that first 🙂 It is indeed very easy to do by adding a registry key. Thanks King Manu.

Does anyone ever use Capslock? :-/

Kosta Todis (Remixz)

This fellow is a cheater and his highest score is 99wpm and in each game he crosses above 110-130

Pls delete this account


Hey King Manu it has been a lot of days that you haven’t told us about your progress…
I checked you that you have crossed 1000 races and your average win this time is not very good.
I think this is the reason you are not telling us about your wins.

I use caps lock all the time. I infinitely prefer it to Shift, because with Shift, you cannot be sure whether or not you’ve hit the key hard enough for it to register, whereas with Caps Lock you always know. It allows me to type more smoothly. Obviously, I do use Shift sometimes, but mainly for the !@#$%^&*()_+?”: keys, almost never for capital letters.


Why would one key need to be pressed harder than another key on the same keyboard? And if you are just typing one capital letter (like at the beginning of a sentence, or a name, etc.), how could it possibly make sense to use Caps Lock? You’d need to turn it off after typing one letter

We have a database of IP addresses which we use to set your country
flag. So if you’re logging in from the United States, your country
will be USA, regardless of what you entered in your profile.

Hey, typeracer! What happens if I sign up from Usa and then when I travel to Japan, let’s say I logg in with the same account. What will be my country? the one that i signed in the first time or the one that i will logg in when i go to another country?

Your country gets updated every time you log in. So while you’re in Japan, it will show Japan. When you come back home, it will show United States again.


I worded that badly but I’m talking about the difference between a key you have to hold down and a key you merely have to tap/press. The keys aren’t the same and a mere tap of the caps lock will turn it on, while tapping the shift key usually works but is not always as effective. I can be 100% sure when I hit caps lock that I actually hit it, while with the shift key there’s less certainty since you have to hold it down. Also, it is easier to hold the shift key down for unintended characters. When using caps lock, you have a series of keys to press but none to hold down. I find it far easier to make a mistake when I use shift, which I view to be more complicated, as you simultaneously have to think about releasing a key before pressing a bunch of other keys; it’s a lot simpler to press a key twice than hold down a key once and release it at the exact right moment, which I view as more difficult. Also, shift locks your hand into place while typing the initial letter, which I think more than compensates for having to press two keystrokes. You have more freedom of movement on the keyboard when you use caps lock. I feel I have better control when I use caps lock, am more accurate, and am actually faster. Maybe it’s just because that is how I’ve been typing since I was three and learned that way, but to me using shift is way more awkward.

I’m not exactly some kind of keyboard scholar, so maybe what I’m doing is “wrong”, but it works for me…

Hey guys! When is the rush hour, or the rush hours for typeracer ? 😛

@ blue eyed boy

King Manu is busy in breaking records that is why he isn’t here nowadays

@ Sean

I appreciate what you said and I’ve laways failed in ysing the shift key efficiently but should I change the original pattern for my convenience

When I first came across typeracer I wasn’t touchtyper and I used to hold shift pinky with left hand itself and press ‘a’ with ring finger but I understood that it decreased my speed and I thought what if I would the caps lock instead just as Sean does

But when I started touchtype I started learning the rule for ‘A’ I need to hold right shift key with my pinkey

But Sean now I’m bewildered and looking at your stats

Should I again practise according to your rule?

Oh MY!

Dear I really appreciate what you have done I mean compiling and recording the number of races people have played but I would have loved a lot If you had added my name as well.
In the month of July I also played a lot of races..
I couldn’t find my name in that table.

Sorry Shoaib,
I compiled this list from the data obtained from which gave me the list of people who had completed at least 1000 races at the commencement of last month. I guess you have completed enough races to be in the list but since you hadn’t completed 1000 races then, the data and hence the list I created excluded you.

I understand that many people who have races under 1000 might have been eligible to be in the list. So I don’t claim this list to be an accurate one and includes only people with 1000+ races.


Aha then I am sorry dear because I hadn’t completed 1000+ races last month.
And one thing else that I wanted to ask you is that can we invite our friends to race us while we we are on typeracer website.
While Facebook gives us this opportunity to send a link to your friend and race him/her.

Of course … You can do the same in the website. Click Race your friends link to obtain the URL to your racetrack.

After getting the URL what should I do to the URL?
Like suppose I wanna race you than how could I race you with the help of that URL?

Please tell me how to improve accuracy and still maintaining a good speed. Also, what thought process is going on in the mind of the people who type well above 120wpm average ??

Congrats to Phillies_Magic for completing 20,000 races at an average of nearly 137wpm!

I’m a bit afraid to race you, with nearly a 150wpm average nowadays? Amazing.

Thanks, Valikor, I appreciate it.

Sorry, I wrote the last message but I sent it from my mobile that’s why it appears so strange. Anyway, I wanted to say that there is no interest from ALEX to delete accounts from the ones that have 3-4 accounts cause he wants to have a lot of people signed on typeracer. By the way…boys like Jack Aviado that have 4 accounts should consider to request themselves to Alex to delete their accounts, so that they will have maximum 2 accounts. What do guys say? Jack and others..

I think that it is a great idea, cause because of them weaker guys don’t have the chance to enter on the rankings…

祝贺una desventaja de las ueenirsidadvs latinoamericanas es la incapacidad de comprar softwares mineros por sus costos para la ensef1anza en las aulas universitariascon esta herramienta se mejora la calidad de la ensef1anzareitero mis felicitacionesIng Jose Felix Arocutipa

typeracer… the best!
so exciting & furios…..


Why not create a Wikipedia entry for typeracer? 🙂

>>Why not create a Wikipedia entry for typeracer?

That is the BEST idea I’ve heard on here in a while 🙂


Great Idea Jaideep
You put on the first brick I am here with you and whatever help you need I will be standing by you.

🙂 I think I’m not good at composing a wikipedia page. Have never done it before.

Jack and others…request that some of your accounts to be’s not fair for others to have 4 accounts

Dear, no where in the terms and conditions it has been written that you should not have more than one account.
Even I have two accounts in Typeracer.
This is not that I misuse it, this is because I love this website and I love to type therefore I have created two accounts.
Typeracer is added with me in Facebook, Orkut, hi5 and myspace.
Now Don’t say that adding the same application in all your social community network is not fair.

Man, 2 accounts for each is enough. If there are 10 social sites, would you want to make 10 accounts on typeracer?…I think you now that to…You are not a super fast typer, so you don’t block the way to others to the fastest rankings table, so you can have 3 but the great players that have 4-5 accounts are an issue, in my opinion…I already said, people like jack aviado, micah and others…

To me all the random Indian typists (or maybe it’s just one person) that are heavily race selecting to get 150wpm+ averages is a bigger concern.

It just continues to highlight the need for the addition of another statistic… number of races loaded, initiated, whatever.

The number one guy this hour is Ritesh Kathrecha, who “averages” 165. This is 12 wpm faster than Jelani Nelson’s average!! Yet Jelani has achieved top scores of 232. (Ritesh has a top score of 186, which is far lower than my own personal high score. lol. And MUCH lower than Jelani’s)

If he can actually type 165 on average, 200 wpm should be pretty easy on an easy quote. But, he’s not actually that fast.

It’s pretty pathetic. I wish they had something better to do with their time 😦

Ritesh is a legit, you people might have achieved 200+ before few months (or years) but Ritesh races just for fun and to improve his typing skills. That’s true, he’s heavily race selecting. But just race him personally and you’ll find out his REAL TYPING SPEED.
Ritesh Kathrecha is Indian Noah Horn. 🙂

I would like to see more differend nationality players, not only americans and indians:| Today I saw a japanesse that was typing kinda well, a sweeden that was typing well and one from Bahamas that was kinda race selecting 😛 But I like to see people of many nationalities here, not only americans and indians..i like when typeracer gets crowded with people of diffrent nationalities 😛

@Sean Wrona

Useful tip that about preferring Caps Lock over Shift. I’m going to practice it.

Hmm… but like David(valikor), I seriously think that if Sean masters the art(without committing mistakes) of typing capital letters using SHIFT,.. though it sounds impossible, his speed might just increase all the more!

Need there game in portuguese, Mandarin, and polish/deutuch

Great achievement man
By the way from where have you found this much data?
Because I also wanna know that when had I joined TypeRacer.
Can you please tell me about how to collect information about my account.?

Today, I saw a japanesse player that was heavy selecting his races…there are also ALOT of indian players that are race selecting in order to make high Average speed. I’m not saying that those guys aren’t good typists, but they raceselect.We should definetly make ore statistics…

———- (valikor message)
The number one guy this hour is Ritesh Kathrecha, who “averages” 165. This is 12 wpm faster than Jelani Nelson’s average!! Yet Jelani has achieved top scores of 232. (Ritesh has a top score of 186, which is far lower than my own personal high score. lol. And MUCH lower than Jelani’s)

If he can actually type 165 on average, 200 wpm should be pretty easy on an easy quote. But, he’s not actually that fast.

It says blockquote works, but I don’t see a preview option, so..

On the positive side that makes it less likely that the person is actually “cheating”, w/ such a low top WPM.

But , yup, it does indicate that they use very, very heavy race selection. Probably reloads over and over for just a couple selections and then doesnt even finish those most of the time to have such a tight range.

I suspect he’s more likely around a 100-120 avg.

Firstly, I am not a fast typer. However, I get my personal best @ 187wpm, which is SLIGHTLY higher than that of Ritesh. The score comes from the “I know a bloke….” one and I don’t think Ritesh would give up this easy text. I’m so lucky~

On the positive side that makes it less likely that the person is actually “cheating”, w/ such a low top WPM

Why would it mean that? I don’t think this is correct.

@ David Joseph

I tried Sean Wrona’s tip and it seems to be working. A good percentage of my errors happen when I’m using the shift key, so this trick will help me cut down on those and increase my speed.

@ Typeracer/Sean Wrona

Why do we have two Sean Wronas in the Fastest 100 Typists list when there are hundreds (thousands?) of people out there who are risking themselves the carpal’s tunnel to secure a place in that list? Doesn’t this go against the very idea of a fastest typists list? And how many such one-person-multiple-IDs do we have in that list?

baldracer, there are alot of the players that have 3 accounts, or even 4 accounts on the list, like Jack Aviado or Micah. They shouldn’t be allowed to have more than 2 accounts…

@ democracy

What is your average speed?


Some people heavily use race-selection for their average 10 race scores, while most users seem to prefer never or seldom using race-selection.

Almost everyone on the top 20 list used heavy race selection to obtain their last ten race scores. Once most of those on the top 20 obtained what they thought was a score around the limit of their potential, they stopped racing. Hence why you almost never see Jelani, Jordan, Alan, and many of those on the top 20 here often anymore, and why most of those guys have rather small numbers of races. I wanted to continue racing here without affecting my arenasnow account, which I was trying to set records with, so I started a second account to continue to enter races without affecting my #1 (or probably at that time #2) ranking. Kukkain essentially did the same thing with his Kukkain account versus his Metallica Kukkain account, although he still does race-select a lot on Metallica Kukkain.

Essentially, my two accounts are for different purposes. My arenasnow account is to be compared to those who heavily race-selected (Jelani, Kukkain, Jordan, Mallika, etc…), while my arenasnow2 account is to be compared to those who don’t race-select or seldom do (Zevus, who has since passed me, but I’m not going to bother passing that for a while, Noah, Phillies_Magic, etc…) If I had not started my second account, I probably would have totally left once I reclaimed Jelani’s last-ten record, which probably would have been sooner than it was…

I did not cause this problem. The problem that caused me to start two accounts was race selection, and that existed long before I came here.

If you want to end race selection, Jelani and I have agreed that the best way is to some day reset everybody’s last 10 race speed to 0 and from that point on give everyone who bails out of a race a score of 0. That would end race-selection and produce a more accurate top 20 list. If Alex ever did this, I would be happy to race with only one account, or have them merged (if that were possible).

There are alternative metrics that could be used also. Noah has been obsessed with this statistic where the user’s highest speeds on each text are averaged together, which would encourage people to continue to race until they have seen more texts.

By the way, even though I do have two accounts in the top ten, there are lots of other offenders in the top 100 (especially the all-time average list), some of whom have more accounts than I do.

jonah mano, I have 90 wpm last 10 races..I am not such a good typer, but I’m just saying that some things should be done around here…

ritesh_kathrecha_ahmedabad, rushi_g (ritesh, indian)

micahh, micahcolemak (micah)

licahfox, noahbot, likeafox, stamford, vonunov (jack aviado)

jweb_guru_practice, jweb_guru(webguru)
leonleung96, leonleung (leon)

insy,insy2 (insy)

And there are more players that I omitted, that have more accounts, but those guys are in top 20…

ritesh_kathrecha_ahmedabad, rushi_g (ritesh, indian)

micahh, micahcolemak (micah)

licahfox, noahbot, likeafox, stamford, vonunov (jack aviado)

jweb_guru_practice, jweb_guru(webguru)
leonleung96, leonleung (leon)

insy,insy2 (insy)

And there are more players that I omitted, that have more accounts, but those guys are in top 20…

Noah Horn and Jack Aviado are not the same person. I competed against them both simultaneously in the Ultimate Typing Championship semifinals. They live thousands of miles apart.

All the other accounts you listed besides vonunov are Noah’s. I would guess Jack has multiple accounts but I don’t remember what any of the others are.


I am not sure what makes you think I have four+ accounts, or that I am Noah. However flattering that is, I unfortunately am not; as Sean said, we competed in the Ultimate Typing Championship semifinals at the same time, making it impossible that we are the same individual.

I have only TWO accounts: vonunov, and trchat, which I use only to advertise the ##typeracer at Freenode IRC channel by placing it high in the recent scores list. I have no other accounts and no intention of creating any in the foreseeable future. Anyone seeming to be me who is not using one of those usernames, is not.

@ Democracy

Typeracer is a fun game!

People skip races for their own reasons and interests

Some do to keep their average

Some are tired to race big ones

Some to come in Top 20

So in terms of stastistics, there is no one genuine here because skipping of races is allowed

So what’s the remedy?

Let the top 20 list be increased to 30 or even 50

And about you if you are not skipping races, 90 wpm is pretty great because you can randomly toch 105-110 which is enough for you to come in top 20

I don’t have ANY account located at the top 20, but I hope that will happen in the future~

I usually use leonleung to race, so that’s why the average seems unstable, but I didn’t use leonleung96,來去 無蹤(kknegative)these two accounts after they’ve got into the top100.

And also, I have created so many account that one of my former e-mail is banned to create any more accuont. And I think I’ve created around 4-5 accounts which are registered with my new e-mail.

Funnily, I just found that leonleung96—- this account has disappeared from the top 100, and leonleung is located @63/100, while the kknegative account is located @83/100, so I just can’t be like…. being discussed with Noah, Jack aviado or someone else who type much faster than me.

But for sure, I created a lot of accounts and I didn’t even use some of them. So if Alex found any account despite leonleung, leonleung96, 來去無踪(kknegative), Super Leon (superslowac), you can just delete them, thank you very much!

Although I sometimes select races(not as much as those in top20), but I still seemed unstable even in some easy texts, so I am really going crazy if I force myself to quit every race which is unsatisfied.

Also, I don’t think someone like Sean Wrona is going to have an average of 105-110wpm even though no skipping of races is allowed.

Anyway, I hope everyone can have fun @ typeracer!

Sorry, i missplaced Noah with Jack.. how many accounts do you have, jack?

saw your message later…anyway, it seems that Noah is the one with 4 accounts? anyway..

I skip races too, but not as much as Malika Rana or Ritech or botracer..yeah, sure typeracer is for fun, but i just pointed some things..

and i am sorry that i didn’t make myself understand…i was talking about the top 100 rankings..that’s why people who don’t type so good can’t get in there, because ver fast typers have 2 or 3 accounts in the 100 rankings, therfore it doesn’re remain place for the ones that are not so good… good luck

Iw, odakle si?

Zorane, ja sam iz Krusevca. Da nisi ti mozda iz Smedereva? 🙂

your 2 accounts have not disappeared from the 100. Look:

Leonleung, your 2 accounts have not disappeared from the 100. Look:

Thank you very much leonleung22~

Iw, jesam iz Smedereva sam. 🙂 Odakle me znas? Hajde nadji me na facebook-u. Otkucaj samo mozaikbaloni(et)gmail(tacka)com
Nisam znao da ima devojaka koje tako brzo kucaju. 🙂

I am really sick of losing to bots.. it makes me not want to race on difficult texts, since I know the bots type equally fast on all texts.

I love this game, because i love to type and it’s just something for me to do when i get bored:):)

My dear first of all I want to congratulate you on your completion of 10,000 races and the second thing is that what about the wikipedia page which you were going to make for typeracer.?
Are you working on it or not?

No… I’m not. Not good at that. It was just a suggestion. It would be great if anyone can take it up.

@ Sean Wrona

Thank you for the reply. I guess the problem of one-person-multiple-IDs in the top 100 list is something only the admin of this website can solve. Hope admin realizes how much of a fun-killer this problem is and hope it does something about it soon.

No more comments about cheating on the blog please. There is a thread on the forum which is dedicated to that:

Eventually I completed my 1000 races by completing the phrase
“Many people limit themselves to leading boring, dull lives by accepting the…….”

And I have decided that I will complete monthly 1000 races.

I consistently can type about 125WPM on a standard keyboard. On dvorak (which I only practice with on a separate account), I can generally pull off about 155. I was able to accomplish my current high score through heavy race selection, yes, but that is not a felony last I checked.

I don’t know in what sense you call me a cheater but I have never had an affair in my life. In fact I have never even had a girlfriend, which is an inevitable consequence of spending all your free time improving your typing skills.

Buddha, I wanted to let you know that although I previously thought it physically impossible, you both suck and blow at the same time. I busted my butt trying to get to the top and when I got there you tried to kick me back down. For shame!

So when are you going to record your typing and posting the link down here.

Actually I might do it this weekend. IF I have the time and inclination.

Better luck next time Haik..
Thank you Alex, for deleting the account of a CHEATER. 😛
Much more appreciated.

The one and only thing I want is a graph plotting ALL of my 6000+ races. That way I can see my gradual increase in typing speed over time! I started out in the 80 wpms, and now I’m reliably 110 wpm or more. I want to see when in time I improved most rapidly and when I reached plateaus, if ever.

I just made the comment about the long-term graph. I forgot to mention my name and I forgot to include my email. It’s arc27.

This is one of my favorite Websites!!!!!!!!

i think that this site is cool. now i think typing is pretty cool.

I ❤ Typeracer so much!

Those are really cool additions. The site is very well developed and provides a lot many incentives to further strengthen one’s typing. I was only once able to get my name in the “Fastest Typist” section. Felt really proud !

Thanks for the wonderful site!

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