Introducing Premium Accounts and Experience Levels

Posted on August 13, 2010. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

Starting today, everyone’s scorecard will have a new statistic: Experience Level.  Experience levels range from Typist 0 to Typist 9 are based on the number of races of you’ve finished.  A corresponding icon will appear next to your name to award your achievement and to let your opponents know at a glance how experienced you are.

Also starting today, you can upgrade to a premium account! As a premium member, you will help us pay for future improvements and your scorecard will display the cooler Racer icons for your experience level so everyone knows you’re serious about typeracing.  More premium-only features will be introduced in the future. Please show your support for TypeRacer and upgrade your account today!

Experience Level Insignia

Scorecard for Racer Level 5

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813 Responses to “Introducing Premium Accounts and Experience Levels”

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Good Job Excellent 😉

Great Job
I will upgrade my account now.

Good to see improvements.

I tried to upgrade, but it says “Wrong user name or password”.


That’s Fantastic

How much i have to pay though?

That 11.99 USD is for 1 year, apparently.


Good job there.

Wonder where you get all this info from.

I think experience level should depend upon the way a player attempts and finishes those difficult paragraphs.

Selecting two or three lined easy paras and crossing 10k races, that cannot be considered experience but rather can be summed has craftiness.

Real experienced typeracer is the one who diligently attempts those difficult ones too

I will become a premium user when I achieve my target of 10 thousand races before Christmas.

It will cost Rs. 600 for me.

I think it’s value for me, the time I spend on this site.

What’s the point of this?
Pay $10 to have a different image on your card?

I never thought that typeracer would become one of those “money hungry sites” that tax the ones that want more advantages. Its not fair for the ones who dont have money to give.

Adampa – There is no “tax” here. TypeRacer will always be free. Think of upgrading to a premium account as a “donation,” because, as anon pointed out, it costs a lot of money to develop and run the site.

TheBaldRacer try putting your username in lower case, that’s what worked for me.

To the “money grubber” commenter above, you know it takes $ to run the site, right? How many hours have you spent here? $12 USD is not out of line even if there were no additional benefits!

What advantage? Different rank graphics don’t give anyone a performance advantage. I’m going to upgrade when I have the money because I like Typeracer and want to see it succeed, not because it really does anything for me.

Is there a way to donate for those that don’t have/want a paypal account?

anon – I think Paypal is probably the easiest way to send money online. Do you have any other suggestions?

New premium features can come out later. One year is a pretty long time.

But ultimately the reason to pay is to support the site.

Well I was wondering if this was possible: In your paypal account, Under preferences (assuming you have a merchant account?) setting your details up for non paypal customers to enable them to pay with a credit card.

@ anon

I tried lower case and it’s working. Thanks.

Thanks for the update, Typeracer. I don’t mind contributing to the future of this site, especially considering the amount of time I’ve spent here over the last year and a half. Keep up the good work.

Hello Jaideep, thanks for such a wonderful collection of all the Indian Typists,
But You put my old user name which is ‘dudepc’, I use a recent a one that is ‘dudepc_’. I have performed good number of races on this ID and also my best is better than the one which you have described. See below;

Thanks and regards

I’ll pay for a “premium account” once you implement that stat for “races initiated” =p

I’d actually be doing some races right now but s till trying to adapt to this new keyboard. It’s having this annoying habit of inserting spaces into whatever I type…. I guess because I rest my thumb on it too heavily. I hope that’s th e reason anyways.

and, no, I didn’t do any of those on purpose.. haha..

Zevus, are you on facebook/twitter?
I dont see you typing (or on latest top 20 list).
Something wrong with your new keyboard??

I didn’t manually compile all the stats of Indian typists. I collected the data from the typeracer data site, formatted it and then filtered it based on the country. Since you hadn’t raced with the dudepc_ account after the latest update of typeracer, your country field had null value and hence that account was absent from the list. I’ll publish another list next month and hopefully we’ll have more Indian racers in that list. 🙂

J. J. Rodriguez

Implementing ‘races initiated’ / ‘races quited’ would make the statistics uneven. I’d prefer a rating scale which records points based on our position in the race and penalizes if we quit a race. Sorry, if I’m sounding too statistical or complicated. It may, or rather would be impractical or difficult to implement. Also, expanding the min. races for Recent Avg. from 10 to 50 (or 100) would discourage race selection.

J. J. Rodriguez (jaideepjr)

Thanks Jaideep.
I dont mind showing the stats for this ID too, but the only problem is in both the Id’s my all time is too low, which can make someone think that I’m a cheater.. 😛
Thanks and Regards

Good job Jaideep.
I really appreciate it though I am not an Indian and my name won’t be there but I still appreciate your work.

How would it make ‘statistics uneven’? They already are uneven because of race selection. I’m not saying I’m innocent, but when I’m up against a live person I’ll finish 95% (I know some finish next to 100%, like Sean or philliesmagic). If I’m up against a bot, it’s probably more like 2/3rds. There are others that finish about 1% – or probably even less, since it’s just reload over and over for that one selection. That’s why the WPM on some people are so tight, 165-160-162-165-168, etc.

But I really don’t see the issue. People can choose to ignore it if they want to. I never said it had to impact the “top” charts as they stand now… people wil l just know who’s legit and who isn’t.

By the number of races on this site I’m on the 19th place. I have 2 accounts, one with 5,000 + races and the second one with 9,100 + races. I would like to give free donation to my favourite site but the problem is that I suck pretty much in paying anything through the Intenet. Some free help?

How come when you subscribe to the premium membership, there is no email from Typeracer welcoming you to the club?

Allright, some people are gifted …of course there are many dance lovers and people work real hard ..but only a few can dance like Michael Jackson …I learnt typing when I was 10 ..learnt it within a month..achieved some speed and stopped really practicing and then found this kool website …My average is 105 …and I have no clue how some type 170 180 ..yeah they are gifted ..just like Michael was gifted …and a tip when you are racing with SUPER fast typists. ..rely on accuracy 🙂 ..I was able to defeat a super fast typist two times ..relying on accuracy.

Another tip is to select a very difficult race which has many ” ? difficult words and then relying on accuracy

what a nice typing site

Can anyone please help me that in our country (Pakistan) we don’t have the facility of PAYPAL so how can I pay to become a premium user.
Can I pay through Visa, Master or American Express card? ? I know they have a commission fee and there might be a setup fee as well though.

Unless other options are added, but right now it looks like just paypal.

Could try using paypal through Plimus too.

I look at this at being an $11.99 “investment”, incentive to increase your typing skills. You could(should?) extend the capability for premium members to race against only other premium members, perhaps have a premium-only-track, because I doubt cheaters will pay $11.99 for anything except buying an engagement ring for their girlfriends or pets. Or better yet don’t allow non-premium members to do anything except race with a non-editable Guest name that doesn’t save any stats at all. And even better yet, only allow premium accounts(one account per person) to be listed in the fastest-typists lists. This would definitely discourage cheaters, multi-accounts, and “temporary” accounts that exist only for the purpose of hogging up a precious spot on the top-racers-list. There’s nothing worse than seeing a name on the fastest-racers list, and it’s someone who hasn’t logged on for years. If people realized that they can only get recognition by paying(and typing well), the leaderboards will be cleaned up. If a non-premium member finished a race and it said “Your score was 110 WPM and you would have been #4 on the leaderboard with a premium account”, they might consider selling their action-figures, or extending their water conservation techniques by prolonging their lack of a bath for just one more week. You can do things like don’t let non-premium members leave a race once it has started, and only give them race quotes that comprise of only dates and special characters, shapes that don’t even exist on any keyboard, or Shakespeare quotes! Let’s face it… unfortunately most people on typeracer don’t really care about improving their typing skills, evident in race-selecting. Most people only care about bumping up their stats so that the world can know how fast they wish they were. Shoot.. you can even make it so non-premium accounts not only do not show in the leaderboard, but do not display the stats to the non-premium member. $11.99 is cheap for the valuable information of knowing how fast one types, and more importantly how much you’re improving over time. And for premium-member stat-whores, you can add things like displaying your average WPM improvement over given months. Now that Alex and others will be making millions of dollars, they can finally add all these new cool features that deter cheaters, race-selectors, and Mallika-like people who exist for the sole purpose of.. well.. still not sure why. Anyways, in short, I believe having premium accounts, and greatly limiting the capability of NON-premium accounts, will give us a better typeracer community by flushing(the RIGHT word here) out the riff-raff. Typeracer RULES. Word to your mother and father!

Sounds like a great way to cut activity 90%!

I don’t have multiple accts, but for those that do I suspect a simple ‘delete profile’ option would eliminate most of the multi-accounts that are actually still active on the site. The only problem w/ that is that it’d encourage people to start over in an attempt to get the highest avg wpm. I could make a new account right now & heavily race select (& quit any slow races) and get 195 avg WPM over 100 races, probably take less than 10 hours to do so as well… reload, reload, reload.

But everyone would know what was going on, right? Not really. Most ppl that visit the site wouldn’t have a clue. Just like ppl that aren’t familiar with things look at what it displays when you switch to ‘fastest typists’ and either think that they’re a bunch of cheaters or you actually are the fastest typist for reloading a whole ten times until you get the “right” selections (and then playing those out until you get the proper results).

So I guess it’s the same deal… races initiated stat = one new premium account here

* If a two-line text is a 100M race and a four-line text is a 200M race, how about introducing 1500M and 3000M races?
* And how about rewarding those who win these races in a more worthy manner than awarding them reduced averages?
* Surely, these long races need better concentration and keyboard skills than the shorter ones?

Why everyone here is always discussing about multiple accounts.

If Alex doesn’t have any problem if users create multiple accounts then I think no one of us should panic about this.

Ok lol ..Michael Kiske is a super hacker ..this is not complicated as I actually saw his race …he didn’t start the race at all ..when the bots were about to finish the race, he ended with 187 …not only that ..Alok Patnaik also did the same ..he ended with 101 …even Mallika, Bhargav, Sunil, Pradip ..all these are hackers as they prefer to race only with bots ..pretty apparent ..I dont know why they are in the top 20

Patnaik is a huge hacker. He shoot to the top right in the final moments.

Michael Ksike, I race him a few times and actually did beat him. I dont know…

kgrov, what is your typeracer ID ..and u from India?

Kousik & Kgrov_india,
Are you people talking about a player called Alok?? I faced the same situation while I was racing for a few times against him and he never used to start the race till the end of the race and suddenly within few seconds, he completed the race with 100+WPM. I reported that user a couple of times, but since he’s using the facebook application, I don’t know how do I go for reporting his user ID??? This is pretty disappointing that people from India have now started cheating to get a good typing speed (or say, to get the name on the ‘Latest High Scores’ scoreboard)

Skipping Races even without attempting has become a boredom in typeracer.

I see some people with 90+ average run away even before the game starts.

I have few suggestions to discourage race selection

1. If a person skips races more than 3 times without attempting then he should not get small paras atleast for 10 mins.

2. Minimum 3 races can be skipped and the forth race should be completed by atleast 90% else the person must be banned for 10 mins.

I couldn’t believe that Typeracer would become one of those “hungry sites” that tax their people to give advantages to those who pay. In my opinion there are people from the poor country that don’t have the money to give to typeracer. And I hope the situation between normal users and premium user doesn’t become unfair.

Yeah,I hope,too,that the situation doesn’t become too unfair between the normal users and premium ones…

Why must you get upset about things that have not happened? Premium accounts have no performance advantage over free accounts and I very much doubt that will ever happen.

Kiske (michaelkiske)with an average of 208 WPM??? Does anyone know, is he a legit?? Got to know that his lowest speed is 75.4048614502 wpm…
Typeracer is getting full of cheaters now a days.. :/

Eric, he is a hacker..I saw his 187wpm race…He never started the race and he suddenly finished the race at the end …

Alex, get a rule like the one which we have in IDM, if a player remains idle on a race track for 5~10 seconds, he/she should get kicked out of the race track (in order to prevent from hacking/cheating) that would cause cheaters not cheat and players can type race with a peace.. 🙂

@ King Mano

I find nothing wrong in people selecting races because:

1. With short races you can take part in more races without getting tired.
2. What if you are in the middle of a long race and your doorbell rings?
3. With long races your final speed at the end of the race is bound to be lower than what you are capable of.
4. There are no rewards for winning long races at Typeracer. A short race gives you more speed and more average speed.

Having said that, I do have a problem with people who select a race, start it, and then don’t finish it because they are doing poorly. Doing this doesn’t show them in good light at all.

Alex as far as leaving races are concerned I suggest that there are people who say that they want 90% win.
Means they want to win every 9 races out of 10.
So definitely these kind of people leave every race which they are loosing.
And I think if a person starts a race and leaves the track when he/she sees that he/she is going to lose then action should be taken against him/her.
If someone does like this for almost 5 races then I think that user should be banned.

I have raced Kiske few times….I did not see anything out of the ordinary but I think Alex might want to double check.

He left races a lot though. he didnt jump to the end with me but there are lag issues too and it is not a science…you should be careful what you say.

Some days your fingers are doing ballet on the keyboard,

Some days they’re behaving like the drunken man on the road,

Strange are the moods of the fingers.

Wow, I’ve just had a series of races with Sean, Zevus, Noah and myself all on the same racetrack. Competition doesn’t get much more intense than that. I’m not sure I won any of those races, but second or third place is pretty good when you’re racing against a group like that.

Also, congrats to Sean for setting a new single-race record.

yah, i think i overdid it by about 100 races this morning

Congratulations Both Sean and Zevus for each getting an individual highest score respectively 227 WPM and 219 WPM.. Keep up the good work.. 🙂

i actually liked the 199 I got on a very long selection like right near the end.. w/ my fingers practically falling off..

just got super lucky w/ ZERO errors though.

i’ll probably be back in a few hrs for some more =p i think i’ll screen capture it too

(oh, the 199 was a new passage record by like 7 wpm or something)

Yeah, 199 looks like when you’re tired and can close the race with 199 WPM, I wonder what it’d have been, if it were your first day of the race… 😛
I still remember, you for 200 3 times for today, right???

I know one of those races w/ like 5 ppl, I was a decent amt out in front and I guess I was happy so I kinda slammed the ‘.’ key but I accidentally hit the windows key and all kinds of weird stuff starting happening then =(

haha.. if I was using that 1391401, it would have just been alt or spacebar and easy to fix..

but even if i counted that, i only would have won twice out of 6 or 7, w/ “everyone” in them. the passage i won in was pretty easy win, but it was one of those things where i have lots of scores in the top (so other ppl may not have seen it)

anyway, it was a lot more interesting than normal i guess. but on the flipside, my avg wpm only increased like .1 wpm, since i only quit a dozen or so early. against bots, i dont care so much

i think 200+ maybe 4 times. i was so close to 200 on that long passage tho.. but couldn’t do it.. although if i was “fresh” (like at my best, maybe 10m after i started) i probably would have ended up making an error anyway, from typing faster.. haha.

i know i have a high score on one of those passages, like 210 or something, that i don’t think i could duplicate. i think those really small ones rely a lot on “lucky” starts.. like sometimes i start at 50 wpm and other times 250 wpm when it first tells me..

Dude, this is something UNEXPECTED from you, where on a simple 2 1/2 line text, you got beaten by chimchimchim?
Here’s the link,

Good work Chimchimchim

Zevus, couldn’t you complete the race???
I mean, you at your worst and chimchim at his best (or say a better stage of typing)or you too were seeing him typing??? (like how this guy ‘Sunil’ was doing):P

Why didn’t you start typing though??
The pic that you uploaded looks fishy..;)
You could have beaten both chimchimchim and Zevus with such a short easy quote, correct??? 😛


Whatever the people say I think that Sean and Zevus are the best racers.

Yes Shohaib, that’s true, we have champs like Sean, Zevus, Phillies_Magic, Zachary989, Noah, chimchim, they are the stars of Typeracer.. 🙂

Man, sounds like I missed out on a lot this morning… I was only there for a few races before I had to go to work. btw, I was the one logged in as “anderson silva”. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many 150+ scores in one race. Good job, guys!

Anyway, I guess I’ll stop logging in with random guest names from now on… if you’ve ever raced against someone with a name like “i ❤ ” or the name of a random MMA fighter, it was probably me.

Sure, I said I quit a dozen or so early. But seeing as how you observed probably 100 or 150 races, I dunno why you’d choose to screenshot that one in particular. Or why you never actually chose to actually try to beat me in a selection outside of a few of the “fast” ones (where you gave up about 1/2 way thru each time haha). I don’t care about the races completed/races won stat. I do care about the avg WPM stat, but not nearly to the extent of some of these people. Does Ritesh have 90 races finished in one hour? You? Pradip? Any of these other ppl posing as 150wpm typists?.. My 957 to 1035 races were completed within one hour… because I don’t sit there and reload over and over or quit out of 99% of what it puts me in.

But, yes, I do leave early sometimes.

It really just makes me want to make a new acct, go for that 195wpm, and I’ll even screen capture every single one of them too, so ppl can see it’s not “cheating”. The top list is full of fakes…

S S, philliesmagic, these ppl are legit typists, they have lower avgs than ‘pradip’, ‘bhargav’, ‘ritesh’, because they dont quit 99.9% of the time.


eric, i’m sure the jpg is legit. it doesnt really bother me. i suspect i probably exited that race earlier and my WPM continued to drop, but I do recall that S S beat me at least once (maybe twice)… stuff happens.. you make a bad error, you lose your focus, you make more errors.. etc.

the smaller selections amplify those errors. the larger ones are more forgiving

I do have a suspicion that Eric Shah is a cheater …He gets his standard 108 or 107 every time he races ..nothing more , nothing less ..just to get in top 20 …true typists …if someone averages 100 , the person is likely to get 110 90 115 …these are just my thoughts perception …and I’m going to quit typeracer I had enough thrill ..but I also know that thrill kills…and the Mallika, Pradip, Bhargav, Sunil ..are all hackers ..someone very old in typeracer must have created all those IDS and that too from India …because Mallika immediatel added all the fast typists after joining typeracer …I know cheaters always exist ..but wanted to tell my mind before leaving…Eric was the only one who saw Mallika finishing her race …148 one else ..Pradip left while Mallika racing …wow …

Some thoughts for people to think…

Friend, I do commit that “NOW A DAYS” I type on an average of 100~110 WPM on an average, But my typing speed was not all the same when I joined Typeracer site way back before a year (or more??), I started typing around 30~33 WPM which I gradually improved a lot by practicing on Typeracer. There was a point of time, where my average was probably 109 WPM (for last 10) when my percentile was 99.3% and I could race with megaracers with 100% percentile. That was the day I saw all Phillies_Magic, Mallika, Pradip and Kukkain, on a race track with me.. If I were cheating, I’d rather had my name on the ‘Fastest Typist’ section.
I don’t say m the fastest, or I type that fast, I’m quite good on short quotes, still I end many of the races in 80 WPMs.. or maybe even less than that. It’s just practice that makes me type above 100 WPM sometimes.. 🙂
Thanks for Paying Attention to me though.. 😉

And those who are old on Typeracer site (From India)are either; Gaurav Mogre, Susheel Sukhraj, Vamsi (nattukittu), or Jaideep John?? Does anyone think that Any player of the above can cheat to get ‘fame’???
I dont think so..

Anonymous is right, and every one here knows that those fast indians(malika,ritech etc) are cheaters, but no one can’t do anything because they are good enough to get pass the cheating test and they don’t get very very high scores so that no one becomes suspicious… But the proves are obvious. They can’t get higher speeds, although they should. Someone should ask them for a viodeo prove, and if they don’t make one Alex should delete them. This is the best solution… I strongly believe that they are one and the same person, just to keep India high on the top..

@Truth and Anonymous
Well dears I think I know Eric (not personally but here in typeracer) and he is not a cheater, If he were a cheater then definitely you would have seen him among top in fast typists.
One should not criticize if someone is playing good we should rather praise him.

Well done Eric
Keep going and don’t be disappointed from their thoughts.

When you are too intent on winning, you miss out on the joy of finding your fingers landing on all the right keys with 100% accuracy. And when all your fingers land on the right keys with 100% accuracy, 9 out of 10 times you will win.


I didn’t said Eric is a cheater… I was talking about Malika, Ritech, Botracer…

@truth – I’ve never raced against those people, but I don’t think they’re cheaters. I figure they just use heavy race selection and leave the races where they don’t perform well.

Mako, don’t be so naive. I’m not saying this to be rude. It’s just that most of us realized that they’re cheating. Just think and analyze them. And one more thing. There is another theory that states that they are all the same person. And that makes perfect sense. See ya !

I agree with Mako; I’ve raced quite a few times against Ritesh and Mallika, and while they do select a lot of races, I’ve never witnessed anything suspicious. They leave a lot of races, but based on what I’ve seen, they don’t appear to be doing anything against the rules.

Why don’t you open your eyes ? There are programs that help you cheat without you even figure who’s cheating, only by typing a key… The only problem is the cheating test, and they pass it cause they type around 130 wpm. But they (he) cheat in order to keep indian playerrs high on the top…

I’ll vouch for Ritesh. He does leave almost all of his races (maybe 95%+ of the ones I raced with him), but it seems evident that he actually types the texts, as we have gone neck and neck several times at an appropriate speed. The constant race-selection does heavily skew his results.

As for Mallika, Bhargav (bottracer), and Pradip, they all exhibit some very obvious tell-tale signs of not actually typing the texts. It is very possible, as someone indicated just now, that Mallika can actually achieve 148 wpm, but I am sure that the multitude of 180 scores are not legit. If they are, there are myriad ways to prove it, starting with doing it with someone else in the race too. As far as I’ve seen, she always just sits at 0 when we end up in the same race. Happy to be proven wrong, of course!


I’m well aware of the existence of such software. However, I’m not convinced that the users you mention are cheaters. When a user’s average speed is very close to their max speed, there’s a good chance that the user does a lot of race selection and race-quitting. That is, the user will only type texts that they’re comfortable with, and when the user does poorly in a race, they’ll quit before the race finishes so that the score won’t be included on their record. Lots of people do this (I’ve done my fair share of race selection before), and I wouldn’t consider it cheating.

I could easily be wrong about this, though. I’m only basing my thoughts on those users’ stats. I’ve never raced against them before.

Don’t you think that if he types certain texts all the time, he should’ve scored higher Personal Bests already ? His average almost the same as his best speed, is simply suspicious. When it comes to slow speeds it doesn’t applies, cause it wouldn’t make sense to cheat for obtaining slow speeds. I mean, those guys did appeared in the same time ?

Hello gang Evolution TOP100 Races Completed on:


Amen [Dvorak Trainee] (amun)

Whoah I see my nick in some posts! Amazing! Yeah.. I beat Zevus.. that jpg is legit. Therefore I RULE!! 🙂 But I don’t mind the 5 million times he beat me before and after that. I totally enjoy racing speed demons like Zevus, Phillies_Magic, Noah, and the many others who continually apply maximum spankage and don’t leave races often. They eventually make me faster anyways, so they get nothing but my respect and gratitude. I prefer racing faster people anyways, regardless of their steroid usage. I have to admit Zevus isn’t someone I’d consider a race selector, or someone who leaves often. I’ve raced Sean and saw him leave a few times.. but surely not because someone is going to screen capture me beating him(hasn’t happened yet). I just hope when I do, someone captures and posts that too! 🙂 In fact, you Photochoppers can make one up if you’d like, as it may never happen for real.

And my thoughts on leaving races. I’d never do it unless someone walks into my office, my phone rings, or(quite often) the WPMs stop moving as I type, in which case if I finished the race the WPM time eventually catches up with a REALLY slow reading. I can’t be the only one experiencing this, but it happens a bit. I’d more blame this type of stuff with Zevus leaving then him being a race selector or stat-bumper-upper. I’d never leave because someone is beating me, or because I’m about to finish 50WPM below my average. That just doesn’t help me know how fast/slow my -ACTUAL- average is. I don’t really care how fast I am compared to anyone else. I just care about getting faster after each month… plus I think it’s rediculously fun. Typeracer, along with my Rubik’s cube, are great ways to kill time while my apps are compiling or out for testing. They clear my mind of work while I’m at work.

Lastly, I paid for my premium account.. Y donde estan mis estrellas???


Yes, I cheat , lol . I know .It’s pretty obvious that one can use other names ..for example. The anonymous who said “alright” was not me. I was the one who posted as anonymous ….ah Yes Yes cheaters can breathe least you guys have a life in typeracer by cheating :d

and yes I’m not Eric .

On a related note, I’ve decided not to do any race selection or to leave any races from now on. I haven’t left very many races before, but I have done some race selection. So if you ever see me doing either of these things, feel free to call me out! 🙂

Truth: I didn’t mean to say that I know for certain who’s cheating and who isn’t cheating. I just meant that I personally haven’t seen anything that I would consider suspicious. I certainly could be wrong, though.

As far as race-selecting goes… I agree with chimchim and the others. I try to finish as many races as I possibly can. If you see me leave a race before it’s over, it’s almost always because of unrelated circumstances, i.e. I get interrupted by a phone call, my Internet connection fails, I experience lag, someone in the race is cheating, everyone leaves before the race starts (preventing me from being able to get a win), etc. I’ve also closed the browser window by accidentally pressing an unknown combination of keys; I still haven’t figured out how I do this, but I’ve done it a couple dozen times. But I never leave because of a poor result or because I’m losing. I have plenty of races in my race history that are well below my average, and I don’t mind them being there. If you have a lot of fast races, you’re going to have plenty of slow ones too — it happens. It’s fun to increase your all-time average or set a new record, but like chimchim said, I’m mostly here just because I enjoy it.

Why to criticize others??
What’s the point in doing that?? Phillies_Magic and Chimchimchim are correct. We’re here for fun and to improve our typing skills.
I hope there’s no other ‘Eric’ who claims “I’m a cheater”.
Happy Typing.. 🙂

I found it strange, but there’s a player (User ID: Zevus) has mentioned all the Indian Typists names and is performing good number of races..
Are you the same person Zevus??
Or people have now started duplicating your name also?? 😛

haha, that’s me.

Riteshmallika Pradipbhargavbalwani (zevus)

Avg. speed (last 10 races):
197 WPM
Avg. speed (all time):
194.1 WPM
Last race:
194 WPM
Best race:
216 WPM
Races completed:
Races won:
Skill level:
Rank (WPM percentile):
Experience Level:
Typist 1

been doing practices, so it doesnt disrupt other ppl. captured maybe 1/3rd or so of them on camstudio, since i guess some ppl will have some doubts. it’s disruptive to have the mic/headset on, but i guess i could screencapture all the rest , just not have sound on.

but it’s not aimed at ‘indian typists’, but just those obvious ppl at the top, which might all be the same person anyway

that only took about 45 minutes too, but not gonna do any more for now.. maybe later..

actually i’d probably stop him before 100 anyway

Good Ones this time Zevus..
This is a good effort.. 😛
Looking forward to see some more videos on YouTube.. 🙂

Dear how to you bring that picture along with your name?

Zhevus, when will be able to see your new videos ?

the first one was 15m, but i think youtube limit is still 10m? so i’d have to cut parts out. and render it into smaller size and stuff. i dunno, im pretty lazy. maybe i’ll do some smaller one later

Brother, I just saw someone posting crap comments with my name that is ‘ERIC’ that I’m a cheater and stuff, I was pretty disappointed.. This pic comes only for those who are registered on And being a registered user, I now have my own pic.. 🙂
In order to prevent from Duplicate Erics… 😛

Compress it rather coz that would save much more space and you can upload the entire file in a single video..
Waiting for the same. Do it as soon as possible..


I used to have Capslock and Backspace swapped, so when I would go to hit Backspace I would accidentally press Tab as well, which ended up triggering the browser’s Back function because I was no longer focused on the text entry field. I don’t have this issue now that I no longer use this configuration (because of the layout of this new keyboard, basically).

Chimchim–I think you should defeat Dufour. He said it is “impossible” and that if you do 150 races per day, he will do 151 races per day. Maybe we could create some sort of a sponsorship system where people give money to their favorite candidate to subsidize their racing. (Because really — if you want to beat DUFOUR, you might have to stop going to work, etc., and you will need the extra money)

Phillies / Jack – I also (fairly) regularly have that problem with mysteriously closing the browser tab and wish I could figure it out. I’ve been thinking of disabling my Control Key to hopefully fix this and similar problems. Let me know if you figure it out.

Hi everybody! I just got back from a months vacation a few days ago and wanted to say hey. What does everybody think about the new experience levels and premium accounts. Whether i want to have a premium account or not i know my parents wont let me anyways. Now, for the past few months I’ve been stuck at 70-85wpm and need your opinion. I havent been typing that much in the past few months only about 5-10 races aday not like the beginning of the year with 20-30 races a day. Is this stop because i havent practiced as much or is it the limit of my typing speed for now considering im still growing and my fingers cant handle any faster speeds. Should i practice more because im practicing less or should i lay off for 5-10 races a day until i grow up a little more?

Man! I keep forgeting to put my name on! anyways previous message was from me

Good competition

amun = 111.23 races by day last 5000 races
chimchimchim = 103.85 races by day last 5000 races
dufour = only 55.94 races by day last 5000 😉

you should not worry about this premium account, it isn’t a big deal. i wouldn’t bother parents for $$, unless maybe they like it that you’re practicing typing, i dunno.

as for fingers not moving quicker, i’m not sure about this. i regularly did 150+ and hit 200 some times when i was in 7th grade, like 12 or so i guess.

there. the interesting stuff starts around 7:00, but you can watch the other stuff leading into that and the commentary if you want. the nerd rage moment at like 7:35 or so owns , i almost edited it out but what the hell. the two races i finished start around 8:00.

i think mostly it was a case of getting warmed up a bit, after those two i did much better

Nice video, Zevus. Do I hear Cherry Blues?

Oh, never mind. It sounded lighter like Cherry blues at first but later I could hear buckling springs.

Well i am very short for my age and my hands are quite small for an 11 year old. Can’t really reach the numbers and signs yet while still staying in touch typing position if you know what i mean. 40% of the time i see these ()-_! and i need to take all my right handed fingers away from jkl; and type them which takes my typing speed away because it takes half a second to 2 seconds to put my fingers back to the correct place. Can take 2-10wpm away from my speed. Sometimes even more.

It’s actually cherry browns.. =p I just hit them way too hard still. I also still have problemse with.. stuff like that, w/ the random characters. Think it’s just hands resting too heavy on KB.

@andy 569
suffering from that also…….
like whenever i need to type ,_!!@#$%^!@#$% or whatever something like that I need to move my whole hands away, and I always accidentally type out a lot of windows and need to restart the race again. I don’t mean the wpm is too low but just megaracer channel doesn’t have the time for me to type the whole thing again = =

@King Manu
See dear its not only me who says that you leave races
Baburao has also noticed you quitting races.
We don’t have any problem that you leave races I would rather say no one has problem if people leave races because typeracer give us the option of leaving races if you don’t want to play them.
We also quit races but we never say that we are the best or we never claim that we never leave any race and we win 9 out of 10 races.
You do leave many races which you are going to lose but even then you say that you never quit any races. Be honest and tell the truth that how many times I beat you.
And sorry if my words have hurt you, keep on playing and have a good time.

@ Blue Eyed Boy

If you and Baburao want to compare yourselves with me then.

Please set a time and date and let’s have three some reaces without skipping.

And let’s see who wins by how much.

You people just race up to the most 10 races a day and your fingers are fresh like a sprinter and you compare yourself with a person who races all kinds of stuff easier and difficulty and finishes 100 races a day average.

It’s too too shame…..

I am bang on target

I have noticed many people here who do race selection for keeping up their average and ease their fingers and to come in top 20 list

Are they honest?

If I have my own ambition then what’s problem with you guys?

a user named “oo0oo 00o00 (oo0oo)” is a cheater.
I was racing before a while when this player did not start typing and at the very last moment, the player completed with 121 WPM.

Can’t you see that every time Malika plays, Ritech or Bottracer, play too ? They play in the same time ! Isn’t it obvious that they’re the same person ? Also, today, I saw a guy called “Kukkain Fan”… Pretty weird…

@King Manu
Ha ha ha ha
How many times have you lost from me?
Be honest and tell the truth..

Ritesh is a legit and he types. I would suggest the “cheatingindians” to check if Ritesh is cheating or not..he does make a lot of mistakes while typing ..and no bot makes mistakes ..that’s the only clue
there is no one who can program to purposefullyh
make mistakes and erase and type it again …
there is no program like that and will never be
Even if there exists one, the speed will reduce
drastically and one can actually know if it’s
some mistake made by a bot, he is human and
he types ..Im an Indian and im really against
Mallika, Bhargav, Pradi and all those as they
prefer to reace only with bots and it’s evident
that they are hackers, but not Ritesh. and
I’m proud that he is actually a very very fast
100% ranking typist from India.

Yes, that’s correct. Ritesh is a legit. But not sure about other players. 😦

listen, man….If they are so fcking legit…Tell Ritech TO MAKE A VIDEO OF HIM TYPING ! Let us see the video, and I will bow in front of him and never call him cheater again

That’s upto Ritesh . I don’t have any contact with him to tell him to make a video, but I have raced with him and I know he is legit …He may not have the need to prove to you ..I just told you my honest opinion on Ritesh, that’s it.

India is a country with a huge internet-literate population which is perhaps more than any other country’s. So it is obvious that even if a small percentage of that population cheats at Typeracer, it would seem like a big number when compared to other countries. I would like to believe that this small percentage does not represent India.

My suggestion is that we don’t bring the country into the discussion on cheating, and instead discuss about the cheaters themselves.

Friend, there is already Ritesh’s typing video on YouTube since very long time; though it is not of Typeracer.
Here’s the link:

Reply back if you find this link LEGIT..


How did you know it was Ritesh typing or that it was his video?

I know Ritesh personally, he is my colleague, we work in the same company. Moreover he gave me this link of his typing video and you can get the same link on his facebook profile as well.. 🙂

bujan_senang is a cheater, i raced with him

@ blue eyed boy

Why don’t you come for a 20 non-stop races betweeen you and me.

I swear I won’t skip even one and let’s shoot the whole races and put it on youtube and the whole world will know who is honest by how much.

I know you don’t agree with my idea because you know how much I am better than you


Shame on you to win on my tired fingers.

You fix a date and I will win over you by miles

blue eyed boy what is your average speed? King Manu’s average is around 73wpm and what’s yours. I have a feeling that blue eyed boy is better than you King Manu. I’ve been reading both blue eyed boy and King Manu comments. Despite what blue eyed boy has been saying about you King Manu that you quit alot of races makes me believe that if you race blue eyed boy in 9 races without quitting blue eyed boy would win. You two are like rivals. You guys should race. See who’s best. If you do race I’d like to know the results. Maybe put it on youtube as well. Blue eyed boy vs. King Manu.

here is the world’s fastest typist:

this fool typed so fast he lost 25-30 jobs. because he typed too fast (dont mention the crack habit wtf)


That is just insane. He’s like a magician on the keyboard… 160 wpm on a typewriter? O_O

Dear my average (without skipping too many races)is 76.644 right now when I am typing this message.
Hitler has said that…
“Don’t compare yourself with others if you do so then you are insulting yourself.”
So I never compare myself with other people and as far as rivalry is concerned King is not my rival and as per your suggestion of fixing the time and racing him I am ready for it and I would rather say that lets play 100 races why only 10 for me 10 races are nothing.
And If I start playing like King means skipping all those races which he sees that he is going to lose and in that case I will be having the average of 80+.

And I am extremely sorry King if my words have hurt you
I really apologize for it but truth should be revealed.

Is Ron Mingo alive nowadays ?


only ron “Typewriter” mingo is allowed to make musics with typewriters

Just as i wanted I got it. I got to race both of you blue eyed boy and King Manu. Both of you did the same thing in the race with me. Near the end both of you quit. Both of you quit when your speed was around 10-20wpm lower than your last 10 average and everybody else finished. While seeing both of you race I think both of you have a fairly equal speed checking your result when i raced both of you and your averages. Seeing you guys race eachother is a site to see. Im thinking alot of neck and neck moments. If you guys do race do put it on youtube. I’d like to see!

what do yo mean by “do not make music with typewriter” ?

@ andy

I want to race you on your race track but not when my fingers are tired after playing 100 races at the end of day but when fingers are fresh, swift like deer legs

Then you will know who is King Manu


Yeah, Ron Mingo has a short Wikipedia stub page indicating that he’s still alive at age 63.

Regarding the Indian typists, I have raced Ritesh enough to agree that he is definitely legitimate, albeit a very heavy race-selector (but hey, almost everybody else in the top 20 did that too so…) Most of the others on the top 20 however do not seem to be.

S S is right that I did race-select a lot in the past (usually on my arenasnow account, not my arenasnow2 account) when I was trying to break Jelani’s record. I bailed out of tons of races if they didn’t look like they were going to be 200+, but he is also correct that I didn’t bail out of any of them because I was on pace to lose (which I never was). Eventually, when I finally did break Jelani’s record, I decided to do it in practice mode so I wouldn’t bother typists who were planning on complete races, which I felt was a more considerate thing to do in general, even though none of the races counted as wins. Now that I have that record, I bail out of maybe 0.5% of races at most, and usually because I have an errand to run or the stoplight doesn’t appear so another typist gets a head-start (which happens occasionally), etc…

I’m glad we don’t see those typewriters anymore. Those keys used to be so hard! Fingers would start aching in no time! Not to mention the irritating problem of keys getting ‘stuck together’ at frequent intervals. Primitive!

Sean, why don’t you email him, or challenge him ?:P I saw that someone on youtube posted videos of Ron Mingo, named Tod Mingo…

Since it’s been mentioned several times, I thought I’d share what I’ve observed about the “stoplight not appearing” issue:

It happens when one already has a popup going (viewing someone’s racer stats) where it should appear, and this popup appears at just such a time to avoid the built-in closing. In other words, view somebody’s stats right as the stoplight would appear, and you will “lose” the stoplight. (Maybe there are other causes, but this has been the most common one for me.)

Here’s the solution if that does happen: Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, below the links at the bottom. There’s the stoplight for this race, and you can scroll back up and mentally count down once it hits 3 or so, in order to hit the ground running, as it were.

(For those interested in the technical details, I assume this occurs because the position:relative or static (or perhaps float:right) assignment of the stoplight is already occupied by the racer stats popup, so in effect the stoplight becomes clear:both.)

As far as race-selecting goes, I think the intangible results are becoming clearer: the stats may look faster, but the other racers know better, and more respect is given to those who finish nearly every race.

By the way, complaints about race selection appeared immediately when accounts were created – check the August 22 2008 blog post.

I seem to recall having played devil’s advocate on this issue a while ago – noting that, as currently set up, there is no way to have a true “top 20” list _without_ race selection. Carefully choosing and racing the best texts does represent the best of a typist’s “sprinting” ability, and relying on the whims of one’s 10 most recent texts is not a fair statistical comparison between different typists.

If we want to find an optimal solution to encourage people finish all of their races and still compete for the highest scores, a couple of options come to mind. To do this, we could take 1) the average of the top 10 races all-time (though this would dissuade people from racing hard texts), or even better 2) the average of the top race on each of the texts one has raced, with a minimum of, say, 250 texts.

I’m working on a proof-of-concept website that will actually show what this ranking looks like, using the export system. It’s up and running, but I need to sort out some issues with importing new users before I’ll post the link here. I can say already that it works rather well – out of all TypeRacer users (excluding mallika and bottracer, whose races I consider spurious), the top three “text best” averages:
1) Sean (184 wpm)
2) Zevus (176)
3) Phillies Magic (164)… because he’s raced so much and has presumably achieved good scores on nearly every text by now.

For reference, Jelani comes in 6th at 158, and he would have to race quite a bit, including difficult texts, to raise that.

The “last 10 races” metric is accurate for gauging sprinting speed, but doesn’t encourage further racing, or completing one’s races.

Well then. Where do you live King Manu? If you tell me we can probably set a good time to race on my racetrack. Althought I am a megaracer typing in the low 80s so you’ll probably wont be able to beat me so often. Although this is just for fun and for me to observe your skills so i hope you wont be too worried about beating me.

Hey King Manu just came to know that you have thrown a challenge 2 my frnd
If u hve dat much guts then come on man face me let’s see whether you can beat me or not?
My all time average is 75.134 and your average might b better then mine but I am good in one thing that I never quite a single race even if I have to type it in 20WPM I won’t leave that race.
So WTF r u wai8ng 4 come on and let’s have fun.
Let’s have 100 races at the same time and play it head to head and let others watch it…….

you guys are so kids…I would rather prefer to see a video of Sean and Zhevus playing, not you to…

@ blue eyed boy

Your tauntrums will not stop me from reaching my goal.

First you and andy beat my highest score of 112 wpm….

Then let’s talk about who is better by what

If I use race selection and just play only 10 races per day like you both then my average will be 90 wpm

Pls don’t play games with King Manu

And next time u come, you/will be defeated by margin if you are in to my time when my fingers are fresh…..

@ Noah

I am waiting desperately to your statisitics.

I know surely placed somewhere

Thanks Man

@King Manu
Come on man without race selection and I know you very well you only complete those races which you are going to win.
And you skip the rest of them.

Blue Eyed Boy

I never told you I don’t skip races

I skip races if mega racers come in form of guest and disguise themselves

I don’t play with bots who are higher than my all-time average because they have uniform speed

I don’t play with mega racers because they are better than me

So these are my specific reasons

I am ready to race with you

Tomorrow 2 pm Indian standard time

Non-stop for two hours

If you have guts then be ready

Else stop commenting on me

Another thing, I don’t do race selection, it’s not in King Manu’s nature

I would definitely like to see that site, Noah. I look forward to it.

Mako: Nice racing with you. Out of 32 races, I counted 18 wins for you and 14 wins for me. Many of those races were extremely close as well; there must have been at least a dozen that were only 1 or 2 WPM apart. That was definitely fun.

Mallika and Bottracer’s races are considered spurious?! I wonder why 🙂

I really like the idea of recording everyone’s best race on each text, since it encourages people (Like me) to always race to the best of their ability, no matter how difficult the text.

Thanks Noah.

king manu is so much spam, damn.


yeah, that sounds a lot better than the current ranking system on here. sean told me a little something about it a few weeks ago, but you had already made it private or whatever.

it does still have its problems though i guess since it favors those that have more races on each selection since some people don’t have 3 on every selection? or at the very least, the more races you have the higher the chance that you hit one out of the park.

i think it’d be a good change if it was made so practices don’t count towards your score, but do appear in a passage’s top list.. you should also be able to select which passage you want to practice on.

really, this site could be made so much better with just a few easy modifications

Hey King Manu read the comment of ZEVUS
It’s not only me who calls you a quitter now even Zevus has noticed you and he calls you a SPAM
ha ha ha
Congratulations for your new name.
This is a shame for you that everyone here just hates to play with you and hate to see you here.
Go and hide your face somewhere. You looser with your target of 9/10 wins.

Phillies_Magic: Thanks! I had a fun time racing with you as well. Yeah, I can’t remember the last time I had so many races come down to a 1 wpm difference. Good stuff!

King Manu and Blue Eyed Boy: Take it easy guys, it’s just a typing game…

OK, the site’s ready to be released!

There are a number of potentially useful stats available. At the moment, it only supports regular TypeRacer accounts, and a large number of those have been imported already.

Happy to take feature requests.

30000 LOSES for me 😉

24493 win and 30007 lose

% of win: 44.94%

it’s not good
it’s not important for me

i type 90.5 wpm last 5000 races not abandonned i finish my race over 98 or 99%

me abandoned is lose my connection only

my avg all time 84 wpm

Now 90.5 wpm last 5000 its 6.5 wpm over its good for me for no abandon.

scuse my english i speak french all time and my practice in english its not good because person speak english in my country.

Just to let you know King Manu i would really like to race you along with blue eyed boy but 2pm standard indian time is 4:30am where i live. And King Manu you said you dont race megaracers because they are better than you. Well, I am a megaracer!

That is excellent, Noah. Some thoughts/observations:

1) Did I really do 659 races in 24 hours? Hahaha… wow, I honestly don’t remember that.

2) It’s nice to see a list of the highest single-race scores ever achieved. That’s something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. So, according to that list, seven racers have broken the 200 WPM barrier: Jelani, Sean, Zevus, Kukkain, Noah, Valikor and Jack.

3) An index of texts! Fantastic. This is another feature that I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time.

Overall it’s phenomenal. As a sports fan (which might not be surprising, given my name), I love stats, and there’s definitely plenty of them there.

Mine was 199.97 but it rounded up.

@ Noah

Very sad that you haven’t included facebook accounts

@ Blue eyed boy

This is my last and final message to you….

If you are there in the race, then I will make sure you are there alone else I will quit because all races with you from now on are going to be recorded

Now Cheer up

@ Noah

How to import Facebook account

Pls help

Thanks a lot man for your work and you have done a great job.

I fall on 290th number. And I am good to see my name in the list and next time I hope I will jump a bit on the top.

And here’s my statistics.
blue_eyed_boy 1,344–79.76–387–76.66– 79.61–96.29—99.03—900–66.96–84

PS: Can Anyone please tell me that how can I import my number of races here from Facebook and Orkut. Because I have played many races there and now I want to add those races here to my this account.

it would be nice to include “Last seen” and “Country origin” for every player 😛

I thank people like

Baldracer, Tiaborkee, Janetcon, Betty Takata, JaideepJr, Aryan, Baburao, Mohammed, MinNimcole, Vimmy, and many more race selectors who make my goal easier by skipping tougher ones.

And I can finish those races calmly and win them

I guess, there is some big bug going on with the site. I closed a race with 78 WPM. the car stopped moving on the racetrack and after a few sec it reached the end point with 42 WPM.
And then again, when I joined a new race track, the race started immediately after I joined, when I started typing, I was kicked out of the race track along with the following message:

You have been disqualified from the current race under suspicion of cheating.

We apologize if this happened by mistake. Don’t worry, this has no consequence whatsoever.

You can go ahead and join a new race. 😦

@King Manu

1) There is no dishonesty involved in selecting races.

2) There is dishonesty involved in not finishing selected races (I’ve seen you do this).

3) There are 100s of better typists than you on Typeracer.

If you can sincerely accept the above three facts, you won’t feel like bragging about your skills or criticizing the others’ lack of it on this forum.

Dear Typeracer

I can’t access typeracer from Facebook pls help!

It’s been from one hour or so

Pls help

I am waiting

Typeracer in Facebook is not working

I am gonna sleep now

And what else to do?

I hope it wil get better by early morning

Dear guys pls don’t bother me

Sorry for hurting you all…..

If you are in an around my average

I am ready to play with you guys on your private race track

So bye all of you

pls pls no more comments one me plsss

Sorry for hurting you all

@King Manu
If you are really a man then from now on you won’t leave / skip any race.
Because everyone here has noticed you leaving 80% of your races and playing only the remaining 20%

You have done a great job buddy by capturing the screenshots and even then if he doesn’t agree then he really …..

blue eyed boy is right!!!!!

tonight was crazy…8 places above 140wpm

@Blue Eyed Boy:
Hey brother, it was real thrill racing with you, I beated you twice and you beat me once. You are of same skill level what I belong to… But my all time is 1 WPM more than yours (maybe because I played more no. of races) But you are really a good player to race with..!! 🙂

why don’t Jelani and Incith don’t come on typeracer anymore, from time to time ?

They both are MIT students and are pretty much busy with their routine life. And on top of that, Both of them are least interested to decrease their current last 10…. 😉

Just now Baburao quit a race with me in middle and I won it.

Feeling satisfied

this is not fair, just because they don’t want to decrese their scores to be absent for years…Alex should delete accounts that are absent for 1 year…they should at least come here in a while…but now, they saw themselves with high scores, and now they ignore us. Their only purpose was to make high scores, they never liked typeracer, they liked the idea of being there on a top…bleah !

Jelani Nelson was last seen before a few months (not sure but 2 months ago) on Typeracer IDM (instant death mode) and performed blazing fast 10 races and got his name on the top 20 list. Sean reclaimed his position; however, Jelani’s All time speed is way more higher than Sean’s All time speed!!

Jordan (Incith) is not an MIT student. (???) Jelani is. They are both very, very fast -.-

Also: King Manu vs. people who hate King Manu — this is a very irritating and non-topical discussion. Please do not post about this again.

In other news, I think that the new icons for different experience levels are cool, although I think the actual artwork is not very impressive. Maybe there could be an open contest to design artwork for the various ranks -_-

Jordan’s a Canuck, so it’s pretty unlikely that he would have gone to college in the US. He is highly knowledgeable about computers (perhaps even close to the MIT standard in that regard) and is working for IBM, so yeah, he’s pretty busy.

I wouldn’t say Jelani’s 232 is “way higher” than my 227, but it is impressive he got a 232 with so few races, considering I haven’t surpassed that in many more races. I did just yesterday score my 100th 200 race though, which in itself is kind of insane…

Thanks dear and it was really enjoyable racing you as well.
And I hope to find you on track soon again to have some fun.

And one thing else that soon I am gonna show you something about King Manu.

My dear it was not us who started, it was King Manu who started this and I think he should apologize from all of us here.

Hey Sean,
I told that speed statistics about the Instant Death Mode. The only difference between your and Jelani’s stats is that you performed more number of races??
The stats are as follows:

Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)
Avg. speed (last 10 races): 197 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): “181.4” WPM
Last race: 197 WPM
Best race: 208 WPM
Races completed: 29
Races won: 29
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 100%
Experience Level: Typist 1

Jelani Nelson (minilek)
Avg. speed (last 10 races): 196 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): “196” WPM
Last race: 181 WPM
Best race: 206 WPM
Races completed: 10
Races won: 10
Skill level: Megaracer
Rank (WPM percentile): 100%
Experience Level: Typist 1

You performed 29 races, maybe that’s the only valid reason, your all time speed is 14.6 WPM lesser than Jelani’s all time speed.

I was talking more about typeracer – normal mode. I have’t seen Jelani and Incith in “years”. And I think that, like I said, their pleasure was not typeracer, but to see themselves high on top, and then to leave…

Experience Leve Icons of premium users are impressive but the icons of free users are so boring in yellow color

I think blue or maroon colors would have been more attractive

You performed 29 races, maybe that’s the only valid reason, your all time speed is 14.6 WPM lesser than Jelani’s all time speed.


lol, who cares? how exactly is this relevant anyway? my BS account has an avg of like 195 over 20 races – not in instant death mode, but isnt the diff there if you make an error you’re out? but, then, if you make an error in one of these 3 line selections you probably won’t have 200+ anyway, right? what exactly is it supposed to prove?

there is some issue w/ starting speed on races here sometimes, i know in one case i could have finished a race near 300 wpm but chose to exit it instead. perhaps packetloss at beginning of race.. unsure. only if this site was composed entirely of like 1000word+ selections would i give any weight to what someones “highest score” is..

just bizarre how much weight some people give to the ‘last 10’ stat, which has to be one of the most useless ones possible in determining the “fastest typist”, on a site that spits random passages at you and allows you to “do-over” an unlimited amt of times

Jelani’s last race was 2/6/10 and Jordan’s was 12/21/09, so neither of them have been gone for “years”. In fact, there have only been TypeRacer accounts for about two years…

The sample size is way too small when the texts are widely different in length and character to make a comparison between Jelani’s ten races and my 29, and the race differences are too huge to make a true comparison between Jelani’s 300-something races and my almost 3000 on my second account. I will admit that when I first went into Instant Death Mode I was a little conservative (slower) when starting out to try to avoid errors, then I realized later that if I typed my hardest, the races I make it through would have really high scores and none of my really low scores would be recorded. I changed my strategy midway, and that’s basically why my early IDM scores were less than my later ones.

I think Zevus is right that really long endurance texts would be a better judge of speed because short texts are by their nature more volatile. However, I say the current TypeRacer framework is better than that considering it’s a COMPETITIVE typing site. If we had 1000-word texts I would probably beat Phillies_Magic something like 160-145 every single time because the longer the text, the less the variance between races and everybody would type at their true speed every time. Whereas here, the texts are shorter and it’s a lot less predictable. One race I could beat Phillies 200-150 or something and then the next race I could lose… I specifically picked him because we have had sessions like that where I blow him out one game then lose the next quite a bit actually. While yes, longer texts would be a more accurate gauge of one’s real ability it wouldn’t be fun here because if you play somebody here and you’re not evenly matched, the same person would win every time. The Ultimate Typing Championship semifinals had some texts that were longer than most TypeRacer texts and they kind of bore that out. The six finalists were in nearly the same order every time. I was first, Dan was second, Nate and Noah were very close battling for third, and Jack and Felice were rather close for fifth on all three texts. That same general order probably would have occurred on that day for any longer text (although in general I think Noah is definitely faster than Nate and was just having a bad day due to using an unfamiliar keyboard).

I like the way TypeRacer works better, and even though I like long texts, what Zevus is suggesting is a bit too clinical for a site like this. There’s no fun if you can’t beat someone better than you on occasion or lose to someone worse than you.

Oh, and somebody was asking about watching videos of Zevus and I. Well, I never recorded any of our sessions, but somebody else did record that session Zevus, Phillies, Noah, and I had so there you go:

Most of those races were pretty exciting and it would have been boring if it was one four or five minute text and we pretty much all attained our averages and nothing more or less.

Has anyone noticing what they are typing when the race ends?

There might be song, note from a book, dialogue from a movie………

Really it’s very interesting and you will be more involved in this game when you start noticing what you type.

I read and understand the text as I type it. Do others not do this? I assumed attentive reading went along with typing with any fluency.

This blog is all about top 20 typeracers who are very very few in numbers but what about those hardworking typeracers right from beginner to Professional

Please you people also share some of your experiences in this blog


People quitting races midway spoils the fun for those who are winning. This needs to be discouraged and prevented.

One solution is to include even quit races when calculating averages and to take the minimum speed that the quitter achieved in that particular race as his speed for that race.

This seems like a perfect solution to me.

If you read this message please come by my racetrack

bujabg_senang from Malaysia is a cheater, I played with him and he’s using a program…Already told you that..Alex ?

Could Typeracer automatically create a bot if a player’s opponent leaves during the countdown?

This would be nice to avoid losses, or avoid wasting time. Just now I started like 7 races in a row against Ryan (grubbs). He left all 7 of them, 6 of them before the race even started. Unless I want to take a loss for no reason, I also have to leave.

PS — @Ryan (grubbs)

I want those minutes of my life back.

I played with Malika Rana today, and I chased him to see how many races he selects to cheat. He selected 20 races without playing, and when I stopped following him he made 181 wpm, playing with the bots, so we cannot see him… And then he quit… Isn’t this obvious ???

Sir, I’m facing problems with the site, whenever I complete the race, it takes time and then reaches the end point after a while. I’m using the mozilla browser and facing this lag problem since evening.
Please sort it out. 😦

im online go to my racetrack

126 races today and left only 7 races.
Can’t play anymore because I am feeling sleepy and having a little bit pain in my fingers now.
Dear it was great playing with you as well thought we couldn’t play more but still it was great playing on a track with you.

Well done buddy keep on playing as many races as you can.
And sorry for not coming these days because Iam a bit busy these days and will be back on track after some 5 days.

And can anyone please tell me that how can I connect my orkut account with my typracer account.

phillies, i woulda kept racing with you but it booted me out of that race to tell me I was using an adblocker.. when I tried to re-enter it put me in something else.. so I guess I’ll grab a bite to eat.. probably be back later haha..

what a mood killer =p

Zevus: No problem. By the way, nice job on the 217 WPM race.

Are there two Blue Eyed Boys?

How to recognize who is who while competing?

Do both come from same country pakistan?

I don’t understand why Zhevus don’t race select, because Wrona does it too, even on his 2nd account. He won’t ever be on the 2nd spot on the “All time average” if the doesn’t start race selecting a little bit, cause everyone’s doing it… In my opinion Zhevus and Arenasnow are almost equal, so the difference is that Wrona does race select more than Zhevus… This is the reality, you don’t have to be deny or be upsaid, Wrona… 😛

My private race track:

You are welcome.

It’s true Zevus doesnt do race selection but Wrona doesnt do it all the time. Just once in a while. Zevus ever does race selection and wrona only does it just a little

I’m prepared to race anyone at this moment

Zevus has quit races before. I don’t get where anybody gets the idea that he hasn’t. That race he was losing to S S, for instance he quit. I have bailed out of some races even on my second account, but very, very rarely (less than 1% of the time), and never because I’m going to lose. Hell, I got a 72 wpm race yesterday due to a glitch (below my actual lowest of 101 wpm) and I didn’t even bail out of that, which says something.

Granted, some people like Phillies_Magic, S S, and dufour NEVER bail out of races for any reason and as a result they may have the most integrity here for that reason. But Zevus and I do occasionally bail, probably with the same frequency. I don’t bail due to having slow speeds though or else I would have almost no races below 150, and I have lots.

This isn’t working for me at all. It keeps informing me that I have a typo when there is no typo and even if I try to retype it, it won’t allow it. So far as I can tell it is worthless!!!!

That sounds like a serious issue and isn’t normal at all. Next time it happens, please use the Contact link at the bottom of the page. I’m sure Alex would find it helpful. Useful info may include:

– Source code of the current page
– A screenshot of the error in action
– The text you were copying
– The text you typed
– The time, date and timezone.


Surely I’m gonna race you tomorrow

congratulations for getting the best speed of 187 WPM. You shine India’s name brother.. 🙂

@King Manu
We are best friends and from the same country
We are so close friends that one uses the nick while the other uses the name.
I hope you got the point but both the people are different.

The only way Typeracer can find out Mallike, Sunil, Bhargav’s cheating is by watching them , They race only with bots and I believe the typeracer can see the race of the bots ….I think

Frequent Non Quitting Racers



Pan (Mas Mas)


The only way Typeracer could identify those indian(or other) cheaters is to:

ASK THEM FOR A VIDEO OF THEM TYPING, and if they refuse, they get their account suspended.
I’m just talking about the top 10 cheaters, cause the rest cheaters are not important enough to us to be sended a request for a viode of them typing…
This is the only way we can have “clean” “Top 10 Fastest typers” ! !

The only way Typeracer could identify those indian(or other) cheaters is to:

ASK(by e mail) THEM FOR A VIDEO OF THEM TYPING, and if they refuse, they get their account suspended !

I’m just talking about the top 10 cheaters, cause the rest cheaters are not important enough to us to be sended a request for a viode of them typing.

This is the only way we can have “clean” “Top 10 Fastest typers” ! ! !

Alex, what do you say about this ? It’s a fair way for everyone…

what the hell is this game?

@ Anonymous

What did you feel it like that?

I’m online and ready to race. IF YOU ARE ONLINE KING MANU COME TO MY RACETRACK!!!!!

I really like this web. practice and see how fast people can type. How about: have some texts with random characters without meaning, because everyone comes from many countries.
If you can type anything you see on the text, it’s more fun.

It’s official: “I know a bloke” has the fastest 100 races of any text:

The Great Non-Quitters List

Dufour Dominic

Beeznees BZN

Pan Mas Mas

Dust in the wind



* To be Updated

re: mallika2

this is entirely unrelated, but when i pulled up your image i got this awesome ad

i took the liberty of editing out the ghetto web address

i lol’ed

when you clicked on my image, that add appeared ? i don’t understand you

@ Jaideep John Rodrig

Dear I am waiting for the most number of races finished this month list

I wanna know where the king is placed

Am I in top 10?

Waiting desperately

@ Baburao

A big thanks to you pal for skipping races against me

Thank You Very Much

S S, I left the race this morning because somebody was at the door. I hope you understand.

Sean.. Please.. you left because you knew I was about to BEAT you.. FINALLY.. After the many, MANY, times you’ve spanked me into submission! Just kidding. Yeah I know who the -real- race selectors are, and you most definitely aren’t, so no sweat from me. But thanks for acknowledging that your visitor saved me from inevitable defeat! I swear one time your visitor will be at your door and you’ll forget to leave the race, and I will FINALLY get my victory over you. But until then, I shall humbly accept my defeats! 🙂

Finally I got a place in top 100 list in most number of Races Played…..

I think Completing a Race after making some mistakes is itself a challenge…..
Many quits the race just because they want a good record on their Scorecard..

S S, best fighting for me on typeracer EVER!!! Thanks for that! You’re my best equal opponent here on typeracer… 🙂

Zoran – yeah we’re pretty closely matched even though I’m sure you win more. I was there when you hit your 183 a while back. Now what’s up with the “newslowkeyboard”.. I think it’s probably a “oldslowkeyboard” by now don’t you think? 🙂 anyways, great racin’ with you.. You are yet another one who always gets me nervous and you make me have tons of typos! Thanks!

I would rather say 50 : 50 for you or for me. 🙂
“newslowkeyboard” yeah it is, but, anyway, is it possible for me to change that? I believe it’s not and even if it’s possible I will not change it. 🙂 183 wpm was a bug. In that time all typists including Jelani and Sean hit their best speeds. My regular best speed is 166 or 163, I can’t remember anymore.
I lost 5 wpm in last 9 months before I work too much and I am sometimes very weak but today I was in a good mood for typing. 😉

I’ve asked Alex before about changing usernames and he says it’s mostly just for newer accounts that screwed it up. I’m not sure how old Zoran’s is but it might be worth asking.

Before people ask (and a couple already have), nosanewar is not me. It’s just somebody rather clever impersonating me. I hadn’t even thought of that anagram personally, but it’s a rather cool one. Obviously, whoever it is is almost but not quite as fast as I am so there’s a relatively limited number of people it could be. But that is quite a puzzle. I actually find the parody account entertaining (much like I enjoyed both seanwronacheats and seanwronaismyehero before it) but I can see how some people who are already annoyed by me having two of the top five scores would be even more annoyed by this parody account if it ever arrives in the top 20. But trust me folks, nosanewar is not me. Would I have scored a 117 and 126 in my first 15 races? Not likely.

Buddy it was really nice racing you.
It was really cool.
Hope to catch you soon.


What are all the great typists doing at the blog at once?

@ Bald Racer

How was the previous game?

You did lose to me by 1 point


@K Manu

I was 100% sure you would comment after beating me 🙂

You are such a kid, brother 🙂

@ Bald

I am surely a kid!

Who am I before your statistics?

I was thrilled after beating such a giant like you.

Thanks for your appreciation

You know you are in poor form when you type a word correct and give backspace.

Sean 247 WPM????? o_O
You are insane man……
Awesome job brother…. 🙂

242WPM!?!?!?!?!?! CRAZY! CONGRATS SEAN. That’s a new typeracer record. And also congrats on another 200wpm. You must be feelin good today.

I am racking up shittons of losses because this kukkain person keeps leaving every race I get in before it starts & it doesn’t add bots. Could this be modified perhaps to always add a single bot?

Wow. I would have never guessed Zevus would break the last 10 record on a day I beat him 39 times out of 52 races. 227 is kind of crazy. Especially if he did it in the regular quotes universe rather than the new quotes universe.

Alot of fast speeds the past few days from some of the 130+ typists. I’ll be trying to break my typing record of 112wpm this week. I hope i do it. I’ve done 2 races above this speed but failed the anti-cheating test. I got 115wpm and 122wpm. It would be nice for the anti-cheating test to be a little less difficult.

I am a bit skeptical about all the high scores. Yesterday I think Typeracer had some sort of lag issue which was actually causing people to get higher scores. I got disqualified “under suspicion of cheating” in 2-3 races in one night (one of them I was typing 1006 wpm before I got booted).

I also typed 180~ wpm on my netbook, which I generally cannot do. Yesterday was an insane day, even after a few beers 🙂

It’s similar to the situation Zoran described the other day…

Of course, I could be wrong, but that is a lot of anomalies (ridiculously high scores) occurring at the same time.

@ Valikor

You are right man! I agree with the lag issues.

I doubt all the megaracers who got highest scores in between 100 wpm to 130 wpm which they got is genuine

Some do testify that they couldn’t pass the capatcha test, it is just because it was not their original speed.

I did get 144 wpm yesterday and I didn’t even attempt the captcha because I knew it was not at all my speed.

So what’s the remedy to handle this bug?

I think people must rely on their averages speed of all kinds of races competed (difficult or easy) and justify their progress else they are foolish to boast their progress.

@ Sumit

I have noticed you are a frequent competitor of the King, please share your experiences with me

I do know that you beat me several times

I marvel at your consistency

@ Jaideep

I am waiting for the most no. of races this month

Dear pls post and if you are busy then pls give the code and I will compile it for you.

Pls da

I am deperately waiting

I cannot Sean is such a show-off person. Everytime we talk about Sean and Zhevus, he doesn’t waste the change to tell that he has beaten Zhevus a certain nr of races… In my opinion Zhevus are Sean are ALMOST EQUAL… There is a small difference, probably the fact that Wrona race selects more, or other factor… And Wrona, we know you are a wiz typer, but stop showing off…


lol maybe he is, though that might be hard to avoid when you are the best at something… since true statements might seem boastful.

Congratulation Sean for the great score which you have recently achieved.

SeanWronaShowOff: Dude. Seriously. This blog/forum is about a racing site. What do you expect Sean and Zevus to talk about?? Do you watch NFL pre-game shows to hear Drew Brees talk about how much he loves to hug players and spank their butts? Do you watch WWF/MMA/ETC. to see the steroid freaks read poetry? Do you read Playgirl to increase your lexicon? Probably not. But being an outlet for discussion about racing, I find it very appropriate for Sean to say anything he wants about typing and racing. He has proven to be one of, if not THE fastest here, so why CAN’T he talk about who he’s beat or how many times he’s won? He’s earned that right and respect, and I like reading his, and other posts about typing and racing. Just as I like hearing NFL players talk smack about other players, true or untrue. This extra-curricular graffiti of thoughts and blurbs makes for VERY interesting races. If all Sean and Zevus posted about were flowers or the etiology of pizza burn, I wouldn’t really care as much about being in a race with them. But knowing that they hate each other so much ( 🙂 *RUMOR-TIME* 🙂 ) makes me anticipate the day when I participate in a race with both of them. Anyways, from one frequent racer to another(wait a second, do you even race??? and what gives you the authority, other than a misplaced opinion, to determine what people should talk about here??), you may not like what he says, but what he is saying is definitely appropriate for this discussion. If it wasn’t then please explain why the “regulars” haven’t posted anything in YOUR defense. Lastly, if you were at all interested in typing and racing, please participate in the discussion, and don’t criticize it.
Sean – Congrats! Sorry I wasn’t there to beat you when you got that ridiculously impossible score!! Maybe next time 🙂


Great post. I also regularly beat Sean Wrona, especially when he gets those super high scores. Although I must point out that Sean Wrona happens to be an expert on the etiology of pizza burn, so I look forward to hearing his thoughts on the topic, as well as the NFL.

New TOP100 Races completed on:

The Winner is: S S (chimchimchim) = 1102 races


Sometimes I post here obsessively because it’s one of the very few things going remotely positively in my life and about the only thing I even HAVE bragging rights on. But I don’t think I’m as arrogant as others seem to. For one thing, I don’t believe this is a particularly important talent in the first place, compared to so many other things I could be doing, and I acknowledge that as far as “the real world” is concerned, pretty much every other Megaracer has a leg up on me. For another, I definitely don’t believe I’m the fastest typist in the world or anything…I definitely think there are people we haven’t heard of who could kick my butt, because I acknowledge that a year ago I was somebody nobody had heard of here. With regard to the current racers here, I think I am slightly, *slightly* better than Zevus because I do win over half the races with him almost every time we have a long session, but it may just be that I have seen the texts more than he has. That may be the only reason for that. I don’t think I race-select more than he does either. He has occasionally bailed out of races with me; I have never bailed out of races with him. But I agree he’s definitely one of the more conscientious Megaracers in terms of not dropping out of races, which is one of the reasons I enjoy racing him so much. Also, who else could you have a 193 race against and lose? That 199-193 yesterday was CRAZY.

And S S, I don’t hate Zevus. I’m actually his only Facebook friend from the typing community (the same goes for Jordan Woodroffe). I’m friends with basically all the big names on the typing sites who make their names public at least, and obviously in Zevus’s case, some who don’t. Zevus and I have had some very long conversations on Facebook about typing and other crap. So no, not an enemy; a rival, yes, but also friend. Kukkain is the only guy here who irritates me sometimes among non-cheaters, but that’s more on TypingZone than here, although even we have been cordial at times. In that sense, Kukkain is my biggest rival, even though there are others faster than him here.

Dear Jaideep

Pls Pls post the top races completed this month.

I am desperate

I think King is on top with more than 2000 races this month

Pls post man else show me how to do it

Pls pls

I am waiting for your reply

I don’t find Sean arrogant at all. I actually find him to be pretty humble overall. I’ve consistently seen him give credit to the other top Megaracers on this site, and I’ve never seen him make an obnoxious comment. Sure, he talks about his ability, but who can blame him? If I could reach scores of 220+ WPM, I’d be proud of it too.

blaise, because of people like you who are leaving 95% of their races I am starting to hate this site. Of course, I can’t 100% blame you, I should blame Alex because he is a creator of this site and he creates the rules. What’s the point (anyway) in leaving soooo many races? To have a higher average wpm? Ok, of course you’ll have it, but typist who can type 105 wpm can make 130 wpm in average but can’t beat me. And, what’s the purpose then? We all sometimes leave races but when someone is leaving 95% of their races that’s a little bit annoying. It annoys people, especially the ones like me!


chimchimchim = 113.38 races by day
amun = 97.97 races by day
sumit91 = 74.98 races by day
beeznees = 71.47 races by day
bob_bongloaded = 65.67 races by day
dufour = 63.64 races by day

This list is not a official list

@ Dufour

Just one month in waiting

Next month I will be in top 100 and also the winner of most no. of races completed in a month

Counting the days

@ Tight

I did catch you finally.

You are the guy who plays very rarely and win cunningly.

My next target person is Mark Joseph but this fellow knows that I am hunting for him to defeat him and that’s why he runs away.

What an enjoyment!

We typemasters have our own beautiful world.

GO GO GO CHIM CHIM!! 100+ races a day! Keep it up and beat DUFOUR 🙂

Valikor: there’s no way I’m gonna beat DUFOUR. He’s really unbeatable here! And there’s no way I’m going to ever get my average above 100WPM. My fingers are just too uncorred… uncorden.. uncoorditad.. umm.. fat. Also we’ll never have a black.. umm.. I mean Afro-American president. Rodney I mean Martin Luther (the) King’s dream just wasn’t meant to be. And who the heck really thinks Neil Armstrong made that “one small step for man” anyways. Things like that just aren’t meant to happen, like Mentos and diet coke.

Actually my goal definitely isn’t to beat DUFOUR. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t, no biggy at all. In fact a while back I was quite surprised how quickly I was moving up the leaderboard with race count, considering I’ve been a registered user for a relatively short period of time. Heck, I’m not even the first ChimChim here(although I’ve been ChimChim since ’91 on the internet). But I’m not going to stop typing if I don’t pass him. I’m just having too much fun preoccupying myself with this while at work. But I have tons of respect for notre ami français whose “ESL” is probably “ETL” or “EFL”, and trying to type in a language that isn’t even your primary language should not even be attempted unless you are involved in witchcraft or satan worship. Plus most notably, he absotively, posolutely NEVER quits races. Why on earth would someone want to dethrone that? So KUDOS to DUFOUR, kudos to Alex, and Mentos to the TypeRacer community!

Wow. I would have never guessed Zevus would break the last 10 record on a day I beat him 39 times out of 52 races. 227 is kind of crazy. Especially if he did it in the regular quotes universe rather than the new quotes universe.


i wasnt keeping track, but that seems about right. but it is extremely advantageous to have typed the same selections many more times than the other person. i.e. many of those i lost at, had your name exclusively in the ‘top wpm for selection’.

i was thinking to myself, i bet i will make this new thing, then sean will have a higher one within 24hrs. but it wouldn’t have mattered much anyway, since i wasnt planning on sitting there forever. it’ll be lower again here soon. but then at least the 210 looks a lot better than 207 and 207.

Well guys I think typeracer is the best online typing site I have ever seen.
And for some people who are passing their comments on others I would like to say that “Guys enjoy the races and improve your typing skill, no need of criticizing on others.”

BTW, on one of those (maybe the 220 one on a somewhat hard selection) the typeracer site gave a first indication of my speed as like 650 WPM. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I think there’s some sort of flaw on how it calculated the starting time

I think the captcha should probably be tighter as well. I passed the latest one I took w/ like 200 WPM, which I think means I’m “certified” to type 250 WPM? It should be more like within 5%..

Zevus, I agree with you on the captcha. Because it allows typos, I’ve passed the test with a score of 230+ before… but I’ve never even broken 200 on an actual race. Something’s not right there.

And Valikor, that race we just had was AWESOME. (Valikor beat me 173 to 173)

Zevus: Yeah, you can occasionally start out with some pretty crazy speeds. I’ve always thought that was due to lag or something. I’ve actually had a couple races where I started with a score so high that the text took up two lines instead of one. It must have said 10000 WPM or 100000 WPM or something like that. This has happened to me a couple times, and it can be distracting because it stretches the entire racetrack. My internet connection can be very awful at times, so I’m sure that’s the cause of it.

Agreed with Phillies-Magic that lag can actually cause you to go faster.

Mako — I was also thinking of posting a comment about that. What a sweet race -_- Have you just started racing more recently? I haven’t seen you in 12+ months…

@EVERYONE — does anyone have any thoughts about the effect of using “SHOW FULL TEXT” versus “SHOW ONE LINE”? In my 14,000 races, I’d guess that about 10 of them were done using “Show one line” mode, but just today I discovered that this could possibly be better…

Yes David, that’s correct.
In beginning, I started off with ‘Show full text’ but lately I found that ‘Show just one line of text’ is actually a better way to type since it shows the exact text that you’re typing (at the moment) and also shows the exact word, number or symbol that is incorrect. So according to my opinion, one line of the text is actually better..

@King Manu
“First you and Andy beat my highest score of 112 wpm….

Then let’s talk about who is better by what.”(22nd of August)

These are your wordings man and now I have broken you record and I just typed 119WPM.
What do you say now?

Slightly longer reply to all the stuff above, haha.

Anyway, yeah, I wouldn’t say Sean is arrogant. Like a couple of months ago he was stating how he thought I was probably faster than him. Now he thinks he’s a little bit faster… personally, like a couple months ago, I thought I was faster as well… but I’ve got, what, 1200 races here now? And the gap in terms of the amt of races he’s beaten me in actually widened.. although he has added more races than I have in that time (like 1500 to 600 or something)… but still… I think the first time we had 20-30 races, it was like 60% for him, this last time was 75%. I do have a new keyboard, but I won’t blame it on that.. I can’t switch back to my old one anyway since it’s horrible for my hands.

I’ll even admit right here that he’s a faster typer than myself… but I don’t think it’s by much. I think if you sat us down and gave us completely random passages that neither of us had seen before, he’d probably win 55-60%… at least on the type of passages that Typeracer usually spits out. 😛

I’d love to see some sort of subarena here that has longer passages (like something that would take a 100wpm typist 2m or so to finish).

@ blue_eyed_boy (shoaib)

I am happy man that you have got the highest score and passed the captcha

Hope someday I may beat your record if I can.

Really I am very happy on your progress.

You are already better than me but what I was supposed to say was I could beat both of you and it wasn’t that I’d never beat you and Andy.

Congrats Man!

I’m proud of you

I agree you are a better player than me as of now

Most Races completed in the Month of August

Sn. Name NO. of Races Winning %

1. SS. Chimchim 4127 75.584%

2. Sumit Chourasia 3607 38.358%

3. King Manu 3218 88.870%

4. Amen amun 3182 47.342%

5. DUFOUR DOMINIC 3065 45.039%

6. bzn (beeznees) 2600 53.748%

7. annie(anniea) 2352 63.535%

8. Darren darren) 1510 37.981%

9. Rio Lukito 1426 44.254%

10. Jaideep John 1201 42.409%

The Winner is SS Chim Chim


@ Dufour

Pls comment on my top 10

It is interesting to see what top10 of August, we see that a lot of notes for this site, hoping to see new names each month so you are brave King Manu for a TOP10 TOP100 a race soon be welcome in our group Completed select and excuse my English because I am writing this on google translation 😉

要是你有别的短文章想用,就跟我联系吧valikor在gmail 点com

I don’t agree with one line thing because the words are scrolling so fast and I get confused

So I better stick to looking at whole paragraph and typer

Congratulations man…
I am really proud of you, in a very short period of time you broke my record and you have set a new record for yourself.
Keep it up man.

I believe blue eyed boy you are slightly better than me but i believe i am faster than Manu. It says on mine that my record is 112wpm but i gotten higher but couldnt pass the anti-cheating test. I’ve gotten 2 abvoe 112wpm. 115 and 122 has there ever been a moment that you couldnt pass the anti-cheating test. This information can lead to who is best.

I wouldnt like the anti-cheating test to be more difficult. For the faster typists may want that but i dont since my speed isnt in the mid-100s yet im still typing around 80-85wpm so occasionally i cant pass the anti-cheating test.

Dear the problem which you are facing has happened to me as well.
My highest score is 99WPM and I have crossed 100 twice and again the anti-cheating test is the problem for me.
Hope that one day I pass it.

@King Manu

Hey I am above you in the list of most number of races played in August…….
I did beat you some times…. but what what i think is that you quit the races very often…. you should try to win the race even after you
make mistakes… otherwise you are very good typist with an excellent scorecard…

Hope everyone will follow me by putting their avatars the way I put today and one person has already done it just I expected

Then we can find out who is who in the blog as well as on race track

Get going

@ SS Chim Chim
Hey I was thinking that I would be on the top in the list of most Number of Races played in August…….But I got a second place on that list…. Nice Job…..

@ Sumit

Thank You Very much for your appreciation and I am very happy that you are in second position.

Let me ask you how do you finish so many races in a month, my fingers are aching like anything but my target is 10k races before Christmas and with 9/10 wins.

And sorry for those skippers because I am here to play this game to win 9 out of 10 races.

So pls sorry for that

Else I would be sitting pretty as a mega-racer and also in top 20 average list frequently, if I don’t ache my fingers by playing too much.

Thanks for being my race partner.

Hope I and you will be in top next month to because the competition has began and Dufour is in full mood

Sumit: I was actually thinking DUFOUR or TheBaldRacer was going to top the list, because every time I log on they seem to already be there! And I’m slightly surprised myself to be at the top of this list. Perhaps this means I should work more? 🙂

@ King Mano
Ya I do think that it’s going to be a tough competition this month….
I think the reason I got this much races played in a month is that I never quits any race in middle …. and ya my i also get tired by typing.. if I wouldn’t then I would be on the top of the list…..

@ SS Chim Chim
I think The competition will be very tough in this month…….. hey keep your 1st position secure for most races played in september….
Good Luck……


I don’t like typing at all 😦

@ andy

I don’t agree with you for captcha to be made easy.

Because this game has lag/bug issues and most of the genuine typers do agree with this.

May be those 120 and 116 you got are not genuine else you’d pass the captcha.

I got 144 once and 126 and 130 too but I knew it was an error and I ddin’t even attempt the captcha for 144.

I request typeracer tp make the captcha more tough so that this game will be genuine.

No but those times ive typed 115 and 122wpm it was accurate i type above 110+ alot but i always drop at the end so i would know what typing 115 and 122 feels like.

Thanks for the report, Jaideep; I appreciate your efforts.



Once upon a time there was a little Indian. One day he created 10 accounts on site known as “typeracer” and then he typed and typed but he has found out that he can’t type more than 110, 115 wpm but he wanted to be the best among the best. Then, one day, he downloaded the program for typing and in a short time he became the best typist in the world…

Well somebody just quoted that it’s good to put your pic so that people should know who is who and what is he typing and he has also quoted that somebody has done this after seeing him doing this.
I think he is talking about me so dear the first person here putting his pic is DUDEPC and the day he put his pic I asked him that how he has done this.
So it’s not bad that if someone puts his pic.
So be cool man.

And congratulations for all the toppers of the list (Most no.of races played in August).

Sean, it was lots of fun racing against you just now. Your typing was awesome (as usual)… I think our score was something like 30-1, haha. Our race on the “humor” text was especially insane – I’ve never scored 180 wpm and yet still lost by so much. (Sean scored 234 wpm to my 180)

@ Shaoib

You did put your avatar only after I did.

So I wast just saying that Shaoib did and pls let others also do.

I was wondering how Dudpec did and I did take some time to go through the things

And it was not at all to offend you.

If you’d put avatar before me then surely I would have given credit to you because you could surely be my inspiration.

Because what you do, I always like to do….that is my competitive spirit.


@ Jaideep

Thank You Man for creating the top 100 this month and I know what I have showed in top 10 had errors but top 5 from me was perfect.

Very Nice to see the King in third place inspite of skipping 70% of races I played as claimed by few of my competitors (I humbly agree with them)

Want to stick to Chim Chim and Sumit in the next month too but I think Dufour is not gonna leave us surely he will strive to keep his position and so you too

Next month I want to come in official top 100 and I will surely, it’s my target

Jaideep, you are gem man.

Keep it up the good work and never get discouraged

You are asset to the typeracer Site

@King Mano
Today you beated me several times….great…
but at that time i was tired………
I think you are working hard to achieve your goal of 10k races with 9/10 win ……. So Good Luck ….

Good to see the list compiled by Jaideep and it is a great work done by him.

And dear SHOAIB and others can you please temme that how did you bring your pic with ya name.
I mean the AVATAR.

congrats to MAKO for beating his personal best with 196wpm!

Everyone is blaming me for my skipping but let me show how it hurts when I am left alone to race

Also, curious to hear from DUFOUR: when you completed 700 races in 24 hours, was it extremely painful? And for how many days did your hands ache?

I am thinking about beating your record, and want to know horrible it’s going to be.

(I guess that same question could be answered by kwang2009, Killingtype, Phillies_Magic, or elevenquasar3, who have all typed more than 600 races in one day, according to this: )

@ Valikor

Do you have any provision to add facebook accounts?

Because I am desperate to see my statistics

King Manu–add facebook accounts to what? The link I just posted is not to a site that I run, though I believe Noah said he hopes to sometime add facebook accounts to that site, maybe soon.

Thanks for the link Valikor
And I am happy to see my name in the list by playing 152 races in a single day.
And I will be trying my level best to break that record and play more than that.
But well I will try to do that on SUNDAY because being on job I can’t do that.

Regards Blue_Eyed_Boy

@ Blue_Eyed_Boy

If you are trying that on Sunday then pls remember King will be there to compete you.

Your fingers will be tired and then the real competition begins

Sumit Tayyar ho kya?

@King Manu
My dear even today with my aching fingers how many times did I beat you and how many times did you leave the race.
Please don’t mind it I am just asking you and as far as Sumit is concerned I don’t even wanna race him because his average is too low therefore I don’t want him to be pulled in the competition.
And today so far I have played 120+ races and there is still time for me and for tomorrow you should be ready, both with the fresh fingers as well as the aching fingers.


Another pakistani cheater caught red-handed

@ Shoaib

Dear when i started racing you today, I was already 100 races old and now I think I have raced 180 races till this time.

By night I am going to finish another 25-30 races

My fingers will be fresh tomorrow morning at 5 am pls come Indian Standard Time

Let’s have fun

Valikor dufour told me that he did it because you wanted to see how it felt like. He said it was very painful and his fingers ached like crazy the next day. That’s all he told me. I asked him a week or two ago.

Hey guys stop it yaar.
I beat you by this you beat me by this.
WTF is this guys typing is a fun game so keep on playing and keep on enjoying guys.
The word RIVALRY does not exist here on typeracer play, play and play its fun playing here.

Yaar still busy in the development of that website therefore won’t be available for a few days.

Dear where does that screenshot show that the GUEST is a Pakistan?

Missing typeracer hell alot.

@ Shaoib

Sorry for not pinning his scorecard but if this fellow was genuine then he’d have beaten Sean in no time.

@ Shoaib

I did like the way I beat you previous race.

Just as my cat does with my mouse

@ Valikor (also known as Phillies :-P)

Yeah, I’m one of the people who apparently completed 650+ races in a single day. I say “apparently” because I don’t actually remember doing it. I generally don’t aim for a high number of races completed; I just race while I’m able to post decent scores, and when that becomes very difficult, I stop. I don’t really get a pain in my fingers when I race that much. It gets increasingly uncomfortable to type because my fingers will freeze up more and more, but the discomfort doesn’t continue if I stop typing and do something else. That’s very rare for me, though. I don’t often go above 100 in a day, let alone 600 or higher.

Wow, the recent high scores list is insane right now: 13 scores over 140 and 6 over 160. I have a score of 152 and I’m 9th on the list. There’s definitely some great competition at the moment.

@King Manu
Dear you beat me not him
Because he is not playing nowadays as he is busy in developing a website.

And that race was really great dear 78WPM both but you were first while I was second.

210 races today and my fingers are hell aching and started jamming in between the keys.
I wonder how Phillies_Magic played 600+ races in a single day.

Both are Shoaib

Two blue eyed boys one name?

One in facebook and one in typeracer!

Anyways both are same to me

I will just quote shaoib for both unless you change your nick

And I have open challenge for both of you

If you people continuously play 150 races non-stop then surely Sumit will beat both of you, just the way he beat me

And any ways I beat both of you already, so there’s no big deal in it

F#%! it! I challenge Sean Wrona to an arm wrestle (alister1986)
You motherfucking loser, you don’t understand that still you’re keeping Sean Wrona’s name on the top by doing this.
Lmfao… 😀 😉

alister is such an asshole , he regularly abuses anyone who races with him, the evil(only I should exist and I must be the first) should be banned…

The subject of knowing how much is an average racing day seems more interested these days so it would be somewhat interesting in a future update you can see the following two lines in our personal information or how it is running by last day in our 5000 races and also play our record in one race a period of 24 hours I’d like to see in this info from someone that I race against and you would like that.

Again I explained that I use google translation for you to write this message if it is incomprehensible say month because my English is not really at its best because there is no English in my area and I am speaking all the french, so no opportunity to practice thank you for your understanding.

Yesterday there were about 25 races in which we both were on the same track but you won only once (78/78 WPM). But the rest you either skipped or lost to me.
So saying that you have beaten both of us is correct but that is once in a blue moon. If you really wanna beat me then you should play non-stop and you should not quit a single race.
If you still don’t agree with me then I can show you the proof.
As my dearest Shoaib has said before that this is not the place to criticize we should enjoy typing but time and again you start overacting and you try to be over-confident.


It’s not fair for Sean Wrona to have the first 2 positions only for him. Everytime someone gets closed to second place, he quickly does races to overcome any possible intruder in 2nd top ! Juse because he types fast he shouldn’t keep 2 places occupied. One is enough… Prettie abusive from your side, Wrona… I know, you keep that account to race select less, but still, I dont’ find it quite fair for you to have 2 accounts on the first 2 positions, and averytime someone gets close to 2nd, you try desperately to overcome him again…

@ Shoaib

Dear when you started playing with me, I was already 100 races old and I noticed you playing every 10 mins or 5 mins but I was playing non-stop

I want to play non-stop 150 races with you right from my fresh hands till my tired hands

But I also want you to play continuously

I am ready to do with my typeracer account but not my facebook account o.k

I am ready

And I swear I will win most of the races, if the player is only you


@ Richard

Why are you running away when playing against the King.

If you win against the King then surely you’ll also have to lose against Him

That is what happened with Ottimo also

@ Shaoib

Do also take snap shots of the ones you lost to me.



Today I could finish only 75 races, because I had to attend worship, wash clothes and had an afternoon sleep.

This game has become part of me and I have started thinking about this even in my dreams.

@ sumit

I did see an orkut user in ur name, just wanted to know if it was you.

On 8th September, I would be posting an important update which you, Dufour, Amen and Chim Chim would love to relish it.

Bye for now.

Meet you tomorrow morning 4 am Indian Standard Time

Til then bye

Manu, really you are not king. Sure there are plenty kings but there are not a bunch of kings in 1 area. This one area is typeracer so if your counting kings Sean Wrona is the king. Perhaps there can be princes. Prince of pro rank, prince of typemaster rank, prince of megaracer, etc. If your so interested of being king practice all day until your ready then when the time comes challenge Sean Wrona. When you can beat him in a series of races then you are king of typeracer.

Hi if anyone sees this message please come by my racetrack!

@ Baldracer

How was the game?

This is what King Manu was talking about his fresh hands.

This will be my hall of fame game because I defeated a giant.

I like facing the giants with my fresh hands

Do also show Shoaib and let him recalculate me.

andy569, if you are on typeracer 24h per day I will be happy to come and race with you, but I guess you are not 24 h online so that means It’s almost impossible that anyone will come at the same time when you’re there. Try to find typeracer friends and then make a deal with them in what time should they come. That’s the only thing you can do for now.

@King Mano
Ya I did few races from my orkut account but I don’t use it now….
I think I did neary 300-350 races from that account…..
Hey Whenever I comes on typeracer i finds you……Seems you are Working really very hard… to achieve 10k goal…..
And I’m anxious for the update you are going to post on 8th sep…..

Dear Sumit

I recommend you to play only small paragraphs, because you are a beginner to pro racer and playing big paras is too much effort on your fingers.

I think you better skip long long paras and concentrate on short paras.


@ King Mano…
It won’t be so benefincial if you quit the long paras…. and the real experience will come when you try those big paras… and finish with your regular speed…You know I’ve attemped nearly 520 different texts till my 6000th race according to the race database and got 9th position in the sorted list according to tests races list….

And my speed is low just because I completes all the races with too many races i tires my fingers.. if I would be selective then I can easily be in range of 70-80….
Thanks for the suggestion…

After a race, why are we limited to seeing our last 10 races on that quote? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to show all of our races on that quote?

My account is very old so I usually have completed more than 10 races on each quote…

Maybe if you guys would finish typing words such as “paragraph” you wouldn’t have such trouble with long races. 😉

1000 Races in 24 hours or 1440 minuts its possible?

Me start 56300 races now 56300 races

My start 6:20 now 56350 races to 7:06

50 races in 46 minutes

I continued…………….

If we really wanna be fast typists then we should maintain our speed on long paragraphs as well, because, sometimes we get 100+WPM in a paragraph which have only 20-30 words.
The speed which we get is done through the calculation of characters per second.
And that speed is not our actual speed, If anyone wants to see his/her actual speed then they should try the long paragraphs.


6:20 to 7:55 = 100 races or 56300 to 56400

I continued………

i stop my marathon lol

@ Dufour

If this is the way you play then you will break all records because you don’t care about your average, races lost, even your hurting fingers

Pls tell me frankly if you are trying to finish to be on top next month in the most no. Of races

concentrate more on trying to type faster

instead of making sweet musics with your keyboard, like mingo

King manu:

No, I am going to finish the highest number of races this month.

Zhevus, it doesn’t matter if Mingo is making music with his keyboard, cause in the same time he is typing like no other…

@ Valikor

I am glad to hear that.

@ Richard CKTC Vietnam fellow (Facebook user)

What happened man?

Why are you running away?

This is what happens when you challenge with the King.

King Manu you said you dont race megaracers. Why do you quit at the near end of the race when everybody else finishes. If you dont race megaracers why do you wait till the near end to quit?

Andy you just scroll up and look for yourself what I did to Baldracer with my fresh hands.

The time I am racing you, I’m already 150 races old today.

So pls come in the morning Indian Standard time

Then I can swift you as a wheat.

Yay! I broke my record of 112wpm with a cool 116wpm! 9 on latest high scores first time in top 10 on latest highscores. YAY!

Congratulations Andy
Well done and good to hear that you broke the 112 of King Manu which he had challenged you and me.
Well done buddy.

Thanks. So what now King Manu i beat your challenge what now? 🙂

Most Number of Races September Analysis

Seventh Day Slumber Statistics

Name Races Pos.Change
1. Sumit Chourasia 1378 +1
2. Annie (anniea) 1040 +9
3. SS Chim Chim 991 -2
4. Amen [DvorakTrainee] 857 0
5. King Manu 810 -2
6. Valikor (David Fritts) 694 +41

@ Valikor Great Improvement

@ Sumit Keep it up…You reign

@ Chim Chim hmmmmm

@ Annie….what’s your target?

Thanks King Mano for the statistics…
Actually I was Anticipating the same..
Let’s see whether can I Maintain my Position till the End of this month or not????
But I was thinkig That the Dufour, SS Chim Chim , Valikor And Some More Would be very Close to me…..

Top 10 Winners All time Record (Minimum 5000 Races)

SNo. Name No. of Races Winning %

1. Craklen (crak) 4,980 90.38
2. Chris (kizzx2) 5,510 90.33
3. VALIKOR (valikor) 13,613 89.90
4. King Manu (Facebook Account) 4,924 88.75
5. Zoran Markovic (summer) 5,096 85.93
6. Phillies_Magic (fightin_phils) 21,636 83.33
7. Arab Texan (arabtexan) 4,004 82.07
8. Robert Price (zapakh) 5,037 81.00
9. Kukkain (tsvuk) 4,543 80.48
10. Di (kali_08) 5,726 77.44

* The Winner is Cracklen……congrats

sorry it was minimum 4000 races

@ Moncojhr

How was the previous day?

If the King keeps an eye on you then you should remember that you will lose to the King atleast once.

That’s King’s Policy

Nice racing with you

Nobody knows about Instant Death Mode, cause you haven’t connected this race with the popular race via a link. I don’t like racing there cause nobody is on the highscore list for the last hour but me anyway 😦
Please Alex, link these races so people who doesn’t know about it can get an interest for it.

1000 races in 24 hours is impossible…I can’t even figure out how Dufor makde 700 races…

Heya Censeo,
I just performed a couple of races on Instant Death mode, I’ve switched to mah new keyboard and I’m doing awesome on it.. I also got my best on regular mode that is 135 WPM and in IDM, I got 120.. 😉

I wonder why some of the people here act like little kids begging their parents for the candies.
I wonder why some of you act like kids.
Grow up dudes.

I also wonder why some people act on this site as if they are something but in reality they are nothing, either in hard-work or intelligence

King Manu,
You motherfucker asshole, can not even initiate the race and challenging everyone? Go and first work on how to finish races and then come and challenge everyone bastard.

dudepc, what is the name of your new keyboard ?

Username does not exist
Import unsuccessful

My new keyboard is ‘I Ball USB Soft Touch’ previously I was using HP – SK2885 and TVS Gold Keyboards, but this one’s pretty soft comparing to both of the above..:D

Dear what about the GATEWAY keyboard?
Though the buttons are a bit hard but I love the tik tik sound when I press the keys while typing.

Yes Blue_Eyed_Boy,
I’ve never used GATEWAY keyboards; however, the one which I was using (TVS Gold keyboard) was kinda same one. But lately I found that it makes a lot of noise.
The one which I’m using right now is as good as a laptop keyboard, you can simply type fast and even the layout is designed in such a way, that causes no pain even after typing for long hours.

Proof that “lelaki” (whoever he/she is) is a cheater. He probably can’t pass the anti-cheating test and has some program who types 170, 180 wpm and that’s why he always starts later than the other opponents.

Dear if that is the case then I must give a try to the keyboard which you are using.
Because as you said yes my keyboard also make lots of noise.
The noise is even heard in the room next to mine.

Zoran, I hacve seen lelaki a thousand times when he hits above 170wpm, but he can’t cheat the cheat test too, so he remains at his past speed. Also I raced with him and everytime he enters he hits 150-160wpm, after the 3-5 seconds…

@bujang cheats

You must record everything that is suspicious and then Alex or someone else will delete that account. But this was too obvious situation, all I had to do is to record his “typing”.

P.S. btw, I use this keyboard

You should e-mail that to Alex, Zoran. Cause I see that nowadays Alex isn’t paying attention to what’s happening with cheaters and stuff on his own site…

You should e-mail that to Alex, Zoran. Cause I see that nowadays Alex isn’t paying attention to what’s happening with cheaters and stuff on his own site…

sorry for double posting… I thought it is a bug

dudepc, how much did it cost your new keyboard ?

Zevus 255 WPM?? WTF..
Which quote was it and how did you manage to type so quickly??

Congratulations Zevus on achieving a phenomenal score of 255 WPM and the highest ever in the history of typing I guess!
Keep it up man!

Zevus is a cheater. No one in this world can perform back to back 200+ WPM races. He uses some kind of application to get this much speed.

But you know, I saw a script use in one of his videos…who knows…

Zevus the latest EDITION of a past user called ‘Haik’ who pretended to be the fastest typist of the world. But this time he’s using good techniques to make everyone believe that he is a legit.

Zhevus was already on typeracer long before Haik did…and Step Father, look at this :

Now I realise why Zhevus doesn’t want his real identity to be shown… Because everyone would know him and see that he’s a cheater…He did a video of him typing ? So what? WE DIDN’T SEE HIS FINGERS !

Exactly!! Zevus is a cheater. Fucking Cheater.

although, he could’ve cheated only on those 255 wpm. He could’ve cheated only to get 255wpm, cause we know he can do 190wpm…

The quote was “Good games…” which is where Jelani set the former TypeRacer record with a 232, before my 247 a couple weeks ago broke it. Zevus is faster than Jelani was. I think the score’s legitimate. It’s bizarre my 247 was basically accepted while his 255 is considered illegitimate. We basically are equivalent in speed. I could probably get a 255 (I had a 290 halfway through a really short text in the new quotes universe once).

And I have gotten 200s in back-to-back races myself. Very rarely, but it’s not completely unheard of.

Haha, someone is pissed. I have videos of typing on my youtube site. There have already been confirmed issues in regards to starting out with super high speeds. The selection I scored that WPM on was less than two lines. It’s also the one that Jelani got 235 or whatever on.

And, yeah, I added all that noise of keys clicking myself. *roll* It’s called “Camstudio”.

lol @ the spam here. grow up


Yeah I actually had made a video at one point about how that particular selection (the one about games or whatever) is one where someone could really blast it out of the park, w/ 250+. It would just require a good start (I think it registered 300’ish for me) and then no errors. It’s much easier than the bloke selection.

I’m sure you’d have no problems doing it yourself, if you could just get it to pull up every time..

Zhevus, you could’ve unplugg the keyboard, but still type, so we can hear the clicking, and not susspect you… After all, we didn’t see your fingers… And now I see why you didn’t want us to know you’re real identity. I know there are methods of cheating on typeracer and typerA and urikor… But the only thing that indicates that you couldn’t be a cheater is the fact that you typed on typingzone, too. And we all know how hard it is to cheat at Typingzone. Have you tried to type on facebook ?

typingzone? heh… this is funny because me and sean had a pretty big discussion about that site before.

i honestly dont care. maybe i’ll make another video later, maybe not. i guess if you think i’m adding the key clicking sound effects in later it wont matter tho anyway, eh?

how bizarre haha. i guess you’re suggesting i went through and typed josdifjidasojfsmfoidsafdsa while i was using some program to cheat on those videos… and timing it perfectly to coincide with the keystrokes.

thx… i’m good, but not that good

That would be quite a feat. As it is, congratulations. I wouldn’t have expected it on that text, either.

@ My jealous enemy

Shame on you to use f… word against me?

You’re uncultured sc……….

I skip race becoz it’s my account

who the hell are you to question me?

>> And we all know how hard it is to cheat at Typingzone.

We do? First, this isn’t a discussion of typingzone. And second, I assume most people here have never tried to cheat on Typingzone -_-

@Sumit – you have already done like 1300+ races in a week? Do your fingers hurt? Did they hurt when you first started racing that much? Just curious…

Zevus: Congrats on the 255! And just when I thought I was cool for breaking 200…

btw, what keyboard do you use? I’m asking cuz I like the clicking sound it makes in your videos, haha.

I hope Zevus doesn’t mind if I answer for him since he might not be on for a while yet.

He said earlier that the keyboard in the video uses Cherry MX Brown switches. These switches do have a tactile feedback but are not “clicky” so the sound you hear is the keys bottoming out because he strikes them down all the way. It’s actually a very misleading sound – I mistook them first for Cherry MX Blues and then for buckling springs.

Congratulation for the your new record……great achievement….

Yes , I tires my fingers a little while racing that much of races……but I quits playing when it seems that I looses my original speed…..

Zevus is my hero 😀

How shameful it is when people use filth words and moderator stays mum
If I am commenting on any person then it is only for that peron and why are you people so jealous of me

And if I skip 9/10 races and win 9/10 then it is upto me and if u people are irritated on a race track involving me then pls runaway I am not interested in stopping you.

Better u comment with ur original name so that I can give a fitting reply on the racetrack

Future statistics will throw a lesson on the faces of people who hate me (for no reason)

zhevus, you’re either a very very good typer, either a very good cheater 😛
@ valikor: well, on Typingzone we can find all the great typers in the world..all have been or are there..anyway, this is not a discussion about is about the incredible scores of Zhevus…

Typingzone has lots of cooler stuff…The only disadvantage is that you can’t play in real time…Oh, you can play in real time, but it’s real time is not the same as typeracer 😛 I like typingzone better, although I’m not such a good typist..:P

It feels like yuck to see all the posts here , let the typeracer admin post something important here …or something really important be typed here …and let all the trash be posted in
and everyone should ignore this “truth” guy, WronaShowOff, Zhevus Cheats …it’s all the same person ..same piece of shit…

I did do one test on typingzone, uh, I think I got like 198 WPM on it, but there it is 6 characters = word, here it is 5 characters.. so that’s equivalent to a little over 237. I only spent maybe 30m on it though and 3 other ppl scored higher (I think the highest was like 235, or equivalent to 282wpm). But, it is hardly “safe” from cheating.. when I was scoring several of my 200+ on here, there were other ppl in the races with me.

jack/mako – the keyboard in the first typing video i did a long long time ago (before i knew about sites like this) was on my 1391401 model M, I think the first one I did for typeracer was on the 1391401 also….. the most recent one was on this Filco Majestouch which has the cherry brown switches… although yesterday, about an hr or so into my ~3hr session, I switched back to my old 1391401 and it sped up my scores quite a bit.. but it’s not a keyboard I can use regularly because it hurts my fingers after a while.

i hit the keys way too hard still on this filco keyboard, which is why it sounds really clicky =p

Yeah, I remember yor race… You scored 3rd, and Kukkain was on first and Sean Wrona was in 2nd… Why was your account deleted ?

Dears we all know that Sean Wrona, David Pritts and Zhevus are legitimate typists.
So if Zhevus has scored 255 then there is no need of criticizing. I have a question from all those people who call Zhevus a cheater that If this score were scored by Sean then?
Getting a score of 255 is not impossible on small paragraphs.

Congratulations dear on your great achievement, well done and keep it up.
And don’t worry about these people saying these things.

Wow, imagine achieving a score of 120 and losing by 135 points. 😛 Amazing job on the 255, Zevus.

Laser strike is a very fast typist from India,
if he race selects like Ritesh, he will be in
top 10 😀


Thanks for establishing that I am not a cheater. Looking back, though, I don’t think anyone ever questioned that 🙂

Melvin: Because my last name was “F”. My account was disabled on the main site, but the typing utility still allowed me to submit scores. The admin emailed me and told me I needed to put my real name in or have my result erased, I chose not to put my real name in. It wasn’t a score I was particularly happy w/ anyway & hadn’t spent much time with because I didn’t think it’d register in the first place (seeing as how my account was already listed as banned)..

blue & phillies, thx =p

Now all you need is to inform people there is no h in your name…

I understand, Zhevus. It’s curious why you don’t want people to know you’re real name. I don’t see any reason to hide, unless you are ashamed of the fact that you are a super fast typer, and some may call you “geek” 😛

I_type, Malika and botracer are all the same cheaters !!! Everytime malika appears, botracer appears to. Everytime i_typle appears, botracer appears too.. Since we all know that Malika cheats with boots, it’s obvious that more very fast indian accounts should be deleted…

the fact that when Sean scored 247wpm no one said anything, shows the fact that we have more trust in Sean then in Zhevus, considering the fact that he doesn’t want to declare his real name, he brings suspicion on him 😛

watch and cry :))

Dear this is not logical that if someone doesn’t want to be exposed then he/she is a cheater.
If I talk about myself then there are many sites on the internet where I am registered but I don’t trust the privacy of those websites therefore I don’t put my complete information there.
Even I don’t use my name I use the acronym for my name.
Now saying that Zevus is not exposing himself therefore you call him a cheater then it won’t be accepted.

I’m not sure he is a cheater, but I said that the fact that he doesn’t want his identity to be revealed, brings questions. This is a typingsite, not a hacker site. I know it’s not good to declare your real name on different sites on the net, but this is just a typingsite… Like someone said earlier, maybe he doesn’t want to be called a “geek” just cause he types so fast.. 😛 If he is legit, only respect for him.

And my dear one simple question for you as well you are typing too much against him so why aren’t you putting your real name so that all of us here should know that who you are and what your real name is?

We seem to be plagued with trolls…

and it looks like it’s now fashionable to add an h to names. Vhalikor, Shean Wrona, Mhako. I dig it.

As for the typeracer data site import problem, am working on it now but need to talk to Alex about it.

Where is alex now aday he never posts anything anymore. He’s been neutral.

Alex is busy counting the money 🙂

@ Lumobile

Dear you play very well and it was my dream to catch you one day and I was waiting on my favorite fresh finger

And Lo great coincidence, a race with you with my fresh fingers and here’s the catch

Dear it was nice racing you last night.
And what about the race 87/87 where you got first while I was second.

@BaldRacer : nice one :))

You take just a single screen shot out of all your races where you defeat some **Big Guns** or you get a good speed. But Remember If I’ll start posting all your defeated screen shots, then you’ll committ suicide. So race and let others race. Don’t think that you are the only player on this site who’s doing good number of races on this site. There are your forefathers here since the site was launched, like DUFOUR, chimchim and Ramboo who have already created many milestones for your kinda people, so better race quietly and let others race too.
Your Step Father (maybe you are not aware of me yet)

Whoah I’m a “forefather” 🙂 And I thought I was still a newbie! I have to admit I’m an old fart, but too many of you are acting WAY too immature for me to even consider taking seriously. King Manu, you are controversial, and for that I am thankful as your growing list of “anoyees” gives us all great meat to digest. But I just can’t take you seriously for anything you post. You’ve left the only races I’ve seen you in, and your compiled list of Top Winners Winning Percentage is quite “comedical”. But I commend you in trying to improve your typing skills. I just don’t understand why, other than for the “sport” of this, you feel provocation will get you anywhere here. Anyways, I’m looking forward to racing you without you leaving the race. And I’ll even let you win so you can post a picture of it. Just please stop talking all this nonsense and stick to what typeracer is really for. Anyways, good luck in your ventures, and may your keystrokes only be recorded while the race timer is counting down.



I wish I could articulate like that when I’m irritated.

Bald: Gotta learn from the quotes you type, brother! He’s just a “fart in the wind… let him fly”. The trick is to not be annoyed in the first place! We already know who is(in this case “ISN’T”) the better person. So take a deep breath, and smile at the comedy 🙂


You sure know how to make people smile, ChimChim.

King Manu: Once again you are completely correct. I sincerely apologize for offending you, your majesty. You are the best! You are the most correct! And everyone here is completely jealous of you since you are the true King here. May your kingdom obey your every command. I envy your typing skills! Your parents must be very proud! When I grow up I hope to be as successful as you, as surely such confidence and skill will lead to much job stability and success, not to mention wealth, as I’m sure you already know being a king. Plus with your talent and intelligence, you are sure to find a nice queen, let alone a multitude of jesters to keep your typing digits well exercised. You obviously are too obsessed with your own words that it really isn’t in anyone’s interest to dispute. So I shall be the first to, as a man, bow down from your persistence and give you a nice friendly smile 🙂 Good luck in your ventures again, King, and may your “success” be realized by others as to save people’s eyes from having to endure such drossy text.

@ Chim chim

Thanks for you bewildering humility.

I never throned myself as King but it’s you people you made me King.

Let me make it very very simple.

My nickname is King and My real name is Manu

And all those captions

The King Rules and The King reigns

It’s not me but it’s my God and my Saviour Jesus Christ and I always quoted as ‘The’ before King and it means Only Jesus Christ and none other than Him

From now on I am gonnna post only statistics


“Your nickname is Manu and your real name is Jonah Mano”

@Alex and All
This guy seems suspicious to me therefore I wanted to share it with you people as well.
And I want Alex to take actions against these kind of users.

Everyone I’m really excited to take the best of the best typing test at my middle school later this month. It’s for the fastest typists ever had at my middle school. You type for 5 grueling minutes and attempt to maintain your average to get into the top 10 fastest typist list for my middle school. Top 10 EVER as well. The current record was done 2 years ago and is 90wpm. Right now I cant beat that because we have to type for 5 minutes. But maybe later this year. But, I’m going to attempt to get into the top 10 fastest typists list later this month. I’m hoping to get at least 5th place though. Here are the top 10 fastest typist speed list. 1st:90wpm 2nd:82wpm 3rd:80wpm 4th:77wpm 5th:73wpm 6th:70wpm 7th:69wpm 8th:67wpm 9th:62wpm 10th:59wpm Now all these records were made by different people. So I can only get one place on the list. Any thoughts?

andy569 – Good luck with the test! Make us typeracers proud. 🙂 Since it’s a 5 minute test, you might want to start practicing on a site that has long typing tests, just to work on your endurance. has tests up to 5 minutes long. Man, I wish I had a typing contest like that when I was in middle school…

King Manu – Could you please stop making so many posts? If you spent half as much time here practicing as you do making posts, you’d be faster than Sean and Zevus combined.

I think I found the prove that shows that Kukkain’s fan is not Kukkain itself !

Thanks Mako. And yeah I know a site that has 10 minute and 30 minute texts

Thanks for the help you guys 😀

Good Luck Andy for your middle School typing test… Hope and Wish you get What you desire for…

@Alex and All
also @Blue_Eyed_Boy
Hey you are annoying with your comment on Manu. Damn! He is brilliant and cool in his race

Yes you are right. He has nice poing with avg.54 how can one get avg.101 wpm . Even i need to struggle for 80

I think u have no business in advicing manu about skipping races

“Mr. Bule Eyed boy, you have no business in advising King not to skip races because it is his game”

@ Sumit

Have you ever won against our celebrity “Tamanna” orkut user?

She is very brilliant.

She rarely races

Maybe 5-10 a day

Most Races in September

Tenth Day Speciality Analysis

Pos. Name Races Pos.Change

1. Sumit Chourasia 2072 0
2. SS Chim Chim 1744 +1
3. Amen [Dvorak Trainee] 1318 +1
4. King Manu 1210 +1
5. annie (anniea) 1098 -3
6. Valikor (David Fritts)1036 0

So, Sumit……….Go India Go………..

@ Valikor…….will you be on top and when?

Best of luck Andy and I hope you get position in top 5 and dear try this website, it will be very useful to you.

@ blue_eyed_boy

When you come to race, I will just be a spectator because you are so cunning that you come to race me when I have already completed more than 150 winning races for the day (And God knows how many 90-99% races which I lost and not in counting).

Surely I will race you only when I am less than 20 races old because I want to finish you off by a great margin

Our rivalry is traditonal, not only this game but every sport and I think some of my own people have forgotten that.

So beware

Dear what I suggest you is to install a typing master and while practicing set the time to 10 minutes and keep on practicing on it.
If you get a WPM of 50 on that then I am sure that competing on 5mins time you would be able to type at least 70-75WPM.

And the other option is that install typefaster software it is also like typing master/tutor, It has the customize option, there you can insert the words and characters that you want to type or you are weak in.
In the customize option box write the most frequently used English words (you can write paragraphs from newspapers) and then keep on practicing that as much as you can and after that tie your laces go and face your competitors.

Hope you would make all of us here proud being a typeracer typist.

Dear leave whatever the quitter does you keep on enjoying your typing, you should be happy that everyone has come to know about these kinda people.
And as far as my coming back is concerned I will be back here in typeracer in October. Because I am still busy in developing that website.

I want assistance from you all because I want to develop a wikipedia page for typeracer. So your help is required.


@Shoaib Shahnawaz
Yar I am not a cool minded person like you and ChimChim are, If someone says anything then I do reply according to his wordings.
And as far as Wikipedia page is concerned I think you should contact Alex for more details.

@ Blue Eyed Boy

Pls don’t be overrighteous

It all started with you.

You told that I skip a lot of races and I have never seen you head to head more than fifty races and today I saw you only one time.

If I skipped a lot of races then how would I reach to be in top 100 in most number of races in just coming days?

The fact is that you are jealous

I have more than 20 friends in facebook and nobody had any problems with my target and whatsoever except one whom i had kicked him out

Anyways the game continues

Better you stay far away from me.

ab mila chua billi ke panje mein

@ Sumit 200 Races already for today

I’m gonna quit for today

And how about you?

Best of luck man

Dear you stay in North India and there is lot of power cuts and how do you manage to be online all time?

Go man be on top

Desh ka naam roshan kar

@King manu & @Blue_Eyed_Boy:
Friends, I would appreciate if both of you stop fighting like kids on this blog. This blog is created to express your views and opinions about typing and not to criticize others. It’d be better if both of you UNDERSTAND THIS and continue racing. Both of you are champions of your own kingdoms so better stay there and stop posting crap comments on this blog.

King Mano:
TypeRacer is a Game and you Should play it as a game…I think you are making here more rivals rather than friends….
This is a game not a battlefield, So just enjoy playing games……..

@ Dudpec

Please read all the comments made by me and blue_eyed_boy(a.k.a Shoiab Shahanawaz) and you will know who is poking whom.

Anyways I am gonna stop and stick to my game

Sorry for hurting you

@ Sumit

Dear if you can just show me my faults on my comments then surely I will correct myself

Here’s my email address:

It’s useless to have a controversy over who is culprit here….
play the game and try to admire other’s success……

Sumit Chourasia

Congratulations David Pritts (Valikor) for completing 15,000 races.
Looking forward for new milestoes from you people.. 🙂
Here’s a snap:

Good Job!! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

thanks eric.

I’ve been doing more races recently, partially because I want to beat DUFOUR’s record of 700 races in one day. I’ve been warming up for this 🙂

Congratulations David (Valikor) for completing 15000 races.
Keep it up and waiting to seeing anther record by you.
Well done!

@ King Manu

Instead of falling into controversies and making enemies, I request you concentrate on game and get into top 100 very soon.

I think you can finish more races instead of making useless tit-for-tat comments here.

As for as your 9/10 wins is concerned it’s really controverisal and I will put it as your personal motives

But I’m impressed by no. Of races being played by you each day.

@ Sumit, congrats, I’m proud of u man.

Many people say many thing but what people are doing is not at all easy.

So get back to work and come into top 20 as soon as possible

Congratulation Valikor for completing 15,000 Races…..
Seems you are intending to break the record of 700 Races in a day very Soon….
Good Luck!!!…

Davalid Prittslikor: CONGRATS! 15K is -HUGE-. 700 in a day is INSANE! May your fingers find the strength and the ‘roids to do it! 🙂 I figure if I can average about 43 races a day, I’ll catch up with DUFOUR. But until then I’ll see you on the way 🙂 Great job!!


I haven’t seen LeonLeung in a while… What’s with him ?:P

100 wpm last 10 for me with no abandon its the second time in my career i have 100wpm last 10 😉

King Manu is none other than that trash jonahmano
his name is Manu too.

@ Blue_Eyed_Boy

This is the right time to race with you.

Pls come fast

I am waiting

I have already crossed 20 races + 10 non winning races

So come fast

Let’s have some fun

@ anonymous

Pls don’t club me with people that matches my name


Jonah Manoj Shenoy

@ Anoop Js

How’s the game?

Maja aa raha hain na?

The last two posts, simply proves beyond doubt that King Manu is your alias, Jonah Mano…

Spacing between lines
Hindi Usage
Same City – Cochin
Same B’day on profiles etc…

Yes, anonymous, he forgot some details that require some thinking and intelligence, so it’s obvious for us, now, that what’s the truth.

@King Mano
Seems you are working really very hard… doesn’t your fingers get tired after playing so much of races(I guess twice than me) everyday????

I found something very funny about people having multiple accounts so therefore I just wanted to share it with you people.

If every magaracer creates multiple accounts then there would be no chance for us to come in top 20.

Alex and David have a close look at this.


Thanks for all the supportive comments: chimchim, blue-eyed-boy, summit. I guess the next big milestone is 20,000… and Chimchim, it’s funny that you, of all people, would say that 15,000 is *huge* 😉

@blue-eye-boy: That Ethan Rowe guy did something like that a long time ago. Was that an old screenshot? Luckily, most people don’t do that.

Thanks for the help everyone! I’ll give the results somewhere at the beginning of next month 🙂

Oh, and congratulations on 15,000 races Valikor. GO FOR 700!!!

@ Sumit

Typing has become my favorite game on net

I used to play Ramble Scramble and people used to be scared playing against me and I used sit idle bored up without any opponents and someone recommended by seeing my skills in Ramble Scramble to go
for Typeracer

And Lo I am here

yes, my fingers are aching but Nice to see on top every month and every week and top 100 is just 500 odd races away and I am myself if wonder of achieving this in very limited span of time I mean around 50 days I think and that too with almost 90% wins

Thanks for Your Appreciation


King Manu

Everyone is getting a crack at manu first blue eyed boy, me, sumit, and a few others… We’re not jealous Manu. It’s just we dont like how you race. skipping 90% of your races to gain 90% of wins. And how many times do you post on an average day? 10, 20 times. I’d like to know your real average manu.

Dear Andy

With sincere humility

I Just want you to think from my side.

Am I insane to complete 150 races a day on average (God knows the counting of the races I skip)

Why am I doing all this.

Couldn’t I be like you, race to the most 15 or 20 and sit pretty being a megaracer.

Winning 90% of races is my target and if you people wanna stop this then you are always welcome.

But skipping races is my own personal decision and nobody can question on that.





Real Average of Jonah Mano a.k.a. King Manu
is 82.846 (all time). He has created his King Manu account for winning races easily by competing with typemasters. and finishing the long quotes after all the other racers have quit.

Bye For now

See you early in the morning 4 a.m.

Let’s have fun

Anyone have any ideas for how to DECREASE the time between finishing a race and starting the next one?

I usually spent 20 seconds between races, but only about 25 seconds typing each race… so it takes me 3 hours to do just 200 races…

Not many seem to be interested in “Gogol Ganguli’s seduction”, the way they quit that one.

they should delete that quote

The community should be able to vote to have certain quotes deleted 🙂

David Pritts on fire 193 WPM :-O .. Creating records along with getting blazing fast speed… Keep it up Valikor…:):D

Yeah.. congrats.. Valikor…
reckon it’s ur 3rd best.

J. J. Rodriguez

The real record that is going to be broken here is not my speed record, but the unofficial “marathon” record. I plan on finish 800 races in the 24 hour period which began at 7AM New York time 9/11/10.

In the past few hours I have done 339 races, and I will do at least another 61 before going to bed. And then 400 when I wake up 🙂

Hope I can do it. My hands are killing me already.

@ The Bald Racer
Abe takle,
Are you indian?
Do you have any reasons of skipping races which is more than 4 lines. You quit even before the race starts.
Your true color will be revealed when you play all type of races and u even coomented of stripping difficult quotes – shame on you
Who are you to question manu’s game plan
This chap is playing 150 races everyday to come on top and who are you to defame him?
Better you wash your own filth before
Cleaning someone else’s

Hmmm… That’s quite a tough goal and if your fingers already stopped responding then leave it Valikor.. Relax and get ready for tomorrow.. 😉
Anyways, if you’re determined to do so then I’d say:
Best Luck Gentleman.. 😀

Dear I think you have come to know that who this “India Zindabad” guy is?

When everyone started stopping him with his real name now he has decided to either come Anonymous or use different names and keep on favoring himself.

@India Zindabad
Well I don’t think that he skip races because everyone here knows him that he is a good racer and he completes 99% of his races.

So before pointing one finger towards him you should see the other 4 which points you.


@ Blue Eyed Boy

You have no reason for simply harrassing me.

Tum Lakh khosish karlo phir bhi mera kuch nahin bighad paoge

I know why you are so jealous of me just because I am an indian and you are a pakistani

Jai Hind


How are you doing that? How do I race as the TheHairyRacer?

@BALDRACER — Click the little icon next to “Sign Out”, and change your details there.

In the past 6 hours I went from 15000–>15400 🙂 though my average has dropped to 126 :-/

David Pritts:
You are really incredible….. Even after playing 350 Races ,you intend to play 50 more races today……..
Once you asked me Doesn’t my Fingers get tired by playing so much races now what would you say for yourself????? 800 races races within 24 hours sounds difficult But Best of Luck from my side…..Hope and wish you achieve it tomorrow…..

@ Valikor

Great man, you are doing what you said

I will be posting 15th day, decider statistics on 15th and I know you will be on top

@ Sumit ……What are you gonna do?

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll do as many races as Summit or Chimchim…Even if I finish all 800 races within 24 hours…

I will slow down a LOT after this. The reason I was doing so many races these past 2 weeks was
A) To get back into the top-20
B) To prepare for my marathon 🙂

Well done David Keep it up man.

I know you can do it, don’t think about the average just break the record and put your name on the board.

I think this month, Competition is going to be very tough to top the most number of races played…..
Initiated by me with nearly 1300 races in first 7 days , then Great come back by Chim Chim with nearly 1750 races upto 10th of this month and now Valikor incredible come back in the game with 800 races within 24 hours, made the competition even more tight…..
I Can’t even guess what is going to be the most number of races for this month………5000…or 6000 Or Even more……
Can’t say anything now……

@ blue eyed boy
Bewakoof! Tu kaun hain re
Baldracer ne khudh kahan ki woh bade quotes skip karega
Tujhe sab manu nazar aate hai na?
Jaan naa chahathe ho ki main kaun hooN? – teri baap ki jaagir hain kya yeh blog?
Jyaada hoshari karega tho blog mein halla machadenge
Teri kya contribution hain typeracer mein sirf 2000 races
Doosroon ki kamayi mein jeene waala teri bankrupt bikari country
Uchlo mat

@ Blue_Eyed_Boy

I am not responsible for all this damage control

If I had to change names and abuse you then I w’d have done much before.

If your problem is me skipping races at the end when i am not winning then I have decided that I won’t be racing against u


Well done Sumit.
I think this month it’s gonna be you who would top the list.

One thing that I like about you is that you don’t skip any race (long para, short para) and you complete all of them.
I have played some races with you and the great quality which you have is your consistency.
I really appreciate you.

Someone just quoted that my contribution is only 2200 races.
Yes that is right because I have my job and I am paid by them for my work. (Not for typing).

David – there appears to be no way to get bots to appear quickly. I tried using licahfox and noahbot against each other in races, but no bots would appear even if the 2nd account left immediately after joining (with 11 seconds still left on the countdown).

The only possible method, that still allows you to register a win, is to have the second account join and just sit there at 0, so you can start the countdown early.

It’s a bit dodgy on the “padding the wins” factor, but in order to obtain a top marathon score, that’s a definite advantage.

Look at this: ” Wanting to be the fastest Indian ” user, but he’s american ? Hm…


Winner: Sumit Chourasia (sumit91) = 2295 races

Seems you have broken DUFOUR record of 700 races…..
Congrates……. and you still going for 800 …………
If you are tired then Don’t overstrain your fingers………

king manu, pls try to beat me in a game of robot unicorn

Is this the new list you have posted or the same old one?

This is the news I made a new post every time I make a 1000 race there is little to be more down your page because the old list are in the same post.

Alright, my marathon just ended.

777 races in 24 hours (thus defeating DUFOUR’s record of 700 🙂 )

If I did not have to work today, I am confident that I could have done 1,000. (It’s like the movie Office Space where the guy’s boss makes him come to work on Sunday)

The races were broken into two sessions (7 hours and 5 hours with minimal breaks. In fact, the 5 hour session had only a single 10 minute break, since I was in a hurry to reach 800, a goal that I ultimately failed at…)

I got my highest and lowest scores of the year: 193 and 80-something.

I doubt anyone will try to beat this anytime soon, since it’s quite tiring… it will be interesting to see 🙂

Congrats, David on this enormous feat

regards.. 🙂

Congratulations David you are right I will not try again for you reshuffle soon because it is not tiring for the fingers is a disease that hardens very well except that it is the frustration of not being able by After typing as fast as they could then play well again and now you’re in a good pace to climb to the top 10 race completed 😉

Hi Guys,

King has found out that He is only 260 odd races away (If Tamas is not playing today) to get into official list of most number of races Top 100 positio.

Whatsoever comes, I wont close my eyes till I achieve it today itself

I thank my Facebook friends for supporting me


King Manu

Go King Manu Go and Welcome in the TOP100 RACES COMPLETED

Amazing!!! Another typeracer record broken! You rock Valikor

Nearly 800 races in 24 hours INSANITY!

Blue Eye Boy:
Thanks for the appreciation, Ya I do try to complete each and every race that comes in the way…..and skips only in some special cases… .like when no text appears, some one comes to my door , my mobile rings etc…..

@ Dufour
Heavy Task man, I think I will be 80 races short by tomorrow morning but by evening I promise to get my name on the list.

Need to go and have hot chocolate milk with honey gonna re-energize myself.

@ Sumit

Aren’t you gonna sleep?

King Mano:
You are very close to top 100 Most races played list………
Hope & Wish you will get in it tomorrow morning….
I really appreciate your hard work……It isn’t an easy task to race 150-200 races in a day with 9/10 win races..

Today When I was racing a race I got an initial speed of 1010 wpm and i was kicked off from the race track under suspecious activity…..I’ve no idead how did it happen???????? Did anyone experienced the same??

Sumit: Yes, I have had that problem. Usually I have that problem only a few times every year. BUT, recently I’ve had the problem FREQUENTLY, like 3 times per day.

Dear King Mano:
Now It’s enough race today for you , have a rest ,you are loosing you speed…….
You better look tomorrow with your fresh hands….

@ Valikor

What about the faitgue factor?

I feel like I’m on a see-saw right now

going up and down while typing

Yes I have also faced that problem that in the initial state I got very high score.
And I just took the screenshot to share with you people.
What I have experienced is that when your browser is having some problem then this thing happens like when you have slow internet connection then when you start any race, your score jumps, after that you are kicked out of the race.

Here’s the screenshot.

Well done David, keep it up and hope to see the next milestone from you i-e 1000 races in a day.

Today I’ve had 2 races so far that everyone in the race was at 0wpm including me and at the end of the race it suddenly just jumps to the end. An issue. Where has alex been lately.

For the past 5-6 hours……
I’ve played nearly 300 races (8480-8780)….and my fingers are freezing now……
Don’t be afraid Valikor I’m not going to break your 777 record today…..because I’ve to attend college tomorrow morning……

Great Sumit

Go on

By 2 am I must finish 6800

And by morining 6 am I would be on top list

Fingers are not moving?

Will take 2 hour rest and see How can i manage

Dear how did you played that 777 races in a single day.
Did you have break in between or not, because I have’ played 230 races so far and I have pain in my wrists.
How did you do that?
I think I should stop now and if I could I will break this record of mine tomorrow (I said If I could).

@Blue_eye_boy: Yes I had a long break between. (As I said, typed for 7 hours, and then later typed for 5 hours) After the 7 hours, my hands hurt and I got very slow. But during the second session I had no problem. I took a lot of painkillers.

I expect it is easier to type a lot of races on Dvorak, since it requires much less movement of the fingers.

Today my hands do not hurt. I am surprised.

Valikor, you type on Dvorak? How long have you been typing on Dvorak for? Just curious…

I’ve used Dvorak for about 4 years.

@ Sumit

I don’t understand with your speed it goes up and down by great margin?

Pls rectify your broswer

@ Sumit

I tried to merge to typeracer account and face book account by now i can see the socre of typeracer account pls tell what to do?

@ King Manu
Already have an account on Connect it with your Facebook account! This will replace your current scores on Facebook (if any) with your existing scores from, and all your new scores will be visible in both places from now on.

I think you haven’t read the message properly. It says that your facebook account scores will be replaced with your typeracer account scores and it is not merged. I don’t know whether there is an undo for this.

My Marathon….
Started 10 A.M 13/9/10 (Indian Standard Time)

305 (8781-9085) Races so far………15 More hours to go….
Let’s see whether I can break Valikor record of 777 within 24 hours or not……

So gone?

All my hard work is gone?

Then bye bye

King Mano:
Don’t be dishearted there must be some option to get back your account…… just try to find out…..

@ valikor

Wow, my 4 years of QWERTY really sucks in comparison to your 4 years of Dvorak…Good thing I switched to Dvorak 9 months ago.

Another Indian caught with a shocking ambition.

First we had King Manu whose ambition it was to win 9/10 races means he wanted to have the win percentage of 90

Now the second one is “COCHIN EXPRESS” he says that he wants his win percentage to be 100%.
“I will skip all the races which I am not going to win” he said.

Seems extremely funny to me.

It isn’t the second one.. Blue Eyed Boy..
Jonah Mano, King Manu, Cochin Express are all the same person… Wonder why you couldn’t figure that out by their racing style or their same city – Cochin..

King Manu has lost his FB account scores.. by trying to merge it with his typeracer account. So he has created a new typeracer account aiming for 100% win

Damn Sumit. Hopefully your fingers fall off before you beat me. But if you win, I will try again within a few weeks. 🙂

@Dominic Dufour
Hi Dominic, what time did you get up this morning? You were on the board UK time 10ish (your time in Quebec 5.00 am). You’re by any chance “sleeptyping” are you?

@King Manu
Malayali anu

Aha I c

And I feel very sorry for him because he was working very hard on his target of 10,000 races before Christmas.
And I was quite confident that he would achieve that but Alas, all in vain.

Hi Guys,
I am Leah John from cochin
Pls don’t mistake me as kingmanu
Really I have no ambition to win all races but I just want to know from you guys about number of quotes present in typerace which means I won’t race a quote which I have already finished, I just finished 10 now. Just want to ask you how many quotes we have 500?

It’s stupidity that when i merge an account then all my races are lost.


pls do something, because people like me and sumit are always there to compete so that you don’t bore people with bots and if you can help me then pls email me else I can’t play with those 78 races in the place of 7000 races


Seeing ur post in blog I did the blunder, pls tell me if there’s a way out

@ all those who laugh at me

Really does it really matter to me?

If I want I can make another 5000 wins with 100 percent record. But can u people digest it?


Well done with those maximum races in a day! I don’t see that record being broken anytime soon, because in addition to the 24 hours of free time, one would also need excellent typing speed.

Just wondering if you skipped the long races so you could do more short races OR is it that you didn’t skip races at all?

Also wanted to ask you how long it took for you to get to 100 wpm after shifting from Qwerty to Dworak.


TA-DA!!! 10,000 races for me on this account. 🙂
It’s 11 p.m. in Serbia. This is a small step for Serbia but the big on for the world. 🙂

Uh, oh if Sumit continues Sumit might do it. Watch out Valikor hahaha

hey Sumit what’s your last 10 speed?

Zoran: Congrats. If you hadn’t made different accounts, you’d have 15,000+ races by now.

Baldracer: I think a slower typist could type 800+ races in a day. The reason is that much of the time is not spent typing, but waiting for races to start, etc. In fact, slow typists might save a lot of time due to the fact that more races are played among slower typists (that is, when you click “Join a race”, you might just have to wait 4-5 seconds, since others are already in the race. I often wait 20 seconds total) But your point is partially correct, of course. Also, to answer your questions, I did start skipping long passages towards the end. Also, after switching to dvorak, it probably took a couple weeks for me to reach 80 wpm, and maybe a couple months to get to 100wpm. I don’t remember exactly, as I didn’t do much competitive typing at the time.

Also, I was not trying to say that Baldracer was a “slow typist.” The pronoun “you” was meant to be general 🙂

I quitted my marathon because of server problem ,my internet connection was lost for nearly 7 hours……. and On my holiday I’ll again try and I think I can break your record…….
Since I Played nearly 440 races yesterday within 11 hours (not continously by taking gaps of 5-10 mins for every 1 hours)…and if I would have been tried for another another 6-7 hours then…………………??
but surely I’ll try it again very soon on my Holiday……

King is back!

Ye guys i am back but this time with strict discipline of playing not more than 50 races per day.

Many of my friends suggested me not go for feats and lose your talent but I will be there for you Sumit delicering the updates regularly.

This time on my new account I have done all those crappy formalities (I wonder how they nullified my 7000 races instead of adding to them)

@ Blue eyed lad

I know you and anony are same person and pls don’t be sorry for me because

The King is back with power and he can deliver the goods

@ all my face book friends

I will add you to my new account as soon as I see you on the race track starting from Dufour to Shrestha

Let’s have Fun

During Marathon My last ten Speed Varied from 72-53 wpm…..
At present I’ve 63 wpm…….

Just now got a message from Alex Sir

He told me he will unlink and restore my previous account

I am very thankful for his help and I will be always faithful to this site

Thank You Sir

Wow, King Manu got his life back….


Yes sometimes I play at whatever time in the very simple reason I’ve been working 21 hours on night and day just what I’m all mingle and I slept little, so has both stay in the bed and not sleep I get up to a few TypeRacer and after I returned to bed and it works 😉

21 hours = 21 years lol

Zoran: CONGRATS on your 10K! hey were you on as “Guest” for about a full hour? Someone here is giving me great competition and coincidentally is about your(our!) speed… and we all probably know who all of our best competition is. Plus I saw you duck in and out of a few races but not continually so I’m guessing that’s you. Anyways, great 10K run! 🙂


I just find to be a solution for the world to continue their run of AC would be somewhat combines racers speed but not in winning percentage like that if there are 5 people who have a 90% victory over the same track their percentage will have no choice but to turn down like that and it really is faster that will really have a good percentage in my example that about 44% of winning I would associate with the world that have more or less about 34% and 54 % And one 100% victory pilots would face more than 90% of victory if he is associated has not a robot who 20wpm above its average life like that his chance of victory would be huge and the percentage drops below 80% in the long run and he will face after drivers between 70% and 90% is a suggestion I think in the long run AC would come that would be associated with such a world the same speed us.

Dufour, your translation software needs an English tutor 🙂

What he meant to say is: votre logiciel de traduction a besoin d’un tuteur en anglais, मैं कर रहा हूँ कि सही तरीके से कह रही है?

Hey guys KING MANU was going to give us some good news on 8th of September.
Does anyone know about that good news.

Hey Sumit where have you reached?
How many races still remaining for your 10K?
Eagerly waiting for your comment saying that you have done it.

its andy569! noone calls me andy567 😦 lol anyways baldracer is right dufour your english translator needs and enlish tutor

Sorry …..for that mistake……

Actually I’m more curios to break valikor recore of 777 races with in 24 hours rather than completing 10k races…..

King Manu:
Glad to see you again on race track……

Most Races September 2009 Anaylsis

15th Day Cliff-hanging Statistics

SN. Name Races. Pos.Change

1. Sumit Chourasia 3251 0
2. SS Chim Chim 2629 0
3. Valikor 1955 +3
4. King Manu 1803 0
5. Amen 1749 -1
6. annie (anniea)1692 -1

@ Sumit Go for it

@ Valikor Great Performance Better is one day for you than all days

King Manu is Back

Hey Typeracer, I’m getting some really weird issues on the site today. It keeps logging me out, and my race history is skipping over numbers. The page with my last 20 races is only showing 17; races #22295, #22299 and #22302 are randomly missing. It’s been doing that all day. I don’t know if anyone else is getting this, but the site is acting very strangely for me.

You get typeracer problems all over i get typeracer typing problems. Im typing very slow today. I’m typing 60s and low 70s today… My best race today was 79wpm i didnt even get anything above 80wpm. I wonder whats wrong with me today.

Phillies: I got logged out too. Weird stuff.


Most Races September 2010 Anaylsis

15th Day Cliff-hanging Statistics

SN. Name Races. Pos.Change

1. Sumit Chourasia 3251 0
2. SS Chim Chim 2629 0
3. Valikor 1955 +3
4. King Manu 1803 0
5. Amen 1749 -2
6. annie (anniea)1692 -1

Hey King Manu don’t post wrong statistics. You put your name on 4th with 1803 races while I can’t see my name anywhere with 2011 races so far.

If you don’t have access to the race database then kindly don’t post false statistics.

I have just entered in the top 100 official List of most number of races

And so here are the country rakings

Country Rankings Of The Most Number of Races Achieved By racers

Pos Country No. of Racers

1. United States 31
2. India 7
3. Vietnam 5
4. Canada 4
5. United Kingdom 4

* Congrats United States

And India is happy to be on second place

@ Blue Eyed Boy

I can’t see you racing 2000 races in 15 days.

If you have any proof that you finished more races than me in the month of September which is still in progress then show me a link of your statistics because I have checked and can’t see your any name there.

And please if you can’t understand english then I can help you, please write to my email.

I was quoting 15th Most number of Races statistics and I don’t know if you have even finished 500 races in the month of september and forget about coming anywhere near me.

I am not a quitter like you.
Who skips every race which he is not going to win.
And I don’t care about the statistics which you have posted.
Let’s see what Jaideep says because he is the only one who postes the true and real statistics.

So better wait for his statistics you loser and quitter.

@ blue eyed boy

go and see jaideep’s and mine and compare and they are almost same and Sumit will agree with this.

And when you said you completed 2000 races in 15 days I assumed that you were dreaming.

Now pls wake up blue eyed Lad

I don’t see any adverts on the racing page when I race at home, but when I race at my office or at internet cafes, I have a difficult time ‘hiding’ them. Anyone knows how these ads work? And do these ads differ depending on the country where the page is accessed?

@King Manu & Blue Eyed Boy: Hope you realize that you have been vitiating the atmosphere here with your “I am good, you are no good” talk. Please desist, and let’s try to create a friendly atmosphere here.

Isn’t it obvious to you that these statistics don’t matter and what matters is being a good fast typist who is fun to race against? And doesn’t being on the list for the most number of races mean that the person is spending more time than he needs to on this site?

@ Bald racer

Blue eyed Lad wants to be in the list with altogether 2000 odd races in his pocket which he plyaed for several months.

Here we people are finsihing 3000 and above races in just one month

Pls tell me how to list this person who can’t even finish 500 races in 1 week.

Pls see last month’s most no. Of races from 1-5 and it matches with jaideep’s.

2020 races in just 15 days.
Total number of races till 1st of September was 1050.
And on 15th of September it is 3070.
A total of 2020 races at all.
And still there are hours remaining for today’s date.

And Frosty Faced “CAT MANU” I don’t care whatever you say, I love typing and I will keep on playing as many races as I could and won’t skip them as you do.

Ab band pakar or ja k apna statistics dubara check kar.

King Manu I think your number 1 most hated on typeracer currently! Stop quittin so many races!

Hey Andy
It has been a long time I haven’t seen you on the track.

And BTW how is your preparation for the competition.

Eagerly waiting to hear the good news from you?

@David Pritts
The total number of races I have played is 3070 but when I check it in your application (the page developed in Java Script) it shows this
“The average wpm between 1 and 3070 (3064 races)”

The problem is that in the brackets it shows 3064 while I have played 3070 races.
Where are my other 6 races.
One thing else David, I saw your pictures and they are great.

B]ue_eye_boy: Glad you are making use of that. I believe this is due to the same issue that Phillies_Magic described on September 14 (See above). I’m not the one who stole your races 🙂 Luckily it’s pretty rare.

@ Experts

Till yesterday I was resting my left foremarm on my chair and typing but I just want to ask is it o.k.?

I read from a website that you should not rest your wrist or forearm.

I think I am doing this because my left hand is is weak and I don’t rest my right forearm or wrist

So what’s shall I do my speed has come down because i am typing without resting my forearm

pls tell me whether it is o.k to rest my forearm (from elbow) or to type without resting.


@King Manu

Yeah it doesn’t matter (unless, of course, you notice that it makes you slower, in which case you don’t need to ask here 🙂 )

This link was put up by Jack Aviado and shows a good posture for typing:

I like the lady’s posture and she seems to be doing well without forearm rests. However, the computer monitor seems to be ogling at her nice face, which isn’t something I like. I would rather have my monitor face downwards so that those radiations don’t affect my eyes.

This is fine, but what about those who uses laptop?
I guess this would be the best solution for the lappy users.. 😀


@ Valikor

You reply didn’t serve me any purpose and this is tje only place I can ask because I have notice that hi-speed racers are very active in this site.

Pls if anyone who is experienced can suggest me whether i can rest my forearm on the arm of my chair because my left hand has no nimbleness and only fingers move by my right hand doesn’t need ay support and it runs all around the keyboard with ease.

@ Bald Racer

I am impressed by your progressive acceleration and I think it’s only accuracy which keeps you ahead of others but I still I am bewildered of you for skipping races more than four lines

@ Dufour

What if you knew English, then those 140’s and 150’s would have been your average speed.

Somebody please tell this guy about the rest of his forearm otherwise he is going to fill the complete blog asking the same crap time and again.

I go on everyday. And I’m going to take it sometime next week or the week after because im getting my school laptop on the 23rd.

Im averaging 75wpm on 5 minute tests and my best was 87wpm. I’ve been going on different websites.

I’m going to do alot of races on typeracer today. Well… Alot for me. im not the kind of person doing 100+ races a day like Dufour, SS, and Manu.


There are lots my racing friends on face book and typeracer

Many do race with me and even throw challenge and do lose and win against me but never complained of me for skipping races

If I wanna name them then the first fellow is Fayaz from Pakistan, Lucas Volger, Hendra Paranana, Birendra shresta, Enricho and the list goes on…..

But I still about only you 2 people having problem when I skip races which I am not winning

Ok, so lately on typeracer the latest highscores is above 110+ for all of them. If i get lucky it’ll be about 1 or 2 under 110wpm. I havnet been on the list for about a week now. Now i just made 110wpm and beat the 109wpm putting me in 20th place on the latest high scores xD. Probably wont stay there very long lol. Like I said i was going to do more than i usually type on typeracer. Instead of the regular 15 races a day instead I’m going to finish 50-60 races today then its my bedtime. I wish i can stay up longer and beat my marathon record of 88 races but i cant. Sorry for all the posts today :p

Well Andy you have a big day ahead therefore you should play more than 50 races aday and that will help you.

Maybe you should try 150+ races aday and don’t skip even a single one of em.

This site is very cool, unlike other typing applications which I found in some of the social networking sites. I’m an IT professional from India and working on improving my typing speed.
I found someone changed the nickname
‘Trying to beat the –> (fastestindian)’, and it was so funny. Anyways, it’s fun racing with people here. Created my username few months back but looking forward to perform races regularly.
Trying to be the –> (fastestindian)

Well after school at 3:15 it takes 15 min. to get home so it’ll be 3:30. Then I eat some then it’s about 4pm then its time for homework. That usually takes 30-60 min. so it would be about 4:45. I can finish 40 races max in an hour if i stick at it. My parents dont let me go on any longer than 3 hours a day on school days and no more than 5 hours weekends because i have homework over the weekends and i need to study alot to get a good grade on my tests. So I’ll probably wont do anymore than 80 races on schooldays and I’ll try to do around 100 races on weekends. I need to rest my fingers fora few minutes after abou 20 races though. I still have to figure out when i can take the test. I need to speak to my technology teacher.

All of you, watch this about Ritech :

A new cheater has arrived:

My marathon
17/09/10 (9:30 IST)

started with 9500 races
Ended with 10237 races……

marathon races = 737

beside that I’ve completed 10000 races………..

Valikor: 777 is really huge……..

Sumit, if I can ask…

Why didn’t you beat 777? It would have just taken 1 more hour 🙂

Ya surely I could have done that……..but the reasons which stopped me :-

1.> my fingers were really tired and it was required much efforts to make each and every race count………..but still I could have have done another 50 races with my aching fingers so as to break your record………

2.> When you were playing your marathon i suggested you to stop after you had broken DUFOUR 700 record , otherwise I think you would be having 800 races……isn’t it???
So I consider you deserves to be on top here…..

Congratulations dear.
Last night when you were playing your 9937th race I was there on the track And I was damn sure that you would complete 10000 races.
You have done it now.
So congratulation on your 10,000 races.
737 is also a big achievement and I know how much effort does that required to get that.

Well I forgot to write my name in the above post.

After viewing the image I am sure that every1 would ROTFL tht the guy who has filled the blog with his posts exagerating that he is a good racer, is quitting the race which has one of the easiest paragraphs of TYPERACER. C his WPM and the WPM of the guy who won the race.

AHA!!! It’s not just us Manu, there are many others they just arent or dont want to speak out. Like chimchim.

The quitter has arrived with another ambition of 100% win.
I think his another account was either blocked or the win percentage declined.
I can’t stop laughing.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

@ Quest for Cheaters

Dear why do you bother him? Now he’s not even writing on this blog. Let him mind his own business; Since skipping of races is allowed, he can setup any targets, you carry on with your work. But one day when he loses one race, he will be the terribly disappointed but till then cheating goes on

I have the right to believe YOUR KING MANU.

Blue Eyed Boy:
Thanks for the appreciation…..

“Shrimp is the fruit of the sea…” has the maximum speed-breakers in the form of commas. Is this the three-line quote with the lowest speed score? Wrona’s 182 wpm is the highest for the quote.

Anyone who wants to type in Chinese, come to my new Chinese universe. I am very lonely there 😦

有没有任何想打中文字的人?我最近在Typeracer中建立了个中文区。但现在没有其他比赛者。我希望我能找到更多人参加!要是你想跟我比,可以去以上的链接,也可以跟我联系:valikor在gmail点com. 谢谢!

Rambo UAE is back


Pls rock this site!

Your well wisher


Valikor, who new. Because i couldve sworn i found that universe a month or 2 ago. Maybe longer back

Where does sumith most of his races?

From “new quotes” site where only bots play

Another King Manu caught. I don’t know how many accounts he has created.
Have a look at one of his new accounts. Again he has failed of getting 100% win.

@Quest for the CHEATERS
Leave him dear WE all know that he is a cheater and quitter.
So there is no need of filling the blog with your posts.

We have a new All time average leader on the scoreboard. It’s that fast romanian from Typingzone…

Andrei is definitely a fast typist; but keep in mind that with that account (_son_), he uses very heavy race selection and leaves most of the races he starts. I was getting a little annoyed last night because for about 5 minutes, he would leave every single race before it started, making me the only one on the racetrack. So I temporarily changed my name to “stay on the racetrack damn it!” at which point he switched to his “normal” account, kakarotto, which has an all-time average of about 150 wpm.

He told me that he typed on a laptop, and that’s why he race selected. Also his internet connection was wirelless, so it slowed him down too. So, typed on a laptop, with a very bad internet connection, it’s quite impressive.

I don’t see why typing on a laptop or having a wireless connection would lead to that degree of race selection. When he switched to his normal account last night, he went from leaving every single race to finishing every single race. It’s obvious that Andrei’s goal with that account (_son_) was to make it to the top of the “all time average” leaderboard. That’s not against the rules or anything; but taking into account his race selection, his average isn’t as impressive as Sean’s or Zevus’s – they very rarely leave or quit races.

Don’t take this the wrong way, though – his typing is very impressive. His scores on typingzone are proof of that.

Hey Phillies_magic,
It was fun racing with you, I should commit that you are way too fast! Once we had a very close competition of 141-144 Words per minute.
After that I did not see you online. But could not beat you even once! 😦
Trying to be the —> fastestindian

Yes, the _son_ stats are inflated due to very heavy race selection. They don’t reflect the same scale as the rest of us who race normally, and also it’s highly irritating to try to race against Andrei as he often leaves races before they start, leaving you alone and forced to join a new race. He’s really fast and enjoyable to race against, when he does race.

Race selection is not excused by type of keyboard or internet connection – if it were, then one should race select when not using a super-keyboard and a T5 connection, because the results would be “skewed” otherwise. If you (anonymous person – is that Zoran?) actually heard these excuses from Andrei, he ought to just own up to wanting to manipulate his stats. Many people do it already.

probably not Zoran — just not sure who else would be in contact with Andrei via typingzone..

Noah, my opinion is that he is better than you, even without race selecting…

just try to beat his typingzone english record…

Just completed 2500 races 🙂

average – No one’s saying that Andrei is a slow typist. He’s obviously one of the best typists around… his score on Typingzone is especially impressive given that English probably isn’t his first language. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s inflating his TypeRacer average via heavy race selection.

Noah – I have a hunch that “average” is actually Andrei himself…

andy – Congrats on finishing 2500 races! 🙂 Hope your practice is going well for that school contest.

..yes, he probably is…? Bit of a red herring there – fast or not, it still is irritating when someone leaves almost all of their races.

I’m not Andrei…I don’t want to make you think that I am him, cause he never hangs around here… I am just one of his country mates…bye

@ Trying to be the —> fastestindian:

Thanks, it was fun racing with you too. I do remember the 141-144 race. I forget which text it was, but it was definitely fun.

I just got another weird problem; my car randomly stopped moving in the middle of a race even though I was typing successfully. It was probably my Internet connection again. I’ve experienced a lot of strange glitches recently for some reason, but that’s the first time I got that one.

Yippie… I beat you for the first (and for the last) time I guess. It was 153-124 WPM race.. I was feeling being on the 7th sky. lol. But it’s as hard to beat you as if chasing a ‘leopard’ sitting on a ‘Dog’. Here I’m new to this site But you are really very fast player with the experience of tons of races. But truly it was fun racing you. Looking forward to race you in near future.
Dhimant TTBT —> fastestindian

Is there something wrong with the website? I mean, I’m trying to type at my best speed, still I’m getting speed below my average.
Is it happening just to me or happening to everyone?
@Alan McCreary,
It’s quite HELL of ‘racing’ battle while racing you. You are so fast yet I beat you once. 😀
I took a deep breath after winning that 124-118 WPM race. I was lucky at that time.
By the way Phillies_Magic & Alan, any tips over improving typing speed?
Dhimant TTBT —> fastestindian

@Fastest Indian

FastestIndian, with how many fingers do you type ? Are you willing to type 1-2 years until you improve enough to become the fastest indian typer ?

Friend I’ve been typing for 9 years from now and I use all my fingers (8 fingers, right thumb and sometimes left thumb too) to type. I can go fast with plain text and can type too fast what I think of. And Yes, Of course, I am willing to type for some more time to be at least one of the fastest typists from India.
Dhimant TTBT —> fastestindian

Sean’s last 10 now up to 217 wpm.
Only three people (Sean, Jelani, Zevus) have even achieved that speed once, let alone on a “last 10”.


@ Quest for Cheaters and Blue Eyed Boy
There is a saying in Kannada (prominent south indian language) which really suits for both of you
“Thika moochkondu Kelasa Maadu!”

@ Sumit Chourasia

I’d like to play with you on a private track 50 races

Are you ready?

Pls email me the time and date

King Manu:
Ya sure I would love to race with you….
if you are online at present then leave a comment including your race track….

“Thika moochkondu Kelasa Maadu!”
This statement means ‘Shut your butt and do your work, correct?

Just missed the opportunity to race against Phillies Magic. Someone was at the door and had to quit race as soon as it started.

Sean’s last 10 is 222 WPM, which once was just his BEST speed. 😉
Good Work Sean Wrona.

LOL, Sean Wrona’s just exagerating !

Good to see TTBTFIndian living up to his name. He just topped the Top 20 list. Here’s the link in case you missed it:

Thanks for the appreciation but I think this was not required as of now because still I’m working hard to get good typing speed. This is just the initial stage and I’m not that much familiar with the quotes that I type. Once I’d have a good knowledge of the texts, I think would be able to get good typing speed. If I’m not wrong, You were the person who once kept your nick
‘Trying to beat the —> fastestindian’
lol, that was so funny of you.
Dhimant TTBT —> fastestindian

Dhimant, all the best.


Was just typing a six-line quote and realized at the finishing line that I was half asleep through the race. This is one reason I avoid four-plus-line quotes — they take a long time to end. Another reason is, why type seven lines when your ability can be adequately tested in four lines?

Well, I partially do not agree to what you’re saying because one who is good with long texts with less punctuation marks (like me 😀 ) can go much more swift and smooth. But I’m not that much good with short quotes since I make bunch of Typos in order to get a good speed and finish it up before other players. There are many good players to compete with here, ie. Alan, Phillies_Magic, Gary Hall, ChimChim NewSlowerKeyboardToo. I find them quite often on a track with me and all of them are too fast and too good to compete with. I hardly see any Indian player racing with me. But yet, I saw a player named ‘Aryan19’ as well as Jaideep and a couple others. It’s fun racing here.
TTBT —> fastestindian

Hey, Fastest Indian, do you type by the well recomanded position: ASDF JKL; ?

Sean again on the move…..!!
All time : 178.4 wpm (Top all time in TR)
219 wpm : again a new peak for last 10.
Keep up the good work dude….

TTBT – It was fun racing with you too! 🙂 Don’t be so modest, though – you weren’t lucky, you beat me fair and square. You’re a fast typist yourself. As for tips on typing, all I can say is practice! I think my average has gone up by at least 20 wpm since I started typeracing a couple years ago. You’ve got a great average right now, though, so you obviously know what you’re doing.

Sean – Great job on the 219 wpm average. I think it’s just a matter of time before you get to a 250 average O_O

@ Bald Racer

You are right, why type the six lines when your ability is only limited to four lines.

Yeah you are right, and that is why your average is so great, because you are well acquainted with short paras.

I request typeracer to add more and more new paras so that people won’t by-hear the texts and type.

Two things can typeracer do either he can remove all those lengthy or difficult tests else he would not allow person to type a short text unless he finishes the lengthy text.

I think this would be more competitive.

True color of person can be revealed only when they try upon all texts and finish it.

I ma just waiting for Valikor to enable importing facebook accounts then I myself want to see how many kinds of texts I did type.

Since sumith is in 9th position surely I would be 7th or eight.


Winner: Sumit Chourasia (sumit91) = 2161 races


Do you type ASDF JKL; ?

@ ttbt–>fastestindian:

Oh, that definitely won’t be the last time you beat me. That was a really tough text that you beat me on the other day. If you’re capable of getting 153 on a text like that, then you’ll definitely beat me many more times in the future. As far as improving typing speed… well, like Mako said, the best advice I can give is to just practice. When I first came here, my average speed was generally in the low 130s. Now, a year and a half later, my average speed is usually in the mid 140s. Practicing really does accomplish a lot; it sounds simple but it works.

Haha, Yeah that’s correct. I did good on that quote. Because once I get the rythm to type as well as concentration, I do well. But if I make an error, I waste my time correcting that mistake. And that was the first and the last time that I beat you because I’ve seen you typing a couple of times and you are way more faster than me.
BTW, mind telling your name? I mean, everyone here have their own name and identity. But you are the only *Mysterious* guy around. 😛
TTBT —> fastestindian

TTBT-hyperfast indian: I’m a keyboard nomad for the forseeable future, so it looks like I won’t be much competition to anyone for a while. But this should be a good test to see if switching to a expensive-therefore-better keyboard will be worthwhile to the average typeracer. Keep up the great work! I see your scores and you’re smokin’!!

..ChimChim painfullySlowNewKeyboard

I talked to my technology teacher that i have next marking period about how i could get on the top 10 fastest typists list but she said she only gives the test to 7th and 8th graders because she thinks that 6th graders cant handle typing for 5 minutes straight. 😦 She said that she would talk to me about it next marking period when i have her for a teacher though… I was so ready to take that test. Well, if i dont get to do it this year at least I’ll get to top it at 1st place next year. My technology teacher said there might be a chance i can take it though. I thought that accomplishment would really set off my first year of middle school though…

@ sleepie

So nice to defeat you it was my dream to have a neck on neck with a racer who averages 100 in all time.

Here’s the bite


Can you answer to my question about you using ASDF JKL; or other style ? I am curious about it

There are certain players who are pretty annoying. I saw a player named ‘stop Indian cheaters’ with me. He/she never raced with me but was trying to follow me. And this ‘Sam’ person too is annoying. Friends, race and let others race too.
TTBT —> fastestindian

I just asked you a simple question, but maybe you don’t want to asnwer because you are a cheater, too, as all the indians from the top 10 !

This Fastest Indian gived the sensation that h