Improving Your Typing Speed Over Time

Posted on November 30, 2010. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

Time Chart

A chart of your entire race history is now available on typeracer in the My Scores section! If you’ve completed less than 100 races it plots your scores directly, otherwise it plots your averages at evenly spaced intervals between your first and last race. The new chart replaces the old “last 50” chart.

As you may recall, earlier this year we published a graph of the average WPM improvement vs. number of races finished (link). Now you can see how your graph compares to those averages!

Are you impressed / surprised / disappointed by your progress? You can leave a comment with your chart URL here to share it with everyone and get feedback. To get the URL, right click on your chart and select “Copy Image Location” (the text of this option might be different depending on your browser).

Exporting your data to CSV

Now you can also download all of your scores in one large CSV file! Many of you have been asking for this option for a long time, and I’m happy to say it’s finally available. This is an experimental feature and requires a premium subscription for now.

The contents of the CSV file will look like this:

Race #,WPM,Rank,# Racers,Text ID,Date/Time (UTC)
1,49,1,4,5,2008-07-27 21:49:17
2,60,1,4,130,2008-07-27 21:50:57
3,37,3,3,108,2008-07-27 21:54:52

Click here to download your data.

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24 Responses to “Improving Your Typing Speed Over Time”

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Pretty good. Not big, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve improved LOTS. And first comment 😀

How fun!

I see a, uh, jagged improvement 😛

Nice feature.

Just reading through the archives and I don’t get the big deal on “skipping” races? I do it all the time. There may be certain text that I’m horrible at or times when my fingers are like lead and I type 65 WPM and no I don’t want that to bring my average down. I had no idea it was looked down upon…but it’s a bad idea IMO to lock people out because of it.

Steady improvement 🙂

Hi. Everyone.
I’ve training typing for 2 months.
Now I reach the speed of 56 wpm.
Would you explane me how to reach the speed of 80,90 or higher? Is training enough?

ctna: take a look at the forum. Lots of tips for improving your speed have been discussed there.

Concentrate on accuracy and focus on the words more closely as you type them.

Looking forward to see the CSVs available for free users as well.

Hey, how do you show the picture thing. The option isnt on the list when i right click. And none of the options I have works 😛

Unfortunately only the blog admin can post images. So just post the URL for your image and I’ll turn it into an actual image 🙂

I ment the right click to get the url thing. I can’t do that. It doesnt show the button. I have copy but nothing happens when i press it. cant paste it or nothing.

andy – if you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, right-click, then chose “Properties”, then copy the URL from the properties window.

Yay! I found the linkk thingy 😀 Hope this is right.

I see quick improvement between races 1-800, moderate improvement between 801-1600 and slow improvement so on. 😀

Can anyone please tell me that where can I get my graph of improvement. ?

It’s on the tab where you go to view your past scores. On the right there are two links “Graph:
selected range all” Click on “all”.

You are always talking about accuracy.
I wish I could see my accuracy history as well.

its really a big help for me to improve my skills in typing not only in typing but also in my grammar…^^

Dear Alex,
I still couldn’t find the link for the graph. I just wanted to see my improvement therefore I am eager for the link
Can you please post the screenshot. ?

Sure, see where it says “My Scores” in this screen shot? Click on that, then click on “all” under the graph on the right.

Thanks Alex thank you very much.
I got it now.

You’re welcome!

i think i’d better start improving my typing! My avrage is 41 wpm right now. I hope i can improve a lot by next year!!

How to put your hands when typing computer? I was putting my hand is not that great so I do not feel comfortable to type on the computer keyboard. My speed is 60 + WMP.How can I do to put your hands the right way to be more efficient computer keystroke.I hope to get input from those with experience.Sincere thanks.

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