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Posted on December 9, 2010. Filed under: Integrations, TypeRacer News |

If Chrome is your browser of choice (quite a few megaracers would argue that it lets you achieve the best WPMs), I’m happy to announce the release of the TypeRacer Chrome App!


Like most Chrome apps, it’s basically just a fancy bookmark, but in the future it might be able to take advantage of Chrome’s more powerful features like notifications and geolocation.

You can show your support for TypeRacer by installing this app and by leaving a comment and rating on the app’s info page. Click here to install!

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25 Responses to “TypeRacer Chrome App”

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Cool! kinda… lol. Anyways, I’ll consider starting to use chrome as my browser

Done… 🙂

0144 Hours
Friday, December 10, 2010

Please, can you tell me the difference between normal Typeracer and the installed version?

(( That’s because I didn’t notice anything special installing the Typeracer Chrome App. ))

You’re right, there’s no difference. It’s just a fancy bookmark for now, but in the future it might be possible to use some of Chrome’s unique features.

I will try it as well.

its an awesome thing

downloaded Chrome and downloaded typeracer chrome app and happy to be the first post(my 1st post not this one) once again for the 2nd time in a row 😀

My typing speed and accuracy has improved a gr8 deal after registering myself on this fabulous typing game. As soon as IDM was launched, I switched on to that one and enjoy it even today though I have completed more than 250 races.

This is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B)

Thanks for the update, Typeracer. Yeah, switching to Chrome was the best thing I ever did to improve my typing speed. On IE7 my average was generally in the low 130s, and Chrome brought it up to the mid-to-high 140s. There’s no way I ever would have reached 200+ WPM if I was still using IE. Chrome doesn’t just give you better scores; it actually feels faster. If there was one piece of advice I could give to someone looking for better typing results (other than obvious things like practicing more), it would be that.

0034 Minutes
Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank You Very Much Alex.

I think this Typeracer Chrome App will attract More And More NEW Competitors.

wow,that’s cool 😀

I believe that type racer has really helped me with my improvement in speed and i am grateful for the help of my friends helping me race withtthem i loveTYPERACER thank you so much

I also believe chrome improves my speed a bit. I was starting to drop to the 80-90wpm point and then i used chrome. It brought my speed back up to original 95wpm. Very good 🙂


It’s funny, I was just wondering where my missing 20wpm had gone. It didn’t even occur to me that I had accidentally switched back to Firefox.

I think that you should consider those who are not able to type as fast as the other ones….if they lose to someone then they might feel that they arent good enough and shouldnt even try to improve their typing skills…..I think that you should organinze the typing speeds from like10-20 21-30 and so on that away no one feels like they shouldnt even try. I’m not saying that you don’t have a good idea opening the website, I’m just suggesting that you try to imoprove it for you buisiness and try to make it simpler and easier to understand by the public. I do appreciate the website, it has helped me alot since I first started my classes in keyboarding. I’M 12 so you can understand the point that i’m trying to make, correct? Once again thank you for understanding and I will pray for you and your business.
thanks-Cierra Mitchell

I somewhat agree. I tend to worry that I discourage people when I beat them by such wide margins, and I sometimes think that it would be better to have smaller speed ranges for the ranks, for the purpose of matching opponents. But, there’s also another issue — even with the way the system already works, many people, especially at the upper ranks, complain that there is often no one to play them and they have to play bots, which most people seem not to like. Where’s the happy medium here?

I think this is a great idea, it is always benefical to see your typing speed is improving over the time, to avoid depression and as a way of encouragement!!

I will download it when I return back to home, cause I’m in work


I do find I lose more than i should. I lose about 2/3s of my races when i think i should be winning at least half of them. That’s why i like the idea of matching with opponents who are ready right away no matter what speed. But it is sad for people who cant type as fast who will lose all the time so there should be a shorter rate for matching. But then there the people who are TOO FAST like Sean,Zevus,etc. and they want the same as i want but for the reason they have to race bots often. The fairest way would be how it is now but it’s still not really all that fair for the faster and the slower. Speaking of you being 12 i do like to encourage kids around my age to try to improve their typing(but not like hte amount of improvement ive had in the past year which is 50-60wpm, i can only take so much typing rivalry XD). By the way, sean is right, i do say this alot, but i cant help it…IM 11 AND MY AVERAGE IS 90-95WPM XD 😀

Typeracer used to be this way; people in the different skill sets (Beginner: 0-20wpm, Average 25-40wpm, Pro-40-55wpm, Megaracer 55+) could only race against other people in the same range. This didn’t work very well because (for example) someone who typed 40wpm could not race against someone who typed 41wpm (and because 55wpm was too low a speed to start the highest skill set) Plus, there has to be a highest bracket; if it’s too big, then the problem still exists. If it’s too small, there won’t be enough typists and Typeracer becomes boring for those people. I don’t think people should be worried if they cannot win 50% of their races; races can have up to 6 people, right? Winning 50% is really quite a lot.

It’s not that. I find i usually get paired up with faster people,2 or 6 people. And hte limit is 10. But, the winning isnt very important anyways. So does anyone have a solution to the faster bored,slower giving up thing??? Perhaps Sean would have an idea since he acts sooooo smart xD

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a race with 10 people. Is this true?

It’s not that. It’s not what? I was just describing the old system.
But, the winning isnt very important anyways. But isn’t it? You said you don’t win enough races.

I’m worried that there might not be a solution. Basically, everyone wants to win more. But only one person can win a race 🙂 I feel that if I am the fastest user logged on, I should win 100% of races. Other users, who are in (for example) the 95th percentile, feel they should win most of their races, since they are faster than almost all other users. Users who are in the 75th percentile believe they should at least win the majority of their races, since they’re better than 3/4 of all users. People in the middle might expect to be able to win about half of their races.

Is this possible? Only one person can win a race.

10 is the limit on private racetracks.

On the main track it’s 5, though we may see 6 people when, a player quits before the race commences and another player joins.

Happy New Year to the Typeracer Community!

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