Happy New Year!

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TypeRacer is racing into its 3rd year online and we have lots of really cool things planned for the new year. Best wishes in 2011!

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30 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

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That’s really great.
Waiting for cool and excitings things on typeracer this year. 🙂

Great! Happy New Year Everyone! Can’t wait to see the new additions and changes to typeracer this year! I also hope i get to 110-120wpm average by the end of this year 🙂

” new things ” you say ? and what new things ?

So finally is the chatbox going to be a reality? What about the bots versus recording debate?. And furthermore how about links to the other universes like easy quotes and instant death from the main site itself?. And not to forget- the ability to upload photos and add more info in general accounts?. All said and done, I’ve got to admit despite all its present shortcomings this is the best site that actually does what it claims- that is it improves typing speed and is my favorite as well.

Happy New Year all! Looking forward to watching all legitimate best-times to increase! 🙂


Who improved the most this year, I NEED TO KNOW LOL! XD

I AGREE WITH JONOMAN COMPLETELY! Will all those things come true? Links to uncommon universes, bots becomming old race ghosts, CHATBOX, WILL IT ALL COME TRUE!?!?!? We’ll have to wait and see, but im hoping!

We are waiting for the cool and exciting things that this site enriched us over the last 3 years.

Happy new YEAR!!

Jonoman3, what improvements are you talking about ? I haven’t seen the improvements that you said there, yet…

Happy New Year Everyone!
@chimchim: surely looking forward for a new milestone of
80k races : Dufour
75k races : Ramboo
70k races : chimchim
and finally,
25k races : Valikor 😉

Lots of enthusiasm and good ideas here (with the exception, perhaps, of Jonoman). I hope everyone has a good year on Typeracer, and that we continue to see development.

And dudepc: I think I should be able to meet that goal. Although I don’t know why you’ve included me on that list, with my low number of races 🙂

What about Baburao? Is he playing honestly?
If he is ,then it’s Really an unbelievable speed increment over a short period of time ……
or if he is cheating, then why nothing is being done against him so far?
Anxiously waiting for new exciting features on typeracer. 😉

‘Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.’

Presently you are at 19th position with 18972 races. And my previous post was a challenge for you to achieve 25k races and to get 8th position (possibly after Phillies_Magic) I’ve left some spaces in between for players like Dilys, Vamsi, Jaideep and Sumit because they are already performing good number of races everyday.
I would at least expect a change with profile [just an addition of photo (a must) with the existing score card] that would be really good to see that how does a player look like (who can type 150 WPM on an average and also some cute girls like Allison and Claire 😀 )

Sumit: Yes, he’s cheating. Everybody is aware of this. (It’s pretty obvious, as you said)

Dudepc: If I get to 25,000 races, I surely won’t reach 8th place. The people ahead of me will do a lot of races! (Probably more than me… I can’t do as many races as I used to do years ago)

I don’t understand… If I would have a site like this I would look for it everyday and cherish it and try to make it better and better and eliminate all the cheaters…

but someone doesn’t take care of this site as he should… my opinon

I just found out about the Instant Death Mode of Typeracer and I think I’m in love! That’s a way better iteration of the game. However it isn’t easy to find. I found out about it by watching the video on the ‘about’ page. I then had to manually google to find the site as there was no link to the I.D.M. site on the main site. This means that I have to wait a long time to start races that only have bots racing me :\ Please post a link to I.D.M. on the main page so others can find out about it!

Can Anyone tell me, how do I switch to CPM instead of WPM in my profile?

You can click on the WPM link next to your name at the top right corner of the page and select CPM.

Oh, that was too easy, never realized it was a link to change the format. Thanks a ton Typeracer. My current last 10 is 788 CPM and looking forward to improve by practicing.

Maybe we can get more recent books

Congrats RAMBOO on 60K races!! Is this the first “milestone” accomplished this year? OH wait.. has UAE gotten to the New Year yet? Not sure what the time difference is with that planet. 😀



There’s something wrong with the site today. I am typing but the car doesn’t movem, even I can’t see my score. I saw a guy’s score on the top 20 list for the last hour at 20th position with 1 wpm score. Even the Private Track thing doesn’t seem to be working. That’s crazy. Fix the Bug.

I just fixed the problem and everything is working again. Still not sure what happed – never had this issue come up before.

Thank you guys (Dark Knight, andy, Manoj) for reporting the problem! (I receive email at support@typeracer.com faster than blog comments, so in the future email would be a better way to reach me in case of emergency).

Hey, Alex. What’s up with typeracer right now? When someone(not just me i believe) finishes a race the car is still at starting point and it says 0wpm race not completed. And there’s only 1 guy on high score right now with 1 wpm… what’s up??? this nvr happened before.

What is wrong with typeracer?

For some reason the word per minute, or character per minute, is not showing up.

The race car does not even move either. Is this just me or is this happening to other people

Let me know!


What a nice site for those person who wants to make their typing speed faster! Keep on supporting these site. 🙂 Thanks guys.!

I had a problem with the areas that allow you to change the language to the one I wanted to choose. I can’t speak Gaelic fluently but I usually do speak it when I go to Ireland to see my Grandparents. My issue is you say the language is “Irish Gaeilge” it should be “Gaelic Gaeilge”. I’m just tired of everyone tying to find something in gaelic and can’t because they don’t know the prober language of a country. Please change “Irish Gaeilge” to “Gaelic Gaeilge”.

I used to race on facebook before type racer was taken away a couple of days ago. Now I am using it where it told me to and I have had to start all over again at typist 1 and I was a typist 8 before, very frustrating

I am an avid typist and I really need you guys who produce this to update different words. I get tired of typing the same thing over and over..

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