Introducing the Pit Stop

Posted on October 21, 2011. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

Racing Pit Stop Photo Today we’re launching a huge addition to TypeRacer! The Pit Stop is the new social and informational area of  It’s a place where you can take a break from typeracing to get to know your competitors and let them get to know you.

Here is an overview of the specific new features:


Each racer now has a public profile page, which you can view and edit here.  Your profile displays all your racing stats, and you can additionally fill out your personal information section to tell others where you live and what kind of keyboard you use.

Most importantly, if you have a premium account, you can now upload a profile picture, which will appear on your popup scorecard during races.  And you can also fill out an extended “About Me” section where you can write anything you want to share with the rest of the typeracer community (such as links to your website, blog, Twitter account, Facebook profile, etc.)


Seeing how our typing measures up with our friends was one of the cool things about the old TypeRacer Facebook app. Now you can have friends right on TypeRacer!

When you come across the profile of a racer you’d like to be friends with, you can send them a friend request right from their profile.

Of course the best friends are those you already have.  You can invite your real friends by entering their email addresses into the friend finder box on the Friends page.  Or you can just grab a link to your TypeRacer profile and publish it to your Facebook stream or Twitter feed so that your friends who use TypeRacer can easily find you.


One of the most-requested features for TypeRacer has been to have a way to communicate with other racers.  Now you can send a private message to anyone who has a TypeRacer account.  Premium account holders can send messages to anyone else.  Basic account holders can only send messages to their friends, but everyone can reply to all messages. These restrictions are in place to cut down on spam.

The scorecard popups on TypeRacer have been updated to let you quickly check out people’s profiles and send them messages.  Just right-click on someone’s name while you’re racing to bring up this menu.

We invite you to head over to the Pit Stop and meet your competitors!

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17 Responses to “Introducing the Pit Stop”

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OH MY GOSH! This has happened… My most wanted thing to be on typeracer is here… I’m overjoyed… Now, I can truly say typeracer is COMPLETE!!!

I don’t like it. We have already an forum to stay in contact with other members,
also we have an database to grab statistical informations (except accuracy).
I don’t want this “view profile” link in my race card, second where is the
option in my profile to disable this..?

This is typeracer not facebook,
“Happy Quit Facebook Day”

Indeed a great addition to TypeRacer! Thanks a lot, Alex.

Now, we have the best way to detect and kick out cheaters : looking accuracy. 0% in each races = cheat. It’s simple and effectively. Good job !

It’s very nice, but we did already communicated via facebook. Let’s have something new here too if it can be, add a pics,

I likes! Nice to have one chunk of communitity mutually-exclusive with the FB community, of which I have very limited access. But Alex you’re genuinely teasing us by not having a full on chat feature. Private tracks prove it’s worthiness. Those who are complaining about these new features shouldn’t use them, not complain about them. Also Sir Alex, whatever you do, please do not register typeracer as a Social Network site, or else it will get webbanned from my work access 😀 Muchos Rockos!!


Sir Alex, please add the Colemak -option at the “Keyboard Layout” box in the profile, thanks.
Nice Idea, … i hope typeracer doesn’t become overloaded with all the social network
functionality. 😉

First of all a big thanks to the site developer. Glad that after all the voices that were raised these past few years, typeracer has finally decided to move with the times and get some big changes rolling. I’m sure there will be mixed reactions at first.. but in the end, as in any decision of this nature, the positives will outweigh the negatives by a great deal.

Now @ Sens Obvie : 0 % accuracy in races does not mean that the racer is a cheater. Great racers on the all time high scores list like Jelani Nelson (minilek) have 0% accuracy next to their scores because they raced a long time ago and if I am not mistaken, the accuracy of individual races on typeracer were not collected and compiled much earlier than the middle of this year (as stated by the site developer in one of the forum posts). So, bottomline is, 0% accuracy means that the race accuracy was not documented. Also, cheaters will go on cheating as it is easy to just do races with 100% accuracy using their software or intentionally typo a few words in at the beginning or end of races before using their softwares to complete the rest of the race. If you want to see true typing potential (or, if you are here for anything other than the sheer pleasure and adrenaline rush of “racing” with those other cars) I would suggest something other than typeracer.

Now, as for the changes itself… well, typeracer was always a ‘first crush’ kind of thing for me when it comes to typing and it will always hold that special position throughout, although I am getting lesser and lesser time to come here nowadays. So it’s only expected that these changes are turning out to be a bit hard for me to swallow at first but I am sure I will get used to it. I am a bit mad at the restriction of accessibility of some of the features (vestigal features, I’d like to call them) here and the membership divide but I guess ever since the premium membership was implemented here…. I saw it coming. Overall I think it’s alright but I hope that behind all the glamour, the true essence of typeracer as the internet’s first “type racing” site doesn’t get lost.

See you at the races guys.

(PS: Pardon any bitterness/hyping up expressed in the post.. I just saw the changes a few moments ago. This will take time to sink in.)

This is a very big and very important addition to TypeRacer. So cool, now I can have interactions with other TypeRacers around the world, and could get some tips to those who top the TypeRacer races.

Great job, Thanks for enriching us with those great features,

Been here a while actually, and this is great. How about a chat applet next? So you can choose whether racers get to send you personal messages… I’ve always wanted to talk to some of the people here, either to wow at that insane score they beat me with or to mock them for quitting something that had more commas and question marks than they’d prefer to add to their incredible average listing…

Excellent addition to typeracer. :DDDDD

Nice to see the accuracy information displayed. I would love to see an accuracy graph for my history at some point as well.

I have used this site for the first time and in only my first experience I have got a lot to learn here and I am sure one can definitely increase one’s computer speed if one practices hard and this site is the best plateform to practice a lot I will try to come on this site every day and practice some lessons and races and I invite u all also so that we all together can increase our speed of computer typing some will be trying for their competitive exams I am also practicising typing now a days my data entry exam is going to be held soon some month near I think
thank you all best of luck and make your typing skills best in this world.

It’s impossible to get 100% accuracy every time. But I try to aim for that. The few times I’ve managed to hit it, the passages were short, and I deliberately typed a bit slower.

But I notice there is a correlation between accuracy and typing speed. The higher my accuracy, the higher the speed I get. Not surprising, considering that if I was hitting the backspace key and retyping words, it couldn’t be helping my speed much. 🙂

My aim now is to get 100% accuracy as much as possible. Type a bit slower. Aim for accuracy. Like one of the passages implies, practice is only good if you’re practicing properly. If you practice typing with errors, you will learn to type with errors. If you practice typing without errors, you will learn to type without errors. Speed will then come naturally with repetition.

lazy sloth

It’s not fair that Paid members get to send messages to everyone and regular members get to send messages to everyone and typeracer says ” we did this to cut down on spam.” as if!

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