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Personalize Your Avatar (Happy Holidays!)

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Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah!

This year Santa Claus brings presents for everyone who supported TypeRacer by upgrading to a premium membership. All of you nice people get to choose from a brand new set of 15 “cool” avatars for your racing pleasure!

This collection will be gradually expanded throughout 2012, so this holiday season, please consider giving TypeRacer a gift of your premium patronage and we’ll make you look cool while you’re racing and improving your typing. 😎

Santa also has something in store for the naughty ones who haven’t upgraded yet. 😉 If you don’t have a cool avatar, TypeRacer selects a randomly-colored VW Beetle icon to represent you in each race, but starting today, you can choose the color you like best.

Just update your profile to select one of the cool or standard avatars.  Happy holidays!

Holiday balloon art courtesy of Zoran Markovic.

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Ghost Racing and Practice Racetracks

Posted on December 16, 2011. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

You just got a new opponent on  It’s one of the toughest you’ll ever face – relentless and untiring, this opponent is…


Ghost Racing is the new practice option on typeracer that lets you race against yourself! When you click on the ghost icon (labeled “Do over?”) at the end of a race, you will be placed in a practice racetrack where you’ll be racing against your own shadow on the same text you’ve just finished typing.  Your shadow opponent is a computer controlled bot called a “ghost racer,” who will be simulating you.  This bot will type exactly what you typed the last time around at exactly the same speed, down to every mistake, speed-up and slow-down!  If you defeat your ghost you can start over against a new ghost representing the new, faster, version of yourself (using the “Do over?” button again).  Or, if you’ve been defeated by your ghost, the option labeled “Try Again” lets you race the same ghost again.  You can repeat this process over and over again, hopefully improving a little every time.

The "Do over?" button lets you race against your ghost (who in this case will be typing 77 wpm).

All ghost races take place in the new Practice Racetrack, which brings us to the second major announcement: the results of practice races will no longer be counted against your average or entered in your score history.  It just made sense to make the single-player practice option unofficial.  And for ghost racing, not counting scores removes the incentive for typing the same text over and over again as a way of unfairly boosting one’s average and leaderboard position.  However, if you really want to save your practice scores, you can upgrade to a premium account, and have the option to save up to 2 scores for each text per day (this limit is in place for the same reason).

Although practice scores are no longer permanently saved in your account by default, you can still see the most recent ones by pressing the clipboard button in the top right corner of the practice racetrack.

I hope you will enjoy ghost racing and not hate the practice-related changes.

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback in the comments!

Update:  From feedback received so far it appears that people love ghost racing but not everyone likes the change that makes practice (single-player) races not count.  For instance, someone said “I don’t like the pressure of racing against other people, as it messes me up psychologically.”  Should we revert to saving practice race scores (but not ghost race scores) automatically again?  What do you think? You can answer this opinion poll:
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