Anniversary Day: Celebrating Four Years of Typing Records!

Posted on August 8, 2012. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

When, the world’s first real-time multiplayer typing game, went online all the way back in March, 2008 (remember this blog post?), we didn’t yet have a way to save your score.  This capability was introduced on August 8, 2008, and today marks exactly 4 years since the very first user accounts were created and the first races were recorded in our database.

I want to wish a happy 4-year anniversary to valikor, bryans, and bob_bongloaded, and everyone else who signed up on the first day!  Almost a million users have joined since then and over 38 million races have been recorded in typeracer history.

Your Badge of Merit scorecard for user bryans

To commemorate your dedication to typeracing and to say thanks for 4 years of patronage,  I spent a good portion of the summer creating these merit badges for everyone.

The badge is an image URL that you can publish anywhere on the web, put on your resume/CV, or even email to your parents!  It will display your latest stats and will be updated automatically each time you finish a race.  This badge is your official score card and typing certificate, signed by

Here is the badge for bryans, for example:

For best results, you can publish your badge using an HTML code snippet that links to your profile. You can see your badge and get your code right now by visiting your profile page.

New Avatars For Everyone

We’re also celebrating with 10 new racing avatars and giving everyone, not just premium members, an opportunity to use them for a month.  Just go to your profile page and choose any one of the 25  “cool avatars” to add a personalized touch to your typeracing.  New avatars for everyone!

New TypeRacer Avatars added for TypeRacer's 4th anniversary on August 8, 2012

10 new racing avatars now available!

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19 Responses to “Anniversary Day: Celebrating Four Years of Typing Records!”

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Oh that’s great! I started doing this, I don’t know about 6 months ago and I got my friend Nayeli addicted to it. I just wanted to say how this game has been a great experience for me and I will continue to stay loyal to this game. The creator of this website is BRILLIANT!

the link is not working for me dude……..

Which link and what do you mean by not working?

The link with ……

i am not able to post it on facebook…..

Oh I see what you mean! Facebook doesn’t like the HTML code. Will provide a fix for this shortly. Thanks for spotting this!

The badge is an image URL that you can publish anywhere on the web, post on facebook, put on your resume/CV, or even email to your parents!

not working on fb…

Happy Anniversary to TR
Love this site.

Thanks Comrade!

One thing else Alex, Why’s profile is not working here on this blog anymore..?????

I have no idea, sorry. I didn’t change anything.

Well, good to see you back on track Alex, and thanks that you changed the copyright 2008–2011 to 2008-2012 I had posted about this on TR group on FB as well.
I have a request from you that at least visit the forum and TR group once a week, I know you are a busy person but for the sake of TR you have to do it because there are many cheaters and people face some problems and it’s good to see that the owner is responding to their questions.


PS: Where is ChimChim these days??

Happy Anniversary! \m/

Heay, I am realy good and I just got on.

happy record making …
n keep on typing guys….

how to change the time of the race track?

I’ve already completed 1 thousand races! I still have to practice because I’ve got 54 wpm in average. I hope anybody can tell me what are the secrets for making up to 100 wpm!. I’m gladly waiting for your reply you can send me your email so that I can improve my typing skills in shorter time. My goal right now is to make it up to 2 thousand race! Thanks for the mod of the I am addicted to it. More power! 😀

I just typed the same paragraph four times in 16 minutes. Are there not as many paragraphs that come up in the races?

Great site. Sometimes boring and how do you chat?

When I do the typing challenge, in the CAPTCHA bit, I can’t get anywhere near my typing speed. I just did 147wpm and and on the test only 53wpm. I sit there waiting 16 seconds for the text to appear and this happens. Can anyone tell me what’s happening? Is my computer up to scratch? Thanks for the help – Rachael

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