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Hi fellow Typeracers! I should start by introducing myself. My name is David Pritts, and I may be better known by some of the older users here by my Typeracer handle valikor. I have been racing on Typeracer for five years–since the “beta”-ish days,  before we even had accounts.

Click to view my Typeracer Pit Stop profile

I’ve done thousands of races using both Dvorak and Qwerty keyboards, and have improved my typing speed from around 115wpm to around 140wpm, all while having a lot of fun. (Recently I’ve been racing a bit less, though, and I’m getting rusty. I need to get back to the track and get back in shape!)

Anyway, I’m happy to announce that in an effort to make Typeracer even better, Alex (our main developer here at Typeracer) has decided to add me to the Typeracer team. This is for a few reasons. First, I will have more time to moderate and improve the Typeracer forum, add more content to the site, including taking responsibility for this blog as well as generating other content (such as developing an official typing tutorial). I will also be able to take on some responsibility for issues such as support and answering people’s questions. We also have other projects in mind, which everyone will see in the coming months. In addition, with these tasks taken care of by someone else, the developers will have more time to develop more features, fix bugs, etc.

This is an exciting time for Typeracer, and I hope we can live up to your expectations. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc., please feel free to email me directly (david AT typeracer DOT com), or post on the forum. Of course, blog comments will also be read and responded to.

I will work to be as responsive as possible, and try to improve communication between Typeracer and the community. Hopefully we can all work together to make Typeracer even better.

See you on the track!

David Pritts (valikor)

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17 Responses to “Upcoming Improvements on Typeracer”

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This is exciting.

I still use typeracer a lot after all of these years, glad to see it’s still being maintained and moving forward 🙂

Hi David!

Glad to meet you.
I’m excited and eager to see the improvements happen.
Best of luck!

Hello, I love typeracer 🙂

Can we have a list that displays the total number of registered users 🙂 and perhaps total number of qwerty users, dvorak users, colemak users, others as a feature to be added in the future

Thank you! and more power

1) There should be an indication of the no. of races abandoned too
2)There should be different types of vehicles for pro,typist,typemaster, and megaracer, so there can be quick judgement for the user before the race starts…
3) Option to add profile pic…

Glad to see you in the ‘Team Admin’ Valikor!
I’ve not been racing lately on Typeracer; however, would love to join back if site is clean and effective!


your best score is 207 WPM- crazy! how does this even happen?

Great job with all of the work you’ve done on TR, btw. The product is great. Both fun and easy to use, and also helps a lot with increasing my speed while making less errors.



I love this website but would love to see other obstacle courses i.e. games to help people improve their typing speed. Also how is it possible for others to get to the 200’s and 300’s wpm? It seems almost impossible to me.

Hi everybody. Thanks for all the kind words.

Also thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming. Of course, we don’t have the resources to implement every suggestion that comes in. But, one thing we’re working on is figuring out what the community wants. This way, we can prioritize. The more suggestions we get, the better we can do this, and the better Typeracer will get.

Susan, Matt: I assure you 207wpm is possible! In fact, I expect that it’s possible for humans to exceed 300wpm on very short texts, with lots of practice. (Of course, only a very few number of people will ever be able to do this… but we have such people here on Typeracer!)

Susan: What do you mean by “obstacle courses”?


Regarding the “races abandoned” statistic: Yes, we know that people leaving races is a big problem right now, and it’s very annoying. We’re trying to figure out the best way to deal with it. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time, and there is no clear solution.

DudePC: Glad to hear from you. What do you mean “clean and effective”?

Hi David,

I enjoy racing in typeracer. I use when I’m free. One thing i would suggest to typerracer is that racing among friends. If a particular friend is online in typeracer and if i want to race to with him, the process is little bit difficult. Can you guys try to make it more user friendly…

Hi Nikilesh,

Can you explain what it is about the “Race your friends” feature that you think is difficult/tedious to use?


congrats and drunkvalikor FTW!

I am so honoured by competting to the world famous racers whose hand run like Michell Sumekher Racing car. I simply
love them. They are legen living legend. what can I give you but my regards , love and best wishes. Its very nice to
found you people. Now please help me. I have a speed 45-50 wds/m in computer keyboard. I am making too much errors and it is decreasing my type speed. Today I saw my averege all time speed is decreased and came to 45. please
guide me any website , any technique that will help me to run like you. please help a poor girl from India. I am very enthusiastic in making my speed 50 to 150wds. Please give me a response.

Hi Angana,

You can visit the Typeracer forum ( http://groups.google.com/group/typeracer ) and get lots of tips on improving your typing speed.

Good luck!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Moderator

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