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Hi Typeracers!

Today I thought it would be fun to briefly recognize some of our most dedicated and talented typists here on Typeracer. This is mainly just for fun, and is not official, but I wanted to share a few lists with everyone.

Some of the lists posted below are publicly available via the native leaderboard on Typeracer.com, but others (such as the “Marathon” and “Text bests” categories) were thought of by Sean Wrona (arenasnow2) and Noah Horn (licahfox). Explanations are below.

Note that some of these lists have been filtered based on the default settings of Sean and Noah’s website, the Typeracer database. As such, these charts do not include users who have completed fewer than 1,000 races (you can change this and create your own charts using their website, if you’d like) and some users have also been omitted for a variety of other reasons.  If there are any bugs or omissions in the database, that could affect the results as well. (If you notice any errors below, let me know!)

In any case, here are the results:

Fastest single race1. arenasnow2 256 wpm

2. darkhosis 255 wpm

3. chanmanx 254 wpm

4. tsvukk 241 wpm

5. nightdevil 233 wpm

6. hurst 233 wpm

7. tsvuk 229 wpm

8. cmalmquist 227 wpm

9. typingartist2 225 wpm

10. scottyzero500 224 wpm


Most races completed1. chimchimchim 102,582

2. killingtype 84,366

3. dufour 79,390

4. beeznees 59,700

5. nattukittu 56,149

6. mark40511 52,430

7. aram90 51,185

8. justinjustbeatyou1 45,321

9. scottee 45,087

10. amun 40,620


Text bests (average of the user’s best scores on each text)1. chanmanx 202 wpm

2. arenasnow2 197 wpm

3. darkhosis 184 wpm

4. rajistan_heart 179 wpm

5. fightin_phils 172 wpm

6. kakarotto 172 wpm

7. nightdevil 171 wpm

8. hurst 170 wpm

9. cmalmquist 168 wpm

10. tsvuk 167 wpm


Marathon (most races in 24 hours)1. yada 1,200

2. rajistan_heart 1,161

3. valikor 1,134

4. fastermart 1,000

5. dufour 999

6. sumit91 737

7. kwang2009 691

8. killingtype 677

9. fightin_phils 659

10. xenu 637


Congratulations to all the Typeracer champions listed above! 

I’d also like to let everyone know that improving the statistics available is one of our many mid- to long-term goals here at Typeracer, and we can do it better if we have your input. What do you think about these categories? What are some other categories that you might like to see? Daily or monthly statistics? The best typists in each country? If you have any ideas, let us know!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Moderator

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7 Responses to “Typeracer Champions”

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Some New Stats( with refresh) like,

Most races, last hour, today, week, month, year

A system with Points with ranking, Need to think about to have idea
New Structure to the website in introduce your DataBase 🙂

Thanks you Good Job



Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestion. What do you mean “with refresh”?

What kind of point system do you think would be good?

I’d like to see some kind of a video’d test in order for people to post a score over a certain number. Or some way to keep bots from running the show. Until you do this none of your stats matter.

Chanman has a 460 wpm on Typeracer Captcha Test (ref: data.typeracer.com/users?id=tr%3Achanmanx), one where the leading typing on almost all typing sites Sir Sean Wrona (also the typist to which even Chanman loses to most times) maxes out on 290 wpm. Surely, there’s no other way other than unfair play by which chanman managed that score. It amazes me how such obvious malpractice details are overlooked on this site. Is it for the sake of convenience?. Easier to turn a blind eye, right?. What’s to say most of his normal text scores on typeracer aren’t the result of cheating either?. He admitted to as much on hi-games.net (another sister typing site) in the comments section (ref: http://i42.tinypic.com/2jepmog.jpg).

Like the anonymous guest says, unless video’d test is done (or one where we can “see” the replay ala hi-games), none of these statistics matters.

Hi Ibegtodiffer,

The list that I posted was edited according to my own subjective judgment. The goal was to remove typists who I was convinced were cheating. I cannot guarantee, of course, that no illegitimate typists have been posted on the list.

If you or anyone else has reason to believe that any typists on this list, or anywhere on Typeracer are cheating, please contact me at david typeracer com. I will do my best to investigate and resolve the issue. I’m sorry that we haven’t been doing the best job dealing with cheaters, and hope we can improve.

I did also send a response to your personal email address, which you can read at your convenience. Thanks!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

What is exactly cheating? Must everyone use QWERTY keyboard and input each character individually and manually? DVORAK and other layouts is unfair advantage? What about stenotype like Plover, predictive/autocomplete, text-to-speech? I like captcha idea since it forces to read and input the text manually (until OCR technology catch up), so is this no longer cheating if human has to read the text to input?

These are good questions, which will be increasingly relevant as typing technology continues to evolve. When we refer to cheating, we generally mean that somebody used some software to type the text (macros, OCR, etc.). Do you have any other suggestions?

At this time, I would say that any keyboard (Colemak, Qwerty, Dvorak, others) are all okay, but that users must type all the characters individually. This seems to be the premise that our game is built on.

However, in other languages (such as Chinese), this is not the case. Different people use different software to enter the characters.

David Pritts

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