The Future of Typing?

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The past (and future?) of typing

The past (and future?) of typing

According to a recent news report from the BBC, the evolution of typing has seen a new development. In a slightly humorous way, typing technology in at least one Russian government agency is moving back in time, as concerns about data security is spurring an interest in the use of typewriters and paper documents!

Our slightly older users are very familiar with the joys of the typewriter, but for our youngest users, a few of whom might actually not know what a typewriter is, just remember that it’s basically the combination of a keyboard, a printer, and Typeracer’s instant death mode (or, a word-processor in which you are not allowed to make any typos, or else you have to tear out the paper and start the whole page over again). Sound fun? Give instant death mode a try and decide for yourself!

Anyway, although this is obviously quite a special case, and I’m sure nobody expects the typewriter to really make a comeback anytime soon, it is an interesting illustration of how sometimes simple technologies provide the best and most lasting solutions. Although voice recognition technology is getting better and better, and is the perfect tool for some situations, I think the keyboard and traditional methods for typing are going to be around for a long time. Luckily, this also suggests that Typeracer will continue to be not only a fun game, but a useful tool, for more than a few years to come!

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5 Responses to “The Future of Typing?”

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This is a cool website. I enjoy typing because it is one of my hobbies.

Glad you like it!

I appreciate the the reference to us as only “slightly older”. I learned to type on an IBM Selectric, and I loved that thing. I found myself having to turn the page over for 3 minute timed tests. I wouldn’t mind having one around the house just for grins. Typing is pretty much the one thing I’m really good at. Shame it couldn’t have been basketball, or soccer, or running. Oh well.


You’re welcome 😉

Hope we can race some day!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

THANK GOD. Please typewriters…open your eyes, and stay open.

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