Typeracer International Ready for Next Step–Seeking Typist Volunteers from Around the World!

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Not a good way to translate, but it was the best we could do at the time.

Not a good way to translate, but it was the best we could do at the time.

As some of you may remember, Typeracer International was first created in 2009. At the time, we used Google Translate to automatically translate the English texts into all the other languages on Typeracer. We’ve made an effort to improve these, and people have offered to assist, but we didn’t have enough resources to coordinate this kind of large-scale project while also keeping up with fixing bugs, developing new features, staying compatible with new browsers, etc.

German polyglot Emil Krebs spoke 68 languages, but we at Typeracer do not. So, we need your help!

German polyglot Emil Krebs spoke 68 languages, but we at Typeracer do not. So, we need your help!

We hope that in the future, Typeracer can use real content from all of these countries and languages, and make Typeracer truly international!

We hope that in the future, Typeracer can use real content from all of these countries and languages, making Typeracer truly international and showcasing the beauty of our world community–in the one way we at Typeracer can!

The good news, though, is that we are now ready to take on this project! Of course, the Typeracer team does not speak 50 languages, so we can’t do it alone! As I mentioned last week, we will be looking for volunteers to oversee the collection of texts in other languages, and this project is officially launching now!

We hope to create small teams to collect texts in each language. Each team-member will contribute his or her favorite texts, as well as review the texts suggested by other users in the same language; this is to assure quality, meaning that the texts should be fun, interesting, and appropriate (no profanity, no offensive content, and nothing that is unsuitable for young users).

After all the members of a language team have approved all the texts (and removed any that they can’t agree on), the team leader (to be selected by the Typeracer team) will submit them to the Typeracer team for use on the site.

If you are interested joining the team to improve Typeracer in your language, please contact me at david@typeracer.com, and I will add your name to the list and provide more instructions. In the meantime, start collecting your favorite quotes! (Of course, if you don’t have time to review texts, etc., but still want to submit your favorite quotes, you can email them to me, and I will send them to the relevant language team, once it has been created!)

Thanks, and I look forward to racing some of you in other languages soon!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

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78 Responses to “Typeracer International Ready for Next Step–Seeking Typist Volunteers from Around the World!”

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I’m up for it.

मै तैयार हू ॥

I can provide help with hindi quotes…

Hi Rickenjus! Please send me an email so I have your contact info. Thanks.

Count me in!! E-mail sent!!

type racer is very nice software…..

count me in too!! E-mail sent

I’m Ready To be..

1808 friday, august 23, 2013

it is very IMPORTANT to take into account the existence of different national variations of certain languages.

for example, with Spanish it will be necessary to have the same texts available in European Spanish ( that is, the original Spanish or Castilian utilized in Spain ), Mexican Spanish, and all the other “flavors” of this language as those spoken in South-American countries like Argentina, Panama, Chile, Colombia, and so forth.

exactly the same thing will be needed for the case of British English with its corresponding variations ( American, Canadian, Australian … )

Hi Jesús.

You bring up an interesting point. I’m not sure how we will handle this. For now, we will probably just have one Typeracer Universe for each language, even if that language is spoken in multiple countries. Of course, as an American, I use some different spellings than speakers of British English, and use slightly different colloquialisms/idioms/vocabulary than Brits or Australians or even Canadians, but it’s all English and I think it’s actually good to expose people to different “flavors” (flavours?) of their language.

Hopefully we can get Spanish quotes from users in different countries, reflecting the diversity and richness of the Spanish language.

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

I think it will be more relevant to have a set of texts for each keyboard set-up. If uou are missing some letters on your keyboard, it will be difficult to compete fairly.

1931 sunday, august 25, 2013

thanks a lot Valikor

Naw. Thank YOU for your continued support and contributions to the Typeracer community!

Dear Mr. David,

I am LO LO LO (triet96), a free member at your typeracer site.
I read your article on typeracer blog about teaming up with other people to enhance scripts for other languages and found it interesting.
I’d like to help to contribute to this project. I can:

– Check if the quotes are in correct grammar and meaningful (or at least “understandable”)
– Submitting new quotes

Please provide me with more detail instructions as to what I am gonna do in this project so I know if I have enough time to join up or not.

My native language is VIETNAMESE.


PS: I have sent you this same message for 2 times already. I hope this time it gets to you.

Hi LoLoLo,

I received your message, and already responded (maybe 1-2 days ago) via email. Thanks for volunteering!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

For hindi typing on typeracer , how to change our font to hindi in the broser. I am trying to type the paragraph given by typeraces but my words are coming in english , Please help

Kapil: Is this a problem with Typeracer? It sounds like maybe this is a problem with your IME/text input, or with your browser. Typeracer displays the text correctly, and (as far as I know) should be able to accept the incoming text in non-English languages (I have tested it in Chinese and it works fine, but I cannot type Hindi, so I cannot test this personally.). Can you give more information? Thanks!
-David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

I can give you many Nepalese Quote and short stories. But There is some problem between Nepali & Hindi Language .It looks to see like same language . but in fact there is huge differents. we can read but can’t speak. I just like to request you to accept it.

Hi Sagar. Unfortunately, Typeracer currently does not support Nepalese. When we add more languages in the future (I hope we can do this soon, but I am not sure when it will happen.), I hope we can add Nepalese (especially since I have lots of Nepalese friends, and love Nepalese food 🙂 )

If it’s okay with you, I will write down your email address; in the future, when we need help with adding texts in the Nepalese language, I will contact you. Thanks!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

I’m from Indonesia. Maybe I can help you! But what text do you want?

Hi Faris,

I’ve sent you an email. Thanks for volunteering!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

please tell me how to right the question mark in the Hindi race please tell me as soon as possible

I would live to help translate Swedish quotes! 🙂

Hi Oliver. I’ve sent you a private email about this. Thanks!

I’m interesting, can I join in Indonesian language

Typeracer’s ID = Andyyusuf from Indonesia already to help. It will be nice to counted in “Typeracer Team”. Email Sent.

I’m up for it.
من می توانم تو فارسی کمک کنم

I could acutally help in (interface) translation, but I fear that my choices of texts will be quite biased to scientific excerpts :-O

This could be a Norwegian text at typeracer.com; Jeg tror jeg ønsker å komme meg vekk fra planeten, fordi jeg ikke kan gjøre annet. Så fiks dette for meg, og du er min stjerne for resten av livet mitt, og jeg vil heretter elske deg, for evig og alltid.

This is a completely Norwegian text, hope you can use it. (I know that this text is completely Norwegian, because I am from Norway, so as I said earlier, hope you can use this text. PS: My username at typeracer.com is ” supererik “. ”

Sincerely, Erik (supererik). 🙂

I’d like to help a bit in Danish:)

Hi Tanja,

You can email me at david AT typeracer DOT com. Thanks!

David Pritts

I could probably help…I’m not fluent in russian but I have a lot of russian books lying around…*shrug*

Hi дия,

If you’re interested, feel free to email me at david @ typeracer . com for more details. We’d love to more Russian texts.


David Pritts

I’m from iran. Maybe I can help you! But what text do you want?

Hi Reza. Please email me: david AT typeracer DOT com for more details. We’d love to get any texts in Persian.


David Pritts

Any texts are okay, as long as they’re interesting. Please email me (david AT typeracer DOT com) if you want more info. Thanks!

Dear Mr. Pritts,
My name Linh Tran, from Vietnam, and I want joining the team to improve Typeracer in Vietnamese.
I hope that you can contact me as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Linh Tran

Linh: Hello. The good news is that we’ve already collected a number of real (non-Google Translate) texts in Vietnamese and will be updating the texts in the near future. Feel free to email me (david AT typeracer DOT com) if you want to discuss further.

Thank you for volunteering to help.

David Pritts

I’m up for it

Why don’t you take the “highlights” from Amazon ?

It would be awesome !

Is that possible to do ?

Hi Tuch23: are you referring to our text selection? You’d suggest that our texts be taken from the book highlights on Amazon?


David Pritts

Thank you so much for this website. It’s been great practice for learning to type in Thai.

Hi! I’d like to submit some text of Bahasa Indonesia.
Could the text be like a poetry, part of article or news, or a short story?

I’d much rather a british english option at least.

Take the highlights available.
For exemple here :


I can provide texts in Chinese(both simpified and traditional). And by the way, typing in Chinese requires an IME and it usually works as how a sentence is typed in English.

Hablamos Español.

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, please provide Chinese texts! Please also provide the source (title/author, type of media (Book/song/etc.), and ISBN/ASIN if available). We are aware of how the use of IMEs impacts Typeracing and hope to improve support for these languages in the future (right now, there are some minor issues with how Typeracer handles languages that use IMEs.

David Pritts

I can help with Vietnamese. Count me in. I will email you now 😀

David. I submited some Brazilian Portuguese text chunks, but i can´t see if they got aproved, neither select this language to make races.
Any ETA on enabling this language?

We have a few hundred Portuguese texts (I don’t believe we differentiate between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Portuguese) and they will be activated soon, replacing the Google Translate texts.

Thanks for your help!

David Pritts

Hello !

I’m up for it !
I can provide you French texts any time !

I’m sending the E-mail.

Hello, i am dzikri from Indonesia. I can provide you indonesian languages 😉
I sent you an email, hope you can read it and tell me more about this xD

I would LOVE to help you with English text, as there are some really interesting books that came out this year–especially two regarding World Peace and the lack of a more progressive government!!

Hi David!

I can provide some German texts. Are you interested in?

Italian here. how can I help? I could provide some texts in Italian from stories that we can get from Iternet

I’ll try my best to help with the Romanian language translation and browser compatibility issues i noticed.

The most severe issue that I noticed is that Google Translate uses different characters:
– The character “ş” produced by Google Translate is different from the character “ș” which my keyboard produces
– Same for the character ‘ț’ from Google Translate and the character ‘ț’ from my keyboard
– Same problem with the Upper Case in the case of these two characters ( ‘Ş’ != ‘Ș’ and ‘Ț’ != ‘Ț’ )
– There seems to be no problem with the characters ‘â’, ‘ă’, ‘î’, ‘Â’, ‘Ă’, ‘Î’. They are the same.

One suggestion would be to add the option to accept both forms when checking is the word was spelled correctly.
I’m suggesting this because different versions of Operating Systems and different Browsers may produce different characters in this case.
These special characters are called diacritics and there is no convention about them. (UTF-8)






I’m sorry about the long post but if this issue is not taken care of the game won’t accept your word and you can’t play it.

How can you use type racer in the French language if you only have a standard American(US) keyboard?

I could also help witch dutch texts just send me english texts and then i can convert them into plane dutch the way dutch ppl typ

hi David!
im from Indonesia, i can help u for indonesia quotes…

Seem’s fun! Can i help you? I’m from Indonesia! Siap membantu!

If there is stil help needed, i know text in French

I will provide you the hindi content .

Hi, based on what I’ve seen while practicing typing the Arabic language, I found a lot of texts that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I know you’re using google translate, that’s why I’m offering to help you out on the project and do my best to make the texts as understandable as possible.

I’ve already sent an email to you. So, if there’s room for me to join,
Please, provide me with details and instructions as to how I’m going to contribute to the project.

– Bader

I can translate English to Indonesian

Hey , Im indonesian, ready to help anytime
Typeracer is a good website for a beginner to start typing, thanks to you, now i know my real skill on typing
If you want any help with indonesian language, just ask me
My email: muhamadfatahilah11@gmail.com

Hello my name is Khalid
I see you want text Arabic
I can help you

Seharusnya kamu itu telah mengatakan yang sesungguhnya, Untuk cintamu dan cintanya, Dan dirimu juga akan berlaku bagi orang yang ingin menjadi penghuni setiamu. Jangan kan anak-anak laki-laki yang melakukan pernyataan ini. Karna, Kemungkinan Anak Laki-Laki bisa menikah dengan perempuan. Please Place this text to indonesian version

Hi there. I can make Portuguese and Spanish quotes and translations if required. Let me know if it is necessary.

Hi there

If it is still necessary, I will be more than willing to provide some text in Dutch.

Met vriendelijke groeten 🙂


Dear David, i’m an Italian guy who have enjoyed the game. But i found a lot of Italian mistakes on your texts. So what if i send you some of correct italian texts by me?


How I can use selecting Hindi Font “Kruti Dev 010” in race ?

Hi Kailash

At this time, we don’t support custom font-selection. There isn’t a way to chose which font you see in races. We’ll keep this suggestion in mind for future releases.

David (valikor)

I can help with Dutch, just send me an e-mail

Typeracer ID : Tselikovsky Ivanovich. i can provide some quotes for Indonesian language. count me in. Email sent

What do I have to enter in “Title”? The title of the quote or of the medium? Or does it check the title of the medium per ASIN/ISBN-10?
I already contributed a German quote but wasn’t sure about that and didn’t know anything about the Email verification for contribution
I would help contribute some German quets here

Do I have to enter in “Title” the title of the quote or of the medium? Or does it check the title of the medium per ASIN or IBSN-10?
I already contributed a German quote per Google Forms but wasn’t sure about this

Dear David. I can help you in Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks

Hi. I’m from Malaysia. Actually I am not touch typist but I’m in progressing learning touch typing via Typing. Com website. Can I contribute quotes in my language? Thanks.

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