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Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here

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Hi Fellow Typeracers,

Although you might not have noticed it, we actually recently deployed a new version of Typeracer.  Most of the changes are “behind the scenes”, but there are a lot of bug fixes among them.  For example, a lot of people complained that changes to their display names were taking up to 24 hours to take effect, and the profanity filter was blocking people from creating legitimate accounts (a Typeracer from Tallahassee, Florida was unable to enter the name of his city… oops!). Also, when someone left a race immediately after finishing, it might have appeared to others that he/she didn’t finish the race.  All that his been fixed now.

However, there is also one new notable feature: keyboard shortcuts! For some time now, people have been telling us that it’s too inconvenient to use the mouse to join the next race, etc., so we’ve made it possible for you to speed up this process. There’s a new link at the bottom of the home page that will give you the details:

Here is a list of the new keyboard shortcuts.

Here is a list of the new keyboard shortcuts.

Give these a try, and if you have any comments, suggestions, or problems, please let us know. As usual, you can email, or email David directly at with any feedback about this new feature. If you have any suggestions that are not related to this feature, feel free to email us as well, as we really want to get a better sense of what is important to the typeracer community.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you on the racetracks!

– David (valikor) & Alex (typeracer)

P.S. If you forget any of these keyboard shortcuts, you can hover your mouse pointer over a link like “race again” for a few seconds, and if the link has an associated keyboard shortcut, it will tell you!


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Planning Typeracer’s Future: We Need Your Input!

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Hi Fellow Typeracers.

As Typeracer is moving forward, we realize the importance of gaining user feedback in order to help us develop a clear direction for the future. The better idea we have of what our racers want, the better we can direct our resources to improve Typeracer.checklist

So, today I want to do two things. First, I want to formally begin looking for volunteers who can help us improve Typeracer in the future by providing feedback and suggestions. What do you love about Typeracer? What could we do better? What new features do you want to see? If you are interested in giving us feedback about potential new features on Typeracer, and participating in discussions that will help us decide the future of Typeracer, please shoot me an email at  In the future, I might send interested persons about one email per month with ideas and questions we have, and you can tell us what you think.

Second, I want to start this whole process off by posting a poll here on the blog, in order to get feedback about some of the ideas we currently have. Some of the ideas below are projects we are already working on, but many of them are just ideas we have considered. We want to know what is important to you so that we can use our time and resources wisely.

If you’re interested, please look at the poll below and tell us which items you think are important.

Thanks for your input! Here’s the poll:

(please vote for at most 5 items)

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Third-Party Typeracer Tools: New and Old

Posted on September 12, 2013. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

Hi Typeracers! Recently I’ve been in touch with Typeracer’s very own Makky (makky_86) (all links open a new window), a Megaracer from the UK who has been developing a new tool to analyze Typeracer data, create cool charts, etc.  His app is still under development; he’s still working on new features, improving stability/removing bugs, etc. My favorite feature on Makky’s “Typeracer Web App” is the ability to create graphs comparing different users and their race histories.

My favorite feature on Makky's "Typeracer Web Application" is the ability to generate charts comparing different users' race histories.

My favorite feature on Makky’s “Typeracer Web Application” is the ability to generate charts comparing different users’ race histories.

If you want to try it out, you can do so here ( Note that you’ll have to import your username using the “Import” link before you can see your profile. He has asked that people contact him via email ( to tell him about any bugs and any suggestions for improvements, new features, etc.


The “User Profile” view on Makky’s page. You can see yours, too!

While we’re on the topic of third-party Typeracer tools, I want to take this chance to officially mention what is probably the most powerful, robust, and comprehensive third-party tool that has ever been made for Typeracer: The Race Database, created by Sean Wrona (arenasnow) and Noah Horn (licahfox), two of Typeracer’s elite. I want to mention it here for two reasons; first, to recognize all the hard work that they put in to develop it, and second, because I expect some users have never heard of it before and might enjoy using it.

You can see your profile by entering your username into the “View Profile” box at the top right. Just like on Makky’s site, if your account hasn’t been imported to the database yet, click the “Import” link.


Typeracer users with the most races won, as seen on Sean Wrona and Noah Horn’s Race Database.

Using this tool, you can answer the following questions (and many more!):

Which users have won the most races? (See here.)
Which Typeracer texts are the easiest? (See here.)
How many races can crazy Typeracers complete in 24 hours? (See here.)

The page isn’t perfect; it has some minor issues, and there are no graphs, so we’re glad that Makky is creating the new tool described above!

I hope everyone enjoys these two tools, and as I said, if you have any problems with Makky’s site, please email him at the address above. He is working hard on this valuable contribution to the Typeracer Community!

Happy racing, and see you all on the racetrack!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

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