Third-Party Typeracer Tools: New and Old

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Hi Typeracers! Recently I’ve been in touch with Typeracer’s very own Makky (makky_86) (all links open a new window), a Megaracer from the UK who has been developing a new tool to analyze Typeracer data, create cool charts, etc.  His app is still under development; he’s still working on new features, improving stability/removing bugs, etc. My favorite feature on Makky’s “Typeracer Web App” is the ability to create graphs comparing different users and their race histories.

My favorite feature on Makky's "Typeracer Web Application" is the ability to generate charts comparing different users' race histories.

My favorite feature on Makky’s “Typeracer Web Application” is the ability to generate charts comparing different users’ race histories.

If you want to try it out, you can do so here ( Note that you’ll have to import your username using the “Import” link before you can see your profile. He has asked that people contact him via email ( to tell him about any bugs and any suggestions for improvements, new features, etc.


The “User Profile” view on Makky’s page. You can see yours, too!

While we’re on the topic of third-party Typeracer tools, I want to take this chance to officially mention what is probably the most powerful, robust, and comprehensive third-party tool that has ever been made for Typeracer: The Race Database, created by Sean Wrona (arenasnow) and Noah Horn (licahfox), two of Typeracer’s elite. I want to mention it here for two reasons; first, to recognize all the hard work that they put in to develop it, and second, because I expect some users have never heard of it before and might enjoy using it.

You can see your profile by entering your username into the “View Profile” box at the top right. Just like on Makky’s site, if your account hasn’t been imported to the database yet, click the “Import” link.


Typeracer users with the most races won, as seen on Sean Wrona and Noah Horn’s Race Database.

Using this tool, you can answer the following questions (and many more!):

Which users have won the most races? (See here.)
Which Typeracer texts are the easiest? (See here.)
How many races can crazy Typeracers complete in 24 hours? (See here.)

The page isn’t perfect; it has some minor issues, and there are no graphs, so we’re glad that Makky is creating the new tool described above!

I hope everyone enjoys these two tools, and as I said, if you have any problems with Makky’s site, please email him at the address above. He is working hard on this valuable contribution to the Typeracer Community!

Happy racing, and see you all on the racetrack!

David Pritts (valikor)
Typeracer Administrator

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15 Responses to “Third-Party Typeracer Tools: New and Old”

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Noah should be listed first since he coded it, first hosted it, and certainly did more than half the work. I mostly just entered data for him and added a couple really, really minor features. race-database is actually the name of my racing archive website where I initially hosted the TypeRacer database. It had a fitting domain name for the TypeRacer database, but that was just a coincidence. The present site doesn’t currently really have a name.

Yeah, that kind of occurred to me while I was writing the post. But because of that happy coincidence, I decided not to change it. Of course, if you’d prefer a different name to be used here and/or in future references, just let me know.

It was back in 2009 (I think) when I came to know about Sean’s Typeracer database and Jaideep John told me about this and another page which was created by you David I really don’t exactly remember the name of the page but I know there was one.

That’s right. Sean and Noah’s page is not new, but we’ve never officially linked to it before. And yes, a few years ago, I did create a page (the first one!) to analyze Typeracer data. That page no longer exists, though, and it doesn’t need to; that page was coded entirely in Javascript and was not very powerful, so I’m glad we have better tools now!

Thanks David for letting users know about these tools.

Thanks to you for programming this app!

I see a user “typeracer” both in your photo on this blog, as well as in the “compare” tab on Makky’s app. Is this an actual user or is there really a true tracking of performance for the entire Typeracer community? It would be really neat to see, and compare, oneself to the general typing population.

Good question! That is the owner’s account. It’s just a person!

Unfortunately, the tools mentioned above do not have the functionality you described. We’re still not there yet. But, adding improving the available statistics is something we’re thinking about over here at Typeracer.


Why can’t I post to your forum? I just want to ask a question and I don’t know how to contact you.

i know that this has nothing to do with the above post but i think it would be great if you could make it so that during gameplay you are able to chat with the people you play with like i was playing a game with someone and we both ended up typing at 81 at the end and i wanted to tell him that that game was close but i was not able to because there was no chatting system. i also posted this because i couldn’t find a place to make suggestions.

Thanks for your comment, Alex. Coincidentally, I was just about to post another post on this blog asking people to tell us what new features they’re most interested in. Check it out in a few minutes!


That database is awesome! However, since I felt a little envious, I wonder what is needed to have it for the Spanish?? 🙂

Hi Spanish Fan,

Good question. I will have to look into this question.

David Pritts

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