Second round of polls: Improving Typeracer’s Statistics

Posted on November 3, 2013. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

Hi Typeracers,

This is the second in a small series of polls that we are performing to help us gauge what new features are important to the Typeracer community. In the first round, participants told us that they were most interested in the following features:

(More details can be seen in this blog post.)

This info is critical to our long-term planning, but we still need more information, so you’ll be seeing a few more polls on this blog over the next few weeks.Β  Today, we hope to learn more about the specific statistics that people are most interested in seeing. To participate in the next poll, click here, and tell us which statistics you want to see on Typeracer (choose no more than 6).ballot_box

Thanks! If you have any other feedback, feel free to leave it here, or email; I will personally respond to all emails, and Alex (our CEO) will also receive a copy of all messages.

Happy racing!

David Pritts

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50 Responses to “Second round of polls: Improving Typeracer’s Statistics”

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i really love this web site

This game is swag

Feedback on typos, more satatus & more avatar for regular

Marathons and tournaments features will be best for typeracers…

I don’t wanna be offensive or something but could it be that you need some glasses because they look very clear to me.(using Chrome, lcd laptop).

Could you PLEASE bold the colons, semicolons, commas,and periods? I seriously doubt I am the only one who gets hung up on these because I can’t tell what it is. If I think I see a comma, it turns out to period. If I think I see a semicolon, it turns out to be a colon. Aggghhh! Just bold them or make them a different color, PLEASE!!!!

Thanks for the suggestion!

David Pritts

That’s actually a really good point. I’ve had the same issue :'(. And it’s so frustrating too. Good one Lisa.

I’ve found similarity between colon and semicolon confusing too. I’ve solved it by using Firefox extension “Stylish” to customize typeracer appearance. Here is link to my style:

That would be extremely helpful, it’s one of the few things that I commonly mess up on during typings.

Hi i’m a new typer, please go easy on me!

Don’t worry we’ll be gentle? >:)

Why can’t you give us all the statistics? They all seem fairly easy to implement, since they’re just counters, averages, and lists.

i don’t like this at all

I’d love to see the option to do longer races (150, 200, 250+ words?) I think it would be cool to test my ‘stamina’ for sustained typing vs typing in short bursts.

Thanks for polling the community.

new themes in typeracer πŸ™‚

If you make typeracer open source, then we’ll all be able to participate, including programmers. Typeracer would thus be able to develop so much faster. I know that I wouldn’t mind partaking in further development, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

Would it be a good idea to keep only the “display single text” option to discourage use of automated filling tools? Tired of seeing “guests” hit the 150+ mark repeatedly and spoiling the fun

yeah, the ‘guests’ are just ruining everything. 😦

Yeah, it really annoys me when that happens 😦

i love this i love to race i beat all yall so just get out of here or you want to get beat again

I love The Games ! 😑 😑

I’m a little annoyed at the tests that they give us when we score a 100 WPM. I finally reached it on my account, and then the test came up and I’m terrible under pressure, so I tried until it said I couldn’t anymore. And now I’m stil at an 87, because it won’t count the 100 WPM that I scored… really depressing, it took me so long to get to that and it won’t even count. I get why they’re doing this, to prevent cheaters, but I don’t even know how to hack cookie clicker let alone TypeRacer…
Sigh, I wish I were better under pressure.
Marathon races sound pretty cool, although I wonder how they’d work. Type a full chapter from a book, an entire song, maybe a poem or something? It’ll be interesting to see how they come out once they’re done.

Wanna know a secret? You can pass those 100wpm tests with a ton of errors. I’ve pretty sure I made 20% errors and still passed, as long as you maintain the 100wpm.

Mistakes are allowed on the anti-cheat test. I don’t know about “a ton of errors”, though!

If your accuracy is only 80%, you should not pass the test.


David Pritts

I love this site, but I wish that you wouldnt give us a time limit. i also feel that “cool” avatars werent only for premium members. Thanks!

The top 6 lol

Why we can’t send messages to other members without money
whY ?????
WHY ?????
WHY ?????
WHY ?????
WHY ?????

i think it would be cool to know before you start a race against a group of people of who is the fastest typest in the group, such as their care being hi-lighted.


Hi Anonymous,

We here at Typeracer like pie, too.

But, personally, I like cheesecake even more.

David Pritts

So how is delete cheaters not first on the wishlist

Hi Red,

I think you’ll be happy to see some of the changes that we’ll be seeing soon on Typeracer. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to let me know directly (david AT typeracer DOT com).

David Pritts

Hey, I just want to drop in a note of ‘Thank you very much!’ for including India in your State/Province feature. πŸ™‚

Hi Ind,

We are happy to have so many users from Earth’s second most populous country here!

Thanks for using Typeracer.

David Pritts

Do you know when the update will take place, like when all these will be available for play etc ?

Hi Zephyr, Wild Wind:

Some of these are projects that we’re already working on, and some are not. As such, I can’t give any specific ETA at this time. If things go smoothly, hopefully we’ll have new cool features in the not-too-distant future!


David Pritts

love it ❀

I hit over 120 wpm, but I had to take a “typing test” to prove that I wasn’t cheating. Unfortunately, the link to the picture containing the text is broken, so I couldn’t take the test properly, meaning my score didn’t even count. That means this site is pretty much useless to me until you guys fix the typing test, which is a shame, because I just signed up tonight and was enjoying the app until that broken typing test popped up and unjustly invalidated my score.

If this helps, I use Chrome on Mac OSX.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I apologize that you have been affected by it. We are currently working on fixing it.


David Pritts

Hi Joe,

The problem that was causing that issue has been fixed.


David Pritts

Thanks, David. I’m not sure why I was so upset before. Perhaps it’s just my competitive nature getting the best of me? In any case, I regret my initial reaction.

Thanks again!

a vary good site πŸ™‚

Id love to have marathon race where you race agaisn’t person and have text which takes around 20mins to type normally .

Thanks for your feedback!

David Pritts

Hey, I was just introduced to typeracer and really dig it, but I’m not able to prove that I’m not a cheater because whenever the cheat test comes up, the image link is broken. I see someone in the comments encountered the problem previously and according to David it was fixed in March, but I’m still experiencing it. I’ve tried on Chrome and Firefox, I’m running Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Anonymous,
Can you try again? I’m unable to reproduce the problem, and I’m wondering if this was a temporary problem. I expect this was the case because some other users reported this problem over the weekend.

David Pritts

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