Third Round of Polls

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Hi everyone,

For the past couple months, we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy trying to figure out exactly what our users want, so that we can make Typeracer better and more enjoyable for everyone.

The last round of polls can be seen here.

Every new feature has pros and cons.

Every new feature has pros and cons.

However, we got some feedback from a number of users saying that they not only weren’t interested in some of the features, but were actually opposed to some of the proposed features. For example, some users thought that a chat would be a distraction, and they would prefer to not have this feature. Other users prefer the clean, competitive interface on Typeracer, and opposed gamification (they don’t want to earn “points” or “awards” or be able to buy fancy cars, etc.).

So, we thought the best way to move forward was to conduct a more specific poll, to see how many users are for and against these various features. (Note that not all features included in the last poll are included in this one; we think that things like adding more texts are important to everyone, and are already working on these.)

Help us make Typeracer more awesome: do the poll here!

Thanks everyone, and see you on the track!

David Pritts

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37 Responses to “Third Round of Polls”

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I would just LOOOOVE to race on my own text! That would be like the best thing ever. Finally i can troll myself 😛

In practice mode: possibility to backup entire text, cause sometimes I want to repeat more words than just the one I’m currently on.

How about do something about all the rampart cheating? I find it very hard to believe that so many people can type at over 100 WPM or even 85+ WPM. It is statistically improbable. Also, you need to monitor your ads. One of your ads says to use Typeracer at your school. The accompanying ad is some computerized girl undressing herself and you can see her boobs bouncing up and down. It was distracting racing with boobs shoved in your face. But what was more wrong was the ad being together with the solicitation to use Typeracer at a school.

Hi Racer,

Thanks for your comment. I understand your frustration, but I’d ask that you please be patient because sometimes things that might seem easy to do can require a lot of work. For example, people occasionally have concerns about particular texts, and request that we delete them, but deleting a text cannot easily be done, as some people might have high scores on that text, and it could cause problems in their account if the text disappeared. The same goes for deleting blatant cheaters, which might seem like it would be as easy as deleting files from your desktop, but in actuality is not. While I’m not making excuses–really, both of these are great examples of where we need to improve–I do want you and others to understand why these things are taking so long.

As for your second question, please email me (david AT typeracer DOT com) if you see any offensive ads in the future. Also note that Typeracer School edition has no ads.

Thanks for the message,

David Pritts

For the first question, it’s not very odd that a competitive typing website has less than 2% of its members averaging more than 100WPM. I’ve only recently realized that there were so few. Also, cheaters tend to go for higher scores than 100WPM, although if they have enough free time on their hand, I guess they might pursue such a foolish exercise.

Whatever happened to the new texts that were in the works for December? Seems like there was a big push to get that done last October.

What do you call a marathon race? My idea of a marathon race is a very long text, like to be typing for 5 or 10 minutes. Is this what you are trying to say?

Hi Anonymous – good question! We aren’t actually sure, and are open to feedback. But, our original idea was similar to yours. We think they should probably be longer than 5 minutes.

David Pritts

Before anything else I think new texts should be introduced (ASAP) and soon after that marathons should be brought (starting from a 5mins marathon to 20 or 30mins).

Hi Schoaib,

We haven’t forgotten about this 🙂 Let me see what I can do to expedite this process.


David Pritts

this really helps me type better XD lol 🙂 and it is a really great game to type

Glad you enjoy it!

David Pritts

chat is a great feature to communicate with our opponents, chat should be turned on before and after the race.

Thanks Angela.

David Pritts

1. Marathon Race seems boring. You can already track marathon races on Marathon races would be okay if the races were broken up. Otherwise it would be stupid, how long you could stand in front of the computer.

Unless, marathon races means longer passages. Maybe like a short story. That might be okay.

2. Tournaments sound fun!

3. I’d like some gamification. Gamification is fun. I think is like gamification. It makes me really care about my stats. Points would to buy a car would be awesome. Those people with cars are cool but, I don’t know if I want to buy premium. I don’t means cool, but I like cars because you’re able to differentiate yourself. Not as a showoff thing, but because you’re differentiated people will be able to recognize you. Its a powerful combination combined with your name. For example, I usually don’t look at usernames, but if I see mechanical with the green train I’ll recognize that guy. I beat him in that very close race, and I see him a lot. Ya know what I mean?

4. chat sounds awesome! A pit stop thing so people could just chill and chat. Or an end game chat would be awesome. No chat during the race though. It’d be like League end game chat. Anyways, would be great to discuss the quote, and also the race. Close race, I caught up, so close to winning, etc. It’d would bring up a community around the site, instead of mindless typing.

5. training mode, need clarification.

6. meh

7. I love statistics! Seanwrona is an awesome site and I love that. Statistics are cool.

okay, actually I would be okay with marathon races. Just not really long. A 5 minute thing sounds interesting. Maybe even 15 minutes. Or as I suggested before a short story or something.

Thanks for the feedback. Let us know if you have any specific suggestions about how you’d like us to implement it.

David Pritts

Hi Christian – Sorry for the confusion. Yes, marathon races would basically be just longer races. On, the “marathon” statistic refers to the greatest number of races performed in a 24 hour period.

Thanks for your detailed response.

David Pritts

Gonna post some of my thoughts on this topic as well.

1. I’d love some marathon races. It wouldn’t be as popular as the short texts, I’m sure, but being able to practice, while some actual fatigue sets in, would be priceless nonetheless. With that said, I wouldn’t set it as the highest priority either.

2. Tournaments? Hellyah!

3. Not into the gamification so much myself, but I believe it could beneficial. Some sort of medals for amount of wins in a row, or “oh, you got 100wpm+ with 100% accuracy on this race” award… hell, give people points for the amount of races played in an hour and that’s all the motivation they need to stick around for 30 more minutes.

4. If anything, I would implement chat in the Pit Stop. And yes; if possible, go for it.

5. Traning mode… Isn’t there one already?

6. I’m really not picky with my texts, so this does not interest me a slightest bit.

7. Another one I’d absolutely fall in love with, since I’m total stats freak. Would it be possible to have your scores from other worlds (mostly your native language) on your main profile; and also the all-time/last10 accuracy percentage?

Sidenote: I’m not into racing with bots and would rather wait a little longer to be able to race against people. Is there any way around to do that?

this is the best site ever, but it really is eaiser to type when ur just typing your own thing not the computers words……..!!!:):):):):):):):)

I STILL LOVE IT THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you’re enjoying it!

David Pritts

I would LOVE gamification! I think that would be really fun! 😀

Hi Anonymous.

A number of people here have said they’d like gamification. Can anyone provide more details? What do you want to see specifically?


David Pritts

Dear respected David,
Why you don’t give certificate for our practice, according to one’s profile, at least racer who have speed more than 80wpm.

Hi Peaceful,

When you say a certificate for your practice, what do you mean specifically? Are you talking about practice races? Or all races on Typeracer? What kind of certificate would you like?


David Pritts

Yeah practice races respected sir

I would love the idea of creating your own text you guys rock see yah!

@Sammi Bailey follow me on fb

My students love Typeracer! I don’t think some of the adds are appropriate for the school environment. The League of Angels game ads are not good. Is there a way to remove the ads for schools??

Hi Diane,

I’ve sent you a private email to discuss the matter. Thanks.

David Pritts

The feature I want the most is to opt-out of racing on certain texts. For me, it’s pretty much exclusively lyrics by “The Cure”. I hate having to read those lyrics every time they come up.

I’m trying to get over 100 wpm. Any pointers? How in the world are people getting over 300 wpm? amazing!!

Hi Lizclowdus,

Keep on practicing 🙂 What is your current speed and accuracy?

David Pritts

Firstly, no one types at above 300wpm, and any 300wpm score you see is overwhelmingly unlikely to be legitimate, i.e. human. But to average more than 100wpm, the only things I can recommend is practice and focus on your technique, meaning that you focus on the way your fingers are actually hitting the keys in comparison to other typists (Fyda and Sean Wrona have videos that show their hands), you make the extra effort to focus on accuracy, and while perfection isn’t possibly, being more deliberate will make your typing faster and with enough practice, you’ll become more and more accurate without even focusing on it. Thirdly, and this might sound weird, but make sure you don’t over practice (I got myself caught in a rut of averaging 116 for 3 months by doing this. Make sure you give your hands and your brain time to rest even as you practice daily so that you yield consistently awesome results. Fourthly, meditate, meditate, meditate. I don’t have any proof that this will help you, but I think it helped me (Again, correlation doesn’t equal causation).

Official Typeracer Reply 🙂

Scores of 300wpm are “humanly-possible”, but are indeed extremely, extremely unlikely.

“Elite” Typeracer users such as Sean W., Noah H., Jelani N., Kukkain, and Zevus might be able to do this; as could others. But, these are world-class typists, and they could probably only do it on short texts they’ve practiced a lot… they’d need to get lucky, too, and probably most of them will never get a 300wpm+ score on Typeracer.

We are working on getting rid of all the cheaters.

David Pritts

I’d like to see feedback on my errors: where do I make mistakes, what are the characters that I get wrong. Right now I am writing them down and it seems that most of my errors are from my right hand.

Also, I wish you’d accept payment other paypal 🙂

Hi Antonio,

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for us to add support for non-Paypal payment methods. This is something we’ll definitely keep in mind in the future.

I’d also like to thank you for your feedback. Good suggestions like this help us decide what new features to add in the future. Let us know if you have any more ideas.


David Pritts

My 5th graders were practicing the speeding using your program and unfortunately one of the students came across a passage that had an inappropriate word in the passage. The word was “damn”. I wish that words like that were not used in the passage.

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