All-New Typeracer in Spanish: ¡Bienvenido al nuevo Typeracer Español!

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Hola, Typeracers!

As you may know, Typeracer has been offering races in non-English languages for over three years now. We currently support 51 languages. Remember this announcement?

There has been one big problem, however: the Typeracer Team doesn’t speak 51 languages, so we had to rely on our good friend Google Translate.

Now, if you’ve ever translated something on Google translate, you’ll know that this is not an ideal solution. Below is an experiment that I performed today to illustrate why you shouldn’t use Google Translate for anything too important. (I translated a simple sentence to Spanish, and then back to English.)

We all love Google Translate, but as you can see, it still has a long way to go.

We all love Google Translate, but as you can see, it still has a long way to go. I translated a basic sentence from English to Spanish, and then back again. This was the result.

Anyway, we’ve known that we can’t rely on Google translate for Typeracer. For the past several months, teams of devoted Typeracers have offered their time and talent, and helped us to collect texts in many different languages from around the world. These texts have been prepared by native speakers, so they should make more sense, and be more enjoyable than the old texts.

The first language we’ll be launching is Spanish. If you’re ready, click here to play Typeracer in Spanish, with all-new texts! Note that any scores and records you had on the old Spanish universe will be saved.

Thanks to the many users who helped make this happen! For the Spanish texts, we want to especially thank the following users: Roger Soria Galvarro (rogeriusx), Catalina de la Cuesta (cdelacuesta), Jorge Reyes (georkings), Carla Hoyos Rosembluth (atkyelphar), Adrian Fernández Morales,  and Haydé Murakami (Antigona). You guys made this happen!

We will keep launching more non-English language universes in the near future, so stay tuned, and let us know if you have any recommendations or feedback.

Adios, and see you on the racetrack!



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23 Responses to “All-New Typeracer in Spanish: ¡Bienvenido al nuevo Typeracer Español!”

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That’s a great job done.
Hope to see texts in other languages soon.

Hi Comrade,

We had to create some new code to import the text lists created by our volunteers. Now that this is done, it will be easy to do the other languages–including adding those new English texts. Thanks for your patience. We’ll be making progress on that soon! I’d like to say personally how I appreciate your support on that project, by the way.

David Pritts

Thank you! It is an honor to be helpful for Typeracer.
And a big thank you to each member of the Spanish. We did it!
¡Muchas gracias, amigos!

Thank you! It is an honor to be helpful for Typeracer.
And also a big thank you to each member of the Spanish Team. We did it!
¡Muchas gracias, amigos!

Thanks for your help in leading the Spanish text-collection, Roger!

David Pritts

and the first cheaters with an average of about 250 have already haunted the Spanish universe.

Hey if my sister katera is out there go to http://play.typeracer.comrt=trhandgraffk

Buen trabajo, batos. 😀

its cool I like it lol

It’s been five years since I first started using type racer and it is really pleasant to see all these great changes happening!

Would be nice if there comes a Facebook integration so people can vs. each other and see friends’ rankings on Facebook, and I’m sure type racer will take off even further in popularity!

Hi Flying Banana,

Typeracer used to offer a Facebook App, but it was difficult to maintain because Facebook has constantly-changing requirements for its Apps; it requires a lot of work for us as developers.

However, if there is a high demand for this, we will keep it in mind as we plan new features for the future.

Thanks for your feedback!

David Pritts

Typerar is a fun learning tool because as a victim I never new how to type so fast all I want to say is thank you type racer game for being born

I am now a pro at typing fast 🙂 ❤

How old do u have to be to have an email

Thank you respected sir for making unusual good and easy game, But there is no race in ” Urdu ” 😦

I have one question respected sir David, do you get money by this typeracer game?

waw that amazing and that’s exactely what this wonderful site needs in order to become ideal … so I propose as I’am an native arabic speaker to help the site to tranzlate texts from english to arabic if you send me the original texts in english… thank


My name is VinceMiller, I was hoping to find texts with varied content and difficulty, but all I can see is texts talking about football (soccer in USA), filled up with dates and difficult words.
 I know that the intention of this was to make it more attractive for the Spanish community, but personally I don’t see any good reason to play typeracer in Spanish with such texts, much less to become premium.
 I know a couple of guys who can help you with this, they surely can provide you a much better material than only football…

Hi. Thank you for your feedback.
I can assure you that not all the texts are about soccer. They are not even the majority.
It is good for them to have dates and difficult words. Thus you can put to the test your skills. And there also many easy texts.
Anyway, this was a first version. I guess we can still improve the Spanish universe.
We would really appreciate any help.

Hi Vince. I did a quick audit, and found one author who is a famous football player. I only saw 5 texts from that author, so this should be only a small percentage of the total Spanish texts. Was there some kind of problem, with all the soccer texts coming up consecutively?

I sent you a private email about the topic, and we’re always happy if people can help provide new texts, so that Typeracer can continue to get better.


David Pritts

I want to practice typing in Spanish, but what keys do I push to type Spanish accents over the words? I can’t find any instructions on your website.

A year since this and yet i don’t see any new texts.
I complain because I offered my help and I didn’t even get a reply.
So could you not give news of something that isn’t actually happening.


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