The Contest Results Are In

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The time has come to announce the results and winners of our first official book typing contest! There were 829 participants who completed a grand total of 43,056 races, cumulatively typing out over 2.5 million words on 25 passages from the book Worthless, Impossible and Stupid, at an average speed of 82 WPM (that’s about 520 hours or 21 days of typing)!

And now it’s my great pleasure to announce the winners! As you may recall from this blog post, there were two ways to qualify for a prize:

Top Contenders By Points Earned

For the purpose of this contest, points were calculated based on your WPM multiplied by the total number of words typed.

Rank Racer Points earned Avg. WPM Races completed Words typed Prize
1 dumdumbrulz 38,402,775 115 8344 343,507 $50
2 elusoryx 20,479,254 124 2564 166,973 $30
3 fightin_phils 14,824,314 158 1448 94,983 $20
4 neithan 6,297,661 79 1213 81,107
5 ceiba 4,571,493 79 874 58,889
6 kaqqy 4,413,194 104 661 42,970
7 lucean 3,315,830 85 552 39,113
8 whyuhefftobmad 3,025,890 73 625 42,389
9 violatorj7 2,985,308 115 449 26,492
10 dvorakmax 2,983,992 99 460 30,647

If you participated but didn’t make it to the top 10, you can still check where you stand in the full list of scores here!

Lottery Results

There were 442 participants who completed at least 10 races and thereby became eligible for the random prize drawing. We have conducted the drawing and compiled a list of contenders ranked by lowest lottery number. Over the coming days we will be emailing the contenders individually, in that order, to offer prizes while supplies last.

Disclaimer: Being on this list does not guarantee a prize, since there’s a limited number of prizes available, and other restrictions as described in the contest details (for example, we can’t mail books and T-shirts outside the United States).

Lottery # Racer Points earned Avg. WPM Races completed Words typed
1 darrive 59,983 74 13 822
2 hysteria111 47,806 54 12 894
3 bookspinner 60,971 91 10 678
4 tetsuro 128,423 92 18 1,393
5 bostikforever 56,254 71 10 801
6 kreuzfeld 40,676 69 11 594
7 weirdokeren 50,718 70 13 731
8 ruddy_dvorak 85,775 31 58 2,750
9 altobeast 64,470 93 11 712
10 crocket101 1,972,292 91 353 21,967
11 kiethuynh 49,485 72 11 702
12 prusswan 59,302 76 10 767
13 teddylie 283,365 104 41 2,752
14 billyluck 107,792 69 24 1,559
15 busey 95,751 65 19 1,476
16 diogop 51,441 86 12 634
17 maniaklord 35,384 56 11 640
18 vin_man101 81,602 70 20 1,194
19 muchtypewow 126,998 91 22 1,410
20 lindeman 56,694 80 11 709
21 buuvinhpro 60,147 77 10 784
22 asbah1 783,609 59 215 13,599
23 _faya_ 34,901 50 11 735
24 cosmonaut 238,858 93 45 2,567
25 inoahlot4 67,480 103 10 659
26 hifreeo 90,806 74 17 1,248
27 himanshujaju 95,168 68 25 1,407
28 azxuy 99,618 113 21 921
29 pieman353 68,614 90 11 772
30 gktek 1,032,565 114 143 9,122
31 effort0208 108,514 61 27 1,767
32 mrcizzo 49,857 101 10 503
33 kevinlizarraganunez 19,594 33 11 614
34 cyberwire 47,975 101 11 476
35 pshy0 610,701 79 129 7,715
36 kat198135 232,021 104 43 2,241
37 filaval 41,787 53 12 785
38 parlai 185,135 118 25 1,574
39 wasilsiddiqui 60,306 76 14 804
40 mayo_tp01 290,667 84 52 3,434


Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in this contest!

Please do let us know how you liked it and whether you’d be interested in more contests like this by leaving a comment:

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34 Responses to “The Contest Results Are In”

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[…] Update (June 6, 2014): The results have been announced in this post! […]

Just wanna know, why was makky disqualified? And also, about when should I expect the email to confirm my Paypal address? Thanks! 🙂

Hi Justin, congrats on your impressive result! You should be receiving an email from me in the next few minutes. We reviewed the detailed typing logs of the people in the top 10 results and in was apparent that Makky_86 was using a program to cheat on most of his races, and that is why he was disqualified.

I’m curious as to the reasons for the disqualifications. I’ve actually beaten Chanman in a race before when I got a personal best of 162 and he did poorly, so I assumed he was legit…

We reviewed the detailed typing logs of the people in the top 10 point earners and in became apparent that makky_86 was using a program to cheat on most of his races while, chanmanx used a fair amount of copy & paste (or possibly some kind of keyboard macro) to blast through some of the more common words instead of typing them out. That’s why those two users were disqualified in the official results.

maximumchris here. having beaten chanman couple of times too, and having come close on severl other occasions, I’m really surprised by this!

Oh, wow, I wasn’t expecting to win anything. Thanks, TypeRacer, this was a really fun contest.

will you play with me on typeracer i will be meaganvehse10

I wish I was aware of this! I would love to participate in the next one.

Congrats to dumdumbrulz, elusoryx, Phillies Magic, neithan, ceiba, kaqqy, lucean, whyuhefftobmad, violatorj7, and dvorakmax! Also congrats to the lottery winners! (I’ll be communicating with some of you via email in the coming days)

David Pritts

I was completely unknown about the contest 😦

I don’t understand why I’m not at least on the full list. I participated and my total points I calculate to be 13111, which is more than the lowest typist on the end of the list. Completed 157 races in this universe during the contest time with a full average of 83.51. Was I even a part of the raffle drawing?? Should hope so with the time I put into this. Thank you

Hi, that’s strange indeed. What’s your username, and did you do your racing in the right place, that is: ?

mairzydoats_mason, and yes.

correction: username is jjohn881, and mairzydoats_mason is the screen name. sorry.

Chanman has finally been disassembled. I’ve been telling about his cheating for ages. Now we have clear evidence.

Congrats everyone 🙂 I’ll take 9th place because it was a lot of fun anyway! I hope typeracer will do more contests like this in the future!

I found it was quite intreresting but I couldn’t find the contest after the first week :/

i like thie typing v.v.much

Glad you’re enjoying the game!

why won’t anybody play with me on here?

I need some help on this website.Can someone help me.

I love this because I love to type (:

lol. this is cool!
but can someone rely help me?
I love this website.

Hi Chloe. What help do you need?

DID NOT EXPECT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to know how you get friends on this website Lol.

I enjoyed the contest very much. 🙂
Thank you for holding this.
My friend made a suggestion though. She said it may be good to only include “active” players in the lottery part (premium accounts) since it could happen that a player, who doesn’t even play (please see profile of filaval from the philippines), receives a premium account which we think could have been given instead to some random active player.
Regards and more power to your development team!
-neithan 🙂

hi i am new in this site , i do more practice

Hello guys, I just would like to make a little suggestion to improve the site. It would be great to have a little chat with the races, as in the section “race your friends”, just to talk with your opponents a few moment after the race! It would be great to share more in those moments, there are a lot of exciting races!

Hi Celio. We’ve gotten this suggestion from a number of users over the years, and we’re still considering it. At the same time, we’ve also had a number of users point out that they’d prefer to not have a chat room.

In any case, this idea is certainly on our radar. Thanks for providing your feedback!

David Pritts

Hi David. Thanks you for the answer. Will wait for it until there 🙂

On another side, could you do something about (shoaib_shahnawaz) and (lordduran). They’re both cheater. Lordduran did by example 141 wpm with 71% of accurarcy. I raced a bit with him, I think he uses a macro because his scores are making big jumped then slow down then jumped (130 –> 100 –> 150 –> 110 –> 140). Shoaib is a well-known cheater on this site, which is very sad because the guy has more than 70 000 races. He’s leaving all the races and the few times he’s racing, his score just go up and up. He started always with some seconds late, very slow in wpm then, and after his scores just go up and up….
I’m bored of this two cheaters. 😦 Of course they’re others, but those one are playing a lot…

David, why nothing is done agaisnt Lord and shoaib?? Those guys are cheaters and they played hundred and thousand of races. I understand it can be boring to ban every cheater, but those two are MASSIVE cheaters. It’s so boring to play with them… I’m sure this is a reason why some of us leave this site, because it’s boring to play against cheaters. Do something please.

great job everybody who entered another contest would be great!<3

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