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The Community and The Numbers, 2014 Edition

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Some things you probably didn't know about Typeracer in 2014...

Some things you probably didn’t know about Typeracer in 2014…

Anybody who’s been on Typeracer for a while will know that the site is a platform for people all around the world to motivate each other to improve their typing speed through friendly competition. I’ve always enjoyed racing against typists from so many different countries, and in my years playing Typeracer, I’ve gotten to know interesting typists from all over. I’ve made friends with the man once called the fastest French typist in the world (motsak), and had opportunities to talk to the infamous self-proclaimed fastest typist in Italy (mattbovino) as well as Brazilian typing legend Guilherme Sandrini/Kukkain (kfzx). All of these guys have been nice enough to give me an experience that I usually don’t have: the experience of losing races, over and over again.

Chimchim's 100,000th race on Typeracer, on March 23rd, 2012

Chimchim’s 100,000th race on Typeracer, on March 23rd, 2012

There are also endurance typists Dominic Dufour (dufour) of Canada, RambooUAE (killingtype) of the United Arab Emirates, and our all-time “most-races” champion, Chim Chim (chimchimchim) of the United States. I was pleased to have a chance to be in the racetrack with Chim Chim as he completed his 100,000th race. See the picture to the right; I won, by the way 🙂

Thinking about this great group of folks, and the diversity they represent, I started wondering which countries our users are actually coming from, and how they compare on the racetrack. Rather than anecdotal approximations, I decided to get all the data from 2014. Or, to be more specific, I should say that I made Typeracer founder Alex Ephsteyn download millions of races of data from our servers, and then sort, filter, and organize them for me so that I could write this blog post!

Take a look at the lists below (full raw data available here). Note that this data is based only on races finished by registered users, not guests.

Countries with most races finished in 2014

Rank Country Races Finished
1 United States 3,401,411
2 India 839,282
3 Canada 477,695
4 Philippines 388,349
5 United Kingdom 354,841
6 Australia 231,580
7 Vietnam 216,164
8 Japan 158,678
9 Pakistan 134,279
10 Germany 116,717
11 Sweden 112,388
12 Indonesia 108,129
13 Singapore 84,003
14 Malaysia 81,995
15 Thailand 71,491
16 Netherlands 64,212
17 Hong Kong 63,903
18 Poland 59,698
19 Antarctica 58,583
20 Norway 57,933

But what about speed? Which country had the fastest typists?

Countries with fastest average WPM in 2014*

Rank Country Avg. Speed
1 Netherlands 68.6 wpm
2 Singapore 66.4 wpm
3 Canada 66.0 wpm
4 Australia 64.2 wpm
5 Norway 63.5 wpm
6 Denmark 62.7 wpm
7 Sweden 61.7 wpm
8 Germany 61.5 wpm
9 United States 60.4 wpm
10 Brazil 60.1 wpm
11 United Kingdom 59.8 wpm
12 Hong Kong 56.4 wpm
13 New Zealand 53.4 wpm
14 Malaysia 52.3 wpm
15 Thailand 52.2 wpm
16 Vietnam 47.3 wpm
17 Indonesia 47.3 wpm
18 Pakistan 44.7 wpm
19 India 44.4 wpm
20 Philippines 44.4 wpm

* not counting countries with less than 800 users.

How do typists from the Netherlands and Singapore type so fast? Or are the folks from these countries who use Typeracer not a representative sample for some reason? We’re not sure, but anyway, we hope to see you on the racetrack soon, representing your country!

-David Pritts (valikor)

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