Celebrate Typeracer’s 7th Birthday with a Typing Contest!

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This month Typeracer will be celebrating its 7th birthday! When I think of how old Typeracer is getting, the first thought that pops into my mind is that I must be getting old too! I started playing Typeracer when I was back in college. When I see some of the super-fast 16-year-olds on here nowadays, destroying me with their 150-160 wpm averages, it’s pretty terrifying. I suggested to Typeracer founder Alex, that we should add a minimum age requirement to help me win more races, but he vetoed that idea, saying something about not wanting to discourage competition? Anyway… what we did agree on is that we should do something to celebrate! After discussing the idea, we thought it’d be fun to run a simple contest this week. Last week, we added a bunch of new texts (submitted by our users), so this week, we’re going to give a special bonus to our users and give everyone a chance to win prizes by doing some races, and allow people to try the new texts.

Contest Details

Typeracer Keychain

Contest winners will have their choice of either this nifty flashlight keychain2 or a free premium account upgrade.

The contest is pretty simple! Starting on April 7th, we’re going to monitor everyone’s races for 7 days. Anyone who does at least 7 races will be eligible to win prizes: either a custom-built Typeracer key chain, or a free premium Typeracer subscription for 1 year. Here are the two ways you can win:

7 Winners by Total Points

We will multiply everyone’s speed by the number of words typed1. For example, if you type 3000 words, at an average of 60 wpm, then you’ll have 3000 x 60 = 180,000 points. The 7 users with the most points after 7 days will be eligible for a prize.

7 Winners by Lucky Draw

We’ll also generate a list of all users who do at least 7 races during the 7 days following April 7th. From this list, we’ll randomly select 7 more winners, who also will be eligible for a prize.

That’s it! The results will be announced here some time next week. The winners, who will be notified individually by email, can choose which prize they want: a key chain2 or premium membership. We hope you’ll enjoy the new texts, and enjoy the contest!

David Pritts (valikor)


  1. We use the convention of 1 word = 5 characters for English text. Cheating (by using any program, script, or anything else) will disqualify you from this contest.
  2. Due to the high cost of international shipping, we can only ship the key chains within the United States, but everyone is eligible for the premium subscriptions. We will conduct the lottery on April 14, 2015, where each contestant who has completed 7 races will be assigned a random number.  We will be contacting the winners (starting with number 1, then 2,  and so on, to offer you a prize.

Let us know what you think!

Edit: Contest results have been posted here!

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18 Responses to “Celebrate Typeracer’s 7th Birthday with a Typing Contest!”

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Just want to be clear here so are our races counted starting April 7th or are our races counted starting the days following the 7th?

Good question. We meant “starting April 7”.

Do private races count?

Yes races in private racetracks will count, as long as you race while logged in with an account. If the race gets saved in the database, it will count. So the only races that don’t count are “Guest” races and “practice” races.

Sounds great, thanks for the chance to win and for the awesome site!

If the prize was a free mechanical keyboard, I would be all in.

hey maximumchris here. this guy: churritaz aka mexican taco from mexico is a cheater. i can tell by the way he types and the unnatural acceleration. quits on 100 /120 wpm almost every race and then all of a sudden, in the next race, starts very slow, but accelerates all the way to 170/180/190 wpm finish. he is annoying as he keeps on cheating. has probably 800 odd races on his account. i’ve humiliated him time and again on the private tracks but beating the bot with my own hands (apparently he can’t use his bot in every race without being glaringly obvious) but the shameless cheater simply refuses to go away.please check his typing logs and delete him.

and inb4 he plays the victim and says I accuse faster people of cheating, which he has done before, I’ll re-iterate: I never accuse people like Fyda, DeRoche, Kukkain etc etc of cheating. It’s easy to recognize a legit typist when you see one.

Will you publish high scores per country? 🙂

Are we able to see a live scoreboard of who’s in the Top 7 and stuff? Would love to be able to track my progress. I’m looking to defend my no life title from the previous competition, and I have started 4 days late. It’s nice to know if it’s still worth it to try 🙂

We didn’t do it this time, but this is something we’ll keep in mind for future contests. Thanks!

David Pritts

Will the car be like Hot Wheels cars? :^) I want to have fun

A keychain? A keyboard or something more typing-related would be a more appropriate prize, I think…

Hopefully we can offer mechanical keyboards as prizes in future contests!

David Pritts

A very happy birthday to Typeracer wish you best of luck for furture!!

When will we be receiving information? And through what? Will you e-mail us and private message us on Typeracer?

Hi Jeremy. We’re still processing the results, and are busy with several projects, so we’ll probably get to this in the next few days. We’ll email the winners.


David Pritts

[…] 7th anniversary typing contest. The details of that contest were outlined in our last blog post here. To refresh everyone’s memory, in the 7 days starting from Apr. 7th, all racers were given a […]

It is real the guest are participating in race

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