Winners of Typeracer 7th Anniversary Contest – and a new Typeracer World Record!

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Hi All, I’m pleased to announce the winners of Typeracer’s 7th anniversary typing contest! The details of that contest were outlined in our last blog post. To refresh everyone’s memory, in the 7 days starting from Apr. 7th, all racers were given a score calculated by multiplying their average typing speed by the number of words typed during these 7 days; the users with the 7 highest scores have won a prize. Furthermore, all typists who completed at least 7 races during those 7 days were entered into a drawing, and 7 lucky winners were selected. Below are our champs (note that #8 to #15 are “honorable mention”, and in italics):

# Racer Points earned Avg. WPM Races completed Words typed
1 erniechiew  16,363,180 122 2383 133,823
3 shoaib_shahnawaz  13,270,459 109 2146 120,725
4 nadel1232  8,631,589 111 1973 78,052
5 aaron_livefit  8,186,580 139 1256 59,220
6 elusoryx  7,470,999 131 1022 57,153
7 kevinski1  6,658,903 96 1536 70,374
8 lucean  5,635,020 97 1035 58,161
9 zoli 5,314,553 64 2200 83,091
10 janlonden  4,686,780 90 920 52,187
11 maximumchris2  4,401,835 142 846 31,162
12 tesla_diesel  4,283,196 116 668 37,122
13 aaindtharivalan_p  4,188,288 92 819 45,625
14 christhomas95  3,986,767 97 737 41,060
15 kellysgreens  3,897,979 126 863 31,255

We’ll be contacting #1 to #7 to ask what prize they prefer. A special congrats to our winner Ernie C (erniechiew), who completed 2,383 races at an impressive average of 122 wpm!

Moving on now, below are the lottery winners, who were randomly selected from the pool of typists who completed at least 7 races in 7 days starting on Apr. 7th.

# Lucky Draw Winners
1 little_dino 
2 rovr 
3 tm_mad 
4 flyafyoungblood 
5 cvanskiver67 
6 ashikur11 
7 oscaroketch 

Congratulations to the winners–we’ll be contacting you via email to arrange the prize distribution. Thanks for participating, and happy birthday Typeracer!

-David Pritts (valikor)

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15 Responses to “Winners of Typeracer 7th Anniversary Contest – and a new Typeracer World Record!”

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Thank you for the shoutout! I appreciate the premium account. That day definitely took its toll on me. In all I believe it was about 23 hours 15 minutes of continuous typing, switching between a private track and the main track to avoid waiting and rack up races faster. I didn’t feel any pain, just a lot of fatigue, but my average speed has dropped by about 10 WPM since that day.

Thank you also for your work on the site. This is definitely the best place I’ve found to type online. I like seeing that some of the cheaters are being removed from the top 10s as well!

Best wishes,
Michael DeRoche

Oh, and congratulations to Ernie Chiew for the #1 place! I thought I had it for sure, but obviously he finished well above me.

Thanks, Michael! I thought I was set for second place as well, but the math somehow worked in my favor. Kudos to you for completing 2000 races in under 24 hours while still maintaining a solid average WPM throughout the torture — certainly a more impressive feat than my coming in #1.

congrats all winners ! ! !
thank u typeracer for organising such events…… looking forward for more..

Have you emailed us yet? I’m just wondering because I’m not entirely sure that my account (nadel1232) has a registered e-mail on there.

Yes, you have a registered Yahoo email address, and we contacted you there.


David Pritts

And your response has been received 🙂

Yay! Glad it paid off. Started 4 days late but glad I caught up.

Thanks for those reading, I am a twelve year old typist! I recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve their typing or just want to practice.This may not be the best place to improve but it might help you. @GameDevs Could you possibly make a place for kids that are interested in racing each other? Because when ever I go to race online I have to go versus people who are typing 100+ WPM I would enjoy this more if their was one. (My stats) Skill level : Pro / Average speed: 59 WPM

Hi Anonymous,

Your speed is 59wpm, but you are usually matched against 100+ wpm users? If so, please email support AT typeracer DOT com so we can investigate. This should not happen generally-speaking.

David Pritts

Is it possible to add some statistic that might encourage people to not leave races during play? Way too often you end up playing against yourself because people move on to the next match.


I absolutely detest the extremely distracting ads, that keep popping up on the both sides of the screen, right before a typing race begins. Please, Please design this website to get rid of these ads completely.
I have a focusing problem and these ads are distracting me from concentrating and building up my speed, but most importantly, my accuracy!!!!!

When I have to waste time ‘hiding’ ads, the type racer screen containing the item to be typed, is frequently blocked by “type this” message. The problem is this message often blocks the word and cannot be typed. Eventually, an another automatic message pops up “you are out of time” Please have your IT/web designers fix this

Thanks typeracer. Now aiming at clocking 60 words per minute. I will be glad if given assistance on how to reach this target. Kenya loves you!!!

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