New Pit Stop features: full race history and typing replays

Posted on June 20, 2017. Filed under: Stats, TypeRacer News |

To supplement the typing replays that were enabled earlier this month at the end of each race, we are now adding the ability to view typing replays of your prior races, as well as those of your opponents!  When you open the TypeRacer Pit Stop page, you can now view your full race history:

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You can also view the race history of any other user by using the search form at the top of that page.  When you click on any race that occurred after we introduced the typing replays, you can watch the recorded replay.  The race result details page also displays the users whom you raced, so you can watch their replays too!

Hope you find these new data pages useful.  Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!



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17 Responses to “New Pit Stop features: full race history and typing replays”

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This is great!

Glad you’re enjoying it!


For the past couple of months my every month average speed was constantly sleeping at 71 wpm but when the replay option came my monthly average pushed to 73 wpm. I saw my mistakes in replay option and managed my accuracy and timing between words. After watching the replay of my topics I realized that we should correct our mistakes with our brain even before we correct our mistakes with our fingers.

Thanks to David and Noah.

Good to hear it’s been helpful for you!


you guys are so proactive, you anticipate my needs,

thanks a mill

This is excellent. Also an excellent way to verify if you suspect someone of cheating.



Thank you for your continued support! Just recently discovered Type Racer and have been addicted, and it only gets better.

Why is Typeracer making me to lose races ? Every Time I start a race I wouldn’t know when the timer says 1 and so I keep waiting till it says go!

Hi Anonymous – Not sure I understand the issue. . . is the countdown timer not working properly for you? More details will help us troubleshoot.



Why speed in replay mode is greater than original race mode?which one is accurate?

Replay mode is more accurate


What a substantial improvement, especially the typing replays. The basic premise of competitive online typing seems so simple at first – typeracer makes it a great experience with the polished set up and meaningful updates. I appreciate the continuous effort and care that goes into this game. Keep up the amazing work.

Thanks a lot crosscounter for the encouraging message! We’re glad to hear users are finding it meaningful. See you on the track!

David (valikor)

Useful, entertaining, interesting

Damn, you guys are on a roll right now.

Thanks for the encouragement CRDM! We hope you and all TypeRacers enjoy and benefit from the new features.


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