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Introducing points and competitions

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Take our survey to determine what new quotes to add to TypeRacer!

Until today, we really only had two metrics that let you compare your performance with other racers: typing speed and number of races.  Now we’re introducing a new metric: points, calculated as the number of words typed multiplied by typing speed (in words-per-second).  We’ve already used this metric on the blog, but now we’re officially adding it to your typing stats.  We hope this addition gives more racers a chance to get to the top of the rankings: people who type slower but type more words (finish more races or type longer texts) now have a reasonable chance to get to the top.

Speaking of which, we’ve also created a new Competitions stats section in addition to the old Hall of Fame. This section ranks people by most points earned today, this week, this month, and this year.  We hope to eventually start giving awards to the top 3 winners in each category.


Unfortunately, due to some technical limitations of our database, we can’t award points for races done before this metric was added (i.e. before today).  But the silver lining here is that everybody gets a chance to start with a clean slate 😉

I am hopeful that this new addition will spur even more competition than before.

Please let us know what you think in the comments!

– Alex E. (typeracer)

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New Quotes Added Today

Posted on July 24, 2017. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

Hi TypeRacers!

You’ve told us through the TypeRacer Quotes Survey that you want to continue adding more quotes — as of today, 92% of respondents said more quotes makes TypeRacing even better. We’re going to keep the survey going for a few more weeks, but so far the community has indicated their favorite content to type is Fiction (70%), Movies (62%), Games (55%), Non-Fiction (54%), and Songs (53%). Vote today if you haven’t, or share your thoughts in the comments!

Today we added 700 new English quotes, bringing the total to just over 3,200. A list of the sources we’ve added the most quotes from is below. Another 200 (with fewer quotes) are also included in the update, but excluded from the list below.

As a reminder, anyone can recommend a quote for TypeRacer by clicking the contribute link at the bottom of the main TypeRacer page. Thanks to the all TypeRacers who contributed quotes that were included in this update. Their usernames are listed at the bottom of this post.

Hope everyone enjoys the new quotes! See you on the track!

David (valikor)


User submissions included in today’s update:


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Keeping TypeRacer Clean – Thanks to the Moderation Team!

Posted on July 16, 2017. Filed under: TypeRacer News, Universes |

Hi Typeracers!

Maintaining a clean and fair environment is key to the vision of Typeracer; our founder Alex (typeracer) once dreamed that in terms of the quality of the participation experience, the reputation and degree of legitimacy of the site, and the rigor of the competitive environment, Typeracer hopes to be “somewhere between your local bowling league and the Boston Marathon”. The site still has a way to go to meet this goal, but we’re taking steps in that direction.

Cheating and other offensive behavior have been a key barrier for Typeracer reaching this goal; in the early years, attempting to keep the site clean was almost a full-time job: the process of searching out and reviewing logs from the server was time-consuming, and oftentimes we weren’t able to accurately identify all the cheaters. Similarly, by the time we identified users bothering others with profanity, spamming, and other offensive behavior, it was generally too late to do anything about it. Moderation was an uphill battle overall — a labor of love for sure, but also a severe drain on resources.

Want to try your skills against TypeRacer’s anti-cheating mechanisms? Check out the new cheating universe, where anything goes. Can you beat 6277 wpm?

Seeking Moderators

We have recently built the back-end tools to support a robust moderation system, and starting last year, we’ve been bringing on some of our most dedicated users to help us form an effective moderation team. Our current team is listed below, and they’ve been doing a great job, banning 2,500 undesirable users in the past year!

Moderation Team


These folks – many among the best, most dedicated typists on the site — have been working in Typeracer’s new moderation console, which enables them to review user reports, investigate accusations of cheating, etc., and take the appropriate action – warning the user, modifying inappropriate language in display names, or banning the user if necessary. Thank you all!

How You Can Help

  1. Use the “Report User” function! We have a team of dedicated community members around the globe reviewing these daily.
  2. Volunteer to be a moderator! Shoot an email to if you’re interested; we will give preference to long-time users of the site.
  3. Review the rules below. These should be common sense, but some folks may need a reminder.
  4. Let us know your suggestions

Cheating Universe

Want to test yourself against TypeRacer’s anti-cheating mechanisms, without being unfair to others and getting banned? We created a sandbox with an “anything goes” philosophy. You can test your cheating programs etc. here. Can you beat Michael DeRoche’s (deroche1) 6,000wpm score?

Cheating Universe –

Typeracer Rules:

Your account may be moderated if you engage in the following behaviors. Moderation actions are reversible and mistakes do happen sometimes, so if you believe you were banned in error, please contact

  1. Content/Profanity – Avoid kinds of language that your teacher or your boss wouldn’t be okay with, such as the following:
    1. Profanity – Any words that would be censored by editors in newspapers, magazines, etc.
    2. Racist, discriminatory, or hateful terms
    3. Sexual or crude anatomical references
    4. Graphic violence and drug references
  2. Harassment
    1. Sexually-suggestive communications
    2. Repeated undesired, unsolicited communications
    3. Rude and disrespectful behavior, e.g. name-calling
  3. Cheating
    1. Any use of scripts or programs to simulate or aid in the typing of text
    2. Use of macros, copy-pasting, etc.
    3. Disabling or tampering with Typeracer’s input or anti-cheat mechanisms
  4. Spam
    1. Any disruptive, distracting, repetitive messaging
    2. Advertising of non-Typeracer related content

We look forward to an increasingly fair and clean site over the coming years. See you on the track!

David (valikor)


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A History of TypeRacer Speed Records

Posted on July 9, 2017. Filed under: Stats |

[7/14 Update] We didn’t realize the current record had been captured on video — added it below!

Hi TypeRacers!

Today we want to share the history of TypeRacer speed records. Whether you’re a statistics hack, or just a typist looking for some inspiration, the data should give you some food for thought. If you’re up for the challenge, click here to try and beat the current 295wpm record, racing against Kathy’s (florentine) ghost:

Replay of the 295wpm site-wide record — try to beat it in Ghost racing mode!

Here’s a video which includes a keyboard/finger view. Don’t blink – it’s blazing fast and over in a second!

Moving into history mode, this race is one in a history of progressively-astonishing speed records on TypeRacer. The table below shows all of the individual, single race speed records from the first day that TypeRacer began recording users’ race history in 2008, and we’ve illustrated the data with various charts. Various observations, as well as notes on how the data has been collected, are below. If you’re interested in TypeRacer-related data, you might enjoy, a third-party database — hosted by former speed champion Noah (licahfox) — which offers extensive TypeRacer statistics.

Many of the champions below can also be found in the TypeRacer Discord Chat so stop by if you want to discuss or say hi! (Unofficial — sometimes NSFW)

Site-Wide Speed Record Progression

Date Speed Record (wpm) User
7/27/08 49.44 typeracer
7/27/08 60.33 typeracer
7/28/08 65.17 typeracer
7/28/08 71.67 typeracer
7/28/08 81.84 typeracer
8/2/08 112.25 valikor
8/2/08 126.79 valikor
8/2/08 134.45 valikor
8/2/08 149.49 valikor
8/2/08 150.85 valikor
8/2/08 156.77 valikor
8/2/08 157.58 valikor
8/7/08 162.48 valikor
8/8/08 167.36 kakarotto
8/8/08 170.87 licahfox
8/8/08 212.67 licahfox
1/13/10 214.82 tsvuk
2/5/10 232.19 minilek
8/28/10 247.17 arenasnow2
9/20/10 252.12 arenasnow
8/29/11 255.56 arenasnow2
4/1/15 259.05 kellysgreens
7/3/15 269.94 chickenquestion
3/4/17 276.16 florentine
5/25/17 276.4 florentine
6/27/17 279.55 deroche1
6/28/17 294.81 florentine

The individual site-wide speed records across the history of TypeRacer, excluding early races by staff during testing and the first few days back in 2008 — with a linear trendline.













We’ve excluded staff from the above chart to improve readability, as well as eliminate the unfairness of these early records; some of these records were from internal testing during the days before account creation and race saving were publicly available. If we put these scores back in, the progression of TypeRacer records becomes a bit more messy.

The comprehensive history of TypeRacer speed records, including by staff, with a linear trendline.












An alternative histogram format:











Clicking any of the charts above will take you to the TypeRacer Site Speed Records spreadsheet on Google Drive, where you can download and tinker with the data and charts if you’re so inclined.


  1. Sean Wrona (arenasnow2) held the longest record (255.56 wpm) which was unbeaten for 3 years and 7 months.
  2. Noah’s 212wpm record represented the greatest single increase to the site record — beating the previous record (also held by him) by 42wpm.
  3. TypeRacer staff Alex (TypeRacer) and myself – David (valikor) – hold the largest number of individual records. Of course, we had an entirely unfair advantage using the site before it was publicly released.
  4.  New features released in the past year – such as the ability to watch replays and ghost race against any user’s races – has given TypeRacers greater control over which texts they’re typing, enabling them to select select any easy quote at will, contributing to an upsurge in record breaking in the past year.
  5. For 7+ years, TypeRacer all-site records were held exclusively by male typists, but in the past 2 years there’s been a surge of elite female typists — Kelly (kellysgreens) and Kathy (florentine) — who now hold 4 out of the last 6 speed records. Good work ladies! 

The Fine Print

A few notes are below, and will help some answer frequently-asked questions from anyone who digs into the data.

  1. Records from typists who were later banned for cheating are excluded, as are a small number of other records deemed illegitimate for a variety of reasons.
  2. All data is from typists using keyboards. Records achieved by typists using stenography are excluded for fairness. If we included these, the current champion would be Ted (stedno) who typed 346wpm (replay) using Plover Steno. Good job Ted!
  3. Replay scores may not perfectly match recorded scores because it takes a fraction of a second for your browser to communicate with TypeRacer servers that you’ve completed the race. The impact is generally negligible but may be larger when extremely fast typists type the short, easier texts designed for beginners–a technique often employed for record breaking. This can be accomplished by joining a private race track hosted by a slower typist, or racing against the ghost of a slower typist.  TypeRacer does not encourage this but nonetheless considers all records achieved in this manner to be legitimate.
  4. Thanks to Sean Wrona (arenasnow), who first compiled the raw data.

We hope these records can inspire everyone on the site to continue improving their typing speed, and hopefully we’ll see more record breaking soon!

David (valikor)


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New quotes added to TypeRacer – and tell us what you like to type!

Posted on July 1, 2017. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

[7/16 Update] The direct link to the TypeRacer Quote Survey is here. Take the survey to help determine what content to add to TypeRacer! 

TypeRacer Discord Chat


Hi TypeRacers!

New Quotes

In January we announced that around 1,500 new quotes had been added over the previous several months, bringing the total to just over 2,000 in the main English universe. This is a part of our ongoing effort to keep the site fun, educational, and competitive.

This week we added approximately 500 more, bringing the total to just over 2,500. We’ve focused on classic movies, songs, and books; since there are quite a few gamers in the TypeRacer community, we also bolstered our selection of quotes from games, adding 75 new ones. Across all types of quotes, we included a mix of popular sources and sources with cultural and historical significance, with an aim to make TypeRacer both as fun and educational as possible. User submissions were also included.

Here are some of the sources added in this update:

Thanks to all who contributed!

The quotes on TypeRacer are selected and managed as a community effort. Thanks to blade5468, estevaoimathe_hoarse_whispererlaurenryuzakisultan, aaronadams and everyone else who contributed quotes included in this update!

In addition, I’d like to take this opportunity to call out a big “Thank you!” to Michael DeRoche (deroche1) and Sean Wrona (arenasnow2) — the #1 most dedicated and fastest TypeRacers in history, respectively — for their tremendous support in selecting quotes, entering them into the system, etc. If anybody is interested in helping out with quote management, feel free to email me at

Tell us what you like to type — or submit your favorite quotes!

One of our key goals is to select quotes that the community is going to enjoy typing, so we’ve created a new survey to collect people’s preferences. This is a brief survey with just a few questions, and we’ll continue to refine it moving forward as needed — for example, if we see that TypeRacers really want to type songs, we’ll consider a future survey on specific genres of music people like to type most.

Take the Survey 

As a reminder, you can also submit your favorite quotes directly to TypeRacer by clicking the “Contribute” link at the bottom of the page. Texts in other languages can also be submitted. If your language is still using Google Translate quotes, submit the content you want to type and once we get enough for your language, we can replace the Google Translated quotes with user-submitted ones.

Note that only complete submissions can be considered. 

Thanks all! We hope the new quotes help keep TypeRacer fun and fresh for everyone.  See you on the track!


David (valikor)


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