New quotes added to TypeRacer – and tell us what you like to type!

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[7/16 Update] The direct link to the TypeRacer Quote Survey is here. Take the survey to help determine what content to add to TypeRacer! 

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Hi TypeRacers!

New Quotes

In January we announced that around 1,500 new quotes had been added over the previous several months, bringing the total to just over 2,000 in the main English universe. This is a part of our ongoing effort to keep the site fun, educational, and competitive.

This week we added approximately 500 more, bringing the total to just over 2,500. We’ve focused on classic movies, songs, and books; since there are quite a few gamers in the TypeRacer community, we also bolstered our selection of quotes from games, adding 75 new ones. Across all types of quotes, we included a mix of popular sources and sources with cultural and historical significance, with an aim to make TypeRacer both as fun and educational as possible. User submissions were also included.

Here are some of the sources added in this update:

Thanks to all who contributed!

The quotes on TypeRacer are selected and managed as a community effort. Thanks to blade5468, estevaoimathe_hoarse_whispererlaurenryuzakisultan, aaronadams and everyone else who contributed quotes included in this update!

In addition, I’d like to take this opportunity to call out a big “Thank you!” to Michael DeRoche (deroche1) and Sean Wrona (arenasnow2) — the #1 most dedicated and fastest TypeRacers in history, respectively — for their tremendous support in selecting quotes, entering them into the system, etc. If anybody is interested in helping out with quote management, feel free to email me at

Tell us what you like to type — or submit your favorite quotes!

One of our key goals is to select quotes that the community is going to enjoy typing, so we’ve created a new survey to collect people’s preferences. This is a brief survey with just a few questions, and we’ll continue to refine it moving forward as needed — for example, if we see that TypeRacers really want to type songs, we’ll consider a future survey on specific genres of music people like to type most.

Take the Survey 

As a reminder, you can also submit your favorite quotes directly to TypeRacer by clicking the “Contribute” link at the bottom of the page. Texts in other languages can also be submitted. If your language is still using Google Translate quotes, submit the content you want to type and once we get enough for your language, we can replace the Google Translated quotes with user-submitted ones.

Note that only complete submissions can be considered. 

Thanks all! We hope the new quotes help keep TypeRacer fun and fresh for everyone.  See you on the track!


David (valikor)


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5 Responses to “New quotes added to TypeRacer – and tell us what you like to type!”

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Sometimes I want a feature that allow to continously type new texts, until I can know for sure that I’ve typed all texts. Maybe something like “You have 599 new texts left to type” would be good. “You have typed 1614 different texts already”. “Your most typed texts are ___”.
And maybe something to toggle between “Type new texts” and “Use all texts”.
And “Practice your slowest texts”, or “Improve your slowest texts”.

That would be cool. And maybe for other languages too, specially Spanish (my mother tongue).

Too bad we can’t see replays of our typings in other languages, only English.

Yeah, I think that’s all.

🙂 🙂

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the suggestion! TypeRacer doesn’t have this functionality at this time, but for now you can use to track how many texts you’re typed, etc.. The leaderboard is here:

You can click “texts” to rank users by the number of texts typed. Currently the #1 user has typed ~2200 of the 2500 texts. You can also find your slowest texts using the “text analysis” page, and if you’re a premium member, you can ghost race your slower scores and save the results after you beat your record.

If you’ve never used the site before, you may need to import your account first using the “Import” link at the top of the page. Hope this helps!

David (valikor)

“Too bad we can’t see replays of our typings in other languages, only English.”

the interface might not allow you to get there easily, but you can still do it, e.g.|tr:javifast|15732|tr:javifast|15732

Thank you very much.

Isn’t there for the Spanish universe?? XD That’d be awesome.

Hi Roger, unfortunately currently only shows stats for the main “Play” universe, which is in English. Stay tuned though!

David (valikor)

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