Introducing points and competitions

Posted on July 26, 2017. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

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Until today, we really only had two metrics that let you compare your performance with other racers: typing speed and number of races.  Now we’re introducing a new metric: points, calculated as the number of words typed multiplied by typing speed (in words-per-second).  We’ve already used this metric on the blog, but now we’re officially adding it to your typing stats.  We hope this addition gives more racers a chance to get to the top of the rankings: people who type slower but type more words (finish more races or type longer texts) now have a reasonable chance to get to the top.

Speaking of which, we’ve also created a new Competitions stats section in addition to the old Hall of Fame. This section ranks people by most points earned today, this week, this month, and this year.  We hope to eventually start giving awards to the top 3 winners in each category.


Unfortunately, due to some technical limitations of our database, we can’t award points for races done before this metric was added (i.e. before today).  But the silver lining here is that everybody gets a chance to start with a clean slate 😉

I am hopeful that this new addition will spur even more competition than before.

Please let us know what you think in the comments!

– Alex E. (typeracer)

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17 Responses to “Introducing points and competitions”

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Awesome! I saw this new field at my little section of the website’s bar and was curious to see what these points were about haha. Do you think there’s a chance in the future that we could “cash out” these points? For instance, being able to purchase a membership for a month with ‘x’ amount of points – for us broke folk ❤

Hi Evan, we’re certainly thinking about where to take all this in the future. Keep the suggestions coming. For broke folks with great suggestions, I can give a premium membership for free. Msg me your username and I’ll upgrade your account. Find me in the TypeRacer chat here:



My account name is “evancnavarro”. Thanks for the reply and discord invitation. I joined but ironically enough, I don’t know your discord name – so I can’t reach out to you haha. I would love a free membership, seeing how much time I spend on this site; but don’t tell anyone I’m addicted 😉

Hey Evan

We just set you up with a free premium account. We won’t tell anybody your secret 🙂 Thanks for racing TypeRacer!

David (valikor)

It’s a marathon for those who have lots of free time. I would suggest to keep A to Z typing championship in this website. Lets see who types faster: Wrona or Kathy . Perhaps they can type it around 1 second.

I’ll ask them if they’d be interested in facing off like this!


am excited for this game.. Whatever come , it’s a challenge for to keep trying..

Thanks Jocho! Glad you’re enjoying it – see you on the track!


I’m probably in the minority here, but I think it would be more fair if racers were penalized for quitting out of races before finishing. I think earning 0 WPM for that race is fair, or at least 50% of whatever speed you had typed at or something. With this change I think the scores seen on the leaderboards would more accurately represent the speeds of the typists listed there.

Thanks Anonymous. You’ve picked a scab that TypeRacer has been trying to heal from for many years. We’re aware that the ability to leave slower races enables people to artificially inflate their averages if they want to, but haven’t identified a better way to handle this yet. Keep the feedback coming!


Wow- this is great. I can use this to get faster at exfiltration of data. It’s so easy for anyone to enter posts at the office and read them latter from home. Very powerful tool.

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This point system is great! I agree with Evan in that points should allow free users to unlock new vehicles, even if it is very costly. I have been playing since my early middle school days and have always wanted to use something other than the default car. It would also be awesome to see more color choices for the premium vehicles to make the premium users more distinct and attract more people to play. Thanks for the update!

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So what is the exact calculation for calculating points? Is it words typed multiplied by typing speed in words per minute divided by 100?

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