TypeRacerData’s TypeRacer Championship June-July 2017 Results

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Hi all,

In our last blog post, we shared the results of the champion typists from July, which were identified using our new Competitions and Points features. Today we’re sharing the results from the June and July competitions on www.typeracerdata.com ‘s “TypeRacer Championship”.

TypeRacer Championship – The leaders of the August 2017 competition, as of 8/19.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, this is a third-party TypeRacer competition hosted by Noah (lichahfox). The TypeRacer Championship has users compete on a monthly basis for high scores on a limited number of texts (usually 3 each month), and we’d recommend it to typists who enjoy practicing and refining their skills by practicing specific texts until reaching mastery.

In June and July, Sean Wrona (arenasnow) won again.

Click to see the replay of Sean Wrona’s top score on a medium-length quote on the TypeRacerData TypeRacer Championship, July 2017:

See Sean Wrona’s replay (211wpm) – Click Here

In other news, we reached a new site-wide speed record among racers competing using Stenography software such as the free Plover Steno. Congrats to Mirabai (ploversteno) for reaching 350wpm!

This  incident also prompted us to lift the maximum speed allowed on the site before users are automatically disqualified for cheating (from 350wpm to 450wpm). More details on the TypeRacer Data Championship are outlined in Noah’s announcement, which I’m pasting below.

Congrats to the winners! To enroll in the TypeRacer Championship and hopefully win some cool prizes, click here: TypeRacer Championship – Participate

David (valikor)




June and July results – TypeRacerData’s TypeRacer Championship 2017

Dear Championship Typists,

Another month is in the books! With the conclusion of July 2017, more than half of the year has passed, and still no one has dethroned Sean Wrona. Will someone rise to the challenge in the coming months?
In the stenography field, Mirabai set a new TypeRacer record by achieving a remarkable 350 wpm on the longest text of the month. TypeRacer does not even allow 350 wpm races to be recorded for anti-cheat purposes, prompting me to petition the administration to raise the limit as we push the speed boundaries. I am happy to report that the limit has now been raised! However, Mirabai’s score was not enough to defeat John, who won the month 98.91 to 97.88, triumphing in a rematch of May’s photo finish.
The prize-winners of June 2017 are as follows:
1. Sean Wrona (arenasnow) – $30
2. Kathy (florentine) – $15
3. VinceHardy (vincemiller) – $10
8. Taro Yada (yada) – Premium account
11. Loc Tran (panda_saurus) – Premium account
25. Kanto-Dream (kanto) – Premium account
31. José Ramón Vidal (jrvidal) – Premium account
55. halfbloodprince – Premium account
As a reminder, the brackets for randomly selected premium account winners were ranks 4-8, 9-16, 17-28, 29-44, and 45-89. I used random.org to select the winners.
Because we did not release a news update for the July competition, we kept the prize structure the same as that which was announced for June. While Kathy made a late run, eventually Sean reclaimed his lead and won for the seventh time in a row.
The prize-winners of July 2017 are as follows:
1. Sean Wrona (arenasnow) – $30
2. Kathy (florentine) – $15
3. Izzy (blade5468) – $10
4. VinceHardy (vincemiller) – Premium account
10. Andrea Ak (andreaak00) – Premium account
20. Jon Lachney (jlachney) – Premium account
43. Leo Obispado (ljrobispado) – Premium account
58. Riley (catcannon) – Premium account
The August Championship launched today and I invite you to participate using the Championship universe: http://play.typeracer.com/?universe=championship
The prizes for August 2017 have changed format and are as follows:
1st place: $10
3rd place: $9
5th place: $8
7th place: $7
9th place: $6
11th place: $5
13th place: $4
15th place: $3
17th place: $2
19th place: $1
21th place to the end: Three randomly selected typists will receive one free premium account.
Happy racing!

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