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Guide to TypeRacer Marathons

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A man on a thousand mile walk has to forget his goal and say to himself every morning,
“Today I’m going to cover twenty-five miles and then rest up and sleep.”  ❞ 

— War and Peace (book) by Leo Tolstoy

Hi all – Our friend Vielle (Viellain TRData) has made a number of headlines recently on TypeRacer. Today we’d like to introduce him as our newest Guest author on the blog — he’s going to explain what exactly it means to type 5,000 races in a day, aka a TypeRacer marathon, and also give us a bit of a TypeRacer history lesson! Thanks Vielle for taking the time to write for the TypeRacer blog and for helping us build the TypeRacer community. -David (valikor) TypeRacer

You may have heard a lot about Marathons these past couple of weeks on the TypeRacer blog. And you may in-fact have questions, such as “How do you do a race in a quarter of a minute? How do you do 5,000 in a day?” Today’s blog post will clear a lot of those aspects up, and no-better person to do so than the one that just got up after an intensive 5,590 race Marathon (you can look forward to a blogpost on that later).

To start things off: A marathon is the amount of races you complete in 24 hours. It doesn’t have to be a set time as it will always be matching your current race count from 24 hours prior.



For as far as TypeRacer history has been concerned, most races have been done through the maintrack — i.e., the standard track you get when clicking “Enter a typing race” on’s default universe. The idea of racing on short-text tracks for optimal race efficiency hasn’t been thoroughly theorized and implemented until recently starting with Michael DeRoche – March 31st, 2017. And no, there is no secret real world where everyone is racing on and you are all racing in the matrix (yes fast typists I know how depressing it is racing one or two real people for hours straight as well as having to race bots); it is never often really a thought that there is a “maintrack” to differentiate with [when you Enter a typing race], but this does become a natural distinction that is made when you race on private Racetracks [with friends].

For reference, the most races you can get by doing this is 2,000 races. The only person shown to execute this is Michael Deroche. This is about 80 races per hour. Very doable, and relatively easygoing. If you do one race per-minute, then you will that you can do 1,500 races in that given timespan. All marathons outside of the top 3 are mostly done through the maintrack.


  • Most optimal point efficiency
  • Size-able amount of time between races to multi-task
  • Hands are always focused on the keyboard


  • Least sufficient for Marathon records
  • Loading times

Tip: You can click tab-twice then enter instead of having to manually click Race Again.



Private Race Tracks

Now we move on to Friends Track racing methods. As far as most people are aware, you just race with friends, while that is certainly not easily-arrangeable for extended periods of time, there is however – a solution. Thanks to Ted (who also does impressive work within the OpenSteno project; steno being attributable towards some of the fastest speeds on the site, one of them in-fact set by Ted himself!) we have a script that allows people to join  races. All you have to do is install Tampermonkey. With the Tampermonkey script, when you go to TypeRacer you will notice it automatically joins a friend track and auto-joins your race. Now you don’t need friends!

Make sure to allow Tampermonkey in an incognito or private-window and make an account, and be sure to keep Tampermonkey disabled on the

account/window that you plan to race on (you can do that through clicking on the icon and then disabling it).


However we are forgetting something. As some typists may not be aware, TypeRacer “skill levels” dictate the length of texts that you type on TypeRacer. Therefore it is optimal if your friend’s account [or whoever is hosting the private race track] has a last 10 race average below 25 WPM [at Beginner level speeds]. This enables you to type the shortest texts — obviously a big help when trying to complete a lot of races in a short time.


Once you now have race-track hosting window(s) in the background you will join all of them using the friends link and position them however you wish. With this you can get around 3,000 races at most, this math adds up to 2 races per minute.
For reference I set a 3.8k Marathon record with only two different race tracks (joining the next race as soon as I could therefore stopping in the middle of the race). But you may question, why do you use multiple friend tracks if one is good enough? With only one you are forced to wait those 10 seconds, you bypass that by having another track that you can hop into immediately. But then it becomes cumbersome hence you start the race 2 races ahead of you once you just finished your race to keep the flow going.
A video for reference:

Tip: You may find watching videos or listening to music will make your races all the more faster – at least to make the time fly by faster.

With this you can get up to up to ~5,000 races [in 24 hours] maximum. Assuming you finish a text every ~17 seconds.


  • Up to 2-4 races per minute makes this the most thoroughly consistent way to optimize races for extended periods of time
  • With beginner tracks you get to type short texts, depending on the workload you do this could end up being a more casual & easier method to race with for the endurance run


  • Shorter texts [assuming you use a beginner track] & starting races late make this the least point efficient method for racing



Ghost Races

The last method towards perfectly refining your race optimization is ghost races. This however requires premium in order to save those ghost races.

Let me give you a simple run-down about ghost-races:

  • You can save twice per text
  • You can race on any given text, meaning you can choose to do the shortest one-thousand races [2x per text]
  • When you save they do count towards the leaderboards and your profile
  • If you mess up then you can restart until you get the score you want

If all that sounds compelling, then do consider supporting TypeRacer [along with tons of more benefits!] by upgrading to Premium.

For a good list at a text directory look at

Ghost races, when using the shortest texts, can prove to be hyper-optimal. Michael Deroche was able to attain 333 races in 71 minutes [4.3 races a minute]!

You may find that navigating the texts may be difficult, but thanks to Pentalon’s Python script there is an entire directory of [current] ghost race links to make things easier. (Longest races first to shortest races last.)

And if you are crazy enough to do so, you can open multiple links with a multilink program or app if you really need to refine your your marathon skills that much further.


  • Maximum race-per-minute efficiency up until 25~ plus second races [depending on your speed]


  • Only optimally efficient until the average races per minute is beaten out by multi-tracking
  • Lots of manual clicking/hotkey usage – most error prone stage of the marathon


(Play TypeRacer in compact form with TypeRacer Companion for Firefox (Chrome Here) to watch videos while typing.)


Now that you have a thorough understanding of the three-different methods to approach you can have a true feel of marathons that puts those truly impressive accomplishments into perspective. Higher-end marathons typically use a combination of Private Racetracks and Ghost races with minimal breaks/interruptions.

While you’re at it you may want to take a look or read back on our previous blog posts:



If you do ever have any questions, then do check the Discord, the resource and place I had used to refine marathon techniques beyond maintrack marathons. I couldn’t be impressed by the welcoming hospitality [of the Discord], thoughts and research that went into the carefully attentive and productive responses that went into my questions. Or simply use the comment section down below and I will address those questions myself.

Vielle (Viellain TRData)

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5,000 Type Races in 24 hours (the “marathon to end all marathons): 24 hours of continuous typing

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If you love TypeRacer, please consider supporting us by upgrading to Premium

Last week on the blog, we wrote about the new Marathon record —3,820 Type Races in 24 hours.

In a chat with him about that record,  ⦗𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐋⦘ ⦓☾✹✯𝚅𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✯✹☽⦔   (Viellain – TRData) promised that “I will do a marathon to end all marathons later in September.” For Vielle, “later in September” meant exactly one day after we announced the first record. On Sep. 9-10 Vielle beat the Marathon record again (daily competition results for 9/10) , achieving 4,892 races within 24 hours. See the record on 

In the TypeRacer Discord, he described his marathon as below budget and ahead of schedule. Congrats to ECOL/Vielle on setting what may really be a marathon that ends all marathons! Here’s what we know about the marathon:

  • It required staying up for 24 hours of continuous typing
  • It required skipping meals – he consumed only an energy drink between races.
  • There was only one bathroom break (post-energy drink).
  • His account was upgraded to Premium last week (as a congrats! gift), enabling him to squeeze out more races than he was last time with his basic account (i.e., he was able to save practice races or ghost races etc.)

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 12.15.19 AM

Join us in the TypeRacer Discord to chat about typing, find out what it’s like to type for 24 hours straight, etc. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 12.03.22 AM

In Vielle’s words: “All hail and Glory to the Empyrean Forces, for we are the Conquering OverLords” -ECOL/Vielle

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)

[Update: A previous version of this article indicated that Vielle had eaten minimal snacks during the record-setting marathon — it’s been corrected to say “no food”.]

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Searchable text database added to Pit Stop

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TypeRacer Chat (Discord) – Chat with other typing enthusiasts. – A free, third-party database of 40 million TypeRaces. Add your account to the Database — it takes 30 seconds!


This week TypeRacer added a searchable text database to the Pit Stop. Click Texts from the Pit Stop to see recently-raced texts, or search for texts by author, title, or words included in the text. Let us know what you think in the comments, including recommendations for what new features to add next!

Nelson Quotes

Search TypeRacer texts – across all different languages and universes — by author, source title, or individual words in the text.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 1.06.40 PM

See the full text of any quote, the top scores, average speed and accuracy, who submitted it, and more.

We hope the new features help build a more engaging and complete experience on the site. Remember that you can recommend quotes to TypeRacer in any language. Fill out the form completely in order for your quote to be considered.

See you on the track!

David (valikor TRData)

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New single race speed record, and new Marathon record on TypeRacer

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TypeRacer Chat (Discord)

Today we’re pleased to announce new site-wide records by Michael DeRoche (deroche1TRData) and ⦗𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐋⦘ ⦓☾✹✯𝚅𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✯✹☽⦔   (Viellain – TRData).

Some of you will remember from this blog post in July that the all-time single race speed record on the site was 295wpm by Kathy (florentine – TRData). Just a tad shy of the ludicrous 300wpm barrier!  Video is here — don’t blink, she blazes through it and the video is pretty much over as soon as it starts!

TypeRacer is pleased to announce today that on Sep. 6th, TypeRacer legend Michael DeRoche passed the 300 barrier, setting a site-wide speed record with 300.42 wpm. Great work Michael! (Note: keyboard typists only — excludes stenographers). 

History of TR Speed Records

See the replay of the 300wpm record!

Race against Michael’s Ghost — Try to beat 300wpm! 

While Michael’s typing record was set in 2.05 seconds, we also want to congratulate ⦗𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐋⦘ ⦓☾✹✯𝚅𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✯✹☽⦔  (Viellain) who beat the site-wide Marathon record with 3,820 races in 24 hours. Viellain started on Sep. 4th, 2017 at 9:12PM EST and did almost 4,000 races within the 24 hours following. Needless to say, Viellain won our daily competition on 9/5 (when he did most of his Marathon races), accumulating 200,761 points over the two days that his Marathon spanned. We’re pretty sure that’s a record too.


I chatted with Viellain on the TypeRacer Discord and asked if he had any comments for the announcement. He promised he would be breaking the record again by the end of September, with “a marathon to end all marathons.” He also stated “SECT won seasons 1” and “All hail and Glory to the Empyrean Forces, for we are the Conquering OverLords

We’re not entirely sure what those last comments mean but are including them anyway 🙂 Congrats to Viellain! We upgraded his account to Premium for free to congratulate him. We’re impressed by his tenacity and glad to have such dedicated typists on the site.

In an interesting twist, Michael DeRoche was the previous holder of Viellain’s record. Below are the Marathon leaders from This announcement marks a new record for Mike — while he’s being simultaneously dethroned by Viellain on another record.

# Racer Most Races in 24 hrs.
1 🏁 🏁 (viellain) 3,820
2 Michael DeRoche (deroche1) 3,097
3 Taro Yada (yada) 1,619
4 still type (mokori) 1,320
5 ♕ David ♕ (valikor) 1,179
6 F@§T£RPr0 (fastermart) 1,000
7 DUFOUR (Best Races) (119.83 WPM) 999
8 but thou must (pentalon) 900
9 Nadel (nadel1232) 889
10 Shoemaker-Levy 9 (atthetop) 829
11 Steve (haxmatix) 802
12 MadsFuldGas (swaax) 778
13 once upon a time in Chinois… 777
14 (sum… 737
15 Alexander (nomak) 734


David (valikor TRData)






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August 2017 Competition Results

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See recent news about the new Competition Awards feature, and drop by the TypeRacer Discord chat to connect with other typists! 

Congrats to TypeRacer’s August 2017 competition winners!

WordRacer888 (Profile / TRData)

Chimchimchim (Profile / TRData)

Pjayys (Profile / TRData)

In August, WordRacer888 dominated with 620,240 points, coming in over 200,000 points ahead of the next racer. Chimchimchim is a long-time TypeRacer legend and we’re glad to see him back on the site and typing up a storm, coming in second out of the hundreds of thousands of users who raced this month. As for Pjayys, we’re excited to see that fast typists outside the top 1% now have a chance to win on a more inclusive TypeRacer site — one of the goals for our rolling out the Points and Competitions features. Congrats!

The top-100 are listed below. Congrats to everyone — looking forward to seeing you on the track in September!

David (valikor)


Username Points  Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 wordracer888 620,240 123.3 WPM 169 WPM 98.4% 5626
2 chimchimchim United States flag 418,640 115.8 WPM 165 WPM 98.1% 4131
3 pjayys United States flag 397,735 88.0 WPM 118 WPM 97.6% 5140
4 typingartist2 Bosnia And Herzegovina flag 383,871 147.7 WPM 206 WPM 98.0% 3055
5 bblaise Canada flag 351,537 138.1 WPM 192 WPM 99.0% 3134
6 oooyay United States flag 271,887 94.1 WPM 134 WPM 97.1% 3233
7 ultrashibe Ireland flag 246,676 118.5 WPM 180 WPM 97.0% 4158
8 modest_ked United States flag 245,952 132.2 WPM 220 WPM 97.3% 2417
9 vinniwooh Canada flag 242,717 130.2 WPM 188 WPM 98.6% 3725
10 atthetop United States flag 240,046 121.4 WPM 215 WPM 96.9% 3061
11 dizo Tanzania, United Republic Of flag 239,694 74.0 WPM 103 WPM 97.9% 3690
12 khronic United States flag 223,622 106.0 WPM 193 WPM 97.7% 2421
13 mark40511 United States flag 207,607 109.3 WPM 160 WPM 99.0% 2148
14 tencion Australia flag 202,495 102.6 WPM 143 WPM 97.1% 2230
15 shefakala Philippines flag 199,662 80.5 WPM 118 WPM 95.8% 2876
16 d0wny United States flag 193,813 79.0 WPM 134 WPM 95.1% 2853
17 swaax Denmark flag 192,578 121.3 WPM 160 WPM 98.0% 1776
18 amun United States flag 191,505 127.4 WPM 184 WPM 98.3% 1753
19 smarmyraptor United States flag 190,416 85.9 WPM 139 WPM 96.3% 2559
20 playscrabble United States flag 186,194 131.4 WPM 175 WPM 98.3% 1597
21 erikjscott United States flag 185,955 149.1 WPM 205 WPM 98.7% 1405
22 vdud3 United States flag 185,542 127.0 WPM 164 WPM 97.8% 1849
23 gochoo 183,544 89.0 WPM 121 WPM 97.7% 2367
24 jessegarcia United States flag 179,348 137.6 WPM 189 WPM 98.0% 1488
25 hateself France flag 172,577 87.8 WPM 131 WPM 97.9% 2254
26 fastermart Canada flag 171,597 106.8 WPM 171 WPM 97.8% 1820
27 p0sh United States flag 169,730 133.7 WPM 220 WPM 98.6% 1838
28 mattbierwirth United States flag 168,916 100.2 WPM 138 WPM 97.0% 1889
29 disclo5ure Australia flag 168,720 151.0 WPM 214 WPM 99.0% 1454
30 kimjongillmatic United States flag 165,448 100.9 WPM 139 WPM 98.3% 1870
31 mikerubby Poland flag 158,538 67.7 WPM 99 WPM 97.1% 2767
32 thunberg123 Sweden flag 157,750 117.7 WPM 163 WPM 98.2% 1571
33 leszczyn Poland flag 155,929 67.0 WPM 102 WPM 96.6% 2726
34 trueybluey United States flag 154,714 123.6 WPM 171 WPM 98.7% 1407
35 wintersnowmagick United States flag 150,442 130.0 WPM 171 WPM 98.5% 1456
36 bambusnippel Germany flag 141,467 74.4 WPM 108 WPM 97.0% 2199
37 siglemic 140,164 120.0 WPM 162 WPM 98.6% 1347
38 miket349 United States flag 140,046 102.2 WPM 143 WPM 97.9% 1525
39 kyeavnign Australia flag 139,134 111.0 WPM 154 WPM 97.7% 1464
40 alyciahtollison United States flag 138,448 108.9 WPM 145 WPM 98.3% 1438
41 arenasnow2 United States flag 136,956 177.1 WPM 231 WPM 98.8% 850
42 oneguardsam United States flag 136,824 78.8 WPM 104 WPM 96.9% 2000
43 thebrownfoxquicklyjumpsoverthe Ireland flag 136,536 131.8 WPM 184 WPM 97.7% 1212
44 tajiracer Japan flag 135,674 104.3 WPM 160 WPM 98.7% 1642
45 stewiegriffin666 United States flag 135,530 92.5 WPM 138 WPM 97.1% 1711
46 realf0rce Hong Kong flag 134,735 117.5 WPM 162 WPM 97.9% 1375
47 apoorv16 United States flag 134,614 62.9 WPM 95 WPM 97.2% 2528
48 jlachney United States flag 133,210 122.5 WPM 215 WPM 97.2% 1488
49 hujala United Kingdom flag 130,707 152.6 WPM 216 WPM 98.7% 1158
50 newkeyboardlove India flag 125,145 127.6 WPM 217 WPM 98.0% 1667
51 gates250 United Kingdom flag 124,992 53.2 WPM 81 WPM 95.2% 2981
52 neopergoss United States flag 124,370 101.9 WPM 131 WPM 98.4% 1368
53 mercury80 Malaysia flag 123,121 77.3 WPM 110 WPM 96.5% 1834
54 stagadoosh Israel flag 119,816 98.4 WPM 132 WPM 96.5% 1376
55 tshafer3 United States flag 116,400 103.8 WPM 133 WPM 98.0% 1270
56 mako640 United States flag 115,850 154.5 WPM 189 WPM 99.2% 855
57 phmi Kazakhstan flag 115,506 67.7 WPM 95 WPM 97.3% 2018
58 ronakkaria India flag 114,549 64.5 WPM 98 WPM 96.1% 2120
59 aguilardenehra United States flag 114,203 60.0 WPM 82 WPM 97.3% 2304
60 hlbentz Philippines flag 113,312 124.9 WPM 154 WPM 98.6% 1036
61 valikor China flag 112,784 136.5 WPM 173 WPM 98.5% 962
62 tony82890 United States flag 109,712 118.8 WPM 161 WPM 98.5% 1098
63 mathandphysicsftw Singapore flag 108,368 132.2 WPM 174 WPM 98.3% 959
64 vincehardy2 China flag 108,143 147.6 WPM 214 WPM 98.6% 880
65 andreaak00 Italy flag 106,529 142.7 WPM 199 WPM 98.6% 1142
66 the__cpl United States flag 105,750 119.1 WPM 166 WPM 98.6% 1036
67 cippo Romania flag 105,655 103.7 WPM 135 WPM 97.3% 1292
68 cslarsenhhkb Norway flag 104,451 111.8 WPM 163 WPM 98.0% 1070
69 krisco United States flag 103,416 122.5 WPM 157 WPM 98.5% 1129
70 argyrwnt Greece flag 103,286 59.9 WPM 83 WPM 97.2% 2071
71 dufour Canada flag 102,749 90.2 WPM 113 WPM 99.6% 1731
72 pokenonquit United States flag 102,584 130.2 WPM 181 WPM 98.1% 1266
73 get_a_lif3 United States flag 101,518 110.8 WPM 147 WPM 97.8% 1032
74 manithan India flag 101,372 55.3 WPM 81 WPM 95.7% 2294
75 yoojeen United States flag 100,561 126.0 WPM 166 WPM 97.7% 963
76 kayak1 United States flag 98,874 120.3 WPM 170 WPM 97.8% 918
77 rdtomgrcr Sweden flag 98,618 65.9 WPM 90 WPM 96.5% 1769
78 nishimasa Japan flag 97,869 62.7 WPM 100 WPM 97.1% 1851
79 alanis Romania flag 97,814 115.8 WPM 164 WPM 97.8% 956
80 jaseem786 India flag 97,703 56.9 WPM 87 WPM 95.6% 2201
81 wumpified8 United States flag 97,215 131.7 WPM 173 WPM 97.7% 830
82 vawl United States flag 96,162 54.4 WPM 76 WPM 96.6% 2210
83 employ Australia flag 95,665 71.3 WPM 96 WPM 98.2% 1565
84 tereterna Netherlands flag 94,615 114.8 WPM 145 WPM 98.0% 918
85 alishah110 Pakistan flag 94,530 51.1 WPM 76 WPM 93.8% 2413
86 crims0nking Israel flag 94,189 110.8 WPM 155 WPM 97.8% 958
87 ppubalo United States flag 93,506 82.6 WPM 125 WPM 97.9% 1294
88 chocolatepuma Gibraltar flag 93,439 69.5 WPM 96 WPM 96.7% 1558
89 natfx7 India flag 93,246 74.2 WPM 111 WPM 97.0% 1458
90 phlofy Panama flag 92,706 103.3 WPM 139 WPM 96.8% 1018
91 numdegased United States flag 92,600 79.4 WPM 103 WPM 97.3% 1325
92 steviebeans United Kingdom flag 92,121 87.1 WPM 133 WPM 95.3% 1179
93 elements_in_space Australia flag 90,890 51.5 WPM 78 WPM 94.9% 2248
94 raoof Iran, Islamic Republic Of flag 90,588 116.3 WPM 162 WPM 98.0% 1010
95 grotesquevinny 89,990 111.6 WPM 167 WPM 97.6% 920
96 moisturemob United States flag 89,966 113.4 WPM 135 WPM 99.0% 901
97 smelons United States flag 89,478 101.7 WPM 163 WPM 97.6% 1032
98 encasedthought United States flag 89,282 84.4 WPM 146 WPM 96.4% 1190
99 tristanhilton85 United States flag 88,654 89.2 WPM 119 WPM 97.8% 1179
100 intyper Japan flag 88,280 104.0 WPM 143 WPM 98.4% 977
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New Feature: Competition Awards

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As promised in July (when we introduced Points and Competitions), one of our next steps was to implement awards for competition winners. The initial version of this feature rolled out last week and — after you’ve earned some awards — you’ll now see award badges in your Pit Stop profile. The top-3 winners of each typing competition — including daily, weekly, monthly, and annual competitions – will receive a gold/silver/bronze badge in their profiles.

WordRacer888‘s profile is below — congrats on the 25 awards! If you have any feedback on the new feature, or suggestions for how we can develop it in the future, let us know in the comments.

Profile Awards for Competitions

WordRacer888 is among our most decorated typists, earning 25 awards since Competitions rolled out in July.

This most recent release also enables TypeRacers to control which emails they receive from the site. If you ever find TypeRacer emails disturbing — e.g., emails when someone sends you a friend request — you can click the embedded “unsubscribe” link and opt-out of  any/all e mails in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.23.08 PM

We hope these new features make TypeRacing just a little bit better, once again! Enjoy, and see you on the track.

David (valikor)


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