New single race speed record, and new Marathon record on TypeRacer

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Today we’re pleased to announce new site-wide records by Michael DeRoche (deroche1TRData) and β¦—π„π‚πŽπ‹β¦˜ β¦“β˜ΎβœΉβœ―πš…πš’πšŽπš•πš•πšŽβœ―βœΉβ˜½β¦” Β  (ViellainΒ –Β TRData).

Some of you will remember from this blog post in July that the all-time single race speed record on the site was 295wpm by Kathy (florentineΒ – TRData). Just a tad shy of the ludicrous 300wpm barrier! Β Video is here — don’t blink, she blazes through it and the video is pretty much over as soon as it starts!

TypeRacer is pleased to announce today that on Sep. 6th, TypeRacer legend Michael DeRoche passed the 300 barrier, setting a site-wide speed recordΒ with 300.42 wpm. Great work Michael! (Note: keyboard typists only — excludes stenographers).Β 

History of TR Speed Records

See the replay of the 300wpm record!

Race against Michael’s Ghost — Try to beat 300wpm!Β 

While Michael’s typing record was set in 2.05 seconds, we also want to congratulate β¦—π„π‚πŽπ‹β¦˜ β¦“β˜ΎβœΉβœ―πš…πš’πšŽπš•πš•πšŽβœ―βœΉβ˜½β¦” Β (Viellain) who beat the site-wide Marathon record withΒ 3,820 races in 24 hours.Β ViellainΒ started on Sep. 4th, 2017 at 9:12PM EST and did almost 4,000 races within the 24 hours following. Needless to say, Viellain won our daily competition on 9/5 (when he did most of his Marathon races), accumulating 200,761 points over the two days that his Marathon spanned. We’re pretty sure that’s a record too.


I chatted with Viellain on the TypeRacer Discord and asked if he had any comments for the announcement. He promised he would be breaking the record again by the end of September, with “a marathon to end all marathons.” He also stated “SECT won seasons 1” and “All hail and Glory to the Empyrean Forces, for we are the Conquering OverLords

We’re not entirely sure what those last comments mean but are including them anyway πŸ™‚ Congrats to Viellain! We upgraded his account to Premium for free to congratulate him. We’re impressed by his tenacity and glad to have such dedicated typists on the site.

In an interesting twist, Michael DeRoche was the previous holder of Viellain’s record. Below are the Marathon leaders from This announcement marks a new record for Mike — while he’s being simultaneously dethroned by Viellain on another record.

# Racer Most Races in 24 hrs.
1 🏁 🏁 (viellain) 3,820
2 Michael DeRoche (deroche1) 3,097
3 Taro Yada (yada) 1,619
4 still type (mokori) 1,320
5 β™• David β™• (valikor) 1,179
6 F@Β§TΒ£RPr0 (fastermart) 1,000
7 DUFOUR (Best Races) (119.83 WPM) 999
8 but thou must (pentalon) 900
9 Nadel (nadel1232) 889
10 Shoemaker-Levy 9 (atthetop) 829
11 Steve (haxmatix) 802
12 MadsFuldGas (swaax) 778
13 once upon a time in Chinois… 777
14 (sum… 737
15 Alexander (nomak) 734


David (valikor TRData)






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5 Responses to “New single race speed record, and new Marathon record on TypeRacer”

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All hail and glory to the Empyrean Forces!

Congrats again Vielle! We’re not really sure how you did it.

under-budget and ahead of schedule:

“”” He promised he would be breaking the record again by the end of September, with β€œa marathon to end all marathons.” “””

>Instant 4,895~ Marathon the day after blog post airs.

No eating for those 24 hours too, that’s how tense it was.

You didn’t eat for 24 hours? Wow, David I regret telling you to go look at NitroType (after you tried to get me to do your job for you) in reply to being spammed now… I was simply trying to get you to stop spamming me, not have Alex copy the medals in the profiles for points (thereby hooking their most active player to the point where he didn’t eat for 24 hours, something I’m pretty much responsible for at this point and you curiously don’t seem to care at all about…)

Well done Vielle, awesome record!

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