New Quotes Added Today

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Today we added 400 new English quotes/texts, from 220 different movies/books/songs etc.; as usual, we’ve included a combination of critically-acclaimed, popular, and other user-submitted texts. The addition of this batch brings the main English universe on TypeRacer to 4,100 quotes. A list of the top ~40 sources we’ve added the quotes from is below. This batch also includes all the qualified texts previously featured in the TypeRacer Championship on

As a reminder, you can view all of our texts in our new searchable text database, as previously mentioned in this blog post.

Thanks to the 59 TypeRacers who submitted quotes included in this batch. Their usernames are listed at the bottom of this post.

Submit your favorite quotes (any language) to TypeRacer here: contribute 

Hope everyone enjoys the new quotes! We’re looking forward to more contributions to help us reach out goal of 10,000 English quotes (and more quality quotes in other languages)!

See everyone on the track,

♕ David ♕ (valikorTRData)

September TypeRacer texts

Contributors with at least one submitted text activated in today’s batch:

  • abbert21
  • aeoff72
  • biased
  • blade5468
  • blazertron
  • blubert21
  • catslikeboxes
  • daniel598
  • darudedankstorm
  • davidyu8343
  • DDSmith1999
  • Deroche1
  • dnatrixene135
  • doodled
  • DrSnuffulupacis
  • dstnt
  • elementro
  • elusoryx
  • estevaoima
  • excal98
  • geekdud1
  • HitchedShark
  • isiisi
  • k4v3at
  • LacyJoYo
  • letsbecatstogether
  • licahfox
  • Lions45
  • lividtaffy
  • mahler9
  • mattbierwirth
  • maxranviir
  • merebanana
  • NetMelc
  • o0bananarama0o
  • omqchristi
  • pawal001
  • PazzyPaz
  • Peppermint1201
  • ppubalo
  • primalknight
  • proximuse
  • red_fox
  • RegsaGC
  • sanhnguyennt
  • sigma_phi_delta
  • SlagTheRisen
  • Soleimsen
  • Svanes
  • taran127
  • The_hoarse_whisperer
  • Tomas
  • trickroom
  • typinnut
  • Ultra9TMB
  • vetlebg
  • Viellain
  • volhosis
  • wintersnowmagick

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