TypeRacer Security Reminder

Posted on January 6, 2020. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

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Hi TypeRacers:

Recently there have been several cases of TypeRacer users’ accounts being compromised; the accounts were subsequently used for cheating on TypeRacer, spamming/profanity, and other undesirable behavior. Some were banned as a result. In response, this blog post is a quick public service announcement — and a quick reminder about best practices in online security.

In investigating the recent cases, TypeRacer staff spoke with some of the impacted users, who acknowledged their practice of re-using passwords and even username+password combinations across multiple websites. In other cases, our moderation team actually identified usernames/passwords of the impacted users in publicly-available data dumps online (following a security breach on a third-party site unrelated to TypeRacer). This means that anyone with enough time on their hands (without any “hacking” skills) could literally look up the victim’s publicly-available passwords and log directly into the victim’s TypeRacer account. 

So, fellow typists: if you care about your TypeRacer account at all, please use a unique password!

David (valikor)

P.S. If you’re in the habit of reusing the same password on different websites, there are several useful tools that let you check if your data has been compromised in a security breach:



Click here to update your password.

This is where you can update your password.

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thank you typeracer, very cool!

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