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New English Texts Added February 2020 & and Purge of Unpopular Texts

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Hey Typists! 

Have you ever ragequit a TypeRacer race after taking one look at the race text? 



What the tarnation is that? I can’t type this!

We want to make sure you’re enjoying the content on TypeRacer, so we’re taking this opportunity to purge the most hated texts — and we’re asking the community to vote on which texts have got to go. See the next section for info on how to participate.

While we’re removing texts, we’re also adding new ones. We’ve also activated ~150 user-submitted texts from our submission form into the main track, bringing TypeRacer to ~6,500 English texts total. If you’re interested in recommending your favorite content, feel free to submit them via this form

Please make sure you carefully follow the guidelines outlined on the form; you may see your submission in the next batch!

Special thanks to our text managers for painstakingly reviewing and curating the list of user-submitted texts; these dedicated users have also continuously supported on moderation, making TypeRacer the best-moderated typing site on the net.

Andreaak00JosasimKeeganTPoemShoemaker-Levy-9Styrofoamppentalon & timjeffery44

How you can participate

You can come join us and the rest of the community on the official TypeRacer Discord where we’re listening to user feedback 24/7. We have various channels dedicated to collecting feedback on the website, as well as on texts specifically. 

Enter our #text-voting channel to vote on candidates for new texts, and purge recommendations.

Vote by right clicking a message and using the 👍 / 👎 reactions to make your voice heard.

:mag_right: Where can I find a text ID?

You can find the text ID of any text on the Pit Stop here — — by searching for the first few words (or other keywords) in the content you’re looking for. You can also use TypeRacerData to find a variety of information and stats about texts on TypeRacer:

:x: What will happen to purged texts?

You will still be able to find “purged” texts by searching the TypeRacer Texts Database , and you’ll still be able to use the “ghost race” feature to race on this content if you want to. Premium users can also save these ghost races. However, after being purged, texts will no longer show up in the main track, so they will only be kept around for people who really want to race them.

You can view the status of the “purge” in this spreadsheet. Check out the “Text Purge” Sheet.

Texts submitted in February 2020’s batch are from the following users and have been activated.

21yanka1, Aerosmith727, Ducktypist, KeeganT, Lulzwagon, NOTMystik_, Xernious, aji3, chakk, charlieog, deluxemoons, josasim, jsilvers27, jupxters, loboru, mxmoon, pastashapes, poem, rocketjuice, solarscopez, styrofoamp, timjeffery44, veggiemans, vlaki007, volhosis

See y’all on the track! — Jon Lachney (jlachneyTRData)


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