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Increase your typing speed while racing Sean Wrona

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New header with pace carLook closely at the new header on the site and you’ll see this little red car typing out the heading.1 It’s easy to miss it because that car is moving fast, but what if we told you that you can actually learn to type that fast yourself?  Believe it or not, the animation is calibrated to type exactly 165 WPM (825 CPM) — which is the actual average typing speed achieved by Sean Wrona!

If you haven’t seen Sean’s name yet, look him up on the new and improved Fastest Typists section.  Click on the avg. speed link at the top of the list to sort by all-time averages, which is the category totally dominated by Sean Wrona.  The runner-up is almost 15 WPM behind — that’s the equivalent of being able to type up an extra 2 full essays in one hour!

Fastest Typists sorted by all-time average speed

New paging controls for the Fastest Typists section

As you can see, the Fastest Typists section now shows 100 results, which you can page through using the links at the bottom.  And now you can also see the top people for 3 different categories: all-time speed, recent speed, and total number of races finished.

As usual, this release includes many other improvements, but the most requested new feature is probably the option to publish your typing speed on Facebook.

TypeRacer score on your Facebook wallWhen you go to the TypeRacer App on Facebook, scroll down and click  Publish your typing speed on your wall.  After you accept the prompt to allow TypeRacer to publish posts on your behalf, you will see a preview of your scorecard before it gets posted on your wall and news feed.  Or you can just keep racing until you achieve a new personal best, at which point the app will automatically prompt you to share that score.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to invite more friends to use the app (there is a link for that as well) — we appreciate it when you tell your friends about TypeRacer.  Consider it a way of thanking us for this free app!

Wishing you a great summer!  Keep typing and keep improving!

1 — the animation will only come up when you’re not logged in  (so it doesn’t annoy people who use the site a lot)

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Beam me up, Facebook

Posted on May 9, 2009. Filed under: Social Networks, TypeRacer News |


If you enjoy TypeRacer and have a Facebook account, help us spread the word by installing the TypeRacer Application on Facebook!

It’s easy to link your existing account to the Facebook app.  When you do, your completed races on will appear on Facebook and vice-vera.  To link your accounts, click on “My Account” under your name (as seen on the above screenshot) after you’ve installed the application.  Just enter your username and password into the box that pops up, and you’re done! From this point on, you’ll be able to race from either or Facebook as you choose (but be sure to still race from inside Facebook every once in a while so that your typing speed gets updated on the Info tab of your Facebook profile).


Naturally, you’ll also want to invite your friends to race you, because the Facebook app shows a score chart just for you and your friends. Where is Liutenant Sulu on this chart?  Invite him, please!


Let everyone know you’re serious about typing (and racing) by installing this small Facebook profile badge to show off your skills!   You’ll see a grey button for installing this widget above the racing screen on the app’s main page:


You might also want to boldly go where no tab has gone before and put your Facebook account into warp speed with the TypeRacer profile tab:


The profile tab can be installed in a similar way as the profile badge

I really encourage you to try the Facebook app if you haven’t already.  TypeRacer is one the very few apps that doesn’t force you to install it just to try it.  It also doesn’t force you to invite 20 of your friends to advance to the next level or get a hundred bucks in fake money.  If you’ve used other Facebook apps, you’ll know how annoying that is.  Unfortunately, not having those dirty tricks makes it harder for a new app to become popular on Facebook.  That’s why we need your help to spread the word.  Let’s show them that apps can be successful without being annoying!

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