Accuracy Matters

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A frequent question raised on the TypeRacer Forum is how to best improve your typing speed.  The typing masters all agree that improving your accuracy is the best way to improve your WPM.  I’m happy to say that we’ve developed a training tool that might help – today we’re launching a new parallel TypeRacer Universe called Instant Death Mode.  As you might remember from this post, different parallel universes let you try things that you wouldn’t normally find on the main site, all without impacting the scores on your primary account.  We already have universes for typing in other languages but now there is a universe that will have you racing under a different set of rules!

Try the new Instant Death Mode by going to

As you might have guessed, this parallel TypeRacer Universe is all about accuracy, to the extent that it doesn’t allow you to make any mistakes.  You will notice that a single typo will kick you out of the race.  Give it a try for a few hours and then watch your typing speed improve when you go back to standard racing.  I must warn you though, the Instant Death Mode will challenge even the most seasoned veterans – expect to be demoted to Beginner until you gain some practice (don’t worry, the skill level and scores on your primary account will not be affected by this).

You will find other improvements in this release as well.  As a first step toward letting you personalize your TypeRacer experience, I’m happy to say that you can finally you edit your account info.  You can change everything including your first name, last name, email address, and password by clicking on the edit icon () next to the Sign Out link.  Your username, however, is your permanent identity on the site, and, as such, cannot be changed.

As always, this release includes numerous bug fixes, quirk fixes (the Opera browser is now officially supported!) and new texts.  Check it out then leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to see in the next release!

Update:  If you’re looking for something fun to do, create a private racetrack in Instant Death Mode, invite your friends, and then watch them (and yourself!) dropping like flies from each race 😀  That’s how some of us have spent a good chunk of today!

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162 Responses to “Accuracy Matters”

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I find the Instant Death Mode awesome !
Thanks for that. I think I’ll be in this mode most of my “typeracer time” now 😀

Congrats 🙂

Good One Typeracer.. I believe this change will bring some more improvement for all the users (including me :-P)…


Eric.. 🙂

The “instant death mode” is really great.
A separate average score for all users who use this feature is something that I think many would like, but if you plan on making that, I think there is one thing you have to consider first.
People can just type like they normally do until they get lucky, to get a high average, no penalty for not finishing the first 100+ races they did makes that a good strategy for high average score. Just a load of patience and no regards to the point of improving your accuracy. A very tiny lowering of the wpm average on the amounts of type-o’s make this strategy not that appealing any more. Just a thought.

I received a great suggestion from a user via my racetrack chat today: to have another mode where instead of being booted from a race you just get penalized (something like you can’t type for 5 seconds). We could call this the “Slow Death” mode. Anyone else like the idea?

Awesome… in love with it already…
And the ‘slow death mode’… even more awesome!! 😀

Is there a way from the frontpage to get to instant death mode without going through this blog post?

If so, it isn’t obvious enough.

How about allowing 3 mistakes instead of just 1? In any game you play, you are given at least 3 lives before you get knocked out. I know it wouldn’t be “sudden death” but it would make it less irritating. Another suggestion would be to make the background to sudden death a different color to the primary race. In time, it will be difficult to know which one you are in!

I would suggest 2 mistakes instead of 3. So we can still feel the pressure of getting getting disqualified, like tournaments… Yeah! how about typing tournament?

A another possible mode would be for every error it subtracts 1 WPM from your final score.

Well this is a really big improvement to typeracer! Since everybody is thinking of something different i think there should be about 3 different modes we should be able to pick from. I am happy to say that this is the best thing that ever happened to typeracer since i found it!

I’ll be in my track at INSTANT DEATH MODE! at I’d really like to test it out with some of my buddies here on typeracer!

Has the key Enter dissabled?. Today, i typed and when i finished the word and i wanted to send i pressed “Enter” but it didn’t allow me continue.

W0000 ya…. Instant Death mode…. like cocaine, only better 🙂

Thanks looks good. Please ban typingwithmywiener (feelsgoodman). It’s a stupid nick and he’s a cheater.

Thanks typeracer vet, that account has been removed.

Great improvement ! 🙂

I have one more suggestion,
Can’t you give one more chance (or let’s just say allowed number of mistakes.. 3~5 in a single race) so that it works better.. because in so many races, I have been kicked just due to a period or question mark with inverted quotation marks.. I hope you consider this too… 😦


lol! Yeah but unlike eric i havnt completed one race in sudden death mode XD.

Mm, perfect. This is keeping the game ‘pleasantly frustrating’. 😉

to be honest, Some of the phrases are by heart for me now.. so I can get 100% accuracy even with closed eyes.. 😛
but Typeracer, please consider this and allow some mistakes so that one can gain confidence to race in Instant Death Mode [ Unlike Jack Aviado (vonunov) &
Sean Wrona (arenasnow2)]

They are awsome people (nor me :()





Wow, I barely become Megaracer on the classic race, and I’ve managed to get 80+ avarage on last 10 races on sudden death. I’m both proud and chocked I managed that :O

Wrona is fast!

Does he do dvorak?

Das Keyboard should still sponsor here, I’m almost tempted to buy one of those.

Wohoo, I love it!! Probably will move to sudden death for most of my racing. 🙂

Thanks, Typeracer: This was a great idea. The new game is very difficult but very fun and rewarding as well. I love the emphasis on accuracy, since as you said, that’s just as important as speed.

Good news about Opera support! In the meantime though, Chrome has become available for Linux, and that has always worked swimmingly here.

I’m off to die instantly, no doubt repeatedly 😀

Typeracer vet, I have only ever used QWERTY.

The Das Keyboard is (slightly) faster, but the difference is mostly negligible. I gained 5-10 wpm maybe. I gained more than that from switching from Firefox to Google Chrome… I’m not sure it’s worth what they’re charging considering it’s not really THAT much faster. I was still one of the fastest typists here on a keyboard I bought from Staples for $10 or $15…

But once again, Hats off to Sean Wrona and Jack Aviado and some more…
They are really mind blowing.. 178 WPM (along with 100% accuracy????) This is something really eye catching….

I really love it! I have been bogged and stuck at about 60 wpm for a good few months now. Can’t get it improved to like 65 or 70, no matter how I try.
This Instant Death Mode could be a great booster for me.
Loving it, even though I managed to complete only 3 out of about 20 races I have taken today. But I have reinforced a lesson onto me, which I have learned during the course of the last few months: have to improve on accuracy first if I want to climb the speed ladder!
Great great awesome job ! Sudos to all you guys at Typeracer! Thanks a million – for typeracer and even more so as you have just dropped the Instant Death bomb!

Yeah, agree with many ppl on the allowance of a limited number of mistakes…

Hi everyone!
My WPM on the new version of typeracer is very poor. Does the typeracer change something when calculate WPM? Anyone feel the same? Please answer me!

Also, I wish there was a way to see what error it is I’ve made.

I’m trying to increase my speed, and it would be helpful to know if I’m getting kicked out because of speed on a single hand “il” or even a single finger “ol”, or if the problem is coordination between my hands “la”.

its fun.. completing a race is itself a challenge..

it wud be good if you could decrease the preparation time in a practice race from 12 sec to 3-5 sec.. because there arent any more users joining you while practicing and it becomes quite irritating to wait so long before every race..

Please Typeracer if people leave before a race commences allow the remaining competitor to be credited with a win – I seem to have to abandon about 50% of races because of unenthusiastic racers.

Anne (old_bat):

This is exactly the point I raised on 23 Mar. I agree with you entirely, it isn’t fair that just because the other racer decides to leave the race before the start, you don’t get credited with the win. After all, it isn’t our fault the other racer has left – so why should the other person, who is prepared to continue to race, be penalized? I don’t understand the rationale behind this as the race itself gets added to your “completed races” stats why not the win?

When I see someone abandoning the race before the start, I don’t bother to race – I feel its pointless.

well, i just got that read yesterday. i haven’t been on in a week. hey ya’ll!!!

This sudden death mode sure if getting popular quickly!

Did anyone notice the new time display at the end of each race? I’m amazed by how even the longest texts, which feel like they take forever, actually take less than a minute to type!

Yes I have noticed and I am amazed by that too, Typeracer. Cool new feature you added there!

I think there should be statistics about how many races have failed and percentage of successful races! Also the disqualified pop up is annoying, should just go to another screen that says you failed and only need to click once to start a new race instead of closing the popup and then starting a new race.

One of the quotes that gives a ridiculous speed is “Do you know what they call a Quarter-pounder…”, I started that one today at over 1000 wpm!

Good morning all!
Megan Perry – Thanks, I use the same strategy.
Pndragon – I agree entirely it’s very exasperating.
Typeracer – I’d like to know the accuracy of the opposition, how about adding accuracy stats. as well as the speed stats. that we normally see against racers?

I think the same thing. Hi, my name is alexandra and i am new to this website!

I agree to pndragon’s statement.
Also there should be a stastics log for all the races done so far…



How exactly does one get into Instant Death Mode?

Here’s the link:

(It’s also in this blog post)

I started a new forum thread for discussions about cheating and offensive users. Please address your comments about this topic to the thread:

All comments calling out specific usernames for cheating or improper conduct should be emailed to support or addressed to the above thread. We will be removing all blog comments about this from now on.

typeracer there’s no test

I think it would be a better idea to just halt the race when we make a typo, rather than returning to the main menu so that we could see who won the race and also what our typo was.

I completely agree to Jaideep John Rodriguez’s statement. In order to see the winner of the race, we should remain in “DEAD” mode on the track to see the winner, [ same as we can see in the private race track even when we are not racing ].
Alex, please make necessary changes.

There should be a “DEAD” mode in Instant Death Mode, but that death should be to remain on race track instead of getting kicked out of the track.

I’m only a 13-year-old boy from HK.
And I can type
Avg. speed (last 10 races):
129 WPM
Avg. speed (all time):
114.765 WPM
My account in typeracer is 屈機 獸(leonleung 96)
You can check it on typeracer
And I’m the 7th on the sudden death mode (fastest typists)

Looks like I got myself some competition. I’m 10 and I type 75wpm. Aiming for 100wpm by the end of this year!

Alex I have just sent you the e mail 😀 i’m waiting for your answer

Leon Leong or something like that,the guy who said that he is 13 years old and he types average of 120wpm is amzing.Hey Leon join typingzone dot com…among typeracer the greatest site for typers all around the world

Typeracer I just completed The Namesake
directed by Mira Nair at 80wpm, beating Mike a 77wpm bot. I clearly finished before the bot yet my score was rounded down to 76wpm after the bot had finished!! I’m a bit peeved that this “Bug” has ruined my 100% race record. Please sort this out. Thanks.

However, it seems the wpm in typing zone is lower than the wpm in typeracer and it’s always the same passage…

That is true that the method of showing WPM is totally different in both the sites, as the typeracer shows 5 Characters and Typing Zone shows the actual Words that we type per minute..

leon the system on typing zone is more precise and i just said that it would be nice for you to try there..the text is not always the same because there are 4 categories..a french text,an english text,alphabet typing,backward alphabet typing and decimals,and there are so many rankings by countries and that stuff..and beasides if you want a different text you can play on the championship(every month another text and you get points on the year rankings table just like on soccer)i am not advertising the site just that i like it very much and i am curious how you guys would play there:D

Leon,you are 14 years old and you type like that..very nice,keep the skill

Alex E. – Please explain why does WPM go down on instant death?
When you finish ahead of a BOT @61WPM your score should be what you finish at, not lowered to 59WPM letting the BOT beat you with 59WPM as well!!! I’m not whining ‘cus I lost my first race I’m reporting a BUG which others have suffered from.

James (brownfox) registered user

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 59 WPM
Avg. speed (all time): 55.61 WPM
Last race: 59 WPM
Best race: 74 WPM
Races completed: 162
Races won: 161
Skill level: Typemaster
Rank (WPM percentile): 72.7%

James, I don’t think that’s a bug. Your final wpm is reported as it is recorded on the server, which might be slighly off from what it looks like in your browser. This happens for all the players in every race, for the sake of a fair comparison.

TypeRacer is 5 characters per word.
Typing Zone is 6 characters per word.
A speed of 120 wpm on TypeRacer would be 100 wpm on Typing Zone.

Same with me Noah, when I was typing with 84 WPM in Instand Death Mode,
I landed at 77 WPm, I was pretty disappointed..
It was a little bit shocking for me..
But I came to know that it certainly happens in every race and the “Words per minute” have been counted in the same way..

I find sometimes the starting speed of passages are ridiculous. Once I just type a passage with 2300 something wpm. And I always start with around 200 wpm when I started typing.

Alex E. Thanks for your prompt response, you said, “James, I don’t think that’s a bug. Your final wpm is reported as it is recorded on the server, which might be slighly off from what it looks like in your browser. This happens for ALL the players in every race, for the sake of a fair comparison.” (capitals inserted)
Alex if this adjustment also applies to the BOTS there would be no problem – as the finish order displayed in the browser would be preserved. – In my case the race was against 2 BOTS (no other humans), my car reached the end BEFORE the BOTS, while my final WPM was adjusted their’s remained the same as seen in my browser (Opera)!!! – The race order was NOT preserved.
If this is not a BUG, how can it be a FAIR comparison?

it ain’t fair, i am 13 and can only type 51 gwam at school but on typeracer i only type 38. i type like a first-grader!!!

morgali keep training and you will be better..hey who is this guy lolorcopter?i see that he has a funny name and he types very well:P

Yeah just keep practicing Morgalili. It helped me! I type like 3 or 4 times faster than an average 10 year old XD. It’s amazing what practice and determination can get you!

The photo at the top of this blog post is hilarious. It is almost as good as the old picture of a “walking race”.

The photo at the top of this blog post is hilarious. It is almost as good as the old picture of a “walking race”.


Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber “Eenie Meenie


i am so happy i typed 50 gwam today!! i mean if i keep trying i’ll be getting somewhere, i could do back flips. i think i overreacted but you know, hi!

i was the one who overreacted!

Typeracer,Alex I have send the email again..but you are still not answering me althoguh you said you will..can you anser me why?

Typeracer(alex) can you tell me if i can change my account information if I want?Is it possible..i was curious if I can change my last name..

i think slobodan is a cheater. The guy leaves almost all his races, and can hardly reach around 100 wpm of average with leaving 95% of his races…and the same guy could be able to type 183 wpm ?? ==> FAKE >>>> Report cheaters here.

Slobodan is a bad leaver, yes. But I think he is not a cheater. His speed is maybe because the site bugs a lot today.
It’s really annoying, sometimes we can begin at 1200 wpm or 800-700…

I head that Slobodan only types one text thats why he quits all his races..

how can i change my profile information?is it possible?can anyone tell me?

Yes Bulgaria,
you can sign in and can click on the icon next to Sign Out option, and can update your account information and for more information you can see the image available at the top of this post… 🙂

It’s great. However, generally, I’m not sure that accuracy is really what improves typing speed. I’d say just learning to type the right way and then practice and practice. That would really improve typing speed all the more as time goes on.

Fun Typing Games

hi everybody. i am so glad i have this website to release my troubles!!!

Hi everyone out there!!! This idea has been
great and has been making typeracer more
popular. However typeracer can always use a
little improvement dont you think everyone?!?
I have started a discussion at forums about
more ideas on how to make typeracer better.
If you have any ideas do tell! I’m all ears
GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS AT FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instant Death Mode is great but i want more
from typeracer! Like i said I’ve started
a discussion about all things that will
make typeracer a better site and we can only
hope that typeracer will pick some of these
ideas to add to typeracer i mean we really dont
have much to do on here. Just practice, race
with friends, enter typing race, or do it in
Instant Death Mode but besides that we really
dont have much on typeracer.

Hi guys. No I’m not a cheater, what you probably find unreal because I leave a lot of races. But actually I’m not good in typing on an english language, my real average speed is 80wpm. But only on “I know a bloke” I am able to type over 150wpm. I have a video of my typing on that text, and this is the link of it…

I already talked with Alex (Typeracer creator) and I told him about my friend Slobodan whos average speed in typing is about 80 wpm but who had practiced “I know a bloke..” for months and now he is able to type that text with much higher speeds than his average speed, almost double! He is not a cheater, but YES, he leaves a lot of races. He is able to enter the top20 list if he finds his favourite text in some regular period of time. That’s just one proof that typeracer philsophy of top20 list IS BAD!!!
As one of the most known typists around here I can tell to ALL of you who think that Slobodan is a cheater, NO HE IS NOT! He has just found a mistake in typeracer’s philosophy. He is using that and that’ it.

i have only been a part of typeracer for one year, but i feel as if i have been a part forever!!!

Mallika Rana I was expecting a 200wpm out of you, not the 171wpm you’ve posted. Can’t you type(speak) beyond 138wpm? Aren’t you Pradip Rajput?

Alex E. please fix cheating test!!! I just scored 116wpm and get no text in the box. what’s going on??

Hayy… I really do like this game, and if you think you can type than bring it..

Invite me to type I will make total domination
im a nerd :3

Alex E. – I finished a text @111wpm and passed the Anti-cheat test @120wpm – I thought that the higher speed would be credited, but my score was shown at 111wpm. What is the policy?

This a good idea i think i’ll do this

Morgan, on the anti-cheating text accuracy isn’t so important. Even with 92% of accuracy you’ll pass the test, so that means your 120 wpm can’t be counted as your best result but you’ll be able to type without anti-cheating test until 120 wpm + 25% as far as I can remember.

Youre all gay youre all gay (youre all gay)

Delete that account.

Zoran you have to admit that your time has passed and that you are aging and that is the time to give the torch to another talented serbian to be your succesor:P

Serbia has no better typist than me! 🙂
Sorry, but that’s the truth… If there is one, my e-mail is
he is free to e-mail me. 🙂

that’s because it is a small country but the fact is that you are getting older so pass the torch to another serbian who might become as good as you

I got my best speed today… 131 WPM


I have had a word with Ritesh and he can be online whenever all of the guys are online, including Gaurav, Sanjay Singer, Indian SS, David Joseph, Rahul Saini..
I am dead excited to conduct for all the Indian Racers..
And it will be so fun for all of us…


This game rocks lol 🙂 it really helps like even through punctuation and spelling mistakes!!lol :):(:):(:):(

wish there wer cheats

have fun playing

Join me at
I have some nice players online with me


Hello Alex I think it encourages the world to play a lot more if we would see on the site leaders in the race to play thank you in advance.

1) kllingtype=46839
2) dufour=45790
3) nattukittu=32391
4) chimchimchim=29970
5) chuchoespanto=23865
6) nozden=17400
7) jaunty_jalopy=16932
8) rapid=16572
9) ning*=15616
10) roi1=15610
11) therealmcoy=14746
12) fightin_phils=14589
13) aram90=14077
14) grrarg=13700
15) mrlago=12727
16) jezebe11e=12329
17) bob_bongloaded=12184
18) valikor=12138
19) brandong=11364
20) bigd4316=11341
21) lebao=10798
22) azee=10517
23) moobin=10270
24) kymdawn=10200
25) moobin2=10083


Serbia, if you are the best in typing among 8,000,000 people, that means SOMETHING. Maybe not for you, but for me IT DOES!

Congrats S S (chimchimchim),
you have successfully completed 30,000 Races…


Welcome to the restraint group completed the 30,000 race

Hey people out there who think they’re fastest of the fast at typing. Your not in the running for fastest typist in the world until you can type an average of at least 170wpm! And Zoran something tells me im going to be faster than you in my teenage years. True you might improve but i found i improve much much quicker than most others. I shall begin to improve slower as i get faster but i still think i can beat you somewhere in my teenage years Zoran. 10 right now in a few more years i think i’ll have what it takes to TAKE YOU DOWN. May typeracer be alive for out children, or grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s children. MAY TYPERACER LIVE FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME!!!!!!

Last message was from me, andy if you dont know who i am, I am 10 years old and i type 75wpm. Can you take on one of the fastest children typists? I think some of you can… some may not…

Im 14 and i can type 132wpm
fastest 160wpm
But I just get so many typing mistakes, high wpm is just because my hand is fast. The Instant Death Mode makes me can only play 1 out of 100 races.

I saw you typing before (leoleung96)! You typed so fast! I’m 13, but my fastest I ever got only reached to 105 wpm.

hello everybody. i am here now!!!

annonamous my best is 97wpm. Im onlyi 10 and well surpass your best soon…

Alex Sir,
Are you sleeping?
Open your eyes and see what’s going on?
Delete David Bandel (sharpnova)’s account…


Well there’s the other side of it also…
I’m 40 and can avg 110 but I know if I was 20 years younger I could do 170+ 8 )

Good job RambooUAE (killingtype),
You have created a new milestone worth 47000 Races..
This is incredible…


Good job RambooUAE (killingtype) 😉

1) kllingtype=47000
2) dufour=46000
3) nattukittu=32463
4) chimchimchim=30136
5) chuchoespanto=24050

zoran,i know that when you think that you are the best from your country is something important,but if you think that you are faster than 8 milion serbs it’s an exageration of your skill because it’s away of thinking that is exagerated cause not all 8 milions are typing..but anyway i m not saying that you are not good i was just saying that maybe it is the time to give the torch to a younger serbian to be your succesor:P

andy who has 10 years old..i think if you continue to type one day you could be like your co national sean wrona

I do wonder who the fasetest typist in America is. Sean Wrona is one of the fastest but not the best.

Hey , thanks Eric Shah and DUFOUR

I’m planning to increase my average to 100+ per minute

nice having you back DUFOUR ,,,,,

best regards


If he wasn’t cheating, this is my vote for the fastest American that I’ve seen…

I have been on that site and am usually between 160-180 wpm, but I believe my record there is 184 wpm which was something like sixteenth there, but bear in mind that people can race there as many times as they like and this guy says he’s regularly around 185 wpm. I think that’s exaggerating because I’ve seen the score distribution and very few people have ever been at 185. But if the guy’s legit, he is my vote.

I’ll add that I do think Jelani is a faster sprint typer than I am, although I believe I am a faster endurance typer than he is.

Oh, and Yifei/Dan Chen is definitely better at typing numbers and Eastern European passages than I am… He obviously also deserves mention, as does Eric Cheung of Stanford who has really high TyperA scores (although I’m pretty confident I’m faster than Eric.)

Oh I’ve seen that video before! I used to go on that site but its been a while and i forgot the name of the site. I wasnt sure if he was from America but if he is then he is probably fastest.

You have a problem with the cheat test – an empty box with seconds counting down is shown, no text!

Number of races per day for the top 19 (Races Completed)

5) chuchoespanto : 93,97
6) nozden : 75,97
4) chimchimchim : 47,49
16) bob_bongloaded : 38,41
1) killingtype : 36,27
3) nattukittu : 31,21
11) fightin_phils : 28,50
13) grrarg : 22,27
12) aram90 : 20,88
10) therealmcoy : 18,52
18) bigd4316 : 17,20
8) rapid : 13,12
2) dufour : 12,77
7) jaunty_jalopy : 8,12
15) jezebe11e : 7,57
14) mrlago : 5,61
19) brandong : 5,44
9) roi1 : 3,83
17) valikor : 3,82

I notice a great fall for races completed. Yet, nobody at the present time (last 1000 races) exceed 100 races per day.

The time when dufour, me or later killingtype did 200 races per day was bygone.

A lot of racers in this top were gone, what a pity ! roi1, valikor, brandong and jezebe11e, where are you ? …
Buck up guys ! 😀

(Hope to reach 20 000 races soon ^^)

hey leon i saw you today and you type very well and i heard that you have 14 years old..with how many fingers do you type?

if anybody’s on go to my track

Sean, I must tell you that I really doubt in videos like you gave us to watch… I love to watch the screen and to hear the keyboard sounds…and that’s the best proof for me… How can I know that this guy isn’t cheating?!
Watch the fastest 5th grade girl in U.S.A.

An interesting statistic information in our player would be our number of races completed in our 1000 final would be good I think

Last 1000 races: 17.68 races by day.

@Leon Young
Thank you first.
The thing is,
I don’t use the whole 10 fingers to type.
I don’t like using the smallest finger to type it’s clumsy for it to find the appropriate key to type.
And the thing is, since my keyboard is so hard, sometimes i may miss the key.
However, This makes me having so many typing mistakes and turn down my wpm.
If I remember correctly, i always get higher than 150wpm when i am having 100% accuracy(Not the Instant Death, that’s so annyoing, so i slow down to type).
I’m trying to use 10 fingers to type, and I hope in future I can get into the top 20 fastest typists~

so you type with 8 fingers or with how many?well buy yourself a better keyboard

Man, that girl’s got me beat! 119wpm for just a 5th grader! Well goes to show ya, there’s always someone at my age that’s faster than me. Man! What a drag.

@Leon Young
Ya, You can say I type with 8 fingers.
And I have two keyboards at home, one is the logitech one which I love it very much(should be logitech nano)
And the other one is the HP one (can’t stand cause it’s too hard)
and well, all keyboards at home are not bought by me, they are all brought by my parents, and I actually don’t have the ability to buy a good keyboard myself…

I posted a link about the 5th grade girl who is typing 119 wpm and who wants to type 200 wpm. 🙂

Dang! She is faster than me by nearly 50wpm! Shit! Her average is better than my best. Awwwwww! To think i was one of the fastest typists of my age currently. But after seeing her speed i think there are alot of 5th graders that are faster than me. This bites! Well I’m gonna have to practice more.

Hey Zoran, how do you know this girl is in 5th grade. She looks older than a 5th grader to me. And I would know because i am a 5th grader. She looks more like a middle schooler. If I am right I can probably beat her speed if she is in 7th or possibly 6th grade

previous messag was from me. Either way she is pretty fast if she’s a 5th grader or a middle schooler.

Andy, watch the video again and you’ll hear that someone says that she is a 5th grader.

I can’t log on my account in typeracer(leonleung96)
Please check what’s going wrong, thanks!

Alex E. please check & delete ‘praneeth kumar’ – he is using some kind of program, his speed is over 800wpm for a 1/4 of the race then he finishes ~ 60wpm.

Friends check out this link,
here is the image of David Bandel (sharpnova)’s fastest race and slowest race record…
Can anyone hike this fast within 247 races?
Check out this link:

im curious,,,who’s the best french typer around here?

fren =>> Karen (motsak)

Avg. speed (last 10 races) : 128 WPM
Avg. speed (all time) : 133,202
Best Race : 172 WPM
Races completed : 1265
Races won : 1025

It’s him. The others are very far.

Who is the fastest typist in HK?
I think it should be Nick Yeow.

Who is the fastest typist in HK?
I think it should be Nick Yeow.
And I wondered my rank among HK typers.

Chris (kizzx2)
Avg. speed (last 10 races) : 132 WPM
Avg. speed (all time) : 123,018 WPM
Last race : 125 WPM
Best race : 189 WPM
Races completed : 5512
Races won : 4979

I think it is him. I’ve already race against him and I lose all the time (even if it’s not difficult to beat me) and I don’t know any others HK typers who are as fast as him. For the moment. 🙂

I think you should be the second or third fastest HK typer (I don’t know if Nick Yeow is faster than you, I don’t saw him since a long time).
I don’t know (or I don’t saw) many HK typer who reach 110+ wpm in average speed…


I’ve always seen you, and I have been racing with you for a long time.
But the fact is, I lost most of the match……
I don’t know you are just sprinter or just type with stability. But the thing is, I am a 120% sprinter, if I can’t sprint (that means there is a typo when i sprint), then I can’t concentrate on the words left and it will result in extremely low wpm, (you should know that).
So many typos…training hard. You know, I always get higher than 145wpm when i get 100% , but it’s only 1 out of 50 races……
And If I remember correctly, my average is higher than you…

I don’t really know if I win most of our match, but I don’t think so. I’d rather think you sometimes quit the race because your wpm is not as high as you want (I think your ratio is worthy, less than many others fast racers I’ve met), and it is only on this situation that I win 😀

Otherwise, If you don’t quit the race, you win maybe 75% of our matches, or more.

And yes, your average speed is higher than mine, even if I don’t know if you spoke of average “all time” or average “last 10”, but anyway you beat me in both.

To conclude, if you continue to improve yourself, I’ll don’t even beat you once 😀 (like for example Phillies_Magic this morning, We’ve played together 40 or 50 times but I didn’t win any races ^^)

so karen is the first..but i wonder who is the second french typer around here?:P Nozden you are a very good typer too

Thank you, fren. But I’m not very good, only medium, or maybe “quite good” 😀
It should be a offense to call me a very good racer when we also call very good those who reach 150wpm on average speed. I am very far to reach this speed, perhaps never.

I don’t know who’s the second french, I just know that Motsak is the best french typer I ever saw, for the moment =)

I like the instant death mode, but could you please remove the dialog box that pops up after a loss. Either that or give the OK button on the box focus so I can just hit enter to clear the box, instead of using my mouse.

The best animated show is FAMILY GUY !!!I love it!!!!btw typeracer rocks too 😛

Dear Developer,

First I have to apologize for not reading all the comments. Second, I think that it would be even more dramatic not to kick the player from the race in this mode but just to make him stop typing, so he may be able to see the final top, to see how that dude who was way slower than him passed him.
with gratitude, Vrexo

Hey all car racer! How are you today?

Instant death mode really nice,
it helps a lot…

How do you add color and puncuation such as underline to words you are type in the test

Hello Typeracer:
I completed 10 races in Instant Death Mode but I don’t find my name on the Fastest Typist Section. 😦
Please let me know, when can I expect my name to be there?

[…] any topic is already in place. Last year we launched a number of new TypeRacer Universes (one for accuracy and fifty for different languages). If you are not yet among the twenty six thousand people who […]


my best is 78129817123162316265126156251261257512751752715276712712731723712731727512756125162wpm and i am only 7 and i can also climb trees
i just typed this message in 1 minasecond

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